The Wire (2002–2008): Season 4, Episode 1 - Boys of Summer - full transcript

In the Season Four premiere, four boys from West Baltimore play out their summer vacation in the streets. Meanwhile, Marlo has solved the problem that baffled Stringer Bell: how to maintain...

Anybody in plumbing,
please go to aisle four.

God damn!

Ah, I see you got
the DeWalt cordless.

Your nail gun--
DeWalt 410.

Yeah. The trouble is,

you leave it
in a truck for a while,

need to step up
and use the bitch,

the battery don't hold up,
you know?

Yeah, cordless'll do that.

You might want to consider
the powder-actuated tool.

The Hilti DX 460 MX
or the Simpson PTP--

these two
are my Cadillacs.

Everything else on this board
is second-best, sorry to say.

Are you contracting, or just doing
some work around the house?

- No, we work all over.
- Full time?

No, we had about
five jobs last month.

Ah. With that rate,

the cost of the powder-actuated guns
justifies itself.

- You say "power"?
- Powder.

- Like gunpowder?
- Yeah.

The DX 460 is fully automatic,
with a.27-caliber charge.

Wood, concrete,
steel to steel--

she'll throw a fastener into anything.
And for my money,

she handles recoil better than
the Simpson or the P3500.

Now, you understand
what I mean by recoil?

Yeah, the kickback.
I'm with you.

- That's right.
-.27 caliber, huh?

Yeah, not large

but for driving nails,
it's enough.

Any more than that,
you'd add to the recoil.

Man, shit. I seen
a tiny-ass.22 round-nose

drop a nigga
plenty of days, man.

Motherfuckers get up
in you like a pinball,

rip your ass up.

Big joints, though--

big joints, man,
just break your bones,

you say, "Fuck it."

I'm gonna go with this right here, man.
How much I owe you?

$669 plus tax.

No no, you just pay
at the register.

Nah, man, you go ahead
and handle that for me, man.

You earned that buck
like a motherfucker. Keep that shit.

- We good?
- Yeah, man.

The man said if you
want to shoot nails,

this here is
the Cadillac, man.

He mean Lexus,
but he ain't know it.

- Hold the charge better?
- Man, fuck the charge.

This here is gunpowder-activated,
.27 caliber,

full auto, no kickback,
nail-throwing mayhem, man.

Shit right here is tight.

Fuck just nailing up boards.

We could kill a couple motherfuckers
with this right here.

You laughing. I've been schooled, dog.
I'm trying to tell you.

- All right, all right.
- For real.

Seven and counting.

All of them
caught on the wire.

We're not above the corners yet,
but we soon will be.

- They're not dumping phones?
- Every month or so.

Sloppy enough that we may be able
to track a phone or two

up to Marlo or the people
he keeps close.

Truth is, if they're
still using cell phones

in this day and age,
they're mine.

And if Marlo Stanfield
is on a cell,

- he'll be mine too.
- Cool Lester smooth.

That's not trash talk, darling.
That's simple fact.

Marlo Stanfield may have a lot of heart
and a lot of corners,

but he's a babe
in the woods

when it comes
to this right here.

I was proud to be chasing those
Barksdales, but this Stanfield kid...

Not as fierce
as we thought.

For months now, there hasn't been
a body we can put to him.

- Hmm.
- You two sound disappointed.

This unit needs good, hard targets,
or it'll go soft.

Be that as it may,
I'll assume you want

- another 30 days on your taps.
- At least.

And we've got subpoenas
to go out this week as well.

- Subpoenas?
- Asset investigations.

- On Marlo Stanfield?
- Come here.

All this is
from the Barksdale money trail.

We've been running
down all the paper

we pulled out of
Stringer's apartment

and the B & B
office downtown.

- I miss Prez, man. I do.
- I hear you.

The truth is, those guys had
money going everywhere--

investments, political donations,
consulting fees...

You want to do this now?

I wanted to do
this a year ago,

but fresh cases
got in the way.

And your lieutenant's gonna
okay this kind of paper?

Our lieutenant has
a fearless heart.

- This will get you started.
- Whoa whoa whoa.

Wait wait wait.
Wait right there.

My coupons.

You were gonna give
this lady my coupons.

Been clipping them
for two days,

and you damn near sent them out
with your mess.

Well, why are they
in my pile?

Why is your pile
in my workspace?

Because I'm doing
real work!

Working my nerves
is what you've been doing.

Four weeks before
the Baltimore City primary,

you hand me a stack
of drug-money subpoenas

that hit a dozen
key political figures.

