The West Wing (1999–2006): Season 4, Episode 22 - Commencement - full transcript

The assassination of Shareef threatens to become public, the president speaks at Zoe's graduation, and the unthinkable happens.

Previously on The West Wing:

So, Charlie, what it is you do is,
you sort the mail for Zoey's father.

- Yeah, I guess.
- You don't like me, because I'm with her.

- Jean Paul, I'm working here.
- I'm going to France.

- When?
- After graduation.

It's great. I just don't know why
you're doing it with him.

Mr. Vice President, were you
having an affair with Helen Baldwin...

...while here at the White House?
- Yes.

- If we're gonna weather this, then...
- We're not gonna weather this.

- We will.
- We won't.

Yeah, we're gonna need
a new vice president.

- Josh?
- Yeah.

The president wants the vetting files
from five years ago.

- For vice president?
- Yeah.

- You crossed off McKenna?
- For health.

- Ryan Lyndell?
- I'm a fan of Lyndell.

So is the president,
but the speaker's not.

- This guy has to get confirmed.
- Too much of a moon shot?

He has an Asian garden at his house
where he meditates.

Asian garden?

Asian garden. I know what the... .
A note fell out of my wallet yesterday...

...and I couldn't remember what it... .

"5/7, 10 p.m.
Paeonia japonica. Bamboo."

Both of which one would
find in an Asian garden.

Next to each other at the arboretum.

I wrote this note
three and a half years ago.

Right after Zoey started school,
we buried a $ 14 bottle of champagne...

...and decided we'd drink it
right after she graduated.

You buried the champagne?

Between the Paeonia japonica
and the bamboo.

How did you manage to dig up
the arboretum?

- You gotta do it at night.
- Well, today's her gradu...

- Today's 5/7.
- I know.

- You gotta get the bottle back.
- No.

- You do.
- No. I'm done.

- I gave it a shot. She clearly said"no."
- You should dig it up.

She's going to France.
I'm gonna eat the $ 14.

No, as a friend, give it to her
as a graduation gift.

Give it to her tonight. This way she goes
without thinking you're mad.

- I am mad at her.
- Yeah, but it's not her fault.

And she's going away for a while.

And I'm not looking for this
particular promotion...

...but just between you and me...

...what do you think about this choice?

You got the vetting file?

See you later.

No, the FBI found the van
abandoned in Sacramento.

How were they able to rent a van?

Sir, I'm joining those who are
recommending threat condition Bravo.

I think, at the very least,
we have to increase security... the airports and the seaports.

"A torrential downpour... the Pacific Northwest."
- Yes, sir.

- A torrential downpour.
- Yes.

- They're just missing?
- Yes.

- The five of them. They're just missing?
- Yes, sir.

- We're gonna work on that?
- Yes, sir.

Threat con Bravo.

Find them. Threat con Bravo.
Leo and I'll be back.

Donna, the first lady
wanted you to know...

...the Wellingtons are back on the trip... we need to deal with that.
- All right.

You know, Josh came by this morning to
show me a list of six possible nominees.

I thought it was a very good list.

And I said,
"Wow. Well, this is a windfall."

He got very quiet, and it occurred to me
that he may have thought I meant:

"It's great the vice president is resigning
because now we get one of these guys."

- Did he mention anything about that?
- No.

I didn't mean it was good
the vice president had to resign.

- I'll tell Josh about the Wellingtons.
- Okay.

- Good morning.
- Good morning.

- Big day.
- Yes.

Are you nervous?

How do you know about this?

The house? Not because you told me.

- That's right.
- Hey.

I'm glad he's asked me for help
with this speech.

- It's not gonna be about commencement.
- Why not?

He won't call us Saturday at 8
to work on a commencement speech.

- You nervous you haven't seen it?
- I'm nervous about other things today.

That's right. Big day.

- Is he talking about the house?
- It's romantic.

They know about the house.

- Did you tell them?
- No. Did you?

It's a bold romantic gesture. I spread
it around, got you some good will.

I think I turned some people
around on you.

You can go in.

Go ahead and sit down,
he's gonna be a second.

- How you doing?
- Good.

What is it, two weeks?

