The Viking - Downfall of a Drug Lord (2022–…): Season 1, Episode 3 - Episode #1.3 - full transcript

Hi Claus.


What's up?

Did you just hear that?

-If that's...
-Lars, shut the fuck up.

-No, I...
-Shut up, Lars.

I know,
you haven't paid the Poles.

I know you didn't burn
the mail truck that we also agreed on.

You have hit one
one of my buddies.

How do you think you're doing?

I've noticed,
that you talk a lot about confidence.

That must mean a lot to you.

Trust, that's all.

If you can't trust
on your loved ones and your family

and those around you,

it all comes crashing down.

Well, Lars,
I want to ask you,

if you're sticking with,
that you did it alone.

-Yes, the killing?


It's mostly because your sister,
Liselotte, tells,

that you have told her,
that you committed the murder with someone else.


No, that was just me.

So how are you
compared to Claus?

Are you afraid
of Claus Malmqvist today?

I'm going to fuck him up a bit.

What's up?

What's happening?

What the hell are you holding?

Yes, a Mercedes 172.

Faen man.

Soft leather seats.

-Congratulations on your birthday.

Did you have a good day?

I have a present for you?

-Come here.

-Does Dad have money like that at home?

No, I don't think so.

-Here you go.

Take that.

Can I offer you buns and cocoa?

But why
did you trust Lars anyway?

I didn't trust Lars.
I trusted Kim.

Lars was Kim's man.

He became my problem first,
when Kim disappeared.

Then I was forced
to have contact with him.

And among other things, that mail truck,
in which the hashish had been transported...

it was going to be burned, disappear.

Then there were the Poles,
who had sailed the hash from Morocco

together with Lars.

They were still missing
to get four million in payment.

And I wasn't interested in them.
to give them personally, so...

I wanted to use Lars.

Then I didn't meet them.
I didn't know them.

Get those Poles paid.

I will, of course.

It turned out later to be a bad idea.

If it wasn't for Lars...

we probably wouldn't have a case.

Unlike Claus Malmqvist,

Lars could not stand
to have money.

He left immediately.
and bought a big Mercedes

with the Polacks' money.

Do you want one too?
or what, Niels?

Lars was by magic
become the richest gangster in Tåstrup.

Nice car, huh?

I guess it's OK.

OK? It cost a million.
You know that, right?

Dan, you want me to show you something? Come on, let's go.

If you come running here...

and you see a pretty lady, what do you do?

The four million,
that Lars never gave to the Poles

what happened to them?

Back at the start,
right after I gave them to him,

I was supposed to meet him in town.


I can't see him,
but there's a new Mercedes.

And then I go and look,
and there's... Lars in there.

in a brand new outfit in front of the big screen.

I could see,
it was going well, all of a sudden.

Only later in the course,
during the trial, I find out,

that he's been out
buying new Hästens bedding

for a quarter of a million
and a 50-inch TV.

And all of it
for cash from a carrier bag.

Claus Malmqvist,
The biggest drug smuggler in the world.

Yet he has managed

to keep his name
out of the police spotlight

for decades.

But in 2005 he was caught and convicted.


I have no doubt,

that there exists a hatred

between Lars Petersen
and Claus Malmqvist.

And it's Lars' fault,
that Claus got 16 years in prison.

But is that the whole truth?

What was it really,
that brought down Claus Malmqvist?

Fucking bastard!

There's no fucking one,
to threaten my dog.

you can read in the court papers is,

that it is
an ex-girlfriend of Lars' brother,

who is snitching to the police.

This is March 13, 2004.

This is the interrogation of Karina Gomes.

How is it that you know Lars?

Well, Lars is my brother-in-law.

I've been told,
that Lars has shipped 13 tons of hash

from Morocco to Denmark
in some huge boat.

Then there's one,
has been killed, right?

Vagn, the dogs are here!


-Welcome to Denmark.


Okay, Kimi. Let's go.

Come on out.




A witness has told us,

that we allegedly have a body
in this area.

We have been searching for two months,

and as you can see,
the area is vast.

We have found nothing.

