The West Wing (1999–2006): Season 4, Episode 16 - The California 47th - full transcript

The president, first lady and w.w. staff travel to Orange County, Calif., to campaign for Sam's bid to win the 47th District congressional seat -- the Nov. winner in the heavily Republican district was, amazingly, a liberal Democrat who, more amazingly, had died a few weeks prior. The president orders Toby to fire Sam's campaign manager, a staunch realist, and take over the campaign with a more idealistic approach. Some conservative voters approach Andrea Wyatt in a bar and give her grief about her out-of-wedlock pregnancy, and Toby and Charlie step in forcefully, landing them in jail. Donna talks, on behalf of Sam's campaign, with a state labor leader who turns out to be a Communist.

Previously on The West Wing:

The government forces run by
the Arkutu have apparently killed... many as 200 Induye
on the streets of Bitanga.

- How many are dead right now?
- Could be as many as 5000.

State Department estimates yesterday...

...put the dead at anywhere
between 3000 and 7000.

- Are there revised estimates today?
- Fifteen thousand.

C.J. this morning
put the body count at 15,000.

- You're talking about Kundu?
- I have revised estimates for Kundu.

We'd said 15,000 yesterday...

...intelligence reports are putting it
closer to 25.

I got this intelligence
summary this afternoon:

"Mothers are standing
in front of tanks."

And we're gonna go get their backs.

... consisting of the USS Harpers Ferry,
the USS Cleveland...

... the LHD 4 Boxer,
16 light armored vehicles...

... four M1 A 1 Main Battle Tanks,
four Cobras and eight Harriers.

What about the 82nd?
It's Fitz, general.

The 82nd began their drop
75 minutes ago.

They're in the process of...

You have a call, sir.

Excuse me, Mr. President,
Mr. Chairman, for just a moment.

I don't understand.
Did we just get put on call waiting?

He's probably taking a call from
Captain Morita on the Tallahassee.

Wendall's answering the phones
at U.S. European Command?

Would you take it easy?

- Is he placing a bet?
- Are we allowed to do that?

And can I make a quick call
before the 101 st Air Assault...

- Excuse me, Mr. President.
- Was that Morita?

- Yes, sir.
- What happened?

The 82nd's completed its takeover
of Bitanga Airport.

That's what's happened.

Clear the 101 st for Bitanga Airport and
stand by for a coded command, general.

Yes, sir.

Mr. President, thank you.

- Thank you.
- Thank you, Mr. President.

- That was impressive.
- Me?

- No, them. I meant...
- I get it.

- I'm saying...
- I agree with you.

I'm not saying I don't think
you can be impressive in there.

I can tell by the way you laughed
at the suggestion that I was.

- We changed wheels up to 6 p.m.
- I heard that, why?

- DCCC put an event in Brentwood.
- I told him over and over about money...

...and endorsements from outside
the district. Why Brentwood?

- Same reason Willy Sutton robbed banks.
- What does Joey say?

He's anywhere from five to eight points
down, favorability below 50.

They're making it about values.

The right to privacy is a value.
So is clean air.

That argument's been incredibly
effective in the past.

- OMB?
- They want a few more hours...

...for the revenue calculations,
but they're saying it'll be today.

Deficit neutral.
We've had 14 meetings.

They understand.
Ways and Means Democrats...

...then the NEC briefing on scoring.

What's wrong with booze
and a comfortable pickup?

- Scoring.
- I know what you were saying.

- Are you from the Ozarks?
- Will there be a Democratic tax plan...

...or will I be in NEC scoring hell
for the rest of my term?

You got a meeting on salmon runs
in Oregon at 3.

- What do salmon runs have to do with it?
- It has nothing to do with taxes.

- I'm moving on.
- Last week it's a banana embargo.

Is Congress opening a restaurant?

There's no reason
not to relax in California.

- Aren't there a few?
- Yes.

- Good morning, Mr. President.
- Miss Hamantaschen.

Isn't it a little early in the day, sir?

Leo said that there was gonna be an NEC
briefing on scoring. Tell her what I said.

"What's wrong with booze
and a comfortable pickup?"

No. I see there's no hour too early...

...for your Noël Coward-esque wit, sir.
- No, there's not.

Ambassador Tiki
is in the Oval Office, sir.

Mr. Ambassador, sorry to make you
wait. I was in the Situation Room.

Mr. President, the U.S. is trampling
on my country's sovereignty.

- On behalf of President Nzele...
- I've just taken your airport.

Clearing the way for the 101 st
Air Assault to take the capital.

Seven thousand troops,
25 battle tanks...

...15 Apache attack helicopters
and three destroyers.

Strictly speaking, I conquered your
country without the paperwork.

- Kundu is in the midst of a civil war.
- No, it's not.

It's in the midst of a one-sided
slaughtering of an entire people.

