The West Wing (1999–2006): Season 5, Episode 3 - Jefferson Lives - full transcript

With Bartlet back in the Oval Office, and back in his wife's bad books, the hunt for a Vice President begins.

Previously on The West Wing:


Abdul Shareef had nothing to do
with what happened to Zoey.

-You don't know that.
-I did what I thought was necessary.

Your decisions, Jed, not ours.

-Any word on the new speaker?
-I'm betting Haffley.

Republicans think Haffley's a fascist.

-Where are we on a vice president?
-We have candidates...

...ready for your decision.





That wasn 't the worst.
The worst was M-80s at the ballpark.

Me and Tommy Ledden
and the guys pooled our ammo...

...and in a burst of patriotic pride,
blew out the toilets...

...behind the concession stand.

Cute girls were there, in shorts.

Is the secretary of state
supposed to be here?

Yeah. Is he?

It was set last night.
I put it on your-- Where you said.

-Secretary Berryhill.
-Leo. Josh.

-Mr. Secretary.
-Gentlemen, please.

Did you read Berardi's resignation
letter in The Post?

-A little old-fashioned.

A little? Aaron Burr's call to the interview
at Weehawken was less stilted.

Berardi blunted his protest
by making it a laundry list.

The bombings, the assassination.
I thought he would go for our neckties.

-How are the Syrians?

Probably afraid they're next.

Anyone else making noise?

Mostly shows of support, regards to
the first family from the Saudis in Cairo.

Your address to the U.N... went a long way.
-You're polling in the high 60s.

-Only the president's doing better.
-You're polling on me?

You guys are desperate for good news.

Getting the president back
in the Oval Office was a start...

...but the message we need
to send now is one of action.

-You want some coffee?
-No, thanks.

Our first priority is to name
a vice president.

The press is expecting us to lay out
our timetable tomorrow.

But we're thinking what if,
instead, we announce.

Say this is our guy, the vice president
of the United States of America.

-Sound like a good start?
-Sounds about right.

So if your president asks, you'll serve?

Finally you join the 21 st century.

-Can we keep this between us?
-In the office?

I still take a plain,
all-American cup of Joe.

Not like that.

-You doing okay, Dad?

Because it is the Fourth of July.
We've been up 20 minutes, and--

I'm saving the Founding Fathers
till lunch.

-Still on?
-Only if you're up to it.

-I am.

-Smell the coffee?

I could heard it. Could that thing
be any louder?

-I'll be right back to make yours.
-Keep the ice on it.

-He had no reservations?

No qualms about DSCC travel
or the rubber-chicken circuit?

-He's onboard.
-So our message is stature.

And national security. Toss in
motherhood, the flag. Fax it.

With dignity. The guy's a war hero,
he radiates presidential.

-We don't need to oversell this one.
-We need a war room.

Get someone from the counsel's office,
Legislative Affairs--

-He's been through this as secretary.
-Confirmed by the Senate, not the House.

We've got 24 hours. Even a whiff
of a whiff of a rumor, we bat it down.

-Smart offense.
-Error-free ball.

Knock yourselves out.
He's a slam dunk.

Too many sports metaphors.
I want all of his public statements...

...his activity for the party,
his financial disclosure forms...

-...his video rentals, his Post-its.
-I've gotta brief.

-Can we start booking him?
-Actually, you're right.

No interviews till we hear
that he's gonna be confirmed.

-This will go quickly.
-For the Sunday shows?

-Two days? You bet.
-Can we--?

We don't leave a "Help Wanted" sign
out for another news cycle.

We feed them Zoey's pool spray today,
but we won't stay ahead long.

-Zoey's okay?
-She said she is.

-When are the Republicans over?
-Before lunch. We show our respect...

...Berryhill's confirmed by next week.

-I know. Toby?

-You like him, right?
-Berryhill? I'm over the moon.

This is my over-the-moon face.

-You see Berardi's resignation?
-You ready for it?

"The president appreciates his long
service, respects his right to differ...

...and he will be missed. "
You look spiffy.

