The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On (2022–…): Season 1, Episode 6 - The Changeover - full transcript

Major feelings emerge at the changeover. Everyone's back with their original partners, but the transition might be bumpier than anyone ever imagined.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
by The Venice Connection playing]

♪ You pull me closer when I start to run ♪

♪ You like it better when
It's one-on-one… ♪

-[Nick] Hey, guys.
-[Vanessa] Hi. Howdy!

-[Colby] Yeah, right?
-[Vanessa laughs]

-Hey, you guys.

♪ And then we're on ♪

[Madlyn] We're talking about
choosing someone to marry,

and Colby gave me an ultimatum.

I could imagine being married to Colby.

♪ You got it, so take it,
I need it, we'll make this… ♪

I could imagine being married to Randall.

The Ultimatum comes to term
in three weeks now,

and I still have no idea
what I'm gonna do.

[Zay] We spent three weeks

in our trial marriage trying to build
a real relationship with each other.

I think most people wonder if they are
actually marrying the right person.

♪ You want this, you needed this time ♪

I gave the ultimatum.

I walked into this experience
wanting to get married.

I really want my happy ending.

[music ends]

You all came here for the same reason.

You all took on an ultimatum

so that you could see
if who you were with at the time

was the person that you should marry,

or if there was someone out there
that might be better for you.

Tonight marks the end
of your first vision of marriage.

When you leave here,

you will begin the second experience
of what married life could be.

And at the end of this experience,

you'll make a choice.

Who do you want to marry?

♪ This is the beginning ♪

♪ This is the beginning ♪

[Nick] Let's get into it. What has this
three week period been like for you guys?

April and Colby. You're all smiles.
Tell us what it was like.

It has truly been life-changing.

I have learned a lot from you.

To listen, without it going in one ear
out the other kind of thing,

which I think that's what I was missing
in my last relationship,

the people that "we thought"
was best for us.

Can I ask how April taught you that?

I'm sure many women would love to know,
how do you teach a man to listen?

Well, it's a lot of talking.

It's a-- [chuckles]

[Nick] Like,
I have no choice but to listen.

-[Colby] It wasn't an option.
-That's how I feel.

[Colby] It was, like, forced.

Colby, you pushed me to be
a stronger and more mature woman.

And you've become just that. She grew
into a woman during our time together.

[reggae music playing]

First of all,

April became a woman
in their three weeks together.

Did she start her period,
or did she lose her virginity?

And what of that
are you taking credit for?

And who the hell are you to say
what it takes to become a woman?

Him taking credit for that
is narcissistic.

I mean, this is blowing my mind.


And, Madlyn, this man adores
the hell out of you.

He's a hard-working man.
He inspires me. He's a positive person.

Be happy this man gave you an ultimatum.

[romantic music playing]

[Vanessa] Jake and Rae.

I actually didn't wanna come
on this experience at the get-go.

But after spending
these three weeks with Rae,

I've-- I wouldn't take it back
for the world.

Um, I think that the experience was
really positive for both of us.


What's up?

[Vanessa] You look uncomfortable.

[Zay] When you
asked her a question, she's…

"We're doing great."

"Things are great."

He said-- Like, I don't see growth there.
I don't see her opening up more.

[dramatic music playing]

You know, you're not with us every day.
I do feel I've had growth

and I've come into my own a bit more,

but you'll be able to see that
over the next three weeks.


Obviously, she gave me an ultimatum,

and it's something that
I wasn't doing right in the relationship.

And if she found that in Jake,
then, you know,

it's-- it's not my job
to stop your happiness.

Shanique, you have been
a great, um, trial…

[chuckles] …wife.

Super caring.

I think
the biggest thing is communication.

I think that is very important,

especially, um, in a relationship
and in a marriage.

I feel like Zay is an extremely sweet guy.

I think he's somebody who is gonna be
just a very sweet and loving husband.

You know, be all in.

[Vanessa] All right.

Madlyn and Randall. How was it?

You know, I came here
having been given the ultimatum,

and there were things
I did feel like were missing

from my relationship with Colby
that, like, I did see in Randall.

You make me feel
completely heard and understood.

[sentimental music playing]

If you and I were to get married…

you will be
a wonderful husband and father.

You allowed me to express myself,

and sat there and listened,
and didn't react or had an opinion

just based off of what I just said.

It was more so like,
you talk, I listen, I speak.

And that ultimately allowed me
to become more expressive

because I felt a lot more comfortable.

It felt natural. It felt like
this is how a marriage should feel.

And, honestly, from week one to now,
I see myself as a better individual.

I think we got a crash course
as to what it is to be

a married couple
living in this crazy world.

Um, I'm gonna be honest.
I feel like this whole thing, like, it's--

I honestly can just laugh at myself.

I'm the one who brought him here and…

he is obviously having a good time

and maybe this is exactly
what our relationship needed.

