The West Wing (1999–2006): Season 1, Episode 20 - Mandatory Minimums - full transcript

A newly energized administration prepares to take on soft money, increase addiction treatment, and remove mandatory minimum sentencing.


I came with someone.


Have you heard
about a piece of paper?

I know everything about it.
I wrote it.

- What is it?
- Strategy memo.

- Strategy to do what?
- Beat us.

- Who has it?
- I do.

I am a recovering alcoholic
and drug addict.

Leo, two seats opened up
on the FEC?

- The Senate will fill them.
- We want our guys.

Embarrass us, and we'll
give the same back tenfold.

I get nervous around laws
that assume Americans...

...can't be trusted.
We need mandatory sentencing...

...because judges can't be trusted
to disperse even-handed justice.

We need term limits...

...because voters can't be trusted
to recognize corruption.

When the playing field is level...

...and when the process is fair
and open, we have term limits.

They're called elections.

He ate his Wheaties.

The president had a bowl of oatmeal.
Something he's always wanted to try.

Folks, listen up.

The president's going to say something
that'll get you all shouting my name.

There'll be a full briefing
at the White House.

- You're not gonna want to miss this.
- What's going on?

The president's
throwing his cap over the wall.

My father was very fond
of the analogy of the Irish lads...

...whose journey was blocked by a
wall seemingly too high to scale.

Throwing their caps over the wall,
the lads had no choice but to follow.

How many times
in the history of our country...

...have we come to a wall
too high to scale...?

This was given to me by a constituent
who read that I like cognac.

The problem is that this is brandy
and not cognac.

Anyone know the difference?

- Cognac's supposed to come from...
- The Cognac region of France. Right.

Steve, sit down over here, would you?

- He won't say anything interesting.
- I think he is.

- What are you talking about?
- Listen.

Tomorrow morning we'll begin to change
the way elections are supervised.

- He'll name two reformers to the FEC.
- What? You said it wouldn't happen.

- I was wrong.
- You were wrong?

He's gonna name John Bacon
and Patty Calhoun.

You told him they take on
campaign finance reform...

...I roll out a legislative agenda
that makes them cry?

I made it very clear.

I am proud to nominate
John Branford Bacon...

... and Patricia Calhoun
to the Federal Election Commission.

- Get him.
- Who?

Josh Lyman, get him on the phone.

I'm gonna reach down his throat
and take out his lungs with a scoop.

You're about to get a call.

- Yeah.
- Big call.

Powerful guy.

- You're still rocked from last week.
- A little.

They threatened you with an agenda.
You feel powerless, off your game.

- A little gun-shy.
- Leave him alone.

You asked me to buck him up.

- I'm telling you to leave him alone.
- I'm trying to watch the speech.

- The call?
- On the cell.

You need us, we're right here.

Hi, senator.

Take your legislative agenda
and shove it up your ass.

Turns out I was fine.

Is the White House worried the FEC
will become a political football?

Again, the president nominated
one Democrat and one Republican...

...which he was certainly
under no legal obligation to do.

FEC commissioners have been chosen... signing off on whomever
congressional leadership pointed to.

Was Congress aware the president
would slip this into his speech?

I think it's possible
we forgot to tell them.

Is the president declaring war on Congress?
- Say it's a police action.

The president is empowered
to nominate federal agency directors.

It's more of a police action.
- How about that?

Toby wants you in his office.

- You know why?
- Polling.

- He's bringing Kiefer?
- He'll say.

- Why can't you?
- You're going to his office and I...

- Yes, he's bringing in Al Kiefer.
- Big polling week. I figured he was.

- That's what you were afraid to say?
- I wasn't afraid.

The thing is, Kiefer wants to bring in
a California expert.

- That's a good idea. Wait.
- Yeah.

- Joey Lucas.
- She's coming with Kiefer.

- I was afraid to tell you.
- You shouldn't be. Know why?

- No big deal.
- I'll tell you what else.

- You're a pro.
- Yes, but that's not it.

- What were you going to say?
- That was it.

But it's true. I'm a pro.
What else?

- It's no big deal.
- Right.

- Rambo.
- You talking to me?

- Nice call.
- That's how we do it in New England!

- In Indiana, we can't curse.
- In Jersey, we encourage it.

- Where's Toby?
- In Sam's office.

Hang on.

That's good.


Okay. Sam?

- Yeah?
- You'll come to a verb soon, right?

- Know what this is?
- Bad writing?

