The Wire (2002–2008): Season 3, Episode 9 - Slapstick - full transcript

Responding to an officer's call for help, McNulty and Prez turn up the wrong alley with unanticipated results. Cutty is surprised to find help from within Baltimore's power structure for his proposed boxing gym. Omar decides to go it alone against Avon Barksdale and Stringer Bell. Bubbles is wired up and sent into Amsterdam

- Hello.
- Hey, what are you doing?

Oh, hi.

- Are you sleeping?
- No.

- You're not happy to hear from me.
- No, I'm glad you called.

I wanna see you.

- What, now?
- Yes, now.

- Where are you?
- Same place as before.


- Are you sure you're not sleeping?
- No, no, I was up.

You liar. Come on, get your ass over here.

Yeah, OK. I mean, yeah, what the hell.

- Room 210.
- Fine.

- Sean, Seanie.
- What?

I have to go out and see a friend for a little bit.
I'll be gone for an hour or two, OK?

I put my cell phone on this slip of paper.

I'll put it on that top shelf, OK?


What did I just say?

You're going out to see a friend
and your number's on the top shelf.


The Kerry camp
had an early opportunity

to capitalize on the economy as an issue.

The pre-election polls show
that a significant number

of undecided and persuadable voters

thought Kerry over Bush
offered a better chance for jobs.

Jobs may be a marginal issue
in some of the Rust Belt battleground states.

But, ultimately, this was a referendum
on the leadership of George W. Bush

on the war against terror
and the war in Iraq...

You're so full of shit.

Nothing mattered in the red states
but the economy.

I've been saying that for months.

Hey, I'm not tossing you so quick tonight.
I got nothing to do tomorrow.

Well, I'm tossing myself.

I gotta get home.

You know, uh, not that this wasn't fun,

but it might be nice
to have dinner first, dinner and a movie.

- I got to Baltimore late.
- No, I'm saying next time.

We talk some, then we fuck our brains out.
It's different for girls like me.


You need to be cuddled, McNulty?

No, but we make a date,
I don't feel like I have to charge by the hour.

A date, huh?

I'll call you.

In the daytime.

I think we can all agree
that foreign policy and with...

Meanwhile, the US was reeling
from the attack on Pearl Harbor...

...wonders of wood carving...

He wrapped himself in the American flag
at the convention and never looked back.

- Why, that's a little harsh, don't you think?
- No, I don't. I'm serious.

And I think it was great strategy
by his handlers too.

You don't think John Kerry,

in his acceptance speech
at the Democratic National Convention said,

"I'm here under old glory" that he wasn't
trying to wrap himself in the flag too?

No, I don't think
he was trying to wrap himself in it.

I think he was trying to defend
the people in the battleground states...

I've been a...

... 1942, the US 1st Marine Division
stormed the shore at Guadalcanal,

seizing a nearly complete airfield
at Lunga Point,

which was renamed Henderson Field,

and an anchorage at nearby Tulagi that
would later be known as Iron Bottom Sound

because of the ships sunk there in battle.

The landings of the first day
put nearly 11,000 Marines on the island...

When you walk through the garden

You gotta watch your back

Well, I beg your pardon

Walk the straight and narrow track

Walk the straight and narrow track

If you walk with Jesus

He's gonna save your soul

You gotta keep the devil

Way down in the hole

He got fire and the fury

Fire and fury

At his command

Well, you don't have to worry

Hold on to Jesus' hands

Oh, we'll be safe from Satan

When the thunder rolls


You gotta keep the devil

Way down in the hole

You gotta keep the devil

Way down in the hole

Way down

Way down in the hole

Oiga, hermano, venga, ayúdeme aquí.

Deep into it, I see.

Yeah, we gettin' there.

You lookin' correct.

Sunday morning.
I'm on my way to hear the Word, you know.

Gracias, amigos.

- You paying those guys out of pocket?
- Mm-hm.

Boiler in there's working
and the pipes are OK.

I should have it all cleaned out
by tomorrow, I think.

All you gonna need is the permits.

Chamo, hermano, tienes que dejar...

- Permits?
- Yeah. Permits.

Yo, was that him?

Shit. If it ain't, we'd only be wasting a bullet.

Only problem is it being Sunday morning
and all, you know.

I love the way you...