In 10 days, we can pick a day
on the calendar and they'll induce.

- You can pick a day?
- Yeah.

That's great.
So you can do it on a Friday...

...let the kids get their feet wet
over the weekend.

Let me tell you what I'd do.

I'd check into the hospital today.
You can't do it too soon.

Mallory was very nearly born at Exit 32
on the Long Island Expressway.


Yeah, listen, I don't think this is
gonna come as a shock to anyone here...

...but last May, I ordered a special ops
unit to kill Abdul Shareef.

And they did, and we made it look
like what got reported.

- Anybody need him to stop?
- No, sir.

- Anybody need a minute?
- No, sir.

There was considerable evidence
presented to a group...

...that included Fitzwallace, Nancy,
Berryhill, Babish, the attorney general...

...and others.
We gave it to the gang of eight.

The man had committed crimes
and remained a threat.

We stopped him from blowing up
the Golden Gate Bridge.

Were U.S. laws broken? No.

International law? Possibly.

See, I said"We took Shareef."
And they said,"Fine."

And you went on talking
for another 10 minutes.

Mr. President, why the decision
to tell us this morning?

Well, I just ordered threat con Bravo... people will see
some heightened security this weekend.

- What's the threat?
- Increased chatter about torrential rain... the Pacific Northwest.
It's pouring rain in the Pacific Northwest.

I'm sure the analysts have
thought of this...

...but it is raining
in the Pacific Northwest.

For a couple of years,
we've been keeping an eye...

...on five possible Bahji sleepers
in Central New York.

And last night they disappeared.

- We lost them.
- We lost them?

We did.

And we're worried
about retribution for Shareef.

- Yes.
- How hard can it be... keep an eye on five Qumari
religious fanatics in Schenectady?

- Tell him.
- I think you'd be surprised.

- Anything else?
- How'd you get Shareef's plane to land?

- Thank you.
- Thank you, Mr. President.

- Toby, big day.
- Big day.

The house. A masterstroke.
Come on, give us a kiss.

- Thank you, sir. No.
- Okay.

- Yes?
- Well, sir, I have time today...

...right now, to look over
the Georgetown speech.

- No, I don't need help.
- Yes, sir.

- Yeah, I need help.
- Yes, sir, I'd be happy to.

Let me read what you have.

- What I have?
- Yeah.

It's been said I have a pleasant
speaking voice and oratorical style.

- You don't have anything?
- On paper? No.

- It's at 4:00.
- Yeah.

- We should probably get started.
- Right away, I would think.

Except I have to meet the agents who
are being detailed to Zoey for France.

They speak French.
As well as being Secret Service agents.

I didn't mean they speak French and,
therefore, are guarding Zoey in France.

- Yeah, I got it, sir.
- I've been thinking...

...I'd like to talk about creativity.
Get started on some thoughts...

...and I'll join you.
- Yes, sir.

- Wesley.
- Hey, Josh, how's it going?

- You back?
- No, I go to France tomorrow morning.

I'm leading Bookbag's paparazzi patrol
for three months.

- Really?
- Yeah.

- Bit of a powder-puff detail, isn't it?
- Well, I go where I'm told.

So, what were you taught to do...

...if a stringer for Town & Country
were to get in her face?

You know I could kill you
and make up the reason why, right?

Oh, yeah.


Good morning, Mr. President.

Are you friends of Zoey's?

No, sir. Special Agent Jamie Reed,
U.S. Secret Service.

Molly O'Connor, sir.

Randy Weathers.

- Excuse me, Mr. President.
- Hey.

- You remember Wesley Davis.
- Thanks for doing this.

- I know it's not what you like.
- Sir, I'm flattered you asked.

So let's talk about how
this is gonna work.

These agents will be assigned
to the current team of 14...

...that gets supplemented by a rotating
backup group from Paris...

...that's more familiar with the region.
Wes is the special agent in charge.

Here's my question.
These guys look pretty young...

...and I'm looking for something
very specific with this detail.

This is a father-daughter situation
and so, what I'm looking for... terms of protection,
would best be characterized as, well...

...overwhelming force.

Do they have that? Do they have the
ability to just overwhelm any danger...

...that might sud...? Do you have...?
Do they have overwhelming force?

