The Wire (2002–2008): Season 4, Episode 10 - Misgivings - full transcript

Acting on Clay Davis' advice, Burrell seeks to burnish his reputation by ordering the department to double their street arrests. The mandate does not sit well with McNulty, who sets his ...

You've got
to be shitting me.

Oh, shit!

Get out of the way!

- Driving all crazy.
- Damn.

16. I've got a foot chase
on a number-one male.

Maybe 13 years,
short, with braids,

in the alleys
eastbound from Fulton.

This kid has bailed out!
Bailed out!

Motherfucking fuck fuck
fuck fuck!

Officer, what
are you doing?

What, you need
bifocals or something?


0-9. I'm responding.

16, 200 north.

I'm gonna need your name.

Listen. I'm very sorry,
ma'am, all right?

Give me the hat.

Nah, see, them Expeditions
are hard to handle.

But with a Lexus, man
I wouldn't have no problem.

You little motherfucker.

- You know how many cars you hit?
- What?

Don't even think
of bullshitting.

I don't know what
you're talking about.

You know what kind of fucking
paperwork I got now, huh?

You know how many hours
of my life you owe me, you little shit?

Damn, yo! That hurt!

You think that hurts...

No, no. Aah!

You're so smart,

- see how easy you boost a car now.
- Aah!

You imagine Rawls
sitting in this chair?

Never happen.
In this town: Uh-uh.

Yeah, well, we weren't supposed
to have a white mayor, either.

He already overreached
putting Rawls in charge.


Motherfucker ain't
even sworn in yet.

Already, he's got
feelers out.

I know for a fact he called
the deputy chief in Pittsburgh--

Friend of mine--

promised him pie in the sky.

Shi-it, partner.

All you got to do is show
Carcetti and everybody else

that they already got
the man for the job.

They ain't got
to look no further.

The indispensable man.

It was Royce
holding you back, Ervin.

Now out from under,
you shine.

Clay, he's saying everything
goes through Bill Rawls.

Any move I try to make--

You're still
the commissioner, ain't you?

You give an order,
they gonna jump.

- Yeah, but Carcetti--
- What he gonna do, fire you?

He just showed you
he don't have balls enough.

You just need to give
Carcetti a little something.

Make him start seeing
you in a new light.

Like what:

Some kind of police shit.
Hell, I don't know.

Something that
looks good to Carcetti,

so he can say it was his idea
to keep you all along.


Police shit:

Well, whatever it is
y'all do for a living.

Well-- just take care
of your end

and let your friends
handle theirs.

Good morning.

I just dropped my stuff
in my room,

and maintenance and Donnelly
are in there checking the heat.

It must be
80 degrees in there.

90-minute classes.

Excuse me:

This time of the year,
we go to 90-minute classes.

Concentrated prep in math
and language arts only.

I don't follow.
Why the heat?

It's the only way the kids will
sit through 90 minutes of anything.

- Make them drowsy?
- Right.

So it's about the tests.

From now until they're done,
everything's about the tests.


I ought to go somewhere
warm for the winter.


I saw on "Animal Planet"
marlin fishing--

Iike, Florida,
the Bahamas.

That shit looked sweet.

The water was like this...
this color, man.

Man, it ain't gonna be
that cold this year.

- How you know?
- Global warming.

So why is it so cold already?

Yo, we just getting old.

Yeah. True that.

Yo. Where the fuck you been?

City jail
for a day and a half

till they recogged me.

Then my grandma got sick,
so I was over there for a while.

Po-Po hit you
with a charge, huh?

Just a humble--
false statement and shit,

for saying I wasn't
who I really was.

Damn, so why they was
asking about you like that?


They try talking to you?

Yeah, about some murder.

- Which one?
- It don't matter which murder

because I didn't say shit
to them bitches, though.

Yeah, well, I ain't the one
you need to convince.

Why I got to convince him?

You know, I'm saying, yo.

Po-Po come asking about you,
they snatch your ass up,

you out of pocket
for a few days.

Heh! Oh, yeah.
He'll definitely hear about it.

I didn't say nothing
to nobody.

That's why they
gave me the humble,

dumped my ass
in Central Booking,

because I ain't say
a fucking word to none of them.

