The Wire (2002–2008): Season 1, Episode 12 - Cleaning Up - full transcript

Kima slowly recovers in hospital. Stringer changes operations in the pit and the towers, rendering the wiretaps and clones useless, and prompting Burrell to begin dismantling the detail. Avon and Stringer meet Levy to discuss where their organization is vulnerable. Unbeknownst to the detail, Wallace returns to the pit to resume work. When Prez starts pulling political campaign finance reports, Pearlman is called to a meeting with a worried State's Attorney, and an angry Clay Davis confronts Daniels. Meanwhile, Stinger issues a difficult order to Bodie and Poot. With Shardene's help, the detail are able to install a camera in the strip club.

How is she?

In and out of the morphine drip.

They got her stabilized is all I know.

Go on in.


Unfreeze your ass off that wall, then.

Either pay your respects
or get your head back into this case.

- Fuck this case.
- Fuck it?

You're just gonna call off your little crusade?

Is that what you think it was? A crusade?

Avon Barksdale was a way

to show everyone how smart I was

and how fucked up

the department is, that's all.

Just put Jimmy McNulty

up on your shoulders,

march him round the room,

break out the keg.

It was never about
Avon Barksdale, Lieutenant.

It was all about me.

You think I didn't know that?

You think we all didn't know?

Listen. This case is gonna
move forward with you or without you.

This case got her shot.

I put a battery up her ass

and got her thinking it meant something.

And you know what?

Burrell, Rawls, and them, they were right.

This case means exactly shit.

Well, I know it meant damn near nothing to me
when you came in beating the drum.

But now we got that woman in there,
that good police,

breathing through a fucking tube
because it meant something to her.

And the shooters who dropped Kima?
They're still in the wind.

And whoever sent those motherfuckers
into that alley, he needs to get got, too.

You can stand there dripping with
liquor smell and self-pity if you got a mind to,

but this case, it means something. Now.

If you walk through the garden

You better watch your back

Well, I beg your pardon

Walk the straight and narrow track

If you walk with Jesus

He'll save your soul

You gotta keep the devil

Down in the hole

All the angels sing

About Jesus' mighty sword

And they shield you with their wings

Keep you close to the Lord

Don't pay heed to temptation

For his hands are so cold

You gotta keep the devil

Way down in the hole

Way down in the hole

Way down in the hole

Way down in the hole

You hit them again?

I been calling all morning.

They ain't hit me back yet.

Damn, we gonna tap out by noon.

Yo, Poot! What we got over there?

200, maybe.

- Shit.
- (Distant shouting)

What the fuck is this?

What the fuck you think, nigger? Fish food.

Give me my shit.

Heads up.


I need your pagers.
All y'all, the whole crew.

- Who else?
- Sterling, Cass and Manny.

- Go get them shits.
- How am I gonna talk to my girl?

Talk to your hand.
That's the only girl you got.

No more. Get out of here.
Just get the fuck out of here, man.

No more pagers.
Touts, lookouts, off the air, all right?

Nobody gonna use these cellphones
except for you and Bodie,

and y'all don't say shit on these,
you understand?

We the only niggers that need them numbers.

Not your moms, not your girl, nobody.
You feel me?

You use these phones to set up a meet,
go to that meet and talk face to face, period.

- So no more payphones?
- You deaf? I said no phones.

How I'm gonna reach y'all?

All right, top number's for re-ups,

second number's for muscle.

You need me, hit me on the third number.

Learn them shits, then throw that shit away.

You doing this in the towers, too?

Doing it everywhere. Payphones is dead.

All right?


Yo, String. We need some re-up, man.

Re-up from where? You niggers ain't heard?
Narcos took the main stash.

Why the fuck you think we changing up?

Back the fuck up, young'un.
These shits ain't for you.

All right.

Cool. There you go.

There we go. All right.

The gift of corrected vision.

Compliments of the BPD.

Dang, y'all are focused.

What man wouldn't be?

Excuse me.

They been cleaning us for a few days.

- Last night they burned us all the way.
- I knew it. I fucking knew it.

- I'm in this motherfucker's head.
- Not a message since early morning.

I had to cut Prez loose.

- Send him down to Annapolis.
- For what?

