The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On (2022–…): Season 1, Episode 8 - Time to Answer the Ultimatum - full transcript

An all-nighter deals a blow to a fragile relationship. Can bruised feelings be soothed by a temp partner? Family weigh in with love on the line.

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["Love And War" by FJØRA
Feat. Quinby Night playing]

♪ All is fair in love and war ♪

-[Zay] Rae.
-I don't want to talk to you.

[Zay] Rae.

[Rae] No, because when I fucking hit you,
you're gonna get mad.

Get off me, Zay. Get off!

I don't think a lot of people would accept

someone staying out all night
and coming home drunk,

smelling like the club,
smelling like perfume.

And he expects me
to just accept that and be okay.

I was so pissed when he came home,
I literally punched him.

♪ All is fair in love and war ♪

♪ All is fair in love and war ♪

I'm sorry I hit you earlier.

Regardless of what you were
or weren't doing,

I just can't deal with someone
being out all night,

and not answering their phone
and not coming in until, like,

8:15 in the morning.
I called you, like, four times.

I texted you twice
and you just didn't answer.


I don't have to lie to you, you know?

And your location wasn't working
and you weren't texting back.

If you were hanging out with your friends,
I don't see why it'd be off.

And why you wouldn't be responding to me.

I've been trying this hard.
You think I wanted to go out and fucking…

cheat or something?

-You think--?

I'm so sketched out.

I don't want you to touch me
'cause I'm worried about where you were.

[Zay sighs]

I don't-- Listen.
I don't have to lie, nor do I have to--

Then let's say you were saving puppies
from a burning building all night.

Let's say that.

You still didn't text me back
all night or come home.

I wanna apologize for…

last night. I think that…

that was hard for me to hear
and I just really wanted to just…

escape in any type of way
that I could, you know? Um…


I mean, that's not an excuse.
Like, I just want you to trust me.

I've really been trying.

I know you don't think
I was trying, but I was.

-Look at me.

I mean, you sat here
and you haven't looked me in my eyes once.

You haven't-- You know, like--
Come on now. Like--

You have to understand that
I've been really trying. I've been trying.

Sometimes I just do wanna get fucked up
and forget about everything.

[Rae] This is ridiculous.

What can I do?
'Cause I really-- I mean, I--

I mean, fucking stay home
and answer your phone. It's not--

-I don't understand--


This is not who we are.
I was so upset, I literally swung on you.

And punched you. That's not who we are.
That's not what we do.

I feel like it was dumb to say
you were ready for an engagement,

then stay out all night and not come home.
That shows me you're not ready.

I don't wanna do this.

[Rae sniffles]

Sorry, baby.

[Rae] I was trying to leave here with you.

[Rae sniffles]

I just wanna be done.
I just wanna go home.


I'm done.

I don't know what to say, I mean…

Two years. [chuckles]

Two and a half years come to…

[Rae sniffles]

It's fucking crazy how eight weeks
can change your whole fucking life, right?


[Rae] Yeah.

["No Turning Back" by WOODS playing]


Like, I love you. I really-- I really do.

I mean, I still wanna be with you.

I really wanna be with you.

And if you love me like you say you do,
then this shouldn't be over.

♪ This world is all I have ♪

So there's nothing I can do?

I mean…

[Zay exhales]

♪ Don't need a savior ♪

♪ Just need some time to pass ♪

♪ Run, run, run
Run, run, run ♪

-Can you please stay?

[Zay sighs]

♪ Run, run, run
Run, run, run ♪

♪ Run! ♪

♪ Run past the wreckage… ♪

I mean…

Can you talk to me?

I know you're mad. Can you
please talk to me real quick, please?

[sighs] All right.

[elevator dings]

I love you.

♪ There's no turning back ♪

♪ There's no turning back ♪

I know I was wrong being out all night,
but if you love-- if you love--

If you care about someone
the way that, you know, she says she does,

you don't give up on something like that
that fast, that quick.

It hurts more to just see her--

How fast she just let everything go
and just let us go.

♪ Don't turn your back ♪

♪ Don't turn your back ♪

["On Your Love" by Skye Emanuel playing]

♪ I'm faded on your love ♪

♪ Spinning round the world untamed ♪

♪ When I'm with you, my love
We lose control and it's okay ♪

-[mom] Happy birthday.
-[April] Thanks, Mom!

Happy belated birthday.

-Can I give y'all a hug?
-[mom] Yes.

Hi, Dad. Hi, Mom.

I'm the nicest, most amazing girlfriend
Jake's ever taken home.

Just kidding.

But, honestly,
I love his family like they're mine.

Y'all are crazy.

-Let me say that.
-[April] Oh, believe us.

This has been crazy.

Tell me about your experience.

-With Colby? Right?