Whatever that means, you know? Um--

Uh, girls' night, you know, Madlyn,

you did share a lot about how you felt
very strongly about Randall,

and he checks off all of, you know,

your list of, like, a perfect guy.

It was like a hundred comments
of how perfect Randall is.

And I wouldn't bring him here if I didn't
wanna marry him. I think he's a great guy.

But, like, your experience
with Randall, respectfully,

you've known him for three weeks.

So he might seem
like a perfect guy to you,

but there are a lot of things
he can be better at as a man, period.

There are things that, you know,
Randall can work on, I think.

You know, Randall can give
more of himself.

Like, I think
that's what I would want long-term.

I brought him here
and I want him to be better,

and if this person
is making him feel more confident,

making him feel more outspoken, and…

[clears throat]


it's a hard pill to swallow,
but you know what?

Like, this-- I brought this on myself.

Honestly, like, I don't think
I've ever felt more at peace about

the possibility of,

"Whatever happens, happens,"

um, as much as I do right now, so…


I do you see y'all
being a very strong couple.

But she's a very strong woman.

And she tends to be
aggressive with her words.

And they do cut deep, and I don't know
if you would be able to handle…

what she delivers sometimes.

-Colby, I think you gotta reword that.

Yeah. You should-- I don't know.

-Like what?
-Yeah. Um…

[sucks teeth]

[chuckles] Okay. First of all--

I would-- I would say,
respectfully, I disagree.

I did give her the ultimatum.

You saying that
you can see a future with her,

what scares me about that
is that you actually said that.

That's something we now need to sit down
and have a talk about and discuss.

Does she see a future with Randall?

Or does she feel strongly more toward me?

This is giving you
a super rare opportunity.

It's about you as a person and then,
God willing, finding that other person,

whether it's the person you came with
or the person that you meet here.

If you look at someone like us,

he was literally in a very public marriage
and a very public divorce,

and I had to go through
all that shit.

Very publicly.

It was very hard for us.

But it wasn't until the moment
that he was like, "I'm gonna let it go,"

and I said, "I'm gonna let it go,"

and we truly committed to each other,

we literally fell deeper
and harder than we ever could.

You guys are about
to step into the next vision.

[Nick] Over the next three weeks,

we really encourage you to have
those tough conversations that

every married couple really should have
before they get married.

There is no right
or wrong outcome to any of this.

And no one is making
a decision tonight, right?

We're only halfway through.

I think everyone will come out of this,
no matter what ultimately is the outcome,

a changed person and a better person.

That's-- that's a beautiful thing,
no matter how you look at it.

I'm proud of everybody.

I'm proud of everybody.

Aw! [chuckles]

It's time to say goodbye,

and to a new vision
of what your future could be.

-Good luck.
-Good luck!

["Where do I go" by
NineOneOne playing]

♪ I stepped through the mirror
'Cause love is blind ♪

[Colby] You're so great.

I appreciate you for everything you are.

-I want y'all to be happy. Okay.
-[Shanique] Call me whenever, okay?

Thank you for sharing yourself with me.

Thanks for allowing me
to be open, I appreciate it.

Any time your woman
spends time with another man

by herself for three weeks,

yeah, it's gonna create some jealousy.

But now I know that
I'm getting 100% of Madlyn.

[Madlyn chuckles]

I know if we do get engaged
at the end of this,

she is now 100% invested in me,

and she's 100% sure
that's what she wanted.

The Ultimatum is going to give me
an answer one way or another,

and I'm ready for that.

[Shanique] I don't know the future.

I don't know
what will happen at the end of this.

But in three weeks, I'm going to make
the biggest decision of my life.

["Where do I go" continues]

-♪ One down and a million to go ♪
-♪ Hey! ♪

♪ Heartbreaks and whiskeys solo ♪

♪ I'm found but where do I go ♪

-♪ From here ♪
-♪ Whoa, oh, oh ♪

♪ One high and a million lows ♪

♪ Thank god for whiskeys solo ♪

♪ I'm found but where do I go… ♪

-I missed you. Did you miss me?
-Mm-hmm. Oh.

I did miss you.

I came here thinking,

"Oh, my God.
I cannot leave without this man."

And now I'm just very confused.

It's difficult.

I don't like it.

I mean, I've been thinking
about this all day, all week.

Like, "Oh, I get to move back in with Rae
and really spend time with Rae," but, um,

I think it's also hard knowing you've been
spending time with somebody else.

Somebody else is making you happy.


I've been jealous too about you
and Shanique connecting and stuff.

I mean, like, at girls' night,
she brought up that you had a boner.


Wow. [chuckles]

Damn! That's--

Sorry. I hate to put you on the spot,

but, I mean, I was jealous,
I was sad about it.

I mean, I'm-- I'm-- I'm a man.

I'm aware.

Lucky that you know
that I'm attracted to women.


So my takeaway from this is supposed to be
that I'm glad you're attracted to women?

I mean, no.
Like, I mean, that's-- We're human.

So what was
y'all's experience like physically?

