The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On (2022–…): Season 1, Episode 7 - Back to Reality - full transcript

Tears tarnish a bachelorette bash. Longtime loves try to listen and hold on to hope. The couples board the party bus to bond, awkwardly, at a winery.

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♪ I feel it in my heartbeat ♪

["This Time" by Homegrown playing]

♪ Can't control my feet ♪

♪ Jumpin', jumpin' ♪

♪ Don't take life so seriously ♪

♪ Lay with me ♪

♪ And it feels now or never ♪

[Rae] So cute!

[bartender] Hi.
What can I get for y'all?

[Rae] Can I have a tequila ginger?

I'll probably want a margarita for
my second round, but starting out easier.

I know! I was like,
you didn't order a margarita today.

[Rae chuckles]

[April] Hey, can you make sure
one of those is a virgin?

-It's too late.

-[Rae] Sorry, April.
-I have an ultrasound Monday. [chuckles]

-[Madlyn] What does that--?
-Thank you.

[Rae] Are you…?

What does that mean?

[Rae] Are you pregnant?

-I haven't had my period.
-[dramatic music plays]

You're fucking kidding me, right? Like…

What the fuck?

Take a pregnancy test
and drink some fucking alcohol.

No. No alcohol.

-[April] I really don't want alcohol.
-You can sit out the shot.

As of today,
I am 12 days late on my cycle.

We've been back together
for almost two weeks.

Jake and I have had sex
without protection.

Could I be pregnant?


I'm back!


-[Rae] Hello!
-[Alexis] Hello!

You know me, I'm back!

Me and Hunter are living together
for the first time,

so that's really exciting.

It's been really fun celebrating
kind of this whole new chapter.

I'm so excited to see everyone
and celebrate myself getting engaged,

but I really want to get down
to the nitty-gritty of what's going on.

-Should we get a drink?
-[April] How do you feel?

[Rae] I actually wanted
to start out with something fun.

-[Alexis] Oh.
-This is a blowjob shot.

-[Alexis] No way.
-You wanna come cheer her on?

[April] Yes!

-[Rae] Okay.
-[Alexis] Ready?

Oh, God. Oh, God.
She can't get her mouth around it.

[all chuckle]

Oh yeah!

[all applauding]


[all chuckle]

Not a success.

-[Shanique] Is this the ring?
-[Alexis] This is the ring.

-Wait, let's see!
-[Alexis] Isn't it gorgeous?

[all together] Oh!

I am so excited for Alexis because,

being engaged
and working toward a marriage,

that's what I want.
I am jealous of that. [chuckles]

-[April] You did amazing. Real nice.
-[Madlyn] Come this way.

I give approval.

Yeah, I mean, sure,
I'm excited to see Alexis.

But I wouldn't necessarily say that
I want a ring on my finger.

[Alexis] I'm so skeptical of Colby.

I'm so confused why you're with him
when you're, like, this image,

and then there's him.

You could do, like,
twenty thousand times better.

[Madlyn] I mean, the difference
between Colby and Randall is, like,

-[Alexis] Yeah.

Rae, do you still think that, like,
you could see yourself marrying Zay?


Zay and I have struggled, uh,
since we have moved back in.

Could you see yourself with Jake?

-Jake and I were super open…
-[Shanique] What it is--

…outside of other--

Just say yes or no.
It's a yes or no answer.

I could see myself with somebody
with a calm demeanor similar to Jake's.

Could you see yourself with Jake?

If April and Zay did not exist…

Jake is great and I could see myself
with someone like him.

I'm calling bullshit.

There's something
that was real with you and Jake.

Everyone sees it.

I wasn't even fucking here
and I saw it from day one.

[Rae] It's rude of me
to count out April and Jake.

-But I still have Zay and I love him.

And you guys have to acknowledge that.
I was with him for two years.


It's one thing to be considerate
of people's feelings.

But I think if you are considering
her feelings over your feelings,

that's a fucking problem.

[dramatic music playing]

[Alexis] This is your future with someone.

I'm planning a wedding
with this person that I'm with.

If you see a real connection with Jake,
you need to lean in.

Could you see yourself with Jake?

Would you consider him
more husband material than Zay?

Okay, we'll move along
to another conversation.

That's not your place.
I don't wanna hear it.

Alexis, Alexis, stick a sock in it.

I get that it's your bachelorette party.

