The Who Was? Show (2018): Season 1, Episode 11 - Pablo Picasso & The Wright Brothers - full transcript

Go-getters in completely different fields had the courage to try something new. One was an artistic genius, and the other two took to the skies.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
No, don't have time. Important business.
Out of my way, weird beard.

-Hey, Ron.
-I read the script.

-Good, right?
-No. There's problems.

First, no Brucie.
Second, I don't know the Wrights.

-They invented the airplane.
-Okay, third, I'm putting my foot down,

-we can't have Mr. Picasso.
-It's pronounced Picasso. Pablo Picasso.

-He's a world-famous artist.
-Not Chester Picasso?

The bully who beat me up? I said:

"When I run a show,
you'll never be portrayed on it."

That was long ago, but I'm sticking to it.
Although, he was just a kid then.

Maybe I should drop my resentments and
forgive him. Okay, yeah. Yeah, go ahead.

Put Chester on, and tell him Ron says hi.

-I'm proud of you.
-One of the Wright brothers?

No, no.

♪ They were more than
Just some famous names ♪

♪ They were brilliant, brave
A bit insane ♪

♪ And against all odds
They changed the game ♪

♪ What was going on inside their brains? ♪

♪ These are not your average Joes ♪

♪ They did stuff the whole world knows ♪

♪ They're the superstars
Of The Who Was Show ♪

♪ This is The Who Was Show ♪

♪ This is The Who Was Show ♪

Who was Pablo Picasso?

Born Pablo Diego Jose Francisco
de Paula Juan Nepomuceno

Maria de los Remedios Cipriano
de la Santisima Trinidad Ruiz y Picasso.

But, yes, yes,
just call me Picasso for short.

There's so much to tell about me.

At a young age, people thought
he was a genius.

I was so talented I'd master
one style and move to the next.

I was a pioneer of Cubism.

The birth of modern art,
it changed painting.

When I fell in love,
I'd find a new way to express myself.

-I fell in love many times.
-Many times.

-Many times.
-So many times.


Who were the Wright brothers?

A pair of brothers
who loved engineering,

they built the world's first airplane
at Kitty Hawk.

In a race to be the first
to create an airplane, we won.

That's Wilbur, the more outspoken
of the brothers.

-That's Orville. He was a bit more shy.

-My work speaks for itself.
-Through trial,

the brothers fulfilled
humanity's dream of flight.

-Mostly, we created the airplane.
-That's what I meant.


-Wright brothers.

Orville, I'm bored with making bicycles.

The great minds
are turning their attention to flight.

Yes. Let us not forget what Mother said.

-Can't get enough peanut soup?
-The other thing.

If you can dream it, you can build it.

Like shoes for cats.

Well, sort of. But I encourage you
to go even further.

Pants for cats.

Keep dreaming.

We've dreamt it, now let's build it.

Many ways to solve the mystery of flight.
We have to be more clever.

Yes. It must be possible.

How would a successful
flying machine look?

A giant bouncing umbrella?

Absolutely. What flies more easily
than an umbrella?

If that doesn't work,
I guess you could run with bird wings.

Flap, flap, flap.

Flap, flap.

You could fly if you ran with bird wings.

Here's another idea.
Attach 14 wings to something that rolls.

Yes! Fourteen wings
is the secret to flight.

Or attach eggbeaters to something
that looks like a bus.

-How could that not fly?
-In case we're wrong,

let's study how flight works
and approach this

with a thing called science.

To the library. Let's be the first.
Wrong way, Orville.

My 80th attempt to paint you,
Gertrude. I failed every time.

I can't paint anymore.
I've lost my... inspiration.

Let's brainstorm this.
You've painted things blue and red.

Maybe green? Yellow?

Burnt sienna?

You're just naming colors.
I'll go to the museum for inspiration.

Don't move.

Okay, art, speak to me.
How shall I paint Gertrude?

Paint her smiling a little bit,
but not too much. Like this.

-And also, she doesn't need eyebrows.
-But Gertrude has great eyebrows.

Make her out of dots.

Hmm. Picasso don't do dots.

Make her a pretty ballerina.
Tippity tap-tap-tap, I'm dancing.