[dramatic music playing]


Taking a big chug. I was saying--

Um, I mean, okay, I--

What did you guys do physically?

We did cuddle.


I feel like I was listening
to what you were saying.

You want, like,
more communication from me.

More words of affirmation.
You want me to be more open.

More feelings.

I wan-- I wanna know--

I wanna know everything
that you're thinking because--

I don't think you do all the time.

[Zay] I feel like I've learned a lot
in the past three weeks.

And, um, with somebody that,
respectfully, I, uh, I like.

We have three weeks,
so I just imagine what I can learn

and how much I can grow
with somebody that I'm in love with.

[sentimental music playing]


-Yeah, I know.

-I'm gonna change and get ready for bed.

[Zay sighs deeply]

Can I get my side of the bed, please?

I'm staying on this side.
You can have this side.

-Where have you been sleeping?
-I've been sleeping on this side.

-Yeah, let me sleep on this side.
-Wait, what?

Yeah, I'm sorry.

-Zay, are you serious right now?
-I'm deadass.

I always sleep on this side.

Well, I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

-Just compromise with me.

Just compromise.

[upbeat music playing]

Oh, we're cuddling. Watch out.
You might get a boner like with Shanique.


[chuckles] I'm kidding. Come here.

I'm glad this shit is so funny
and hilarious to you.

[Shanique] What's up, Carter? [chuckles]

Um, as you can see,
Carter is very comfortable. [chuckles]

[Randall] He's doing his own thing.

At the changeover, it was really hard
to just sit there and listen to, um,

Madlyn and Randall's kind of chemistry,
whatever-- Whatever the fuck.

Hearing that was just-- [groans]

I gave Randall the ultimatum,

and I was partly prepared
for the fact that, like,

no matter what experience
Randall has, like, it's--

The dynamic of our relationship
is never gonna be the same.

The fact that he did have
a great experience does add another layer

to, like, the shit
that we have to figure out.

Now that Madlyn has done her part,
thank you very much…

don't come again. [chuckles]

You said a lot tonight.

You were very expressive.

You were sharing a lot of your,
you know, your experience and--

and the possibilities of what could be.

I guess I never really heard you
talk about, like, your future that much.

You went all in and, you know,

whether or not
that includes me, like, okay.


You got that in these three weeks,

that I-- I wasn't able to translate that
to you in two and a half years, but, um--

Okay, why you had to add
the two and a half years?

I'm just saying, like,
I feel like you enjoyed it a lot, but, um,

I'm not even gonna focus on…

the negative stuff that I felt tonight.

I wanna make sure I'm focusing on us
in these three weeks.

But, like, obviously because…

we both just left
from, like, another relationship,

it's like we're gonna have a lot of,

um, questions…

and naturally make
a lot of comparisons, and I just…

I think I'm a little nervous about, uh,
what that might be like for us, you know?

What do you want me to, like, um,
do better at?

[sentimental music playing]

I don't think dumping all these things
I need you to work on is appropriate now.

I get it. I just--


I'm just happy to kind of…

just have you back.

Are you really happy?

[suspenseful music playing]

[April] She's so happy.

[Jake] I missed you.

I missed you. I missed you.

I had such an amazing time with Colby,

but I can't tell you the number of times
I've counted the minutes

waiting to get back with Jake.

We've seen a lifelong future
with each other.

This is the person I want to marry.

[Jake] We got some talking to do.

[April] Why?

What's up?

Is there anything you wanna tell me
before I…

say anything?

[April] No, what's up?

[Jake] In the past three weeks,
I've fallen for Rae.

Come to find out,

April's been texting a lot of guys
that she found out partying at the club.

I've seen her with all these other dudes
on, uh, Instagram as well.

I know that she knows that would upset me,
because she knows I do care.

When I was with Rae,
I still thought about April.

I did have a relationship with her
two years prior to this experience.

That's not just gonna disappear.

The fact that you ran into Madlyn,
like, this is what I can get.

You're texting
a bunch of guys that you met.

I didn't text her guys.
I showed her a picture.

I haven't been giving my number to guys.

If anything,
I've been sharing my Instagram--

You've been playing games
through this thing.

You've been doing jealous little tricks.
Everyone's seen it.

Everyone who's followed you on Instagram
has hit me up, like, "What's going on?"

You brought me on this experience.

You're not hearing me out,
so that's why I'm not talking.

Okay, then don't. Then don't talk.

Because you're over here telling me
that's why I'm not--

You didn't see with your eyes,
hear with your ears.

You know me.

I give you all my fucking trust
in any relationship I'm in.

Once you break it, you broke it.

-And I had to find out from somebody else.
-I'm not even doing this.

This is a shit show. It'll be
the longest three weeks of my life.

-I've grown so much the last three weeks.
-April, it's never your fucking fault.

You fucking know so much,
you may as well have been there,

because your story's frankly quite off.

I walked into the club,
and this guy started walking my way.

And I was like, "Hey, I'm single."

We exchanged contacts.

