The West Wing (1999–2006): Season 5, Episode 15 - Full Disclosure - full transcript

Press leaks lead to the revelation that former VP John Hoynes is about to release a tell-all book about the administration.

Previously on The West Wing:

Mr. Vice President,
have you had an affair...

...with Helen Baldwin?
- Yes.

They know you lived
with that guy, Ben?

There's a lot you don't know.

Are you in a position to deny it?

Do you think she may have been
coached by Republican leadership?

If we're gonna do this,
we start tonight, now.

- And I need you thinking now and not...
- Sir, I'm resigning the vice presidency.

We'll be back with White House
Press Secretary C.J. Cregg after this.

Wait? What was that?
You're breaking up on me.

- Can you hear me now?
- Yes, that's much better.

What's this about
the dollar and the yen?

No, not the yen. That's Japan.

China's currency is the yuan.

This isn't PBS.
He's not gonna ask about the yuan.

But cheap goods
imported from China...

... are what tomorrow's labor's protests
are gonna be about...

... so we gotta get out
the message that Chinese...

Hang on a second.

AP says a presidential commission
recommends a 50-percent...

...increase in cigarette taxes? What...?
- He's gonna ask about that.

- Give me more.
- Seventeen cent increase...

... raise 3.4 billion a year...

...16 billion over five years.
- Hang on.

- Can you stick it there?
- Sure.

- Yeah?
- Could buy out 75 percent of tobacco...
- Did you see Drudge?

Pay them not to grow tobacco.

Increase the price of tobacco,
would reduce teenage smoking.

Other recommendations
for reducing teenage...

In 10, nine, eight...

- Toby, I gotta go.
- No, wait.

- Wait.
- Six...

Hello? Damn it.

Joining me now in a rare venture...

...outside the controlled environment of
the White House Press Briefing Room... the one and only queen of the
Bartlet spinners, Miss C.J. Cregg.

- Welcome back.
- Always a pleasure, Taylor...

...but if you think the briefing room's

...try controlling 100 hungry reporters.

And if I'm queen of anything,
I want a bigger office.

Okay, C.J., tell us about
the president's secret plan to raise taxes.

I'd love to, but it's so secret,
he hasn't told me.

I'm talking about a secret commission
that wants a 50-percent...

First of all, it's not
a secret commission...

...the report was just released on
the AP wire, how we both found out...

...and I promise,
the president hasn't heard of it.

It's gonna ask him to raise taxes.

Among their recommendations
to reduce teenage smoking...

...they suggest a 17-cent increase in...
- That's 50 percent. That's what I said.

Yes, 17 pennies does equal 50 percent
in this little math problem.

- That won't stop teens from smoking.
- A raised price should reduce demand...

...but more importantly,
we'll raise $3.4 billion a year.

That's 16 billion over five years...

...which can buy out 75 percent
of American tobacco farmers.

- Pay them not to grow tobacco.
- lf we reduce...

Has this president met
a handout he didn't like?

Who else does he wanna pay?

Does he not realize the budget
deficit is large enough?

How much taxation does he think
we can stand before we break?

Has this president forgotten that this
country was founded during a tax revolt?

- What does he think?
- Which is your favorite?

If you want me to answer...

We know he hasn't met a tax
increase he didn't like.

If you don't wanna answer,
we'll move on.

This is new,
from the Drudge Report...

...Matt Drudge's website,
and I'm reading:

"The Sunday Times Magazine will run
an in-depth profile...

... of former vice president
John Hoynes...

...who resigned as a result
of a sex scandal.

Hoynes cooperated with The Times,
in a tell-all interview... which he revealed
that President Bartlet...

...tried to talk him into staying in office."
Is that true, C.J.?

- l...
- Was the president trying to cover up?

- I can't respond to every website...
- Did he tell Hoynes not to resign?

- I haven't read the article...
- Yes or no?

I'm not privy to his
private conversations.

Come on, this is pretty basic.

Was Hoynes told to stick around
because he could beat the rap?