But Jake loves me.

And at the end of this,
Jake's getting on one knee.

Everything that's come out of your mouth,
keep it in your head.

-Because no one here else agrees.
-[Shanique scoffs]

-Because every--
-[Alexis] But that's what I have to say.

[April] That's fine.
That's just rude because, like,

we're all back with our people,
trying to work at our indifferences

in our relationships
and figure ourselves out.

But I'm also trying to be real.
I'm not trying to have a fake conversation

where we boost everyone up. I'm actually--

Like, I'm sorry, but if you guys
have to make a choice in a week,

and you guys are still having
these conversations--

You're in the outside world.
You're not inside the experience.

I'm sorry. I love you.
But they're having real connections.

[April What the fuck
did you just say to me?

I'm glad that you guys
had an amazing time.

But nobody else has been in a relationship
with Jake for two years except for me.

And it's very frustrating because
you've only had him for three weeks.

So I just wanna say congratulations
again on your engagement.

Bye, bitch!

[Rae sobs, sniffles]

[dramatic music playing]

-[Alexis] You don't have to cry.
-No, I'm not.

♪ How the game is fixed ♪

♪ It's madness ♪

♪ It's madness ♪

["When I'm Without You" playing]

♪ I've been feeling quite lost
Like I'm living in a dream world ♪

♪ But I can't wake up from it ♪

[April] I still love Jake.

As a relationship. As a partner.
He's my soul mate.

Stop fiddling.

The hand-holding, all that stuff,
I feel like we're having a…

Like an argument or something.

You just wanna defer from it,
and grab me, hold me, or jump on me.

But I'm not feeling kissy-lovey-dovey.
I'm not feeling like holding your hand.

I feel like that takes away from us

actually coming together
and fixing things.

It's tough because I don't wanna
say this either, you know what I mean?

That's how I'm feeling.

I see your body language
right now,

around me.

I don't like it.

You should be in a comfortable…

position around me and want to be
around me, and that doesn't feel good.

I don't want to just
throw this down the drain.

I've worked really hard at being
the person that I've been around Colby.

And I really, really want you
to see that side of me.

And enjoy these next--

I really wanna see that side
and see if I can move forward.

But I told you,
trust is the biggest thing for me.

I'm not-- I've never been
controlling of you.

I never said, "You can't go there,"
or said, "You can''t do that."

I've never gone
through your phone without asking.

So it's very hard to let it go.

And I am sorry
that I did break your trust.

In these next weeks, I want to put it all
in the past and be there, and--

For you and with you
without thinking about any of that stuff.

I appreciate your apology.
Thank you for saying that.

Thank you for letting me know
that you know that wasn't right.

But it's not just something I can just…

I know.


So it's just gonna take time.

I want you
to feel 100% comfortable with me

so that you feel like you can communicate.

And understand that I will 100% try
to hear you out to the best of my ability,

and have mature conversations with you
without getting reactive or pissed off.

And if we can do that, I feel like

we will definitely grow
very quickly as a couple

and walk out of here a lot stronger.

What you just said is something
I needed to hear for a long time.

So, I'm glad we--
we had this conversation.

[April] Tonight does feel different,
and it does feel like

this was one of the most

effective conversations that we've had.

I'm still kind of concerned
about how we have butted heads

at the beginning
of us coming back together.

I do have fear that
he has feelings for Rae.

But if everything goes
in the direction I want to tonight,

there are hopes that
we can walk out of here together.

Can we hug this out?

[somber music playing]

[April sniffles]

["Hypnotic Love" by Lvvrs playing]

♪ I’d steal the breath out
From your lungs ♪

♪ Yeah, I love to show you off ♪

[April] Ready to have some fun?
Ooh, push me.

[chuckles] Woo!

Yeah. Last night with Jake,
we were like super spicy with things.

Jake and I both have great stamina.

Sorry, Mom and Dad. [chuckles]

It's up there.

-Woo! You guys ready?
-[Randall] Hey.

The whole group is taking
a party bus to a winery.

I don't know whose idea it was.

I think it was April's
because it definitely wasn't mine.

What's up? [chuckles]


This is our first time
all together as original couples,

and it's going to be a little weird.

-[April] Hey, guys!
-Holy smokes.

All right, this is-- this is different.

But, honestly, I'm not gonna lie.

I'm pretty excited to see Madlyn.