Yes, I fucking enjoyed it.

But you've had somebody
you've slept in bed with every night.

You guys had a connection.

So stop making me
look like the crazy person.

You're validating everything
I experienced in these past three weeks,

and it's pushing me away because, like--

Good! Go, then! Go!

Not even five, ten minutes of being here,

you can't even communicate
in a calm tone. How mature.

Because I sit there and try
to talk to you and you talked over me,

which you do all the fucking time.

Anything I say, you never listen.

That's what I loved about Rae,
because she listened.


And she had-- And she gave me feedback.

Okay, I'm going to sleep.

-This is going in circles.
-[Jake] I don't care.

[April] Great. Get out of my apartment.

[Jake] I would love to if I could.

[dramatic music playing]

It's night one
and I already don't have the energy

to sit here and communicate
with this person.

This is someone that
I've loved for the past two years.

♪ You abandoned me ♪

♪ Left me broken and in pain ♪

[April] Come here, Koa.

Koa. Come to Mommy. Come on.

I was hoping that in the three weeks
that he wasn't with me,

there would've been
something that he missed.

♪ …or any other day ♪


♪ Or any other day ♪

[upbeat music playing]


-[Colby] No pajamas needed this time.

[both chuckle]

I didn't know what I was getting into.

[Colby] Hmm.



-Looks good.
-[Madlyn] Get out of here!

I was just with somebody
that had all the qualities

that I'd been nagging at Colby
for not having.

Randall checks off all my boxes.

But me and Colby have a magnetic,
undeniable chemistry.

I don't-- It's just really--
It's con-- It's confusing.

[Colby whispers] I'm so happy
to finally be back with you.

[Madlyn] Me too.

[Colby] I don't even care what happened.

[Madlyn chuckles]

I really just don't have
any words tonight.

[Colby] I don't need words tonight.

♪ You wouldn't let me go
You let me take it slow ♪

♪ And now my heart is changing
I've been thinking, baby ♪

♪ I wanna love you better… ♪

[Zay] So I've been looking
at this gold box.

[Rae] Oh, please. Dear God. No.

Some blindfolds here. Two of them.
So y'all both blindfolded.

You're using feathers?

What the fuck is this shit?
Y'all was in here using this shit, right?

No, not on a regular basis.

I don't know. I don't--

But you're smiling. Like, what is funny?

I'm uncomfortable. Can we just--?

Is there anything else
I need to know about?


This is our first morning together.

It's pretty hard for me just knowing
that Rae and Jake were, like,

at that type of level with each other.

I don't wanna think about that.

I'm just gonna put this
in the hallway, okay?

♪ What do you know about it?
No need to dance around it ♪

♪ I'm finally finding myself, yup ♪

By the way, I did get these for you.

-For me?

-That's some beautiful lilies for you.
-Thank you.

Thank you.

And a lovely card that comes with it.

-It's my favorite part. You know that.
-[Jake] Yup.

I missed you.

[sentimental music playing]

[Colby chuckles]

Shut up.

I'm gonna grab a drink
while you're reading that.

Being back with Madlyn within
this little time we've spent together,

it's been amazing.

The best feeling I've had
in the last three weeks. [chuckles]

This is sweet, Colby.

[Colby sighs]

I don't know how you found the time.

-I know.
-I wish I had gotten you something.

I told you I was going to have a drink.


Yeah, that was me searching
for flowers and a card for you.

Thank you.

[Colby inhales]

I love you.

I love you too.

Hated the fact that Randall said
he could see a future with you.

It was really--
It was really hard to hear him say that.

But my question is, like,

do you see yourself with a future?


-Why are you hesitating?
-Because this is hard to say to you.


is Randall, like, the kind of guy that--

He has all the qualities I look for,
like, yeah, that is somebody that when I--

To an extent, you know,
there's also things that I feel like

the last couple days I saw missing,
but there's things missing here.

But, like, yet in--

Like, is it possible that I could have
a future with Randall? Like, yeah.

There was nothing, no red flags,
like, in the three weeks.

Like, he does-- Like I said,

he has all the qualities
that I do ask for out of a partner.

I know that's hard to hear, but--

Yeah, that's, uh…

That's a lot.

I do think he's a catch. I thought--

That sucks hearing that.

I know, but, like--

That makes me feel terrible.

He checked all of her boxes.

We obviously have some issues,
and Madlyn and Randall didn't have issues.

That's scary to even think about.

Because it seems like she can slip
out of my fingers pretty easily now.

Well, for me, it's just like,

I just wanted our first day
to be all rainbows and butterflies.

Like, I wanted to have fun.

But it's real fucking life,
and if we're gonna do it forever--

Make it a light first day. That's all
I wanted, was to enjoy our time together.

Not talk about this
immediately the first day.

We're not gonna get the answers
unless we talk about them.

I think we both know
what I struggle with. [scoffs]

Saying what's on my mind.

And I feel like if I say certain things,
I will lose you.