You could look spiffy too,
if you ever went home.

I'm clean. I showered. I wanted to ask,
though, on the assassination--

-Avoid that word for starters.
-Berardi's letter keeps it front page.

The questions I keep getting asked are,
why not a trial or tribunal?

Why covert ops?
Why didn't we simply detain him?

-Stick to the script. You'll be fine.
-The Pentagon's keeping it classified.

So send the questions
to the Pentagon.

Hey. About the pool spray.
The first lady wanted me to ask.

Zoey walks with her dad. We see she
can walk. It puts everyone's mind at rest.

-Photos only?
-That's the beauty of it. No questions.

And on the Truman Balcony
for fireworks?

Family photo. Just the White House

But reassure the first lady,
Zoey hesitates and we cancel.

Good morning. Welcome to the
holiday edition of your briefing.

Ryan, you're here. I've got nine boxes
that need to go to the OEOB. Room 180.

-They call it the old Energy Plan Room.
-It's the Fourth of July.

It is a holiday, but we just survived
a national crisis...

...which I guess you slept through,
so there's a lot to do here.

-Explain to him why I can't go sailing.
-Dude, Ryan's not onboard...

...because he's taking some boxes over
to the OEOB for me.

It's those big ones. It'll take a few trips.
They need them right away.

-The new speaker called again.
-Haffley? Now what?

We already moved the meeting up so he
could watch the green flag at Daytona.

-I think it was his son's T-ball game.

He has some questions
about the agenda.

I'll bet. You tell him it was about
the VP selection?

-I think he wants to hear some names.
-He better be at the meeting.

Hey. When was the last time you got
a look at the CDC budget breakdown?

Everything before last Saturday
is kind of fuzzy.

Ken Krupp heard HHS is reworking
the whole thing.

Five days till markup.
A lot of horse-trading left to do.

Division of Violence Prevention,
65 percent cut.

-Really? First lady pissed?
-Her attention is elsewhere.

-That's probably good.
-Not really.

She'd get worked up.
I doubt she could do a lot.

She could do plenty.

-It's a shame.
-There's a future for you... motivational speaking.
-Take it to her, what do I know?

-She in the office today?

Monday? Let it go.

You're gonna have to breathe through it
for a while.

-Not my forte, waiting.
-You have other fortes.

What's that supposed to mean?

-Nothing. I didn't mean it.
-You absolutely meant that.

-Okay, maybe I did.
-Be careful what you start.

In light of recent events, how do
you respond to Dr. Berardi's claim...

... that the practical reason for
not assassinating foreign leaders... that our officials and families
are vulnerable to retaliation?

Abdul Shareef was not targeted
as a foreign leader.

He was stopped from blowing up
the Golden Gate Bridge.

We should wrap up.
Zoey Bartlet is coming...

...and you in the pool
should get in position.

Remember, this young lady
has been through an ordeal.

She's not gonna take questions.
So just show some basic human--

I almost said "decency. "
But don 't worry, I'm back.

-What's next?
-Norfolk is remaining at ThreatCon 5.

The manuals confiscated in Portland...

...include blueprints
for a radiological dispersion device.

The guys we detained
in Tanzania yesterday...

...were packing botulinum toxin
and cyanide.

But we can go ahead and light sparklers
in our own back yard?

Along with our people, the FBI, the Park
Service, Capitol and local police...

-...there'll be 2000 officers.
-Air Force jets will monitor the airspace.

There's a no-boating zone
on the Potomac...

-...between 14th Street and the bridge.
-A party invitation if I ever heard one.

-Very few local events are affected.
-What has?

Reading the Declaration got postponed.
No one cleared the fife and drum corps.

And a group of immigrants
taking the citizenship oath had to cancel.

The VFW Hall they're using
had a bomb scare.

-Fine. Thank you all.
-Thank you, Mr. President.

When do I sit down with Berryhill?


I've got a lunch I don't wanna rush.

-How's Zoey doing?
-Really well. Considering.

-They're on their way down.

What's with a bomb scare
at an immigration ceremony?

lmmigration has been encouraging more
district and neighborhood ceremonies.