♪ You're the kind of girl
I'm looking for ♪

[Rae] Hello!

Let's turn the fuck up.

[all chuckling]

[Randall] Yeah.

Freestyle! Freestyle!

Everybody should, like, spit--

-[Zay] Hey, Randall. Let me find out.
-You go first.

[Colby] Come on!

♪ In the RV headed to a winery
AP on the mic, don't fuck with me! ♪

[all cheering]

["I'm Your Unicorn"
by Devin Hoffman & Holiday Rogers playing]

[all cheering]


[all together] Hey!

[all cheering]

[all together] Oh!

[April] You're not the only one
who knows how to shake your ass, Rae!


-[all laughing]
-♪ Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah! ♪

[Colby] Hey, let's go, baby.

[Rae] I'm ready to taste some wine.

["Charmed And Dangerous"
by Orchestra Pete Jacques playing]

[man] Hello, how you guys doing today?

-[Colby] Hi, how are you?
-No problem.

We're gonna try a couple wines today,
get an idea of what you guys like.

You guys enjoy more reds or whites?

-[man] Reds?

[Randall] White's good.

Like, a fruitier-- More fruity.

[all chuckle]

What you like, red or white?

[Colby] I'm more of a white guy, so…

[Zay] We know!

[Colby] Jesus! Y'all are terrible.

[man] This one you get mango.
Lots of sweet pineapple.

You get a bit more sweetness.

-So good.
-I'm obsessed.

Wait! I wanna try the wine!

[chuckles] Let me get
one more sip, please.

-You're gonna gulp it!
-[Randall] I'm not!

♪ I need a daddy
A real big daddy ♪

♪ Someone to keep me safe from harm ♪

♪ I lay awake alone at night ♪

♪ Because my mind has lost it's charm ♪

♪ Maybe you might think
I'm much too fickle ♪

♪ I'm just a girl who needs a loving… ♪

This is awkward.

Seeing how Madlyn and Randall
are looking at each other,

it's unsettling.

Hey, April. You think you can catch this?

No way.


-[Colby] No freaking way.
-You got a good throw? Come on.

There it is. That's money.

[all yelling, cheering]

[Randall] What?

-[Colby] That was good!
-Impressive! [chuckles]

Babe. Through the doors.


You play with her,
you're not playing with me.

[April] Throw it out!

[Colby] Baby.

-Don't play my game with that bitch.
-[Colby] Oh!

-Is that what it was?
-I meant it.

-I wouldn't have said it if I didn't.

All right. Good shit. Thank you
for standing your ground. It's hot.


It's extremely irritating.

This is what Colby does.
He acts like everything's perfect again.

The Ultimatum is about to come to an end.

We have a week left.
At this point in the experience,

without, you know, confronting, like,

deep-rooted foundational issues,

I don't wanna leave here engaged.

I just-- I think it'd be a huge mistake.

♪ I'm a dirty influence
It's not making you sense ♪

♪ But I'm holding my breath with you ♪

♪ Really think that I'd die with no one… ♪

[Madlyn] Hey, crazy.

Today is a day.

It was-- it was a long day for sure.

If I had to be honest,
I think we're the strongest couple.

At this point in the experience.

By far.

Without a question.

How do you feel?

I don't know.


Well, obviously, you disagree.
Who would you say is the best couple?

[exhales] I think Randall and Shanique.

I do think that they might be
at a better place than us.


Girlies, you ready to go outside?

They already went outside.

Are you done talking to me now
because I said something you didn't like?

No, I just thought
the girls needed to go outside.

They already went, huh?
We already went outside.

They need to be fed.

[somber music playing]


I guess I'm just curious
as to why you feel the way you do.

You're just saying you think we're in
the best place, and I'm saying, like,

I kinda feel like
we're misunderstanding each other.

I'm saying
we are misunderstanding each other.

You're not this
perfect listener now overnight.

It's not me being critical.

It's me sharing an issue
that I feel like we've been having.

-I wanna say--
-What are you saying then?

Oh, I guess you…

[chuckles sarcastically]

I think you're being an asshole
and you're not listening to me at all.

How is that the case?

Even now, having this conversation,
I feel like your body language…

Like, I-- I don't know. I feel like
you're like, "Yes, we're so strong!"

But I'm not even feeling that
with you right now.

I'm not feeling it from you.

I don't-- I don't know what to do, then.