Yeah, so go tell him
that shit.

Shit, man, if it were me,
I'd go to him first.

Yeah, Kev, you know, definitely
jump out in front of that, man,

because if they got
to come looking for you,

it's gonna look like
you got something to hide.

- Definitely.
- Got that "Plymouth Rock" over here.

Ghetto bird special.
Two for one...

What you want?

- Menu, yo. Give him a menu.
- Oh.

- What's good?
- Fuck if I know.

You ain't supposed to cuss
at the customer, motherfucker.

Kwame. Darnell.

All right.

Let me get... pizza.

Pizza. Anything to drink?

Grape soda.

Quiet, please.

- Is that it?
- Yeah.

Thank you. Say thank you.

Yeah. Thank you.


Don't he got to say
"thank you," too?


What the fuck for?
He's supposed to give it back.

Because when you are polite
to people, they treat you better.

- Have a seat, please.
- May I see you?

Now you try being the waiter,
and Albert, be the customer.

What you want to eat?

Give me some crab cakes
and a coke.

Hurry that shit up, too.

Been on the phone
nonstop with Fourth Avenue.

They're insisting every class
teaches to the test.

Oh, God.

Look. I thought
we were the exception.

I mean, that's the point
of the project.

- They know that.
- No exceptions.

And 90-minute blocks of math
or language arts only.

This class:

Kids can't do 30 minutes
without climbing the walls.

Look. Isn't there somebody
we can sit down and talk with,

face to face?

Actually, that's the second thing
they told me.

The area superintendent wants to see
the two of you tomorrow morning,

9:00 in the conference room.

Let's not panic... yet.

Business as usual.


You no know him
when we robbed the game?

He ain't that bad a deuce.

Boy's merely a name to me.

If you knew it was Marlo,

you'd still
go through with it, no?

I wish I'd have known. I'd
have enjoyed it that much more.


It's Herc. You hungry?

Yo, what you done
was fucked up, man.

You don't know how bad
I felt when I heard.

I mean, not only
were you late,

you just rolled right past.
Ain't you see me getting beat?

We rolled by?

I seen you with
the blue light on, man.

Whatever. Look, we had
a communication problem, I admit.

But I'm gonna
get you a phone today,

and that's gonna
solve it for us.

You'll see.

Thing is,
there's this camera--

police department video camera
disappeared a few weeks back.

And for various reasons
that I can't get into,

I got to get it back somehow.


Yeah. This fella Marlo
probably took it.

I don't know if he
hocked it or if he--

You're bothering me
about a camera?

You supposed to have
my back, remember?

Five minutes, you told me.

I know. I owe on the deal.

It's Tyrone's, chicken wings.

Here's the thing.

I want you
to put it out there

that there's a $500 bounty
on this camera if it comes back.

No questions asked.


Swear to God. I'm good for it--
if it's the right camera.

Here's the model
and serial number.

So it's 500 for the camera and
a chicken box for Bubs, huh?

It's another 100
to you if this happens.

But I need this camera quick,
or shit's gonna fly.

Look, man,

I told you, it's not about
the money for me right now.

All right?
This motherfucker,

he messing with
my livelihood here.

They're always
coming back, always.

He's like some
"Terminator" and shit.

I'm with you.

I'm gonna do everything I can
to help you out with your problem,

and you're gonna help
me out with mine.

Who the fuck is Randy?

He's a little hopper
from around the way.

He ain't in the game, but he
be with Michael and them.

And he talking to police?

I know it.
I know he did,

because he was the one I told, "Go
tell Lex to go up to the alley.

Patrice is waiting."

You were supposed to do that.

Yeah, I know, but this way,

try to keep some distance
between me and Lex, right?

You tell this Randy
what happened to Lex?

No, I swear it.

Go, motherfucker.
The fuck you still waiting for?

- What the fuck y'all following me for?
- Easy, son.

No. Ain't nobody
walking with me nowhere.

What's up with this Randy?

He can't hurt us.

- He a snitch, though.
- Yeah. Put that around, then.

- Slim.
- Marlo.

- How you feeling?
- Can't complain, yo.

Getting to be
that time, though.