Most of this group being sworn in
are from Arab countries.

Folks who have been interviewed and
background-checked by two agencies...

...taken classes to learn
our language...

...passed exams on our history
and government...

...and fingerprinted twice?
These kind of Arabs?

-Yes, sir.
-Find an auditorium...

-...where they can safely take their oath.
-Yes, sir.

Oh, man, I don't like
the looks of all that.

-They call it nonessential for a reason.
-We'll send most of it to the auto-pen.

The auto-pen didn't work
while I was on hiatus?

It raised constitutional issues
we couldn't parse.

C.J. needs you to approve this.
It's from the archives.

She said everyone will probably go
with the fireworks. But this is nice.

-It's sweet.
-They were laughing at me.

Was this your first time at the farm?
It was, wasn't it?

I got on and I stayed on.

-You were a natural horseman, Charlie.

Thank you. She's ready.

Are you...?

Mom, I'm okay.

You know how to do this.
Just breathe and walk.

You look great.

Zoey, America loves you!

Mr. Speaker, Mr. Leader,
in the spirit of everyone wins...

...we wanted to thank all of you
in the Republican leadership.

We can be proud of the way we
crisscrossed the aisle recently.

We'd like to inform you of
the president's choice for vice president.

So there's nothing to the rumor
he begged Walken to stay?

-They're good friends.
-It's Lewis Berryhill.

-He'll step down as secretary of state.
-We've already confirmed him once.

-You're looking for an expedited process?
-The country needs to move on.

He's an obvious choice. His military
records, governmental service... .

-Frankly, I've got a problem.
-What kind of problem?

I don't have the votes. Not for Berryhill.

The guy's a war hero. He's the most
popular secretary of state since...

...whoever Lincoln had. He was
unanimously confirmed by the Senate.

Seward. Lincoln had Seward,
who was stabbed in his bed.

And Berryhill wasn't confirmed
by the House.

No one's confirmed by the House.
This is your one at-bat.

-We should let them have the room.
-Leo. No.

I don't need to be schooled
by my brethren.

-I get what my job is here.
-Advice and consent.

Your job is to confirm
the president's choice is qualified.

No one can say Lewis Berryhill
isn't qualified.

But you don't want a fight.

Berryhill's a fight.

Mr. Speaker, I know you haven't
been through this before.

None of us has. Other administrations
haven't lost their vice president... a sex scandal.
-Mr. Speaker.

Don't misunderstand me.
I'm not here just to be a naysayer.

-I have suggestions.
-You have suggestions?

Here are a few names
that could be easily confirmed.

This is your list?

Do you mind?


I have no problem with this list.

-What the hell just--?
-Will! In the Oval.

-And grab C.J.
-We just-- We got tagged.

-Idiot thinks he tagged us.
-He did.

-He's bluffing.
-We don't blink.

What the hell is he thinking?
Is he just in over his head?

-He's an idiot. He's bluffing.
-We put up Berryhill.

We wait for the Republicans
to self-destruct.

-lf we have the time.
-He's an idiot, and we'll destroy him.

-Worried about leaks or about numbers?

How long can we spin it? If it drags
on and gets ugly, people worry--

We got a fight. With this list?
It's a joke.

August Adair would bore
the country into a stupor.

Starkey is, forgive me, sir, more likely
to keel over in three years than you.

The longer Haffley drags this out,
the longer he's next in line.

-Diane Frost is a serious name.
-Diane is a serious loon of the left.

I love Diane Frost.
I'd marry Diane Frost...

...if I were a member
of her stated sexual preference...

...but Diane is unelectable.

Their agenda is sniper anyone
who's hard to beat next time.

-This wasn't about partisan politics.
-It is now.

Come on, guys. The door is closed. This
has always been about partisan politics.

One reason we were ecstatic
this morning... that Berryhill looks good
to take over next.

-He also looks good now.
-Who is Robert Russell?

He's the congressman
from Western Colorado.

And I don't mean the state.
I mean the mining company.

