The West Wing (1999–2006): Season 5, Episode 6 - Disaster Relief - full transcript

Leo is left manning the fort when the President goes AWOL whilst visiting tornado victims. Josh is not in the position to lend a hand as he deals with the fallout from a gross miscalculation and lack of judgment.

Previously on The West Wing:

People need to believe
he'll govern effectively...

...even if he can't secure
his family's safety.

I'm a special assistant
to the president.

Chief strategist and senior counselor
to the VP.

You took the Russell job.

Deliver that to the president personally.

You're leaving the party be--?

This is because of me?

I'm not leaving because of you,
but you made it a whole lot easier.


Happy birthday!

-Talk to me.
-Beer, please.

If I haven't said it recently--

Bless me and my mini fridge.

So how bad?

All the dailies are gonna jump on it.
The Post, the Times.

Fox will have a field day.
Newsweek will do a cover.

The Sunday morning shows'll hang Josh
from a klieg light, use him as a pi?ata.

All of which is okay.
We can't put a lid on it...

...but we can control the schadenfreude,
keep him standing.

-Joy in the suffering of others.

The whole rationale behind
the House of Representatives.

It's all about setting the right tone.

It has to start first thing Monday.
That's where you come in.

You look nice.

-I feel good.
-Well, you look it.

Why are you here?

I could tell you I needed
a copy of the Post...

...but the truth is, I have a crush on the
little old man at the cappuccino stand.

You okay?

I already told you, I feel good.

-So you're not--?
-I have my health.

I have central air.

In the hierarchy of pain and suffering,
I really can't complain.

-I will. It's a blip.
-You're not--?

-I can't get worked up about it.
-Good for you.

That's what we told my grandmother
when she was down to 84 pounds.

Help him protect his image.

Project business as usual.
He's gotta do real work.

No meetings that are below him,
nothing with the malt-beverage lobby.

I set up a call with the
Idaho Democratic Party chair.

If you can survive his wrath,
you're good.

Check with Defense Approps
every hour on the hour, will you?

That launcher better not be on the bill.

I'm not gonna lose Carrick and buy him
a useless piece of military junk.

-Anything from Leo?
-Not yet.

-Margaret said first thing--
-Something about missing plutonium... Chechnya.
-Like that matters.

What is this? What the hell
are you doing out here?

You met me outside so when you
told me Leo hadn't set a meeting...

...I'd be out of the building
if I got mad.

I have a crush on the cappuccino man.
Have you seen his newsboy cap?

-I'm not upset.
-lf he'd come to me, I'd tell him myself...

...except men are funny that way.
He'd never come to me.

I'm trying to see around corners
so I don't get bit in the ass.

You going around the corner ass first?

You'll be fine.

Sam called. Amy called. Sam wanted
to remind you to roll with the punches.

-Any reporters?
-ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, Fox...

...New York Times, the Post, Detroit Free
Press, Miami Herald, Nightline, Dateline.

Hey. Josh, are you okay?

-Yeah, I'm great.
-Well, keep your chin up.

Do people keep clich? thesauruses
around for times like this?

-Oh, my God.

--killing at least 17 and devastating...

-...much of McClain County.
-I have to call my cousins.

-I thought they're in Wisconsin.
-My other cousins.

--where over 100 citizens
are still missing.

Search-and-rescue crews are expected
to reach the site within the hour.

Hey, don't let the bastards
get you down.

--one of the most
devastating tornadoes....

-Five on the Fujita Scale is a--?
-Vast, violent vacuum cleaner...

-...uprooting everything.
-It's a funnel cloud.

-A vast, violent vacuum cleaner.
-It's a vacuum cleaner and a funnel cloud.

See, men, peace on earth.
How are Donna's cousins?

They're fine. They're up
in Tulsa or something.

I thought they were in Wisconsin.

The FCO is requesting activation
of the National Guard.

I remember the warning sirens.
My family cramming into the bathroom... the garage.
-We set for the chancellor?

-You had a bathroom in your garage?
-He's addressing the U.N. tomorrow...

...then flying in Wednesday
to meet the president.

-Anything new on Carrick?
-Yeah. He's a Republican.

-Haffley will use Carrick's defection... slide a cap-gains tax cut
into our stimulus package.