Both the secretary general of the U.N.
and the Vatican have pleaded...

...with President Nzele for a cease-fire,
and both of them have struck out... the peril of
115,000 Induye men, women...

...and children, particularly the boys.

Who will soon be men and rise up...

The heads of Ghana, Nigeria and Zaire
have similarly been sent packing.

The Red Cross has been denied entry
on three occasions in the last 10 days.

President Nzele has 36 hours
to give the command to his troops... hand over their weapons
to the 82nd Airborne Division...

...of the U.S. Army.
At 36 hours and one minute...

...I give the order for the 101 st
Air Assault to take Bitanga...

...and run up our flag.

I skipped breakfast.
Anybody want coffee or something?

The president informed both
Ambassador Tiki and President Nzele...

...that they have 36...

Now 34 and a half hours to implement
a halt to the violence...

...before U.S. forces deploy.

- John.
- And that would consist of what?

You've got a Pentagon briefing
at noon. Katie.

Are we in direct talks with Nzele?

The government of Ghana is acting
as an intermediary...

...and talks begin within the hour.
- Does the operation have a name?

- Safe Haven.
- Have you decided on a press policy?

- Always be upbeat.
- Right. I meant, are...?

I don't get to decide press policy
for the U.S. armed forces...

...though if wishing made it so.
We're bringing Pentagon Public Affairs...

...on the California trip, and we'll
be meeting about it all weekend.

Tonight's forecast for D.C.
is 18 degrees of mercury.

For Newport Beach it's 78 and sunny.

- At night?
- Even at night.

What kind of reception do you expect?

Sam's gonna meet us,
and we'll get something to eat.

- I meant by Orange County.
- Don't be fooled.

They love us in Orange County.
They're crazy-go-nuts for the president.

Really the Democratic Party in general.
I think they like it when we visit.

When we were there last,
we worked the crowd...

...and some boys worried that I
couldn't afford fruits and vegetables...

...on a government salary,
tossed me some of their own.

Seventy-eight and sunny.
Yeah, we'll have a great time.

Unless there are updates,
see you on the plane.

- C.J., thank you.
- I've got $ 1331 in my checking account.

I'll write you a check for $ 1300
to go to California in my place.

Just leave me $31
for food and transportation.

Gretchen Olan's been bumped
from Meet the Press.

That, by the way, was a sky-blue
DKNY suit worn for 41 minutes.

- There should be a law against that.
- There is.

- Who was she bumped for?
- Rittenhouse. This Week wants... reschedule the attorney general.
- For who?

Gacey, I think.

Let's try to get Gretchen
in front of the Times...

- The HHS...
- Wait a second.

- Rittenhouse and Gacey?
- Yeah.

It's the tax plan. Josh.

Rittenhouse and Gacey
just booked the Sunday shows.

We need to see the president.

It is better to work to live, I think,
than to live to work.

Right. On the other hand, 20 percent
of your youth is unemployed.

- They're just living to live.
- Yes, that's right.

But we have the best public
health care and pension in the world.

State-financed pensions
are equal almost to income levels.

It helps when someone else is picking up
bigger ticket items like national defense.

- I love seeing my two men sparring.
- I'm sorry?

- She's very fond of you.
- Excellent.

- Sir?
- Yes, absolutely. Send them in.

You see, there is an attitude
in your culture.

There is an effort to defy
all that is European...

...and that behavior is seen
by many to be...

- Yeah. Hang on. What do you need?
- We didn't know you were busy.

- We'll wait outside.
- It's all right.

- The three of you should bond.
- Come here.

If you leave, I'll kill you.

Yes, sir.

Sorry, Jean Paul,
I'll have to cut this short.

Josh has gotten himself into a jam.
But I'll see you on the plane tonight.

I look forward to more discussion on... know, what's wrong with me.
- Yes.

Bye, Dad. See you guys.

The chair of House Ways and Means
and Senate Finance...

...are doing the Sunday shows.
- Think the Republicans...

...are unveiling their tax plan?
- I do.

- Thank God.
- Why?

Then we can roll out ours and I don't
have to go to more scoring meetings.

But it means they'll announce their
tax plan later today.

That's tomorrow and Sunday
before we can respond.

Why not respond Saturday or Sunday?
Better yet, let's go first.

- Call the press in and I'll do it right now.
- It's not ready yet. It's still being scored.

- Toby?
- I don't like that French kid very much.

- It'll be ready tomorrow?
- Yes.

I say respond to theirs with ours,
but do it tomorrow or Sunday.

You'd be announcing a tax increase...

...on the richest one percent
from Orange County.

- Then that's where we do it.
- Except, Mr. President, it'll kill Sam.

It'll kill him in the 47th.

It may be seen as gutsy,
but you'll kill Sam's campaign.

Which is why I think
we should cancel the trip.

- And announce from here.
- Yes, sir.

