The Who Was? Show (2018): Season 1, Episode 8 - Marie Curie & Harry Houdini - full transcript

She was a scientist who could speak five languages. He was an illusionist who was born to entertain. No "magic" involved - just lots of hard work.

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Today's episode's about
Marie Curie and Harry Houdini.

Marie Curie's a famous scientist

-and won two Nobel Prizes.
-Houdini was a great magician,

and both are about
hard work and dedication.

Houdini will have magic tricks.



Some trick, huh?
You'll never guess how I pulled that off.

-Were you there all morning?
-Since last night. It's worth it.

-You do that 'cause we're doing Houdini?
-Are we? Great. I love magic. Watch.

Is this your card?

- Other way.
- We didn't draw cards.

I'm learning,
but that would've been yours.

Oh, boy. Let's get this show started.
You'll wanna clean out that trunk.

Ooh, saltwater taffy.

♪ They were more than
Just some famous names ♪

♪ They were brilliant, brave
A bit insane ♪

♪ And against all odds
They changed the game ♪

♪ What was going on inside their brains? ♪

♪ These are not your average Joes ♪

♪ They did stuff the whole world knows ♪

♪ They're the superstars
Of The Who Was Show ♪

♪ This is The Who Was Show ♪

♪ This is The Who Was Show ♪

Who was Marie Curie?

Born in 1867, Curie dedicated
her life to chemistry and physics

and was the first female professor
at Sorbonne University.

No easy feat.

Her life's work was conducting
research on radioactivity.

I discovered two radioactive elements,
polonium and radium.

Uh, don't touch that.

I absolutely shouldn't.
But its glow is so mesmerizing.

And you know what's more mesmerizing?
Me, the great Harry Houdini.

Ladies and gentlemen,
a round of applause for Marie Curie.

Sure, two Nobel Prizes.
Owned a lot of handcuffs.

-I'm the opening act.
-All right.

I've seen this show before.
I know how it works.

A person stands here,
and a narrator talks.

But I want to change that.
Let's make this show exciting.

Get my whole life story
so I can entertain,

because that's what I was born to do.
Roll it.

Citizens of Milwaukee, Wisconsin,
I am the Amazing Erik Weisz.

Behold as I fly through the air.

-Wow, you ought to be in a circus.
-No. I've got bigger plans.

Theo, my dear brother, from now on,
I will be known as Harry Houdini.

I run the best theaters.
I've got big plans for you.

I like the way this guy thinks.

Bigger. Bigger. Bigger.


-You're the greatest magician.
-And I've got bigger plans.

That was my plan.


This film is rated P
for Poland.

Search for knowledge
is never easy.

It takes someone driven
who can speak five languages.

Someone like me, Marie Curie.

As a girl in Poland, I loved learning.
Russians didn't like that.

-Speaking Polish language. Learning.

-Polish sausage.

-Girls learning science?
-Illegal. Thanks. We forgot.


You like learning.
I'm with flying university,

an elite team of women learning in secret.
Are you in?

Who Was Pictures presents,

from the creators of Ye Bachelorette,
The Fast & the Curie-ous.

I will do anything for knowledge.
I will endure any hardship.

Are you okay?

I haven't eaten.
I've never been happier.

I will not be defeated.

Graduating first in our class at France's
prestigious Sorbonne University is...

a girl?

I am not a girl. I'm Marie Curie.

Welcome. You are about to experience
the Metamorphosis.

Joining me is my lovely wife, Bess.
When we met, it was love at first sight.


-First, Bess will handcuff me.
-You're under arrest

-for stealing my heart.
-Ah. She loves that joke.

Now I'll climb into this bag
inside this trunk. Tie it tightly.

Now I'll close the trunk and lock it up.

Don't try this at home, kids.

And now, prepare to be amazed
by the magic of Houdini and me, Bess,

as we raise the curtain up, and...

-Voilà, it's me, Houdini.

But where is Bess? Drumroll, please.

Could she be in this very trunk?

The same trunk you saw me get into?

In the same bag I was tied?

In the same handcuffs? No way.

-Yes way.
-Now you're under arrest,

-for stealing the spotlight.
-He loves that joke.

-A magician never reveals secrets.

You'll lie awake for a hint
as to how this was accomplished.

Oh. There's a fake back
to the trunk, a hole in the bag.

There's videos about it on the Internet.