Joe wanted me
to check in, you know?

All right. Pull up
a chair. Let's chop it up.

Now, that there
a Barksdale boy.


Don't add up.

Interesting, though.

Got a burner, see?

If anything else
comes up, you call me.

If this guy robs you again, make sure
he's holding. The more, the better.

Shit, I ain't got
money for all that.

There's 40 minutes on that,

and my number's
in there already.

Watch. I'm gonna call you
today or tomorrow at the latest.

One and one.

Damn, son.
He did a number on you.

Who was it?

Officer Walker.

Walker be evil.

- What up?
- Four.

Yeah, we ought
to fuck him up.

Walker? Yo, he the police.

I'm just saying.

He said next time
I steal a car,

I'm gonna find myself dead.

You gonna do as he say?

Fuck no.

Soon as I get this shit off,

I'll be running his ass
all over town.

Yo, shit!

Told you, Namond.

Gave you fair warning, didn't l?

- I ain't done nothing.
- Get the cash. Got you cold.

Shit, with hair like that, I could
make you from East Baltimore.

- Get the fuck off of me, man.
- Shut up!

- Look what I found.
- That ain't fucking mine!

Hands on the car!

Spread your legs.

- I ain't fucking got--
- Shut up!

How you like it
so far? Having fun?

Guess what?
Gets better.

Give me your hands.

Watch your head.

Damn. Y'all not
wasting any time, huh?

Nerese was
good enough to let us

stage in the council suite
till the inauguration.

No doubt after your fine
showing in the general.

- No doubt.
- 81%?

82. In a city where Democrats
outnumber Republicans nine to one--

Anything less would have
been an embarrassment.


what can we do
for you, Senator?

Well, first of all,
I wanted to clear the air.

If there are any hard feelings
over what happened

during the primary--

You gonna give
the money back?

Senator, it's been
a very long day.

I'll cut to the chase.

I understand
you have a problem

at the top of
the police department.

You asked Burrell
to resign. He declined.

I'm looking
for a replacement.

The ministers like Burrell.
So does the council president.

We're confident that when we
identify a suitable candidate,

Ms. Campbell and the ministers will see
the wisdom of new leadership.

Except y'all need to get a
pay raise through the city council.

Pay raise would help.

I can ask Nerese about
that pay raise getting passed,

maybe convince
some of the ministers

they need to move on
from Burrell.

Situation would have to be resolved
sooner rather than later.

Do my best, partner.

And what do we do
for you in return?

I'm in Annapolis.

Word I'm hearing,

you may be there too,
in a couple of years.

We may find ourselves
working together closely.

Thanks for your time.

Jesus Christ.

He's slick.

Apologizes for the short con,

and then in the next breath
setting us up for the long.

He and Burrell are
as thick as thieves.

And do we know
what the long con is?

At least we know
he's running one.


Try calling again.

Man, I know she not
gonna answer.

My moms don't answer
when she go to A.C.

When she coming back?

She going to New York after.

What's she doing in New York?


Going to see some show,
"The Color Purple."

See, now this is where
my job gets good.

You could reach a guardian, we both know
the juvenile master's gonna recog you

on a first-time drug arrest.

But now you'd better have
a toothbrush on you, son,

because it's gonna be
baby booking tonight.

Namond, you scared?

I mean, if it was Cheltenham,
I don't blame you,

but baby booking's
just across town.

The East Side be beefing
with the West Side in there.

There's some dudes
be getting raped and shit.

I mean, that's
what I be hearing.

It's bad in there.
I don't know if it's that bad.

Well, I hear different.

You got no other family?

I got a aunt
down in P.G. County.

You got a number?

Well, I ain't driving you
this late, anyway, so--

Come on, man.

Tell you what:

two of my guys
are working a double,

working midnight shift

If you can plant yourself
on that bench over there,

you can stay here
for the night.

But first thing tomorrow,
you got to raise that aunt

or raise your moms,

or I got to process you.

You don't move
off that bench.

You need the bathroom,
you go now.

Otherwise, just...
sit tight,

don't give anybody
any trouble,

or they'll process you
right then and there.

I'm cool. Thanks.

Fucking charity ward here.