I really can't comment on that.

That's your answer?
Your answer is "no comment."

All right, we gotta go to a break.

When we come back, more with White
House Press Secretary C.J. Cregg.

That was a great segment, C.J.
Good job.

- Is she back yet?
- Carol said any minute now.

- Where is this meeting?
- The Roosevelt Room is booked...

...and I'm sorry, but 15 AFL-CIO union
reps aren't gonna be comfortable here.

- Who's got the Roosevelt Room?
- The Base Closing Commission.

- We're getting a table and folding chairs.
- Folding chairs.

- Hey, Toby.
- Hey, Tom.

- Thanks for making time to see us.
- No problem, Shelly.

Hey, everybody, sorry I'm late.


We're having a bit of a problem finding
a room big enough for us to meet, so...

...why don't I work on that
for just one minute? I'll be...

I'll be right

So can I get you anything?

Water or coffee?

Hey. How you doing?

You saw it.
How do you think I am?

- You got blindsided.
- I looked amateur.

I need an advance copy
of The Times Magazine now.

I tried. They don't come out
till Thursday.

Leo and the president want copies.

Who does Drudge say
wrote the article?

- Greg Brock.
- From the Paris bureau?

- He doesn't owe me.
- Want him on the phone?

- Yeah.
- And I've got Ben holding on line one.

I cannot talk to Ben right now.

Drudge leaked maybe 50 words
out of what's a 5000-word article...

...and we're on the ropes.

- I've got Greg Brock's voicemail.
- I'll do it.

Hi, Greg, it's C.J. Cregg.

I've been meaning to buy you lunch since
you joined the White House press corps.

It's a little tradition we have.
Well, one I'm trying to start, actually.

So why don't you give me a call,
and we'll... know exactly why I'm calling.
Get back to me fast, will you?

- Are you sure you wanna handle this?
- Yeah.


Come on. Please, anything but
the Base Closing Commission...

...the most ridiculously boring...

I need you with them,
make sure they...

Wait a minute.
Is this, like, even legal?

It's perfectly legal.

Aren't they supposed
to be independent?

Yeah, so's Congress,
and we talk to them.

Look, I need you to make sure...

...the recommendations the commission
gives the president...

...on what military bases to close
are not politically suicidal for us.

Closing any of them
is politically suicidal.

Right. That's why we let
the Base Closing Commission decide.

- We won't let them.
- President wants you in the NEC meeting.

- When?
- Now-ish.

We're lobbying the
Base Closing Commission.

You're lobbying them,
just like everybody else does.

Hey. I've got 15 AFL-CIO union reps
who wanna yell at me...

...about us sending their jobs to China.
- So?

So I need the Roosevelt Room.

Josh is in with
the Base Closing Commission.

- All day?
- So move them.

We're talking two former
four-star generals... former admiral, and a couple of
former assistant secretaries of DOD.

They're accustomed to a certain style,
and we're lobbying them.

So they get the Roosevelt Room...

...massage tables, ESPN,
whatever they want.

These unions are gonna be outside
tomorrow, protesting against us...

...but if we treat them right, maybe...
- Ask Margaret about the Mural Room.

- The vice president has it.
- For what?

He's the vice president.
I don't have to justify his using a room.

Of course not. For what?

Meeting with a bunch
of environmental groups.

Environmental groups?
That's a first for him.

- He's off and running.
- Hoynes is too.

- We don't know that.
- No. Not exactly. Not yet.

A tell-all, come-clean interview in
The Times Magazine is a good first step.

The vice president's campaign
for president is not our concern.

Hoynes is obviously trying
to rewrite history... make himself morally
superior to the president.

- This from an adulterer who...
- Lied about sex.

Everyone lies about it,
that's how his people will spin it.

- He doesn't have people.
- We don't know that.

I'm just saying,
vice president's office...

...I would like to be included in
any strategic discussions...

...about how to respond to Hoynes,
and it is a campaign... make himself out to be the only
honest guy in an administration of liars.