Is it because you saw Randall today?


We're not the strongest couple.

♪ Forget about all the things
That you told me… ♪


♪ The way you made me feel ♪

♪ The way you made me cry ♪

♪ And you took me ♪

♪ You turned all of our promises to lies ♪

[Randall] Hey, Carter!

Hi, Carter-Warter!

-He's so--
-I'll take the bag.

[Shanique] Hi.


Hey, puppy. Hey, puppy.

This is the final week
before the ultimatum.

I just wanna make sure that, um,

Randall is being fully transparent
about his feelings for Madlyn.

I would just like to know
if it's deeper than what he's told me.

I need to know.

The thing I realized
is Madlyn never really says

the things she needs to work on
and maybe you know because you, like,

you lived with her.

But what have you seen from Madlyn
that she can work on?

I mean, at this point,
it's none of my concern, truthfully.

Yeah, that's great.

But can you say--?
Like, I don't-- I'm still struggling.

What are you trying--?

I'm saying, what-- Like, can you just say
what Madlyn can work on?

Madlyn is an X factor.
She doesn't matter right now.

You know what? Don't--
Don't piss me off right now.

-Please don't. Please don't.
-I'm-- What are you talking about?

Babe. Okay.

Okay, okay, okay.

-Help me understand.

I'm asking you,
what the fuck did y'all talk about?

Clearly, y'all had
a great fucking experience.

It doesn't matter.

-It does because--

I think you want me to say something
that I hated about Madlyn.

I think that's what you want me to say.
You want me to say something I hated.

My thing is, why does it even matter?
Why is that--? How is that--?

How should that even equate
to what we're going through right now?

If it was such a great experience,

you should be able
to easily answer the fucking question.

Well, maybe that's why
it's hard for me to explain

what she needs to work on,
because we had a good experience.

Great. Say less.

You're saying things out of spite.

And that's kind of like
what I needed us to work on.

For somebody that is so ready to
get married and have a ring on her finger,

she's not acting like it,

and I'm a little confused because
she required all these things out of me.

But, truthfully, tonight is bringing me
back to the old Shanique

and the things she's been saying
she needs to work on,

and I haven't seen that tonight at least.

You want something that I have
that you expect me to give you.

But if you're not giving me what I expect,
I can't just give you what you want.

So if you're asking for a ring
and I'm not seeing any improvement--

At this point, fuck the ring.

You say that, but earlier this morning,
you said, "I can't wait to marry you."

Fuck the ring.

Yeah, Shanique.
That's immature. It's childish.

Fuck the ring.

It's childish. You're being childish.
You'll see how childish--

Fuck the ring.

Fuck the ring.

♪ Gotta couple bad habits ♪

♪ She said,
"Louie, I dare you to have it" ♪

♪ No way, gotta couple bad habits ♪

We have a week left.

Now is the time
to be completely honest because

I care about you.

I love you. I want to be with you.
Like, I want to leave here with you.

Fuck it. I wanna be engaged
with you when I leave here.

I didn't know that before.

I know that, in a marriage,

you have to be willing to be pushed
and open and vulnerable.


I have a lot of shit
that I need to work on.

And I enjoy my space,

and I enjoy not having
to be super vulnerable.

I enjoy…

[inhales] …not having to open up
all the time.

And I enjoy, like, not being pushed.

[sniffles] I just don't think that
I need to be

engaged right now.

[sad music playing]

So I just don't think
I'm ready for an engagement right now.

I don't think we're ready
for an engagement,

but I'm still trying
with you at the relationship.

That's me being honest and open.

Okay. So why don't you think
that we're ready for an engagement?

Like, what are--?
Because it has to be-- I'm--

Because we have not been happy.

We're not gonna act
like I haven't been in this bed,

trying to communicate the way
that you want to be communicated with.

I've been-- I did that.

I-- I swear to God.

-Like, I--
-I know.

I've been trying.

I've been trying your way.
You said you wanted a safe space.

I've been trying my hardest to do that.

It doesn't take rocket science
to see that we've been struggling.

We need to have, like, some good times,
that's all I'm saying,

is that it's just been a struggle.

Fuck that, because when we're in this bed,

and we're having sex
or whatever the fucking case is,

that shit's not fun to you,
don't act like it's fun.

It is, but we need a lot more of that.

I'm just telling you,

I literally don't have
the energy for this.