Attack Randy.

Oh, God, Dad, what are you doing?

This one here tossed Wesley
like a bag of potato chips.

Molly, get off of Wesley.

You like calling on me for that,
don't you?

- You guys know each other?
- Molly was on Ellie's detail for a while.

Oh, good. Okay.
Well, Ellie's still up and running.

Hi, Wes, sorry about this.

We'll be fine.
It's wide-perimeter protection...

...I'm just gonna need you to show me
your panic button every day.

- When do you start?
- Eighteen hundred, sir. 6 p.m. tonight.

Are you going back to the campus?
Okay. Well, let me ask you this:

Would you consider, instead of living
in France with your boyfriend...

...for three months, staying here,
living in your room...

...and being a candy striper?
Or surfing.

- A candy striper?
- Or surfing.

You can spend the summer
working in a pet shop.

We can play Yahtzee,
and watch movies at night.

Dad, what fantasy is it that's going
through your head right now?

What daughters would do
their whole lives if I had my way.

I'll see you later.

Before I forget,
if you're faced with the choice...

...of killing the boyfriend
or not killing him, kill him.

- Excuse me, sir.
- Excuse me.

Thank you, Mr. President.

- How you doing, Wes?
- Well, Mr. Chairman, thank you.

You take care of that new detail now.

They've got mimes over there
that can be pretty nasty.

Yes, sir.

Harbor patrol in Portland
is reporting that the Agile...

...a cargo ship in port for 14 hours now,
has a container missing.

They're supposed to have 46...

...they have 45.
- What's the registry?

They're flying a Nigerian flag,
but it's Syrian ownership.

What are we doing?

The FBI is hunting down everyone
from the ship.

- How long have they been at it?
- One hour.

All right, let's give them another hour.

Then close the port.
Is it the port of Portland?

Is it really the port of Portland?

They're gonna lose $ 700 million a day
because these five guys are missing.

And I just now got why we're
having this meeting.

- What do you mean?
- Portland.

- Torrential rain in the Pacific Northwest.
- Yeah.

- Screw the hour. Let's close it down.
- Yes, sir.

- Thanks.
- Thank you, Mr. President.

Hey, did you know
that 10 days from now...

...Toby and Andy can pick a day
and the doctor's gonna induce.

They can decide what day
the twins are gonna be born.

Well, it's about the last thing
they're gonna get to decide.

So you choose Tuesday.

Twenty years later, look what happens.

- You scared me!
- I was sleeping.

What are you doing in here?

- Hang on a second. I'm not sure.
- Carol!

Sorry. Yes, Danny's here. Sorry.

- Can I help you?
- I'm a little groggy.

It's from when you wake up after you've
just fallen... It's one of those...

- Really takes you a while to snap out...
- Can I help you?!


I just flew back from Boston.

No, not Boston. Augsburg, Germany.
I just flew back from Augsburg...

You wanna go home
and then talk to me?

No, no. This is important to you.

- I've been on trains and planes...
- What?

I have a link between the U.S.
government and Shareef's plane.

And it's enough. And we'll print it.

So I'm here to ask the White House
to comment.

We'll comment when you
show the link.

I have a link.
It's the pilot, it's Jamil Bari.

You've been saying that.

- I've got it now.
- Show it to me, and I'll comment on it.

We don't need
your comment to run it.

You're not gonna run it like this.
There are security issues involved.

My paper's not gonna hold off
unless there are lives in danger.

- There are.
- Show me.

Classified information?
I don't think I'm allowed to do that.

- What do we do?
- Don't run it.

I'm not lying about security concerns.

- You've been faffing me around.
- Of course I have.

Sit down with Leo and figure out... to convince me
I shouldn't print what I have.

Otherwise, comment on it
or don't comment on it...

...but it's the lead in tomorrow's paper.
And, by the way...

...that's the courtesy you have
never extended me.

- I extend you courtesy all the time.
- When?

- You just slept on my couch.
- Right.

You'll give me a couple hours?

You know I've got it,
so off the record...

...did we kill Shareef?

All right, careful stepping out.

There's a street right there.
And... there you go.

If someone sees us,
they're gonna call the police.