-Apparently, it's "Seize the day" day.
-Or "Blow up the deficit" day.

-See what you did?
-Do you have everything?

-Is the president going to Oklahoma?
-I don't want him in the way.

Taking pictures with victims might play
like he's trying to raise his numbers.

Or it might make other people feel
like the president gives a damn.

-Photo ops give people hope.

-What is that?
-We send Russell, nobody gets hurt.

Then the president sends
his condolences and prayers.

Toby, find Will, and tell him
the VP's going to Oklahoma.

-That's it. Thanks, everyone.
-Thank you, Leo.

Josh. Stick around for a minute.

On the cap-gains thing, we should get
Singer to send Haffley a message.


Get the door, would you?

Nobody's happy you lost Carrick...

...but we're all about moving forward,
and we can't do that without you.

However, I have to take you
out to the woodshed...

...and whack you
with a 2-by-4.

He was never a Democrat.
He was working the Republicans--

I'm sorry. Whack away.

Maybe the camel's back was already
broken, but you gave him the straw.

Then you drove over him
with a tank.

The president and I think
you've been spread too thin.

We'll scale back your portfolio.
Some of the legislative stuff.

I'll let you know the details as soon as
I take the temperature of the caucus.

But you keep your title, your staff.



FEMA director on two.

Leo, does C.J. have--?

"Josh Lyman is one of the president's
most trusted advisors...

...and has the absolute confidence
of the president. "

I'm gone.

-Dan, what's happening on the ground?
-Oh, thank God.

-You thought I was cooked.
-I did not.

You thought we were gone.
You were cleaning out your desk...

-...mentally kicking dirt on my grave.
-No. Now I'm doing that.

Confirm dinner with Wilcox tomorrow.
Make sure I have my table.

Good. You're getting out.
A man about town.

Set a meeting with Ted Davis, Democratic
Strategy Group and one with...

-...the Security Policy Working Group.
-Send a message you're riding herd.

-I'm not helping.
-It's a blip.

In my memoir, this will be
the character-building funny part.

I thought I was the character-building
funny part.

If we want environmentalists to go along
with using cyanide in gold mining...

...we have to come up with a warmer
word for it than-- Am I boring you?

Sorry. I was up late with the president
playing Scopa d'Assi.

-Come again?
-It's an obscure Italian card game.

He said Sinatra gave him the deck, but
I think he was trying to get me to stay.

-C.J., we need the VP in Oklahoma.
-Yeah, I heard.

Soon as you get space near the
vice president, I want you off his back.

-He hates me.
-Oh, yeah.

The way you hate the girl you ask to
prom who says, "I have a date. "

You made a choice, now own it.

-Good morning, C.J.
-Good morning.

At approximately 5:45 a.m.,
a tornado touched down...

...outside Maysville, Oklahoma.

Twenty-seven bodies were recovered,
over 50 people are still missing.

At Governor Wade's request, the
president declared a national emergency.

-Will the president visit the site?
-The president sends condolences... the victims. He dispatched
FEMA director Daniel Rubin... survey the damage
and update him.

C.J., when is General Alexander going to
present his force-readiness assessment?

He has been chairman
of the Joint Chiefs a week...

...give him time
to find the paper clips.

If you care to give a housewarming gift,
he's registered at Bed Bath & Beyond.

-Would you care to comment on reports...

...that after losing Carrick, the president
doesn't trust Josh Lyman... work with Congress?
-Josh is one of his most trusted advisors.

He won't be stripped
of his portfolio?

No. His portfolio always fluctuates
to the president's needs.

-Which are?
-Food, water, an occasional ball game.


-Are you gonna ask me if I'm okay?
-Do I look like your mommy?

Take your medicine,
keep your head down.

I said DEA, not EPA.

Leo said he's scaling back
my portfolio...

...which is unmistakably euphemistic for,
"We're giving it to someone else. "

This is when you say, "It's not me. "

-Oh, this is the part?
-I'm letting you off the hook.

This is also the part with the hook?

They're gathering in the Oval.

This isn't it either.

Think Leo's bringing somebody in?

Probably. I would.

Thanks. I'm sure
he'll appreciate the support.

Why not just send him a wreath?