I'll go tell
the shift commander.

Yo, Lieutenant...

He a 50:

No. Probably copping
it for my moms.

That's why?

Look. I told y'all,

I just want him gone.

I just want him away
from me and Bug.

The fuck he do to you?

All right.

We'll take care of it, boss.

Another church burglary
in sector two last night.

Madison Park Methodist.

This would be what
you'd call a rash.

And we could use
some ointment.

We need to arrest these fucks.
We getting anywhere on that?

Not yet.

Who caught the last one?

- Working it. We should talk.
- All right.

Speaking of arrests, word from
on high is to sweep corners.

They want arrests to double
over the next month.

How the fuck how:

Jesus, I thought
the election was over.

Bosses want quality-of-life

What are we talking about,
Lieutenant, loitering?

public indecency.

Oh, this is horseshit.

- Broken-windows theory.
- Worked in New York.

Case you ain't noticed,
this ain't New York.

But it could work here.

- Never has.
- Never been done right.

Open containers, too.

- What's wrong with writing a ticket?
- More of that, too.

The word is, the commissioner
himself wants to juke arrests.

Open container used to be
sacrosanct in this town.

Long as it was in a paper bag.

They gave you
that much respect.

Man's beverage
was his business.

You took them
to a restaurant?

Yeah. Ruth Chris.

Linen napkins.

Yeah. Silverware,
more than one fork.

How'd they do?

Eh, pretty well, considering.

Did they embarrass us?

Us? No, uh...
we're fine with it,

but, uh...

I mean, they were
intimidated, embarrassed,

and awkward as hell,

but they made it through.

Ms. Shepherdson,
these aren't the kids

that are gonna be able to sit
still for the statewide tests,

much less do well on them.

These were the kids
that were gonna make it impossible

for anyone else to do well.

So we're writing them off?

No, that's what
we're not doing.

You're not educating them.
You're socializing them.

They weren't being educated before.
There's no point in being obtuse.

- Excuse me:
- Hold on. Hold on.

Look. What he's
saying is this:

I mean, you put a textbook
in front of these kids,

put a problem
on a blackboard,

or teach them every problem
on some statewide test,

it won't matter, none of it,

because they're not learning for
our world, they're learning for theirs.

And they know exactly
what it is they're training for

and what it is everyone
expects them to be.

I expect them to be students.

But it's not about you or us,
or the tests or the system.

It's what they expect
of themselves.

I mean, every single one of them
know they headed back to the corners.

Their brothers and sisters--
shit, their parents--

they came through these same
classrooms, didn't they?

We pretended to teach them,
they pretended to learn,

and where--
where'd they end up?

Same damn corners.

I mean, they're
not fools, these kids.

They don't know our world,
but they know their own.

I mean, Jesus, they--

they see right through us.

I think we made that clear
when you approved the project.

Provisionally approved.

When you provisionally
approved the project,

we made it clear that we
would be addressing children

that required socialization

before they could be
properly educated.

We can't lie.

Not to them.

Captain, line three.

Roll call's over.

You get a line
on your mother yet?

Fucking neglect case
here, I want it.

How about that aunt:

Ain't nobody else you know?
No other responsible adult?

Like who:

I don't know.

I'm just trying to give you
one last shot here

because once I go
on the street today,

you're gonna
have to go to booking.

I got a teacher.

Mr. Colvin.
You know him?

He used to be police.

Tall: Bald:


Yeah, I know him.

What if you
get the one snitch?

The one with the cart.
What's his name?


Bubbles. Yeah.

You get Bubbles to say
he's Fuzzy Dunlop.

Except Bubbles has been
a registered Cl for years.

Kima gave him a number back
when she was in plainclothes, man.

And, Herc, you worked
with him under that number

on the Barksdale stuff.

So how would you
fuck up the lD?

Fuck me, man.

Look. The only way
to get out from under this

is to stop fucking lying, okay:

You grab your dick,
you walk into Marimow's office,

and you say,
"Lieutenant, I made a mistake.

"l attributed
my PC to an informant

when in fact I had
it off a camera."

That I got from lSD without going
through the proper channels.

No no no.

He's gonna take
my stripes on this.