That's why we need
your dogs' help.

Find the scent. Good dog.

Go ahead.

Check it out.

Left. Left. There.

Good dog.

Go ahead.

What's the matter?

Did you find anything?

Good dog!

I had heard,
that Lars had been screwing up

on some of the police wiretaps.

And his brother's ex
had ratted to the police.

But I had no idea,
if I'd been mentioned.

So I could figure it out,

that if they found Kim's body...

all the arrows would be pointing at me.

So... a trip to Denmark,
that would probably be a bad idea.

Did you find anything?

There had been a party
down at Claus's apartment

down in Sitges.

around Barcelona.

And there's a Pole off the balcony.

He actually goes down three floors
and gets seriously injured.

He hits a balcony
and a bike rack on the way down.

Don't, Claus.

Tell me, John,

how did Claus behave
during the investigation?

Claus is usually in control of himself,

but around that time...

I could feel it,
that he was tense.

I knew something was happening

with that Pole
in his apartment in Spain.

Suddenly the guy came flying
through the air and crashing to the ground.

With blood all over him.

And while he's down on the ground,

witnesses actually arrive.

And the witnesses are watching,
that Claus has a gun

on the waistband of his back.

The witnesses then state,

that the Polack is lying there bleeding,

and says...

I'm going, I promise!
Don't do it!

"Claus, don't shoot me.

I won't say anything.
I'm leaving."

When you lived
in Barcelona, there was a Pole,

who fell off your balcony.

What happened there?

Well, he...

He had a fit of paranoia, and...

crawled around
out on my balcony, and then...

Then he must have lost his grip
or something.

Why did he suddenly get paranoid?

Well, that's because he also...

He was actually also
a good acquaintance of Kim's, and...

Then I told him,
what happened to Kim.

And then the...

information he couldn't...

he could not contain.

Had he taken drugs?


What had he taken?

Just drinking and doing cocaine.

There it happens during the night,

that the Pole
actually disappears from the hospital.

And today, no one knows where he is,

and nobody knows,
what the hell the man's name is.

There are a lot of different witnesses.

Aren't the police going ahead with the case?

Claus was arrested and put in...

I think he did a day's time,
and then he was released,

because the victim was gone.

No body, no charges.

So he was released.

But there are witnesses who believe,

you had something to do with it.

There looking as he falls out
from the balcony and lies on the sidewalk.

There he lies, praying for his life,

and says:
"Claus, don't kill me."

Yes... he has hit his head.


I can't do that...

deal with.

Did you push him out?

No way,
not in my own home.

Where's that Polish guy today?

I don't know.

Claus is a nice guy.

But Claus has another side.
You don't want to see that side.

Then you know...
Did Claus push him, or?

How do I answer that question?

I can't really.

Yes, I know what happened.

But you know... did Claus kill him?

I have to tell you.

Do you continue with the questions,

you also risk
falling off the balcony.

Were you in love?

Hell, yeah.

Happy and excited to have a baby
and starting a family.

Everything I dreamed of.

Knew your wife,
what was happening in Denmark?

No, not a damn thing.

She thought I was a construction matador,
and that everything was running smoothly.

The belief
she should stay in.

I was a little excited,
what the hell was going on at the eel farm.

Who'd told on me,
and what the police knew now.

I was sitting out in Brazil and...

and I knew,
I wasn't going to Denmark.

Search, search.

You have brought the best of the heathens.
from Finland.

They were able to
to sniff out corpses at great distances.

They were used with great success
during the tsunami in Thailand.

But here,
they were just running around.

They couldn't sniff a thing.

It was...

complete waste of time.


They didn't help us at all with...

to find a stick.

Then I helped.

I got the archaeologist.

Erik Højgaard!


Have you called an archaeologist?

Send him on.


Glad you could make it.
I know you're busy.

I was on my way.
to a lecture in Sorø,

but I can come here and...

Let's have a look at it.

We have searched the entire area.

We have Finnish lighthounds flown in,

but they're no good for shit.

That's big.


That's huge.

That's fucking
like finding a needle in a haystack.


I know you're an expert at spotting,

if the soil conditions have changed.