The most amazing three weeks
of my experience is probably with Colby.

I'm a good trial wife! [chuckles]

There was a few things you said to me
about him on traits that he had.


That this one doesn't have.

And I think, Jake,
you did the same thing with me with Rae.

Yeah. These last three weeks,
we were with Rae and Colby.


It may have seemed like the greatest thing
in the world and all that stuff.

But just getting back into it,
we're trying to--

We're struggling a little bit. We are.

But then again, I don't think we both,
either one of us, regret it at all.

Because we did find out a lot of stuff
that we needed for ourselves.

We're kinda like…

smooth sailing and, like,
listening to each other finally.

My confusion was that when Jake,
when I asked to get married

and I gave the ultimatum, was like,
"I want to be financially stable."

It's not that I wanna be, like,
financially secure.

But if something happens,
I want that nest egg to fall back on.

You're never gonna be financially secure.

That's called life, Jake.

Stop fiddling.

And not that he-- Yeah, stop fiddling.

Jake is an amazing person.

And I do love him and I think that

you have been very good for him
in a lot of ways.

Um, one thing I did see about Rae
is she's very soft.

[April] I don't wanna talk about Rae.
I just--

-[mom] Yeah. Okay.
-Don't wanna talk about her.

You are our Filipino firecracker.
I love that you know what you want.

I love you. I love you.

[April] Aw!

And, of course, I adore my son.

I just want both of y'all to be happy.

[April] I love you and I've had
the most amazing time of my life with you.

This experience already…

made everything clear to me that

I've finally learned who Jake is
and what Jake wants to explore.

And how much
I do love this person, respect him,

and wanna spend the rest
of my life with him.

[mom] Then you don't have any reserve
on taking that by storm.

-And making that happen.

If y'all do decide
to move forward after this,

sit down, make a-- make a bucket list or--

You know, not of-- not of travels,
but, uh, things that you actually need

that you've realized that you need
from this experience.

Y'all have a lot to talk about.
But know that…

that I love you both very much, okay?

-I love you.
-[Jake] Thanks, Mama.

[dad] What's that saying?

Watch what you wish for,
it might come true. [chuckles]

[all chuckle]

["Trying Not To Fall"
by Jonathan Brook playing]

♪ Now I'm trying not to fall in love ♪

♪ Now I'm trying not to fall in love ♪

♪ Can we talk about it? ♪

[Shanique] A lot has changed
in the last 48 hours.

Zay is now single and, um,

he has obviously been in
a very vulnerable, emotional place.

Now, the door is a little bit
more open in terms of, um…

[chuckles] …maybe what Zay's intentions
are for the rest of this experience, so…

Yeah, I have that in the back of my mind.

[Zay] Tequila time!

You ready?

I am super--
I'm super excited to taste it.

-You ready?
-I like it.

[Zay] Cheers.

[Shanique coughs]


-[Shanique] This is a bad idea.
-[both chuckle]

You said you missed me.

[Shanique chuckles]

[Zay] Hey, stop touching me
with them things!

[Shanique chuckles]

Why are you touching me with them?

-You're very comfortable with my feet.


Shanique, shut the fuck up. [chuckles]

Hey, to all the good times.

Fantastic times.


Um, me and Rae are single.

And I think that's something
I had to catch on with Rae and just--

I feel like I had to just change
everything about me to be right for her.

Before we broke up,
I said I was ready for an engagement.

Then she's like,
"Well, I don't feel well."

"You know, I don't really feel good.
I don't feel like talking."

I just never got an answer.

Rae made that decision
that she wasn't ready.

Yeah, I wanted to go out and say,
"Fuck everything."

Like, "Fuck it. I'm getting drunk.
I'm getting fucked up." You know?

I'm not saying she's the reason--

That she's the reason why I went out
and stayed out all night, but, um…

That-- that is the reason.

How am I supposed to feel in that moment?

How do you feel when you're alone…

but somebody that's supposed to love you
and supposed to care about you

is in another room,
not saying anything to you?

I feel like I've been very respectful
of your position and your opinion,

and your thoughts in this whole situation.

If I was to tell you my personal opinion,

I think that there's no fucking way
that Randall could go

from 12 a.m. until 8 a.m.
and not text me or tell me where he--

I don't give a fuck
what we're going through.

I'm telling you that for real.

There's no way. So I'm being respectful.

You're not in my position.

And you know what? I'm not.

But as a woman,
I would never be okay with that.

Obviously, you're a woman.
You're raised a woman.

And I think y'all are
just automatically gonna be--


-I think so. Um, I think so.

Because the way that
you're talking to me is like,

"Well, you left."
Like, that is what matters.

It's not about you leaving.
It's that you were gone until 8 a.m, Zay.

What the fuck
were you doing until 8 a.m.?

