The Wire (2002–2008): Season 2, Episode 3 - Hot Shots - full transcript

Lt Cedric Daniels lets it be known he is going to leave the department. McNulty pursues the identity of the Jane Doe found floating in the harbor. A pair of young longshoremen, Frank Sobotka's son Ziggy and nephew Nick, heist a container and sell its contents, digital cameras, to men working for The Greek.

Yo, J, what up, son, where you been?

I ain't been nowhere, T.
Just laying low, man.

Now watch, you gonna see
Darnell's little brother...

come on out with that laundry basket.

-And the take's in the basket?
-Once in the afternoon, and one at night.

Always the same laundry basket.

How you know?

That money got to come out somehow, man.

So, we ain't got to blast our way
to the top floor.

We just wait till they're in the street
with their shit.

We gonna do them tonight, you heard?
After it get dark.

Just like you say.

Put the basket down now, put it down!

-Fuck, I said put the basket down!
-Easy girl, chill.

You all niggers, you got caught slipping.

Sorry it had to go down like this, baby,
because your ass is cute.

But you got got.

Nice, very nice.


Now, that's something
you don't see every day.

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No English.

Kunta Kinte...

yabba dabba dabba doo.

Mishy gishy gushy gushy
mishy meshy mushy, motherfucker.

Negro, you cannot travel
halfway around the world...

and not speak any motherfucking English.

English, motherfucker!

Two missing, and the rest
ain't saying shit we can understand.

I tried to tell you,
with the questions you all are asking.

We step off ship,
English is once again heard, right?

Pretty much, yeah.

Here's what's left of Osman.
He was with us since Trieste.

Choksey took all his gear when he jumped.

-You get a lot of guys jumping ship?

Usually after a pay,
which we made in Norfolk.

Choksey actually asked for an advance,
which we did using ship's scrip.

Nothing here in the way of ID papers
or money. He grabbed that at least.

Anybody else ask for any advances
while you were at sea?

-More than usual.

A few of them were coming back day after
day, scripting more and more cash.

We figured they were
gambling down in the holds.

And maybe not, right?

The can with the girls was in Bay 9
on the bottom, outside.

-Did you check that bay?
-I did.

It's full of cans for export,
loaded in Hampton Roads.

No sign of anything
except a fresh stack of containers.

I'm not gonna lie to you. If you hold us
another day and bring in interpreters...

they're still not gonna say a thing.

The unwritten rule is that what happens
below decks stays below decks.

Sit up, Nicky,
we got paying customers waiting.

Ashley, sit down.

You think I cut it too short?

Just don't make me look funny.

Ashley's preschool called.

-They want more money?
-Just what we owe them.

-And her teacher says that--

-They ain't nothing but baby-sitters.

Ashley's been talking in class
about how Mom and Dad don't live together.

Who asks her about that?

No one asks, she just talks.

Kids notice stuff like that.
They talk, you know?

By the time she's in elementary school,
it's going to be an issue.

Time she gets that far,
we'll be under the same roof.

You said that last Christmas.

Christ, Aimee!
You pulling it out or cutting it?

Listen, Nicky.

You want to go get to someplace better,
I'm with you.

You wanna keep on like this,
then I got to rethink stuff.

Do what you feel.

As soon as I start getting more hours,
the first thing I do is get my own place.

You wanna move in with me, great.

You don't want to,
at least I did my goddamn best.

You want a streak or something?
I could put a little purple in it.

Yeah, and right after that...

I'll just go ahead
and stick my tongue up some guy's ass.

Got you good, huh?

You think?

No, I mean, not really.

Not if Evidence Control
is the posting you want.

-Sorry, Lieutenant.
-Fuck it, right?

We brought in the case at least.
Heard you were on the boat.

Ain't so bad.

How's Kima?

She's inside.

Asset Forfeiture.
And she's second year pre-law.

Housecat. That ain't her.

-This coming back?

It's the Gant case right there.

Nathan looked over our weak shit...

told me to go find Omar this week
or she drops charges.

-You got a line on him lately?
-I haven't a clue.

Last thing I did
was put him on a bus to New York.

You keep your head low, Lieutenant.