I Googled Carrick and Lyman. Nothing
new linking Josh to Carrick's move.

But I did find Carricka Lymanshauser's
porn site. She's a Swiss sensation.

Two thousand hits so far today.

Looks like Carrick's buddies are jumping
on the Republican budget-busting...


Blue Dogs'll vote
for new cap-gains tax cuts?

-That's what Singer said.
-How many?

-With Singer it's 28.

Enough to make it
veto-proof in the House.

Remember back when Democrats
used to vote with us?

If we turn Singer,
five or six other Dems will follow.

Let's get them over here.

I do enjoy Governor Wade.

Minus her little love affair
with handguns and tort reform.

-Is the vice president ready to go?
-Advance has greeters...

...and transportation secure. The 89th
Air Wing's in place for tomorrow.

Just one ambulance held up
by the VP's motorcade...

-...and it's a three-day story.
-It's set.

Anyway, a site visit shouldn't be about
politics. It's about hope and photo ops.

Photo ops are hope.

-Claudia Jean, did you just pinch Toby?
-I'm sorry. It was a professional dispute.

-About what?
-She thinks you should go.

-Yes, sir.

We need this presidential moment.

Let's not give it away.
I think you should go.

Not because of how it looks,
because of what it is.

But I seem to be the only one.

Then you can sit next to me
on the plane.

-The vice president--
-Takes my spot at the national PTA lunch.

He discovers why I was going in the
first place, he's a better man than I.

Mr. President, Secretary Berryhill
is ready in the Cabinet Room.

-Thank you.
-We have briefings...

...and prep tomorrow
for the chancellor's visit.

Steel tariffs and unemployment.
How could I forget?

Think he'll mention how German
unemployment may be tied... our bombing the Qumari pipeline?
-We can make the trip in six hours.

Let's do it.

People need to know I care
about more than just my own family.

And since you folks are all quiet,
I know I'm right.

Have him back in five hours, C.J.

-Governor Wade, good morning.
-Morning, Mr. President.

Sorry about the circumstances.
So where are we?

Tornado ripped the railroad tracks
right out of the ground.

You ask me, there's nothing scarier than
8-foot railroad ties flying through the air.

Sixteen of the dead
are from the trailer park.

-Over 100 mobile homes destroyed.
-Of course.

It's always the folks with the least
who are hardest hit.

These people are already
pinching their pennies...

...what with the gas tax
and the death tax.

-Here we go. What's the median income?
-Thirty-one thousand.


The Safeway distribution center
was right over there.

-What website is this?

Kamen called.

Heard Leo's
already talking to people.

How did they get this stuff,
tap Leo's phone?

I guess David Glaser's a possibility.
So is Ned Wallace.

I'm not working with some K2-climbing
Rhodes scholar with a goatee.

Complimented me
at the correspondents' dinner.

That's how he sucks you in.
Angela Blake? She's a self-promoting...

-...holier than everybody--
-She won't give up her corner office.

She works at Steerson and Wallace
with David Glaser.

So she's recommending him?
They say Mason Fuller's been... contact with Leo.
-He's selling his boat.

-How do you know?
-He tried to sell it to me too.

-You don't have time for a boat.
-I know.

The 15 minutes I spent
imagining what I'd name it...

...were perhaps the happiest
15 minutes of my life.

The sun rose bleakly over
the town of Maysville today... .

-How much warning?
-Doppler radar should provide 15 minutes.

Unfortunately, the Doppler
radar system--

-The system was the first thing hit?

They just started building a new church.
Raised all the money themselves.

That's a lot of bake sales
and car washes.

A lot of the congregation
is still missing.

We have about a half-hour, sir.

Where are all the people?

-I'm sorry, sir?
-From the town, where are they?

-Hi, I'm Jed Bartlet.
-Find something, anything.

Vans, trucks. We have to
get the press here.

No one told us
he'd be traveling to another site.

Get him through here quickly,
Charlie, we have to be back by 3.

Page Leo McGarry,
call holding with C.J. Cregg.

-Tricycles, rickshaws, piggyback rides.
-How's he doing?

Great. Listen, I wanted
to give you a heads-up.

We made an impromptu stop
at a Red Cross shelter.

Gantry says he can
make it up in flight.