-Psst. Pablo, over here.
-Yes, African and Iberian masks?

Notice how we are not realistic,
but reduce the human face to simple forms.


It's not how the eye sees,
it's how the soul sees.


Yeah, but can they do this?
La, la-la, la-la. Swan Lake.

Ow! My corns.

-I'm inspired.
-I'm dancing.

-Not by you. By them, not by you. Please.

To Gertrude.

Okay, Gertie, I'm finished.
What do you think?

Oh, Pablo.

Either my face looks kind of weird
or... you're a genius.

It's a masterpiece.

I predict this painting will be
a turning point for modern art.

Um, you're welcome.

Haley has 25 seconds to tell
stories of people

who inspired the Wrights,
or she gets hit with a pie. Go.

In Greek mythology, Icarus made wings
but they melted. He plunged to Earth.

In the 1800s, Alphonse Pénaud
invented a rubber band-powered toy

the Wright brothers played with.
In Britain, Francis Wenham

found a curved wing is better than flat.

In Germany, Otto Lilienthal made gliders.
So did the Wright brothers

to test designs
before adding a gas engine.

Other folks in history were figuring out
how gas engines worked. Done. I did it.



-Hope you're not allergic to pie, Haley.

- Wright brothers?
- Yes, Pablo?

Using Cubism, where I try to show
something from all sides,

-I made a sculpture of your plane.
-Looks nothing like it.

It flies nothing like it either.

-That makes no sense.
-People say that about my art.

Hey there. Inspiring episode, huh?

I'm learning a lot about that guy
and those guys.

-Pablo Picasso and the Wright brothers?

I'm happy when I don't crowd my brain
with names and information.

-You're not the guy to talk to.
-How's flight work?

I'd be more than happy to explain that,
but I'm busy, so, talk to this guy.

-No, not him.

It is I, the Explanationator,
master of explaining things.

Join me,
sing the Explanationator theme.

♪ Oh, who is the man--? ♪

-No, no, no.

-Skip to the end.
-"Everyone loves me around"?

-Uh... "I'm smart as a college"?

-No, the last part.
-Oh. Fine.

♪ The Explanationator is our man
Boom, boom ♪

-How did the Wright brothers fly?
-Have no fear, an explanation is near.

The brothers needed
to solve three problems.

One, a lightweight engine
to move the plane forward.

It's a force called thrust.

Two, construct a wing
that could actually lift the machine.

As the plane moves, air flows over
and under the wings, lifting the plane.

Their biggest challenge was... three.
Thrust and lift need to be controlled.

The Wright brothers steered the plane
by twisting the wings.

With the challenges met,
they flew into history books.

So, consider this subject explanationated.

-What else is on your minds?
-Nothing. That's it.

No. I've got extra time--

Wonder why apples have seeds,
the rules of cricket? Oh!

Wonder if a cartoon character can eat
a cookie? Because the answer is yes.

-I'm Reuchlin Wright.
-I'm Lorin Wright.

Our brothers were clever,

but Lorin and I were funny.
We have this show, it's called:

Less Talented Wright Brothers
Who Didn't Invent the Airplane.

-We'll talk about farts.
-You read that wrong.

Excuse me. We'll be talking
about the arts. Thank you.

So, here is some art that we made in
the style of that artist, Pablo Picasso.

Picasso painted like he was
looking from different angles.

So... I painted my cat and his butt.

-It's called Cubism.
-Actually, his name is Whiskers.

-Art. Kapow! So funny.

-This one, now.
-Picasso also painted in mostly one color.

-He had a Rose Period and a Blue Period.

-This is from my vomit green period.
-Called The Barfer.

-Art. Sorry.
-Art. Kapow. Zinger. Okay. Okay.

-Picasso also made sculptures.
-He was good at everything.

-I made a sculpture.
-You are not good at everything.

No. It's why I call this sculpture

My Unimpressive Large Thing
That I Glued.

-It's so unimpressive.
-Thank you.


-I'm stuck.
-I still have glue on my hand.

Thanks for watching Wright Brothers
Who Didn't Invent the Airplane.

-Wright Burger, can I take your order?
-I'd like a cheeseburger and fries.

-Serving hash browns?
-Breakfast ends at 11.