A year or two,
you'll be back in their favor, right?

Year or two, and I'll be a lawyer.

I got 22 years in.
I'm putting the papers in this week.

You're gone?

What the hell am I doing down here
with a law degree, right?

You take care, McNulty.

You, too.

Kimmy, all I'm trying to say is, if you'd
stop lighting up all the damn time...

-maybe you'd understand--
-I'm gonna light up regardless.

-It took us too long.
-You know I love you, but if your ass...

don't get to finishing counting
all my motherfucking money....

-Shit, you know I love you, but damn.
-Almost five.

We got them motherfuckers good.

Let's see them motherfuckers
slip next time.

Who the fuck is you?

-Omar come a-calling.
-Omar? Shit.

Ain't that nigger dead?
I heard them project niggers lit him up.

No, I heard they ran his ass up
out of this town.

Spread the word, darling, Omar back.

Look at the way
Crutchfield spelled "prostrate."

Look at it.

"The above referenced victim
was prostate on the floor."

"Prostate on the floor."
That's a victim, all right.

That hurts bad.

I love this job, I do.

-You want to hear about Philly, Sarge?
-Just the dirty parts.

The ship's a dead end.
The cargo bay that held our container...

is full of new boxes,
nothing to recover there.

And all them sailors, they lied to us
in every language past English.

Gibbering motherfuckers.

Sailing up the coast right now,
laughing at us.

Is that it?

Two guys jumped ship.
We'll put out teletypes...

in case that has
anything to do with anything.

One of them left his
gear, and we kept that.

-Sounds like some weak-ass shit to me.
-Because it is.

But your suspect
had to be on the boat, right?

And your boat has sailed.

Jay, what the fuck were we supposed to do?

Hold the ship while we chat up
a crew of 40 in 53 dialects? Come on.

If that isn't the plan, what is?


I am informed that you are detailed
to this case...

as a liaison with the port police.

I also understand
that you are the only help...

that your department is sending.

That so?

Although there is some small charm
to a woman in uniform...

the fact remains
we work plainclothes in Homicide.

Which is not to say
that the clothes need be plain.

For you, I would suggest some pantsuits,
perhaps muted in color.

Something to offset Det. Moreland's
pinstriped lawyerly affectations...

and the brash, tweedy impertinence
of Det. Freamon.

Rawls is watching on this one.

Let's at least pretend
we got a fucking clue.

Tweedy impertinence?

-I like that.
-You know what I'm saying?

-It's not here, Major.
-I can see that. Where is it?

The Flex Squad used it last Tuesday.

The vehicle log says
they parked it at 22:00 hours...

returning the keys to the OIC.

-We have the keys.

But not the van?

Are you telling me that a fully equipped...

$1 20,000 surveillance van...

assigned to the southeastern district
cannot be located?

-Around the world....
-In 880 days.

-Do we have a plan?
-A plan?

-For targeting this guy, Sobotka.
-I don't know.

Maybe find out where his union hangs...

go down there with a CI or two,
make some hand-to-hands.

-How about some DNRs on his phones?

See who he's calling,
and look for any kind of pattern.

Hand-to-hands for now, I think.

600 series, and that's it.

That's right.

This is too nice a block
for a prison guard.

Shit, you couldn't pay me enough
to work in no prison, man.

Yeah, right, no.
I want you to drop all the cellular joints.

-Yeah, all of them, Nokia, Motorola.
-Listen to Stringer play Wall Street.

All right, so call me, yeah.

String, why you so down
on the phone companies, man?

While back, I took a
stroll through the Pit.

I saw that kid
we got running things down there, Poot.

He got the cell phone I gave him
for the business, right there on his hip...

but the nigger got another cell phone
that only ring when the pussy called.

Now, if this no-count nigger
got two cell phones...

how the fuck you gonna sell
any more of them motherfuckers?

That's market saturation.

Look here.

That Tilghman right there.

-Dressed like a prison guard and all.
-Yeah, I see him.

Steel door.
The boy on the step is all, though.

Stump is sitting in the front room window,
staring at the damn television.

-You all could see that from the step?
-There in his damn drawers.

Shut up, dog!

