The Wire (2002–2008): Season 3, Episode 10 - Reformation - full transcript

Brother Mouzone returns to Baltimore on a mission of revenge and casts a wide net in his search for Omar. Colvin manages to put off a Sun reporter inquiring about Amsterdam. Pearlman and ...

We need another bag.

- Where you at?
- Over here.

- Drug war?
- Mm-hm.

Barksdale's coming back
on my boy Marlo, huh?

- Shit.
- Got it.

Man, I don't know where we at.

We are in Baltimore, Lamar.
Baltimore, Maryland.

That's the second crib of mine
they cracked this week.

Stir up a hornet's nest,
no telling who gonna get stung.

- All paranoid and shit.
- Gotta be.


They got Latroy.

What the fuck is y'all on the streets for?
There's a fucking war going on.

Get the fuck in the truck, man.

What happened to all them towers?

- Slow train coming.
- Huh?

Reform, Lamar. Reform.

When you walk through the garden

You gotta watch your back

Well, I beg your pardon

Walk the straight and narrow track

Walk the straight
and narrow track

If you walk with Jesus

He's gonna save your soul

You gotta keep the devil

Way down in the hole

He got fire and the fury

Fire and fury

At his command

Well, you don't have to worry

Hold on to Jesus' hands

Oh, we'll be safe from Satan

When the thunder rolls


You gotta keep the devil

Way down in the hole

You gotta keep the devil

Way down in the hole

Way down

Way down in the hole

We should be up on this, hearing voices.

Get Bodie's phone, we will be.

We got enough PC off the burners.

These pen registers click,
it screams drug conspiracy.

I'm not taking the case to court.

Pearlman wants a specific link
to a known drug trafficker.

These drug crews dump phones
every couple of weeks at best.

So when we do get a wire up,
it's a limited run.

That doesn't meet the cellular company's
definition of "exigent circumstance"?

What's your boss willing to do?

Demper? He's a bit too focused
on next year's re-election fight.

- How about the feds?
- They say they can't do anything for us.

Look at how they use
the Federal Communications Act.

For national security stuff, they use
the Patriot Act. Everything else gets shorted.

The industry has all of us by the balls.

Pardon my French, Your Honor.

I'll tell you what.
Best I can do for you is this.

You give me a boilerplate affidavit
with the PC from the court report.

And as you get numbers
for the new disposables, you call me.

Anytime, day or night, to jump phones.

But we're still gonna be
getting up on their phones

- even as they're coming down.
- Probably.

- This is so totally...
- Fucked up.

Je parle français bien.

Et tu es...très charmant aujourd'hui.

Judge Phelan has you on his mind.
How long has that been going on?

Started with...

my first jury trial in his court, I think.

I bet you won all your motions.

- You wanted to see me, sir?
- Have a seat.

I wanna thank you for the loyalty
you showed moving that body.

It wasn't the most sensible thing
but I appreciate it.

You're a good man, Sergeant.

You got good instincts, and as far as
I can tell, you're a decent supervisor.

But from where I sit,
you ain't shit when it come to policing.

Don't take it personal.
Ain't just you, it's all our young police

Whole generation of y'all.

Now, you think about it.

You've been here over a year now, Carver.

You got nobody looking out for you,
nobody willing to talk to you.

That about sum it up?

And that's a problem.

I didn't think there was any way
I'd get my head around it,

but then Dozerman gets shot
for some bullshit.

And that's when I about reach my limit.

That's when the idea of the free zone,
come to me,

because this drug thing,
this ain't police work.

No, it ain't.

I can send any fool with a badge
and a gun up on them corners,

and jack a crew and grab vials. But policing?

I mean, you call something a war,

and pretty soon everybody gonna be
acting like warriors

running around on a crusade,

storming corners, slapping on cuffs,
racking up body counts.

And when you at war,
you need a fucking enemy.

And pretty soon, damn near everybody
on every corner is your fucking enemy.

And soon the neighborhood you police,

that's just occupied territory.

- You follow this?
- I think so.

Look here, the point I'm making,
Carver, is this.

Soldiering and policing, ain't the same thing.

And before we went and took the wrong turn
and started up with these war games,

the cop walked a beat,
and he learned that post.

And if things happened up on that post,

whether they be a rape
or robbery or shooting,

he had people out there helping him,
feeding him information.

But every time I come to you,
my DEU Sergeant,

for information, to find out
what's going on out there in them streets,

all that came back was some bullshit.