I'm not perfect. No one's perfect.

I came from a fucked up situation.

I did. I grew up in a fucked up way.

I wasn't raised with people
that's telling me to do the right shit.

So I know I need shit I need to work on.

For the first time in my life,
I'm saying like,

"Damn. Rae did this."

I feel some type of way about that.

It hurts.

Obviously, you talk about your past a lot,
and I think that is commendable.

You're so much better
than everything you've been through.

And sometimes I feel like

you will lean on those things
as a way for you to, um,

have a pass for why you have done
or said or felt a certain way,

when I do feel like you're at a place
in your life where you--

You are so much better than that.
You know better.

[scoffs] Like, come on now.
"You know better"? I--

I never use my past as-- as an excuse or--

I'm just telling you
why I think the way I think.

I met a hundred people

that-- that fucked me over
and that I couldn't trust.

And I meet two people
in my life that I can trust.

-I'm supposed to forget the other hundred?

You told me, "Rae left me like
everyone else in my life has left me."

What it sounded like to me
was you were blaming someone else

for having a reaction to an action.

-So when I say you're using your past…

…as a reason to act
or react the way that you do,

it's because
I've seen you make the connections

to things that just really are-- are
two separate situations.

Everyone is patient with you because
you've been through things in life.

I feel like we should be
just as fair and patient with Rae.

We don't know what the fuck she--
I don't know what she's been through.

I don't know why she's having a hard time
opening up and saying what she's feeling.

And I feel like no one is giving her
the same space or--

Just the same respect to figure that out.

That's just my opinion
from what I've seen. Wait. I'm not done.

You're about to say something.
Don't-- No. I'm not done.

I don't wanna cut you-- Listen. No.

I'm not gonna explain anything.

-Don't cut me off. I'm not done.
-Just listen. Listen.

-I'm not--
-I won't say a whole sentence.

I'm just letting you know.
I don't want to--

Zay, I'm not done.

All right. Then go ahead.
Keep on fucking going.


I'm saying if someone
does not have that ability,

just like how we're patient
enough to understand

people's traumas and how they affect…

them today and the fact--

Why did you say it like that?


I'm done with this conversation.

That was…

Like, what?
Why would you say it like that?

This is why you guys get into arguments
the way you do.

How about you come back and explain
to me what I said wrong, Zay?

You don't wanna contribute
to the conversation

because all you wanna do is walk off.

Just have a fucking conversation.

[Zay] No! Fuck that!

You know what the fuck you were saying
before you said it.

Let me talk about your fucking childhood
and just belittle that shit.

-I'm not--
-The fuck you talking about?

Every time someone says something
you don't like, that's what you do.

["Find The Answer" by SHIPS, Georgia Mason
& Robert Lamont playing]

♪ Can you really hurt somebody? ♪

♪ I've been digging deep
And tryna find me it's just you ♪

I know that you called me
and you expressed everything.

I don't know Colby
as well as I would like.

When we first met him, he was just so--

-Sat beside me.

Talked with me the whole time.

Ordered the same meal I ordered.

-Oh, God.
-Everything I said was great.

I mean, he was truly-- The whole weekend
was like-- Worshiped me.

And then the next couple of times he came,

he barely spoke to Tom and I.

-It was almost-- It was rude, actually.
-Yeah. Yeah.

[dramatic music playing]

Colby is a lot
of bullshit up front. [chuckles]

It's hard to have my friends
who are close to me be like,

"No, you shouldn't be with him."

For you who knows me better than anybody,

and for you to express concern
or, like, not be sure,

that makes me hesitant. Like, I needed--

I wouldn't be able to marry him without…

If you expressed, like, severe concern.

I see the best in everyone,

and I give them the benefit of the doubt.

And he hasn't done anything
in front of me…


…that makes me say, "Absolutely not."

You know? I--
Like, "This is a terrible idea."

He always seems so good to you.

I've seen-- I've seen good things in him.
I see that he loves you.

And I've seen him

incredibly giving and kind and helpful.

But I have my… I have my own…

shadows in my mind that just always--

I think you passed those down,
because I definitely--

Well, you lived through them with me, so…

I have such, like, a desire and a need--
I mean, it's truly a need at this point.

I don't know if it's healthy or not,
but to feel, like, loved and wanted.

That is the one thing
that if I'm not getting,

that I will do whatever it takes to get.

Me and Randall were like--
We really did have a connection.

Randall was like,
"I could see myself with Madlyn."

Like, I could see a future with her.
We-- You know?

He does think we'd be
a really good couple. And I was like--

I mean, I agree. Randall's perfect.

But then, like--

There was something missing.

And the problem that Randall has
in his relationship he came here with

is lack of passion and effort.
Like, putting all of himself into it.