Rat make that trash, he home free.

Junk better get in closer
if he want a shot at him.

I got $20 on Mr. Rat. Anyone fade me?

Move along. Come on, get there.

$100 says it ain't over.

Shit, I got to take easy money.

What the fuck?

-Sounds about over now, though.

How the hell you know
what the rat gonna do?

Junk do know his varmints.


What's wrong with you, boy?

Look, I done told you before, man.
Those two babies don't move me that way.

If I come up with a plan
to do Stump without them...

you cut them loose?

Now you gone and got strategic on me?

We do like last time,
and wait for him to come out.

Only problem is,
Stump live in that rat hole, baby.

So, he ain't got to bring the cash out.
See what I'm saying?

Then we charge in, guns a-blazing.

Steel door, right?

What's it gonna take
for you to be convinced, man?

I don't bag no babies.

What you think?

You gonna have to do better than that.


Thinking, maybe do a quarter this time,
if it's not too much.

That a problem?


I'm just saying, you back
right quick with it.

It ain't like them motherfuckers
got anything else to do up in there, right?

-The shit is everyday, man.
-Sounds right. It count right, too?

Boy'll bring it to you outside.

There's Tilghman.

So, his shit coming from Butchie then?

-All right.
-Lying Butchie.

-Santa's elves are short.
-Santa's elves aren't real.

The elves in Lord of the Rings
are, like, real elves.

-Real elves?
-They should be short, then.

Dwarves are short, hobbits are short.
Elves are tall and immortal.

If you weren't too scared
to watch the movie

then you'd know all
about it, doofus.

Bite me, dickbreath.

-Sean, knock it off.
-He started it.

Okay, upstairs right away,
brush your teeth, pajamas.

It's a school night, Sean.

Can I tuck them in?

My lawyer's gonna be
sending you something in the mail.

-You're kidding.
-It's not a divorce, it's an agreement.

-A separation agreement.
-A separation agreement?

Just read it. Okay? It's
for the both of us.

It's to protect the both of us.

This is about what?

It's just....

You should just read it, okay?


Another goddamn day we put our cards up
and get nothing.

-Zig, I don't know why I fucking bother.
-Yeah, tell me about it.

One ship today, nothing yesterday.

Wait for Thursday,
a couple ROIROs hit the berth...

and congratu-fucking-lations,
you grab a day.

Friday's quiet again.

Look at it this way, you know,
at least you get the day off.

Days off is the fucking point, Zig.

I can't keep waking up in the morning
not knowing if I'm gonna get paid.

I got a kid, right? I got a fucking kid...

and a girl that wants
to get married, for Christ's sake.

What the fuck you wanna get married for?

Not saying I do.

But fuck if I even could,
without no pot to piss in.

Aimee is like, "What's the plan," you know?

And I'm down here
wondering if I'm gonna get a day or two.

Aimee's sister broke up with Petie, right?

That's your problem, Zig,
one of them, anyway.

You let that thing of
yours lead you around.

You know me, whiskey, cock, and 5:00.

-Just get off me.
-Nicky, look.

If it's money that you're
worried about, shit.

Let's pool a few dollars together.

I'll get us hooked up
with a little llello, you know...

turn it around this morning,
we make more money before lunch...

than we can down here all week.

I ain't standing out on no corner
like some fucking project nigger...

I ain't standing out on no corner
like some fucking project nigger...

so that I get popped for pocket change.

Fuck that shit, Zig. Seriously.

-What are you gonna do?
-I'll think of something.

1 1900 on that one.

We're looking for 14580, by the manifest.

Can't be, the numbers don't go that high.

You had to figure it'd be this way,
the way the port works.


Why have anything
other than fake companies...

and addresses on the manifest
if you're moving a can with contraband?

And on the other end, too, right?

You can work it back through customs,
but chances are...

this box wasn't picked up anywhere
near this Rue de Rivoli address...

in Le Havre, France.

Hell, there might not even
be a Rue de Rivoli in that town.

A can full of dead girls,
sent to nowhere from nowhere.

-He been good business for me, though.

Two, three quarters a week.

Mr. Tilghman's money always right,
always on time.

That's why we coming to you for the setup.