State finance reports. I checked the stuff
here but Barksdale's money has legs.

Shit. All the work we did
to get up on this fucking wire.

You don't hit these guys
and expect them to stay in the pocket.

- They know they dropped a police.
- We need to change up, too.

Come on. Shardene. Honey, this is
Detective McNulty who's working with us.

She works at Orlando's,
helping us out there from time to time.

And now I think that she can see
well enough to match faces to voices.

Look, I'm not gonna lie to you.
I'm scared of this shit.

Time comes, though,
I know you gonna step up.

We need Pearlman
to approve her wearing a wire.

- Can I get a coffee?
- How do you take it?

I'll get it. A little cream, right?

Those narco motherfuckers
cleaned my shit out.

You can replace product and currency.

He right.

- We gotta focus on what's real here.
- All of this shit is real. All of it.

They wanna put me in a box.

I think what's important is to take stock.

Ask yourself what's
out there that can hurt you.

Where are you weak?
Where you need to clean up?

Think it through.

Start with Orlando, if Orlando rolled.

You know he talked about the club, at least.

That punk-ass nigger
ain't talk about shit else.

That's all he knew about. He wasn't with us.

We kept him on the outside.

So you walk away from the club.

You're not on the license,
you're not a listed owner.

- They can't make a connect.
- When did this shit start up?

About the time
that your nephew beat that charge.

When they found that witness with the lead
in his dome, the shit hit the newspapers.

But around that time,
the cops was on our shit.

The security guard
whose testimony sprung D'Angelo.

- Nakeisha Lyles?
- Bug-eyed ass bitch. But we hooked that up.

- So she can still hurt you, right?
- Yeah.

The point is anybody
who can hurt you can be put into play.

- The less I hear, the better.
- All right, yo.

Hey, yo, lock that door.

Lock that door.

So we got Bird and Bey.

Bird will stand tall.

He already in jail, and Bey about to go, too.

And Wee-Bey hard like a rock.

And we got Savino.

It ain't nothing but an Arm & Hammer charge.

He ain't gonna flip out
over a motherfucking three years.


Then we got that shit with Orlando,
and the only problem there was Little Man.


- Was.
- Was.

Who else?

It's over, your Wire's cold.

The court orders give me
a total of 90 days on five phones.

I'm doing the full 90.

You want to sit listening to a bunch
of broke-ass pay phones, have at it.

But you don't need
all that manpower to do it.

You want some bodies back,
I'll send a couple.

Hold on, Lieutenant.
I gave you those people.

I decide who comes back.

But feel free to speak your mind,
if it were up to you.

He asked you a question, Lieutenant.

I have no opinion. Take your pick.

What's the name of that
old detective from Pawnshop?

And that young one,
Valchek's braindead son-in-law.

Freamon, Pryzbylewski.

Keep them.

Send back Sydnor and Santangelo.

And, Lieutenant, if you want to do anything

beyond listening to those dead phones,

you need to brief me first. Hmm?

You did good, Cedric.

You play your cards right, all the work
you did over the past few months

will speak volumes for you.

Major Spurgeon says
he's retiring at the end of November.

- Opening up the Northwest Command.
- That's right.

Hi, Ronnie. Come in. Sit.

- Sheila, send Patrick in.
- Yes, sir.

- Anything up?
- With me?

Same shit, different file.

- How about the Barksdale thing?
- You got my office reports.

We're looking into a bug
in the man's nightclub.

Aside from that, you're doing what?

Pulling campaign finance reports for every
politician in the city of Baltimore, right?

I am?

We are?

And making calls to some contributors,

asking questions, doing background checks.

I don't know anything about this.

I mean, Ronnie,
where the fuck is all this going?

Those are public reports, right? I mean...

No one on that detail
has come to me for any kind of subpoena.

You got back-doored, too, huh? Well...

Just so there's no misunderstanding,
I want to give you this.

Copies of checks on the account
of my re-election committee

representing the return of five separate
contributions, totaling $4,500.

Also copies of the checks
from the donor are represented in there, too.

Kind of like Caesar's wife and all that shit.

The only thing that we could
come up with were those five checks.

I don't know those people,
and I don't know why they gave.

That money's gonna be
returned to the donors.

Guys, listen to me.