There's an election:

Who's running?

...and they think I can't.

Shit, I don't think we can
take four more years of this guy.

This city's in the toilet.

That's what they said
during my term, too.

Yeah well, you got
dealt a bad hand,

- I mean, with the riots and all.
- Yeah, sure.

Anyway, I think
I'll squeeze in

if Tony Gray draws off
25%, 26% of the vote,

because most of that's
out of Royce's base.

25% is a big number for Gray,
don't you think?

I don't know.
Royce's negatives are up--

even among black voters.

In a minute, Norman.

You know what
I think, Tommy?

No matter what,
you got your name out there,

and it'll help you
down the road

if you ever want to step up
to the legislature.

But as one paisan to another,

the day of the white mayor
is over in this town.

Excuse me,
Your Eminence.

You're due at the Baylor-Edison
Senior Center,

and I don't want to be lying
to a roomful of wrinkle-assed voters

because you wanted to talk shop
all the damn morning.

Seniors, huh?
They vote, Tommy.

Got to run. Sorry.

The candidate's on your clock.
Don't ever let him forget it.

No, indeed.

Need your sig
on vehicle logs

and a corrected court report

and office memo
subpoena requests

and a requisition due
to City Purchasing for a large fan.

A fan, huh?

Caroline says it stays hot

in the wire room
with the door closed.

Oh. It's beautiful,

- I've never seen a beach house so fine.
- You think so?

Shit. Makes me think
about retirement,

and I only got
nine years on.

When do you break ground?

Next March,
if I have my permits,

which reminds me--
on Tuesday,

I have to get over to Delaware
and see my contractor.

Oh, no problem.

Me and Lester, we'll cover for you
on that. No problem at all.


You know what
I'm saying, yo?

That's my baby's mother
we talking about, yo.

But y'all been broke up,

Man, I ain't living
with her or nothing,

but I still be giving her
a couple dollars here and there,

you know,
stop and pass.

Pandemic! Pandemic!

Look at this.

Hey, Nay.

- Namond!
- Hmm:

What the fuck am l
paying you for, nigga?

Oh, my fault, B.


Yo man, and do something
with that ponytail.

Cops can make his ass
from a mile away.

Braid it or something!

Yeah, you know, me and Patrice
been together for a long time.

Yeah, but you say she running
with the boy Fruit now, right?

Yeah. If he don't back
the fuck off,

I'm gonna fill his ass
with some hot ones, yo.

Shit. You don't
think I will?

I got that pandemic.


do what you gonna do.

- Bodie.
- What's up, big man?

You ain't real with us
all week, man.

You stepping
on that package or what?

Yo, man,
everything's slow.

It been slow since we moved
down here from Fayette Street.

Yeah, well,
Marlo wanted Fayette.

Man, I do not like backing down
from niggas, man.

I feel like a punk.
I feel like doing shit.

Ain't like
the old days, dog.

Mayor Barksdale left.

You out here
on your own, dog.

Give it up.

B, let's roll.

Hey, Lex, man,

I'm gonna give you the truth
because you need the truth.

That boy Marlo got
the world by the ass.

And Fruit,
he work for Marlo.

So I'm saying,
fuck that bitch.

And move on.

- That's just the way it is.
- Yeah.

- That's just the way it is, man.
- Pandemic!

Thank you, sir.

Just one moment,

You seen Hoskins?

Lieutenant went
upstairs already.

Step through, please.

Madam President.

Council president's
hot as balls.

- I'd fuck you to fuck her, man.
- Yeah?

You'd fuck a guy for a chance
to fuck a hot broad?

You don't think that makes you
a faggot or nothing?

It's just
an expression, man.

Been on this detail
how long?

Eight months.

Eight months
with Clarence Royce.

So let me ask,

are you ready to take a bullet
for the Mayor of Baltimore?

Lieutenant, sir.

Is the truck okay,
or do we want to call one?

No, the truck works.

He said he needed
just 10 minutes.

No, not now.

Maybe tomorrow.

Is that Krawczyk again?

Every time he writes
another check,

he turns around
and calls for something

just to see that he can.

Getting calls
from Carcetti's people, too.

They want one debate
for crime and safety,

the other on economic stuff
and schools,

Tony Gray crying
the same blues.

Like they're gonna
get the whole night

to smack me
with the crime rate.

I told "The Sun" paper
we're open to any format,

which we'll be
for another couple days or so,

in which time we'll say,
"Fuck you. One debate."

Two debates. Shit!