You had your stats, your arrests,
your seizures.

But that don't amount to shit

when you talking about
protecting the neighborhood, now, do it?

You know the worst thing about this...
so-called drug war,

to my mind...

It just... It ruined this job.

- Major...
- What you got?

Incoming. Sun paper reporter.
Been to the free zones, all three of them.

Meet you at the car.

We rewrite the affidavit,

add stuff from the pen registers,
take it to the judge.

You have a law degree?
If you did, it would be your call to make.

Who would pretend
to be a lawyer that wasn't?

I think we're being too cautious on this.

We're going the extra mile for Phelan.
A short cut now could cost us later.

We drew Phelan on this wiretap?
That two-faced hack sold me out last time.

He's not running for a new term.
He'll be fine.

He's a piece of shit.

We're all pieces of shit when we're
in your way. That goes with the territory.

Point taken.

So it's these warehouses,
the old Winchester Homes,

and the dead blocks down by Vincent Street?

All three.

They're just supposed to
let it go on like this?

Colvin told us to push the street dealing
in these areas,

then start locking people up,
but so far, not a single arrest.

- And they know about this downtown?
- I don't think so.

But I'd love to be there
when you pop the question.

- This is just...
- Tell me about it.

- Got the place looking good.
- Yeah.

Now all that needs doing
is to go out and get you some kids.

Come on, man.
You making it sound easy,

but, tell you the truth,
I ain't got no idea how to go at these hoppers.

I wouldn't lose any sleep over that.
Nobody else does, neither.

We got one.

- His grandmother.
- Looking for me?

There's no reason
to leave your clothes in the washer.

I'm sorry. I just forgot, OK?
But I did pick up the laundry soap.

That's definitely a code.

Let's listen to an intercept
we made of Bodie a couple of years back.

I'm telling y'all, I saw the boy.
He saying he ain't got that thing.

- Same voice, no question.
- I'll let the judge know.

Reference the voice comparison.

We're up!


Got it right here, yo. Yeah, that's right.

- Major Colvin, Western District.
- Banisky, Sun papers.

- So, this your idea?
- Got one, get one!

Mind if we...walk?

Apocalypse. Got that Apocalypse.
Right here, shorty.

You got dealers selling with impunity,

addicts shooting up on the street,

people down here doing outreach,
giving out needles an' all.

- Who knows about this at headquarters?
- Command is well aware of the situation.

While there was some initial concern,
they feel that the cases we're gonna bring in...

- Cases?
- Yeah, prosecutions, sure.

Your officers say no one's being locked up.

My troops are only pushing
the trafficking to designated areas.

They're ignorant of the investigation.
That's run out of CID.

Yeah? Who's the lead detective?

Look. I already said more than I should.

The bottom line is,
you start throwing calls around now,

they're gonna think there's a leak.

They'll come up on the case and we won't get
all we can out of this good work.

You're telling me
all this is an enforcement strategy?

What the hell else could it be?

You think we would
actually let this happen otherwise?

Come on, Banisky.
I mean, look. Look at this mess.

Any other reporter gets on it...

I give it to you,
and you run with it right then. Absolutely.

A week. But then I gotta run something,
no matter what.

- Purple Haze, Purple Haze.
- It's understood.

So, brother, what brought you back?

It disturbs me to leave business unfinished.

Heard you was shot
before you even got started down here.

Not like you to get played.

Betrayed, you mean.

I am looking for the man they sent.

From his accent, he's home-grown,
raised on the street.

Skilled, intelligent, late 20s, dark,

but with a scar across his face, like so.

- You down with this nigger?
- I know him.

Not to speak to.

But you can't be anywhere near the game
and not know the motherfucker.

He with Barksdale?

He with himself.

Except for when
he running with a young boy or two.

It should be all about money.

I know. Dialling for dollars.

Don't stop until you hit your numbers.
We'll need a million just for television.

- You really think this is doable?
- The odds aren't great, but, yeah.

As long as the thousand things
that can go wrong don't go wrong.

- Even for a white guy?
- Even for a white guy.

Speaking of which,

I notice a certain monochromatic effect here.

One thing we're gonna need is black faces

and we're gonna need them
in prominent positions.

Right. Start thinking about endorsement
by black leaders.

Ministers, community people,
elected officials.

Here comes the hard part.

Splitting the black vote
is the only way to make the math work.

So, Tony Gray's gotta get in the race
and he's gotta stay viable in the race.