So if there is any,
who buried a body, then...


What, have you been over there?

Hell, yeah,
the dogs have been all over the place,

over there too.

We can look around, can't we?

Yes, that's why you're here.

-Hello, Anders-Peter.
-Hi AP, it's Jeppe.

Hi Jeppe.

I've got my hands on
one of those wiretaps,

that the travel team made.


By Claus.

You have the raw tapes?

Yes, just in the days
leading up to his arrest.

Oh, damn.

Yes, a conversation between him and Møller,

childhood friend.

Claus' money man?

Yes, and you can sense it there,
that something has gone very wrong.

I think it has to do with
with the hash smuggling.

You can hear it
on the police wiretap.



Have you been told anything?

Pure talk.

So you've been told something new?

No, not all of it, but enough.

Okay. How does it look?

Like hell.

-Does it?
-Yeah, like hell.

What did you actually do
with the 13 tons of hash?

They were basically distributed
as soon as they hit Denmark.

There were three tons,
that were earmarked for Norway.

Then I had asked Kim
to withhold 1.5 tonnes.

It's a normal procedure

in case something happens to me,

so there was to pay
for everyone who had been involved.

So of the 13 tonnes,

most of it was distributed
around Denmark.

And then there were three tons,
that was brought to Norway.


How did they get up there?

Well, it was

divided into smaller lots.

I think it was 500 at a time.

And then they were trucked up.

There were two suspected drivers.

for transporting hashish to Norway.

So you wanted to bug them?

Yes, we immediately started listening

about the two drivers.

And the conspiracy was,

that there might also
were some motorcyclists involved.

-Hell's Angels?
-Yes, from Randers.

And... they...

spoke in codes when they spoke together.

There was...

No time or place was agreed,

when to meet,

but it was something like:
"We'll meet where we met last."

But with Lilleper...

Is this our Lilleper?


Holy shit.

She's going home.
And throws out all the other phones.

And that's it.

-It should not be given to...

Yes, we have taken our precautions.

Among other things by not using
our real names.

I was called "the tall one."

Then, of course, we always used
voice time card

and phone booths and encrypted e-mails

and similar
in order not to be detected.

At some point,

where we have had interception

for a month or something,

then there's
a very suspicious conversation,

where one of the drivers is
contacted by an HA associate.

Heavy furniture,
that are leaving tonight.

Just stay where you usually live.

And you give the long message.

Try listening here.
Isn't that the guy...

There's so much going on in that conversation,

where I think:
"There's not a clean slate here."

So I contact
my Norwegian colleague and say:

"I can't promise anything,
but there have been these clues,

that say,
there might be something in the truck."

We have contact. Our target is heading over
the border at Svinesund.


Our target turns right
towards an industrial park.

Ten minutes to go or fifteen minutes,

then comes a Norwegian-registered van

to the scene.

Then we decided to fuck them.

We have contact. Now we go in.

Hands on the back.

Now, I said!

And there's 500 kilos of hash.

The driver from the truck wanted
at first not say anything.

But the other driver,

he suddenly finds out,

that this amount of hashish in Norway,

he actually says
to 20-22 years in prison.


So he will tell,
what happened.

The evening before,

he has lodged
with the HA-related

in a hotel room in Oslo.

They get drunk and stoned.

And at one point

takes the HA-related
takes a note out of his pocket,

tears it into five or six pieces

and then pronounces:

"This is the number for the backer."

So it's clear that the hotel room

is suddenly very interesting.


Watch this.


0045... This is Denmark.


That number
was absolutely crucial

for our further research.

As it turns out,
that on September 10th,

there was a call

to this number.

from Copenhagen Airport

and that's at 11.15.

But then about two and a half hours go by,

then a call is made to the same number

down from Barcelona
international airport.

So one,
who flew from Copenhagen to Barcelona.


Well, that's what we usually do,

that we obtain passenger lists.

Take a look at that. Row 21.

Claus Malmqvist.

So... the investigation begins
against Claus Malmqvist.

How does it look?

Like hell.

-No fucking way.
-Go home and pack your papers.