Like, I'm trying.

And I'm so fucking,
like, tapped out. I don't--

-Like, I can't. I--

I'm doing my best, but I'm like--

Today, I'm at the end of my rope.
I can't do this anymore today.

I love you. I wanna be with you.

Like, I wanna leave here with you.

If you're not ready for that,
let me know why you're not ready for that.

Let me know the different situations
why you feel that way.

Because I-- I want that.

I do. I-- I want that.


All right.

[Zay sniffles]

[Zay exhales slowly]


I really-- I really want this
for me and for you, if you want it.

Because I do love you.
I do wanna be with you.


I think sometimes I love you so much

that I do wanna change everything
about me to be with you.

I need some medicine or something.
Like, I can't-- [sniffles]

I don't know what is going on with me.

Oh, my God. My nose is, like, dripping.

[sighs] Oh, my God.

I have to shower
and take medicine and lay down.

That just has to happen.

♪ 'Cause now there's
A chance you need me ♪

♪ I won't waste my precious time ♪

♪ Now there's a chance you need me ♪

♪ 'Cause now there's
A chance you need me ♪

♪ I won't waste my precious time ♪

You told them I'm coming, right?
Or you told them another guy's coming?

She knows it's you.

How do you think
it will be different this time

compared to last time you went with Zay?


they're gonna have higher expectations
from you because you've been around.

Hope they don't grill me too hard.

-[Pearl] Hi, baby!
-[Randall] Hello!

[Pearl] Come on in!

-Yeah, long time no see!
-[Randall] I know!

[Shanique] Hey, guys!

-[Randall] Hello.
-[Pearl] Hey.

-[Shanique] Hi, sissy!
-[Anthony] Hey, guys!

-[Randall] What's going on?
-[Keecia] Mwah!

We thought you didn't like us.
You just forget about us.

[all chuckle]

Yeah, you just leave us and gone!

-It's been a while, I know.
-[Pearl] Yes, it's been a while.

I've been working.

Oh, you've been working?


-How was your time apart?

[Randall] Gotta get some air! [chuckles]

When your daughter is
the one giving the ultimatum,

then you have questions.

As a father, I think my daughter,
Shanique, she's the best.

The fact that Randall, in over two years,

he hasn't jumped
to the opportunity to marry her,

what exactly is on your priority list
above marrying my daughter?

[Keecia] Who gonna pray?

-[Pearl] We're gonna pray, Randall.
-Pray? All right.

Dear God, I pray that we enjoy this meal
that is nourishment to our bodies.

I pray for Shanique and I
throughout this journey.

I pray that, uh,
we'll enjoy our time together,

spending it as one, in Jesus name, amen.

[all together] Amen.

You didn't pray for my grandkids.

Oh! Hey, one thing at a time.

[all chuckle]

-[Pearl] One thing at a time!

I don't know.
You're going too fast now. [chuckles]

So what's going on with you guys?

Ugh, you know, just going
through this experience.


how are you feeling about it, Shanique?

-He didn't even say nothing. He--
-[all chuckle]

-'Cause-- I think--
-[Anthony] He likes to defer shit.

To be honest, though,
I think it, at first, was hard.

'Cause we're so used to seeing each other.

So not being able
to communicate for three weeks,

that was something--
That was really tough.

So you lived with somebody
for a couple weeks. How was that?

I actually enjoyed my time, and I was--

Wait, wait. You said "enjoyed"?

Yeah, I enjoyed it.

-[Keecia] Yeah.
-I enjoyed it.

I didn't hate it.

[Keecia] You know
you gotta clarify that, right?

[Randall] Yeah, like, I enjoyed it.

I felt like we had
a great time living together.

We didn't go back and forth
on a lot of things.

-We had a lot--
-Shanique go back and forth?

[chuckles] I'm not saying we go--

No, I'm not saying Shanique and I
go back and forth, but--

Do you feel connected to her?

Like, connected in which way?

Sexually, emotionally.

Well, we never got
into the sexual aspect of it.

Um, emotionally, I'd say yes.
I think that's how we were able

to pull some things out of each other,
open up more, be more vulnerable.

'Cause I think that was pretty important.

[Pearl] Yeah.

For us.

I'm-- I'm looking at Shanique.

[Randall] Yeah. Me too.

-[Keecia] Oh.
-[all chuckle]

It's a facial expression.