-That's all.
-Pick up your order next window.

Cheeseburger, fries.
Thanks for eating at Wright Burger.

Introducing the new fragrance
from Pablo Picasso...


Want to be like Picasso,
the most successful artist ever?


You could work non-stop, day and night...

making 50,000 pieces of art
in your lifetime.


You could be a genius who
can turn anything into a masterpiece...

that any museum would desire.


I mean, anything.

Cubism, Cubism, Cubism.

Show your works to all the right people.

Right people.

The Wright people? Like us?

By right people,
I mean the art world elite.

Oh, okay, so, not us.

Instead of doing that,
you could buy--



Is that Jane Krakowski?

Oh, she is so beautiful,
and her voice is so enchanting.

-Thank you.
-Where are you?

Oh, there you are.
Come, I can make a sculpture of you

using the beautiful pieces
of a bicycle I saved

-for just the right person.
-I'm flattered.

I love success.
Now I have it 'cause I deserve it.

Now you can smell like it, too.
I designed the bottle.


The new fragrance by Pablo Picasso,

Cubism, Cubism, Cubism.

So, today's the day.

After years of research and construction,

the Wright brothers will attempt
to be the first to successfully pilot

a flying machine
that goes really high really fast,

and has to land without crashing.

Orville, best of luck
on your historic endeavor.

-I thought you'd be the first to fly it.
-But I don't have gloves.

-Borrow my gloves.
-Your gloves are too big or small for me.

Hey, why don't we flip a coin
to see who gets the honor of all time?

Okay, so,
heads, you go up, and tails, you go up.

Tails. You go up.


Darn. I mean, yay.

Okay. Here we go. First man to fly.

No, I got this.

I got this.

Oh, no, no. No!

Your turn.


Okay, here I go. First man to fly.

I got this.

I got this.

Whoa. Wow.

Oh, wow.

I'm flying.

I'm actually doing it.

That'll do.
Let's get this puppy down.

You did it. You were up for 12 seconds.
It went 120 feet.

-How should we celebrate?
-We turn into cartoons

-and sing about it.

♪ We're on our way into the sky
To tell the world that we can fly ♪

♪ Today's the day, watch us climb ♪

♪ The future's here
And this is our time ♪

♪ The call of history
Is making my heart pound ♪

♪ And I feel like I'm nearly
Ten feet off the ground ♪

♪ We can fly, we can fly
The whole wide world at our fingertips ♪

♪ We can fly, we can fly
In days ahead on part of trips ♪

♪ We'll have tiny bags of mixed
Salted nuts and pretzel sticks ♪

♪ Anything you can dream of
All up in the sky ♪

♪ We can fly ♪

Thanks, Wright brothers.

Hey. Great show, everybody, right?
What was everybody's favorite part?

Learning about flight was cool.

The first flights were 100 years ago,
now jets take you anywhere.

We find connections
I never thought about before.

Wright brothers and Picasso
made stuff we had never seen.

True. Isn't anybody who dares
to try something new an artist?

-Oh, my.
-Where'd that come from?

-Beautiful, Ron.
-Why? What did I just say?

By the time words come out,
I forgot them in my brain.

What did I say?
Something about brains?

Something I said.
But what did I say?

Did I say it, or think it?
Know how that goes?

-Girl with book?

If you don't know if you're
saying something? I'm talking.

I know I'm thinking.
Were other people here? There were.

Here's the Wright brothers.

Neither of us got married. I didn't
have time for a wife and an airplane.

Hard to find anyone who'd
marry guys who said things like that.

- Think the show went well?
- It was a huge success.

How could it be anything else
when Picasso was here?

- What's your favorite sketch?
- The one about how successful I was.

- Did you enjoy being on the show?
- I did, but it was unfair.

Other historic figures
get a show to themselves,

but we had to share one
because we're brothers?

So, instead of getting half an episode,
we each got a quarter.

We didn't get to talk about
any of the things we did separately.

We can talk about that now.


- There isn't any.
- What's your favorite part?

I liked turning into cartoons,
and then flying through the skies.

If flying had been that easy,
we wouldn't have needed an airplane.

What was it like working
with Picasso?

He told us he loved us.

So, that was nice.