Magicians' lives were better
before the Internet. Let's go.

You didn't disappear.


Mr. Houdini, an honor to meet you.

-My pleasure.
-I'm working on a trick.

-Can I try it?

Great. I am thinking of a number
between one and 1 million.

-What is it?

-That's strange. I am thinking of 12 now.

-That was real magic.
-Now it's my turn.

-Watch as I escape from this conversation.

That's not good.
I can see you walking away.

- Hey, Ron.
- Yes. Hi.

Know what number
I'm thinking of? Twelve.

- That's wild, right?
- Yeah.

We had a question for you.

-Go. I got nothing to do.
-It's scientific elements.

We were confused.
Hoping you'd clear it up.

-Scientific elements?

I'd love to help, but I'm so busy all day.

I got cheesesteak, handlebar, crayon.

Hey, uh, ask this guy.

It is I, the Explanationator,
master of explaining things.

-Hey, could you help us--?
-Ah-ah. Not before we sing the song.

♪ Oh, who is the man
Who has all the answers? ♪

The Explanationator.

♪ Who is the man
Everyone loves to have around? ♪

Explanationator. Explanationator.

♪ Has the knowledge
Smart as a college ♪

♪ The Explanationator is our man
Boom, boom ♪

-What can I explanationate for you?

Uh, help us figure out
what an element is.

Pull down my explanationating screen.
Oh, it has a song.

-No, please.


-This is the periodic table of elements.
-Those squares represent elements?

-Indeed. What's an element?
-We need you to explanationate.

Wrong. Elements are substances that can't
be broken down into smaller substances.


They are the basic building blocks
of everything.

When combined, they make things.
For example, water is made up

of two elements, hydrogen and oxygen.

Okay, but hydrogen is just one element.

Correct. And oxygen is one element.

Oxygen. Put these two together
and, kabloosh, water.

-Thanks. That cleared things up.
-Great. What else?

-I think we're good.
-Anything else you need explained?

- Nope.
- Totally okay.

- Learn how to make particle board?
- No.

This preview has been approved.

Science thought it had seen
the last of Marie Curie.

Science was wrong.

But this time, I need help.

Pierre Curie,
you discovered quartz crystals

can hold a charge.
Ready to get back in the game?

-Do I seem ready?
-Marry me.

Who Was Pictures presents...

We're using this dump
as a laboratory?

At least we've got a roof.

And a skylight.

From the team that brought you
Ben Franklin's Kite Sketch...

-This rock shouldn't have radioactivity.

Radioactivity. The word I invented
for energy rays. Keep up.

-Marie, did you discover a new element?
-No. I discovered two.

2 Fast 2 Curie-ous.

We need to find radium.

By stirring rocks
to separate elements.

So, buckle up, it's science time.

I did this for three years.

Sweden says they wanna send us
a Nobel Prize. Comes with a lot of money.

Skip the ceremony.
Tell them to send the money.

2 Fast 2 Curie-ous.

Hey, Harry.

Yes, Marie?

I discovered two elements.
How about you?

Just one. The element of surprise.

I should explain.
Surprise isn't an element.

Step right in. It's showtime.

Prepare to be amazed.

Cool. Card tricks?

Indeed. Using only my hands and a deck
of cards, I can work wonders. Look.

A great magician performs
through showmanship.

I use my voice to distract you, or wave
a hand, while my other hand does things.

The important thing is to bewilder.

If it goes flawlessly,
I leave you amazed and entertained.

-Oh, witchcraft.
-What's more amazing, the trick or that

you have the hands
of a woman?

-Those weren't your hands.

-I shouldn't tell you.

But it's also pretty amazing.

To do my card trick,
I unroll my magic mat.

It makes it easier
to move the cards.

I get a deck of cards
and wipe my hands.

I saw Cassandra, the Songstress of Magic,
and realized that she could do the trick.

I positioned her at the table
while I worked on needlepoint.


-I didn't see that.

- It wasn't your hands.
- Magic.

Excuse me, I have to go prepare
for my next illusion.

It's Marie Curie.

I named the element I discovered,
polonium, after Poland.

And I named the second, radium,
after my high school boyfriend, Ray.

I kid. I'm kidding.

Rated RS
for radiation sickness.

We were on top of the world.
Science's celebrity couple.

But it couldn't last forever.

Do your bones feel weak?
Are we overdoing it with radium?