Yeah, we'll be sure to call you.

That's one macchiato. Decaf.

Here are the latest trade-deficit
numbers with China.

- Don't need them.
- Want us to stay?

No, this meeting's about politics.
Facts won't help.

- Okay, this is the grande latte.
- Thank you.

And the double decaf cap nonfat.

Well, it turns out we're gonna
have to make do with...

...folding chairs.
- That's okay, Toby.

- Rena explained the whole thing.
- She did?

We told her it's not important
where we sit.

- No, you're right. It's not.
- It's important you do what we want.

Or at least treat us with respect.

- How am I doing so far?
- You got two strikes on you.

Because reviewing a cost-benefit analysis
for every military base in the country... as mind-numbing as Radiohead...
- Need this?

Yeah, and the one under it.

Deciding which military bases
we don't need... the most politically disastrous thing
to get involved in.

But why close bases when we've gotta
train troops to fight terrorists?

- Is that everything?
- Yeah.

Because terrorists aren't well-trained for
deep-snow combat like Soviets...

...maybe we don't need that base in
upstate New York.

Maybe we should be expanding our
desert-combat training bases because... know, desert warfare's not
going out of style anytime soon.

- So it's an efficiency thing.
- You're quick.

Since when is efficiency
bad politics?

Anyplace that loses a base loses jobs.

You should've seen my town
when the Army left.

Josh. Got a minute?

Anything to keep me out of that room.
You guys go ahead in and get organized.

What's Hoynes up to?

- Don't know.
- Come on, Josh.

You worked for him in the Senate.
You know.

It seems there's at least
one side of Hoynes I didn't know.

You think he believes
he'll get past the scandal?

Maybe he wanted one big
interview then move on.

Start bringing clients into the law firm.
Excuse me, I gotta get in there.

- Base Closing Commission?
- Yeah.

The vice president urges you
not to close bases in states...

...with more than one electoral vote.
- No problem.

- Morning, everyone.
- Morning, Josh.

Get him out of that chair.

The president would like me to go over
your preliminary recommendations... he could get an idea of
what you have in mind.

- Ready whenever you are.
- Shoot.

First on the list is Fort Drum,
in upstate New York.

Its primary mission is
deep-snow combat training.

The commission's consensus is that deep
snow is no longer a training priority.


What we're saying is this country
is China's biggest customer... we should dictate the deal.
- Like the valuation of the yuan.

- Leo needs you.
...when the dollar is weak.

- I know.
- lf their currency floats...

- Tell him I can't.
...we can get export advantage.

But we let them flood this country
with cheap stuff and labor.

- And slave labor.
- Right.

- They buy nothing from us.
- I wouldn't call 747s nothing.

I told Margaret to tell Leo you're stuck,
and she said he said, "No, you're not." them interest-free loans.
- Sorry.

Please, the president needs me
for something, and...

Toby. We're not new in town.

You expect us to fall for the
old "president needs us" thing?


Leo McGarry ordered me into his office.
As much as I wanna save your jobs...

...I have to try and save mine first
if I'm gonna be any use to you.

So I'll be back, you know...


Was there any discussion of exactly
how Hoynes could hang in there?

No, we just said we didn't think
he had to resign over an affair...

...that in this day and age,
he could get through that.

- And you'd help him?
- I guess.

Guessing's not good enough, Leo.
Did you say you'd help?

- Yeah.
- Did the president say that?

Something like that.
I can't remember exactly what he said.

- Did you take any notes in the meeting?
- It wasn't a real meeting...

It was kind of on the fly.

Did you discuss strategies
on how to manage the scandal?

It never got that far. Hoynes had his
mind made up before we said a word.

I need you to get
the mayor here, now.

- Which mayor?
- D.C. The only mayor we can get.

I need to meet with the president.

I can pull a couple of things
off his schedule this afternoon.

The House and Senate just passed
the emergency...

...D.C. supplemental appropriation
for snow removal.