State's Germany briefing is at 3.
Keep me posted.

Sorry. Where were we, Mr. Secretary?

Eleven billion is a waste. I defer
to the general, but in my opinion...

...we must concentrate
on precision-based munitions.

Paying for
a state-of-the-art howitzer... like paying for
a state-of-the-art bow and arrow. Kill it.

-Fine. What else?
-The Hellenic navy forcibly removed...

...six Albanian soldiers
from the Isle of Croxys.

-Where's that?
-Ionian Sea.

The Greeks believe
they own the property.

-They've raised a flag.
-Good for them.

-Thanks, everybody.
-Thank you.

-Mr. McGarry, do you have a minute?
-Of course, general.

Thanks, Miles. Keep me posted.

-How's life in the E-ring?
-Still moving in, lot of boxes.

Well, we're delighted to have you
take over as chairman.

-Admiral Fitzwallace is hard to follow.
-You'll do great. What's on your mind?

I realize this administration
wants a new direction...

-...that's why you brought me in.

When you politicize career advancement
in the general officer core... compromise the integrity of the
advice you get from my officers.

Congressman Singer is in the Roosevelt
Room and Senator Triplehorn is on three.

General, I'm not quite sure
what you're talking about.

Secretary of defense has requested
interviews with all Army generals... line for a third or fourth star.
-All of them?

-A hundred and fifty, sir.
-We don't screen generals.

Then I suggest you tell that
to Secretary Hutchinson.

Carrick was a mole for the right.

-We should meet with his contributors...

-...get them to sue, get their money back.

Hey, you can sue McDonald's
for being fat.

-I was just coming to find you.

We can outflank Haffley
on cap-gains if we stick to stimulus.

Yeah. Can you give us a second?

I just got off with Triplehorn.

The Democrats on the Hill
want you to sit this one out.

The meeting with Singer?

-We need a fresh start.
-I'm supposed to be there.

-It's gonna look like you benched me.
-Toby knows the cap-gain numbers.

-I asked him to sit in.
-Only in this meeting or...?

The budget negotiations?

We need the Democratic leadership
off our backs.

I'll have Toby find you after.

Honestly, the whole first year
I couldn't tell my twins apart.

Mine are a boy and a girl.

I'm thinking
of getting them tattooed.

No Josh, huh?

He wanted to convey his apologies
for having to miss the meeting.

So, congressman...

-...we wanted to talk to you about--
-I'm not gonna vote against the tax cut.

Neither are any of my other guys.

Well, we were in the car together...

...and the noise was so loud.
It sounded like a freight train.

I just don't know what
I'm going to do without her.

l-- I don't even know
what to feed the damn cat.

I don't know how many times
I can say I'm sorry.

I'm happy to do it again. Okay.

That was the bureau chief
from the Times.

He wanted to know why his reporter
walked three miles through a wheat field.

The president promised
two minutes a person.

-What number is he on?

It's Republican propaganda.

We do this cap-gains tax cut,
we're congratulating the wealthy...

...for selling off their Renoirs.

I don't know, should we maybe be
thinking about unemployment insurance?

Blue Dogs think this would
make us look pro small business.

The GDP increase is
a couple hundredths of one percent.

-lf Haffley successfully links the tax cut... the stimulus package,
he'll crush us through November.

November? How about until
you turn out the lights.

How was the flight?

Why can't you
hop a plane from La Guardia?

Toby, you know Angela Blake.

I'm his biggest fan.

You got briefed. Start talking.

We can pin Haffley on the long-term
market impact of the cap-gains tax cut.

He's got at least 20 Wall-Street
Republicans in his conference.

Upward pressure of interest rates,
asset sell-offs, decline in stock prices.

-That's before we even get to the deficit.

You have to get Singer
in with the president tonight.

-I'll do it.

-C.J. Cregg, please.
-Put him in a room with Singer...

...and as many Blue Dogs
as we can get.

-You on Air Force One?
-Not so much.

-You're still on the ground?

Put him on.

-It's Leo.
-Thank you. There you go.

-Leo, we're doing good work.
-I'm sure you are.

Your State Department briefing
for the chancellor is in an hour...

...and I need you to sit with Singer
about cap-gains tonight.

Have Russell do it. There's a
memorial service in the morning.