I don't know a fucking thing about anyone
looking at campaign contributions.

Be that as it may, this should make it clear
that our hands are clean.

I want you to take that back
to whoever's on the hunt

and I want you to tell them
they've got no quarrel with me.

What's up, String?

So y'all want to get with me?

We need to holler at your boy. You know,
the one that dimed on Omar's bitch.

Can't recall his name.

Which one?

The one that was at the Greek's that night.

- We paid him for the lookout.
- What y'all need him for?

What's it to you?

- You ain't got to worry about him.
- Say what?

- He's gone, he's out the game.
- Out the game?

The man asked you a simple question.

I don't mean y'all no disrespect.
You know I don't.

I am sitting here telling you
that the boy is out the game.

Even if he wasn't out the game,
he wouldn't be no problem.

Well, you know we just want to talk to him, D.


let the boy be.

Just let him be.

(Thumping music)


Honey, just leave the damn thing alone.

- Where'd you get these, man?
- Prevas.

Broadway market?

- Best chili dogs in the city.
- No, man, not even.

I'll give you ten bucks
if you can name a better dog.

- George's on Light Street.
- The Greek joint?

That closed when you were
still sucking on your mama's nipples.

My mama's nipples?
I was sucking on them last night.

You owe me ten.

I said name a better dog
you can have today, not in history.

You go get that dog right now.

- You cannot go get that now.
- You said the best fucking dog.

Can you please keep it down?

I can't hear a goddamn thing!

(Woman) You'd know how much I got
if you laid something on me.

- You like that freeze?
- If you holding.

I'm fixing to be.
That's why I'm here, you know?

'To discuss some things.'

When you done discussing, you come back.

All right, then.
Hold that pose right there, shorty.

I'm gonna hook you up with some uncut.

Y'all niggers talk too damn much, man.

Who the fuck is she? Housing police?

No, she's one of them civilians
they got doing security.

- Housing cops wear the grey uniforms.
- So she's not armed or nothing.

Do she look it?

You leaving early?

I was early, I worked the lunch crowd.

She's out.


Scraps. What we want is in that office.

There's no reason for Shardene
to be in there long enough for us to get it.

- Take it out, I can't do this any more.
- You won't have to.

I think they'll look at me and know.
I need to quit.

I don't need you wearing
this wire, all right, honey?

L just need you to go in there
and do one more thing.

Oh, look at this country nigger.

- Damn, Wallace.
- Wally!

He kept crying till I sent him bus money.

All right. I just got tired
of that same old country scenery.

It was just too slow for me.

But did you get some of that country ass?

If he did, it was on four legs.

Nigger, they got no farms down there, man.
They did have some Bamas though.

They got their Saturday night
shit down at Sears.

- They was like...
- You were about to cry. You got diehards?

- These Timbs.
- Yeah, they Timbs.

I can see the tree on the side of them.

So you gonna put me back on the money?

Hold. Look, if we do put you back on,
you have to start as lookout, man.

You lost your spot
when you bucked town, dawg.

A real man would stay with his people.

He wouldn't run at the first sight of blood.

Y'all can still holler Five-0, right?

If he want back on the money,

he back on the money. If he want it.

My man might be thinking of going back

to Edmondson like we talked about, right?

Come on, nigger, let's walk.

Dawg, you ain't cornholed
no animal for real, did you?

- Go ahead, Poot.
- You're stupid.

Don't be fucking with my Sean John.

- So who caught it?
- Garvey.

He knows about the witness angle

but he doesn't want to run it up
until he knows more.

Why ace Nakeisha Lyles now?

Now they know we're for real.

Avon's cleaning the house all the way.

First the phones go dead and then anyone
he thinks we might be able to flip.

What about the boy?

Fuck me.

We took him to the shore Friday.

The plan was to bring him back up
for the Grand Jury.

- What happened?
- Greggs got shot.

Trooper Reese?

This is Lieutenant Daniels,
Baltimore Department.

Can someone go near Cambridge and
check on a kid we got stashed down there?

- 'Call him.'
- There's no phone.

- 'Can you hang on?'
- I'll hold.

Have Sydnor pull a car from motor pool.

We get the kid here. He sleeps on my sofa
and we Grand-Jury him in the morning.

- What about your stripper?
- The woman's got heart.