Get the fuck out of there too.

And everything is tapped.

Holy shit.

Yes, and has been for a year.

A year?



Then it's just a matter of time.

On one of the police wiretaps,

you can hear,
that you know you're being bugged.

You say verbatim:
"We've been bugged for a year."

How the hell do you know that?

None of your damn business,
Jeppe, damn it.

The police say that a president
from Banditos called

and warned you.

And says you're being bugged.

-Is that right?
-I don't remember.

I don't remember, Jeppe.

So... but it doesn't matter.

I just know,
I'm not coming to Denmark.

That's what it was all about.

That it could pay off
to stay in Brazil

at a safe distance and all that.


I had it all lined up
in Brazil...

And employed over 40 men
in my construction company.

So out there it all went well.

That's nice.

What's it doing in a salad?

I want you.

You are so fucking...

Fucking hot.

Fuck me.

Fuck me.

I love you.

Good boy!

Have you been over there?


Look at that hole there.

We've been there.

Well, look at that.

two or three centimetres down, actually.

The dogs have been there.

-They didn't smell a thing.

This is exactly the area.


This is a recess.

This is new soil.

How can you see that?

If you scrape
the top layer off...

you can see it with the naked eye.

Get it off here,

you can see.

That, that's brand new.

It wasn't always like this.


Vagn, come here!

-What now?
-Try looking there.

This dip...

You have to look for something like that.

Let's get the backhoe over here!

Start with ten centimeters!

We need ten more.

Ten more!

Good. Ten more!

That may be,
that the police had found me.

But they didn't have any evidence.

They just had a fucking napkin.

But when they were out bugging Lars
the whole thing went to shit.


The problem isn't that he's being bugged.

The problem is that the idiot is mouthing off.

Do you realize what I've done?

The biggest thing you can imagine.

I have sailed 13 tons of hash
all the way from Morocco to Denmark.

Do you know that?

He starts talking up
about his past.

Among other things
about the 13 tons of hash, and...

that he's going to smuggle cocaine
with me and...

he tells everybody,
who will listen to him.

The idiot is not aware,
he's being bugged.

Højgaard, listen to this.

He's still gone,

the tall one,

on something completely different.

Forget the weed, man, forget the millions.

Can you count to a billion?


When will you know,
that the killing at the eel farm

is linked to the hashish case in Norway

and Claus Malmqvist?


There was this space intercept
down in Ole Suhrs Gade.

And there's Lars talking about

that he's going to make another coup
with Claus Malmqvist.

500 kg of cocaine.

And we're talking about 500 kilos of cocaine.

-He says that directly?
-He says it directly.

Do you know how much that is?

Damn, he's stupid, man.

Do you know how many billions that is?
Cut it up four times.

It's not for kids, man.

He wants me.

That's crazy.

He knows I can deliver.

He trusts me.

There are basses in the canteen.

I'll bet there are.

He sits and admits it all.

Today is a hell of a lot of fun,

but it cost me 16 years in prison...

that fat boy
couldn't keep his mouth shut.

I don't understand, Erik,

how you thought,
Lars could handle the body alone.

He weighed over 200 pounds.

We didn't think so either.
We were fully aware,

that there had to be another person
with a role in this.

Lars couldn't cope at all
the digging the hole thing

and carrying him out.

Even he couldn't figure that out.

But the prosecution thought,
that the evidence was too thin,

so no charges were ever brought.

And then there's nothing to do.

What's it gonna take
to lift a case here?

Yes, it will take,
one of the three people involved

to come forward and talk.

But... they probably won't.

Is he afraid of Claus?

I think so,
and he has reason to,

because if Lars hadn't behaved,
the way he did,

we'd never have such a big case.
on Claus Malmqvist.

And without Lars, Claus would never have

16 years in prison.

So how are you compared to Claus?

Are you afraid
of Claus Malmqvist today?

I'm going to give him a piece of my mind.


Why do you want to shit him a piece?

I think that way,

he has treated me
during this case,

almost insinuating,
that I should have stabbed

in this case.