- Who are you calling?
- Slim Charles, man.

You told me we supposed to bring
our beefing before the group, right?

- You're warring with Marlo over corners.
- Marlo ain't in the group.

Be that as it may, all this shoot-'em-up shit
is bad for business.

We got cops on half the West Side corners.

What corner are they holding?
I can't have my people standing on

for fear they're gonna be mistaken as one
of the Barksdale people and catch a bullet.

- I tried to talk to the young buck myself but...
- You talk to Avon. That's half the problem.

- No doubt, exactly.
- That's what I'm saying, man.

Nigger probably sleeping in.

I like the way you move
I like...

Fact is, Stringer, your man needs to
reconcile himself to this new way of thinking.

Now you could remind him that,
like everyone else in this room,

he benefiting from the wholesale price
we got by throwing in together.

- I mean, he know that. Come on, Joe.
- So now we're coming to him for help.

He need to just back the fuck off
and let the young gun keep his corners.

It can't be about territory no more.
Old habits die hard.

- Who this?
- Yeah, it's me.

We're on the house where the dude is,
you know...

- Talk, nigger.
- Shit, man, I'm trying not to use names.

This Gerard, man, and we're on Omar,
he gonna come out the house.

As you know, I ain't trying to lose
no niggers on them corners

but it's a two-way street, you know?

Go ahead, man.

Gerard and Sapper got their sights on Omar.
Tried to reach Slim and he ain't answering.

- So?
- It's church day, Sunday morning, you know?

- They sure it's him?
- Omar, yeah.

All right, do it.

Do it.

Gerard. They right there, come on.

All right, here you go.

Oh, my goodness! My goodness!

This time, I definitely hit him.

District-wide, it's 14%.

A drop like that in the Western felony rate

is unheard of.

But God knows what happens
when you let go of your secret.

Hey, what happens happens.

If they want to keep my experiment going or
go back to business as usual, that's on them.

But me? I'm out of here, D. I'm gone.

And Hopkins came through. I got
a contract offer on that security job yesterday.

- You're really gonna retire?
- Always planned to.


You started something.
You ain't gonna finish it?

- What do you mean?
- On a battlefield you can't do much.

But you managed a truce, Bunny.

And making the game street legal
takes the heart out of it.

Keep it going, we're gonna reach
some of those people chasing dope and coke,

maybe even some hoppers too.

You might at that.

Well, what happens when you
turn your district over to the next man?

Or people get wind of this thing
and there's no one to defend it?

What then?

- How's the contrast on that?
- Good for daylight.


On a Sunday? What the fuck, Lester?

Could say the same of you.

Elena's taken the kids to her mother's,
what the fuck else am I gonna do?

No life, no marriage, no kids.

No problem. What's with the video?

Gonna put it up across from Stringer's
print shop, catch him coming and going.

- Hey, you need help?
- You're a known face.

I figure me and Prez do it on a Sunday,
shop is closed, looking like working men.

I do believe there aren't five swinging dicks

in this entire department can do what we do.

I'm not saying all chest-out and shit.
It's just... I mean, you think about it,

there's maybe, what, 3,000 sworn, right?

Hundred or so are bosses,
so there's not a fucking clue there.

Few more hundred is
sergeants and lieutenants,

most of them wanna be bosses.

Then there's 600 or 700
fucking housecats, you know, deskmen.

The patrol division?
There's probably a little bit of talent there

but the way the city is right now,

that's 1,500 guys chasing calls
and clearing corners.

I mean, nobody's knowing his post,
nobody's building nothing, right?

CID's the same,

catching calls, chasing quick clearances,
keeping everything in the shallow end.

I mean, who is there out there
can do what we can do with a case?

How many are there really?

Don Worden, Ed Burns,
Gary Childs out in the county,

John O'Neil and Steve Cleary
over at Woodlawn.

Oh, they bring it in, but there's not many.
There's not many.

We're good at this, Lester.
In this town, we're as good as it gets.

- Natural police.
- Fuck, yes, natural police.

Tell me something, Jimmy.
How exactly do you think it all ends?

- What do you mean?
- A parade? A golden watch?

A shining Jimmy-McNulty-Day moment
when you bring in a case so sweet

everybody says, "Aw, shit,
he was right all along.

"We should have listened to the man."