[Keecia chuckles] Oh.

But I haven't said anything that was--
That's been new.

[Keecia] I think
Randall balances Shanique out.

He has a calming, um, persona.

But at the same time, as a mom,
my instinct is to make sure,

you know, are you guys okay, you know?
Because marriage is a huge step.

I'm sorry to direct
the questions at you. It's just--

[Randall] That's okay.

[Keecia] We did the same thing to Zay too.

-Cool guy. Just rubbing it in.
-[Randall] Yeah.

-[Randall] I'm not cool?
-Guess what?

-He's taller than you are.
-I know.

He's very, very tall.

-Very much taller than me.
-[Anthony chuckles]

For me, as a dad of two girls…

[Randall] Mm-hmm.

…from a dad perspective,
your girls are-- They're perfect.

Any guy they date wanna
marry them on date one.

So the fact that
she's giving you the ultimatum,

it, of course, just naturally
raises the question, like,

why two and a half years it took,

you know, the direction
where she's giving you the ultimatum?

Why has it taken you so long to realize,

as amazing as Shanique is,


why you have to go through
this process to realize she's the one?

[Randall] My main focus before this
was a financial thing.

But I think the financial stability thing,
I use that as almost like a crutch.

But coming into this experience,

I felt more open speaking about
what things I need Shanique to work on.

And she's spoken a lot
about what I need to work on myself.

For her, it was like,
"I want this ring. I want this wedding."

In my mind, I'd love to be our best selves
before we do take that next step.

We've been together
for two and a half years.

Of course, some date for five
before they get engaged and married.

Well, why does it feel rushed?

Because if he's not technically ready,

is it about the ring?

[Shanique] For me,
the ring symbolizes intention.

We can talk about these things
hypothetically while we're dating,

but it's just a fairy tale at this point.

We're just-- It's a lot of, like,
kind of "what if" before I have a ring.

That's just how I prioritize it,
because I don't know what he wants.

He still doesn't know.
He's figuring it out.

Going through this process,
I do-- I can agree with him

in the fact that there are
other things that we've identified

that we do need to be a lot better at
just as people in general.

So the ultimatum now
is not about just the ring.

It's about, like, can we get
to that point in our relationship

-where we're really on the same page?
-[Pearl] Uh-huh.

So you're saying you're ready? [chuckles]

["If You're Not Here"
by Sky Emanuel playing]

♪ If you're not here ♪

How was your day at work?

[relaxing music playing]

It feels like
we're in dangerous territory here.

It's like…

I don't know. I feel like one wrong step,

and you're gonna maybe
break through something you didn't…

you didn't want to get to.

I want to, you know--

I wanna be heard.

And it's not about, you know,

you forgetting my favorite food
or not hearing, you know--

Not listening when I tell you
where I wanna go for a date.

It's so much bigger.
You know, what are you in love with?

Do you really see me?
What if I fuck up? Will you run away?

I mean, that's a big reason
why we're here.

It's because of these questions
that I have with you.

I feel like you don't listen to me.
I feel like you don't know me.

I feel like you don't love me for me.

What did you hear?
What did you understand from that?

I heard that you need me to listen.

I heard that you want me to

really know who Madlyn is,
even if it comes with flaws.

I'd still need to be accepting of that
and still want to learn about it.

That is a lifetime with a partner.

Do you think that you are capable

of fully seeing and accepting
everything about me?

I wanna be me
and I wanna be loved for that.

You're very critical.

And, um, like, you have to get down
to the exact thing

that Madlyn wants, you know?

Me being critical is very real.

I'll be critical over what you order
for dinner. I mean, it's like--

Do you think
it's because of, maybe, your family?

My parents' divorce
and my family's, you know,


I think that my…

my criticism has probably
intensified over the past years

over different relationships
and my family and things.

My past hurt has maybe made me feel
the need to demand more.

And be shorter.

And that's actually
not a bad point of view.

Actually, that is--

Why are you shocked? [scoffs]

You being able to give me that feedback

shows me that you do see me
and understand me

in the way that I need you to.

I should just listen more,
and I promise you to do that more.

I-- I promise you, I will.

I know that's something you need.
I wanna give you that.

♪ Hey, love ♪

♪ Your touch is like a drug ♪

♪ And I'm so far gone
That I can't sleep at night ♪

♪ Without you by my side… ♪

I love you.