- Guy's a lightweight, ain't he?
- He's a good guy.

Great. He's a good guy,
but we need him to siphon votes from Royce.

I don't know. This thing with Tony...

It's not personal, Tommy. It's politics.

Live with it, or lose.

Hey, yo. That boy with the sharp nose,
he going to the Apollo.

- The Apollo?
- He need two tickets.

Tweety Bird working that.

How many times
I tell you not to use names?

- So I holler at you?
- Yeah. All right.

- Apollo, like the theater?
- Like 125th Street.

125 grams. Two tickets means "twice that".

- The only new code is Hamsterdam.
- Hamsterdam.

It might have something to do
with the stash house.

I'm gonna hook up with Kima,
catch the Tweety Bird meet.

- You're happy with what we're getting?
- Another week of this

and we'll have their network fleshed out
and plenty more phones to go up on.

I need a moment with the detectives.


IID picked up Prez's shooting.

The racial thing alone is tense enough
that they gotta react.

No luck at all to that boy.

For the supervisor's report,

I need to ask if either of you
had any indication

that Prez harbored racial prejudices.

Well, he harbored some weird shit,
no doubt, but I never got a racial vibe.

Lieutenant, you seriously asking?

You think Waggoner gets shot if he's white?

- Description called for a number one male.
- I'm just saying.

The good Lord set Sunday morning
aside for churchgoing.

Even Kenny Bird and Peanut
had the good sense to respect the truce.

You know them Barksdales sent a hat?

A church crown?

Walked up, rang the bell,
and set it down on the porch.

Cos they shamed.

- Is Miss Josephine mending?
- She bruised up still, but she all right.

- But you ain't.
- Not until I settle this for good.

I want you to go inside my bank
and spread the word.

Omar paying cash to get at them people,
you feel me?

- Save your money.
- I got to do this.

I'm saying you ain't got to pay.

Thomkins, up on McCulloh.

- What, the funeral home?
- Mm.

You mean all this time
you had a scope on them clowns,

- and you ain't let loose a word.
- I was looking out for you.

Fact is, your chances of going up
against that mob and coming back

is as slim as a garter snake.

I can't help that now, Butch.

What the fuck? Where's my people?

Slim Charles pulled them. Hired new muscle.

Slim Charles? When the fuck did he...?

- How's the count?
- Down bad for the third straight week.

And the shelf life of the shit we got,
it ain't gonna last, String.

I know. Slim said they're
to stick to you for protection.

- Give it here!
- Nice shot.

- Dribble it back out. Get your dribble on.
- Fucking hack.

Yo, yo, easy, easy.
Y'all just hacking my man up.

Foul machine.

Nice drive.

- Kind of unschooled, ain't they?
- You cherry-picking!

That meant as just a casual, "Fuck you",

or are you looking to maybe help out here?

I'm gonna give it a try.

I'm looking to get some kids
interested in boxing.


Look here. This is my time-out corner.

Where I send children
who can't play nice together.

Listen up.
This man's starting a boxing program.

Looking at y'all,
signing on might be a good thing.

You need it.

The only thing he know how to do
with his fist is wrap it around his cock.

Fuck you, man! Gonna kick your ass!

- Come on, motherfucker, you ain't shit.
- Sit down, sit down.

- Fucking faggot!
- Don't call me a faggot, faggot!

Sit down.

Come on, man. Sit down, man. Sit down.

My man, you dropping your right.
If young 'un there was trained, he'd whip you.

Look like he the one that got beat.

Stand up, let me show you something.

Come on, man. I ain't gonna hurt you.

Yellow tops, yellow tops,
got them yellow tops. Yellow tops.

See that? All right, sit down.

Look, if y'all wanna learn more...

I got a gym down on Gilmor
in the old tire plant.

Y'all are all welcome. All right?

I saw Tweety Bird parked up there.

All we gotta do is wait for the re-up.

I hope these fucks don't dick around
and make us sit here all day.

What, this is eating at you?

No, I'm good.

Yeah, I can see that.

Remember that woman I was talking about?

Politician woman? How's it going?

It ain't. Turned to shit.

Feel like I don't even belong
to any world that even fucking matters.

Cos you're a cop?

No, it's not just that.

I went to meet her once.
She was in a hotel room, the top floor.

I punched the button on the elevator.

It doesn't even go there,
you need some special key

to even get to that special fucking floor.