- Imagery.
- You say potato.

- Josh, I'm bringing in Al Kiefer.
- You've turned 180 degrees on Kiefer.

I don't want his advice,
I want his numbers.

- Advising is what pollsters do.
- He'll do what I say.

- National language.
- First thing they'll hit.

We need Hispanics.
What state has a lot of them?

I want to say Maine. California.
I was only off by a continent.

- Josh.
- It's fine. Bring her out here.

- She's here tomorrow.
- This isn't a thing.

I met her twice.

Yeah, but one of those times
she broke your heart.

You know,
the way women can do.

They take your heart, throw it down
and stomp on it with their high heels.

She's a beautiful, interesting woman.
I see why guys go for her.

There's nothing at all I'm saying of
any value, so I'll just keep writing.

We had a good night.

C.J.'s doing great.

Anytime you want to use punctuation,
that would be fine.

One more question. Katie.

The FEC's role has never been
that much more than symbolic...

The FEC isn't symbolic,
but I agree that they're toothless.

Then will two new commissioners
make any difference?

- No.
- Why do it?

Symbolism. There'll be more tomorrow.
Have a good night.

Jack, C.J.'s inviting you
to follow up on some things.

- Me?
- Yeah.

She doesn't want me.
She wants Danny.

No, she asked for you.

Danny, the senior correspondent.
If there's gonna be an exclusive...

She wants you.

Mandatory minimums are racist.
They're a red herring.

I understand.

Look tough on crime
without being tough on crime.

I know.
We do things one thing at a time.

- We don't have time.
- You mean treatment.

Treatment and about mandatory
minimums. It's a red herring.

Talk to the president about
treatment versus enforcement.

Don't stray from that.

Toby, you said,
"You're in charge. "

You're in charge in the sense
that you're subordinate to me.

- Where's this place?
- What?

- The breakfast place.
- Back there.

- Why didn't you say anything?
- We were having a nice conversation.

- Some tomato juice while you wait?
- Thanks, Celia.

- All set there?
- Yeah.

- Why not closer to the office?
- I wanted privacy.

- We couldn't meet in the office?
- I was hungry. Sit down.

You should notice
that Josh has on a nice suit.

- We'll call it his Joey Lucas suit.
- Joey Lucas is coming?

She's a California expert.
This is my Tuesday suit.

You assign your clothes
days of the week?

I'm saying there's
no particular M.O. ...

About time. Sit down.

Hang on. Talk to me about drugs.

We can make a case
for treatment versus enforcement.

We're ready to go with minimums
on crack versus powder cocaine.

One step at a time.

- Toby said that.
- He's right.

Remember, I was put in charge...

It was an honorary kind of thing.

- Are you ready to order?
- Write these names down.

Dalton, Dawson,
Foxworthy, Greer...

...Morgenthau, Stackhouse,

Thank you.

- What was that?
- You know what that was.

Leo, what should I do
with these names?

- Hold on to them until I say so.
- That's the right thing.

From anybody but me.

I'd like to clear up that I don't
have suits for days of the week.

- This is just a suit.
- It's a nice suit.

Sure, it's his Joey Lucas suit.
I'm regretting not getting waffles.

I'm regretting having hired
any of you.

42% job approval,
and you're talking about waffles...

...and something with Josh.

- He's wearing a suit for Joey Lucas.
- For a guy named Joey?

She's a woman,
and I'm not dressed up for her.

It's a Tuesday suit.

Point is, we have to make it
through the week with no mistakes.

We will.

- I'm saying calm down.
- I'm calm.

You're not calm. You're acting
like a nervous holyillia.

A what?

May not be a word. May just be
something my mother used to say.

It's a huge mistake.
A huge mistake, Mr. President.

Possibly a fatal one.

It'll doom the midterms,
haunt the convention...

...and if you manage to get nominated,
there's no way you win re-election.

Al's Mr. Good News Happy Guy.

More voters disapprove than approve
of the president's job performance.

42% approval. Not the time
to come out for legalization.

We're not.

It's gonna be a long day.
Kiefer's just getting warmed up.


- You're kidding.
- No.

- He doesn't want me in there?
- Leo's not comfortable with it.

- I want to talk to the president.
- You can't.

- It was just a memo.
- It wasn't just a memo.

Do you know how pissed
people are at you?

They're pissed at me.
That's how pissed they are at you.

- I can be trusted.
- We'll see.