Won't canceling the trip be taken as a
signal that we've given up on the 47th?

- Yes.
- And do equal damage to the campaign?

- Yeah.
- You wanna go to Orange County?

I think we have to go.

Even though there's $ 1300 with your
name on it if you don't make me go.

- Forget the dress.
- It was a suit.

- I was hit by an avocado.
- Could be worse.

- How?
- It could've hit me.

The first 24 hours of the cycle
are critical.

We can't fight something with nothing,
and that's what we have for 48 hours...

...after they announce
if we don't announce too.

That's a killer decision.

But let's lean towards Sam and say
we smile and keep our mouths shut... California, and then come out
fighting Monday morning.

- Thank you, Mr. President.
- Thank you, sir.

I'm gonna go pack 38 sets of clothes
now for two days.

Will. Every speech the president gives
on Tuesday...

...has to be about the Democratic tax
plan. And how many public remarks... he making on Tuesday?
- Nine.

Plus we need speech inserts
for the Cabinet.

- I can get it done by Tuesday.
- Yes, you can...

...because you'll use staff to help you.
- Which staff?

Your staff. The White House
speechwriting staff. Your staff.

You'll say what you need.
You'll expect it.

You'll say how they can improve,
and they'll do it.

- Yes. In theory.
- Yes.

- Yes.
- On paper your plan is very sound.

- But in reality?
- I don't think they like me.

- No, no. They don't like you at all.
- Why? Why, oh, why is that true?

- What did I do?
- I don't know.

- More to the point, I don't care.
- I made Rice Krispies Treats.

They've been working here forever.
You're here a minute, you're a deputy.

- They have whiplash.
- Understanding that, I brought in treats.

- I'm surprised they haven't come around.
- I can do it myself.

Listen to me.

Many of these are the lowest
possible priority remarks.

There are more valuable places
for your time.

Now, instruct your staff.


- Excuse me, Ginger?
- Yes.

- Are you, by any chance, on my staff?
- I'm one of your staff assistants.

Great. Would you call a meeting of
the speechwriting staff for this evening.

- Are you gonna be there?
- Yeah. Yes.

Yes. The meeting's with me.

- Yes, sir.
- Thanks.

- Hello.
- Hey, it's Will.

- How you doing?
- Why did you cancel the Teamsters?

Scott thought we should be at
the Manufacturing Association.

I don't think that was smart.

Hey, Scott, Will says he doesn't think
you're very smart.

- I said it wasn't smart.
- What do you need?

- I'm just calling to say hi.
- Really?

How do I get the speechwriting staff
to like me?

I don't know.
But when you do, tell me how.

- They didn't get along with you?
- No. You'll need new staffers.

The problem is, there are a lot of
remarks we need for Monday.

What's going on Monday?

The environment. It's a whole thing
about the environment.


- Gotta go.
- Okay.

He wondered why we cancelled
the Teamsters.

While they're here, you need to work
hard at avoiding the appearance...'re in his lap.
He's reading you a story.

I'll need to work to avoid
that appearance?

Yeah, you are.

What's planned that may be mistaken...?

You stand next to him,
you're aide-de-camp.

- You're a water boy.
- Second banana.

Did you think I didn't get it?

This went fast in an ugly direction.

The point is, people need to know
you're independent.

You know, I have a good feeling
about this trip already.

Debate will be coming tomorrow morning
when GOP leaders plan to roll out...

... their ambitious $800 billion
tax-cut plan...

... their prescription
for an ailing economy.

It's your money.
You ought to keep more of it.

This is what Americans deserve.

Still no response from the White House
on what is certain to be...

... the biggest, most contentious debate
of this new Congressional session.

- He'll go out of his mind.
- I'll go with him.

- Is it worse than we expected?
- It is.

- We expected...
- They did 15 across the board.

It sounds like that,
but I haven't seen anything.

- Plus capital gains.
- I thought we were talking about that.

I didn't even realize the 15 percent.

Did you just see that?

Oh, my God.

Have you been onboard
the whole time?

No, I hopped on when you guys
were over the Great Lakes.

- Why are you here?
- I said I was coming.

- I said you couldn't fly.
- Dr. Salmi said I could fly...

...through the 32nd week. I thought
since he's my doctor and you're dumb...

...I'd join the Congressional delegation
and help out Sam.

- Isn't it great?
- Listen to me.

We've got all kinds of atmospheric
cabin pressure up here.

We're a little late, so the colonel's
put the hammer down in a 747.

You've got wind shear, downdraft,
massive turbulence.

Not to mention four giant engines
burning jet fuel at galactic temperatures.

We're standing in a flying death tube.

No, not the rest of you.
It's just my family.

- It's... It's fine. Look...
- What do you want me to do, step off?

Also, you've got twins in there.

You're basically a minivan.
How are you fitting into a seat?

I saw him first, girls.