I mean, I want her protected.
No more bodies, hear?

I got room at my place,
she can lay up with me.

- I got no problem with that.
- Remember who you are, Detective.

Protect and serve, Lieutenant.
Protect and serve.

I'm saying, this here game,
it ain't gonna work for you no more, man.

You leaving, you stirred up some shit.

- I'm saying it ain't your fault.
- D, look.

I appreciate what you trying to say and all,
but I grew up in the courts, all right?

I been with them niggers since forever.

I guess this is home, right?

You ain't hearing me, Wallace.

You ain't hearing me.

Anybody asks you whether you in this game,
you tell them you in it for life, all right?

Play it hard, play it tight and make sure
niggers know you stand by your people.

No loose talk,
no second thoughts, and no snitching.

Play it like that.

(Horn blares)


- What you doing down in the PJs? Lost?
- I'm looking for you.

You know I be down here working.

A working man got to eat.

- My favorite spicy fish cakes?
- On the saltines with the mustard.

You gonna make me cry, you know.

I need to get up out of here and get back to it.

- You be safe.
- You, too.

All right.

This here.

Sterling's, baby, we're about to feast.

What the hell is Sterling's?

Sterling's on 29th Street?
Don't you know nothing?

Shit, if it ain't up
on the Westside, I don't know shit.

Cos this shit, this is me, yo, right here.

Who was that, your new girl or something?

No, nigger, that's my mom.

You know Senator Davis?

No, sir.


Clay wanted to meet you,
see if there was any help he can offer.


Your people are apparently
pulling finance reports

and checking up on some of the contributors.

I wanted to reassure you on that front.

I'm not involved in drugs, Lieutenant.


And this business with the senator's driver.

- Mr. Price, Damien.
- Day-Day.

This er... This business with Mr. Price,
this is a misunderstanding

that is really of no concern to the police.

We hid $20,000 of cash on him

delivered out of a project tower
by a known drug suspect.

The money was
banded and manicured by denomination.

This is...

There's no crime here.

That was money that Damien already had
on him when he drove to Franklin Terrace.

Money from a cash-bar fundraiser
the previous weekend.

We filed an amended
finance report that shows that...


There's no probable cause
for a search of Mr. Price.

I think we are in agreement on that.

No, there was PC for the search.

You're saying you have evidence
that a senatorial aide is involved in drugs?

I'm saying we had reason
to stop Mr. Price and search him,

after which we discovered
$20,000 in cash, in banded, manicured bills.

That's all I'm saying.

Explain to this motherfucker
just what it is he's doing here.

- Lieutenant Daniels?
- Excuse me, sir.

But it's pretty basic.

If the senator is not involved in anything
illegal then he doesn't need to worry.

I can't be any clearer about it than that.

Fool, what do you think?

That we know anything
about who gives money?

That we give a damn about
who they are or what they want?

We have no way of running down
them or their stories.

We don't care. We just cash the damn
checks, count the votes, and move on.

Anything else, Deputy Burrell?


You need to put his ass
on a foot post so far out in the sticks

that he's gonna see
the Philadelphia cops walking towards him.

Now you just ain't talking to me now, Erv.

You talking to the Mayor,
the city caucus, the state central committee.

And right now,
you got your hand in our pocket.



18 with a bullet, baby.

Detective Sergeant Hauk
reporting for duty, sir.

And the best part? Carver's 37.

You know, it helps
if you know them by the numbers.

It makes you sound more professional.

Fucking Carver. He gets back from training,
he's gonna kiss the stripes.

I'm gonna make him kiss the stripes.

- Congratulations.
- Thank you, sir. Appreciate it.

- Sergeant Hauk?
- God help us.

- Daniels.
- 'Daniels, this is Trooper Reese.

'Grandmother says this kid's
been gone two days.'

Wallace is out of pocket. Two days.


Ain't no re-up in the towers, neither?

No. Shop dead, yo.

- What up, man?
- Same old, same old.

What's up with that boy?

Oh, man. He just a punk, that's all.

D put him back on count though.

Word? I heard he was out the game.

He was, but he back now.

Where he been at?

Down his granny house, he says.

His granny.

I heard he damn near shit his pants when

he saw what happened to Omar's bitch.