Well, I hadn't actually factored that
into the plan...

...but if you'll just come on over here.

And there you go. Go ahead.

You brought me
to Jefferson Wyler's house?

- Yeah.
- Why?

Every time we drive past... say it's your dream house.
- It is.

And every time the congressman's
had us over...'ve said it was your dream house.
- I wasn't lying.

You said if he ever put it
on the market, you wanted to buy it.

- I do.
- Well, as it turns out...

...he was gonna put it on the market.
But he's not anymore...

...because I bought it.
- You bought this house?

- Yeah.
- You bought this house?

- Well, it's... Yeah, I did.
- How did you afford it?

Well, I put together some money for
the down payment by selling my soul.

This is your house now.

Well, as a matter of fact it'll...

It'll be...

...your house.

lf... .

lf... . If you say yes to this.

Will you marry me?

Toby, you gotta tell me
you didn't buy the house to...

- No, no.
- I thought you were just moving out...

If we could get back
to the original question...?

Can you get the down payment back?

- You're saying"no."
- Yeah, Toby.

I said,"no" many times.

I mean this is an incredible gesture, but...

I don't think you've noticed what
I've done to alter the behavior...

...that's troubled you in the past.

Giving up what you felt
was a bachelor apartment... only the most recent of gestures,
which include eating salads.

I have no problem with where we lived
or what you ate. I do...

...but I don't care that much.

Then why aren't you remarrying me?

You don't really wanna talk
about this, do you?

Yeah, I do.

I thought you were just being cute.

I just thought you were
making me chase you... a punishment for the first marriage,
and that was okay with me.

I wasn't being cute.

- No.
- Why?

You're just too sad for me, Toby.

- What?
- You're too sad for me.

You're just sad. You bring the sadness
home with you and you're...

- I'm not sad.

You are. I don't know if anything
can change that, but I can't.

I'm not sad.

- I take things seriously.
- I do too.

I'm not comparing myself.
I'm saying...

You're sad. And you're angry.
And you're not warm.

- You take forever to trust someone.
- Well... .

My father used to kill for a living, so,
generationally, we're making progress.

- I wouldn't worry about the kids.
- I do worry about the kids.

- Don't.
- Instead of showing them...

...the world's for them, you'll be
telling them to work hard in school... bone up for a life
of hopelessness and despair.

Wouldn't it be ironic if our kids
were the only ones...

...who were properly prepared.
- I'm as serious as you are...

...and I see the glass as half full.
- Great! Half full, half empty.

- Can we agree it's not full yet?
- This is what I mean.

- That was a joke!
- You wanted to talk about this seriously.

Did you feel this way
when we were married?

- Come on, l...
- I mean, it's not just now?

Come on, l... I'm... .

I'm sorry about all that.

I'm really pregnant.

- Please. I take it all back.
- Really?

Did you feel this way
when we were married?

- That I was sad?
- No.

I'm gonna go sit in the car.
My ankles are starting...

Did my friends feel like that?


My water broke.


We just wrote 3900 words
in five hours.

It's terrific so far.

He quotes Cicero, Thomas Aquinas
and Rudy Vall?e... the space of two pages.
- How does he connect them?

- Three people you've never heard of.
- It's about creativity?

That's what he wanted to talk about,
now he's gotta not change his mind.

You're here.
I wanna make some changes.

- Jed, l...
- Look at you.

There is no way you have
three adult children.

- Like the suit?
- I do, but the neck... .

- What?
- It seems empty to me.

Attention should be drawn to it.

Nice job with the, you know,
raising of the kid.

- They're beautiful.
- They're real too.

- They can cut glass.
- Diamonds cut glass.

- Damn it, what are these then?
- Excuse me... .

- You wanna make some changes?
- We'll do it on the fly.

- Get in the car.
- What changes did you have in mind?

Instead of talking about
the internal muse, talk about...

...the limits of reason and passion
and intuition in American life.

These are just gorgeous.

You can eat them too.
They're gumballs. Coop!

Shoot one, we're gonna go.

The limits of reason and passion
and intuition in American life.

Yes. Let's think.

Here is the pen.

- Look...
- I've gift-wrapped the pen.