So I go to the front desk,
some sneering fuck calls upstairs,

to give me permission to go get laid.

I listen to the shit she talks about,

first time in my life,
I feel like a fucking doormat.

Like anyone with any smarts would do
something else with his life, you know?

Earn money or...

get elected.

Like I'm just a breathing machine
for my fucking dick.

I'm serious.

I'm the smartest asshole in three districts
and she looks at me like I'm stupid,

playing some stupid game
for stupid penny-ante stakes.

She fucking looks through me, Kima.

- Stay in the car.
- Tall man said to stick to you like...

Tall man gonna be there
when I stomp on your fucking head?

Stay in the car.

Yo, make it short, man,
I got a meet to make.

Fuck the meet!

You harder to get at than my fat wife's cunt.

Yeah, you high-and-mighty Barksdales
can afford to sit back and play low-key.

But some of us work for a living.

Think this mess
ain't fucking up our business?

So Avon's willing to sit down
and talk with Marlo, work this shit out?

Well, if that don't happen, String,
I got you some bad news.

Me and the boys had us a sit-down.

Got a quorum and took a vote that says
if y'all don't quit this war,

we have a mind to shut you out.

And when I say out, String,
I mean out the package.

The boys don't wanna extend the good shit

if it keeps your people
out on them corners, banging.

- What about the boy? What he say?
- Vinson say Marlo willing to talk

if he can keep his corners.

Now hear me on this, String,
we ain't no ingrates.

We all recognize your contribute to the co-op.

But the feeling is this.

It ain't right for you to be at the head of
our table when you can't call off your dog.

Call it a crisis of leadership.

You're gonna tell 'em?

Got to. Between the health workers,
the reporter and my own pissed-off troops,

it's gonna come out.
Either tomorrow or the next day.

We should make a few arrests,
make it look tactical.


You know what happens if we start
locking people up in Hamsterdam?

The whole rest of the district
goes back to being a shithole.


If Rawls is gonna hand me my ass,

at least give me a chance
to tell the man my story first.


What was that?

It needed doing.

Somebody just got shot!

I should give the snitch
that clued us to the Denali.

I mean, we didn't get Marlo, but still...

No, he kept his end up. Go it all.

- Avon, I need a word, man.
- Get them niggers out of here, man.

Check it out.
This shit got the kill range of, like, 50 metres.

Slim got this from some soldier
coming back from wherever.

You know, I spoke to Prop Joe's people.

- They think we can work this out.
- A sit-down?

It's the perfect time for it, man.
You done represented yourself, man.

Your name ringing out now
that you taken Marlo down a notch or two.

Just let me get this right.
Then we get back to business as usual.

They gonna cut us out! Prop Joe and them
voted. They gonna cut us out.

So even if we win, we lose, cos we ain't gonna
have no product to put on them corners.

Look at you. Fucking shooting dope
without a fucking needle right now, man,

getting high on a power trip,
playing fucking soldier.

You gotta sit back and think about
our business. What the fuck you want?

That motherfucker. He good.

What happened?

You know, you gotta think about what
we got in this game for, man.

Was it so our names could ring out on
some fucking ghetto street corners, man?

No, there's games beyond the fucking game.

Avon, look, you and me, we brothers, B.

We didn't think we'd make it this fucking far

but we standing here
with the whole world at our feet.

The whole world, man,
not these fucking corners.

The whole world, B.

You know what Slim just told me?

Devonne come up dead.

She was shot,
one in the mouth, one in each tit.

You still wanna talk truce, String?

You right when you say I need to learn more
discipline. But this? You could do this better.

You're the perfect bait, Lamar.
They'll see you as conflicted.

Your homophobia is so visceral.

You see that? I ain't even stepped inside the
joint and you calling me a cocksucker already.

You in the right place?

I'm looking for someone named Omar.

No last name. Scar across his face and shit.

Scarface named Omar?

Sounds different, but I can't help you.

You drinking?

Maybe you wait four years.

No. It has to be now.

It's gonna be a three-way,
and Tony's gonna go this time.

I'm just...

Tony's my oldest friend on the council.

Couldn't you go talk to him first?

Put it on the table?
You know, "May the best man win"?

Truth is...

he can't win alone against Royce, either.

He's got the bumper stickers
but not much else.

Wants to run on education.

I mean, where do you go with that?

If I level with Tony and he gets out,
then I can't win.

I need him in the race.

I feel like shit. I really do.

Don't look like much.