-Bob Russell is not presidential.
-Are we discussing the list?

We're dissing the list. Wasn't Russell--?
Is he "Bingo Bob"?

-That's him.
-Let's not diss it.

Okay, listen up.
We're sticking with Berryhill.

-I wanna announce tomorrow.
-Let's check with our friends.

-Make sure they've got our back.
-What about the list?

Get these folks in.
You and Josh have some nice chats.

-You wanna placate Haffley?
-I wanna try.

If he thinks he's getting to advise,
maybe he'll consent.

-lf you could say hello too, sir.
-"Hello" is all they'll get.

Whatever happens, has to happen now.
Time's not our friend here, Josh.

-I'm on it.
-C.J., can you...?

Toby, when's the bris?

-It was this morning, sir.
-This morning? You dog.

-We've been busy.
-I'll get you later.

-Nice service?
-For me.

I'm not sure Huck enjoyed
it as much.

-Quite a way to start the morning.
-It was.

And it's just the beginning.

Call them in. Twenty minutes each.

Make it clear this is not
about the vice presidency.

They are not candidates for jobs
listed in the Constitution.

-Are they candidates?
-They are not.

-They are not. Repeat that.
-They are not.

-They were becoming citizens?
-Before the bomb scare.

-Margaret's checking into other venues.
-G.W.'s getting back to me too.

You wanna release the president's
helping find a site for them?

Wait until we're sure we solved it.
On the other thing--

-I'm fine.
-Toby thought you were a little--

-Toby's wrong. I'm not.
-Berardi's resignation letter...

-...was persuasive.
-It was. But I'm not.

-I don't know why Toby thought--
-You know... .

-Sorry, I gotta--

And Secretary Rowse sent some
beautiful calla lilies.

-Give him a call. Anything else?
-Ken Krupp called. A couple of times.

I've got his card. Thank him for me.

-I think Ken's concerned about...

...the HHS appropriation. There were
some changes in the CDC budget.

Committee's going to markup. Violence
Prevention could lose 65 percent.

-Sorry. What are you--?
-I'm sorry. It was nothing.

You're gonna have to handle things
for me a little while longer.

-I know. Do you want me to--?
-I trust you.

That's why I hired you.

Hello. He's just finishing a call
with Congresswoman Frost.

-I'm looking for my daughter.
-She's with Will.

Don't you--?
He'd want me to interrupt.

-No, no. Don't bother.
-Mrs. Bartlet...

...I can't tell you how hard
I prayed for you.

I appreciate that.

Well, you shouldn't.
I'm not very religious.

So my praying could be taken
as insincere or even an affront...

...which if it's a vengeful God,
could have made matters worse.

Well, it didn't.
So maybe there's a clue.

So how many of these letters
have come?

-At last count, 10,000.
-Well, here's another good one.

"Dear Zoey, I hope they won't kill you.
But if they do, that it'll be quick. "

-She put a smiley face at the end.

-You don't need to read them.
-I do.

-No, you don't.

-No, you're busy.
-Not at all.

Okay if Charlie stays?
He thinks he needs to babysit.

Sure. How was lunch?

-You know Dad, "Jefferson lives. "
-Will hasn't been here.

My dad loves Fourth of July stuff.

Like Jefferson and Adams
dying on the same day.

Adams thought Jefferson
had survived him.

"Jefferson lives,"
were his last words.

It appeals to Dad.
You know, hope and irony--

With a little party politics thrown in.
Shall we get busy?

You want to draft a letter.
A response to the country, is that right?

-I'm gonna ask you questions...

...and come up with a draft
for you to review.

-We'll start with, how do you feel?

Don't worry about phrasing
or brevity. I'll do that part.

I feel...


I feel happy to be back.



I feel a little bad that
so much had to go into this.

Saving me, and all.

I wish I hadn't... .

Well, it didn't happen.

We all do.

-And then I have to go and--
-It wasn't your fault.

Okay. So that's good? Was it--?

-That was, yeah. I'll get back to you.
-Cool. Thanks, Will.

And of course there's the necessity
to lessen the ceremonial burdens.