You're meeting Chancellor Weissman
in the morning. Sir, l--

-I think the president just went AWOL.

You need to get going.

-Your dinner. You're gonna be late.

-Right. Any calls?


-Come on.


Your mother.

You have the G-8 memo for Leo?

-What are you doing tonight?
-Wizards-Knicks, courtside.

-No. No?

-Where you going?
-Dinner with Wilcox.

-I'll walk you.
-Got something for Leo--

I'm gonna see him later, I'll take it.

It's the president's G-8 itinerary.

I spent the afternoon
with Scheduling and Advance.

Anything I can do
to help with Singer?

-We started the cap-gains debate...

...last spring,
I have the Treasury analysis.

-Talking points. CBO numbers.

I can--

I can count on one hand
the people I trust right now.

-I walked seven miles from the church.
-You did not.

There's five modems.
We're against deadlines.

There's a rumor
that you did this on purpose.

You spontaneously changed the
schedule so he'd seem compassionate.

If I did this on purpose...

...I'd spontaneously make sure I had
extra clothes and a toothbrush.

-I promised this wouldn't happen.

Advance is already working on
rooms for the press, it's fine.

-I promised.
-The Harveys invited us to their place.

-He lost his hardware store.

Here's hoping there's no
felons in their family.

-He was talking about staying here.
-In the gym?

They'll just set him up in a classroom.

I saw a "For Sale" sign down the street,
maybe he'd just like to move in.

State moved the chancellor back to 1,
but they can't go any later.

He's got a speech
in Augsburg Thursday morning.

Call Hutchinson's office.
We should meet early next week.

Something going on at DOD?

Hutchinson decided to put himself
in charge of Army Human Resources.

-He's interviewing generals.
-That would explain why...

...Murabayashi is asking to get
to go on Meet the Press Sunday.


I need Hutchinson tomorrow.

Is Angela Blake taking over
Legislative Affairs?

I just stopped Josh from wandering
in here and finding his replacement.

She's not replacing him,
he had too much work.

-When were you planning on telling him?
-In the morning.

When were you planning
on telling the rest of us?

I'm trying to get through the week.

Angela was my number two at Labor,
she'll be up to speed in five minutes.

-I know you wanna do more.
-So he screwed up. So what?

We all have.
Is this how it's gonna be?

The vice president's here.

-She gonna be in the budget negotiation?
-She's gonna lead them.

Josh. Hey, how you doing?

Art, good to see you.

-Things going okay?
-Yeah. Yeah. Great.

Good. You wanna join us
while you're waiting?

-No. No, I just got here early.

Well, glad you're doing all right.

Yeah, yeah. Doing great.
It's good to see you, Art.


Mr. Lyman is already seated.



Wilcox is running late.

No, sorry. He's not coming.

He just called the restaurant.

Donna sent you?

Just in case.

What's good?

We have a languishing economy.

So full of social-welfare programs
its belly's dragging the ground.

Giving kickbacks to the wealthy
isn't creating wealth, it's just kickbacks.

Keep taxing capital at 15 percent... are encouraging people
to stash assets under their mattresses.

You cut the taxes,
people will sell their investments.

-Flooding the market.
-That flood only washes up 100 million... terms of our $2 trillion budget.
That's like a rounding error in the OMB.

Excuse me, Toby. If I may.

You're right, congressman.
If we lower cap-gain taxes...

...we reward small businesses
who took risks for the economy.

I'd be the first
to pat them on the back.

But the speaker is trying to "propulgate"
a tax bill onto an appropriations package.

If we start allowing that, we're never
going to get budgets passed.

You're saying the administration
would support a tax cut...

-...if it were separate from the budget?
-We're sure not gonna discuss it...

...while it's attached
to appropriations.

Maybe we should wait for the
president to join us before we continue.

The president considers
this vote a priority, Nate.

I'm relieved. I'd hate to be the
next rung down on his to-do list.

Excuse me.

Find the president.

The Albanians are declaring war.

Albania's foreign minister's calling
the flag-raising on Croxys an act of war.

So the Greek president ordered his navy
to surround and defend the island.

-You're kidding.
-Albania's prepping to dispatch their fleet.

The Albanians have a fleet?