Leo would feel more comfortable
if you stayed out of his way.

- You are...
- Drug control.

- Listen.
- Listen to Sam.

- Drug control appropriations...
- 17.6 billion.

...are 2/3 enforcement, 1/3 treatment.
We want to reverse that ratio.

- Spend less on enforcement?
- Spend more on treatment.

Soft on crime. You don't care
if kids shoot up at recess.

- We don't care. Do we, Sam?
- What'd I miss?

45 minutes and he's already
got me at recess.

Took you 45 minutes?

We have some numbers from the Office
of National Drug Control Policy.

Let's hear them.

55,624 federal prisoners,
half the federal prison population....

- What's up?
- Joey Lucas is in your office.

- Why are you smiling?
- Fine-looking woman.

- Yes.
- I can help you out.

- With what?
- She's a fine-looking woman.

You got me this job.
I'll pay you back.

By helping me?
What makes you think I need help?

- She's a fine-looking woman.
- Get away from me.

Joey. Kenny. Good to see you.

I've got your desk set up.
Come with me.

- My flight was fine.
- We're in a bit of a mode.

We should just do business.

This is the White House.
I wouldn't expect candy and flowers.

Excuse me.
Joey, these are from Leo McGarry.

Let him know if you need anything.

That's so sweet.
Thank him for me.

Did you have a good flight?

Go back to your office.

They're carnations.

Your desk. You got a phone,
a computer, you got access to a staff.

Women like to personalize their desk
with flowers and lotion...

...but I prefer the place
to be professional.

Your staff likes to decorate
their desks with hand lotion?

Some of them might. We don't do that
on my side of the building.

I'm going back to this meeting,
then I'll brief you on what I need.

I'm not sleeping
with Al Kiefer anymore.

- Come here.
- Can I help you?

- Yes.
- How?

By coming here.

This is a place where solemn
work is done. This is a place...

This is not a place
where one's personal things...

...where things among people...

This is a place where work is done,
nothing else.

You bet.

Nice suit.

I'll be back.

Josh, I misspoke last night.

I said the president wasn't obligated
to nominate a Democrat and Republican.

- It turns out he is.
- Oh, C.J.

From the White House Counsel?

- You're sure?
- About what?

You said he nominated them both...

...even though he was under
no legal obligation to do so.

- You'll fix it at the briefing?
- Yeah.

Don't worry about it.

The AMA says addiction is a disease.

You're not gonna be able to sell that.

- Why does he have to sell it?
- Because.

Drug addiction is a medical problem.

It can be treated. It's science.

It's science to you.

Science is science to everybody, Al.

What'd I miss?

Toby says science is science
to everyone.

I believe that science is science.
I just don't think you can sell that.

While Al thinks of something
easier to sell...

...may I speak to Toby and Leo?


Joey Lucas says
she's not with Kiefer anymore.

That's a load off our minds.

C.J. misspoke last night
during her briefing.

- She'll fix it.
- What did she say?

The president wasn't obligated to
nominate a Democrat and Republican.

- He is obligated.
- She knows that now.

- This is a dumb mistake we don't need.
- She knows that too.

What will you do?

- How's it going?
- Sam's just starting.

- You talk to him about the thing yet?
- No.

- Me?
- Yeah. Listen.

- Go to a meeting.
- With who?

A Democrat who has a voice
on campaign finance.

If she was on the Ethics Committee...

...she could answer Leo's questions.

I was married to someone like that.

- I set up lunch for the two of you.
- You set up a date with my ex-wife?

Say we won't ask Democrats
to unilaterally drop soft money.

- Make that clear.
- And take her temperature on ethics.


See you later.

- Leo, you had to send flowers?
- It's a nice thing to do.

I had this whole patter thing going,
and then....

The hell with it.

- Margaret!
- Yes?

The names I gave you.

Dalton, Foxworthy,
Morgenthau, Sugarbaker...

- You didn't need to memorize.
- I couldn't help it.

Call their offices. I want one
representative apiece at 2:00.

- In the office?
- Press briefing room.

- What do those seven have in common?
- Don't worry about it.

- I see you're all settled in.
- Yes.

Looks good.
Not too many personal items.

Got your little clock.
That's fine.

Here it is.

The president is naming two finance
reform-minded nominees to the FEC.

This will anger the Republican
leadership and they'll retaliate.

They'll draft bills to put us
on the wrong side of debates.

The first will be a law making
English the national language.