He just ain't built for this, you know.
His heart pump Kool-Aid.

Right. What about you?

You built for this shit?

No doubt.

You ready to put the work in?

You got heat?

All right, soldier.

It's clear upstairs.

- No extension cords. No juice boxes.
- No Wallace.

Dang, boy, Chink Bob's
never be putting no napkins in the bag.

Motherfucker. Napkins expensive and shit.

So is my money.

All right, come on, go. Something to eat?

Y'all know what's here.

Y'all need to get up in this Chinese food
cos I'm looking needy right about now.

What you listening to?
Hold up, take them plates first.

Big Tymers, their new video
on 106th and Park.

- 106th and Park?
- The joint is vicious.

- What they call you?
- Buff, cos I got the stuff.

You got the stuff? You need to get up
in these egg rolls or something.

Any word on the kid?

I rolled around Cambridge
all night with his B of I.

If he's down there, he ain't got no profile.

We got lookouts to every car.

We're trying for an address on his mother.

- Detective.
- Lieutenant.

Wire's dead so we've been ordered
to begin sending bodies home.

Sydnor, we have a little longer
because Cantrell still owes me.

- You OK with Rawls?
- I gave him his clearance, right?

What's he gonna do to me?

Keep it warm, Sanny.

What's that?

- Plans for Orlando's. The upper floors.
- This is the property next door.

- How'd you get them so quick?
- costar.

Plan is to get a remote mike into the office.
Maybe even some fiber optics.

Only we don't know where Avon's office is.

Which is where Shardene helps us out.

Is she gonna take out a tape
and ask Avon to hold the other end?

Ain't none of y'all been in the military?

How do you learn a 30-inch, quick-time?

Draft-dodging peace freaks.

- Get me a ruler and some string.
- Why me?

Why? Why?

- Because the man said so, that's why.
- Wallace ain't no snitch.

Man, how you know?
How you know where he been running to?

He was getting high. I've seen him cop.

He probably went down
to the shore to clean that shit up.

Man, if he using, then you know
he ain't reliable. Come on, think.

Look, the man gave the word, all right?
We either step up or we step the fuck off.

That's the game.

That's the fucking game.


You ever hear of an elected official
in Baltimore giving money back?

Whatever you're doing
scared my boss shitless.

He calls me in and hands me that.

Forgive me for prying
into the details of our investigation.

I know, it's annoying.
But what the hell are you guys doing?

Is that Avon's money?

Eastside addresses but maybe Barksdale
has fronts we don't know about.

- State's Attorney's returning this?
- Fast as he can.

Y'all are stirring some shit here.
Why didn't you tell me?

Aren't you better off that we didn't?

I remember my mom used to bring me here.

We used to go to Fruit Fantasy.

Orange soda, some shit like that?

No, these were fresh.

My mom poured Bacardi in hers though.

- Wasn't much she didn't pour it into.
- Talking about her like you're still a kid.

I got to thinking on her.

Your ass ain't got
to be hard all the goddamn time.

Soft link break the chain.

What are you, a boy or a man?

I'm a man.

So what are we gonna do, man,
go have some fun?

OK, on this floor.
It's the second room from the rear.

The stairs start 30 paces from the front.
There's 24 stairs, about a foot each.

When you get to the top floor, it's eight
paces to the door of the dressing room

and another 10 to the back room.

80 to 110 in from the front.

The third floor of this building is vacant.

Otherwise we'd need a warrant.

- $15.
- Here take $10.

- $15.
- Motherfucker, I don't see no meter.

Get the fuck out of here.

(Whirr of drill)

It's 2:30 in the morning.

Easy now. Hole only needs
to be as big as your finger.

Not those sausage fingers you got.

You know what big hands mean.

You know what big hands mean, right?

Lieutenant, I just pulled a fresh address
for Wallace's mother.

We're OK here.

Where y'all at?

All right, when I find y'all, y'all gonna get it.

You better come out now.

Where y'all at?

Look, I'm not even playing
with y'all right about now.

You hear me?

Game over. Where the fuck y'all at?

When I find y'all, I'm beating your asses.
Now where y'all at?

Don't let me find y'all.

Check this, Poot.
Little Man left his player and shit.

Yo, man, you...