- It's a good pen.
- You're giving Zoey a pen.

It's not just a pen.

- Does it do other things?
- No.

I meant, it's a really good pen.

He's meeting us
in the upper press room.

- He said his link was the pilot?
- Yeah, you know what he has?

Well, Shareef's pilot, who died
in the crash, was Jamil Bari...

...who had a Qumari passport,
and is alive, an American...

...and not named Jamil Bari,
so he could have any number of things.

Man, the things we can do.


- You're giving Zoey a pen?
- Yeah.

Does it do anything?

Danny, C.J. 's gonna talk to you
for a second...

...and then you and I are gonna
work together. Danny?

- He's asleep.
- What are you talking about?

- He was in Augsburg. He hasn't slept yet.
- So here's the national security threat.

- Wake up!
- I heard every word you said.

- My covert skills are honed.
- Good for you. Follow me.

- We're at threat condition Bravo now.
- Why?

- Why?
- Because five Bahji sleepers...

...we were watching disappeared.

- They disappeared?
- Yeah.

And it coincides with
increased chatter we're hearing.

You print we did this right now...

...and I'm worried
what the five guys are gonna do.

Three days. And I get
an exclusive on the sleepers.

- Done.
- Thank you.

- So you found the pilot.
- Special ops in Florida.

He had an American passport
in flight school.

In Augsburg. The things we can do.

Donna, I was coming to see you.

- I love what you're wearing.
- You too.

I wasn't able to talk to Josh yet
about the Wellingtons.

Yeah, you don't need to.
They're off the list again.

Okay, then, one less thing.

Josh was offended because I called
the list a windfall, wasn't he?

- I'm sure he's not.
- I meant the list was good.

I didn't mean... . Why does he take
these things this seriously?

If it bothered him, he's forgotten it.

Like the car
that was supposed to be here.

Come in mine.

Andrea, what are you doing to me?
We've got schedules...

...we got bookkeepers.
- What happened?

Nothing happened,
you're having a baby.

- Two of them.
- It was supposed to be 10 days.

Yeah, well, what do you know.

- When am I going into labor?
- When are you...?

Andy, your water broke.
You're having the babies now.

This isn't gonna happen
the way we talked about...

...but it is gonna happen,
and it's gonna happen right now.

You're at 10 cm,
their heads are down... there's no reason to do
a C-section...

Hey, Toby, I didn't see you there.

Is she gonna be able to get
the epidural?

No, we're gonna tough it out.

When you say"right now,"
what do you mean?

Well, you're gonna see at least
one of your kids in about 15 minutes.

Toby... .

I can't believe... .

If I'd known this was gonna happen...

...I never would have...
- No, don't.

What are you saying?
Don't worry about it.

No, I know I hurt you back at the house.
I can't believe you bought the house.

Bite my hand when it hurts.

What do you think about using
the Eudora Welty quote...

...instead of the Gandhi?
- I think they both work...

...but I wouldn't make changes...
-"You must be the change." Is that it?

"You must be the change
you wish to see in the world."

Sounds too much
like Eastern philosophy.

Well, it was bound to, sir.

- Because Gandhi lived in India?
- Yeah.

Sir, this speech is about creativity,
and, in my judgment, it's a home run.

What it isn't is a speech that will
convince Zoey not to go to France.

Well, let's write that one.

- Mr. President?
- Yeah.

- Are you ready, Mr. President?
- Yeah.

- Thanks, Will, for the help.
- Use the Eudora Welty, it's better.

Thank you.

I understand you're not using
the TelePrompTer.

No, I've got it down here in this folder
and on some napkins in my pockets.

You're gonna be all right with that?

I'll be fine, you know,
unless something comes up.

- Like what?
- For instance...

...I just realized I can't access
my pockets anymore.

But, you know,
what are you gonna do?

You're here late.

Can't believe you're here.
I was gonna leave a note.

I had a thing cancel,
so I'm catching up.

I just wanted to let you know.
The Wellingtons, back on.

- For APEC?
- Yeah.

- It's gonna be a problem.
- I know...

...but Human Rights Watch, Amnesty,
we need their help three times a week.

Is there a side meeting
they can play a role in?

There might be. That's a good idea.