I know that's something Colby offers me
that I've never had before.

Colby is like,
"I want to build a life with a person

and make them, you know,
my partner, and experience--"

Like, that's his priority.

And I wanna be the priority.
I know I will be with Colby.

The past that has been
your biggest struggle…


…is not feeling like
the other person was there for you.


[mom] Is there anything else?
Or is that the biggest thing?

His listening,
as far as conversation goes,

when Colby tries
to have a deep conversation,

I don't know what he's talking about.

Sometimes he loses me along the way.
That's hard for me.

To me, it's like, yeah,
he might lack a lot of things.

But because he is so passionate,

I believe he will commit
to work on those other things.

He excites me.

Because I don't want to be bored.
I don't want to be bored.

I'll never be bored. I might be
annoyed and exhausted sometimes,

but I'll never be bored with Colby.

And I know you're like,
"The passions of that can go away too."

I know. I know you. [chuckles]

Well, it changes. It goes through stages.

I always find something wrong
with somebody.

What's wrong with me
that I have to do that?

Do you think I'm ready to get married?

[chuckles] Do I think you're ready?

And, like, not just Colby.
Like, do you think me as I am?

[gentle piano music playing]

That's hard. I mean, how do I answer that?

It's hard for me to say you're ready
because of myself.

-You know, because of my own experiences.

It's like I wanna protect you.

But, I mean, you're never
perfectly ready for anything.


I love marriage,

and I believe in marriage,
you know, for life.

And I want you to have that,
because it's amazing.

Marriage is amazing.

I know that you're gonna make
the right decision.

♪ I thought that I could save you ♪


♪ But I need saving too ♪

Tonight, I just want Jake to know how, um,

how upset and overwhelmed I'm feeling.

I think that Jake is amazing.

And I think that he is a great partner.

I'm scared of my connection with Jake.

I'm gonna cry.




I feel like you got a lot to say.

You know what? Fuck it.


-I broke up with him.
-Oh shit.

I was like, "I didn't want to leave you.
I just felt like I had to."

And he brings you up a lot too.
And I'm just like, I--


We argued about you a lot, actually.

-He found the golden box in the room.
-Oh, shit.

I knew I should've took that.
I knew I should've took that box.

You, like, broke up with him?

I moved all my stuff out.

-What are you saying?

I guess I'm single now.
I don't fucking know.


So, like, I need to know
what's going on with you and April.

I need the cheese, man. I need the tea.

I need to know
what's going on with you guys.

So we were butting heads
to the point where we were like,

-screaming at each other.

But, um, I do definitely need
to give April a chance to try to

make things work at the end of this.

And, um…

Thank you.

I'm just trying to put myself
in Zay and April's shoes.

We should send them on a date
and just see what happens.

That'd be funny.

[both chuckle]

It's just like--

-I don't know.
-That'd be funny, though.

Any time we hang out, it's always fun.

How does it make you feel
that pretty much the whole group,

aside from Zay and April,
the whole group is pretty much like,

"Y'all two need to just be together."

-How does it make you feel?
-It does say a lot.

We're so-- Fuck.

-We're weird together, all right?
-We're so cute.

Everyone is like, "Now, kiss."
Like, the whole fucking group.

Everyone says opposites attract, but…

-In our case, maybe.
-Our case, no.

-Similars attract.

[dramatic music plays]

I like this, Rachel.

I want someone like you as a partner.

♪ I've got secrets and lies… ♪

[exhales] Woo. Okay. So she's single.

And it was very hard to tell her that, um,

I'm trying to fix things with April
and all that stuff,

because I still love April.

But at the same time,
I've never met a girl like Rae.

I do have a thing for her.
I think we have a thing for each other.

Fuck. It's just a lot to think about.

I'm literally single.
I'm like, what the fuck happened?

Like, I broke up with my person.

So I'm sitting here kinda like,
what do I do with myself?

What am I doing?

Like, I'm just here. I'm not gonna cry.

I'm not gonna cry.

♪ Maybe I'm bad and I ♪

♪ I'm right on the edge
Hanging on by a thread ♪

["A Reason To Be" playing]

It's crazy to think this is the last date
before the big day and the big decision.

So do you feel like
you were able to, I guess,

try to get the most out of me
throughout these past couple of weeks?

Typically, I am a little, like…


invasive, and you've told me that, like--

-Like, a little annoying or something?
-[Shanique chuckles]


You're supposed to laugh
when you tell a joke, Randall.

It wasn't a joke.

[both chuckle]

No, but I know I kind of, like,

throw things on you all the time,
and I'm like

asking a bunch of questions all the time.
So I know that can be a little annoying.


I do feel like I've gotten a lot
out of you in terms of, like,

what you really need and the things that,
apparently, I've done in the past that…

that pissed you off or really hurt you.