That lost-ball-in-high-grass
motherfucker Carcetti.

He needs to get used to
life in the wilderness,

and not just
the downtown areas,

but your communities here
on the East Side.

We stand
or we fall together,

and I'm here today to ask
for the chance to stand with you.

Thank you
for your time.


Yes, ma'am?

Is it the Salisbury steak
for lunch today,

or is they doing tacos?

Because it's developments
like this one,

planned residential towers

with waterside retail space
and restaurants

that grow Baltimore's tax base
and help rebuild our city.

I want to thank Ed Bowers
for his vision,

but more important,
for his commitment--

for his commitment
to the City of Baltimore.


Mr. Mayor,

I want to thank you
and your administration,

for making this next stage
of redevelopment

for Baltimore's harbor
a reality.

You talk about vision
and commitment--

Mayor Clarence Royce.

Pandemic! Pandemic!

What up, Nay?

Yo, what up?

- What you got?
- Nothing.

It's just a story about
A.J. from North & Woods.

Yo, you know
they gave him 700 years?

Read this shit, son.

This corner is dead, man.
You still working?

Yeah, because we was gonna
gonna go under the road

- and catch some fresh birds.
- I don't know.

Let me see if I can bounce.
Hold up.

- Hey, B.
- What's up?

I wanted to know
if I could leave early

because me and the fellas
want to go down to Mondawmin

for some back-to-school stuff.

What you need
back-to-school stuff for?

Your ass stay suspended.

Come on,
stop playing, B.

Hey, if it wasn't
for social promotion,

your ass would still be
in pre-K, motherfucker.

Probably daycare
up this bitch.

Pandemic right here!

Fuck it.
Hey, yo, man.

Pay this late-to-work, early-to-play
nigger out for five hours, yo.

Yo, you owe me extra time
tomorrow, though.

Lex! Did you hear me?

Damn, y'all!

Young'uns don't got a scrap
of work ethic nowadays, man.

If it wasn't for his pops,
I wouldn't even bother.


Make sure you come
early tomorrow

because it ain't always
gonna be this slow.


At least
I hope it ain't.

Mr. Mayor.

Mr. Mayor, excuse me.

I just want to make sure
we're still okay

for that median cut
on Boston Street.

I really need that access
to make the site viable.

Right. I'll get
my people on it.

Thank you, sir.

Something going on
with his median?

Not once he ponies up.

I think he can do a lot better
than the 4,000,

don't you?

I don't even
want to know.

No, Chris, please, man.

We're low
on quicklime, man.

Doesn't matter.

We got vacants on both sides.
He'll stink is all.

Chris, please.

Don't fret, boss.
I got you covered.

Quick and clean,
I promise.


Man, shit like that don't even
work in them cartoons.

The roadrunner just snatch
the birdseed and book.

- We ain't in no cartoon.
- Yeah, you is.

Shh! Be still.

Yeah, you scaring away
the birds.

I'm talking to both y'all.

Took me off the clock
for this craziness?

- What the fuck is you thinking?
- We're serious, Nay.

This bird could be worth
like 300 or 400.

Nigga, please.

Yo, you know the boy Nemo
who worked Marlo's pigeon coop?

Said he got 400
for a white homing bird.

- And that's a homer?
- I mean, it's white.

- So that makes it a homer, right?
- It could be.

Damn! Son, you need to put
some hamburger meat in that trap.

That shit would've been got.

Shut your mouth,
it'd have been got.

I'm gonna fuck
this nigga up.

Hey yo, what the fuck
is wrong with you,

throwing bottles
and shit, huh?

You just cost us cash money,
you know that?

I ain't done nothing.

You're a seriously backwards dude.
You know that, right?

Playing with bugs
like he's still in Pampers.

That wasn't even necessary.

Nah, you don't want
any Pampers.

Put them over
that mouth you got.

Catch all that shit
you be flushing.

- Ohh!
- Ooh!

Y'all be stinking
like rat fart.

There you go!

- Oh oh!
- Get him!

All right, all right.

Come on, come on,
come on. Come on.

Y'all acting like
little bitches.

Yo, you seen
my man Duke?

Clocked him, got him
upside his head.

Only because I didn't
want to get too close

and touch
the dirty motherfucker.

Could have come up with AlDS
or some shit like that.

Dukie fight
like a bitch, yo.

I would have whipped that ass
if I didn't feel sorry for him.

Duke, man,
you scared away the birds.

I blew me up
a bug bomb.

You want to come
and see the pieces?