♪ I wanna float away ♪

♪ I wanna float away ♪

♪ I wanna float away… ♪


Come here. Come here.

♪ Float away ♪

[Jake] April?

-Wanna talk?

[April] Yeah.

[keys jingling]

I'm sorry for getting so mad.

We still have three weeks
to live with each other.

I don't want both of us
to come after each other,

and do what we did last night.

I do love you and I care about you.
You know what I mean?

[April] Same here.
I'm tired of crying, honestly.

I just want you to know that
the three weeks I've spent with Colby,

I've really got to grow, mature, listen,

and be happy and be a better me
just being around this person,

and I don't want to lose that because
I was really sad leaving this person

because of the person I grew
being around him.

And I just want you to know
that I want to be able to prove to you

in these next three weeks,
like, living together,

that this can be a healthy,
very good relationship.

And I wanna show the same thing
because I do care about you.

I do wanna learn what you got
out of these last three weeks.

I don't wanna be standoffish or…


…or separate, or apart from you.

Because I love you.

You get that?

Yeah. I get it.

♪ When did it go wrong? ♪

[April chuckles]

♪ When did the storm clouds… ♪

You always give her
hugs and kisses before me.

I don't like being like that with you.
You're my best friend and I love you.

[Jake] I love you too.

♪ Give me what I need ♪

["Trying Not to Fall"
by Jonathan Brook playing]

♪ Stop my whole Friday freedom ♪

♪ Too young to get so serious ♪

Thank you so much for making this meal.
I really appreciate it.

This is really good.

Let's talk about the future
and how much you'll be cooking for me.

[Shanique groans]

Obviously, this experience is bringing out
lots of things I didn't know about myself.

But, like, I've been working on myself
to be a-- just a good partner in general.

And I feel like
I'm really ready to marry you.

But I don't wanna have to convince you
that you wanna be married.

[dramatic music playing]

How do you feel about marriage?

Do you feel like this is something
that makes sense for your life?

I can't say.


You know, when we, um,
got onto this experience, I felt like

the fact that you think about finances
in a very, like, practical way,

you use it as an excuse sometimes.

I wanna hear what you think about that
and where you are now.

Where I am now?

I think I had a hesitation
with this whole ultimatum because,

honestly, in my opinion,
I thought it made it seem like

you thought your shit didn't stink
and it was me that was the problem,

or I had the problems and I was the one
that needed to work on them.

Honestly, I think there's a lot of things
that you need to work on.

I don't wanna get down on one knee
with somebody that I'm like,

bickering back and forth with
about the small things,

somebody that's not
really listening to me.

Shanique doesn't know everything.

For marriage, it takes two to tango,

to stand the test of time forever.


Let's be real.
Could I see myself getting married?


I think I'll get a lot more clarity
in the coming weeks of us living together.

Um, and I'm hoping you are as well.

[Sucks teeth] Yeah. I don't know.

["Still Want You"
by SHIPS & Grayson Voltaire playing]

[Colby] What are you
shaking your head about?

What are you shaking your head about?

I was in Colby's bathroom.

And, you know, happened
to flip through his Apple Watch.

I did a quick little
scroll, scroll, scroll.

I don't know, you know,
any of these girls' names.

[Colby] Ask questions!

So I went through his message thread
with one of these girls,

and it was someone that
he made out with and didn't tell me about.

Not even the girl he made out with
when he was with Zay.

[Madlyn] I asked you about
this whole kiss thing multiple times.

Yeah, and I told you
exactly what happened…

with that kiss thing. I did tell you that.

Yeah, you text me,
"I'm kissing this girl,"

and then apologizing, and then
going back out with some other girls.

While withholding the fact that
you had made out with another girl.

I didn't know I did that.

That was a next day thing, obviously.

Weak shit, Colby.

He told this girl
we had an open relationship.

You didn't tell me about this, and then
continuing the conversation with her.

For fucking three weeks?

You've been FaceTiming her,
and calling her?

Yeah! She's been
talking me through this shit.

You think that's appropriate?

Yeah, I guess I do!

You fucking loser. Uh-uh.

I'm a loser?

As soon as I saw those messages, I felt…


-[Colby] Talk to me, Madlyn.
-[door closes, locks]

Do not lock me out like this.

It was, you know, way too much in there.

[door opens]

[door closes shut]

["Hole in the sky" by Jack Door playing]

♪ When you wake up in the morning ♪

Colby shut down, and he did walk out.

♪ And you know that she's not there ♪

[phone line ringing]

♪ You can hear the raindrops falling ♪

[phone line continues ringing]

[operator] Your call has been forwarded
to an automatic voice message system.

[voicemail beeps]

Hey, Colby.



…call me back
and let me know where you're at.

We really need to talk.

♪ There's a hole in the sky ♪

I have no idea where he went last night
or what is going through this man's head.

This is not something I can stand behind.

I cannot let this go
and act like it's okay.

[knocking on door]

♪ I'll be there for you ♪

[knocking continues]


[Rae] Hey, Mama!