- Josh?
- Yeah.

I checked the voice mail and there are a
couple of messages from an lvan Perez...

...of the California Agricultural
Laborers Association.

- Say that again.
- California Agricultural...

...Laborers Association. He's staying in
our hotel, and he wants five minutes.

I don't know him.
Find out if he's for real first.

- How?
- You meet with him.

What litmus test
would you like me to use?

Well, to begin with,
is he wearing shoes and a shirt?

Say he is.

Ask him what he thinks
of Richard Sutter.

He's the assemblyman who proposed
the farm labor... It doesn't matter.

If he doesn't have a strong opinion
on Sutter, he doesn't play at your level.

I have a level?

You do. It's not a lot to speak of,
but, you know, no shoes, no shirt.

I'm sorry, but you draw the line.

- Richard Sutter.
- An assemblyman.

We've begun spreading
our magic already.

- What happened?
- Some wires got crossed...

...between the Advance
and Airlift Operations and C.H.P.

They got word too late
that takeoff was delayed...

...and they thought we were coming
into SNA, not Los Alamitos.

- The result being?
- Interstate 5 has been shut down...

...for an hour and a half.

Is that a freeway that gets used a lot?

Not for the last hour and a half, no.

All right, has the president seen any
of the news on the Republican tax cut?

"No response from the White House"?

There's my response.

- Plus, it's worse than we thought.
- It is.

- Sing it, Larry.
- Ed.

Fifteen percent cut across the board?
Cutting capital gains 50 percent?

- They said it would cost 800 billion.
- It'll actually cost...?

- 1.2 trillion.
- I'm no economist, but...

No, wait, I am an economist.
So their plan'll do what, C.J.?

- Explode...
- Explode the deficit.

- Will it stimulate the economy, Josh?
- It'll stimulate the Swiss economy.

Josh gets extra credit
for being both funny and right.

- How long do I have to stay quiet?
- You're the leader of the free world.

- You can speak anytime.
- And not kill Sam?

No. For that you gotta shut up
for 50 hours.

And so I shall.

- You wanted to see me?
- What are you doing right now?

Remarks for the first lady.

It's for Estonian-American
Women in the Arts week.

- Is this a joke?
- No.

How many Estonian-American
women are in the arts?

- I don't know.
- When are you done?

- Tonight.
- I need you the rest of the weekend.

- You've got a staff.
- They don't like me.

- The Rice Krispies Treats?
- Didn't do it.

- They work for you.
- Try telling them that.

- Have you tried telling them that?
- No.

- Why?
- These are hardboiled men.

Some who've known the president
since 7th grade and some of whom...

...still write like they were there.
- And they're hardboiled?

We took Bitanga Airport
this morning.

- You think we don't watch the news?
- I'm just saying.

You think the president took it
because of you?

He hasn't taken Bitanga, just the airport.
And I'm just saying...

...things happen fast.
- Yeah.

- He's not...
- Nzele's demanding...

He's not in a position
to be demanding anything.

Nonetheless, he's demanding
that American troops...

...leave Bitanga immediately.
- And?

And he'll continue the peace talks
among the African countries.

- No.
- Leo, Nzele is a sadistic madman.

This can't possibly be argued.

But he's not a stupid man, and he
knows where CNN is on his television.

He's betting the first dead American
soldier on television, and you lose.

- Our stomach for it?
- Yes.

Thomas, Robbie...'ve gotta find a way
of getting word to Nzele...

...that in 23 hours
he's going to lose that bet.

- Hi.
- Good evening.

- I'm Will Bailey.
- Yes, sir. We're the interns...

...for the speechwriting staff.
- Where are they?

- Who?
- The speechwriting staff.

I'm not sure.

- What's your name?
- Lauren Chin.

Do me a favor.
Can you find out where the staff is?

- Cassie said...
- Mr. Ziegler left a message...

...that you should call.
- You're Cassie?

Cassie Tatum. And this is Lauren Shelby,
Lauren Romano.

- Three of you are named Lauren.
- Yes.

- Lauren, Lauren, Cassie and Lauren.
- Yes, sir.

And you don't know where the staff is,
and Toby told me to call.


Okay, I'm just gonna step in this office
over here a moment.

- You're all pretty dressed up.
- There's an intern party tonight...

...but Mr. Ziegler said to stay.

Doesn't sound that good, does it?

- Toby, it's Will.
- Seventy-four degrees in February.

- There's no civilization here.
- Where's the staff?

I was starting the staff meeting
and there's no staff.

- Yeah, I fired some of them.
- How many of them?

- All of them.
- You fired the speechwriting staff?

I thought about what you said,
and they have a bad attitude.

- Also, they're bad at their jobs.
- When will we have new staff?

Just as soon as you hire them.

- All right, I'll get it done myself.
- You can't.

- I can.
- You can't. That's why I left you a staff.