I know this. I've worked on it
since Toby called me.


Over 30% of the federal
prison population...

...are nonviolent first-timers
in jail for drug crimes.

At a cost for those prisoners alone
of $2 million a day.

We can sell the public on the idea...

...that $2 million a day
can be put to better use.

- Not for treatment.
- Yes.

If we show treatment
prevents substance abuse.

If you can get people to sit still
to hear that argument.

"Just say no" takes less time.
Anyone else is soft on crime.

- The AMA.
- Can't sell it!

Can't sell science.

I'm hungry.
Nobody has convinced me of anything.

Let's eat lunch
and meet here in an hour.

- How's it going?
- It's still early.

- What do you want for lunch?
- Good question.

I could have turkey.
I could have fish.

- Want to look at the menus?
- Fish never hurt anyone.

There was an OMB meeting downstairs.
I wanted to see you.

Is this about the FEC nominees?
You want Josh.

- I was hoping we could talk.
- Josh.

Josh isn't himself.

- "Shove it up your ass"?
- That sounds exactly like Josh to me.

- My boss wants to burn the building.
- I'm sure that's against the law.

- Sam, I'm serious.
- This isn't my thing. Go see Josh.

- You gonna eat?
- What?

- Lunch. You gonna eat?
- Yeah, at my desk.

- What are we having?
- Turkey.

Get two.

- It's a beautiful day.
- Yes.

This is nice. It's like a picnic.

There are restaurants,
indoors, with waiters and tables.

- You should sit next to me.
- I'm wearing a suit.

- So am I.
- I'm a responsible adult.

- I'm a member of Congress.
- I rest my case.

You know what I got? I got pie.

Toby, I've got really good pie.

- It's homemade.
- You baked a pie?

No, I didn't mean I made it
in my home.

Let's go.

- It was baked by a constituent.
- You trust it?

I was hoping you'd eat it first.
Wanna talk about the FEC?

He won't ask anyone
to give up soft money.

You'll hear from Stadler and Ross.

McCovey, Lester, Brock.
Probably Klesko, Trask.

Will we have your people in line?

- Yeah.
- What about drugs?

That's different.
Mandatory minimums are racist.

One step at a time. Treatments.

I won't talk about mandatory minimums.

Sentencing Commission's
proposals for cocaine...

This is what happens.

I say I won't talk about minimums,
and we talk about them anyway.

You won't let me
make decisions for myself...

...and deciding for myself
is my birthright.

- Good to get it off your chest, poky?
- Yes.

- Problems with what Leo's doing?
- No. But I want to be there.


- Just for fun.
- It's not fun, Andy.

Not everything is fun.

You can be there,
but this is a serious thing.

Can I bring my pie? It's serious.
There might not be food.

Walk faster.
I don't like the outdoors.

We'll have to confirm your nominees.

They're too qualified
not to confirm.

That's a problem.

- There's no political cover.
- I understood what you meant.

- My question is...
- The FEC nominees aren't my thing.

I'm not talking about that.
I'm talking about drugs.

- You're gearing up new drug policy.
- For 14 months.

Now you're taking
daylong strategy sessions.

- Drugs are important to you.
- To everyone.

Particularly you.
You're point man at the White House.

Why do you want to trade it in
for a move on campaign finance?

I'm not trading it in.

- You are.
- We're not bartering.

I'm saying without the FEC
nominations, there's room to work.

And with them?

Have all the sessions you want.
No one will take your phone call.

You can write speeches...

...for when the president meets the
Girl Scout who sold the most cupcakes.

- Cookies.
- Huh?

They sell cookies, not cupcakes.

And it was a good speech I wrote.
About volunteerism.

- Keep up the good work.
- I will.

- Leo?
- Yeah.

- I was coming to see you.
- Your people are in the briefing room.

Carol has the press in the lobby.
She'll wait for your sign.

We're telling anyone who asks
that it's a special event.

- I don't know if you heard...
- Yeah, I did hear, C.J.

Should I tell you how many ways
that was stupid?

For one thing, don't pass yourself
off as a legal authority.

And why use a phrase like,
"Under no legal obligation"?

- You're parsing your words...
- I know.

Right away, we gotta go back.
Amateur mistakes make me crazy.

That was bush league.

- Bush league, what you did last night.
- My office.

- Not the press room?
- There's a meeting.

It's the press room.

- Hi, Carol.
- Hi, Carol.

Don't talk to me like that.