- This don't look like shit.
- Hell, yeah.

- This some weak-ass shit right here.
- Yeah.

Man, we got lockers, got gear.

- It's all peeling and shit.
- Go long.

Pass it here.

- You getting me all dirty and shit.
- Fuck your jeans.

- Fuck you.
- Bitch.

We clocked the meet with Tweety Bird,

tracked him to a possible stash house,
then home to nest in Woodlawn.

Got photos, his tags...

- What happened?
- They ditched their phones.

The DNRs and the wire all died around 3:00.

We were online just shy of 30 hours.

I thought we had them
for a couple of weeks.

Not anymore. It's a week at best.

We just spent $9,000 and change
for 18 intercepts,

five of them non-pertinent.

That's close to $700 per drug call.

Shouldn't we get back
on Bernard and his girl?

I mean, get a line on the new phones at least.

But that'll only give us what we just had,
30 hours.

Any way to get ourselves ahead of the curve?

If there were some way
to pre-wiretap the burners.

What then? Stick them on a rack
at Baba-whatever

and wait for Bernard to show up?

The problem is the wireless people.

They claim it takes four days
to process a court order,

and that's only after
I threatened to go public on them.

Four days to hit a couple of keystrokes.

Well, what if...

No way.

I know what you're thinking.
I just thought the same fucking thing.

All right, when I tell you,
put your left foot out, boy.

Unc patting my man's feet.
He smelling up my ass, too.

Stop with the clowning, man.

How the fuck you gonna learn something,
acting like a fool?

Ain't no big mystery
why your face got tattooed.

He can't talk to you like that. I seen
his raggedy ass at the spot, copping vials.

Yeah, probably pimps his ass, too.

- Listen, motherfucker...
- Yeah, bitch, touch me.

Touch a juvenile, see what happen.

Let's bounce. Bitch-ass motherfucker.


- Punk-ass nigger.
- Chump ass.

- Lester!
- Mm?

- First time I seen him smoking.
- Tough habit.

And pacing like a motherfuck, too.

Heavy is the head that wears the crown.

Bay Wireless Connect 411.
What city and state?

Baltimore, Maryland.

- How may I help you?
- Baltimore police.

- Any particular department?
- Western District police.

- Is this an emergency?
- No. Non-emergency.

Man, they did you with the bum rush.

That's what they do.
They past experts at plucking nerves.

You just gotta remember
they barely house-broke.

I'm telling you, man, you wouldn't believe it.
They was all wild and shit. Wouldn't listen.

Andre, I want you to crowd him.

Yes, sir. I'll crowd him.


You just gotta set your mind to stick with it.

When those two stumbled in here,
they was wild as wild.

Now they come in every day.
"Yes, sir. No, sir."

Still pretty rough, but with the right breaks,
they gonna make it.

- How?
- Well, try as they might, I won't let them fail.

When you do that, it messes with their mind.

Pretty soon,
they run out of their little bag of tricks.

What do you think of that?

- Pretty weak.
- He ain't weak. That's the starting point.

No, no, I can't put a name on him.

But I seen him around. He's off the West Side.

He ain't no drug dealer,
unless he's doing it on the QT.

You can't go at him, game him?

I don't know, Kima. I mean, it'd be pressing.

What about her?

Little Squeak off of Lanvale.

Yeah, she used to boost
for Turtle Wells' old mob.

She's lost a bit of weight, too.
Looking a lot better than I remember.

And I remember a lot about that girl.

Bubs, is there anybody
West Side you don't know?

Just citizens and shit.

- My CI knows the girl.
- He can work her?

- He's smooth, yeah.
- Check this.

That's Western District.

- Stringer's calling the Western?
- Maybe he's surrendering.

After all the work we've done,
I'd never forgive the son of a bitch.

Go down. Go down and out.

Sweet! Look at the hands!

- What's up? My knuckleheads didn't post?
- Yeah, they did, but they left.

Over here!

Looking for a discount, old man?

- No, I'm looking for you.
- Why, something come up missing?

Came past to apologize.

I'm new at this coaching thing
and got us off on the wrong foot.

I ain't gonna leave it between us,
with you thinking I gave up on y'all.

Motherfucker's memory weak as shit.
We the one bailed out on him.

Anyway, I'm here now.

You wanna sell drug traffickers cellphones

that are pre-approved
for telephonic intercepts.