The job will not save you, Jimmy.

It won't make you whole,
it won't fill your ass up.

- I don't know. A good case...
- Ends.

They all end.

The handcuffs go click and it's over.

And the next morning
it's just you in your room with yourself.

Until the next case.

Boy, you need something outside of this here.

Like what? Dollhouse miniatures?

Hey, hey, hey.

A life. A life, Jimmy, you know what that is?

It's the shit that happens

while you're waiting for
moments that never come.

- On a Sunday morning?
- We called to ask.

And Shamrock said to go.

On a Sunday morning y'all try to hit a nigger

when he taking his
wrinkle-assed grandmoms to pray?

And you don't hit the nigger neither?
All y'all kill is grandma's crown?

And by the time Sham said go,
Omar damn near in the cab.

Ain't enough to violate
the Sunday morning truce.

No! I'm standing here
holding a torn-up church crown

of a bona fide colored lady.

Do you know what a colored lady is?
Not your moms, for sure.

Cos if they was that, y'all would have
known better than that bullshit.

Y'all trifling with
Avon Barksdale's reputation here.

You know that?

- Is she all right, though?
- She got cut on her face from the glass

and she's sore from where I fell on her,
but other than that, no.

You saved her ass, huh?

I damn near got that woman killed, y'all.

Y'all should have seen me in Sinai Hospital
while they stitching her,

lying about why somebody wanna
shoot me down in the street.

That woman think I work in a cafeteria.

- Cafeteria?
- At the airport, yeah.

- Airport? Why the airport?
- Cos she ain't never gonna go to dine there.

Yo, Kimmy, this ain't funny, yo.
That woman raised me!

And for as long as I've been grown,
once a month, I've been with her to church,

telling myself ain't no need to worry cos
there ain't nobody in this city that low down

to disrespect a Sunday morning.

Y'all know I was gonna walk away, right?
Y'all knew that, right?

I mean, after Tosha,
I was gonna leave them people be.

- Avon home now.
- Barksdale got to go.

Stringer, too. This thing got to end, man.

I swear to God, on a Sunday morning,
they near shot her best crown off, yo.

I mean, no shame, them niggers, man!
Y'all feel me?

I'm out.

If you're back to dealing
with Barksdale people, I'm out, yo.

I'm in it for the money.
It's easier out there than that.

Just you and me, then, like it was.

No, yo, this one about me.

- And nobody else.
- Hey, I'm with you.

Not on this one, you ain't.

OK, guys, we are a step and a half away
from being up on a wire on these people.

All we need is to show the disposable phones
are being used in a drug conspiracy.

McNulty and Greggs, you're on that angle.

Walk either an undercover or a wired CI
up to one of the Barksdale crews.

Lester, you and Prez start typing affidavits.

Because when the probable cause comes in,
we need to get the application in fast.

Detective, you're on Bernard.

When he goes out for cell phones,
we're right behind.

The faster we get the new numbers,
the faster we're on those phones.

Now when Caroline comes back off vacation,
she's gonna be on the mini-cam.

From here on out, we keep a log
on any movement by Stringer

and we keep an eye out
for Mr. Barksdale as well.

Try to get a line on where he spends his days.

As for me, I'm off to do battle
with the wireless company.

- Are they a problem?
- Have been since the things were invented.

OK, then. Remember that with this wire,
everything is a race against the clock.

Anything we get up on is only temporary.

- Did you reach Bubbles?
- Yeah. He'll be waiting at Mount Clare.

- Lee, where's the DNR log?
- What?

The log.

Never mind, I got it right here.

All Stringer, all the time.

- Er, Theresa D'Agostino, please.
- Can you hold, please?

Yeah, I'll hold.

She's not in the office.
You wanna leave a message?

No, I left one already.

- A boxing gym?
- For kids, you know. An athletic club.

Gyms, reducing salons, public baths

are permitted only in properties
zoned B2, B3, B4 or B5.

All signed and sealed
by a registered architect.

- Floor framing plan, including load criteria.
- Piping layouts.

Six copies of your fire protection plan

with emergency exits
and sprinkler system noted.

...Health Department
since it's a health service.

A license from the State Athletic Commission

up on Calvert Street.

- Mid-size or full?
- Mid-size.

You should upgrade
and get one of them Escalades.