Absolutely, Senator Starkey.

-In ways John Hoynes didn't always--
-Let's not talk about that.

The agenda could be strengthened...

...if more of the president's
ceremonial burdens were removed.

-We don't disagree.

Do you have a few minutes
to say hello to the president?

I'm at his disposal.

-Congressman Russell.
-Mr. Ziegler. Mr. Lyman.

-Josh. We met at the... .
-Good memory.

-I wasn't sure you could pick me out.
-Luckily, I didn't have to, Bob.

We'd like to establish from the outset--
You know what the press climate is...

...and why we can't afford to, well,
make decisions before we've made them.


There's to be no discussion
whatsoever in this meeting...

...of any position in the government
that may or may not be open.

-Which is not to say this meeting... about that.

What are your thoughts on
the president's and the party's agenda...

...for the next three years?

There hasn't been much about the last
couple of weeks I wouldn't rather erase.

But this I'll keep.

Lewis, I'm hoping to announce you
as my new vice president.

-Our new speaker balking?

This could be rockier
than we had hoped.

-I can handle it.
-Not just for us, but for the country.

Sir, as secretary of state,
I've shown you my conciliatory side.

But in my heart of hearts,
I'm spoiling for a fight.

Me too.

We're going to double her detail,
visible presence, in diamond formation...

...flanking her like the president.

-No going for yogurt?
-We need three days' notice...

...for site sweeps and
background checks on anyone...

-...she may come in contact with.
-I'm gonna need time to process this.

Of course.

I do have one question.

-Sorry, I didn't hear this was moved up.
-We're just finishing.

They'll be a report on new protocols
on your desk by C.O.B.

-Feel free to copy Leo...

-...but I'd like the report delivered to me.

Did you have a question?
You were saying you had a question.

How would you compare
the residence with the farm?

-In terms of security?

-What are you thinking?
-I don't know yet.

As you're aware, we have
the farm continually secured.

It doesn't have bulletproof windows
or a crash-proof gate.

Here, we're in a fortress.

On the other hand, the White House
is a target. Ground zero.

-It's probably six of one--
-Thank you.

I hadn't heard you were thinking
about New Hampshire.

-That might be the best.
-I moved the meeting up...

...because I didn't want you here.

-In the meeting?
-In the residence.


I've been trying to--
I thought you'd need some space.

She's back. She's safe.

She's gonna stay safe.

-We all want what's best for Zoey.
-You laid us open.

You laid me and my daughters
wide open.

God knows what else there is.
I don't know.

-There is nothing else.
-I swear to God, Leo, don't--

Seventy-two hours. Her bruises
aren't even-- Did you see her face?

For God's sake,
don't ask me to trust you.

-I'm not.
-And don't think you took the bullet.

I blame Jed.

He did this.

We understand the choice.
He's a popular secretary.

-But he runs State like a dictator.
-Come on.

I know, I'm overstating.

Many Democrats see Berryhill
as aloof.

And not only because he's never run
for office. Not even dogcatcher.

He's not a team player. A minor flaw,
maybe, but you're anointing the guy.

-Once he's in the spotlight--
-lf he's stuck there...

...while the speaker halts
the government.

Berryhill's warts are gonna show?

You're assuming the Republicans
follow through.

Haffley's list of candidates
was amateur hour.

-It had some decent names.
-lf you insist on Berryhill...

...we'll fight. But it'll prove
how impotent you've made us.

-You knighted Haffley...

...when you moved Walken out.
Haffley's not bluffing. He doesn't bluff.

Okay. So we fight for Berryhill.
We only need a majority.

Four guys to break ranks
and join you. It's simple.

Haffley's got them on choke chains.
You won't get them.

Not in a day. Not in a month.
It's that simple.

So there he was on his deathbed.

Fifty years to the day.

Fifty years since the signing
of the Declaration.

July 4th. Independence Day.

There he is on his deathbed--

Which one are you with now,
Senator Adair?


But of course,
both of them were dying.

On the same Fourth of July.
That's what's so amazing.

