The Wire (2002–2008): Season 3, Episode 7 - Back Burners - full transcript

Daniels goes ballistic when the detail gets reassigned to the Western District. Stringer Bell learns from Donette that Brianna is thinking about talking to McNulty. Bunk receives a gift ...

- All quiet today?
- Keeping it like that, boss.

We rule where we stand.

Police sitting on all corners over these parts.

- Likely because we been dropping bodies.
- Yeah, they do like that.

But some other nigger'll
stop a bullet somewhere else

and then they'll stand on the new spot.

Boy Marlo closed up shop.

Word is, he wholesaling
his packages for now.

He don't got no crews out here at all?
How about his avenue corners?

Nigger give up quick, didn't he?

I was just beginning to respect
the little motherfucker for showing heart.

Listen. When them police roll out,
step in there and take my corners.

I'm on it, B.

- Cheese steaks from Bill's.
- Nah, I did that Tuesday, man.

Fuck it then, you pick.

- No, fuck me.
- What?

- Mope in the truck.
- What about him?

Think I locked him up.

- Yeah?
- Yeah. Avon what's-his-face?

Big player from the projects.

He was the target on that detail
I worked a couple of years back,

the one I told you about.

- Motherfucker's out already.
- Why, what'd he pull?

Six, eight years.
Who the fuck can remember?

And he's out in two?

Maybe I got the years wrong.

Point is, guy's an asshole.
Locked him up, is all.

- Pit B from the market.
- See, now you're thinking like police.

When you walk through the garden

You gotta watch your back

Well, I beg your pardon

Walk the straight and narrow track

Walk the straight
and narrow track

If you walk with Jesus

He's gonna save your soul

You gotta keep the devil

Way down in the hole

He got fire and the fury

Fire and fury

At his command

Well, you don't have to worry

Hold on to Jesus' hands

Oh, we'll be safe from Satan

When the thunder rolls


You gotta keep the devil

Way down in the hole

You gotta keep the devil

Way down in the hole

Way down

Way down in the hole

Change in plan.

Bell, you recognize.

Second target is a Marlo Stanfield,

who's warring with Bell
for the West Side corners.

- What about Kintel Williamson?
- That case is on hold for now.

On hold? We just managed to ID
the cellphones on two of his people.

- Be that as it may...
- Why not take a few more weeks

so we can put together
what we got on Kintel?

We send the case to grand jury
and then start this West Side case.

- Otherwise, we wasted more than...
- Change of target comes to us

from the Commissioner and the Deputy Ops.

The department is trying to get the
murder rate down by any means necessary.

Kintel was dropping bodies two months ago.

Today, it's the West Side
that's got the bosses spinning.

I know y'all thought it was nothing
for me to sit on that roof

day after 90-degree day,
dodging swarms of cicadas and shit

but, damn, this is fucked up!

And all the assets work I did on Kintel,
his cars, his cash flow...

Just put that in a drawer?

Someday, I wanna work
for a real police department.

Just to see how the fuck they do it.


In my office.

- Prez, can you run something out for me?
- What?

I need to know who rented this room in
the downtown Hilton, Thursday before last.

Who rented the room?

Address, credit card details,
whatever you can pull.

- How's it fit with the case?
- It's hard to say just yet.

Hey, my man. I'm done mowing.


I figured I'd use this to edge
the weeds around the fence.

- It's gas-powered.
- Means I gotta prime it.

You ain't gotta school me but once.

Get some water before you go back.

All right.

You been going hard at it.

You keep showing up,
I'll keep putting you on.

Good, 'cause I ain't got nothing else.

You walked back through them old doors,
didn't you?

- Tried to.
- Yeah. I had took you for gone.

Man, parole officers, employment agencies.

Shit, I just felt like I was an interruption
to their lunch break.

No family?

None besides my grandmother.
She put me up in her basement.

That's plenty to ask of the old girl right there.

You could use somebody to talk to
besides your grandmoms.

What about them social worker types?

I hooked up with one dude. He was cool.

- But I wasn't ready.
- You look like you're ready now.

I mean, you found an ear to bend,
you wouldn't have to talk to me.

Shit, I know you gonna get tired
of looking at my ugly-ass grill.