Maybe he does, but if you wait until lSD
comes looking for that camera

and he figures out
the lie for himself,

he takes your fucking balls.

Come on!

Let's go!

Around the corner.

Got you now, motherfucker.

In going over
some of my paperwork,

it occurs to me
I may have been neglectful.

Look at all this crap!

Every day,

more and more of Lester Freamon's
bullshit washes up with us.

What the fuck are you saying?

That my paperwork
may have been a little sloppy,

and as a result,

I confused myself
on some things.

No shit, you were sloppy.

I actually went back a couple
weeks on your run sheets.

Nothing there references
a meet with a Cl 238.

You went through
all my run sheets?

The best I could.

Sir, listen--

I don't care who it is.
Turn that fucking thing off.

I am starting to believe

that this Fuzzy fella
doesn't exist.

I am starting to believe

that you just followed
Stanfield into the train station

and grabbed the first broad
he brushed up against.

- That what happened?
- No. No, sir.

You lie to me now, Sergeant,

and I guaran-fucking-tee you
I will jam you up,

ship this whole mess to llD

and be there to pass out
sandwiches at your execution.

Yes, sir.

You haven't brought me
a case yet worth talking about,

not on Marlo Stanfield,
not on anyone.

You bring me something
other than llD complaints,

and I might have some reason
to let a few things slide.

Mad at me:

Come on, now.

Dukie's just mad
at everybody.

Ha ha ha!

Snitch bitch.

Yo, what the fuck was that?

I don't know.

I can't believe
y'all are doing this shit.

You're degrading the quality
of life in this neighborhood.

Malt liquor.

Oh, come on, man!

Brother, you got to
shake hands with a pilsner,

maybe a nice tail ale.

Hell, what-- oh, man!
My brew!

My shoes!

God! Man.

What's the violation?

Parking in a bus stop,
expired registration.

police work, Baker.

Yeah, well, this is
the word from up on high,

straight from the eighth
floor downtown.

Blessed bosses juking stats
for the new administration.

I know you think
it's bullshit,

but I spend my shift
where they tell me.

Baker, let me tell you
a little secret:

A patrolling officer
on his beat

is the one true
dictatorship in America.

We can lock a guy up
on a humble;

we can lock him up for real;

or we can say, fuck it--

pull under the expressway
and drink ourselves to death,

and our side partners
will cover it.

So no one-- and I mean no one--
tells us how to waste our shift.

Pulled the reports
on those church burglaries.

- Yeah?
- Yeah. There's a pattern.

Times and locations.

They're working west by northwest
through Sandtown-Winchester.

The last three--
here, here, and here--

these ones in blue are
the churches they haven't hit

closest to the ones
they have.

You got all this
from the incident reports?

That's why we do
the paperwork.

Giving me a motherfucking
ticket, man?

Are you out of
your motherfucking mind?

I live here, man!

This could get out of hand.

That's what we want,
isn't it? More arrests?

Come on.

No justice, no peace.

It'll only be for tonight.

Mama gets back from
New York tomorrow.

Your call.

The young man seems to
think highly of you, boss.

He invoked your name
with a measure of respect.

It wasn't but
a few weeks ago

I was in a room with him being
called everything but a child of God.

"Mr. Colvin, sir.

Fuck you."

Yeah, well, at least
I said, "Mr."

So what was the charge?


He'd been out there
a few weeks or so.

First pop,
second warning from me.

Maybe you should put him
on the juvenile bus.

He wants so bad
to be a gangster,

maybe it's time he get a taste of what
a real lockup's all about, you know?

Come on, Mr. C.,
don't do me like that.

I made him sleep on
the DEU bench last night,

if that counts for anything.

Isn't there anybody else?

Friend, relative, anybody?

You've always been good
with the knuckleheads, boss.

Ahh. All right.
Let me go call my wife.

Yeah. Go up
in that building.

Mmm, man,
that was delicious.

There's more.

Uh, no, ma'am.
Saving room for the cobbler.

A la mode?


Would you like
ice cream on it?

Oh! Oh, yes, ma'am.

Nice manners.

From what you told me
on the phone, Bunny,

I was expecting
more of an adventure.


