The Who Was? Show (2018): Season 1, Episode 7 - Susan B. Anthony & Frida Kahlo - full transcript

These two pioneering women were passionate souls who changed art and politics by doing what they loved. And sometimes wearing (gasp!) pants in public.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Can't chat, busy.
I'm a man on a mission.

- Hey, Ron, check this out.
- That's great. Believe me, Brucie,

I'd love to chat,
but I have important business.

-No problem.
-Some days

I can stop and see what's going on.
Not today.

-Got it.
-I'll check my calendar.

Yeah, definitely have plans today.
But tomorrow,

I'm not busy and I can talk.

-Can't wait.
-Okay. Tomorrow.

-I have a complaint.
-You're related to you.

Wouldn't that be something? Jeez. No.

I've noticed none of my suggestions
make it onto the show. Brucie?

The people you suggest aren't real.

We wanna feature Susan B. Anthony.

-What? That's not a real person.
-I am Susan B. Anthony.

I was real. I spent my life fighting
for all people's voices to be heard.

-I can help.
-I have a suggestion for the show.

It's only fair we hold a vote.
Who do you suggest, Ron?

Mr. Potato Head.
Not the toy. I'm not a nut.

A guy I know whose head is like a potato.
You can give him glasses and a mustache.

The real Mr. Potato Head
has been suggested for the show.

-All in favor, say, "Aye."

Your idea was voted down.

He really needed this. It's not easy
to have a head like a potato.

Thanks for allowing me to be heard.

-What's your name?
-Still Susan B. Anthony.

Mrs. Still-Susan B. Anthony,
let's have you on the show.

-Today, in fact.

Finally. Thanks, everybody.

Ooh, marshmallows.

♪ They were more than just
Some famous names ♪

♪ They were brilliant, brave
A bit insane ♪

♪ And against all odds
They changed the game ♪

♪ What was going on inside their brains? ♪

♪ These are not your average Joes
They did stuff the whole world knows ♪

♪ They're the superstars
Of The Who Was Show ♪

♪ This is The Who Was Show ♪

♪ This is The Who Was Show ♪

Who was Susan B. Anthony?

-Tell them, sister.
-I'm not a sister.

Do it anyway.

Born in 1820, into a poor Quaker family,
Susan B. Anthony fought

-for the rights of women and minorities.
-Equality for all.

She believed everyone should have
a voice in how the country was governed.

America should be for everyone.
Never stop the fight. Never.

Her efforts led to the 19th Amendment
which gave women the right to vote.

-Introduce another woman.
-Whoa, lady. You certainly are demanding.

I'm sorry. My bun is too tight.

Who was Frida Kahlo?

Born in Mexico in 1907, Frida Kahlo
suffered lifelong illness and disability

-on her way to becoming a famous painter.
-Stop. I cannot stand these bare walls.

I must improve them.

She hoped to be a doctor. After an
accident, she found a different calling.

-Much better.
-She is an icon of women's rights

and the first 20th Century Mexican woman
to have art hung in the Louvre Museum.

I'd love to chat, but I must catch
a rickety old bus that'll change my life.


It's been months
since a bus accident confined me.

But worse than all the pain
is the loneliness.

-I have bad luck with doctors.

How you feeling?
Still cranky about the crash?

Let's take a look.

The pain of my bus accident at age 18

helped me forget
having polio when I was 6.

-I brought something for you.

Better. Aha. It's a piece of the bus
that got stuck in you.

Souvenir from your accident.

Take it away. Ow!

The only thing that brings me joy
is my art.


Not sure I'd call that art.
I brought something else.

-A letter from the man I love?
-My bill. Ha, ha.


Frida, don't you listen to him.
We are wonderful paintings.

Frida is right. Forget medical school,
art is your true calling.

-You really think so?
-Would you lie to you?

No. Me? I wouldn't.

-I will become a painter.

Start right now?
I've been waiting to sneeze for two days.

I'm sorry.

Susan B. Anthony.

In my day, men thought
they could boss women

and tell them how to live their lives.
That's all changed now, right?

- Please tell me I'm right.
- Push. Push.


It's a girl.

If all goes well, she'll grow
to be a wife of a great man.

-Woo-hoo! Hurrah!

Hey, that's messed up.

And there ain't women doctors?
That's messed up.

♪ From the second
I came into this world ♪

♪ I was a fair outspoken
Keen little girl ♪

♪ So, when I spied any kind
Of inequality ♪

Hey, that's messed up.