Drink that too fast, you'll cramp up.

- You're asking?
- I am.

Lieutenant, I didn't...

Because I got no problem changing targets
if that's what the bosses tell me to do.

Unless it's personal,
like when Kima got shot,

I don't care
where we spend our time and money.

Bell, Williamson, whoever.
It's all just police work to me.

I understand that people above my pay grade
have the right to make decisions.

- And if they're wrong?
- They're wrong.

And time will tell, won't it?

Now, I'm asking you for the truth.

You went to Colvin behind my back.

I'd have gone to the devil himself.

Which way you were standing
had nothing to do with it.

You piece of shit.

I did it 'cause it had to be done.

Just like it had to be done two years ago
when we were first detailed.

Stringer was the target then,
he's still the target now.

Lieutenant, you know, as bosses go,
you're better than most,

and I know you went out of your way
to get me off that boat.

I know that,
but now we're back on the right man.

Detective McNulty.

When the cuffs go on Stringer,
you need to find a new home.

You're done in this unit.

Your count, right?

Yeah, went almost to Richmond for this batch.

Yeah, I'm holding.

- You did like we say, right?
- Yeah.

Give him that.

We're gonna need another 60 more.

- 60 more?
- You know how we do.

So don't be crying, Bernard.

- You must have left something out.
- No.

I got the Part Ones from every sector,
every post.

- We're down about 2%.
- No, where exactly are we down?

Larcenies and burglaries are steady.

But shootings and agg assaults are down.

Drug arrests too,
but I guess that won't look so good.

I mean, where geographically are we down,
in the district?

Well, the posts near the designated
drug zones are up, almost all of them.

That ain't pretty,
but everywhere else it's down.

In some places as much as 4%.

- Bosses gonna love you.
- It's too soon to take any credit.

This might be, what you call that?
A statistical aberration.

You ain't gonna tell them
your experiment might be working?

Not yet, no.

But I'll tell you what we are gonna do.

Starting next week,
I want you to pull one car out of service

in the quiet posts in every sector,
all three shifts.

We're gonna take those nine guys
and double up on the high crime posts.

If we handle less of it...

We ought to do better
with the crime we got, right?

- Can I get two Trac disposable phones?
- They're on special.

- Four for 180.
- Just the two.

The late show out at Westview is 8:45.

We could make that
if we don't make the whole damn run today.

Seems to me one phone
is as good as the next.

Only a fool would drive all over the world
when there ain't no need.

Keep on with that shit and I'll leave you here.

I don't trust no man on the road
by hisself, okay? I'm not stupid.

Stupid-ass fucker. Commissioner!

How goes it?

It went a lot better before the mayor's
cabinet meeting.

He rip you?

Says we need to finish under 300
for this year, regardless of how.

- Now, I tried to tell...
- Erv, let me ask you.

Where do you guys stand
on this witness assistance thing?


Overhauling the
Witness Assistance Program?

Nobody from the mayor's office called you
regarding witnesses getting killed?

I got a call from Chief of Staff
a week ago, yeah.

But all he said was I should try not
to have any more witnesses get killed.

But overhauling the program?

Unless someone spends more money,
there's not a hell of a lot my people can do.

You haven't talked
to the mayor directly on this?

You're not gonna fuck me on this?

As it is, I got the mayor's teeth in my ass.

Your name does not get mentioned.

Mayor didn't say a word to me.

Thanks. nothing.
This is DC's number one, WPGC 95.5.

Where the fuck we at now?

Just buy four or five.
Do it like that and it'll go twice as quick.

I want a Shrek Slurpee, Bernard,
and some Krispy Kreme.

All this from one disposable cellphone?

And a dead one too.

It was used by Marlo's people
and picked up off the ground by Kima's CI.

Problem is it's just raw data.
We need to firm up

what we know about Marlo's operation
with surveillance and CI info.

On the other hand...

If we had a burner that we knew was used
by one of Stringer's players

we could use what we know about
that organization to make connections.

Get us one good phone,
we'll give you the network.

- That's the good news.
- And what's the bad?

It's all historical.
We can give you the network no problem,

but by then it's a week old
and they've dumped their phones.

And how we get a wire up on that
I haven't figured out yet.

Well, see that you do, Detective.