I just got called "amateur" twice.

The chief of staff can do it,
you can't.

- I need access for my job.
- With your...

- You think I'm kidding?
- Am I?!

- The memo was news.
- Says you.

Says me, says my editor,
says Time, says Newsweek.

You're a movie star.

And you're on the outside looking in.

What you don't understand...

I'm not in my freshman year anymore!

I understand more than you think.

C.J.? Leo's on his way in.

- What's going on in the press room?
- Special event.

Good afternoon.

I'll make this as quick
and direct as I can.

- Why are we in the press room?
- Without interruptions, it'll be fast.

A debate is about to begin over the
best way to fight the drug problem.

We believe money
should be put into treatment.

The people you work for think
we should put money into prisons.

Is everyone with me so far?

Leo, why the seven of us?

Dick, in July of '96,
your boss' son was arrested...

...for carrying 25 grams of cocaine.

That's a crime that
usually carries what, Toby?

- 15 years.
- What did he get?

Six months house arrest.

Lynn, your boss's husband
was caught stealing Vicodin...

...from the hospital
where he was chief of surgery.

Vicodin is a Schedule ll drug,
in the same legal category as opium.

What's that get?

One year in prison per pill
and a monetary fine.

And the congresswoman's husband?

Pretrial diversion program,
there's no criminal record.

That's not bad.
Stuart, yours is my favorite.

Your boss's daughter was pulled over
with 31 grams of coke...

...and charged with intent to deliver.

Moreover, she'd just been
indicted by a federal grand jury...

...along with 18 other people
for conspiracy to distribute. Toby?

$2800 fine, and she forfeited
the car in which the drugs were found.

The president wants
a lively debate.

He wants to hear opposition,
but he's not gonna stomach hypocrisy.

We hear "Soft on crime,
soft on drugs"...

...from the people you work for,
we have seven stories for page one.

You're saber-rattling.

Here comes the press corps.
Let's find out.

- We're done here.
- We play nine innings at this level.

Tell your friends about it.

Take your seats, please.
C.J. will start the briefing.

Can I tell you something?
Watching you do that, it was fun.

- It was not fun.
- You should've had some pie.

I have to get back to work,
and you being a congresswoman...

...I'm sure you need to be
back out there screwing the people.

I should tell you something
in the interest of full disclosure.

The other night,
I was out on a date.

We had wine, he pulled the car up,
bumped the guy ahead of us.

A cop was gonna give him a BAC test,
but then he recognized me.

- Fine.
- I'm just saying.

You said, "I'm a member of Congress,
can we fix this?"


- Who were you out with?
- A guy named Victor Stipe.

Adviser for the Orioles?

You went out with the
executive adviser for the Orioles?

Are you upset
that I went out on a date?

Or that I went on a date with someone
in the same division as the Yankees?

Honest to God,
I'm not sure.

Mandatory minimums.

Why are you getting into cars
with guys who've been drinking?

I can still do that.

- You'd pick me up with a date?
- If he wasn't an Oriole or a Red Sock.

In fact, just date the
National League, would you?

Toby, I'm not kidding.
Mandatory minimums.

No way.

It's good seeing you.

- Andy?
- Yeah?

Let me have the pie.

Mr. President.
Oh, you're in bed?


- When I called, you were awake.
- Because I answered the phone.

I was just coming by to talk.
It can wait.

- What's on your mind?
- You sure?

Yeah. I gotta be up
in four hours anyway.

What are you doing?

FEC. Where's the president?

He went to the residence
about an hour ago.

I noticed the light
in Joey Lucas' office is on.

- She's still here?
- Yeah.

- Why are you telling me?
- She's a fine-looking...

- Good night.
- You give her a little something.

"This is for you on your first day. "
Give it to her, say something nice.

- See you tomorrow.
- Take it easy.

- Hey, Charlie.
- Hey.

- Tell him what you told me.
- I don't...

Tell him what you told me.

Steve Onorato
came to see me this afternoon.

- Onorato came to you?
- Tell him.

He said if we dropped FEC,
he could warm things up for drugs.

I don't understand.

He said that?

He even pointed out that Sam was
working on drugs for the White House.

- You've made the big time, Sam.
- What?

He knows about Laurie.

- You're friends with a call girl.
- So?

He wants to move you to the front
so he can drop Laurie on you.

Are you serious?

- You haven't done anything wrong.
- I know. Are you serious?

We're serious.
Don't worry about it.