Ugh, thanks for coming over.

Of course.

[Madlyn] Okay.

-So I'm gonna spill.
-[Rae] What's up?

Oh, my gosh. What's been going on?

It's been crazy.

So, last night,
I went through Colby's little watch,

and I saw he'd been texting this girl
about how we have an open relationship.

Yeah. Just all, like, sexual conversation
for almost three weeks.

And then he ended up leaving.

Like, he just dipped out.

And, like, has been non--
Like, non-responsive.

I, like, told him how important it was
that we just had a talk today.

But I've called him three times now.

And he's, like, nowhere to be found.

Colby has never talked
to another woman like that.

He's never kissed another girl.
We don't even go out to clubs.

He did cut things off with her,
he was like, "No, I am with Madlyn."

"I wanna be with Madlyn."
Cut things off before I found anything.


But he apologized
and in the next breath said,

"But I did that because you."

-[Rae] Mm-hmm.
-He can't ever be wrong.

It's affecting me and I can't…


No, it's okay.

It's okay.

It's not.

I need him to be here.

And it's like another slap in the face
that he couldn't even just stick around,

and talk it out with me.

But he wants to marry me?

Maybe not anymore. I don't know.

[door opens]

[door closes]

[Rae] Hey, Colby.

[whispers] Is he drunk?

-[Madlyn] I don't know.
-He seems drunk.

Um, I feel bad that I'm here right now,

because he's home now
and I feel like I'm in the way.

He didn't even acknowledge me, though.

I know.

Um, this is awkward.

I just want you to-- Yeah.

You're a strong person
and you know how to advocate for yourself.

So I feel you'll do good with that.

-Hey, Colby. Hey.
-What's up?

I was trying to get some sleep.
You having a good day?

[Rae] I'm in your spot.

No, you're fine. You're good.

[Colby sighs]

[Madlyn] I think--

-Thank you.

I can let y'all keep talking.

-No. It's okay.
-No. We need to talk.

Sorry, Rae. I'm just exhausted.

[Rae] No, I get it. Totally.

[Colby] I'm not feeling good at all.
I don't wanna get you sick, you know?

-[Rae] You're sick?
-[Colby] I don't know.

I don't know if hangovers are contagious.

-Yeah, probably not.
-[Rae] Um--

-[Madlyn] Okay. Bye! You're awesome.
-Love you guys, bye!

-[Colby] See you, Rae.
-[Rae] See you!

[door closes shut]

I think we really need to discuss
last night and where we're at right now.

I think we should too.

I just don't think right now
is a good time to do that for me.

I get that you're tired,
but I'm exhausted.

I can hardly even hold my eyes open.

I need you to just be here with me
and have this conversation.

I get that you're ready.

I'm not.

["Don't Try" by Extreme Music playing]

[Colby sighs]

I made mistakes.

It still felt like--

Can you please look at me
in the face right now?

I'm doing the best here.

-[Colby sighs]
-I think I deserve a little bit more.


What I did was wrong,

but I was doing it because of
the experience and what you asked from me.

I wasn't getting that from April,
so I did go outsource and find that stuff.

I did it for Madlyn.

I did it because
Madlyn asked of these things.

Not necessarily to go out
and find someone and kiss them,

but to make things real,

and to make sure that
my love for her isn't some fairy tale,

some dreamy thing
that she is Miss Perfection.

That's really the experience I was wanting
to get out of this experience.

To confirm my love for Madlyn.
And that's exactly what Madlyn asked for.

I told you about it, I'm ashamed of it,

and I moved on from it.

But you-- Sorry.

You didn't tell me
that you were having--

-I'm-- Colby.
-All right.

Did you?
Did you tell me you were having--

I'm really trying here. I'm so sorry.

I know, okay? But you're just saying
that you told me, but you didn't.

I need you to own up
that you didn't tell me.

I didn't tell you that I told that girl
the frustrations I was having,

what I was going through.

She talked about something
very deep with me,

was the reason why
I felt like I could open up to her.

First of all, you shouldn't ever feel
that comfortable with another girl

to talk about me.


And if you do--

Going forward,
I will not do that ever again.

["Don't Try" continues]

You're becoming more patronizing,

and you're making me wanna
walk out of this without you.

-[Colby scoffs]
-Because I think I'd be better for it.

I think you'd be better too.

I'm trying so hard,

and I deserve more.

You deserve a lot more than me.

I'm not worth it.

Okay, you're not worth it, but it's still
my fault that everything happened?


♪ I won't be just one of your games ♪

♪ Just one of your games ♪

[Madlyn] I'm not cool with what he's done.
I'm extremely hurt by it.

No matter how tired, sick, hurt I felt,

I would go out of my way to make sure
that I gave my partner what they needed

to feel okay and move on.

And I'm just disappointed that
Colby wasn't able to do that for me.

♪ Play me like a fool ♪

♪ 'Cause I been a fool for long
So don't try ♪

[Madlyn scoffs]

Let me know if you need anything.