You got a few minutes to work with me?


- Charlie?
- Yeah.

I need you to tell me now that you have
some sense of where we're going...

...and that we're not, you know...

...spending the night here.
That we're not making camp.

You said,"Dig up the champagne
and give it to her tonight."

- But didn't I take it back?
- No, I liked it.

Good idea. Send her off
knowing we're cool.

- Are you sure?
- No.

It's pretty dark.

- Yeah, we're in a brook now.
- Good. I think it was near a brook.

It's like I'm in Nam, basically.
And in a rice paddy.

- Yeah, you'd have done well there.
- Someone there?

- Hello?
- Yeah. I'm a federal officer.

Is someone there?

- Jamie?
- Charlie?

- What are you doing here?
- P3, Charlie Young's coming.

You're kidding me.

Josh Lyman. I'm with him.

I'm gonna stay here, though.
Because, you know?

- You're late.
- You're here.

It's 10:07.
I've been here for seven minutes.

You drove in a sedan,
I had to climb over the wall.

Shouldn't you have allowed for that?

I didn't think you were gonna be here.

Well, why'd you come?

I was gonna dig up the bottle
and give it to you as a present.

Why'd you come?

To drink it.

I'm kidding. I came because
I thought you might too.

Though I have been drinking it.

There are people at a party
that radio station's throwing.

At that techno place that looks like
the end of the world.

I think they went
because you said you'd wind up there.

I didn't come because you'd be here.
I'm not...

- You don't wanna have champagne?
- No, I do.

I do. I just thought if I should
call people and tell them... .

You're such a good guy.

You were raised in horror. What is it
along the way that made you a good guy?

I try to eat right.

You know what's funny is?

When I first saw the note, l...

- We shouldn't do that.
- I know.

What's going on?

- Nothing.
- Come on.

- Don't ask me that now.
- I am asking you.


Just you know, a lot of things.
Dumb stuff.

Jean Paul wants me to take ecstasy
with him tonight.

Okay, but your kids
are gonna have gills.

I don't care about that.

I'm honestly...
I'm worried a little about my father.

My leaving for three months
isn't exactly gonna do him any favors.

And I'm confused about you.

Well, I can't advise you on that.

- Why not?
- Because I think this is tonight.

And tomorrow you're on the Concorde.

I deserved that.

You think we could just sit here...

...enjoy the night for a while?

Actually, I... .

I think it's a bad time in a person's life
to stop showing up... places they say
they're gonna show up.

- I should go to the party.
- Yeah.

Well, the FBI has got the crew
of the container ship accounted for.

What are the rules in questioning
foreign nationals?

I think we can keep them for up
to seven days, isolation, well-lit room.

- What's the well-lit room for?
- Sleep deprivation.

All right. Let's go around the table
one last time.

Where are we with this?
What kind of day has it been?

All right, she's clear.

- Hi!
- Now is it my turn?

Hi. Sorry I'm late.

- Yes, where were you?
- I was at the National Arboretum.

As long as you're here now.

- Can we talk for a minute?
- Of course.

All right, station. I'm on the front door.

Okay. Molly?

Yes, sir. I've got 183 cars.

- You counted the cars?
- Yes, sir.


There's a side meeting,
closed to the press...

...on agricultural concentration.

I was thinking more
in the human-rights family.

A group session on displaced workers?

What about prison labor?


...but labor-law enforcement,
a joint DOL-USTR session.

- Sold.
- There it is.

I'm not gonna get an answer about
what I said to Josh, am I?

It's just eating at me.

I don't know why.

Because it's eating at him and... .

I don't know why.



What are you doing?
Why aren't you asleep?

I really don't know.

- Well, what are you writing?
- A volume of springtime haiku.

- Three days, Daniel.
- I'm filing in three days.

I still gotta write it.

The president's speech was good,
didn't you think?

Wanna comment on a report
that says he lifted his gown...

...and groped himself?
- Yeah, that was a troubling moment...

...but he had to get his napkins.

Wanna comment on
a Gulfstream jet flown by...

Madras Research Project?
That's what we'll call it for a few days.

Well, three months is a long time.

Maybe you just come for a few weeks,
we go to some parties...