I said something
on an unfortunate wiretap,

but I've never been
to an interrogation.


So the way he behaved

down in Amsterdam

and eavesdropping on our conversation.

But I guess it was
because he needed

to have a security of not even
being framed for the murder.

Yeah, I thought that was something...

It's very thin, that one.

Even if it pisses
my sense of justice,

I guess I'll just have to accept it,

that the killing at the eel farm

remains a closed case.


Lars got a life sentence,

and that Claus got 16 years in prison,

not least because of Lars.

The police are on your ass,

and you've found out,
that Lars has been lying to you.

So what do you do?


I'll do it,
I do best. I lie.

I get Lars to Amsterdam.

Under the pretext of
that we need to get on with this project,

which I have been telling him to do,
that we're going to do.

So the half ton of cocaine,
that you had him believing,

You were smuggling.

It never existed.
I just used it.

I never said half a ton.
He made that up himself.

But... I told him,
that we had to do something.

And he has...

That's what it was for me.
to keep him a little close.

Especially after I find out,
that he never paid the Poles.

So I lure him down there,
and he shows up, too.

Happy and joyful.

But it doesn't last long,
I'll confront him with everything,

and tell him,
that I was recording on tape,

that he confessed to killing Kim.

Just to make sure myself,

if now
I should be suspected of it.

I know you didn't pay the Poles.

I know,
you didn't burn down that mail truck,

as we agreed.

You have beaten
one of my comrades to death.

How do you think you're doing?

Here's what I want you to hear.

Now I'm going for a little walk.

Then you and the guys can figure out,
how to get

the last four million.

So you can pay back the Poles.

Is that understood?





Who are these friends?

Yeah, they're just some

people of Asian descent,
I know.

The Chinese triad.


They have a grill bar or something.

And then what happens?

But that's all
from my side, other than...

as I sit in court,
I hear that...

he has come running
out to his brother,

and shouted and screamed
and pissed and shit his pants and...

"Run, they're after me," and

"I was lured into a trap,"

and everything.

What had they done to him?

Well, I don't really know.

I have no idea.

A gun to the head.

What is the truth

about the 500 kg of coke,
that Claus is convicted of?

According to the police
Claus meets with a backer

to arrange the smuggling.

These 500 kg

cocaine, which Claus
is convicted of smuggling.

How do you become aware of them?

We'll get on the road with them via

on these secret phones...

that Claus Malmqvist

must meet
with a man down in Hamburg.

It's been the Hæsten, hasn't it?

It's the horse.

Whose dad is a big narc.

It's something about some horseplay,
they've been waiting for.



When he calls Malmqvist,
he tells about Natalie.

And they thought,
it was the name of a ship.

And now we had circumstantial evidence of,

that the 500 kilograms might be coming.

And then the horse tells,

that "Natalie has been intercepted."

That means "detected."
or "intercepted."

...and therefore have to
to go back

to Ite's Place.

Will you ever find this ship?

We'll never find the ship,
and we'll never find Ite's Place.

We have heaven and earth in motion.

But never found it ever.

But the quantum,

the 500 kg...

Is it only something, you have from
something Lars says?


He's still gone,

500 kg of cocaine.

We said it was right,

that he made the 13 hours, Claus Malmqvist.

So that was assumed,

and it went judges
and juries also assumed.

That it was right,

when Lars sat and said it.


I can hear the logic,

but the proof isn't in this one.

Right in this one with the 500 kg of cocaine.

Don't you want to agree with me?

The smoking gun is not there.
We agree on that.

The 13 tons of hash,
there's no doubt about that.

There is no doubt about it.

That it wasn't 13 tonnes,
that's another matter.

But the 500 kg of cocaine.

-Do you deny it?

Never existed.

But the police claim,
that the boat was on its way...

with 500 kilos of cocaine.

There just wasn't any boat.

They have that on tap.

There's talk of the book... the boat.

It's Lars'...

free imagination.

So what is the truth
about the 500 kilos of cocaine?

It was,
that there was no 500 kilograms of cocaine.

The only thing is,
is that I put...

I've tried
to keep Lars close to me,


at some point bring that money home,

that he has stolen.