Yeah, you keep this job,
I'm gonna gain some serious weight.

- Just the two?
- Just the two.

You never heard of buying in bulk?

You could be saving them people money.
Better still, spending it on me.

- Why you got a gun, Bernard?
- You ain't heard?

- Avon's home, so we tooling up.
- You ain't the only one on parole.

- You riding my last good nerve.
- That ain't the only thing I can ride.

Just get me back to the interstate.

Big white bag, got the big white bag.

- Which one is he again?
- Broadus, street name of Bodie.

He used to be in the low-rises.
Had a tower later on.

Big white, got the big white.

How many more minutes you think
he's got on that phone?

- Fuck this, let's hit the bar.
- Lester needs a phone, man.

No, there's an easier way.
I'll show you tomorrow.

Come on.

I'm buying.

Big white bag, got the big white bag.

She just wants me to be happy, you know?

And I mean,
I do the same for her when I can.

Like this thing with the police detective.

Brianna says she wants me
to go downtown with her and...

I don't know, hear the man out about Dee.

I know there ain't nothing to it
but she is all upset, you know?

I tried to tell her what you told me.

But she say she wanna go down there
and talk to him herself, I guess.

- You told her about the cop?
- What?

About the detective.
What you told me, you told her?

It's her son, right?
Ain't she got a right to know what's going on?

- Look, I just thought...
- What?

Why the fuck you gonna get her all upset
over some bullshit?

A year later,
everybody forgot about the shit,

you go running your mouth about nothing?

- String...
- And she gonna believe that too.

What moms is not gonna believe
her son didn't kill hisself?

She gonna take that shit, go half-crazy with it.

- I just...
- You just what?


- When you tell her that?
- About a week ago, I guess.

When is she gonna go see the cop?

Think she gonna talk to a lawyer first,
ask him how to play it.

- Who, Levy?
- I guess, whoever.

- The lawyer.
- Levy?

- I guess.
- You didn't ask that?

And this fucking Royce just lets it slide.
I mean, I go to him, right?

Not to make points, just to do the right thing.

What does he do but blow smoke up my ass?

"I'm glad you came to us with this.

"I'll light a fire, don't you worry.
We gotta move on this."

I never thought he'd have the balls
to just fuck the dog on it.

- And you were doing the right thing.
- Fuck, yeah.


You went there hoping
that Royce would disappoint.

You want to know that you're better.

If I lie down on this couch,
do you charge by the hour?


You're not naive. Neither am I.

A man doesn't run for office
without being a bit self-righteous.

Self-righteous? Me?

- What are you gonna do now?
- Call a reporter or two, rip the mayor,

maybe on background,
maybe go on the record.

Rip him now?
With the primary next September?

Tommy, no one's gonna remember
a dead witness a year from now.

Better if you go to Royce,
confront him, not angrily,

give him a chance to explain
or maybe take action.

If he does do something,
then a problem got fixed

and you can feel special for helping.

If he doesn't, you sit tight. I don't know.

Maybe you document your meeting in a letter
expressing your concern and regret.

Then you're set
if the next witness gets killed.


- Unless you're the witness.
- I know, you're right.

But he's taking on a two-term incumbent.
It's all gonna be ugly from here.

All right.

Yeah, it's cool.

- Need another 30 by Monday, all right?
- All right.


Bitch, everything I say, you hear backwards.

Stupid motherfucker.

Got them Ts.

White and bright!

- One for three, two for five.
- Blue tops, got them blue tops!

I got them Ts.
White, bright, one for three, two for five.

Rockefeller's right here.

This shit is right over here.
This shit is right.

- I got this, man, $5. New.
- No, thank you, man.

- It's only $5.
- No, thank you.

Fuck you, then, man, fuck you. Fuck you.

I got them...

I got them... I got them Ts.

Red tops, red tops, got them red tops!

Rockefeller, got some Rockefeller!

Hey, seller man, what you got?

Got the long white Ts for the young ones.

You ain't got candles?
I'm looking to buy candles

and toilet paper for the shit-bucket too.

- You here tomorrow?
- I can't leave.

- I leave, somebody grab my stake.
- I'll be back tomorrow.

Red tops, got them red tops.