Nah, I'm good.
I got to go.

All right.

Hey hey, Randy.

That pigeon
wasn't a homer.

Homers got them metal things
around their leg.

That way you can tell them
from the other birds.

How you know that?

You know Nemo let me clean
out his coop sometimes.

So... he was schooling me.

...which leaves us
a total of 54.

No surprises on who's coming back--
all the regulars.

We lost Mr. Parker
and Ms. Bowles.

- Gregory's leaving?
- Hired by the county.

And Bowles, I knew
she wasn't coming back,

the way they tore up
her classroom.

So we're short two in math
and four in science.

Man at the door.

No system l.D.,
but says he's new here.

Well, buzz him in before
something changes his mind.

All the way
on the left.

Pull it hard.

- Hard!
- It's locked.

All right.
I'll be right down.

Not a goddamn thing up in here
works like it should.

Well, you turn to
the cafeteria assignments,

and you see that's gonna leave
Ernest alone for second period,

and he can't handle it alone.

You tell them, because I ain't even
gonna try to pronounce it.

Roland Pryzbylewski.

Everyone just
calls me "Prez."

Claudell Withers.
I'm principal here.

New in math.

I won't have my certificate
until next year,

but with the resident
teachers' program,

they said I'd be
getting classes

because of staff shortages?

Lambs to the slaughter here.

What did you do before you decided
to teach, Mr. Pryzbylewski?

I was a police...
in the city.

Marcia Donnelly,
Assistant Principal.

Welcome to
Edward Tilghman Middle.

That leaves Tullman,
as I see 'em, for the 12th.

You think he can handle
the whole shift?

Now, which one's
Tullman, again?

Goofy redhead, kind of
looks like Opie from Mayberry,

but less fierce.

Major wants to see you.

Jimmy, come on in.

I know I offered
when I first came over here,

and I know your answer then,
but I'm still asking.

Can I get you
out of a radio car?

No thank you, Major.

McNulty, I'm short
two men in Ops,

and my follow-up squad
couldn't make a case to save its life.

You're too damn good
to be humping calls.

Thanks for the offer,

You don't think I asked him 10 times
when I was acting commander?

He's in the wrong
fucking place.

For us, yeah.

For him...

Yo, po-po, man.
Po-po. Shut it down.

Where is the love, Bodie?

Where is the motherfucking love?

I go back so far
with this kid,

I was chasing him
through juvie.

But does any of that matter
when we roll up here?

I get so much as a wave,
a nod, a smile?


- How about just hello?
- Hello.

See? That wasn't
so hard, was it?

Lex, my man,
how's your day going?

Not to criticize
or anything,

but I think you missed
a spot there.

Little Kevin,
how's it hanging?

Reesey, you look like
someone just shot your dog.

You all right, man?
You okay?

Reesey still messing up
the count?

You hear what he said?

Yo, dog, you send him up
to Lamelle next month.

I'll make sure Ms. Davis
puts him in remedial math,

and we'll have done
some good here today.

Fucking cop, man.

Everything good?

Yeah. Just words.

Mr. Entrapment,
how you doing?

Don't look like that.
I'm still dining out on that story.

You know how he beat
the wiretap a year ago?

Claimed entrapment when he was clocking
in Bunny Colvin's Hamsterdam.

Shit you not.

Smart kiddo.
I loved it.

When I roll back in an hour,
this corner's bone-dry.

Your people are done
for the day.

So let's try this again.

I say, "Have a good evening,
Mr. Broadus."

And a good evening to you,
Sergeant Carver.

We're right here.

And a very good evening
to you, Officer Colicchio.

Fuck yourself with a 40,

What the fuck
was all that about?

- You can't bust every head, Tony.
- I can't?

Bust every head, who are you
gonna talk to when the shit happens?

Hi, Rachel.

- Tim, thanks for doing that yesterday.
- Yeah, no problem.

You ran late all morning--

Late for the seniors, late for
the Stonewall meeting with Della.

Late for the Gay-Lesbian Alliance.

Them seniors,
they talk slow.

Bullshit. It was breakfast
with Young Tony

when they sat there swapping
stories over cold coffee.

- Young Tony, huh?
- I was getting sage advice--

- From a one-term mayor?
- It wasn't his fault.

He takes over in '67,
sees the city burn.

That was an opportunity.

Spiro Agnew made his whole career
on the '68 Riots.

- Agnew?
- One man's shithead's

another man's vice president.

- True today as it ever was.
- Hey, is that polling data?