- The interns?
- Tell them what you want and expect it.

That isn't a staff.
Those are the Robert Palmer girls.

They're bright young women.
Show some leadership skills.

- We're here. I'll call you in a bit.
- Okay.

The staff. You didn't fire them.
They quit, right?

- Yeah.
- Because of me, right?

- Yeah.
- Okay. Thanks.


- Sorry.
- Don't worry about it.

- Hi.
- Toby.

- Sorry.
- Don't worry about it.

Did we do much damage?

They got a photograph of an American
SUV with three kids in the back crying...

...because they were stuck getting home
from Disney's California Adventure.

I feel bad you came now. Who knew
the Republicans would announce... he must be distracted
by Kundu.

He's fine. Mr. President.

- Man, I'm sorry about this.
- No, sir. Thank you for coming.

I was just saying
you must be distracted by Kundu.

The French have denied us
access to their airspace.

I'm not sure why they think we'd need it
to get to Africa, but what the hell.

This weekend's all about you.

- Get up there.
- It's Leo.

This is gonna be about France.

Did we accidentally trap people
in a theme park?

- Yes, sir.
- Thank you.


Thank you. Thank you very much.

Thank you. You've heard from
a lot of people tonight...

...and many of them were me.

I'm happy to see that so many teachers
here tonight brought students.

The man that I worked for
is not only a great president...

...he's an extraordinary role model.

And someone you can honestly...

Tell those poncy little hairdressers
I'm gonna shove a loaf of bread up their...

Ladies and gentlemen,
the president of the United States.

- Good morning.
- Good morning.

- These are for you.
- You want us to wear them?

It would move things along.

- You've met my sister Elsie?
- Yeah.

Yesterday, the Republican leadership
unveiled their tax plan.

On Monday morning,
we're gonna unveil ours...

...which means that all public remarks
coming from the White House...

...have to be about
the Democratic tax plan.

So I need you all to help me
take prepared remarks...

...say, about the canning of catfish
and make it about the tax plan.

Number 60,
what are you writing down?

- Canning of catfish.
- That was just an expression.

- I never heard it.
- I never heard it either.

I just made it up.

...what's a capital gain?
- Anytime you invest in something...

...and make money off it.
- Right.

- What do Republicans want, 48?
- No taxes on capital gain.

Right. Plus a 15 percent cut
across the board...

...while our plan would raise taxes
one percent...

...on the richest one percent
in the country.

What can be said about the difference
between the two?

They wanna lower taxes,
we wanna raise them.

- Well, I wouldn't put it quite like that.
- You just did.

When you write remarks
into the canning remarks...

We're interns. Do you think we have
a clue how to write a tax-policy speech?

I'm sure you had to write in college
in the government...

...and poly-sci and economics classes
you took at...?

The London School of Ballet.

- What the hell are you doing here?
- I'm changing direction.

- Will Bailey.
- It's me.

- What happened last night?
- We got off to a rough start.

I'd like to talk to Scott Holcomb.

- Don't worry about the campaign.
- He's blowing the work we did there.

Don't worry about it.
How are the remarks coming?

Great. These guys are pros.

- Elsie, what are you doing?
- I'm erasing"canning of catfish."

Okay, gotta go.

There are some nice shots with you and
the president, but the one you'll see...

...a lot is you kissing a liberal, pregnant,
unwed congresswoman.

- Yeah.
- Kissing her where?

The Journal's attacking him
for campaigning at the same time...

...he's sending troops overseas.

What the Register and Daily Pilot
term"insulting remarks" at the school...

...made their pullout section.

- They mind that he insulted the French.
- Or poncy hairdressers. It's not clear.

Yeah, but he also
mentioned vouchers.

Closing the 5, the 405
and the 55 didn't play well.

And since he was late he couldn't
see off troops leaving from Miramar.

Flights out of John Wayne were
delayed, and children crying... the Pirates of the Caribbean.
And it's still 6:30 in the morning.

So you'd rate the trip so far,
what, B, B-minus?


We'll get it together.

I have no idea what makes me say this,
but it's good to see you.

I have a strategy breakfast.

- You want me to come?
- That's okay.

- Let him come, Sam.
- Yeah, well, you know...

...the thing is, Scott Holcomb and Josh.
- Oh, come on.

I think Holcomb's been making
bad mistakes.

- I think Josh has been right.
- I know he has.

- If you think that's easy...
- He has you with business.

He says it's how a Democrat wins
Orange County.

- Has a Democrat ever won here?
- No.

- Then how does he know?
- Okay. But he's who...

...the National Committee wants.
That's where the money's from.

So I have a strategy breakfast.
I'll see you all later.

I wasn't trying to get under his skin.
On the other hand...

...I didn't care that I had, you know?
- Yeah.

Some polls have you within seven.
If you only lost by seven, that'd be huge.

I don't wanna think like that yet.