That's the first bill signing we're
inviting the mayor to?

They attached a school voucher
program to it.

We, I mean... Someone has to talk
to the mayor before we veto it.

Wanna put out a joint statement...?

When everyone has
the Hoynes article...

...I'm gonna get bombarded about what
Hoynes says, and I've gotta be sure...

...about what you three
said and didn't say.

I can control this story, Leo.
I can get us through this.

- lf you tell me everything.
- You got it.

I should only see the press once.

I don't wanna have to go
back out there, saying:

"Hoynes was right about this bit"
that you forgot to tell me.

- I understand.
- We gotta straighten our stories today.

She okay?

Well, you know, she got blindsided by
this Hoynes thing on live TV.

- And that got to her?
- Yeah. It did.

Are you saying there's
nothing we can do?

It's not that simple. Look what happened
with the steel tariffs you wanted.

We killed more jobs in auto
manufacturing than we saved in steel.

That means we have to pick
targets carefully.

If we do that,
we'll have a trade war.

We're already in a trade war
with China.

That's why we gotta make bras
our first line of defense.

- Bras?
- Chinese bras are killing us.

- They are?
- They're flooding Wal-Mart.

Domestic producers can't compete.

China has tripled its
market share in two years.

I assume we're all okay
with French bras, right?

- Because I greatly prefer them...
- This isn't funny.

Of course not.

Look, I'm with you on this one.

I just wish the president could do
something about cheap bras.

- He can.
- He can activate...

...the textile and apparel
import safeguards we got you... put in the deal admitting China
to the WTO, starting with bras.

Apparel import safeguards.
Didn't know about that.

Everyone will know tomorrow when we
burn bras in front of the White House.

I'll be right back.

Do you have long-run projections
for the economies of scale...

...achievable through
net consolidations of troops...

...and mat?riel if all of your
recommendations were implemented?

On page 1237.

Thirteen B shows the aggregate
numbers. Thirteen C...

I need to borrow Ed and Larry
for a thing about bras.

- Are you sure they're the guys?
- Chinese bras.

Well, they're the experts.

So is Hoynes crazy enough to run?

You want the short answer? Yes.

If this article is his first step on the road
to political rehab, what does he do next?

Start putting a staff together.

I better make some calls.


That's why we wanna consolidate
these five Air Force bases into three.

Excuse me. I'm sorry. Ed, Larry? Toby
needs to talk to you about China now.

I need you two to take over.

You sure?

Just ask, "How much will that save?"
every few minutes.

And don't you say a word.

Please continue, General Stanley.
Donna and Ryan here will sit in for me.

As I was saying...

...if we consolidate the five
Air Force bases into three...

...we could upgrade all three of
the aircraft maintenance facilities...

...for major overhauls.
- How much does that save?

Using CBO's baseline,
or the DOD projections?



Russert's on line three.

Time, Newsweek, well, everyone's called
about the Hoynes thing.

- Has Greg Brock called me?
- No, Ben called...

...said he has tickets to the
Kennedy Center, and...

Tell Russert I can't do
Meet the Press next week.

Hi, Greg, it's C.J. again.

Did I mention how useful it is
for a reporter... have the White House
Press Secretary owe you one, a big one?

So call me...

...or tell me what dark parking garage
to meet you in, and I'll be there.

Call me. Now.

Greg Brock is here.

You have a favorite
parking garage for this?

Come on in, Greg.

Nice to formally meet you.
Of course, I've seen you in briefings.

- I feel like I know you.
- Really?

There's nothing to do in Paris, so I sat
there, glued to your briefings on C-SPAN.

C-SPAN's what's happening
in Paris these days.

Can I get you anything?
Carol, do we have anything?

- Water.
- Yeah, thanks.

- It's D.C. water.
- I'm good.

Every word I say is off-the-record,
so you won't need that.

- Okay.
- I assume Drudge's quotes are accurate?

Yeah. I don't know how he does it.

I'm gonna need an advance copy
of your piece.