You a weak-ass nigger, man.

You should've stayed down
in the country, man.

Y'all my niggers, Yo-

You fucking brought this on yourself.

- We boys!
- You brought this on yourself.

Why it gotta be like this?

You my niggers from BC, remember that?

Come on, wetting your fucking pants,
like you a little boy.

Be a man!
Stand up like a motherfucking man.

- Y'all my niggers.
- You said you a fucking man. Stand up.

That's us, man.

Do "w, goddamn“, 'fi you...

(Wallace groaning)

(Soul music plays)

Darcia Wallace?
We're looking for your son.

Thought you might know his whereabouts.

Where-a-who? Shit, I be looking for that
smart little nigger, too. Boy took me for $10.

- Recently?
- (Man) What's going on?


Couple of police interrupting me,
while I'm trying to get my drink on.

- Your son might be in danger.
- He will be if he shows up.

Snatched that $10 out my purse.

- I'll slap the bright out his eyes.
- Here's my card.

You run into him, you call me.

(Footsteps over TV)

- 'Y'all got a tape?'
- 'Over there, man.'

'All right, let's see what we got here.'

He's packing shit up.

'What you scratching your head for, man?

'How y'all get the safe in here,
and you can't get it out?'

Just dial 911 and talk to whoever pick up.

Don't say your name or nothing.

Just say there's been an animal hurt inside
the house and then you hang up.

'What up? So what do you need from me?'

'I need you to run up to NYC
to pick up a little something.'

'Look, I know we tapped and all.

'Everybody waiting on the re-up,
but I never made that run before.'

I feel like I don't have that many people
around me I could really trust.

Not like I can kin. You follow me?

- All right?
- How much is it?

We just need to maintain.

Put out enough
so we can keep hem of them towers.

- When?
- Tonight.

All right.

- 'What am I driving?'
- 'A rental, nothing flash.'

'Where from?'

'I don't know where from, man,
one of those places by the airport.'

- 'Yeah.'
- We got something real.

- 'I'm on my way.'
- All right.


- Which one?
- The rental there, the Taurus.

I gotta say, Lieutenant,
you got mad suction with the federales.


Yeah, Daniels.




Poor fucking kid.

With Wallace gone,
that's Stringer out of the box.

He was in there changing his fucking clothes.

You believe that?

Boy had to get himself correct.

We're on. No need for an eyeball.
Let the satellite do the work.

How about I call my lawyer, have him explain
that whole profiling thing to you?

Mr. Barksdale, our tollbooth cameras
have you on the GW Bridge at 23:10 hours,

then re-entering the turnpike
at the same exit 35 minutes later.

Why did you drive all the way
to New York for half an hour?

Step out of the car, sir.
Keep your hands where I can see them.

Turn around, face the car, hands on the roof.

- Are you carrying any weapons, sir?
- No.

- Knives, any needles?
- No.

Any illegal substances I should know about?

OK. Spread your legs back.

Spread your legs back more.

OK, slowly bring
your right arm around your back.

Now bring the other one.

- Remember me?
- Lawyer.

Easy. We're just getting started.

- Lawyer, motherfucker.
- OK, so you're hard, but guess what?

- I could give a fuck.
- You? I'm tired of your games.

You want me to write a letter,
or some shit like that?

No game we need to run.
You're popped with a kilo of uncut.

Not that you messed up.
You did everything right.

Speed limit, turn signals, working tail-lights.

Question you gotta ask is
how'd those troopers know to pull you over?

Someone else fucked up.
You following me?

But it's you they're gonna blame
and you who's gonna do the jolt.

- Lawyer.
- That'd be Levy, right?

He's getting paid by your uncle, is that right?

He's looking out for your interests.

More than you.


I ain't saying another damn thing

to nobody but my lawyer.

Oh, by the way, your boy Wallace,
shot dead in the low-rises.

That's how y'all take care of your own, right?

You're a lying motherfucker.

So what?
You want me to write a letter to his mom, too?

Get the fuck out of here.

(Woman) You didn't have
to send him the way you did.

In one car?
He should've been trailing a mule.

95 or on the train, it don't make no difference.
He shouldn't have been alone.

- Look here, Brianna.
- Ain't you ever heard of a trap-car?