Raw numbers.
It's incomplete.

Right now, you need to be
in the call room dialing for dollars.

Aw, fuck!
I can't do it anymore!

I hate it. I hate it
more than anything.

- I fucking hate it!
- You don't do this,

you don't have the money to pay
for the damn TV spots

in the last two weeks.

Aw, mothersucking

Oh, Jesus.
I fucking hate this.

Hey there, Jim.

Tom Carcetti here,
remember me?

We met at your sister's house--

you know, the one that's married
to that Republican cunt.

I know you
don't remember me.

I know you don't have any use
for fucking politicians,

and frankly, I don't give a flying fuck
about what you think

or what your concerns are.

But I do care about what
your cute little blonde wife

thinks about so many things.

But, Jim, the reason
I'm calling is because

I want you to write me out
a check for $4,000,

the maximum allowed by law.

Because we don't trust you
to actually mail that check,

we're gonna send over a couple
of furloughed DPW workers

to beat the check out of you.

All finished?
You need $30,000...

in the next three hours.
No bullshit, Tommy.

You hit your number
or die in this room.

Yeah, whatever.

So what are you
watching, then?

Anything on the tube?

No fucking way.

They got enough power
in the middle of the lineup.

What they need is pitching.

What you looking at?

Fucking crazy.

Oh, like I'm really gonna give
that motherfucker a ride to Woodlawn.


Help! Somebody help!

What's up, Patrice?

You're letting it ring,

You're not hanging up
after a ring or two?

I'm making
the calls, Terri.

I don't know what to say.
Nobody's home.

30,000, Tommy.

You mean Lex, the boy
who used to go with Patrice?


He her baby's daddy.

He ain't the first one
to get his spurt.

You ain't got to
talk like that.

Nigga just walked up to him outside
of the Paragon and served him up.

One to the face.

He was real cute.

Lex and his nine took all the cute
out of that lazy-eye motherfucker.

Anything on Fruit's phone?

Nothing. I've gone
for two hours.

- Sure.
- It's no problem, though.

Sure. I really
need your help.

- Put me down for four.
- Yeah.

What about your wife?

Think she can
come up with four?

- I don't think we can do eight.
- The kids?

They're in strollers.

I know they're in strollers.
I was kidding.

That's funny.

Yeah, never mind.
4,000 is good.

- Thanks.
- No problem.

One to the left temple.

Close range in a lot
full of club trash,

- but of course, nobody sees a thing.
- Hmm.

- We hear your shooter goes by "Lex."
- Lex?

We were up
on your victim's cell phone, too.

We'll go back through the calls,
send you whatever's there.

Got this from his pocket.

You can pull the numbers from that
as a consolation prize.

This fucks you guys up, don't it?
Losing a guy you had wired?

Nah. We're up on several phones
on the street level.

With or without Mr. Fruit,
we're on our way.

You know, it's strange.

We're not seeing bodies.

This is the first drug hit
in months,

and it's Marlo's boy who falls.

- I thought Marlo was the new power.
- He is.

Shit, he's got everything
from MLK to Fulton now.

How do you hold
that much real estate

without making bodies?

You hear anything more about
this murder on your wire, Lester,

the Bunk expects a call.

Yeah, I know he does.

Oh! The hell with Norris.

You're my real partner, Lester.
My life partner.

Don't tease, bitch.

Look at that
bowlegged motherfucker.

I made him
walk like that.

So who the fuck
is Lex?

Dontrelle's cousin.

Used to be with
Cantel's people.

He working some corner
over the Hilltop now.

He ain't more connected
than that?

And he coming near
one of mine?

Wasn't about no business.

Pussy, man.

Yo, Fruit was into something
that Lex thought was his own.

You say the word, we take off
that whole motherfucking corner

every last one
of them bitches.

What corner are we
talking about, again?

Rag-tag shit up
on Pacer.

Man, they get
their shit from Joe,

but they're
mostly independent.

They gone, Marlo.
Just say so.

That what you think?
Just do them all?

And take their
fucking corner, too.

What do I want with
some off-brand Hilltop corner?

And why I need
to be stacking bodies

when there ain't no one
trying to war with us?

Just Lex.

He did one of ours,
so he got to fall.

Get out, Tommy.
You're done.

Get up, Tommy!

Come on, pretty boy.
Come on.

You don't have to go home,
but you can't stay here.

- Come on. Let's go.
- That's home?

Yeah. That's it.

There we go,
little trooper.

6:30 tomorrow morning.

Don't make me drag you out of bed
like you did yesterday.