They got the XM radio an' all.

I'm saying, if we gonna be in that damn car
all damn day, it's worth it, Bernard.

You ticklish, Bubs?

The chills, Kima.

You do that to me.

Here's the buy money, Bubs.

- Remember, this is all on tape.
- I hear you.

Down there on Vincent Street they don't even
hide the ground stash anymore.

You see when they're running low,
then ask for 30 so they have to call for a re-up.

That's the important thing.
We want him to use his burner.

- All right. I get to keep the 30.
- 30 would kill you, Bubs.

You get to keep the money we hand you once
you come back here with all that product.

- I was just asking.
- Just telling.

- It can't be done.
- Excuse me?

The activation information you're gonna want
is not accessible until it goes to billing

and that takes a few days,
sometimes a week or more.

But more than that, we have dozens
of law enforcement inquiries every month.

We get to them in the order received
and currently the turnaround's 30 days.

- 30 days?
- Let me understand something.

Your company is in business
selling disposable cell phones

to people who don't have to give subscriber
information at the time of purchase, correct?


They buy these phones
and they use them anonymously,

- pre-paying for their minutes.
- From the retailers, yes.

And while they're using these phones
anonymously for whatever purpose,

they can't be monitored by law enforcement

because your company can't react

within a month to a court order
for a wiretap?

We do the best we can.

This is bullshit.

You're selling a phone that you know
is effective for drug trafficking.

Lieutenant, our prepaid inventory
is there for young people,

college students and such,

people who can't afford
a permanent cell phone plan.

What college student
can't afford a cell phone?

They can afford the fucking college,

- they can afford the phone.
- I resent the suggestion.

Just so I'm clear, you're telling me
that even if by some miracle

we are able to get up on a drug dealer's
cell phone in time to catch him talking,

you're gonna take a month to activate our tap.

If you have a problem with that,

your office can contact our general counsel.

That's all I can say.

How about this?

How abut the State's attorney calls
a press conference on the courthouse steps

to declare that Bay Wireless is in league
with violent drug traffickers,

preventing their arrest by law enforcement?

Four to five days turnaround.
Best we can do.

I swear, I felt like a damn balloon
with air rushing out of my ass

going from desk to desk.

This is our new man, huh?

- Frank Reid.
- Dennis Wise.

Reverend, Dennis spent all day down
at the Benton building trying for permits.

- On the new gym?
- Yeah.

You use my name?

You use anybody's name?

Hell, man, there was a time
I'd have used a Smith & Wesson.

Nah, look, man, I'm just saying,
how do regular folk get it done in this town?

Doreen, ring Delegate Watkins, please.

- Yellow tops, yellow tops.
- Obliged, man, obliged.

Keeping it close, you know?
You tell a friend, OK?

Too hot for them black Ts, right?

- What's up? What you hawking?
- Body bags.

All right, let me get 30... 30 pills.


Where the fuck did your raggedy ass come up
with 300 in motherfucking cash, man?

I've been selling T-shirts for weeks now.

I might be raggedy,
but I'm in a cash business.

You want my money or no?

Body bags.

Come get 'em. Body bags.

Yeah, we out. All right.

- Shouldn't be long.
- A bulk purchase justify a discount, right?

- 250 or so?
- 275.

- And a couple of them whiteys.
- That'll work.

- That'll work.
- Bubs just made another 25.

- Theresa D'Agostino, please.
- I'm sorry, but she's not in.

- Can I take a message?
- No, I'll call back.

- So how's that working?
- What?

- Your new ho.
- So far, so good.

- You got the receipts there?
- A few blew out the damn window.

Y'all waiting to see Avon?

I hear y'all shot the crown off
an old lady's head yesterday.


Good, y'all made it.


We're putting in some work.
Come on upstairs so we can talk.

- Back with numbers.
- How many?

24 TracFones.

Two each from Mondo Marts in Catonsville
and Sykesville and four from Frederick

and then eight each from two stops
in West Virginia.

Those bumper beepers?
They work great, man.

- He went out I-70 this time.
- Can you blame him? The scenery's better.

24, huh?

Gonna have a lot of DNRs.

But with any luck one of these phones
leads to young Mr. Bodie Broadus.

- You wanna call Pearlman?
- Yeah.

Who's hungry?

- How about Chinese?
- Sounds good to me.