["Party All Night Long"
by Extreme Music playing]

♪ Baby, I've got a fire ♪

♪ Don't try to deny it
I know you feel it too ♪

♪ You got the car and I got the dreams
So, B-- b-- b-- baby, please ♪

[April] Happy that
your baby's being cleaned?

[Jake] So you can trade it in?

Let's go take it now. [chuckles]

We'll both go.
Kind of what we did with this one.

We kinda didn't know what we were getting.
We walked in, fell in love with it.

-You fell in love with it.
-Hold on.


Hold my hand. It's fucking cold.

What are we doing
for my birthday tomorrow?

It is your birthday tomorrow, isn't it?


Can I have a hug?

-Release all this tension.
-Damn. Now who's clingy?

Look at-- [chuckles]

I'm clingy. I'm clingy AF.

♪ If you got it
Don't let it go to waste ♪

I want you to be happy.

You've been my best friend
in the entire past year and a half.

I want you to love me and I want you
to love yourself and be happy.

[April chuckles]

♪ Won't you let me have a taste? ♪

[April] I love you, babe.

[Jake] I love you too.

["You lift me up" by Guesthouse playing]

♪ Only you know how to love
Love just right now ♪

♪ Left out my circles ♪

♪ You lift me up, up, up ♪

-[woman] Hello! Hi!
-[Zay] Hi, guys!

-How are y'all doing?
-I missed you!

-[woman 2] Hi!
-[Zay] How are you doing?

[Emily] I missed you so much!

I met Rae's mom when we were in between
being serious and still being friends.

Being in this experience has taught me
I-- I just want to marry Rae.

So, going to brunch with Rae's mom,
I really want her to be accepting of that.

I'm in this crazy experience.

I'm-- I'm trying. I'm learning.

Rae's beautiful and she's very caring
and a loving person.

I do think she would
be a great wife and, um,

I mean, that's why we here.

How was your experience with Shanique?

Shanique. I think
she opened me up, like, emotionally.

-[Mom] Mm-hmm.

because she wasn't afraid
to share that with me.

I think that's something I really need.

So it's like she opened up
and you opened up.

[Zay] Yeah.

What do you feel, like,
happened with you and Jake?

I didn't hold back. I was very open.

It wasn't all rainbows and sunshine
all the time. We just didn't butt heads.

Did you and Jake not have one argument?

No. He saw me angry. I saw him angry.
He saw me stressed out.

He saw me sick. He saw me crying.
We just didn't argue.

You're in a trial marriage
for three weeks,

and y'all don't have
one disagreement or one argument?

Rae picked somebody super similar to her.

That's not gonna really--

Wasn't Shanique similar to you?

They were. You all were.

Why is it helpful to you
to pick somebody who's similar to you,

but not helpful for me to pick somebody--

Y'all both should pick people
different than you.

You know why? Because
the person I picked is just like me.

I'mma push the person that I'm with.

In my eyes, I was picking somebody
that was gonna help me grow the most,

not who I was gonna
be most comfortable with.

She's gonna feel comfortable not having
someone actually just push her.

Jake did push me to open up.
He was just gentle about it.

Her and Jake's personalities are
more calm, so they're not gonna--

They're not gonna do it
in the same way you do.

It's no way. It doesn't matter if
it's freaking just one of my guy friends.

Some people just aren't argumentative.

[Zay] Well, just go ahead and cut me off.

-Go ahead.
-No, please keep talking because--

No, it doesn't matter.
Because we weren't--

Who said what you had to say
doesn't matter?

Go ahead. Because--

-[mom] You know why she interjects?
-I cut in when he's inaccurate.

[mom] Can I say something?

If it's that important, then say it after.

-[mom] Do you know why she--?
-You talk for a long time.

[mom] Do you know why she interjects?

-Because I won't be heard if I don't.

Oh. Whoa!

Okay. Well, that was a good one,
because you want--

Can I tell you something?
Can I tell you something? Look at me.

-Y'all can--
-[mom] Zay!

Y'all got whatever-- I don't--

Zay! Don't do that to me
because I'm her mom.

Look at me.

Look at me for a second.
She said because she wants to be heard.

Is that--
Is that a non-negotiable for you?

To be heard?

-All right.
-[Rae] Fucking God.

So you don't think they got as much
out of it as you and Shanique did?

[Zay] Correct.

It's not a fucking competition.

I've never said Jake and I did better than
you and Shanique because we didn't argue.

I'm telling you how I feel about it.

You're just a pusher.
I'm just not a pusher.

You just push all the fucking time.
I don't push people like that.

Because it doesn't make me happy
to do that.

How long have you been feeling unheard?

I don't wanna cut you off.

See, now you're being petty.
Like, come on, girl.

[mom] He asked you a question.

I'm just making sure.

-Come on, bro.
-I just wanna be clear.

All right. I'm done talking. I swear.

Wait. Rachel, he asked you
a question and he paused.