Only my friends
call me Bunny.

- Yeah, but why?
- You don't need to know.

And if you tell anybody,
I'll cut your balls off.

I'll cut them off, give 'em
to Donnelly in a jar.

Don't doubt me, boy.

You ain't got no kids?

Grown. They're at
college and past that.

You told me
these kids were rough.

Thank you, sweetie.
But don't be fooled.

This is his
Eddie Haskell act.

Eddie Haskell?
Who that?

You are, son. Trust me.

Take a seat.

Put yours against
the wall with the others.

Welcome wagon's on
their way back from booking.

- We need the key to the interview room.
- What the fuck for?

Felony burglary.


Caught them coming
out of St. Martin's on Fulton.

Charging them with the one,

but we might work back
on a few more.

No shit:

Fucking knew there was still
some real criminals left in Baltimore.

Swear to God, I'm seeing
citations for jaywalking.

We're locking people up
for open container,

for disorderly,
for loitering.

The neighborhood people,

sometimes they appreciate
quality-of-life arrests.

Except we're locking up
the neighborhood people.

Some of my guys,
all they see are the stats.

I mean, the election's
fucking over, right?

Who are we doing this for?

Is this coming
from Burrell or Rawls?

We got it from
the chief of patrol.

It's rolling
downhill, for sure.


Split down
the middle, I'd say.

The officers that love
the stat are jazzed.

The rest of them:

We don't know where to turn.

I thought a new hump as mayor
might change this shit,

not ramp it up.

Hey, you still
fucking that bitch?

Yeah. It burning
like hell, man.

When you gonna burn
the bitch back? Oh, check it.


B. What up:

All right.

- Poot.
- It's good.

- Heard you're out.
- Yeah.

- Welcome home.
- Thanks, dawg.

And you with Prop Joe now.

Never would have thought.

Yeah, well, life's strange.

Yeah. Holler.

Bodie... how you and Marlo?

You okay with him?

As far as I know, yeah. Why?

What he did to your boy.

What boy are you talking?

Big boy,

the one rub his hands
together all the time?

Kevin: What about him:

You ain't heard?

Chris and Snoop walked
him down an alley.

He in a vacant now.

How you know that?

I seen them lay
hands on the boy.

And now the word out
on the street.

Sorry, dawg.

Let's roll.

Plymouth Rock.
Got that Plymouth Rock.

All right.

But now look at the next
example question on page 20.

As you can see...

if you turn to page 20,
they will sometimes ask you

for words that are the opposite
of words that are underlined.

Uh, thank you,
Mr. Pryzbylewski.

Thank you.

All right, put away
your test notebooks.

Work on those tomorrow.

We have, uh,
45 minutes left.

We can do
"Last of the Mohicans"--

- No!
- No!

Or practice probabilities.

- Yeah.
- Yes.

- I'll get the stuff, Mr. Prezbo.
- All right.

And I want to see
everybody's worksheets out.

Hey, Kareem, you want
to play dice with me?

Not with you.

And we're not just
playing games here.

We're doing math.

I'll roll with you, man.
Come on.

No kidding.
We are.

That's my boy
resting his head, see?


Hey, Renaldo,
you want one?


They're from Faidley's, yo.

He might stay home
all day, you know?

We gonna find out, ain't we?

- Like to see about my DSS code.
- Do you have an appointment?

Why I need an appointment?

Zenobia, I don't think
she needs an appointment.

Sorry, just trying
to make it realistic.

So I get to see somebody?

You're gonna have to
take a number and wait.

I need to see
somebody right now.

Don't get angry. Anger doesn't help.
It just makes people defensive.

Tell her what you need calmly.

- Card didn't come this month.
- We mailed it.

- Maybe it got stolen.
- Heh. Sorry. Nothing we can do.

- Fuck you.
- Chandra!

- She ain't helping me.
- That's how they do.

Just tell her what you need.

- Need another card, bitch.
- Chandra.

And that's reality.

Fuck you for real.

- Oh!
- Oh!

Calm down.
Calm down.

Go with Ms. Mason.

- Get your hands off!
- Ms. Mason!

I'll get the school police.

She was like...

And then-- and then--
and then she was like...