- You guys call it in and I'll go.
- You type this shit and I'll go with him.

- Make mine a sweet and sour.
- Lo mein for me.

Get rolling?

So y'all deal with Charles.
He gonna give you all the details on it.

- Who that?
- East Side niggers.

They're willing to soldier up
for us on retainer.

Milton put me up on them.

Man, we're gonna be back
where we were, String.

I can smell it.

We just gotta get this boy Marlo
and then we spread out like we do.

Them co-op boys ain't too happy
about that situation, man.

Yeah, they say they got cops on corners
where they wouldn't have otherwise.

Man, fuck them niggers.

I mean, Prop Joe said he'd mediate,
go to Marlo, talk on it.

Yeah, well, if he take a gun with him,
maybe it could work.

Let me ask you something, though.

Did you tell them discount-ass niggers
they could pop off at Omar's grandma?

Oh, man, Sham come to me
in the middle of the meeting

and talk about they got their sights on Omar.

They say nothing about no grandma,
no church hat, nothing like that.

- I hear the cocksucker's name, I say go.
- On a Sunday morning?

Yo, I don't give a fuck, man.
I hear that name,

I ain't thinking about a church day.

The Sunday truce has been around
as long as the game itself, man.

You can do some shit
and be, like, "What the fuck?"

But just never on no Sunday.


I mean, it's like people is talking on us,
the stories is getting bigger and bigger.

Like Fat Face Rick heard that our people
shot Omar granny in the ass on purpose

and pulled they dicks out,
pissed on her crown and shit.

No, I mean, I heard the same bullshit.

Prop Joe gave me an earful.
But what can I say?

Good help is hard to find.

If it weren't, you think I'd be paying
East Side niggers for shit?

Yeah. Yo, are we still off them corners?

Yeah, gotta be.

We're gonna be off them corners
till we take care of Marlo.

Yeah. Maybe we should put a couple more
crews on them free zones them cops got,

you know what I mean,
take the profit where we can.

- You trust that shit?
- I mean, so far.

They ain't gonna get nobody higher
than a crew chief taking charge, right?

What you gonna do
with them two niggers downstairs?

I'm gonna make them buy the lady a new hat.

What are we waiting for? Sweet and sour?

You do the cookie first?

What's the difference?

"A new friend makes himself known."


If it was "herself," then you'd have a fortune.

Shit, I'm married with lawn furniture, man.

The technology's out of control, no question,
but that's nothing new.

The way these guys are using
disposables nowadays,

we cannot get a working wire up in time.

- By the time we get papers served...
- They're dumping phones.

Cellular carriers tell them they need a week
to process the paperwork.

They're only half-scared of us,
but a visit from the Feds?

- You all have profile enough to push them.
- I don't know.

If you've got them down to five days,
you're doing about as well as we can.

Once again, guys.

The Bureau's a little busy
with counter-terrorism.

Our US Attorney here, he only touches
himself for political corruption.

Ghetto drug stuff just doesn't rate,
I'm sorry to say.

This shit always smells best
in the car going home.

Unit 13.

In the alley in the rear, East Side,
800 North Montford.

- That's five blocks, up and over.
- Go.

What's the cross street?
What's the cross street?

Shots fired.
Sounded like it was west of Milton.

I'm police! He's 10-7, call it in.

A Glock.

I saw the gun as he turned.

It's Derrick. Jesus Christ.

You killed Derrick. It's Waggoner.

You fucking killed Waggoner!

- Greggs.
- Prez shot another cop.

- What?
- It was an accident in an alley a while ago.

- No.
- I'll call you back.

- You here for Barksdale?
- I'm here for peace, man.

- There's some senseless shit going on.
- But Barksdale ain't sent you?

No, Stringer knows I'm here, man.

If I bring something respectful back,
they most likely to show the same.

Tell the boy he can come in with the co-op.

If he takes our package, which is better
than the best he putting out there now,

he'll keep his corners, guaranteed.

He might listen, but the boy's got ideas.

And he's thinking Avon weak right now.

Have you ever known Avon Barksdale
to back down from anything?

Of course you do.

Get statements from responding officers.

A plain-clothes man in a dark alley
with his gun out and shots fired.

No one wants to burn anybody
but there's a racial component to consider.