I think that gave me a lot of perspective
about what I need to be, um,

better at, which is being
a lot more, um, empathetic to you,

being kinder and just more gentle.


Honestly, I think too,
just giving you space to-- to speak up.

'Cause I'm asking you to speak up,
but I also talk a lot, so… [chuckles]

Yeah. Um, all of that. So…

I have seen that improvement

in the things that I have asked,
at least, from-- of you.

I mean, I hope you've seen that
from me as well.

I have.

One thing that I want
to let you know that I've respected

is you valuing my time
just as much as you value yours,

whether that's getting ready on time
when we go on these dates or just doing--

Just keeping me in mind when you--
When time is of the essence.

To be real, that was a thing for me.
It was, like, a thing.

You never made it that much of a thing.

In my mind, it was.

I thought
there was no saving you with that.

[Shanique chuckles]

Yeah, I've seen that improvement
throughout these past couple weeks.

And I don't know
if you learned that from anybody else,

or you just kinda did some self-reflection
and thought about it.

But I can see that improvement.

Are there things that you've seen from me
that you kind of didn't expect?

Honestly, the physical stuff with Madlyn.

I was surprised, like, by that.

Because I feel like
you're a person who's very, like,

collected, but you were just like,

"No. I think I can do that."

And I was surprised that you did it.

But, yeah, it was uncomfortable for me.

I was like, "Dang. Okay.
Well, I guess this is my green light."

To also, like…

[chuckles] Okay.

Think about what
that physical connection meant to me,

and what my physical connection with Zay
meant to me as well, you know? So…


I think…

We had an emotional connection.

Obviously there was
a physical attraction there, but…

Truthfully, in the beginning,
I just thought, "Okay."

"They're gonna get--
Whoever she's living with,

they're gonna get on each other's nerves."

So you're surprised Zay actually liked me?

Yeah. I mean, not liked you.

But, like, not--
Didn't get tired of you, you know?

Well, he didn't get tired of me,
I'll say that.

I could tell.

I didn't think Zay and I's relationship
bothered you at all.

No, because at that point,
Zay and Rae were still together.

Where does he go from now?
Does he kinda still try to

get more out of you? Does he--?
Is it-- Is it gonna turn more romantic?

'Cause it is a little different now, so…

Being with, um, Zay, I started to think
about a lot of things that, like,

I may have messed up at-- On,

and started to regret a lot of decisions,
such as even bringing you here.

Obviously, I did have a connection
with him at a point.

But to be frank, like, I don't…

think that there's much else
that I need from that situation.


What we really, really need in a marriage,

like, we have the ability
to give that to each other.

I'm at a point now
where I'm like, "Okay." Like, I--

I'm back to that feeling of, like,
"I wanna leave with this man."

I think my big question
or concern still is like,

do you genuinely feel like you are ready

to make a decision one way or the other?

[heart beats]

You never, in your mind,

know 100% if you're "ready,"
if that makes sense.

What if we don't work out?
What if we don't learn from this?

Things aren't gonna be perfect
when we get engaged, if we do get engaged.

This is…

like, a big decision that I need to make.

And I can't be influenced by anybody else.

Because at the end of the day,
it's still my life.

I am not…

Truthfully, not thinking
about other people's feelings

by making my decision.

I'm not trying to make anybody happy.
I'm not trying to make anybody sad.

I'm just doing what's best for me.

Well, that's honest. Um-- [clears throat]

You wouldn't want me to

get down on one knee
if I didn't really mean it, right?

[dramatic music playing]

It's, like, insulting. [scoffs]
It's to a point where it's insulting.


The person who gave the ultimatum…

Like, in Rae and Zay's case,

she gave the ultimatum,
but she ultimately changed her mind.

And she's at a different place right now.


I think that's also a possibility too
for everyone here.

Regardless of what side
of the ultimatum you're on.

Just because the person who you gave
the ultimatum to makes the decision,

doesn't mean that has
to be your decision too. So, I'm…

thinking we have a lot to think about.


♪ Back and forth I go
Back and forth I go ♪

♪ Back and forth I go ♪

♪ It's up to me to draw the line ♪

♪ In the force of my mind ♪

-God, you look so good tonight.

You look so amazing.

You do too.


It's actually a beautiful night.

It is our last night together.
It's our last dinner and…

I'm excited.
I really want it to be special.

I really do feel like we've come so far.

We have, you know,
unbottled more in three weeks

than we have in over a year together.

So I am ready to marry Colby.

I can't wait to tell him that.

You have made me feel, like, such moments
of hope and joy over the past couple days.

But I've also realized things
about myself, like--

You, like, trigger my emotions.
You pull that out of me, like--

Highs and lows.
Like, good and bad emotions.