Damn, boy,
what happened to you?

Terrace Boys banged me

coming across the tracks
over there by Ramsey Street.

Teron, Manny, Herbie.

Man, all them
Terrace niggas.

They can't whoop on
Dukie like that.

Yeah, I know. Only we can
whoop on Dukie like that.

We've got to step it up,
even this out.

Nah. Fuck even.

We gonna hurt them
twice as bad.

Give 'em a whoop-ass
they ain't gonna never forget.

If we straight-up fight them,

there's as many of them
as there is us-- more even.

So what you saying?
You scared?

Nah, I'm just saying.

If we're gonna hurt them,
we need to think on it.

Do something go past
beating on each other.

You talking guns and shit.

Nah, I ain't talking guns.


Aw, shit.

Randy got an idea.

Hey, Norman.

You know what I had
for dinner last night?

Tuna sub.
I ate in the car.

When I'm finished
writing my memoirs,

that shit'll be in there,
no doubt.

You see what I just ate?
In the car?

A fucking tuna sub.

In order to prevent distemper,

you must vary
the candidate's menu.

If you're done chewing,

Iet's give these new
radio spots a listen.

We've seen what Tommy Carcetti
can do at City Hall

as a councilman.

While the current administration
bent to special interests,

Tommy Carcetti
sponsored legislation...

- What?
-...that is protecting jobs at the fort

by preventing the overdevelopment
of our waterfront.

300,000. Great.

Thanks for sharing.

...that prevented budget cuts
to vital city services...

Three and five zeroes--
mayor's latest TV buy,

and it's four weeks out.

- Turn that shit off!
- You don't like the spots?

I read the copy before the studio mix.
I think they're strong.

They're bullshit!
Weak bullshit!

I wouldn't vote for me.


Fuck Royce!
Fuck Tony Gray!

Fuck me!

Where am I going again?

One of those neighborhoods
between Oliver and Middle East.

Middle East. Now, that's
a good name for it-- fucking Fallujah.

Command performance.
Ms. Victorina Simmons.

She holds sway over
two big vote precincts,

no matter who the EDC
is lying down with--

Fucking Royce!
300,000 like it's fucking water.

Then there's also
the Reverend Garnett.

What are they complaining
about today?

Fucking shithole of a city.
Whining bastards,

bitching about the trash
or the crime or this or that.

It's my fucking fault
it went to shit.

These motherfuckers.

- Boss.
- They can bite my bloody ass.

Ms. Simmons.

Reverend Garnett.
Good to see you again.

I had a meeting going on,

but I'm here now, and I know
there's things to see.

We called
and called downtown,

and ain't nothing gets done.

Okay. Show me.

Right this way,

The first thing I want you
to take a look at...

See, you've got to drink a lot.

Think about
the water running.

And that way,
you know--

How the fuck you know what
water running be like, Duke?

Water been off in your house
since last year.

- Man, that's cold.
- Yeah, that's cold, Nay.

Oh, shit.
I'm ready.

Can't go with
niggers watching, yo.

When we call,

he'll send somebody,
most of the time,

and they write it all down
just like he doing now.

But nothing ever gets done.

Come here, Councilman,
I want you to see this.

Now, see them drug boys?

They block
the alleys like this

so the police won't
chase them down there.

- All this trash.
- Mm-hmm.

Rats everywhere.
Houses vacant.

We keep trying to get them
down here and clean this up.

I guess that's
too much like right.

Well, truth is,
Royce won't let the city agencies

take any of
my constituent calls.

But let me see
what I can do.

Come on, let me show you this
down here. Come on.


Y'all Terrace niggas know that boy
who go by the name "Deez"?

- Deez?
- Yeah, Deez nuts.

- Aw, fuck.
- Shit.

Yo yo, come on,
come on, come on.

Yeah, come on, get him!

Damn! I knew those bitches
was gonna set us up.

Yeah, fucking say it, bitches.

Don't ever disrespect Terrace.


- I fucking pissed myself.
- Fuck!

Over here!

Kick him right behind.


This way.

Hey yo,
he went in there!

Remember that phrasing
is a cornerstone

in communicating
with your students.

This applies not only
to the questions you ask

or their comprehension
of the lesson,

but how they perceive
you as an educator.

And where does that begin?

Out loud
and enthusiastically.


Let's go.
Once again.


And what are we
telling ourselves?

I am lovable and capable.

Now I see
those smiling faces.

...where the listing
on the lower half of the page

indicates some typical
soft-target locations.