So much for beating
around the bush, huh?

You can get advances of the
Sunday Times Magazine Thursday.

- Everyone can on Thursday.
- Right.

I wouldn't be talking to you if I needed
it Thursday. I need it before anyone else.

I already got hit with questions
about it. I need it now.

Sorry. I never give subjects
of an article sneak peeks.

But I'm not a subject of the piece.

Am I?

Sure. If you hear anything about Hoynes
making moves on staff, let me know.

Okay. Thanks.

You left the kid alone with the brass?

Just for a minute. He seems
to have a feel for that.

He's faking. If you learn one thing
in prep school...'s how to pretend
you know what's going on.

Rena said Toby's stuck in some
Chinese bra thing, and can't...

Okay, do the Chinese even need bras?

- I mean, you know.
- No, I don't know.

Some of us are trying
to govern here, Josh.

Toby asked if you could cover
a meeting with the mayor.

I said yes, assuming you're trying to
stay out of the Base Closing meeting.

- Good call.
- Great. Mayor's on his way.

Hey, Donna, which mayor?

I'm not gonna play that game. Who is or
isn't in the piece, or what it's about.

I wouldn't be asking you if Drudge didn't
have it, if he wasn't quoting it online.

Drudge has better sources
than you do.

Like maybe Hoynes' publisher?

Publisher? Hoynes is writing a book?

Just got a $5-million advance.
Must be saving some good stuff for it.

Wish I could help you out, C.J.

But that's just my policy.
No sneak peeks.

By the way, do you think there's any
chance I could get an exclusive...

...with the president on his reaction to
what Hoynes has to say in my article?

There's a chance.

But I can't promise it.

Can you promise me that he won't
give anybody else an exclusive on this?

- Yes.
- Can you promise me...

...that if he issues a written statement,
I'll get a copy before anyone else?


You sure you can't
promise me an exclusive?

Yeah, I'm sure.


I really enjoyed finally meeting you.

Could you print copies for Toby,
Josh, Leo and the president?

The Hoynes article? How bad is it?

- So it's true. We could use the apparel...
- The apparel import safeguard.

To protect American bras.

Yes, but we can't do anything...

...until you file a safeguard petition.
- Done.

- But...
- Another "but"?

...our trade representative
is in Beijing right now...

...working on a deal for exporting
American-made cars to China.

And using the apparel import safeguard
against bras could kill the deal on cars?

- Exactly.
- The Hoynes article.

- Better talk to the auto workers.
- You know what they'll say.

- That won't make it easier.
- Let's take a break.

And you can talk about which
is more important to you:

Cars or bras.

We appreciate your
coming in, Mr. Mayor.

Nice to finally see
the inside of the place.

Could you excuse me for one second?


If the port is too shallow
for most naval ships...

...then why not recommend
closing that base?

- Whose district?
- Chris Finn's.

Because the Base Closing Commission,
while independent, is not insane.

They won't recommend closing in
a Congressional district represented... the chairman of the Appropriations
Subcommittee on Armed Services.

Sorry about this.
I'm gonna be tied up a little longer.

Don't let Ryan slow you down.

We also recommend no changes for
Point Mugu Naval Air Station...

- This can't be your first time here.
- It is during this administration.

The Hoynes article.

So the president wants to issue
a joint statement with you opposing...

...the voucher rider on the
snow-removal appropriation.

But I want the money.

We'll get it for you eventually.

We'll have to go through one round
of the president vetoing it... order to get them to send us
a clean bill, with no vouchers attached.

I want the voucher money too.

I'd like the president to sign the bill
with the vouchers.

Mr. Mayor, he's vetoed every school
vouchers bill they've sent.

I know.
But this is just a pilot program.

Little voucher experiment.

Help pay for maybe a couple hundred
kids to go to private school...

...out of 68,000 in the D.C.
public school system.

We're against vouchers. Period.

And by "we,"
I mean the entire Democratic Party.

You're still a Democrat, right?