Some old torpedo boats
and a few mine sweepers, yeah.

What's the importance
of this, it's a rock, isn't it?

-Used for grazing goats.
-The president.

It's a rock, general. Not a war.

President Ismaili and President Giannakos
can get in a room and be big boys.

-Mr. President.
-Were you able to move the chancellor?

Only two hours.

Singer and the Blue Dogs need to
talk to you. I need you to get back--

You know when you hear that
a tornado has uprooted a tree? I saw it.

Sixty feet of roots from a bur oak,
yanked right out of the ground.

I talked to this guy
who flew B-29s in Korea...

...and made it back
without so much as a split lip.

Yesterday, his legs were crushed by a
chest of drawers while he was sleeping.


-We'll be happy to have you back, sir.
-I'll see you tomorrow, Leo.


Need any help?

No, thank you, sir. I'm almost done.

I'm pretty good with a scouring pad.

That would just be embarrassing
for both of us, Mr. President.

-You're with the Red Cross?
-I'm a volunteer.

-And I drive a school bus for the district.
-That must be very rewarding.

Getting to know all the children,
watching them grow.

I'm sorry.

I lost four kids
on my route yesterday.

At first you just--

You're just glad it's not your kids.

But you gotta wonder...

...what kind of a God
would do such a terrible thing?

We go to church every Sunday.

We try to do the right thing.

What kind of a plan
could this possibly be?

Why do you call Democrats who usually
vote with the Republicans "Blue Dogs"?

You didn't have to stay
and eat dinner with me... keep me from looking pathetic.

I was hungry.

Hey, pull over would you?

-What are you--?
-Hang on a second.

Hey, you want a piece of me?

I'm right here! I'm standing right here,
come on! Come on!

You're in early.

-So are we okay?

I thought you might still be mad about
last year at the Kennedy school forum.

They laugh at anything.
I know, because I'm not funny.

Not really, no.

So, what time's senior staff?

-See you there.

Donna called. He's just now
coming in the northwest gate.

-Toby in yet?
-Eat white food.

-I'm okay.
-Like cottage cheese.

I'm okay. It's just a headache.

You're not, or you
wouldn't scream at...

-...a building at 1:00 in the morning.
-I was looking for you. How'd it go?

-Last night.

Come on. Angela Blake?!

I don't mind
he walked into a propeller...

...although I'm pretty sure
there's no such word as "propulgate. "

Maybe he meant propagate.
Or promulgate.

You put the VP in a room with a guy
winding up to swing at the president.

He took the shot.
But he's not happy about it.

-You need to talk to him.

-There's a situation.
-You're gonna be good at this job.

The secretary of state called.
He heard there's a problem...

...with the president getting back in time
and wanted to remind you... emphatic terms--
-He said that, "emphatic terms"?

--that the chancellor only accepted
our invitation to come to Washington...

... "after numerous overtures and
two months of painstaking negotiations. "

Really? Thank him for me.

I'd almost forgotten the 200 calls
I had to make to Berlin.

Oh, dear God,
not the goats again. Margaret!

Ismaili refuses to discuss a peaceful
resolution to the Croxys dispute.

Let Josh know I need to see him
before senior staff.

Ismaili wants Bartlet
to broker a deal.

What do they want,
shared custody of goats?

The president isn't a marriage counselor
or a shepherd for that matter.

We're trying to avoid
a missile launch...

...from one of the nine warships
floating around in the lonian Sea.


-Find C.J.

I should have never gotten
out of bed this morning.

The president could light
the peace candle during the prayer.

-Could he lead the prayer?
-The governor could take...

-...the benediction and opening greetings.

Governor Wade will arrive,
and then the president will enter--

The president has to be first.

People want to see the governor first.
She's a familiar, comforting face to them.

I'm gonna go out on a limb and say
the president has a recognizable face.

-Excuse me. Yeah.
-I'm dying here. What time are you back?

The memorial service
is scheduled to start around 10.

-It was supposed to start earlier...

...but people are driving from other--

What am I supposed to
tell the Germans?

Don't charge them for headphones
and give them extra peanuts?

Was that supposed to be funny?

What do you want, Leo?

I've got a cap-gains tax cut
tacked onto an appropriations bill...