And you want me to sign off
on court-ordered taps on phones that,

at the time I'm signing the order,

have not been used
for any illegal activity whatsoever.

If you're looking for precedents, Your Honor,
there aren't any. It's circumstantial PC at best.

What the hell, let's do it.

Let the Court of Appeals sort it out,
if it even gets that far.

Quite the legal mind.


Buy you a drink?

- Why the fuck you coming up behind me?
- I'm sorry.

- Bushy top.
- I didn't know if I'd find you here so late.

Just getting ready for COMSTAT tomorrow.

So what's up, Major?

So your unit is still working a drug war, right?

Working it hard.

Does the name Avon Barksdale
do anything for you?

- He's a player?
- He's the main guy.

We thought he was down
but he popped up in September.

You add him to the equation,
it goes a long way to explaining the violence.

- So it wouldn't be a stretch if he got shot?
- You heard he got shot?

You know where? I could run it out.

Ain't gonna make no difference.

He didn't post up at any emergency room
from what I hear.

I'll be straight with you.
We're running wires into his people.

But we're barely above the street.
We haven't even put an eyeball on him.

Supposed to be laying his head there.
I need you to check that out,

- get back to me as soon as you can.
- You got a CI?

You wanna see if
your man's creds are bona fide.

Don't try to play me, bushy top.
I didn't say male. I didn't say female.

All right.
I'll get surveillance going right away.

- Barksdale's name is on the paperwork.
- No shit.

Now, you get me a confirmation on that
and call me back on the cell.

- Good luck tomorrow.
- Yeah, right.



Run these over to Levy for me.
Tell him I want a read on it.

A read?

Fresh eyes. Tell him I'll call him tomorrow.

All right.

Come on, Mr. Bodyguard.

So we're gonna come at her like that.

You're giving me phones to sell?

- The money comes back, Bubs.
- All of it?


- Is that Beadie Russell?
- Looks like.

Yo, you can't turn from this lane!

Sweet Beatrice Russell...!

I was just gonna say hey.

North and Pulaski.

That photo was taken at 4pm,
prime time for the street-level dealer.

That is Riggs and Calhoun.

Mount and Fayette.

Edmondson and Brice.
That's your old foot post, Deputy.

I know where it is, Major.

What I don't know
and very much want to know

is where is the West Baltimore drug trade?

I hope, Major, these are not staged
photographs you're showing us.

No, sir, they are not.
No, Deputy, I found another approach.

I'm all ears, Bunny.

- I moved them off the corners.
- God damn it! Major, I can see that.

What I want to know is
how the fuck you managed to move them

and where the fuck they are now.


I don't know quite how to put this, but we...

I mean, I...

I began by identifying those areas
where drug trafficking was least harmful.

I pushed all street-level dealing
towards those areas.

Now, at first, dealing with the juveniles
on them corners, I had little success.

But ultimately,

by rounding up
all the mid-level dealers in my district,

and making them an offer
they couldn't refuse, I...

- You made them an offer?
- Yes, sir.

Either they move their people
to one of three designated areas

where drug enforcement
was not a district priority,

or they face the wrath
of every able-bodied soul in my district.

Major, I don't understand.

The only time we can hold a drug corner
is when we assign officers to stand there.

Your slides don't suggest
any concerted deployment on any corners.

- How were you able to...
- You nit, don't you see what he's done?

He's legalised drugs!

Actually, I elected to ignore them.

You lost your fucking mind.
He's lost his fucking mind.

You, in my office. Now!


That's it, gentlemen.

- She's a go.
- Showtime, Bubs.

Oh, shit.

- Sister Squeak.
- Bottom-end Bubbles.

Where you been, girl? Been a long time.


- What the hell kind of money is in T-shirts?
- Girl, you just don't know.

How's your game?
I heard you was locked up.

Shit, I got some things going.

- I can see that.
- How's he doing?

- Talk a cat off a fish cart.
- All right, Bubs, I gotta get.

I'll see you later on.

Yo, Squeak, Squeak.

I about forgot. I can sell you one of these
real cheap, if you got use for the shit.

I'm fucking dead.

You mean, we're fucking dead.
We're all dead behind this shit.

Jesus Christ!

What I did, I did knowingly and on my own.

My men had nothing to do with this.

They thought it was part of
some elaborate trap.

So if you need me to fall on that sword,
I'm good with that.

You're good with it?

You know I got my vacation time,
and that's 30 in a couple of months.

So if you need me to fall, I'm ready.