This bill got four Democratic votes
in the Senate, and 42 in the House.

Look. It wasn't my idea to put Congress
in control of the D.C. budget.

Then help us fight them on this.

Why don't you help me...

...get some kids a better education?

But if we bring him in to talk about it,
then there's...

Congressman Finn would not only
prevent closing the base... his district, he would make it his
life's mission to derail the entire process.

The next base on our list is
Twentynine Palms Marine Base...

...which is our best training
facility for desert warfare.

And, obviously, we need to expand...

Hi. Could you get me Congressman
Christopher Finn, please?

Ryan Pierce. I'm with the...

...Base Closing Commission.

Can you believe this guy?

Yeah, I can.
This is the Hoynes I know...

...self-centered, self-important...


They ready for me?

I think they're still reading,
but you can go in.

- C.J.
- Yeah.

Don't go on TV with Taylor Reid again,
unless you tell him he's an idiotic punk.

I think he knows that.

I never said he could "beat the rap."

I didn't say any of this.

We have to get the mayor on
the president's schedule today.

- Which mayor?
- D.C.

It's about time.

No problem.

Oh, for God's sake.

- I don't remember the exact words.
- "Weather."

I think you said:
"We could weather this."

- How does it differ from "beat the rap"?
- It's different.

Not enough for me to go
and fight about it.

Did you tell him not to use
White House phones?

No. I said:

"Didn't you know the White House
keeps records of phone calls?"

Oh, great.
That's completely different.

Did you tell him this could be a right-wing
conspiracy against the White House?

- Absolutely not.
- Did you tell him he could deny it?

I asked him if he was
in a position to deny it.

Okay. Couple more things.

He says you wanted details...

...and he said it wasn't your business.
- Yes.

Leo, did you say she was a cheap whore
and suggest she had other customers?

No. I said she was a cheap person
because she sold her story.

What kind of person does that?

Mr. President, did you say, "We've gotta
start attacking her tonight"?

- No.
- Anything like that?

I think I said, "If we're gonna get him
through this, we have to start now."

I said "Since she sold her story,
she won't have a lot of credibility."

Anything else about her?

- Nothing.
- You sure?


I'm done.

You think he's getting ready to run?

I made some calls. He hasn't made
any moves on staff yet.

I called the usual suspects in lowa
and New Hampshire...

...I'm waiting to hear back...
- He's writing a book.

- A book?
- Greg Brock told me.

- Big advance.
- Then he's definitely running.

He's gonna make the book the final
word on the scandal...

...hold his wife's hand on Oprah,
and get a flight to lowa.

And rewrite history
with the book.

His own version of every conversation
we've ever had with him.

We gotta take a shot at Hoynes. He
should know we have ways to fight.

- What ways?
- We need a list.

- Of what?
- All of his private, on-the-job screwups.

Every time Hoynes gave the president
bad advice, every mistake, big and small.

That mess he made
with Mexico on immigration.

How he tipped our hand
on the energy bill.

And lost the entire New York
delegation on the transportation bill.

We leak it to the press,
bit by bit.

No, give it to me. I'll fire a warning.

Not in the briefing room.
It's too big a story.

- And we'll all look bad.
- I won't do it in the briefing.

You'll have the list in an hour.

The first 10 pages are
legislative achievements.

Which Hoynes almost screwed up.

Right. The next section are the bills
he really screwed up...

...and the last 12 pages have
all the diplomatic stuff.

He offended seven South American
heads of state in a five-day trip.

Got the China statement?

We're gonna make a move on bras.

You sure you don't wanna
insert a joke here?

So we wanna scare them on bras
to get us a better deal on cars.

Exactly. So go tough on bras,
but not too tough.

- And promise me something.
- What?

You'll never let them list my screwups.
They wouldn't have enough paper.

The president can sign the bill,
and say he still opposes vouchers.

I mean, he signs bills with little things
in them that he opposes all the time.

We open the door on vouchers,
we'd have a revolt... most of the Democrats
on the Hill.