-You the man to him.
-I'm just saying.

I know, the money, and you know
we gonna find a way to make that right.

But like I said, I'm not asking for myself.

Now I'm asking for my man.

-Avon's call?
-Wouldn't be here otherwise.

-Avon is Avon.

He probably gonna roll past tomorrow.

That'll work.

You see what I'm saying, right?

It makes no sense to bring the girls
all this way and then kill them.

You go all that way to dump it on your
boss, and now you're worrying yourself.

-It's got me thinking is all.
-It's a little late for that, McNulty.

What connects the one girl in the water
with all the other ones in the can?

-If you're right and she
isn't local, then--

-She's definitely not local.

The low level of mercury viscosity...

in the amalgam restorations
says Eastern Europe.

-If you say so.
-Trust me, she's not from Dundalk.

Eastern Europe?
Can you narrow it down some?

How's this? Three of the dead girls were
in Budapest, Hungary sometime last year.

How'd you know that?

They bought tits there.

Three of the girls had breast enhancements.
We looked at the bags during the post.

We pulled the lot and serial numbers...

and they trace back to an outpatient
plastic surgery clinic in Budapest.

Would you call them?
Might pull an ID from patient records.

The best they could tell me is the implants
were used some time this fall.

Three girls, three surgeries,
same clinic, right?

-What else?
-What else?

-Fuck you, Jimmy McNulty.
-Okay, you're a fucking god.

There's no one in the game who can
stand in your light, Dr. Frazier, sir.

You have to admit that whole
Budapest thing was a hell of a pull.

-Where's the paperwork on this cat?
-I got it over here.

So go on, what else?

Not much, except the swabs show that at
least seven of the girls in the box...

had vaginal intercourse
within 24 hours of death.

Two had anal and six came back positive
on the oral.

You tell Cole about all this?

I sent the findings off to Homicide,
but Cole ain't on the case, brother.

-No, who is?
-It's your man, Bunk.

And that older guy, his
partner, they ate it.


I told you, I brought you a soda.

That better?

Now, look at me.
Don't let those mean boys see you crying.


I'll take care of you.

Mr. Stump!

Them boys been teasing Chantelle again.

You know it.


-Bobby, how you been?
-Not bad.

-Working the tier today?
-Yeah, on J.

-Have a good one.
-Yeah, you, too.

You happy now, bitch?

How was I gonna know
Landsman would pull Cole...

and stick you guys?

You right here with them?

-What did he call Cole?
-"Collateral damage."

I'm feeling pretty damn collateral myself,
I got to say.

Which is why I went to see Dr. Frazier
and work some things out in my head.

Officer McNulty could've
paid this thing no mind, but no.

When his friends are suffering,
he bleeds, too.

Did you see the preliminary?

Positives for oral, vaginal, anal.

No IDs, no passports, no visas,
no real money.

And they're coming
across the water like that.

-McNulty has a theory.

-Does he now?
-You deductive motherfucker, you.

So he's gonna wander in here
with some Johnny-come-lately bullshit...

about how these girls
are all coming over here as prostitutes...

talking about how if
they ain't got the cash

to travel better than
a container ship...

then they sure don't have the money
for a plastic surgeon.

Then he's gonna say something
about that one in the water...

being tossed off the ship
after she's already dead from a beat-down.

But why she got beat?
He's gonna ask us that, like we don't know.

He's gonna answer his own question,
saying her swabs are negative, right?

Fuck or fight with all them sailor boys,
and she fought.

So, it got a little rough.

She gets banged around,
she comes up dead.

And then somebody panics,
tosses her in the harbor overnight...

before the ship ties up.

But the other girls saw.

So now, the other girls,
they get told to get back in that can.

And our man, to cover this shit up...

he gets up on top
and bangs down the air pipe.

-Anything else you want to tell us?
-When did you guys get there?

Yesterday, when the ship's first mate
told us that while the ship was at sea...

half the crew came to him
for advances on their salary.

They had one hell of a dice game
going on below deck...

or the boys popped them girls
out of that can.

You talk to the crew?

-In what language?
-Crime scene?

-Anybody missing?