And there it is true,
that I imagine him,

that he was going to participate in a project.

But what it was
and how much,

and how and how,

it's his own free imagination,
that has taken over.

Claus got 10 years in prison

on this cocaine charge alone.

Isn't it a lot to give 10 years
for something you're not sure about?

But circumstantial evidence is also enough
in this type of case.

And especially because

that you have 100% proven
the 13 tons of hash.

Then one must also assume,
that when you're talking about 500 kilos of cocaine,

there's something to it.

But again,
if Lars hadn't said those things,

he would have gotten out of 10 years in prison.

Yes, or at least 7 years.

Then it's just a matter of time.

Have you heard any names?

No, because there's the...

He hasn't met the main man,
just a buddy.

I've got a black jacket in there,

with some quarters and papers.
You're welcome to them.

00:00:40:00: Yes.

And otherwise move everything,
what's with names and shit.


Well, that was worse than anyone assumed.


500 kg of cocaine,
how much is it worth?

At the wholesale level, we're talking

about two or three hundred thousand

Danish kroner.

Then it can be cut up
four and a half times.

So that's four and a half times 500 kg.

So we're talking about
a billion dollars at street level.

Holy shit, man.

That's a hell of a lot of money.

And when you make this kind of money,

we can get people to do anything.

Also make people disappear.

Yes, go ahead!

Ten more.

Ten more centimetres!


What the hell is that?

OK, we're going to have people with spoons down.

Can you give me some room?

I've got one here.

What the hell?

Shut the fuck up.

Now we got him.

Good job.

Right here,

we exposed...

the body of Kim Simonsen.

Who was lying completely flat,
nicely on its back,

with a completely battered face.

It was smashed beyond recognition.

Lars, the idiot,

he thought that the lime,
that he had thrown in,

would dissolve the body.

Instead, he gets it embalmed,

the jerk.

And the body was indeed so well preserved,

so when it came
at the forensic institute,

you could take fingerprints,

it had been in the ground for two years.

I knew,
the ground was burning under me.

So now it was about

to limit the damage.

Such a good time damage control .

Yes, everything needs to be cleared.

Everything must go.

They've been all over the place,
and they can really take the man.

Come on!

What I feared most at the time
was getting involved

in Kim's murder.

Calm down!


Yes, then on January 27, 2005,

then I was arrested
at the airport in Belém.

And later I was transferred

to Ary Franco prison in Rio.

But if Lars
hadn't said anything at all

about cocaine or quantum or anything,

what had happened then
with that case and that relationship?

Then it wouldn't have been so...

that he would be charged and convicted

attempted smuggling
of 500 kilograms of cocaine.

Then Claus Malmqvist might have got away
with six years in prison?

In all likelihood, yes.

But you ended up with
getting a sentence of 16 years in prison.

They don't know how much or who,
we don't know if it happened.

Yet he is convicted of it.

Well, you have to say that...

It's up to the court to judge,
whether there is enough evidence.

In my opinion
there was no cocaine.

You didn't know at all
anything about it.

You didn't know about...

There were suggestions on,

that it had sailed across the Pacific,

that way round and so on.
You had no idea whatsoever

about that.

But it's true enough,
there was some talk along those lines,

but it could be for many reasons.

But have you ever smuggled cocaine?

I've done lots of things.

I probably should have had
many more years than the 16,

if I were to be convicted of everything,
I've done.

Isn't that poetic justice?

You can call it whatever you want,

but it's just not...

It's just not
legal justice.

Why is it important,
that you haven't smuggled

exactly the 500 kg,
if you've smuggled anything else?

I'm not whining about it.

I'm just letting you know,
that it didn't happen.

And if it can happen to me,
it can happen to anyone.

You have to remember...

I spent almost two decades
in and out of prisons in the United States.

Solitary confinement, the whole thing.

It's ridiculous compared to that,
that's happening in Brazil.

But Claus, how the hell
do you survive in a place like that?

The worst was not
sitting in that shithole.

The worst part was fucking...

to see my wife's reaction.

Now that she knew the truth about me.