I'm sorry.

Mr. Mayor, can you excuse me
again for a second?

Sure. I'll wait.

Fifty percent of jobs in my district are
dependent on that base. Fifty percent...

- Congressman Finn...
- It's been there since World War II.

The town grew up around the base.

There is no town without the base.

I want you to know you have
the president's complete support.

See? The president gets it.

You can't close this base.

- Thanks, Josh.
- Josh, we didn't...

I thought we should bring
the congressman...

Can I see you for a sec?

Okay. That's it. You're fired.

That's good. Okay.

Wave your finger.
Act like you'll hit me.

- You out of your mind?
- That's good. Great.

Show Congressman Finn
you're ready to kill to save his base.

He's gonna love you for this.

He'll back you up on everything you
want the commissioners to do...

...and they're a lot more afraid
of him than of you.

- Just give me your West Wing pass.
- That's good.

Here. Here. Great.
Does Finn look like he's buying this?

I told you not to open your mouth
in that room.

Finn will be grateful to you for the
rest of his life for saving his base.

You're gonna get credit for what
the commission was gonna do anyway.

You planned this?

Do you want me to cry? I can...

...I can do that.
I can look like I'm crying.


The president is considering a petition
to impose an import safeguard on...

... Chinese-made apparel,
beginning with bras.

- We may consider...
- You ready for us?

A couple of minutes.

The president will continue
to press the Chinese...

... to open their markets
to American-made cars...

... since China is now the world's fastest
growing market for cars and trucks.

Mr. Mayor. Hi. I'm Charlie Young.

Hey, Charlie. Good to meet you.

- How you doing?
- I'm doing great. Just great.

I wanted to introduce myself because,
well, I'm a big fan.

- Well, thank you.
- I voted for you both times.

I hope you vote for me again.

- Every time.
- Is he starting a bra war?

No, the president has no intention
of starting a worldwide bra war.

I don't think the president would ever
start a war that the French might win.

Can you confirm or deny statements
former Vice President Hoynes attributed... President Bartlet and Leo McGarry?
- The president...

Specifically, did they insist
he could beat the rap?

Okay, everyone get this down,
because I'm only gonna say this once.

The president and Mr. McGarry...

...feel they have not been accurately
quoted, but they refuse to...

Hold on, Mark.
They refuse to comment...

...on any part of the conversation
with the vice president prior... his resignation. They felt
they provided advice and support... a friend with
a serious personal problem...

...that would affect
his work and family.

They believe it was a private conversation,
and as far as they're concerned, it still is.

I'm sorry, Mr. President,
but we can argue all night...

...and I won't change my mind.
- Again.

I'm not the only one.

My school board president
changed her mind too.

- Janny?
- Scott.

She's in favor of vouchers now?
She used to rail against them.

After six years of us promising
to make schools better next year...

...we're ready to give vouchers a try.
We're ready to give anything a try.

You start handing out tuition vouchers
for private schools...'re sending the message it's
time to give up on public schools.

With all due respect, Mr. President,
no one talks to me...

...about giving up on public schools.

I assume I'm the only one here
who went to public school.

And you're the best
advertisement for them.

Kids didn't bring guns
to school in my day.

Republicans wanna spend more on D.C.
education, do it on public schools.

We spend over $ 13,000 per student.

That's more than anywhere else,
without a lot to show for it.

But if we start diverting money
away from public schools...

...that's the beginning of the end
of public education.

This is extra money Republicans will give
only for the vouchers. Nothing else.

They're using you
to divide the party.

I'm the only mayor in America with
funds run by Congress and the president.

And you guys never pass up playing
political games with the city I'm running.

Your Honor, I'm not suggesting
how to run D. C...

Yes, you are, Mr. President.

Congress is, too, and I resent it.

But this time...

...they wanna give me money for
something that might help students.

I'm sorry.

I don't know how to refuse that.

This is a pilot program?

Enough money for
a couple hundred students.