Yo, Johnny.

What's up, Bubs?

Shit, Johnny, man.

Just been chasing that pipe, you know?

Shit's got me all digging and scratching
in my arms.

You know, it's cool.

All right, come on, you need a break.

- I'm serious, you need a break. Come on.
- No, man, look around you.

It's a soldier's paradise, man.

I'm a Viking, Bubs.

Are you a Viking?

Fuck, not again.

- You coming?
- Major said to bring them down here.

He didn't say shit about playing nursemaid
to a bunch of goddamn animals.

Rockefeller, boys. Rockefeller.

Push it back. Get back, push it back.

- Should we cuff them, Sarge?
- No, cut them loose.

The fuck we tell you
about fighting down here?

Only rule is no fighting,
no cutting, no shooting!

Y'all still fuck it up.

Next time you make me come down here,
see if I don't call for a 10-38.

Just so you know, dickhead,
that's an ambulance.

Break it up, break it up,
break it up, break it up.

- Did I wake the baby?
- You would know if you did.

3:00 in the morning.
Nice of you to check in.

- I went out after work to unwind.
- Yeah, you look unwound.


I figured you had everything under control
on the home front.

What the fuck is wrong with you?

What's with the sarcasm? How come
you can talk to everybody else but me?

Do you really want to know?

I'm listening.

I miss us.

Do not blame that baby. Do not do it.

- I'm not blaming anybody.
- I didn't do this by myself.

- We discussed it, all of it.
- We talked about it, yeah.


I didn't...

I didn't have as much to say about it as you.

- And why not?
- Because you...

You wanted this.

I just... I didn't want to disappoint you on it.

I don't think I could be
more disappointed than I am right now.

You need to go.

How much you got?

Quiet overnight?

Midnight shift had to toss a crew
that was casing the place.

Other than that...

Too many damn children.

Why do you need lookouts and runners
if it's legal?

A lot of them have been cut loose
by the dealers.

It's like one of those nature shows.

Mess with the environment,
some species get fucked out of their habitat.

Did you just use the word "habitat"?

I did.

- Letting your lookouts go?
- My runners too.

Shit, what's the point?

Here you are making money hand over fist

and you're too greedy
to take care of your workforce.

- I don't need them.
- But they need you, right?

When you couldn't work a corner
except for touts and runners,

it was cool to have them cut school
and work out.

- Okay, new tax initiative, my brother.
- Say what?

If you wanna sling
in Hamsterdam after today,

you and every other knucklehead
got to kick in 100 a week.

- So you trying to get paid?
- Not me, not for me.

Get the cash up, I'll be back.

Green tops! Green tops!
Got the green tops.

It ain't something I'm gonna
go to jail for, right? It ain't nothin' like that?

- That one?
- No, it was more black than silver.

This one, I think.

I can see y'all got some real ugly shit
planned for me. I can see it.

You just bumped up against
a clever police is all.

He gonna try to shame you with the dead girl

or some mess about children looking up
to Omar and his sawed-off.

All he can do,

especially since you backed down
what he had for a witness.

He working you with guilt, boy.

Yeah, but that fat man gave me
a itch I can't scratch.

Everybody in this world does
what they going to.

Me, you, the police.

Everybody in this world got their own place.

And a man in your line of work start
worrying about how other people see you,

playing to other people
instead of to hisself, he gonna get dead.

I still feel like I owe something, Butch.

I had a uncle down Carolina, he dead now,

but I remember he was grieving real hard,
real hard over chasing his lady friend away.

So he put himself to punishment.

Took a knife to his little finger,
then his ring finger.

With them all bloody on the table,
he pulled up short.

For the rest of his life,

I remember him saying,
"The bitch wasn't worth more than a pinkie."


But it was too late then.
You can try that if you got a mind.

I don't know, Butch.
A little something less dramatical.

- You feel me?
- Mm.

You told Brianna she could go downtown?

D'Angelo's her son,
how was I gonna stop her?

There's no harm done
if she keeps her mouth shut and just listens.

No, it's fucked up.

There ain't no call
messing with Brianna with this bullshit.

What can you do?

File a complaint against the detective
or some shit.


This is the same motherfucker
that had Avon's case.