Two guys jumped ship.
One in Philly, one in Norfolk.

But that shit happens all the time,

-Got yourself a hell of a case.
-Fuck you very much.

You know what happens to all the girls
if you don't ID them?

Anatomy Board as medical cadavers.
Then a crematorium.

Then that mass grave out at Crownsville.

That bothers you?

Yeah, a little.

Me, too.

-Thanks for hosting this, Father.
-Hope it helps.

You guys have really done
the background on this.

This is more presence
than the port unions have shown in years.

-Is the governor listening?
-It's now or never for us.

And not just the grain pier,
but with the dredging.

I don't care
what the Corps of Engineers' study says.

-The fact remains--
-Excuse me, Bobby.

I just need him to work
the other side of the room on something.

You're wasting time here.

Bobby's District 7, which
is middle river...

which means every vote he gets
is somebody with some port connection.

He's a good vote, no matter what we do.

The guys you need to be working
are the guys...

who wouldn't have come
if we hadn't been throwing money at them.

-Like who?
-Like John Carney, from Anne Arundel.

Liz Tobin, from Montgomery.
Clay Davis, from over Westside.

Keep hold of them,
some of your stuff stays in the budgets.

-And they're with us?
-Carney is pretty firm.

Liz will stay solid if the
environmentalists don't get to her.

Clay Davis...that guy, you wanna make sure
you're the last man out of the room.

What do you mean?

I mean, we've given forty large
to the Westside Democratic Organization...

and this motherfucker
still has his hand out.

and this motherfucker
still has his hand out.

We spent $40,000 on that guy?

Worth it, if he lets your projects
sail through the conference committee.

-Forty fuckin' thousand?
-Am I your lobbyist? Are you paying me?

Trust me. With the players in this room...

the presiding officers and a little help
from the governor's office...

we might squeeze some things out
this session.

Now, go make nice.

-Senator Davis.
-Excuse me.

Hey, partner.

People tell me
it just might be a good year for the port.

Might be.

You all have been stepping up
in a lot of ways.

Hope it continues like that.
You all making friends in a lot of places?

We're friendly guys.

So they came back murders?

I admit, I didn't see that coming at all.

Who could've seen that?

For whoever was having
these girls brought over...

-the net loss is in the millions.
-That much?

One of these girls on the circuit,
going club-to-club on the East Coast...

can bring in half a million
over the next two years.

And that's just
for club work and prostitution.

-So somebody messed up.
-In a big way.

You guys called it.
No such address in Le Havre.

Or for that matter, anywhere in Brittany.

The name and ID of the driver
who signed the bill of lading...

doesn't correspond
to their motor vehicle database.

Dead ends either way.

The girls, they know
what they're coming over for?

Some do.

Some get told they're gonna dance,
or be secretaries.

You gotta understand, they're coming
from places that don't have much.

Romania, Moldavia, Russia, Albania.

40,000 or 50,000 undocumented women
working in the US alone.

50,000? Jesus.

They need a whole new agency
just to police them.

What they need is a union.

-To Stan and Kate.
-Stan and Kate.

Happy anniversary!

Thanks a lot.

-Good time here?

How is my detail coming?

Lt. Grayson is on top of things, right?

Burrell recommended him.
Said he was really good at property crimes.

-It's gonna take a while.
-You think?

Why? What are you doing?

Not much.

We got no DNRs up.
We're not looking at any union assets.

We're not collecting tag numbers
or anything.

We're not looking for patterns at all.
And that's the thing.

I'm trying to tell you
about the Barksdale thing.

If you go in with the idea
you're gonna eat around the edges...

you never get a meal.

With Barksdale, Daniels and Freamon
had us pulling all kinds of stuff.

DMV records, phone logs,
corporate charter stuff...

political campaign contributions.

If Burrell didn't
break the case down so fast...

we would've brought back $3 or $4 million
in downtown real estate...

not to mention the money
those guys gave to political campaigns.

We were deep, really deep.
I've been trying to tell you.

If it wasn't for Burrell,
that would've been a major case.

-You know, I just came to check up on you.

-See how you holding it down.
-I'm all right.

-Where the little man at?
-I just put him down.