Fifty years since that day
in Independence Hall...

...immortalized in Trumbull's
famous painting of the scene.

Two great giants, dying on
their country's birthday...

...after years of friendship
and feuding.

-As diplomats in Paris, they had--
-Excuse me.

I'm sorry, senator.

This will only take a second.

Debbie, you were supposed to
interrupt after five minutes.

It's only been three, sir.

Tell Leo I can't take any more of this.

There's only a couple more.

Wait. The Democrats actually
liked the list?

They don't like Berryhill. Donna!

The minority leader
thinks it's not a bluff...

...and we won't win a House battle.

The minority leader's running
for president.

-Donna, get me Leo!
-She went to the bathroom.

She's not allowed to do that.
Get me Leo.

-Leo McGarry?
-Yes, Leo McGarry.

They leaked the Starkey-Russell list.

-Is that bad? Makes Berryhill look better.
-Guys. We can't confirm Berryhill.

-We can't?
-Trouble with the Democrats.

And the Republicans. That's everyone.

-We gotta move on.
-Move on?

We don't move on from
our first post-Walken showdown.

This is the president's defining decision.

No kidding. Time's running out.

If we don't find someone
to confirm tomorrow--

-We had other names.
-Hey, sorry.

Does anyone know Mr. McGarry's

Yeah. I'll let you get back
to your catfish, governor.

No, I'm not much of a fisherman.

Maybe we will.

And a happy Fourth to you.

-Sir, do you have a moment?
-You don't wanna be vice president?

-No, sir.
-Then you can stay.

It's about Zoey.

Something happen?

-She had trouble talking to Will.

-She was fearless with the press.
-Yes, sir. She does that.

-You've said this before.

Look at that. Fearless.

She puts up a good front.

Name one thing. One thing
my little girl's afraid of.

She knows you like to see her strong.
She thinks what happened was her fault.

I'm sorry, sir, but... .

Her mother wants to take her back
to New Hampshire for a while.

What do you think?

I think her mom is right.

I just got off the phone.
Call Dooley.

It's not at the top of your list, but
the chairman's onboard, if covered...

-...which Dooley will agree to--

Smallpox and anthrax are priorities,
but we've spent years...

-...recognizing violence as a threat--

If families aren't safe at home,
who needs national security?

I'm begging you. Stop talking. You're
a machine. My head's gonna explode.

-You said if I got the first lady--
-We don't have a vice president.

That's our first thing,
and I can't get it done.

I can't get Berryhill confirmed.
The guy the president wants...

...and I can't get it done.
So could you just... quiet for one moment?

-Berryhill's perfect. Who--?
-I mean it. One minute.

Silence. Can you manage that?

-But l--
-You can't do it, can you?


I can 't believe you're doing this.

We've talked about going up
to the farm for a long time.

Later on. All together.

-You guys ganged up on me.
-That's right.

Your mother and I are a united front,
so don't even bother.

Come on. This is gonna be good.

You'll have the orchard to walk in.

Once that shoulder heals,
you'll have Quince to ride.

I'll be up as soon as I can.

There's only one thing
you have to do for me.

Give yourself time.
Don't try to rush this.

There was an arm...

...grabbing me.

When I start to fall asleep... comes back.

We're gonna help you.

We're all gonna help.

So the question now is how big
of a battle Berryhill is worth.

-That sums it up.
-He's eager for it, by the way.

-Too eager, maybe.

-Congressman Russell is here, sir.

Bingo Bob.

Look at them. Oh, my God.

Huck's a little pissed in that one.

-You look kind of... .
-Yeah. He hates me already.

And Molly... .

My brother got a Hebrew name,
so she had to have one.

Where's Andy? Was she even there?

You gonna step out for the fireworks?

I don't know. I may go home.

You should. You've been going at it
without a break.

I'm okay.

I went over the briefings
from the last few days.

There weren't many questions
about the covert operation.

There were questions.

"Why didn't Shareef have a trial?
A tribunal?" Who asked that?

They're my questions, Toby.
I'm asking.