I talked to my mom.
I talked to my friends. I talked to you.

I mean, I feel better about us
than I ever have.

I do.

I feel incredibly optimistic right now.

We are a good team.

We've proven ourselves.

We really have.


-Do you feel like you have any regrets--?

-Not a one.


Anything that you…

would have done differently?

Like, a regret? [chuckles]


I think the biggest regret I had
on this experience was probably going

to make this real for you, and…

[whispers] To make it real for me.

I wish I had done it differently.

I just hate that you continue
to say, like, "Make it real for me."

I didn't need you
to, like, hook up with somebody.

That's not what I needed you to show me,
that you could have, like,

some sort of intimate physical connection
with somebody else.

With us talking about marriage here,

it was the fact that you were gonna be
with somebody that's ready to get married,

that is-- Could possibly
even make you realize,

"Shit, you know,
I could be with any number of women

that can make me happy,
that are ready to get married,

that I don't have to chase or fight for."

-It was real for me already.

I didn't need you
to do anything else to make it real.

Damn. I wish I would've known that.

I didn't--

It would've been great
to know that then. [chuckles]

Why are we going backwards?

Oh my God.

Oh my God.

No, let's talk about it.

Okay. Well, then I need you to listen.

Well, I'm listening.

Okay. Don't speak
until I'm ready for you to speak, please.

Don't talk to me like that.

Why are you talking like this?
You're being very rude.

Don't do that.

I'm saying,

I didn't know that you had continued
your conversation with her

until after we had
already moved back in together.

Right, but--

-Is that true or not?
-That is true.

-So-- So--
-I'll keep listening.

How does that line up?

You didn't even tell me about it.
How could it be real?

I told you that night what happened
and when it happened.

Oh God. This is really bad.

[dramatic music playing]

It was you trying to make it real for you.

It wasn't about me in that moment.

So do you regret it or not?

Can I speak now?

-Oh fuck. Yeah.

I regret the way I went about
making it real. Yeah, absolutely.

Who did you make it real for?

You, obviously.

You truly see it that way?

That you did what you did for me?
That was for me?

To make it real for me
even though I didn't know about it?

You knew all about it.
I told you about it.

I don't know why we keep going back
to the same conversation.

Oh my God. This is so fucking crazy.
This is literally insane.

This is insane. This is fucking insane.

I cannot pretend I'm the problem anymore.

I can't.

And I can't--

I can't leave here with you.

Look at me.

I can't be with somebody…

who can't admit that they're wrong.


You're making me feel stupid.

You shouldn't feel stupid.
I'm not trying to make you feel stupid.

The last thing I want is to lose you.

The last thing I want…

is to put what we have in jeopardy.

I believe you. I really--

I believe that that's really
how you feel about things, Colby.

Truly-- Look at me in my face. Look at me.

I believe--
Like, I truly believe that that is--

Yeah, that's something
you can't live with, and I get it.

It's not. Look at me.

It's not gonna work.

[dramatic music playing]

I can't marry a man that can't accept
responsibility for his actions.

I can't be hurt and then apologize for it.

[somber music playing]

I feel like shit for what I did.

But it truly is what she asked, and, um…

♪ Who survived the fight today ♪

♪ Bullets flyin' through the air ♪

♪ Not far closing in carries a weight ♪

I feel stupid for trying so hard for him.

I'm embarrassed
that I was willing to do that.

♪ We keep falling
Vices calling ♪

[Colby] It sucks to see her walk away
from me like that.

It's like I wanna chase after her,
but I know she needs her time.

♪ We've been trying
Just keep fighting ♪

I don't know what to do.

[Madlyn] So he did it for me. He, um…

He went to another girl's hotel room
at four o'clock in the morning.

So that it would be real.
So that I would be able to marry him.

That's not what I'm willing to do
for the rest of my life.


thought it would be…

my last dinner with Colby as my boyfriend
before he became my fiancé.

I mean--

It was stupid, really.

I know he-- he wants
to leave with me, but…

I mean, who would I be?

What, like--?

How little respect for myself
would I have to have to

accept that and act
like there's not an issue?


I can't marry somebody like that.

I can't have that
for the rest of my life. I can't.

♪ These games
These deadly games ♪

[gentle music playing]

[Randall] It was kind of weighing heavy
on me last night that--

Thinking that everything could change.

-[Shanique] I'm a little anxious.

Today, we are separating.
We are saying goodbye.

Uh, tomorrow, the ultimatum comes.

This could be the last time
Shanique and I spend time together.

This is the end as we know it.

I don't know why I physically
don't feel good, but my head is hurting.

Because you're just thinking
about me, right?

Thinking about all the good times we had.

You know? Yeah.


It's certainly been a crazy journey.
Um, so I just wanna thank you again for…

for agreeing to go on this
with me and, um,

hope the best for-- for the both of us.