You want something to drink?

Do D'Angelo know what he's missing?

I'm sure he do.

You just reminded me about something.

Tag's still on it.

He bought it
before he got stopped in Jersey.

Never been worn.

You know,
it's a shame to let things go to waste.

You know,
you can give away the man's clothes...

but that don't make him gone, right?

I ain't forget him.

You ain't been to see him
much neither, though.

-It's been hard.
-It's been hard?

It's been hard on him, too.

A lot of bad things
caught up in a man's head...

when he's on lock-down.
Man need to see his baby mama.

Need to see his child, too.

Only one thing he needs to be secure about,
and if not...

then he might start thinking
he can't do that time...

and then we all got problems.

You understand me?

How you set here?

The apartment, the car,
the money's all right?

-It's good.
-It's good?

I know it's good.

But you know what I'm talking about, right?

We all got a job to do, and your job
is to let D'Angelo know we still family.

It's important.

I'm an XL.

No doubt.

-Your round, Jimmy.

I'm gonna owe the baby-sitter
half my salary...

if I don't throw myself
out of here right now.

-You got kids?

-Daddy working late, too?
-Not a day in his goddamn life.

You barely made a dent.

Good night, gents.

-Good night.
-Good night.

-What's that about?
-I don't know.

Tell you what I'm gonna do.

-Solve the fucking case?
-Not a shot.

-I'm gonna give this one a name.
-A name?

She's not going
out to Crownsville, this one.

-Not on me, she's not.
-So what are you gonna do with her?

Pay for a box and a mortician
and ship her back to Bumfuck, Europe?

No, I'm gonna find where her people at.

How does that matter?
You see, this is that Catholic shit, Jimmy.

This is that little
altar-boy-guilt talking.

What the fuck I got to feel guilty about?

Let me count the ways.

Good morning, Major.

What the....

Wilmington? Son of a bitch!

-Ring, how's it hanging?

Not so good.

-Not right now.

I'm late on my dues. You know that, right?

You're late, yeah.

And I'm parking that piece-of-shit Buick
two blocks from the house...

hoping for a lazy repo man.

That bad?

I know you ain't been getting hours,
it's been slow.

Five days last month.

-That's all.
-Is that all?

Look, I got to shit or
get off the pot here.

-I'm gonna go with 47.
-Do me a favor.

Frank, you been fair,
I ain't saying otherwise.

It's just there's 60 checkers above me with
more seniority, and that's all she wrote.

Do me a favor.
Go down Clement Street tonight...

give this to Dolores,
tell her you need a beer and a shot on me.

Just do that much.
You have a round on me, you go home.

You wanna come in tomorrow, tell me
you're going with 47, I'm with you on it.


Lane 4, you got a trucker's code and tag.

Pick me a winner, Johnny.

-You're ugly enough to be a teamster.
-Lick me, you whore.

It'll be up on wheels. K-row, slot 1 22.

Roger that.

Look, misdelivery.

Can was supposed to go ashore at Norfolk.

-Yeah, where you want it?
-I'm gonna need it on wheels at K-1 22.

My man'll pick it up there. Thanks, Horse.

Wrong box, misdelivery.

No need to count, Butch.

-My shit always right.

Hearing is believing.

Boy'll meet you outside
when you ready to roll.

I'm ready now.

No, dog. Not from me you don't.

Later, Butchie.

Your man Avon ain't got no flex.

Afraid not.

Who you like better?
Ultimate Spiderman or regular Spiderman?

-What's the difference?
-See, I'll have to teach you everything.

Excuse me, gents.

What's up, man? How you liking the library?

It'll do.

It's easy on you.

I know a lot of people put in for the gig,
but the gig go to you.

Funny how that go.

So you want me to say thanks?

You ain't got to say shit.

But you need to take heed
of what can be done for you...

if you keep your head straight.

You're just full of favors, ain't you?

You shut your mouth and open your mind...

and you ain't gonna be doing
but a small piece of this 20.

Just like I'm only gonna do
a year or two on this seven.

-Feel me?
-I got priors.

Best I can do is half.
That's 10. I can count to 10.

Some shit is coming down, Dee, okay?
You need to think.