Okay, where are we?

They work the land and, through intense
labor, develop pride in the property.

Labor is intrinsically social, right?
No man can create something by himself.

Denying migrant workers
an equal share of profits...

- Hello.
- Let me put it this way.

- That was weird.
- That happens to me sometimes.

Are you a farm-labor leader
and a rock star?

No. But my point was
we have no way of determining...

...whether 12 hours under the sun
picking grapes is worth less or more...

...than 9 to 5 in an office.
- True. True.

- But let me ask you this, lvan.
- Yes.

What do you think of Richard Sutter?

I'm sorry?

Richard Sutter.
I was wondering what your opinion...

He's the enemy is what he is.
Simply put, he's the enemy.

- This assemblyman led the charge...
- Excellent.

- I'm...? I'm sorry?
- He was.

And I think your views are valuable.
I'll try to get you in to see Josh.

- That's wonderful. Thank you.
- Good meeting you.

- Donna!
- Hi.

Hey, everyone, this is one of my
best friends. This is Donna Moss.

I didn't see you much last night.
How are you?

Everyone feels really bad
about the start.

Don't worry about it.
Where you coming from?

Five minutes with an lvan Perez...

...from the California Agricultural
Laborers Association.

- Josh wanted me to find out if he's legit.
- Is he?

- I think.
- Anyone ever heard of lvan Perez?

- The farm guy?
- Yeah.

- Izzy Perez?
- Donna just met with him.

He ran for governor of California.

- What party?
- Communist.

- The Communist party?
- Yeah.

He's a communist?
I thought he was a farmer.

- They're all farmers.
- Take it easy.

- Did anybody see you having coffee?
- Yeah.

- Who?
- A photographer.

- My God.
- Honest to God, how stupid can you be?


- Out of here. You're fired.
- I need him.

- I don't care. He's out of here.
- You're gonna get creamed.

Like I'm not used to that.

- Excuse me, Leo?
- Hey, how's it going?


- I heard your staff quit.
- Yes. Yes, they did.

- Because we promoted you to deputy?
- It would appear so.

Well, that's a little small.

Whatever. Is there anyone around
with speechwriting experience...

...I could borrow for a day or two?
- On Saturday?

- Bad day?
- Not ordinarily...

...but a lot of people
made the California trip.

The Treasury Secretary's staff
is in the Midwest.

No problem.

Is there anything I can do for you?

- For me?
- With regard to what's happening now.

- I feel a little responsible.
- You are.

- You need me to prepare remarks at all?
- I hope not.

When was the last fly-over?

A Super Hornet did a pass
in the last hour.

Are we seeing any pictures of the Arkutu
getting ready to surrender?


Here's what we're seeing.

These are 3200 Induye being marched
down a road toward Musato.

These are cranes
and bulldozers at work.

And twice as many smokestacks
burning as of an hour ago.

So this... the mass gravesite that
the 3200 Induye are being marched to.

How many more in the next 20 hours?

We think about 20,000.

So why not talk about blowing off
the deadline?

Because we'd need 55 more aircraft off
the USS Colonnade and Third Infantry.

He's trying to finish the job
before the deadline.


Is the president monitoring
the situation in Kundu?

Sure. He's getting continuous updates.

He also spoke by phone
with the U.N. secretary general...

...and the leadership of the World Bank
and the IMF to begin discussing...

...rebuilding packages
after the Arkutu step down.

What about the rest of the day?

He'll have a conference call
with his economic team.

- About the Democratic response?
- The tax plan isn't a response... the Republicans.
It's a tax plan. And yes.

Any California issues on the schedule?

A series of meetings.
The California leadership of the F.O. P...

...and the governor and
State Assembly Leadership...

...on matching payments,
then on to the fundraiser. Mark.

- Speaking of California politics...
- Was a White House aide sent to meet...

...the Communist party's
candidate for governor?

- Yeah.
- No.

Donna Moss was sent
to meet the head...

...of the California Agricultural
Laborers Association...

...a man named lvan Perez,
who, it turns out...

...has some loose ties
to the American Communist Party.

- He's their standard-bearer.
- Like that one.

Mr. Perez was heard, as he certainly has
a right to be, and that's that.

How do you think the picture of them
will play in Orange County?

Really, really well.
I'll talk to you before the dinner.

- Thank you.
- Thank you, C.J.

"Nothing is more important than teaching
our children well." This is good.

These are remarks prepared
by Number 48...

...for the undersecretary of education
at the A.F.T. leadership breakfast.

Very good start.

"Nothing is more important than teaching
children well, grounding them in basics.

While we're at it,
we should teach them...

...that the Republican tax plan
is a job killer."

- I don't think this will work, do you?
- You gotta give us points for candor.

- Number 24...
- Cassie. remarks to the National
Headache Foundation, said...