An officer alert to the terrorist threat
must ask himself,

"Do I know the location
of my soft targets,

those where large numbers
of civilians congregate?"

--Train terminals,
office buildings, stadiums.

Another hot zone in the classroom
is the pencil sharpener,

where children tend
to congregate and--

I had a pencil sharpener
in my class once.

Antoine Granderson ripped it
from the wall and threw it at me.

I'd like to know what
your lesson plan suggests

when Harold Hounchell sends
a full set of textbooks

through a closed window.
Thank you.

Settle down, everybody.

And for emergency procedures

in the event of
biochemical agents,

you can refer
to Appendix B.

No disrespect
to your appendix,

but if them terrorists
do fuck up the Western,

could anybody even tell?

Some Al-Qaedas were up
on Baltimore Street

planning on blowing up
the chicken joint.

But Apex's crew jacked them up,
took their camels and robes,

buried their ass
in Leakin Park.

At least
that's what I heard.

Hey, y'all want some real terrorists?
You go up on Pencey and Gold.

Hey, guys,
let's maintain our--

You're doing
one heck of a job.

Not another fucking word.

Thank you.

Ahem. So...


You beast.

I can't help it.
You stirred my manhood.

Little Boy Blue.

What the fuck
are you doing here?

I caught one.

Got a street dealer
who goes by the name of Lex.

Lester heard it
on the wire.

Lester's up on the wire:

Shit, boy, you are
out of the loop.

You know this mutt?
Goes by Lex?

He is familiar.

You know who
you should ask? Carver.

- Naw...
- He'd love the job, man.

All right.
Carver it is.

I still feel the need
to pull your coat.

- For what?
- The taste, Jimmy. The taste.

How about you and me hit
a few of our favorite spots?

You know, me on the Glenlivet,
you on the Jamey?

Go see if that train
is still on the track.

Why don't you come round
some night for dinner?

Say hey to Beadie
and the ankle-biters.


in high-rise structures,

as well as residences

are detailed alongside...

Thanks, Santy.

This horseshit?
You serious?

Back to school
for the kids.

Hey. Yo, Namond,
I'll pay you back.

You ain't never
gonna have no money.

Yo, Michael,
they got you?

Ain't nothing
but a scuffle, man.

Everybody made it back,
though, right?

Naw, man, he had to the boss
to get some stitches.

He got hit with a brick.

I see you changed
clothes already.

He had to.
Yo, he was stinking.

Yo, Randy, man, that was
the stupidest thing you ever thought of.

But it was kind of funny
when it happened, though.

You know what I'm saying?

Yo, you want something
before he bounce?

I'm buying.

One for every soldier
that stood tall.

- I was down there.
- Yeah, fuck you, Duke.

So you get out
all right?

Yeah. Hurt my ankle going
around the corner, but--

But you got away, then?

The lieutenant governor
is up in arms

because two Democratic
National Committees...

I know we're way late--

Ain't no thing.
You did good here.

Turn that bullshit off.

You really think they're gonna
vote for the white guy?

Black folk been voting white
for a long time.

You come correct,
we listen.

It's y'all that don't ever
vote black.

Shit, you got
my vote, anyway.

I don't have your vote,

You're my deputy
campaign manager,

and I don't have your vote?

Last white man I could vote
for was Bobby Kennedy,

and you ain't no Bobby K.

I thought you just said--

I was speaking in general about
the kindly nature of black folks.

In particular,
I ain't all that kindly.

So you're gonna take
my fucking check

and run with
my fucking campaign--

Well, I do know
who pays me.

Yes, sir!
Oh yes, sir, boss!

Who are you gonna vote for?
Royce? Tony Gray?

One of them brothers.

Yeah yeah yeah.

Don't make me
tell you again.

It's 9:00 sharp, boy.

And I'm smelling
what has to be urine.

What you been at, boy?

Well, we were playing
with Dukie today.

You know how he be
with his clothes and all.

Well, it's good that child
has friends, I suppose.

- Yes, ma'am.
- Get in there.

Come on, now,
give me a break--

Come on, Dougie.
I know it's late,

but I got to come
backdoor like this,

or the agencies
won't do shit.

You know that
as well as I do.

Come on, Tommy...

Come on, Tommy.

This is ridiculous.
Come on, give me a break--

Look, Dougie. Yeah.

I'm sorry to bug you at home,
but this asshole Royce

won't handle a thing
out of my office,

and I need a couple
of alleys cleaned.