I want to let you know that I love you.

And regardless, um,

of the decision that I make,

just know I think it will be
in the best interest for us.

And I know you'll respect that.

-I love you.

[Randall sighs softly]

♪ It's just another one of those days ♪

♪ One of those days ♪

I thought we were supposed
to walk out of here engaged.

And I'm not even
in a relationship anymore.

♪ One of those days ♪

So, um…

I don't know.

I guess it kind of feels like
I failed in a way. I don't know.

I don't think I would've done
anything differently.

It was my honest reaction
to everything, so…

Everything turned out
how I guess it was supposed to.

♪ I'm just one of your games ♪

I'm hurting. Um, I talked to Rae and--

I mean, I know she's--
she's hurting as well.

I think just not having that person
that's been your best friend,

you know, not having
that person by your side,

it makes you think a-- a lot differently.

You think a lot deeper
and you think a lot more on, um,

how important that person was.

♪ Just 'cause you're gone ♪

♪ You were already gone ♪

I think I'm feeling more overwhelmed
that I'm packing by myself than anything.

Just thinking that me and Rae
packed these bags together

coming to this experience, and…

Now I'm by myself.

♪ Our love was always dead
So don't try ♪

♪ To beg me for my love ♪

♪ 'Cause I'm better off as one ♪

[song ends]

♪ Well, I was dreaming
I was dreaming, love ♪

♪ That we were floating through
The city streets ♪

Last night didn't go well,
it was our last night together.

And I'm concerned for Colby.
I know he's going through a lot.

There's a lot of pressure, but…

I have-- I have to put that aside,

because now is not the time
for me to be worried about Colby.

Now, it's-- This part is for me.

♪ Feel the weight of the world
Pulling down again ♪

I just wanna sit with myself
and ask myself what I need,

and what I'm willing
to leave here with or without.

I know I'm gonna make
the decision that's best for me.

[Colby] This has never happened before.
This is something new to us.

Right now, she's in a state of confusion
on what she wants to do.

Um, the last thing I want
is to see Madlyn walk away.

The last thing I want
is to see Madlyn upset,

confused the way she is.

I've caused this.

♪ Feel the weight of the world
Pulling down again ♪

I don't feel like
I'm gonna get this chance again.

I don't feel like I'm gonna find
another person like Madlyn.

I don't feel like I'll find these feelings
I have for her in somebody else.

Just kind of scary to think about.
[chuckles nervously]

But, um…

I have no control over that.

♪ Falling ♪

♪ Feel the weight of the world
Pulling down again ♪

[Jake] Moving out?

It's been nice being back at home and…

[exhales] …taking care of my baby.

I guess I thought
you'd be happy about this.

It's not in there. I threw it out, but…

I thought you'd be happier than I am
to say I'm on my period, so…

Why would you say that?
That's just messed up.

That's not messed up.

That you are on your period?

-[zipper zips]

Like, what--? How's that--?

What do you mean?

My cycle was just off
because of the stress.

And you know me,
when I get hormonal, I don't have a cycle.

And you scared me 'cause you were like,
"Take a test! You're 12 days late!"

You know.

-Don't say that.

It is what it is.

-[zipper zips]

I just wanted to remind you that…

I don't like that we've been arguing.

I don't like that
we haven't seen eye to eye.

I know that that's not us,
and it has been uncomfortable.

I did come in here thinking

I didn't want anyone else.

I didn't wanna have a connection
with anybody else.

I didn't want any of that,
you know what I mean?

And I am at a good place right now.

I gave this ultimatum so confidently that…

Jake would see everything April brings,
and would be in love with me

and want to commit to me
at the end of this.

It actually brought things to light that--

-That needed to be-- to be said.
-Brought to light.

I really wanted you to…

miss me,

-and be in this experience with me.
-I have missed you. I have missed you.

[sad piano music playing]

We both have been in the wrong
in different ways, you know what I mean?

Nobody's perfect.

-I do love you.
-[April sniffles]

I'll see you tomorrow.

♪ All the people I see… ♪

[door closes shut]

♪ Are strangers to me ♪

♪ People they see ♪

I came into this whole situation
with my partner April wanting to marry me.

I do still love her and care about her.

April knows what she wants.

April knows when she fucking wants it.

Jake doesn't know where his head's at.

Me and Rae have had a great time.
She is single. Um, that is an option.

Jake doesn't know what he wants and

it's time for him to figure it out.

[melancholy music playing]

♪ All I need ♪

[dramatic music playing]

We are just outside of Austin
to witness The Ultimatum coming to an end

and some new journeys about to begin.

[Nick] Two months ago,
our couples agreed to an ultimatum.

And committed to not one,
but two trial marriages.