Is there a National Headache
Foundation, or is it made-up... the London School of Ballet?
- Yeah.

I was an American Studies major
at the University of Texas.

I know that. You don't think
I know how to retrieve information.

What were you doing looking me up?

What was I doing? My job, okay?
That's what I was doing.

Phone's for you.

Thank God, huh?

- Will Bailey.
- How's it going?

Why would Holcomb book Sam in the
Newport Beach Chamber of Commerce?

Did I say to worry
about the speeches...

...or did I say to worry
about Sam's campaign?

I worry about his campaign
without anyone telling me.

Read me what you've got for
the swearing in of the ambassador.

"Ambassador Stanis will help to build
and sustain a new era of cooperation...

...between the United States
and Hungary.

And let's please all remember that
cutting capital-gains taxes is a bad idea."

- Okay, you're gonna polish that up?
- Yeah.

Who will pay in the tax plan
you propose?

- The president.
- I don't understand.

The president's proposing
the tax plan, not me.

Who will pay?

The plan raises taxes on the richest
one percent in the U.S. by one percent... let college tuition be fully
tax-deductible for anyone...

...making under $80,000 a year...

...and incrementally tax-deductible
after that. Does that make sense?

- No, because it is ridiculous.
- Because you're in the one percent.

No, I don't think taxes are too high.
I think they are too low.

- You see, you don't know me.
- Yeah.

Speaking of people
getting to know you... and Zoey went
to runway shows in Paris...

...and there were an awful lot
of pictures.

- That is avoidable?
- It's not completely avoidable...

...but it's a little avoidable. And you
should try because it's a security risk.

- Why?
- Because of details...

...crazy people pick out
of photographs.

You can make the scene without making
a scene, you know what I'm saying?

- I took Zoey home to meet my parents.
- They weren't at the Versace show.

She's a sexy girl.
She likes having her picture taken.

She doesn't like
having her picture taken.

She doesn't mind having it taken
with me.


We were talking about taxes,
of all things.

Well, I've gotta get to Sam's rally.

We're right behind you.

You and Josh should
take over the campaign.

- We've asked.
- Just the last week.

We've asked.

We said we'd go off White House
payroll. I had to bungee Will to his desk.

Until a higher authority steps in...

...the DNC wants Holcomb.
- When they have him... community centers...
- I know.'s like he's wearing his dad's old suit.
He's got youth and vitality, he should...

- I know.
- Communists look exactly... non-communists.
- Tell me about it.

Miss Wyatt, those kids you've got
in there deserve a father.

- I'm sorry, you talking to me?
- Yes, I was.

- That's all.
- They've got a father.

And it's Congresswoman Wyatt,

- Whatever you say.
- Damn right, whatever I say.

You may not realize it...

...but you're an example to women...

...and there's something to be said
for acting like it.

- Well, I believe I do.
- You do.

Sir, you are way out of line...

...and we're having a private
conversation, but thank...

No, it's not private
when you're an elected official.

Well, I appreciate you reminding me
of my sworn duty.

- If it's fine with you...
- It's not fine with me.

- I'm sorry to hear that.
- You should be sorry.

- You're standing too close to her.
- It's the father.

Yeah. And you're standing too close.

So if you're gonna insist on being drunk
and minding other people's business... gotta take a step back, because
as you are apparently aware...

...the congresswoman is pregnant.
- Is there a problem, Toby?

This is the one who was
with the daughter.

Five hundred million dollars
in undirected aid.

Assurance that he stays in power.

A guarantee that he and his top aides
will receive immunity...

...from prosecution for war crimes.

He's killed 115,000 people
and he wants to stay in power...

...get immunity and cash a check
for half a billion dollars?


- Yeah.
- Excuse me.

Excuse me, Mr. Ambassador.

Get me Fitzwallace
and then get me the president.

Don't come here. Turn around, go to
the event. We're fine. C.J., we're fine.

And tell Andy not to come here. We'll
meet her there soon as we're done.

Excuse me, officer.

Ballpark, how long do you think
this is gonna be?

- Assault? Six to 20 months.
- It wasn't assault.

- He slipped.
- Yeah? One of them says you hit him.

That's different.
That part may be assault.

Tell him to hit hard on quality,
healthcare quality.

- And in his acknowledgments he must...
- Okay.

One second. In his acknowledgments
he's gotta mention the AFL folk.

The president's working
the rope line for 15.

- No.
- No. Charlie says no on the rope line.

- Hey! Give me the phone.
- Call the NEC and get a one-pager...

...on trucking faxed to my cell, I'd...
- Now!

Okay. I gotta go.

- I'm under arrest.
- He won't know the names...

...of the people he's meeting.
- Does he ever know them?

Okay, over here.
Give me your left thumb.

Is there any chance
I could get a corner cell?

Or anything, possibly,
with a loft space?

- There's solitary.
- Perfect.


I got salsa on my shirt.