Same motherfucker that's coming at me
in my print shop, talking shit,

and now, he coming at Brianna
with this bullshit?

A complaint's not going to do anything.

And the fact is,
if the cops say her son might not be a suicide,

Brianna's gonna hear this out, regardless.

I suppose Avon should know
about it, though.

Yeah, well, I'll handle that.

Not much slinging going on here.

Western boys are sitting on the real estate.

Yeah. All right. All right.
That'll work too. All right.

Shamrock says we should take
some of our people

down to Hamsterdam and sell off there.

At least until these narcos roll up
off some of these corners.

- Come on.
- Yeah. Yeah. Come on.

- Car stop, maybe?
- Why not?

- Hey, motherfucker.
- Got it right here, yo!

Get that pink top, yo.

Not yet, you fucking rodent!

Y'all can't do this, man.
We headed to Hamsterdam.

You come off that car again, you headed to
Bon Secours emergency room.

Officer, we got immunity from y'all.
We going to the free zone.

What the fuck's the free zone?

Package for sale.

Why you think we was headed there
in the first place?

- Get down. Headed where?
- Hamsterdam.

Suck my dick!

- Hey. Y'all wanna see a wagon?
- Fuck y'all!

Will you shut the fuck up
and cut this shit out now?

Like you said.

That's your receipt.
244 for the hoop comes back to me,

rounded to two and a half for my gas money.

This repays me.

And the rest of this?
Use it to pay them hoppers for the week.

Whether you use them or not,
you pay this money out.

This shit is like unemployment insurance.
Every employer gotta pay in.

If I find out anybody been holding out,

then he's back in the street
getting his head busted.

The least you all can do
is look after your own people a little bit.

What are you, a fucking communist?

23-04. Need a couple of 10-16s
to Fayette, west of Vincent.

- That's right around the corner from here.
- 10-4. Units responding.

- What the fuck happened?
- Car stop.

I got a G-pack from beneath
the passenger seat.

Yo, we was on our way to Hamsterdam.

The man say we don't get no hassle.
What's up?

- What the fuck is Hamsterdam?
- Lying-ass police!

I can't let you do this.

- Carv, they got a G-pack.
- On the way to the free zone, they did.

- And I was trying to tell these people...
- Just shut the fuck up. any unit at the scene
at Fayette and Vincent.

- Yeah, boss?
- You got a situation there?

- I can't believe this bullshit.
- Bullshit is right.

- I told you to shut the fuck up.
- You gave us your fucking word!

- This is some fucking bullshit.
- Y'all some fucking liars.

Will you please tell me
what the fuck is going on here?

Major said he's on his way.


Oh, man...

- You sure that's the one?
- Reesie say that was the one.

Who am I to say different?

I ain't gonna pay till it proves itself.

I told him that already.
He say 1500 for his troubles.


Conscience do cost.

...on the beat.

I seen him.

You hadn't even gone past the damn door
and he threw them papers in the trash.

- You lying now, I could tell.
- You is the only one who gives a fuck

and if you hadn't been the stupidest
motherfucker I ever gone out with

you'd have bought a bunch of them at once.

I only need like six more.
We be done in like a half an hour.

How about we make one more stop,
you get six of them shits

and I suck your dick for the next 20 minutes.

Got you.

Oh, fuck.

Oh, fuck you all.

- Shit, I worked a double, man.
- Yeah, right.

- Bunk, line three.
- All right.

Tack it to the board, Mike,
you know the rules.

- Detective Moreland.
- Heard you looking for something.

Let me get some Trac phones activated.
Eight of them bitches.

This one's for Sector Two.

Sector One, I'm using
that empty low-rise housing on Winchester.

- Sector Three, the old Koppers plant.
- And it's legal to sell here?

It's not legal.

- We just look the other way is all.
- How can you?

I know it hurts your head to think about

but before you decide to lose your mind,

take a moment, ride around to my corners,
my worst drug corners.

Edmondson and Brice. North and Pulaski.
Hollins and Payson.

They're empty. All of them.

District-wide, my crime is down 5%.

- But do the bosses know?
- No, the bosses don't know shit about it.

This is just a district commander
taking initiative on his own.

Jesus Christ!

I knew I'd bump into somebody
from downtown about this.