- The appearance...
- Has he seen a lawyer?

- Lieutenant.
- What?

You can't compel a statement out of him

until you read him his rights
and we haven't yet.

I'm his commanding officer.
I just want to know if he's all right.

OK, OK, there's just...

It's a legal question at this point.

Can I get you anything?

You should call the union, Roland.

Talk to a lawyer
before you say anything further.

I'm not saying anyone's gonna
charge anything criminally.

Everyone knows you had no intention of...

But administratively, you need to be careful
because of the racial thing.

You see that, right?

There's gonna be people in the department
who see this that way.

- You see that, right?
- I wasn't scared, I wasn't angry.

I didn't give a shit he was black or whatever...

Or maybe I did.

How the fuck do you know
if that's in your head or not?

But you saw the gun.


Yeah, he turned toward me and...

Cos you shouted, right?
You shouted "police" and he turned, right?

No, I don't think so.
I don't think I said anything.

I don't think he did.

I was a couple steps in the alley
and he turned and I saw the gun.

That's all.

- Did he have kids? A wife?
- I don't know.

They won't say.
They won't talk to me about him.

Call the FOP. Get a lawyer, Roland.

No, sir.

I'm done.

Let the lawyer talk for you.


Tell Lester I'm sorry.

Call the union.
He wants a lawyer in there with him.

Whenever he's done here,
you need to send someone home with him.

For tonight at least, he's a suicide watch.

Lieutenant.'ll back him?


What I mean is, if this thing should turn
into some kind of a black-white thing,

you're his unit commander.

He can count on you, right?

You all right?

Lo mein.

What a clusterfuck.

- How many years on for Waggoner?
- Six and a half.

Two commendations,
16th on the current sergeants list.


Pretty much the exact opposite
of that goof in there.

You know what's in that guy's jacket?

Motherfucker flaked out,
shot up his own radio car.

They were gonna charge him with false report
until Valchek weighed in.

You know he married
Valchek's daughter, right?

Fucking goof had nine lives behind that shit.

Eight up, and the rest still to be activated

whenever the cellular company
gets to our subpoenas.

You did good, Detective.

So we're looking for what?

Looking for one of these phones
to give us a signature on our man Bodie.

Calls to his girlfriend, his grandmother.

The numbers we pulled off the burners.

We see that, we know it's his phone.

We know it's his phone,
we know he used it to sell drugs.

We know all that.

Then we get a tap up and pray like hell
he doesn't throw it away any time soon.

Prez would love this.

I ain't gonna lie to y'all, I don't know
about nothing except the boxing part.

That's all I was thinking.


- Were you a pug?
- Yeah, I was, but I got sidetracked, though.

Well, Reverend Reid seems to think
you'd be quite a draw

for some of these corner kids that we got.

They didn't think so downtown?

Well, the fact is, you're looking to put
your gym in the Fourth District.

So your council person
would be Eunetta Perkins.

- Do you know Miss Perkins?
- Mm-mm.

Well, few of us do anymore.

Well, since we can't rely on Miss Perkins,
Miss Daniels here will go with you.

She's here because constituent service
is the life of a city council person.

- She needs to get a taste of that.
- At least I hope I do.

If you don't mind me asking, Mr. Watkins,
why are you doing this?

Do you know who Reverend Reid is?
Well, the voters in my district do.

This came today?

- Well, now, see, this is fucked up.
- I give you $250,000

to have them tell me my paperwork
is insufficient to certify me as a developer?

- You could call it fucked up.
- Look, I know we touched the right people.

Just let me get with them, clear this mess up.

- Get with them?
- I'm on it, String.

You got the light bulb franchise, right?
That came through. Now...

You talking about 30,000.
I'm talking about the 250,000 that you took.

Now, you need to call Mr. Goose, Mr. Faucet,

whoever the fuck you gotta call,
because I gave you money to run.

It ain't like no drug deal, String.

Hell, man, you don't put your money
on the street and have it come right back.

- It don't?
- Patience, my man.

Sometimes with the bureaucracy,

the one hand don't know
what the other is all about.

Yeah? Well, you know what I see?
I see one hand in my pocket

while the other has grabbed your dick.

Fucking Prez.

I don't even feel like working.

- Sanny, baby!
- Welcome to the Western, guys.