And all to find out,

"Am I with the person
I could spend my life with?"

"Or is there maybe someone else
who's a better fit?"

Who has found their person?

Who will propose?

[Nick] Or split forever?

-Mmm! The suspense is killing me!
-[Nick chuckles]

Let's see what happens.

[Shanique] I haven't talked to Randall.

I just-- I just don't know what to expect.

Eight weeks of our lives have been
dedicated to our relationships,

and working toward the decision
that's gonna happen today.

I know it's been a long journey
throughout this experience.

A lot of ups and downs.

A lot of arguments, laughs, tears.

And I felt like the pressure is on me
to get down on one knee and do it.

[Shanique] There were definitely

moments in this experience
where I've had my doubts

about whether or not Randall and I
needed to be engaged at the end of this,

or if we had more things that
we had to figure out.

I thought that I was losing him.

I thought that Randall was really,
like, forming, um,

a romantic relationship with Madlyn,

and that I felt like I made
the biggest mistake in my relationship.

[Randall] Throughout this experience,
I've learned to…

sort of communicate my thoughts better,

talk about the things that
I need and want in a relationship.

-I think it was all worth it.
-[Shanique] I really do love Randall.

But, ultimately, if his decision
is not to propose to me today…

Um, just thinking about the future
and kind of

stepping into that next stage of life,

whatever that may be,
after this experience.

Um, when I think about that, honestly,
I am excited because I feel like…

if I couldn't go
through this experience and…

As hard as it was, I made it through.

I have one more day,
and I'm proud of that.

So, like, if I can go through this,

I can make it through
pretty much anything.

Um, I'm hopeful, but I--
Yeah, I'm just here. I'm just here.

So, we'll see. [chuckles]

[Randall] I think
I'm more confident than nervous.

And just going through all these weeks,

I've gotten a lot more clarity
and a lot more confidence.

And I've got a lot of questions
that I needed answered.

Um, and it's made my decision
so much easier.

["It's All Happening Now"
by Portals playing]

♪ It's all happening now ♪

♪ We've waited for this time to come ♪

♪ And it's all happening now ♪

♪ Yeah, it's all happening now ♪

[Randall] During this experience,

I've learned so much about
the positive things in our relationship.

I think we see eye to eye a lot

when it comes down
to the logistics of marriage.

She is somebody who I can see

being an amazing mother to my future kids.

But it also allowed me
to reflect on our struggles.

I've seen Shanique act very childish,

running from your problems
and being a little bit malicious or petty.

What the fuck do you want me to do?
Just sit in a corner--?

Just sit in a fucking corner and miss me.

Shanique. That's-- I mean--
I'm gonna need you to grow up about this.

That was the dumbest thing
I've heard tonight.

That's not something
that I planned out in my future.

[Shanique] I gave Randall an ultimatum.

Whatever happens today is going to change
our lives forever one way or another.

During this process,

I've learned that Randall and I's
personalities balance one another out.

I'm typically the one who's more fiery.

And he is always the calm one.

-Don't cry.

Come here. Give me a hug.

[Shanique] That's something
I'm looking for in a husband.

However, Randall is not
a very expressive or affectionate person.

I don't know what he wants.

And he still doesn't know.
He's figuring it out.

It's honestly
a non-negotiable at this point

that Randall speak up
about how he's feeling

for us to move forward in marriage.

I need that.

Extremely nervous.

I think my brain
is just all jumping right now.

[Randall] I'm sweating.
My heart is beating fast.

My mind is racing.

[Shanique] I want a ring on this finger,
or he's gonna have to let me go.

["Here We Come"
by Nocturn & Lexxi Saal plays]

♪ Here we come
Here we come ♪

[music abruptly stops]

[dramatic music playing]

♪ Are you ready for, ready for… ♪

[Colby] This could either be
the best day of my life,

or I could end up heartbroken.

I do love Colby and I thought
I would've really wanted to marry him.

But, our issues might be too big.

♪ Walkin' on the water ♪

It's been tough,
and it's been difficult and challenging.

♪ Darkness under my feet ♪

[April] I did issue an ultimatum.

Marry me or I'm moving the hell on.

Me and Rae are not running off together.
We're not doing that.

[Rae] I know I broke up with Zay, but…

I just want my happy ending.


[dramatic music plays]

This is the biggest decision of my life.

[Colby] All I'm thinking about
is just getting on one knee

in front of Madlyn and asking her
to take my hand in marriage.

-You all right?
-[Madlyn chuckles] No.

[Madlyn] This is committing to either
forever with Colby or without him.

You know, my heart's telling me one thing,

and my brain
is very loudly telling me another.

Oh my God. [sniffles]

[Colby] Will you marry me?

[intense music playing]

[music fades out]

[theme music playing]

[music fades out]