...two Bronze Age civilizations threatening
to blow each other up over some goats...

...and a major ally
that'll be in the lobby...

...leafing through dog-eared magazines
while the president is singing "Kumbaya. "

I want the president
back here now, C.J.

This was your idea. Fix it.

-You wanted to see me?
-Yeah, come on in.

I don't know where we're at on capital
gains, but I was thinking about Boeing.

-lf we flip--

Haffley would amputate
his own leg before...

-...he'd take an ax to a defense--
-You gotta stop, Josh.

When were you gonna tell me
about Angela Blake?

Right now.

She's a fundraiser, Leo.

-Doesn't know the Hill--

You tried to humiliate Carrick in his state
and failed to the tune of a party switch.

You think it ends
with the leadership?

You can't believe the calls I'm getting
from DNC membership.

State party chairs.
No one wants you here.

You're gonna be late
for senior staff.

-He in there?
-Working on his remarks.

Excuse me, Mr. President.

I'm trying to remember
a quote from Isaiah.

I should call Toby.
Everything ready for the memorial?

We're working on if you
or the governor arrives first.

We're the guests,
whatever she wants is fine.

-No, sir, you must walk in first.
-lf Wade is gonna get bothered--

I need you to walk in first. I need you
to know that you walk in first.

I'm sorry. We need to go back
to Washington.

-After the service.
-No, sir. We need to go back now.

Leo needs you to meet with Singer and
the Blue Dogs, the chancellor is waiting...

...and there's some war
between ancient civilizations.

-These people need me.
-No, sir, they don't.

Maybe they did yesterday,
but they need their town back.

They need the police working,
not clearing roads for your motorcade.

They need the 50 motel rooms we took
for people who lost their homes.

They need you in Washington,
running things...

...and creating jobs that
will help pay the taxes... support disaster relief
and rebuilding.

What are we doing here, sir?

-Secretary Hutchinson's here.

Any idea why General McClain
might be flying in from Oslo next week?

Look, Leo, I understand
Alexander's not happy about--

There's a command structure.
We have procedures.

I'm trying to transform a military
establishment that hates change.

It's a new world. We face
a new enemy. We need new thinking.

Speed, flexibility, rapid deployment.

Air Force One,
wheels up 10 minutes ago.

Thank God.

We agree. We need to modernize.

But we also have to have
unbiased military advice.

So I'm gonna need you
to stop undermining Alexander...

...and cancel these interviews.

You start handing out stars...

...those generals aren't gonna tell you
anything you don't wanna hear.

-You wanted to see me?
-Give us a minute will you, Charlie?

-Are we having a problem?
-No, sir.

I feel as if I did more good in the
last 24 hours than in the last 6 months.

Yes, sir.

You resent me taking a few extra hours
to console grieving people?

I'm asking you a direct question, C.J.

Honestly, sir?

I resent you ignoring
the responsibilities of your office.

If you wanna touch people, teach math
in East St. Louis after your term expires.

So you think my staying longer
was some sort of personal indulgence?

I think it's been a difficult time
for you, sir. For all of us.

What's this really about, C.J.?

I understand there was no time, sir.

I can't imagine what it was like.
I don't have kids.

It's like I knew who I was. Then I woke
up one morning and didn't have a clue.

I understand, sir, but I need more.

You're the president
of the United States.

My president.

I'm frightened.
We're all frightened. This is--

The world is too dangerous now,
unpredictable. I need you back.

I need you to lead.

Is there anything else, Mr. President?



It's the name of my boat. Jeanine.

Who's Jeanine?

Wanna grab some lunch?

No. Thanks.


You need anything?

On my home machine,
I have 52 "Hang in there" messages.

One from a headhunter wondering if I'm
interested in going to the private sector.

Are you?

-What's that?
-It's my "What a shame" folder.

All the stuff we never have time for.

The stuff we thought we'd fix
when we got here, but we never did.

Foreign-adoption policies,
hybrid-energy partnerships...

...extending the
roadless conservation plan.

Okay, this one's not a shame,
I just didn't want to deal with it.

Funding special education
for kids with disabilities.

Ammunition control.
What's a gun without bullets?

21st Century Teacher Corps. We've got
all those baby-boomer teachers retiring.

Mentor programming....