- We got a new shirt?
- Yeah, they got it.

Can I have the room, please?

What's going on?

I'm gonna propose something bold.

- I like bold.
- The White House will announce...

...their answer to
the Republican tax plan Monday.

It's a one percent hike on the wealthiest
one percent, which would pay for...

- Tax-deductible tuition.
- Right.

- Come out against it tonight.
- Why?

To show you're not owned
by the West Wing.

And many of the one percent live here.

- I worked on it.
- On what?

- Tax-deductible tuition. I worked on it.
- You did what the president said.

And the president was doing
what I helped advise him to do.

- It doesn't matter. What I'm saying is...
- Wait a second.

- They're announcing on Monday?
- Yeah.

- How do you know?
- I know.

- And it's been scored? Fully scored?
- Yeah.

Well, why the hell would...?

Excuse me.

Thank you.
Mr. President?

- Mrs. Hottentot?
- Toby and Charlie...

- Where are they?
- They're being held.

- What do you mean?
- They are under arrest.

- There was an incident at a bar.
- They're under arrest?

- Yes, sir.
- Did they rob the bar?

No, sir.

A patron was jostling
Congresswoman Wyatt...

...and Toby tried to get him to step
back, and the man slipped on the floor.

And then the man's friend
lunged for Toby.

And what did Charlie do?

- He hit him.
- Sir.

Toby and Charlie were arrested
in a bar fight.

It won't be a problem.
C.J. 's handling it.

- Really?
- It'll be a little problem.

Every time we come to Southern
California, we are the Clampetts.

He booked him at the Newport Beach
Chamber of Commerce.

He had him skip a union lunch
with hotel employees...

- I can't...
- He wants him speaking at Cal Lutheran.

Scott Holcomb's given up on Sam,
and he's running his own agenda.

I can't leave
with the tax proposal coming.

But Toby says he can for a week.

Will's put together a topflight staff
that can handle the paper for a week.

I suppose it's worth noting that Toby
probably can't leave the state anyway.

Now, as the leader of this party...

You don't shake up a campaign like this
at this point in the election calendar.

At this point in the election calendar,
look where his numbers are going.

I'm amazed he's kept a veneer
of sanity, much less...

Are you crazy?

We were just...

Have you all lost your minds?

- C.J., maybe...
- I just assumed it wasn't ready yet.

- It's ready now, isn't it?
- Yeah.

You're missing news cycle
after news cycle after news cycle.

You didn't announce because you
didn't wanna do it here.

- Would you?
- Yes! I say the hell with the election.

There's a guy making $55,000 a year
trying to send his kid to Notre Dame!

Guys, we've gotta keep
our voices down a little.

Sam, it's time.

Without further ado,
I wanna welcome...

If I'm gonna lose,
I'd like to lose doing something.

So here he is,
the next U.S. representative...

... from the California 47th
Congressional District.

Thank you.

Thank you very much.

The president of the United States
is backstage.

He'll be out here in a minute.

He'll be out in a minute because,
of course...

...he's monitoring our troops in Kundu.

But I wanted to say that yesterday
the Republicans rolled out their tax plan.

Do not let this president off this stage
until he's told you his.

Send me to congress,
and mine will be the first yea vote cast.

He didn't just say that.
He did not just say that.

- Scott.
- Yes, sir.

Why are you putting Sam
next to business?

- Sir...
- No, I'm just curious.

You read numbers as well as anyone, sir.
Webb'll win here. That's no surprise.

- So why burn the DNC's bridges...?
- Josh.

Yes, sir.

Tell Toby to take over the campaign.

You're gonna get creamed.

- Excuse me, ma'am?
- Yes.

- Mr. McGarry.
- Thank you.

- Sir.
- Yeah.

Leo, I just fired Scott Holcomb.

Toby, who, with Charlie, is meeting with
a bail bondsman right now...

...has to come off the payroll
for a week.

- Sir, I'm afraid something's happened.
- What?

Two Marine lance corporals
and a PFC have been taken.

What do you mean
they've been taken?

Patrolling Bitanga Airport in a humvee,
50 guys came out of nowhere.

- We secured the airport.
- They came out of nowhere.

- What are we doing?
- Special Ops wants to brief you...

...on some rescue scenarios.

- We're coming home.
- Nzele says for immunity...

...and $500 million,
he'll keep them alive.

Tell Ghana to tell Nzele he's got nine
hours and 20 minutes before I take him.

Yes, sir.

- He's about to introduce you.
- Thanks.

This district needs a congressman
who will work with President Bartlet...

... for the right kind of change.

A congressman who 'll reach across
the aisle and make a real difference...

... for Orange County's families.

- And if you send me to congress...
- Lieutenant.

- Yes, sir.
- How old are you?

I'm 22 years old, sir.

And so, friends,
the president of the United States.

Okay, let's go.