From the creators of
Keeping Up with the Antoinettes...

Marie, I have some bad news.

Pierre was hit, and was
too weak to get up. I'm sorry.

You did this to him.

We should clean that.
It's dangerous.

Life throws up roadblocks,
and all you can do...

is drive through them.

Marie Curie has won
her second Nobel Prize.

She skipped out on the last ceremony.
I assume she won't be at--

-Marie, you're here.
-I'll take the money and the medal.

I'm Marie Curie.
You can kick me out of school.

You can doubt me,
kill me with exposure to radiation.

In fact, decades of exposure to radiation
is what will get me.

The Fate of the Curie-ous.

- Harry Houdini.
- What an honor it was to be on this show.

And now for my final trick of the evening,
I command Professor Curie to levitate.

Astounding, isn't it?
How does Houdini do it?

-As with anything Houdini does,

-it's not real magic. It's a trick.
-You're not much of an assistant.

I learned from the swamis
of the Himalayas.

Through sheer concentration,
the molecules of the body become lighter.

Many molecules
are lighter than air.

Water vapor, methane, ammonia,
but not human body molecules.

So, what she's saying
is that there's no explanation.

-It's simply magic.
-That's not what I'm saying.

On-stage, you use wires and trickery.

-But magic was never--
-Higher and higher she goes.

This is just a camera trick.
They use two cameras--

And up and out of the picture

where we no longer hear
what she says.

Thank you. Good night.

Heh. That was a camera trick.

-Okay, ready to record?
-Affirmative from Daryl Denim.

I'll press record,
and let's make some magic.

When you record the duo of Daryl
Denim and Debra, magic's all you get.

It's not just the singing that's magic,
but we sing about magic.

-You only sing songs about Houdini?

You might remember our song,
"The Day Magic Was Born."

Or our hit about Houdini's childhood,
"Magic's Growing Up."

Or our song about Houdini's career,
"Magic Is Doing Magic."

I get it.
Songs about Houdini's life.

Here's our latest. Five, six, seven.

♪ A punch, a punch
A punch, a punch ♪

♪ It was a punch that killed Houdini ♪

Wait. You're singing a song
about how Houdini died?

The only part
we haven't done a song on.

It's called
"The Day Magic Got Punched."

♪ A punch, a punch, a punch, a punch
It was a punch that killed Houdini ♪

♪ Well, well, no, no, no ♪

♪ A punch, a punch, a punch, a punch ♪

♪ It was a punch that killed Houdini ♪

-That's the whole song?
-There isn't more.

Houdini died because he was punched
in the stomach.

Turns out his appendix burst
and he died.

-That's so sad.
-It was a punch that killed Houdini.

I get it. Just a real bummer way
to end the show.

-It's a true story.
-Sorry, everybody.

Like to hear our song
when Houdini had the flu?

♪ The flu, the flu
The flu, the flu ♪

♪ The day the magic got the flu ♪

♪ The flu, the flu, the flu, the flu
The day the magic got the flu ♪

All right, let's talk through this show.
What did we learn?

-Why are you wearing that?
-To escape, like Houdini.

See my amazing escape
after you say what you learned.

Uh, I learned science and magic
demand precision to get results.

And hard work. Nothing's easy.

Great. You earned the right
to see my amazing escape.

-Yeah, Ron?

-Unbuckle the straitjacket.
-But if I undo it...

-You're ruining the suspense.
-Let's take a look. Um...

- Mm-hm.
- Okay.

Aha. Ta-da!

Do not ask me how.
I never reveal my secrets.

You will forever be mystified
and confused by The Amazing Ronzini!

-We're confused. But thank you, Ronzini.
-Thank you, but I'm Ron now.

-The act is over. Thanks.

How did the show go?

I would call the show radioactive.

That's a good thing.

What do you think of
Harry Houdini?

If there's a Nobel Prize for getting
out of boxes, give it to him.

Is it true you did
all your own car noises?

Vroom, vroom, vroom!

- What did you think of the show?
- Sorry, Houdini isn't here.

But Ben Franklin is here.

No, wait. This isn't Ben Franklin.

It's Amelia Earhart.

Or perhaps I'm George Washington.

I'm not supposed to be here
until the next episode. Ta-da!

That was amazing.

How's sharing an episode
with Marie Curie?

-I don't know. Why don't you ask her?
-Enough with the tricks.