Typical day?

I wouldn't know.
My first time.

Your first time?

Mrs. Donnelly
oversees this project.


Good morning, ladies.

Help a man get
something to eat?

God bless.

Good morning, Reverend.


Glad you finally answered.

Yeah, I was in
a meeting yesterday.

You got the asshole
pinned down?

Nah, I got Marlo's people--
getting ready to make a drop.

- Where?
- Edmondson, near Pulaski.

You eyeballing
them right now?

Yeah, he got the package.

Black bag, putting it
in the trunk.

- He getting in right now.
- What make?

Late model Lincoln.
You want the license?

- Yeah, give it.
- P-R-8-Z-G-O-D.

Yeah. Yeah, he pulling out now,
turning down Gilmore.

get me Foxtrot.

Good job, Bubs.
We're on it.

Ladies, a cell phone?
It's got, like, a half hour on it.

No thank you.

What I saw today

wasn't education
as I understand the term,

and they didn't seem
very socialized, either.

You didn't catch us
on our best day.

Or your worst day?

On the whole, they've
actually made a lot of progress.

Look, I mean,
they come to class,

they're more engaged.
We're reaching them.

Fewer outbursts,
no suspensions.

But are they really
learning anything?

Yes. We believe they are.

Be truthful.

If this program
were to continue

through the rest
of the school year,

how many of your students
could realistically

be expected to return
to a regular classroom?

What do you think,
Ms. Duquette?

Namond, Darnell,
maybe Zenobia.

Yeah, look. I mean,
considering where we started

and considering
that those kids

ain't out there
tearing up other classes--

Okay. Mrs. Donnelly.

A tremendous achievement.

Mr. Withers:

I'll go along
with Mrs. Donnelly.

You haven't said anything yet.

I just don't see it.

Many of these kids
are profoundly damaged--

what they've seen,
how they've lived.

And I think any gain
or progress is temporary.

I think this project
may be flawed.

Foxtrot 23-30.

We have a visual
on the suspect.

Vehicle headed east
on Mulberry. Do you copy?

- 10-4. We're almost there.
- 10-4.

After your phone call,
I checked.

It came directly from Burrell.

He bypassed Rawls after l
specifically told him he was--

Burrell's making a play
for you to keep him.

By, uh, just--
what did you call that?

Juking the stats.

Guy is unbelievable.

It runs completely counter to
all my discussions with Rawls,

with you, with everyone.

He's also serving notice.

He's reasserting control
of the department.

He probably figures if you can't
fire him, then you can't fire him.

And does Rawls know?

My guess is, Rawls
heard about it days ago

from half a dozen
district commanders.

Why wouldn't
he come to me?

Talk to him.

Why did you come to me?

I mean, why not go to Rawls?

Because I need to know
if you're serious.

If Rawls already came to you
and this shit is still going on,

then you're okay with it,
which is for me a problem.

If he didn't come to you,

then either he's okay with it,
which is also a problem,

or he's letting it go,
trying give Burrell enough rope

for you to get angry and
fire the man for insubordination.

But I need to know
where you stand.

Well, I gave you my word.

Yes. You did.

Well, thanks for going outside
the chain of command.

Don't expect me
to make a habit of it.

Stay in the car!

Stay in the car.
Keep your hands on the wheel.

- Let's see those hands.
- What's the problem, Officer?

Step slowly out of the vehicle.
Keep your hands up.

Son, be gentler than that.

Shut the fuck up.
I ain't your son.

This guy...

What's this, huh?
What's this?

Do you know what? I'm gonna damn
sure get your name and badge number.

Daniels. I don't
think I know him.

Oh, he hasn't
played much politics,

though he used to be married to
the new councilwoman in the 11th.

- Marla Daniels:
- Mm-hmm. That's the one.

This is the last man we want
as police commissioner, Nerese.

I mean, I squared off against
this fellow a few years back,

and he wouldn't
listen to me.

He's not gonna listen
to you or the ministers

or anyone else
in the community.

- Just Carcetti?
- Mm-hmm.

Oh, he's the mayor's boy,

Carcetti is looking
for how much of a salary bump?

50,000, at least,

to make the position
competitive nationally.