♪ Like when I saw slaves
And unequal pay ♪

♪ When they make me wear a dress
Every day ♪

♪ Only boys were bright
Said we'd never have rights ♪

♪ But you know we put up a fight ♪

'Cause, hey, this whole world's messed up.

♪ A woman shouldn't need a voice
Or have choice ♪

♪ No woman's gonna be allowed
Inside our club ♪

Hey, that's messed up.

This is Frida's Joy of Painting.

Hello, and welcome to
Frida's Joy of Painting live.

It's time to paint.
We're getting a few comments coming in.

"Where do you get the inspiration for
your art?" Just open your eyes.

I paint the country I love. Mexico.

Ah. The blue sky, the flowers,
the monkeys, dancing skeletons.

But I also paint...


Look at me.
I am my own work of art.

I love my eyebrow.
Look at that sucker.

Last week on Ye Bachelorette:

Susan gave Archibald the boot.

Now only two very eligible bachelors

Jebediah and Smedley.

Who will Susan choose?

Find out on the season finale
of Ye Bachelorette.

Susan, talk to me about the group date.

It was typical.

Since it's 1845, all the men just
sat around and I had to cook for them.

Hmm. And then you had a date with Smedley.
Bowling. Romantic.

He asked on Sunday, as a Quaker,
Sunday's our day of rest.

So, Smedley just went bowling by himself.

I went to church.

I hope Susan picks me,
for she is of marrying age. As am I.

She may bear my children and care for me.

Susie gets that as a wife, she loses
all legal rights to own property,

or enter a contract,
or ask for a divorce.

I'm super into that.

When I first got here,
I was hoping to meet the one.

Today, I realize I have met
my one true love.

Fighting for equal rights for women.
To be a wife is like being a slave.

-Oh, I got a ton of slaves.
-Yeah. Show canceled.

-Stupid premise. Rose is mine. Goodbye.
-That was weird.

-Hey, Frida.
-Yes, Susan?

-Wanna see a self-portrait?
-Of course.

But, Susan, that painting is blank.

Not anymore.

I call it Susan's Big Breakthrough.
Get it?

Oh, boy.

Frida's Joy--

Welcome back.
"Frida, you stopped painting. What gives?"

My husband Diego Rivera became famous,

and is painting big murals in America.

So, I'm being a devoted wife,
and taking care of him

so he can focus on his work.

-Frida, where are my socks?
-That's it. I am leaving you, mural-boy.

It is time to paint the most
emotional paintings of my life.

First, paint one version of yourself.
The old version.

Colorful. With a full heart.
Then paint another version.

The version left after your husband
kissed your sister and other women.


I'll paint every feeling inside me.

Now this show's called
Frida's Joy of Painting A Lot.


-What are you doing?

-I threw you out earlier.
-I miss you, Frida. I miss your laugh.

Your raven-hair. What are you doing?

I'd work with that, too.
Frida Kahlo, will you marry me?

Oh, Diego, my love. And I accept.

This has been another
Frida's Joy of Painting A Lot.

Tune in next week for the new series.
What was I thinking?

It's Susan B. Anthony.

Women and men must be treated equally.
Even though women are better than men.

Honestly, when we ask for equality,
we're giving men an amazing deal.

Oh! Hey. What did I miss?

I am preparing traditional
Mexican food today.

-I will have a milkshake.
-Hmm. Not traditional Mexican food.

Fine, a Mexican milkshake.

You're the first artist we've ever had.
There's a perfect place for a painting.

What would look great up there?

You know? If only you were inspired.

Maybe a half-man, half-tiger...

that deserves to be preserved forever
through a flattering portrait.

Hey, maybe it should be me.

If you drink this, I promise you,
I will paint your portrait.

That's a deal. Thank you.


Oh! Ow!

Ow! Ow, ow, ow!

What is in this
Mexican milkshake?!

Sorry. I thought you asked for
habanero chili juice. Oopsy-daisy.

Out of the way!

I'm sorry. Did I say,
"Oopsy-daisy"? I meant a poopsy-daisy.

- You're going to need new pants.
- Pants!

Before women wore pants, they wore skirts
that required seven pounds of underwear.

-In the 1850s,

Susan B. Anthony wore trousers
called bloomers.

-It was shocking.

Amelia Earhart made it fashionable
for women to wear pants.

Hillary Clinton's portrait
in the White House is in pants.


Hey, Frida.

-Yes, Susan?
-Uh, well, this is embarrassing.

-I didn't know you'd wear the same outfit.
-Everyone's a joker.


In 1953, Frida Kahlo was so weak,

she was brought
to her gallery opening in her bed.