You need to trust,
and you need to get your head right.

Man, my head is where I want it.

-You look dusty lately.
-So what?

What, you my mom up in here now?

That's the weak man's road you're taking.

I ain't never seen you as weak.

Look, I'm just, you know,
every now and again.

That's all I got
to get my head up out of this shithole.

Ain't no more than that?
Because if that's all it is...

you should be able
to give it a rest for a few days.

-Because it ain't no thing, right?
-Yeah, it ain't no thing.

Then you gonna do that?

I'm asking you, man, out of love.

There's always love, Dee.

All right. Yeah.

A few days. Sure, a few days.


All right, what have you got?

All digital. Four megapix,
16 megs of memory...

3X optical, 4X digital zoom.
That's brand new on the market.

That's the Cadillac of cameras right there.

-How many?

-You are talking a big number.
-That's showtime. This ain't the WNBA.

I'm thinking with these features,
this brand...

I can get, maybe, $350 each at retail.

-All right, cool.
-Nope, not cool.


Yeah, I've been calling
some of the local chain stores.

You know, Best Buy, Circuit City.

This model goes for $550,
$500 when they're on sale.

Okay, $500.

-Times 400 units, that comes to--
-That's $200,000.

What are you looking for?

Twenty percent. There's three of us.

I want a woman with thin ankles.

But I'm going to go home tonight,
and there's going to be my wife.

Eight percent. $16,000.

That's over $5,000 apiece
for you and your friends.

$20,000. Upfront.

Because I like you.

Look at that.
It's a Kodak moment in the house.

I got to run this by my people.

They okay it, I'm going to give you a call.

All right, cool.

-Did you see that?

You gonna insult my ace,
you check-and-raise piece of shit?

-Fuck you, Augie, see it or fold.
-I'll see it and raise you back.

-Talk to me, Augie.

Where's the lieutenant?

He's on the street.

I'm not a politician.
I wouldn't even know how to count votes.

Maybe they know it's our time.


Too soon to call you Commissioner?

Excuse me one sec.

-You sent me humps.

You sent me a detail of humps, Ervin.

-We can discuss this tomorrow.
-No, I think we discuss it now...

or I'm gonna walk in there
and tell Santoni...

to vote against this goddamn coronation.

And more than that, I'm gonna talk
some shit to some of my friends...

about what happened
at the end of the Barksdale case.

You hear me on that?

The Barksdale case
was a successful prosecution.

Up until our people
tried to chase the cash, maybe.

We have a quorum, I believe.
Council members can take their seats now.

Tell you what, Deputy.
You probably still got enough votes...

but I can make it uglier than you want it.

What do you want, Stan?

I want a real detail,
with real police and a real unit commander.

Fine, done.

Give me that black lieutenant
that did Barksdale.

Daniels put in his papers.
He's gone, out the door.

Did he meet the pension board yet?
I suggest you talk to the man.

-I'll do what I can.
-Don't fuck with me, Erv.

I got as many friends
here in the hall as you do.

And with what I'm learning
about the Barksdale case...

I got all kinds of shit I can throw.

-Lock-down in 20.
-All right.

What's up, lce?

-You done with that Green Lantern?
-You can read it, but I want it back.

-You hit Dee?
-Dee ain't up.

Four hundred good cameras, Spiros.

Who brought them in?

The young stevedore, Niko,
and that idiot cousin of his.

And I think he uses, too.


I don't give a damn nothing about him.

Listen, I'm paying 10 cents
on the dollar for the cameras.

We're going to clear $180,000.

-What about Niko?
-He's smart.

Make the deal.

What the hell's wrong with you tonight?

-You're acting normal.

You know what, Dolores?
I made money today.

Yeah? What ship was in?

Hey, Zig.

Shot and a beer, Dolores.

Frank Sobotka says I needed it.


-What's this?
-Your change. Or so says Frank Sobotka.

-It ain't mine, for Christ's sake.

If you don't take it,
someone else is gonna.

Your pop's a good man, Zig.

Yo, up here!

T.C., what's up?

What's going on?

-They falling out, four that I seen.

What the fuck is going on?

Bad package. Hot shots.

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