You send my son to New York
in a motherfucking rental

and let him ride
with that package in the trunk?

- I'm sorry.
- That won't bring him out of prison.

Better make sure that Jew lawyer of yours
earns his money, huh, eh?

- D'Angelo has to do his part.
- Meaning what?

You like the car you driving in, right?

You like this crib?
I put you in this crib. You like it?

We all got a lot to protect here.
You need to remind him of that.

So when it come down to it,
he can stand up tall.

You ain't gotta worry about my child.

I raised that boy, and I raised him right.

It wasn't me who fucked up.

Really? So who did?
Why the fuck are we here?

All you need to do is
keep your head through the bail hearing.

- We've got a shot at bringing you home.
- Then what? Huh?

Who gonna take the weight
for all the shit in the trunk of that car?

Where's Wallace at?

Where's the boy, String?

D'Angelo, shut your mouth.

Where's Wallace?

That's all I want to know.

Kid, you'd better think.

Where the fuck is Wallace?

Huh, String? String?

Look at me. Look at me!

Where the fuck is Wallace?

I don't want
this motherfucker representing me.

I'm gonna get my own man.

So just get back in your car

and get the fuck back down south.

All right, you stupid motherfucker.
You made your decision.

I made my decision. Where's Wallace at?

Where the fuck is Wallace? Where's Wallace?

String! Where the fuck is Wallace?

(D'Angelo) God damn!

Bring him in, you're done.


We have the charge whenever we want it.

Why not stay up on the bug in his office?

The bug you didn't brief me about.

I thought your little bird told you everything
we did a minute after we did it.

One of ours got hurt.
That should mean something.

We're hunting her shooters and
by the grace of God and your good work,

we've got a viable case on our main target.

Just charge Barksdale
with the attempt purchase from New York

and bring it all home.

What about Stringer?
He slipped off the hook when we lost the boy.

We've done all we can.

Are you hearing me?

These are the people responsible

for dropping a police.

Not just the shooters,

but ones who make the dirt happen.

I'm trying to put them down for real,

not for some short-time bit.

That all you trying to do?

If it is, how is it you have people pulling

campaign records and finance reports?

The fuck has that

got to do with anything?

The money is part of my case.

I was willing to say otherwise,

to let your friends
hide some of that dirt, but not now.

You want to talk about dirt? Have at it.

Talk about your Eastern district days.

Talk about what was going on

when you ran wild in the DEU.

That's just talk.

Just talk?

FBI field reports.

You came into a lot of money, quick.

And you can go to jail just as quick
if I start asking the right questions.

This case ends, or you are done.

Hell, I don't even need you
to lock up Barksdale.

I'll have your major debrief your detectives
and type the warrants himself.

This case is done.

You do what you feel.

You wanna pull Avon in on half a case?
You go ahead.

You wanna put my shit in the street?

Feel free.

But the Eastern had a lot of stories.

Mine ain't the only one.

A lot of people came through that district.

If you were gonna do me,

I'd already be done.

But there ain't nothing you fear more

than a bad headline now, is there?

You'd rather live in shit

than let the world see you work a shovel.

You can order warrants, and I'll serve them.

But as long as I have days left

on those dead wires, this case goes on.

Yo, look at these Delta Force
motherfuckers, man.

- Look at them.
- All right.

- What's up with Levy?
- He said he gonna meet us down there.

I still didn't get this safe out of here yet, man.
How much money in it?

- $150,000.
- $150,000.

Open it up, man.
No sense in ruining a good safe.

This isn't as much fun
as I thought it would be.

The SWAT love to break out their toys.

Do they think it's Tony Montana?
They probably haven't touched a gun in years.

Fuck this shit.

You and me, Lieutenant.

(Man) What units are in the alley?

Any sightline to the rear door?

10-4, who has the roof?

We're gonna move in on my command.
Everyone stand by.

We're not gonna need your men today.

- Now wait a minute.
- My case. Back your men off.

Catch you later.

It's good.

Barksdale's wearing bracelets.

Still no Wee-Bey, no Little Man?

No, nothing there.

This is the best work I ever did. I never
did a case like this. But it's not enough.

I gotta go back to Auto
tomorrow morning and...

- I just feel like this just ain't finished.
- Detective.