I have a few thousand names
on a waiting list for vouchers, already.

Go into any one of my schools.

Ask kids who wanna go to college
what they think of vouchers.

They'll ask you where
they can sign up.

Could you ask Charlie
to come in, please?

- Am I caught up on phone calls?
- Everybody but Ben.

- You wanna see if I can get him?
- No, thanks.

- What, did I screw up the China thing?
- No. That was great. Perfect.

- You going over there now?
- Yeah.

I thought maybe I could give you a ride.

No. Thanks, Toby, but I'll be okay.

You sure?

Yeah. I'll see you later.

Charlie, would you sit down, please?

Would you tell us where
you went to high school?

- Roosevelt.
- A public school.

- Yes, sir.
- Where did you wanna go to school?


- A parochial school. Near Union Station.
- Why?

There's never been a shooting... metal detectors...

...almost everyone goes to college.

- Couldn't afford it?
- Couldn't come close to affording it.

You know what this meeting's about?

Yes, sir. The mayor told me.

What do you think of an experimental
voucher program for D.C. schools?

I wish they had one
when I was in school.

You planning on telling me that
anytime soon?

Can't say that I was, sir.

Your Honor, I'm gonna need your help
putting out fires within the party on this.

You got it.

Thank you, Mr. President.

The vice president will see you now.

- Hey, C.J., great to see you.
- Mr. Vice President.

Come on with that title. I think we're
back to "John," don't you?

How have you been? You look great.

- Please, sit down.
- I don't wanna take up time.

I'm the only lawyer here without
clients, so I've got time. Sit, please.

You should take a look at this list.

If you continue rehabilitating yourself by
throwing mud and lies at the president...

C.J., you can stop. I get it.

You mind if I keep this?

Please do. You can give it to
whoever's ghostwriting your book.

You can tell the president
not to worry about the book.

I'm not gonna make him look bad.

I'm trying to get the scandal
behind me so I can move on.

The truth, the whole truth,
and nothing but?


I'm gonna call it Full Disclosure.

What do you think? Good title?

- Am I going to be in the book?
- Yes.

Not mentioning you would be strange.

I mean, after the president
and vice president...'re the most visible person
in the White House.

I'd prefer not to be.

C.J., you've got
nothing to worry about.

I promise.

What will you do in the campaign
when stories come out?

- Those stories?
- No, the other women.

- I haven't decided to run. I really...
- There have been other women, right?

Lots of them. Right?

Because the way
you came on to me...

- Way too smooth, way too practiced...
- C.J., that was 10 years ago.

- I'm sorry.
- When you run...

...the press will find some
of those women.

And if you try to attack them...

...if you get your opposition
research team on them...

...if you try to destroy them,
say they're bimbos and liars...

...I'll be standing with them...

...and I'll be ready to take anything you
or your people throw.

So don't make me tell the truth about
you, because it will be the whole truth.

- You okay?
- No.

Is there anything I can do?



What do I need to catch up on?

The president signed a school
vouchers bill for D.C.

You kidding?

I leave the building for an hour
and he switches parties?

- You need a press release?
- No, it can wait.

I'll be in my office.

- Toby.
- Yeah?

There is no night of my life I regret
more than that one.

- You don't have to explain it.
- I wish I could, but I can't explain it.

I knew he was married.

I knew it.

I always thought women
who do that...

If I could take back... moment of my life, it would be
getting on that elevator...

I'm sorry.

Don't have to apologize to me.

I don't have anyone else
I can apologize to.

I'll come to your office in a few minutes,
and we can work on the release.


Ben. Hi, it's C.J.

I guess I've had better days
at the office.

You know, the usual,
and then some.

Yeah, I'd love to.

Let me just check
the schedule tomorrow...

...when Carol's here, you know,
make sure I'm clear that night.

That sounds great.


...could you do me a favor?

Would you mind talking to me for
a while, and letting me just listen?

I don't know, whatever you want.

Just as long as it has nothing
to do with my job.