That thing with Pryzbylewski? Jesus Christ!

So fucking sad, man.

- So you're humping a wagon, huh?
- Fuck, yes.

- How's that working out for you?
- Jimmy, I love this fucking gig.

It's the best thing Rawls ever did for me.

No stress, no struggle, eight-hour shifts.

I take nothing home with me.
Really, I couldn't be happier.

All those years knocking my head
against a wall on homicide, and for what?

The same fucking pension
with twice the heartburn.

I'm glad you landed on your feet, Mike.

- Hello.
- You called my office?

- Yeah, I did, several times.
- Really, why?

- Why do you think?
- A sleepover. You want to get dinner first?

- How about tonight?
- Georgia Brown's near 15th Street.

That'll work.
You want me to make a reservation?

- I can always get a table there.
- All right. Whatever.

- Let's shoot for 7:30.
- I'll see you then.

- Bye.
- Bye.

You in?

What do you think?

Nice colors.

- You got a platform?
- Schools.

- Thought I'd be the education mayor.
- Well, good luck, Tony.

- I mean it.
- Thanks, man.

- When do you announce?
- Next month, I think.

You know, get out there early,
start raising money.

In fact, I thought I'd make some rounds
before then, feel people out.

- Watkins?
- He seems to like me.

What, you really think Odell Watkins
is gonna split from the Mayor's camp?

What you could do is
feel him out on an issue or two.

That way it's more subtle.
You gotta charm the guy first.

Talk to him about the issues,

then see if he's willing
to throw sunshine on your ass.

- I like that. We should do that.
- We?

I was thinking maybe you would ticket
your white ass up with me.

Run for council president.

Me an emerging black leader,
handsome, well spoken.

You, the great white hope,
the new voice of civic reform.

- We could give Royce a run, man.
- What makes you think I'm interested?

What the hell else have you got going?
Think about it.

Look at 'em, like roaches
when you turn the lights on.

- What's it look like?
- Head and torso.

- You got two casings over here.
- Hold the call.

So much for "no violence in Hamsterdam"
theory, huh?


- Help them move the body.
- What?

- Just up the block, out of the free zone.
- Carv, have you lost your fucking mind?

Before the ambo gets here, we can do it.

- Why?
- If homicide gets here, if they canvass,

they're gonna get wind of this shit downtown.

- Good.
- Herc, come on.

No way, man. No way.

Fuck those stripes. Fuck 'em.

Tope, Gil, help me move this guy
out of Hamsterdam.

I'll be first officer at the scene.
It's my responsibility.

Don't forget the casings.

- Make sure you call me.
- I will. Thank you.

- Take care.
- All right.


760 to KGA.

Go ahead, 760.

Have 70010-11 me
on Vincent Street below Fayette.

10-4, Vincent south of Fayette.

You say you worked with this guy?

"Three shots, no warnings."
Is he scared of black people or something?


- The shit's gone too far.
- You're telling me.

Yeah, I need the number
to the newspaper, the Sun.

Yeah, the number for the reporters,
the newsroom, yeah.

- So you ain't gonna say nothing on it?
- What is there to say?

- Avon, this is blood, family.
- I know it.

And I'm telling you that someone
may have done this to us, Avon, to our family.

- The cop's just saying that shit.
- To mess with your head.

- Exactly.
- Why?

That cop don't know me for shit.
What am I to him?

He know you gonna wanna think that Dee,
he wouldn't do what he did.

I do think it!

Was it some beef he had?
Someone on the inside?

The cop said it was someone
who didn't want you to know

- and so they made it look like it did?
- Nobody did nothing.

- But the cop said...
- He's lying.

He paid to lie.

Avon, you are my brother.

I need to know this more than anything.

Dee did not roll on us.

He came to the edge
but he turned around and walked away.

And I know he was willing to do
what he had to for his family.

For us.

But I need to know that you know that,
that you saw him that way.

What? What you trying to say?

- If something happened...
- What the fuck are you even thinking?

That I had something to do with it,
I could do that to my own kin?

Is that what you fucking think?
What the fuck is in your head?

I didn't do nothing to Dee.
I ain't had shit to do with it.

To do with what?

- To do with what?
- Whatever happened.

Whatever it is that happened, Brianna.

- You think I don't know my business?
- I understand.

I can see the body was moved from the block.