Give him 25.

It'll be enough to make him
think he'll win you over eventually

but less than he needs
to entice anyone real.

Meanwhile, Carcetti's gonna
have to give Daniels

six months in ClD
before he can bump him again,

for appearance's sake.

So we're buying time here.

Enough for Ervin to show the
new mayor who butters the bread.

And for events to take the
new-penny shine off Cedric Daniels.

I happen to know he's less
the saint than he pretends to be.

This is Senator Davis.
Is the Mayor in at the moment? just tell him
his friend Clay

got the council president to un-ass a
salary bump for the police commissioner.

You tell him...

write this down, now.

You tell him that Senator Davis
has his interests at heart.



Hey, Ma. How was New York?

Hey, Ms. Brice.
How are you?

Who asking?

This is my teacher, Mom--
Mr. Colvin.

Why he here?
You in trouble?

He stayed at our house
last night,

with you being
in New York and all.

Tell her.

The cops picked me up,
saying I was slinging.

They was gonna send me
to baby booking.

But we took him in.

You leave my son
the fuck alone.

And you, you afraid
to go to baby booking?

The fuck is wrong with you, boy?
Get in the damn house!

Kid got the point.

all these drunk and disorderlies
and squeegee boys,

graffiti artists,
and public urinators,

and here we come in with
a pair of felony burglaries.

Nice of you to give him
the collar.

Well, he might turn out
a decent police.

Got to come from somewhere.
Young generation.

- Uh-huh.
- What about you guys?

You gonna follow
in your dad's footsteps?

Hello, I don't think so.

- Not.
- What, then?

- Video game designer.
- Rock star.

- Ahh.
- Ah, they want to make money.

- You schooled them well.
- How about you, Little Bunk?

You'll be a detective
like your daddy?

- Chief of police.
- Nah.

Why not? How about you?

Oh, he's still in that, you know,
pediatric neurosurgeon stage.

- Hi.
- Hey.

Hey! Elena,
how are you doing?

I'm good.
How are you?

Can't complain.

Hey, boys.
How are you?

Can you say hi?

Listen. They're fine.
They really do have manners.

It's all right.
My kids are the same way.

We're just finishing up.
Please sit down.

Oh-- okay.
Just for a minute.

Dad, five bucks
for the jukebox?

What? What happened to
three plays for a quarter?

Um... homework?

- Done, Dad helped us.
- Oh.

I got off early. Here.

You want to go, too?

So what are you drinking?

I'll have a white wine.


I'm good, thanks.

So it's true?
You quit drinking?

Well, I have a beer
now and again.

No big deal.

How's Dennis:

Dennis is... Dennis.

We're close, we're not.

You know, we'll see.

- How's Beadie?
- We're good.

The kids have my number, but...



If I had known you were gonna
grow up to be a grownup...

Pssh, man.

And I'm the one that told
him to do the right thing

and go talk to the man.

It don't seem
that way now, do it?

I mean, yo, you got to look at
it from Marlo's point of view.

I mean, how this
different from Wallace?

Because Stringer said
Wallace snitched.

Yo. Kevin might have
snitched too.

- Man, but he didn't.
- And we had to do Wallace!

Yo, Marlo thought
he had to do Kevin.

- Man.
- But he didn't.

That's what I'm saying.

He's a cold motherfucker.

It's a cold world, Bodie.

Thought you said
it was getting warmer, nigger.

World going one way,
people another, yo.

Now, Elton Brand--
what you know about him?

Nothing. You see?

Bug, you seen your daddy?

Went to the store.

Where you going?

I'm gonna look for him.

You ain't gonna find him.

Why not?

Because he ain't coming back.


- What's this about?
- Like you don't know.

Man, I ain't been home long enough
to get in somebody's shit.

You like boys,


Boys. You like
fucking them?

Man, I like pussy.
All right? Booty.

Living with
a woman now.

She got kids?

I ain't touch them kids!
Who told you that?

I know what
you're saying,

but when you're on the inside,
ain't no pussy.

Well, yeah, shit.
You've been inside.

Man got to bust his nut,
know what I'm saying?

I do.


You didn't even wait to get
the motherfucker in the house.