...and then you decide.
- Maybe.

But then, I guess the whole
point was to... .

Was to check out... .

- Going just for parties doesn't seem...
- The parties are at night... can't check out during the day?

I'm sorry, we're having this conversation,
and I'm just feeling a little lightheaded.

I had champagne before,
and now I'm mixing it with this.

Well, lightheaded is good.
It's better than the opposite.

I understand why Josh may have been
offended by what I said...

...though it was misinterpreted.
What I don't get... that both times we've spoken
about it, it seemed like you were too.

No. I understood
what you were saying.

Josh worked for Hoynes.
There was a reason.

- He left him.
- If you think that was easy...'re crazy.
Josh doesn't leave people.

I get that he was close to Hoynes.
What I don't get...

You have to get Josh.

We scaled the wall, we didn't hop it.
It was like 30 feet tall... was like a castle gate.

We took it.

Buzzards, wilderness life everywhere.

Someone give me a SITREP,
please, anyone.

I don't wanna lie to you, but I... .

I don't wanna... .

I'm sorry, I meant... .

I don't wanna hurt you.

I can't lie to you, either.

I guess... .

I... .

- I feel very strange.
- You're drunk.

Enjoy it.

His sister died in a fire
while she was babysitting him.

She tried to put it out, he ran outside.
He went campaigning, his father died.

He wakes up in a hospital
and discovers the president's been shot.

He worries every day that somebody
he likes will die and it'll be his fault.

What do you think makes him
walk so fast?

Anyway, when you looked
at the list and said:

"That's a windfall,"
what he heard was:

"Thank you, Josh, you did it again.
More for us."

You said,"You have to get Josh."

Yeah, that was... .

I didn't mean to say that you don't...

...get him.

Are you in love with Josh?

Did you put ecstasy in my drink?

I put a little bit.

I put a half.

- I kind of wish you hadn't done that.
- You're not sick.

This is how you're
supposed to be feeling.

Listen to the music.

Yeah, I'm okay.

I'm gonna go to the restroom
and put some water on my face.

I'm gonna need the following
five questions answered.

- You wanna write these down?
- I don't wanna write anything down.

Was Madras Research retaliatory
or preemptive?

Were any allies in the Arab world,
or Israel for that matter...

...notified either before or after?

How involved
were congressional leaders?

How involved will they be
in a few days?

I don't know, but the answer
to the last two will be the same.

Especially in the absence of executive
orders rendering them legal...

- There was an NSC decision directive.
- Is this a precedent...

...for future Madras Research Projects?
- That's four, what's the fifth?

Does the president,
or his security advisers...

...fear attempts at retribution?

It's true that you adapt to the terrain.

After a little while I just said,
"To hell with it." Took my pants off.

Randy, does it look like
she's thinking about leaving?

Well, she's still in the restroom.

- No, she's not. I got her right here.
-You have her?

No, check that. I'm wrong.

Come on, people, let's get past
the first-day kinks.

I think she's in the restroom.

Okay. I want a 20 on Bookbag,
right now.

I'll go into the restroom.

No, no. Keep your distance.

Let her get pissed at me.

Excuse me.

I'm with the Secret Service.

- Do you work here?
- Yeah.

- Something wrong?
- No, no.

Would you go into the ladies' room
and check to see if anyone's in there?

- Yeah.
- Thank you.

P2, Molly, did she come out back?

Are there people back there?


P2, Molly, did she come out back?

Are there people out there?

Molly, are you reading this?


- This is the fire alley?
- Yeah.

P2, Molly, what's your position?

Bookbag's been taken. She's been taken,
and I have an agent down.

We're black. Go to black.

FBI field office has all 98 members
of the Agile crew... Sheridan Federal Prison
for interrogation.

It's not funny. Apparently, the captain
is scared to death.

His manifest only says 45 containers.
He swears it's a typo.

If it turns out we closed the port
of Portland because of a typo...'s only gonna fuel
Margaret's insanity.

I'm gonna go home for a few hours.
Call me if something happens.

- Ron?
- We have a situation.

We're up at black, and, procedurally,
the chief of staff is told before...

- What happened?
- Zoey Bartlet... missing and there's a dead agent
at the scene.