Are you saying he tried
to practice on my...

- Credulous simplicity?
- Yeah.

What can I do right now?

No, right now. At 11:35.
I want to know what I can do.

- Take it easy.
- No!

I'm gonna call the senator and tell
him to shove his agenda up his ass!

- I did that.
- I'll do it again.

This is like The Godfather...

...when Pacino says
he's gonna kill the cop.

It's a lot like that scene,
only not really.

- Did Leo go home?
- He's in the residence.

It is like that scene.
I'm James Caan, you're Al Pacino.

Toby's the guy who makes
the tomato sauce.

- Let's go.
- I'm gonna pick up the late wires.

- Hello.
- Hi.

- Kenny.
- Hi, Josh.

I saw the light on.
You guys are here late.

I wanted to give you first-look
analysis in the morning.

There's some decent models
in the Bay area.

San Jose is a mess.
So is Orange County...

- ...Long Beach and San Diego.
- I brought you a coffee mug.


Just as a thing, because
you don't know anybody.

It's got a picture of the White House.
It says "the White House. "

Seal of the president.

It's a White House coffee mug.

Thank you.

- Kenny, can you give us a second?
- Oh, sure. I'm gonna step outside.

I wore this suit special today.

This isn't my regular Tuesday suit.

You have a regular Tuesday suit?


For me?


Okay, I gotta go.

I don't want to belabor the point.

I do think that this
is understandable.

I feel self-conscious
coming down on drugs...

...two months after I announced
I was a recovering drug addict.

What do you think?

- About what?
- What I just said.

I wasn't listening to a lot of it.

If there's anyone qualified
to talk about the benefits...

...of treatment versus
criminal action, it's you.

Would anyone's life be better if
you'd gone to jail instead of rehab?

- No.
- Thank you.

Anything else?

Apparently there is.

I'm sorry. I heard Leo was here.
I assumed you were awake.

- I am.
- I want to apologize...

...for the gaffe at
last night's briefing.

You fixed it, right?
Then let's move on.

I do apologize.

No need, but I accept your apology
and now I'm ready to move on.

- Sir.
- How you doing?

- You were sleeping?
- Not for a while.

Great. Usually you have a hard time
getting to sleep before 2:00.

- Not tonight.
- Gotta feel good.

Let me tell you what I want
to happen right now.

Good evening.

Josh walking in the door
wasn't even close.

- How you doing?
- Fine. How you doing?

I gave Joey Lucas a coffee mug.

She doesn't know anybody,
she's working hard.

She's very committed.
I think I did the right thing.

The part I don't understand is, I got
24 armed guards outside my bedroom.

After a day of meetings,
are you closer to a decision on drugs?

A day closer.
There'll be more meetings.

In the meantime,
everybody calm down.

Leo's got your engines fired
like it's Daytona.

Keep them there.

Guess what.
Mistakes are gonna be made.

Minimize them,
fix them, move on.

Kiefer's numbers got you scared?

Listen to me.

I have never lost an election
in my life.

We do this right,
people are gonna respond.

You all had a good day.

We should go,
leave you now.

You should feel free
to do this when my wife is here.

Something has come up,
and I'm hot as a pistol.

- Apparently...
- Sam.

We can talk tomorrow.


Mandy's doing her job.
Let her out of the doghouse.

- That's me.
- She's doing her job. C.J.?

- Yes, sir?
- So was Danny.

Yes, sir.

- Good night.
- Good night, Mr. President.

- Mr. President.
- We were almost done.

I met with
Congresswoman Wyatt today.

When you were married, did you
call her Congresswoman Wyatt?

No, sir.

Sometimes I call my wife Dr. Bartlet.

No, I call her Andy.
Or Andrea.


- Mandatory minimums.
- You're whipped.

She's talked to you for a year
about mandatory minimums.

You've been saying no,
but we know who wears the pants.

- You call your wife Dr. Bartlet.
- Just for the turn-on.

- The thing is, she's right.
- Andy?

Mandatory minimums are higher for
crack than powder cocaine.

The majority of crack users are black.
The majority of drug users are white.

- The mandatory minimums are racist.
- Yes, they are.

- It should be part of the discussion.
- It will be.


- Well, good night.
- Good night.

I'm sleeping better.

I dream about a great discussion
with experts and ideas...

...and diction and energy,
and honesty.

And when I wake up, I think,
"I can sell that. "

- Good night, Mr. President.
- Good night.