Yeah. 1200 block of
Federal Street, both sides;

and then Chester
and Collington

- run in either direction off that.
- Jesus, Tommy.

I know, you're gonna be out
there again in a couple days.

Can you call Frankie
in Special Services

and have him send
a cold patch truck?

Federal street's
a fucking tank trap.

Yeah yeah yeah.

Great. Thanks.
Love to Denise.

Hustle up, Tom.

How you doing?
Good evening.


You're over
two hours late, Tommy.

You ain't gonna win
disrespecting your base.

Hold up, Tony.

Look, man.
We got to talk.

I feel the bad about the way
things have turned out,

but right or wrong,
if you're elected,

then I'm gonna do whatever
I can to help you,

and if I get in,
I'm gonna need your help.

I mean, it's not
personal, Tony.

Fuck you, Tommy.

So this is me?

This is you.


Pandemic! Got that
pandemic right here!

- What's up?
- What's up, man?

I got all this from the Koreans
today at a discount.

When school start, I'll be selling it
for three times that.

Tell you what,

Iet me get them Skittles.

Naw. Do me a favor
for the rest.

Go up the block
and tell Lex

there's a girl
that want to see him

- at the playground behind Fort.
- Girl?

Tell him Patrice say he should come
to the playground after 8:00.

Why don't you
tell him yourself?

Look, dog,
I don't want to be taking

none of Bodie's shit today
about cutting work.

All right?
Just do me that favor.


Pandemic right here!

For a skinny motherfucker,
he sure do sweat some.

We got to keep
an extra change in the car

so we don't have to come home
in the middle of the day.

Well, we're way past
late now, so...

- Damn it!
- Here, let me.

Hey, Norman.

Maybe I'll go to clip-on
for a while.

Hey, Terri got in
new polling data.

Did you get a bump?

She won't show me anything
till it's all broke down,

but, yeah, I deserve
a bump, don't l?

Four more weeks, Jen.

Quality time
with the wife and kids.

That's what,
four minutes?

More like six.


Shit, I could have got laid.

Yo. Yo, Chris, l--
I didn't--

Yeah. It's good.


Pandemic right here!

No Lex.
Where's that skinny mope?

He was here earlier.

Well, fuck it.
We'll come back,

Jack him tomorrow,
no problem.

All right.

Share the sodas, too.

- What's up? What's up?
- Hey.

What's up?

Let me holla at you
real quick.

What up?

- You did like I said?
- Yeah.

Yeah, you must have,

because the nigga
went up the block.

He ain't never
coming back down.

Chris and Snoop-- pow!


Look. Just be cool,
all right?

Our heroes
back from the wars.

Those poll numbers
tallied up yet?

Not too bad, either.

Royce, 35;
you, 26; Gray, 20.

19% undecided.

We're fucked if we haven't moved
any more than that. I need to be at 30,

and I need Tony taking
25 of his points.

Royce's negatives
are way up.

Like what, 34% unfavorable
to 43% favorable?

He's vulnerable.

Geri, understand this.

In order to win,
I need Tony Gray

to take a huge bite
out of Royce's lead-- huge.

Tony's moved, what?

Two points
in the last month:

That poll says one in five voters
hasn't decided anything yet.

Yeah. The first batch of radio spots
worked magic, didn't they?

How much money
we piss away on those?

Look at these First District figures.
I mean, that's my base,

and I'm polling 37%
with 24% undecided?

Fuck me! I'm done!

Tommy, nobody's focused
on this race yet.

We're gonna own
the First.

Christ, look at what Royce
is polling in the Fourth.

No doubt, Tony's got to get
some traction in West Baltimore.

Yeah, he needs
to be rounding 25%

and headed for 30.
And, by the way,

who can tell me when the fuck did
the Sixth District become 64% black?

About five years ago
in the last redistricting,

mostly as I recall,

to give your ass
more white votes

over there in the First.

What the fuck
was I thinking?

A hell of a lot can happen
between now and election day.

I've been ahead further
than Royce is and lost.

I can't win this.

Tommy, where the fuck
you going?

I'm your ride home, man.

The man can
read a poll.

You been drinking?

I'm fine.

Well, you need to be fine
somewhere else.

Park curfew
is midnight.

City's averaging
a murder a day,

and here you are with
Rec and Park rules?

What are you,
a smart ass?

I didn't mean nothing.

Don't I know you?

I'm running for mayor.

Tommy Carcetti,
First District.

I'll be coming back through
in about 20, Councilman.

Do me a favor
and take it down the road.


Yes, ma'am.