You read Berardi's resignation.

"Violence is the last resort
of civilized nations.

Violence wrapped in secrecy
is the choice of thugs. "

You think we're thugs?

-I don't know.
-You wanna keep talking?

Let me know.

I'm glad you were able to stop by.

I wouldn't miss a chance
to discuss the party's agenda, sir.

We can toss out the script.
The list is out there now.

Great. Great, we can talk directly.
Not great that the list was leaked.

Were you surprised to find
your name on that list, Robert?

It's Bob. Robert's my dad.
And, yes, sir.

I never thought that I'd be sitting
here today...

-...or any day.
-This place is full of surprises.

If this is a courtesy to the speaker, I
won't waste your time with a long pitch.

-No, please.
-I get along with people.

They like me in the House
because I don't ruffle feathers.

They like me back home because
I honestly enjoy a good rubber chicken.

Has to do with the cooking
I grew up on.

And it may look like I'm awful cozy
with the mining industry...

...but WestCo employs five times
as many of my constituents... anyone else in my district.
-Are you a horseman, Bob?

-I'm looking at your boots.
-Oh, I love to ride. You?

My youngest daughter's
the one with the talent.

-Praise the good Lord for her safe return.
-We do.

No, I wear these boots... .

I could give you some crap
about remembering my roots.

But I wear these because I've got
flat feet and they don't hurt my arches.

Well, thank you for coming by
on such short notice.

Let me go on the record. If you were
to offer the job, I would be honored.

-Thank you.
-But I would need a couple things.

I wasn't close enough to say for sure
about your relationship with Hoynes.

But as your vice president,
I would want more access.

Direct access.

Weekly lunch or drinks. Especially since
we don't know each other.

Sounds like you'd be a vice president
who'd be looking to move up.

I'm not trying to run out
the clock on you...

...but I'm sure
that my name came up...

...because some see me
as the bland candidate.

Nobody's nightmare.

The triumph of mediocrity.

If I were to take the job, I'd mean
to confound those expectations.

And I'd want you to know that.

Any other ways I can sweeten
the offer for you, Bob?

-I'm sending my girls home.
-I heard.

You wanna say goodbye?

Abbey and I spoke earlier.

Two hundred and twenty-seven years
ago, a bunch of guys got together...

...on the Fourth of July and decided...

...because they didn't have
any cherry bombs...

...they would declare
some self-evident truths.

Fed up with democracy, are we?

I called Lewis Berryhill.

Told him it wasn't gonna work out.

-You didn't want a fight.
-I did want a fight.

But the country needs a president
who's doing their work...

...and since they put their trust
in a guy whose mortality is showing...

...they deserve a chain of command
that's irrefutable.

So who is it?

Ben Franklin thought
the only hope for democracy...

...was if people respected each other
enough to compromise.

Folks in western Colorado had
four chances to change their minds...

...about Bob Russell, and they haven't.

-Bob Russell? Really?
-He ain't my choice.

But, hey, we hated the last guy.
So let's start the betting process.

-You wanna tell the gang?
-You do it. I'm done for the day.

Actually, Mr. President,
you have one more thing.

That I will perform work
of national importance...

That I will perform work of national

-...when required by law.
-...when required by law.

-That I take this obligation freely...
-That I take this obligation freely...

...without any mental reservation
or purpose of evasion.

...without any mental reservation
or purpose of evasion.

-So help me God.
-So help me God.

-Thanks, Leo.
-Ladies and gentlemen...

...the president of the United States.

Thank you, Your Honor. Please.

My fellow Americans,
congratulations and welcome.

I hear you had some trouble finding
a safe place to take your oath today.

Our Founding Fathers
were in a similar predicament.

In many ways, our great
Declaration of Independence...

...was a work order issued under fire.

One we still struggle to fulfill.
Now, if you'll please stand... your hand on your hearts
and say with me:

I pledge allegiance to the flag...

...of the United States of America.

And to the Republic
for which it stands... nation under God, indivisible...

... with liberty and justice for all.

I wasn't scared, Daddy.
It was fun!