It'd be fun if it happened like this:

Welcome to Frida's Joy of Painting.
I have an announcement.

Drum roll, please.

My first solo show in Mexico is tonight.

My work will be exhibited
in my own home country.

But, viewers, my doctor
said I must stay in bed. No exceptions.

So, I am staying in bed.

Let's go to the show.


-Good luck, Frida.
-Thank you.

Break a leg, Frida.

Ah, too late. But thanks, Shakespeare.
Such a good guy.

The stairs. No-- Ow, ow, ow!

My back. My bones! Ouch, ouch.

Nice. Much smoother.

But so hot. Oh, so hot.

Get out of the way, tumbleweed!

There's a man on the side of the road.
Can I help you?

Hey, could you give me a tow?

Head on back. Let's go. Yes.

Whoo! Yeah! Thanks, Frida.

No problem.


Oh, my--

Get out of the way, tumbleweed.

Back to the studio. Yes!

Oh, okay. Ready for the show.

-Hey, Frida.
-Backing up, guys.

Watch out for the lady
in the bed. Back up.

-Oh, Frida.
-Frida, it's amazing. I love this...

That's all for
Frida's Joy of Painting live.

Remember, you don't need feet
when you have wings to fly.

Or when you have a sweet ride.

On behalf of all men of our nation,
thank you for voting.

Next. Ah. A woman.

- I want to vote for president.
- I wanna live on the moon.

-How many times did we say you can't vote?
-12,943. But who's counting?

Ah. What the heck.
Try and vote if you want.

What is wrong with this voting box?
Oh, it read the Constitution.

So did I, and as a citizen
of this country, I am going to vote.

A woman will vote today.

Don't look at me. It's the ghost
of our manly and correct forefathers.

We'll see about that.


Even ballots don't want women to vote.

Women will vote. I will vote.


I did it. I voted.
Now nothing can stop me.

Except the police.

Come on! I'd read your rights,
but you don't have any.

Now, that's messed up.

-Women do not vote on my watch.
-She's with me now.

♪ You can make up laws to slow me down ♪

♪ Doesn't mean I'm gonna break my stride ♪

♪ We're gonna step right over ignorance
Arm in arm and side by side ♪

♪ You can lock your doors, I won't waver
Setbacks won't cause a doubt ♪

♪ I won't be on my best behavior ♪

♪ Let's turn all this inside out ♪

♪ Because we're picking up speed ♪

♪ And then we're flying ♪

♪ Straight on a line
When I'm unstoppable ♪

♪ We are unstoppable ♪

♪ We are unstoppable ♪

♪ Don't wanna hear backwards attitudes ♪

♪ Don't wanna hear what I can't do ♪

♪ Together we're crossing boundaries
We'll break on through ♪

♪ Because we're picking up speed ♪

♪ And then we're flying ♪

♪ Straight on a line
When I'm unstoppable ♪

♪ We are unstoppable ♪

♪ We are unstoppable ♪

Come in, everybody.
It is time for the Rap Room.

Thank you for taking charge of this.
I'm not feeling myself now.

Here. If you drink this jalapeño juice,
you'll feel much better.

Oh. No, thank you.

Know what I learned?
Frida is a real joker

who makes a bad milkshake.

If you don't have humor,
you don't have life.

Yeah. I guess.
Did anybody else learn anything?

Both women overcame adversity
to let their voices be heard.

Neither saw their work pay off.
Susan B. died before women voted.

And Frida never saw
her paintings embraced.

No. It's not the point.
I did what I loved.

My paintings keep my spirit alive
as they are discovered.

Speaking of which...

My latest, I call it
Agony on the Porcelain Throne.


Accurate. I did see a melting goat
when I was on the toilet.

Are you okay?

No. I'm not okay.

Not okay at all.

- Oh, boy.
- How did the show go, Susan?

This show was not only about history,
it made history. Who knew I could sing?

I certainly didn't.

Next episode will be
Harry Houdini. What do you think?

Few things I approve of more
than a man who can disappear.

You overcame so much.
Advice for our viewers?

If you think something is messed up,
then it probably is messed up.

So, never ever be afraid to say,

- "Hey, that's messed up."
- What was your favorite scene?

Nothing I love more than a scene
where I paint.

- Unless I drive a bed.
- Did you get along with Susan?

Susan is a wonderful woman,
and a great friend.

Is her bun a little too tight?
Way too tight. Loosen up, girl.

Anything that'd surprise your fans?

I had a pet monkey.

If you'd expect anyone to have
a pet monkey, it'd be me. Right?