And I know your natural impulse is to take
what you saw back downtown with you.

- But I got to ask you...
- You legalized drugs!

Look, this is a tactical deployment.

We just wait for everything to get
settled down in these three zones

and then we move.

Look, we make a big show of locking
everybody up and then we shut it down.

I'm sorry I had to fuck you up on that arrest.

I'm sorry you had to see me
give that runt back the G-pack.

That was ugly, I know.

But I'm just trying to save what's left
of my district any way I can, if I can.

The longer I have before I have to brief
the bosses about this deployment...

We got all we needed
from the car stop, Major. Don't sweat it.

Let me get a word with my old commander.

I don't know, Major.

Whenever you bust this place up,
they'll go back to their same corners.

Besides, you were never much
on making a big show.

If this doesn't work, Jimmy,
it's just back to usual.

I'm out the door on pension anyway.

Jimmy, I need more time.

I need to be able to rely on
you and your people to keep this close.

Bosses don't know, huh?

Fuck the bosses.

You the man who called?


I did.

You witnessing or what?


I'm afraid I'm blind.


Something you need to see, though.

Glock .40, I believe.

I suppose you ain't going to tell me
who brought this here?

Like I said, I'm blind.

I thought you might know, though.


You can tell him from me,

I'm hoping he might need this
in court some day.


Man, narcos might come back.

They might.
But until they do, this your corner to hold.

- What about Marlo's crew?
- Look, Avon's home

and you on a Barksdale corner.
You feel me?

- Avon ain't here now.
- You got muscle.

Don't worry about that, little man.


The burner of young Bodie Broadus.
And it still has minutes left.

Speed dial?


You wouldn't have an extra room
at your place, would you?

Just for a night or two
until I can get my shit together.

- Ain't no fixing it?
- It's fixed pretty good, I think.


Credit card was a business account
listed to a Theresa D'Agostino.

Yeah, that's her.

What kind of business?

Democratic Congressional
Campaign Committee.

Billing on the card goes to a business
address in northwest Washington.

I called the switchboard and she's listed.

D'Agostino doesn't sound much like
a West Baltimore name to me.

Me either.

Truth is, I don't know what I want.

I know I'm looking for something
but I can't even tell you what it is.

- I understand you found work.
- Ain't no payroll job, but it'll do.

You ain't here for a job or the GED program.

So you looking to join the church?

I, um...

I just...

I've had this feeling for a long time

and it's like I'm standing outside myself

watching me do things
I don't wanna do, you know?

Just seeing me like I'm somebody else

but never ever being able to stop the show.

I'm tired.

It's Cutty, right?

No, man.


- She's left?
- She's out of the office.

I figured that,
'cause I'm supposed to meet her, actually.

Tonight, yeah.

Right, exactly.

I was going to take her to that,
but I'm running late.

- Her plans may have changed.
- Yeah, yeah, I know.

Where is that exactly?
I'm not real familiar with that part of...

It's on the corner of 15th Street and...


Too many damn
scheduling conflicts, unfortunately.

But we have put it on the agenda
for the next meeting

of the Coordinating Council
on Criminal Justice.

You're sentencing it to committee?

We're probably only talking
a few hundred thousand to start.

I'm not saying we should
give them new identities,

send them to New Mexico like the Feds.
We need to get them out of harm's way.

I can't lay my hands
on several hundred thousand dollars

that's not already spoken for.

- Mr. Mayor, I was not...
- What would you have me do?

Should I divert money already budgeted
for snow removal this winter?

Or how about I reduce trash pickup
to once a week citywide,

put the witnesses up
at the Hyatt Inner Harbor?

I'm not trying to be difficult.
Tommy, come on.

The city in the financial situation it's in?
Very few friends in Annapolis.

We've done all we could do for now.

Okay, then.

Well, thanks for your time. Gentlemen.

Ah, what the fuck.

I don't know, boss. If there weren't so many
kids down here I might be okay with it.

- Baltimore police.
- Baltimore?

Baltimore, Maryland.

- Can I get a Jameson?
- Bushmills okay?

- That's Protestant whiskey.
- The price is right, ain't it?

Make it neat.

Excuse me.

- Hey.
- Hey.