♪ And now, now, now, love ♪

♪ It's hard for me to open up ♪

♪ Until now
'Cause I found that I'm all yours now ♪

♪ Whenever you're around ♪

[Rae] Do you have to go out?

It's making me nauseous.
Do you have to go out?

-[Zay] I'm going out.
-Can't you just stay?

Why don't you just lay with me?

[Zay] Johnny B.,
what's the motherfucking deal?

-[Zay sniffles]
-[Johnny] Huh?

[Zay] What's the deal?

I'm hurt. That's all I can really say.

The person that I love
and is supposed to love me

can't even give me a reassurance
that she wants to be with me.

I don't wanna just lay down next to her
and act like this is not a problem.

I just wanna leave and forget everything.

I'm ready to get fucked up
and just forget all this even happened.

♪ You call off the wild ♪

[Rae] Normally, when Zay's mad at me
and he wants to go out and blow off steam,

he'll be home by two a.m.
What felt different was,

he shut off his location
and he was just being really sketchy.

♪ You call on the wild ♪

I wake up around four,
he's still not home.

So I call him four times,
and he doesn't answer.

I send him a text and it goes green
and his location's off.

So I'm like, "Fuck."

He has never done that to me before.

Freaking done. I'm so done.

[door opens]

[door closes shut]

I think that Zay intentionally stayed out
until eight in the morning.

I think he wanted to hurt my feelings.

I think he should've just texted me back

and let me know where he was at
or let me come pick him up.

If he had gone out
and gotten, like, shit-faced,

and came home at, like,
two or three after the bars closed,

I would've been fine with it because
I understood where his headspace was at.

But I just don't feel like it was okay
for him to stay out that late.

[Zay] What'd I do?

What do you mean, what did you do?

What'd I do?

Do you know what time it is?

[Rae scoffs]

I understand. Like, I was out all night.
I was wrong. Whatever.

But what do you expect
when I'm getting shut out?

I don't know. It is what it is, I guess.

I'm serious. No, Zay.

Like, leave me the fuck alone.
I'm serious. I'm not doing this.

-[Zay] I'm serious too.

I can't talk to-- I can't even talk to
the person that I love and care about.

What-- Who am I supposed to talk to?
What am I supposed to do?

[Rae] Just stop, Zay.

I don't want to be with you anymore.
I don't want to be with you anymore.


It's literally, you smell like
fucking liquor and you're disgusting.

Like, get off me.

-[Zay] I'm disgusting?
-Yeah, you're disgusting.

-I'm not fucking you anymore. I'm done.
-[Zay] Okay, that's fine.

[Rae] Zay, stop.

I walked out and he tried
to keep me from walking out.

Stop! Dude, just stop.

He's, like, trying to grab my arm,
and push me back into the room.

[Zay] Rae.

I don't want to talk to you.

Let go! Dude, let go.

[Zay] Rae.

[Rae] No, because when I hit you,
you're gonna get mad.

Get off me! Zay, get off!

[upbeat music playing]

-Happier today?


Last night and this morning felt like…

normal me and you back together.

Even better because
you don't ever cuddle me.

I woke up and you were snuggling me today.

And it felt good.

That puts my head where it needs to be.


I've gotten to a point where,

why I was angry, I had--
It was justified. I had a reason to be.

But I did come into the experience
wanting to work things out with April

and see if we could
actually come off engaged.

I've been thinking, and I did come
into these three weeks with you,

like, really angry, and really heated up.

But I didn't come
in the right way I should.

I feel bad about it,
really bad about it, and I'm sorry.

It was not okay.

[sentimental music playing]

I just got butterflies, you saying it,
you acknowledging it,

that this shit was a shit show day one
just means everything to me.

So keep going. I wanna hear more.

I kinda just shut you out right away.

Just because the things that happened are
really big to me, you know what I mean?

So it's hard to get through that.

But either way,
we're still in this experience.

I should give you a shot.
So I want this next week to give you that.

Let's have a good time.


So I do care. I still love you.

I'm sorry. I really am.

Come here.

-I love you.
-[April] I know.

I want nothing but to be
with this person for the rest of my life.

I think that's why
I did push this ultimatum.

That's why I did push
a lot of things on him.

At the end of this,
I want a ring on this finger.

And I want that 100% with Jake.

[theme music playing]

[theme music ends]