I can get him to you tomorrow morning.
Just let me see if I can find him.

What did he say?

They found a blood trail
going back up the block.

- So maybe...
- Smeared, with drag marks.

- They found a third casing at the other end.
- Shit.

So what's the deal?

The deal is we turn this into a dunker
by tomorrow morning

or he starts typing a report for ISD.

- Fuck me.
- No, fuck me!

Look, you didn't move that body, Sergeant.
I moved the body.

You understand?

I respect that you did what you did
on behalf of what I'm trying to do down here,

but the responsibility is mine.

So what do we do?

He said he wasn't gonna commit
any new resources

though he has placed it on the agenda of
the Coordinating Council,

- for what that's worth.
- Poor Clarence. He's looking tired.

So we're looking for help
from the State House.

If the city could get a few hundred thousand,
we could afford to protect these folks.

- I know this is an easier sell with the Mayor...
- Could you convince him?

- Clarence? He barely listens anymore.
- Jesus, tell me about it!

Three years as a councilman
is a long time to be ignored.

I'm saying the rules got broke.
My people kept their promises.

They did what they said
and they were as good as their word.

Y'all... Y'all ain't kept up your end of it.

- Wasn't my people.
- Look, I ain't making those distinctions now.

The fact is, somebody brought a gun
up in the free zone and used it,

and both those things
against the promises made.

Now, I can't justify this shit
if I got dead bodies up in there.

So, what I'm saying is this, come tomorrow,

if I don't have a shooter in bracelets,

this whole Hamsterdam affair
is over, it's finished.

I'm gonna take my people back up
on the corners and we gonna fuck y'all.

You hear me?

Yeah, it was good while it lasted, huh?

You had cash and you ain't
never needed no bail money.

And hell, I had clean corners
everywhere I looked.

But all that gonna be gone tomorrow
unless y'all bring me my shooter.

You think that will work?

Do you?

That's good food.

- How did you know this place?
- It was big when Clinton was in.

This and the Red Sage.
Now it's all steakhouses and cigar bars.

So you live here but you spend
a lot of time in Baltimore, right?

I have work up there.

And the alumni stuff
with St. Mary's on the Hill.

I went to UM Law
so I still have connections there.

- I grew up in Homeland.
- Yeah?

Lauraville for me.

Where did you go to college?

Loyola. Only one year.

My girlfriend got pregnant, so...

- So?
- So, uh...

So you became a cop in Baltimore.

- How's that working for you?
- It's pretty good.

You know. I do a lot of high-end drug stuff.


Prolonged investigations
of violent offenders, that kind of stuff.

There's not a lot of guys in the department
can do that kind of thing.

It takes a certain...

I don't know, you gotta love it.

Thrill of the chase and all that.

- So, you do what in politics?
- I do political campaigns.

- You mean like a campaign manager?
- More of a strategist really.

Not so much the day-to-day stuff
but the strategy of how a candidate can win.

A consultant of sorts.

Are you strategizing for anyone in Baltimore?

I shouldn't say.

- He hasn't officially announced anything yet.
- Is he any good?

- Hey, if you're for him, I'll throw him a vote.
- Who did you vote for this time?

What, you mean Bush and whatshisname?


- You didn't vote for president?
- I thought about it and you know...

Bush seemed way over his head, I know,
but he wasn't gonna win in Maryland anyhow.

Besides, these guys,
it doesn't matter who you got.

None of them has a clue
what's really going on.

Where I'm working every day,

the only way any of them will even find
West Baltimore is if, I don't know,

Air Force One crash-lands into Monroe Street
on its way back to Andrews.

It just never connects.

Not to what I see, anyway.

Hey, that's just me, though.

The man Colvin say
he want the boy locked up

or the free zone shuts down tomorrow.

All she wrote for Hamsterdam.

- Colvin?
- From the Western.

- Sham, who is this kid?
- Some young boy from Tucky's crew.

Is he connected? Kin to anybody?

- No, he only been on for a few months.
- What did he use the whistle for?

Some nigger in one of Ghost Kane crews
laughed at his shoes.

Do it.

I'll be out in a minute.

No, he needs to put those
in the departmental mail.


What do you need?

- To turn myself in.
- For what?

- I shot a boy.
- Oh, yeah?

English SDH