- What are you doing here?
- Just asking myself the same thing.

You drive here to look at me
from across the room and then leave?

- That's kind of creepy.
- You looked occupied.

Him? Honey, that's just business.

- This ain't my kind of crowd.
- Definitely not.

Yeah, well, I made a mistake, so I better go.

- 428?
- You live in this town.

- Why book the room?
- I live across town.

As late as these things go,
that's a DUI away.

- Give me two hours, McNulty?
- What am I gonna do for two hours?

Dream on it.

Water fresh?

You keeping them cool?

You got squeakers nesting squabs.

Taking care of the young 'uns.
I like seeing that.

Yeah, Marlo, he's real loyal.

- I can't kick him off that nest.
- This is good work.

- This is really good work.
- Police coming off them corners.

I seen.


Gonna keep my name off the package
for a time, gonna keep wholesaling.

You know, step back a bit.

Barksdale gonna think we weak,
not coming out to claim what's ours.

The police leave them corners,
he's gonna be back out there.

I know he will.

- Your turn, girl.
- It's about time. For real.


For starters,

its memory holds the last ten calls
made and received by the user.

- That's enough to give us a signature.
- Signature?

The phone number's unique to an individual.

That way we can identify the user
when he switches to another phone.

Sorry I'm late. Woke up in the wrong town.

Anyway, we ran the tolls on those numbers

and we came up with
a rather interesting pattern.

This is the pattern
of a closed communication network.

Something you'd expect
from a drug organization.

This particular one so far involves
15 distinct burners.


And none of them
lists subscriber information.

- You can do that?
- With this particular company,

you don't need subscriber information.

Our data shows that over 92% of the calls

were made within this network, with
the average call lasting less than a minute.

Again, suggestive of drug trafficking.

Now, this user here,
he serves as a clearing house.

He receives calls and initiates interactions.
He coordinates the show.

- Nice if that was Stringer.
- Now, this is the best part.

Prez discovered it
when he was playing with it.

It has a speed dial feature.

Meaning, someone took the time
to program the phone.

That's probably the only way these
corner boys can remember the numbers,

what with these phones
being dumped every few days or so.

I'll bet all the other phones
are set up the same way.

I've heard enough.
We should start writing for the wire.

- When can we get up?
- On what?

They're dumping phones
every couple of weeks.

By the time you get a wire up,
the phones are dead.

The whole network
shuts down simultaneously.

- Do we have a plan?
- Not yet, we don't.

If I could get
a couple more of these dead phones,

it'd help corroborate the theory
for the affidavit.

Kima, maybe you could ask those
Western boys to pick up what they find

- for the next few days.
- Yeah, sure.

Damn, boy, you smell like sex.

- You didn't take a fucking shower?
- I was late for work.

- Forgot my Newports, didn't you?
- Oh, shit, man, I did.

Let me do these chips
and then I'll go get your cigarettes.

3-1 on the shooting
of this male.

- We're gonna need 20-100 down here.
- 700 to KG. I'm on my way.

- Roger, 700.
- Back so soon?

I thought you guys had enough
of our happy district yesterday.

Just need a favor.
Lester wants you to scoop up

any discarded cellphones
you find on Barksdale corners.

You want Barksdale's license plates.
Tag numbers and all?

Whatever, sure.

I saw a big man riding in a truck the other day.

- Missed the tags, but if I see him again...
- Stringer?

- No, the other guy.
- What other guy?

Big boy, the one we locked up.

- Avon.
- Avon Barksdale?

Jesus, Herc. He's at Jessup,
down for four or five at least.

- What, we all look alike to you?
- If you don't believe me, fuck it.

No fucking way.

But the fact remains,

we would not be returning
this service weapon to this officer

without help from the citizens
of Baltimore as well.

And on that note, I think our mayor
would like to say a few words.

Thank you, Commissioner Burrell.

I just want to take this opportunity
to commend our department

on successfully resolving this case

and to wish Officer Dozerman
a speedy return to duty.

Officer Dozerman,
the citizens want you to have this back

and to thank you for your service
in defense of our city.

And I especially want to thank
all of our concerned residents

who called in to the hotline.
We would not be here today...

- Lester.
- Lieutenant, you gotta see this.

Big joke.