But don't let me hear that
you're taking any action against my people.

Because I can lie as good as the next man.

If I have to.

Are you threatening me?

I believe I am, sir.

My apologies.

You cocksucker,
I gotta give it to you! A brilliant idea!

Insane and illegal,
but stone-fucking brilliant, nonetheless.

After putting my foot up people's asses
to decrease the numbers,

he comes in and, in one stroke,
gets a fucking 14% decrease.

Fucking shame it's gonna end our careers,
but still...

Look, y'all probably tired
of hearing from me, but...

I brought these...letters...

from community associations,
ministers, business people, citizens.

And they're all positive.

They're all happy that the dealers
are off the corners.

You think that's gonna save our asses,
do you?

No, I guess not.
But that and my badge is all I got.

I might have your badge, Major,
but not today.

I don't wanna draw any attention to this shit
before we're ready to speak to it.

So if you have any vacation time,

you're taking it now.

Do not report for a shift until notified.

Oh, er...

One more thing, sir.

A Sun reporter is aware of my deployment.

I told him an investigation was pending.

He promised to delay the article.

How long?

About a week, tops.

I was a superstroke on the pool circuit
in the early days,

but mostly it was pickpocketing
and short cons.

I did the long-distance card heist
before cellphones got popular.

- You crypt numbers?
- Yeah, I favored the airports, yeah.

- Can you still read numbers?
- What's up?

Your man think I brought bad merchandise?
Then we can beat feet right now.

Damn, Bernard, why you acting all CIA?
We trying to make money here.

If you had to answer to the people I do,
you would be more cautious, too.

I appreciate caution,
cos I'm hanging out here, too.

Give it a go. Use a cellphone.

Marlene, you send that copy off to Paris?
Thank you, darling.

I'm not at work. I'm at the airport.
The shuttle, yes.





Now, that last number might be a seven.

I'm not too sure
with these small keypads and all.

We can do business.


That's it. One-two, one-two, one-two.

One-two, that's it.

One-two, there you go.

All right, there it is. Now you getting it.
Keep that left hand up.

- All right.
- Hey.

All right. Watch your balance.
Don't lean forward.

Don't lean too much. Don't lean too forward.
Let's go.

Don't lean too forward, that's right.
One-two, pivot.

You're kidding. Tell me he's kidding.

You're kidding, right?

- He did it without our knowledge.
- Without your knowledge.

Well, that's worse.
You're the Commissioner.

Was the Commissioner.

You think the buck's gonna stop in this office,
you're wrong.

If I might...

These are letters from people in his district.

Ministers, business people, voters.

All glowing reports.

And there's the 14% reduction in crime
in the Western.

That's not an anomaly.

It's hard data.

Now, we can clean it up, make it go away.

The press might already have wind of it

but we can explain that
as some sort of a new initiative.

Trap high-end drug dealers.


If we handle this right,
we might all get out from underneath.

No mud on anybody.

No. No.

I trusted you, Erv. I really did.
You let me down.

Now, this thing goes wrong, no telling
the damage. On this, you walk point.

That's the way things work, Erv.
You know it as well as I do.

Thank you, Ervin.

I'll be over shortly to see the detailed plan
on how this shit gets cleaned up immediately.

If you could call this
something other than what it is...

Don't even think it.

The way it works is this.

If you don't re-up the minutes
on your cell phone before 60 days,

the wireless company recycles the numbers.
That's where I get them.

I put the word out on the street that I'm
buying tossed-off burners, paying $2 a pop.

Street people bring me hundreds.

I bring them here to my niece, she juices them
up another 200 minutes on a bogus account.

And that automatically extends
the life of the phone for another 60 days.

She charges me 20 on each phone on her end.

I double it or more on the street to make mine.

So what you saying?

Baby, a standard Trac phone with 200,
maybe 400 minutes on it,

gonna run you 150, 200 easy.

I charge you an even 100.
You clear 50 on each phone.

That's if you got receipts.

I gotta show receipts looking like
they from different places, or I can't play.

- Can we accommodate the good man?
- Damn, you know I got the bingo tonight.

Look, I ain't sure you wanna be around here,

and I'm damn sure
we're getting tired of having you.

I don't wanna be
around no bunch of cocksucking faggots.

But I won't stop coming till I run up on Omar.
You might want to get the word out.

- For the last time, I don't know him.
- Then I'm back tomorrow.

Maybe I can help you?

I don't doubt it for a minute.