How long have you felt unheard?


Are you gonna look at her
when she answers?

[Zay sighs]

I just think, during our arguments,
he just talks for a very long time.

Then when I try to respond, he cut--
He's like, "Don't cut me off."

That's not even an answer.
That's not even the question.

Yeah, I'm just saying, I've always--

That's her answer.
That's why she feels unheard.

-That's my answer.
-[mom] She just answered your question.

Did you hear that?

What was the question?

-It was, why do you feel unheard?
-I said, how long--

And I said, always during our arguments.
I've always felt unheard during arguments.

-Always, Zay. The answer is always.
-[Zay] Always?

["Weightless Keys"
by Thierry DAVID playing]

♪ I hear the blood cries in the ground ♪

♪ There's only dust between us now ♪

[Zay] Oh.

[mom] I'm not sure whether
they can make it as a married couple.

Can they get through this?

Can they actually communicate enough
with each other to make it work?

Give him a moment.

♪ I'm not made of stone ♪

♪ Can't build a world of bones ♪

[Zay sighs]

It's not worth, like,
getting this worked up.

I mean, if you love somebody
and you really care about someone,

why wouldn't you get this worked up?

♪ Are we going to war? ♪

♪ Or are we going home tonight? ♪

♪ I can't win this war ♪

["Boom" by MUSZETTE playing]

♪ Comin' in hot ♪

-♪ Always on top ♪
-♪ Always on top ♪

[April] What's up?

[Jake] Happy birthday.

Thank you.

This is the worst birthday weather
I've ever had.

What time did you get up this morning?


You were drunk all last night.

I don't remember that.

Do you understand
how that's so frustrating for me?

You were drunk. I came over here.

You're passed out.
Your phone was unlocked.

And I opened your phone,
and I went through it.

Oh, wow. Okay.

Let's start off by my name is April.
I'm a psycho bitch.

And if there's anything
I need to find out, I will find out.

And I found videos on Jake's phone,
filming this close up

to Rae's ass doing this shit
at the fucking club.

Why are there videos--?

-Why were you going through my phone?
-Why are there multiple videos?

And I'm psycho,
and I airdropped them to myself.

-Why are there multiple videos?
-That's some bull--

No, it's not some bullshit.

Why are there multiple videos of you
recording some other girl's ass?

You're over here
filming this girl twerking--

You're literally trying to make me look
like the worst guy in the world

when I had nothing to do with it.
You're literally attacking me right now.

-I'm not.
-You are.

It's fucked up for you
to go through my phone and all that.

Colby was not filming me shaking my ass,
and if Madlyn ever saw that,

I guarantee you she'd be fucking livid.

If she'd just asked me
about the things in my phone,

I would've been open and honest with her
and showed her. It's not a big deal.

There's nothing to hide.
She made it sound so bad.

That's an invasion of privacy.

I've never gone through her phone
once in my life.

I don't trust April at all right now
after what she just did.

There is no fucking reason to have videos
of bitches doing fucking this at the club.

That's fucking cheating.

That's not cheating.

It was a joke. You don't know the story.
I wasn't filming her ass for no reason.

You're filming her ass
everywhere she goes.

Oh, my God. It's-- Stop.

After what the fuck I saw on that phone,

I don't think that
all they did is kiss and make out.

I'm not surprised. Rae walked in here
in the most unstable fucking relationship.

She's twerking her ass off in the club.

And he's clearly proud of recording it
up close in front-- front row seats.

Okay. Well, all my girlfriends
are downstairs waiting,

so I'm gonna go continue having
a great rest of my birthday.

[door opens]

[door closes shut]

["All Day Long I Think of You"
by Kid Moxie FT. LUXXURY playing]

♪ All day long ♪

♪ I think of you ♪

[Maeson] Madlyn,
what the fuck is going on?

Like, seriously.

Things are still rocky with me and Colby.

But tonight, I asked him
to meet up with my friends.

Because they know me and Colby,

and who we are as a couple.

They give awesome advice.

So I do need their opinions.

So, I've been back
with Colby since Sunday.

He'd gone out, and said a girl
walked up to him and kissed him.

Whatever. I don't know
what the hell was up with that.

And he told me the truth about it,
but there was more truth to the truth.

I did go-- I went through
his little watch the other day.

He continued to text her for three weeks
how we'll have an open relationship.

Complained about me to another woman.

Yeah. It's a lot. It's a lot.

You might deserve a little more than that.

I'm done. He's a no.

I'm not gonna hold
everything that he's done against him,

because I wouldn't want that
held against me.

Whether or not
I should spend my life with him

is in question and should be questioned,

and I will continue to evaluate
throughout the next two weeks.

I need him to recognize the reality of me,
the reality of himself,

and the problems in our relationship.

I think Colby is
an absolutely amazing guy for someone,

but I think one of the main differences
between Randall and Colby is,

Randall, he is a genuine soul that
is able to see things in different ways.

He's very unbiased.

Whereas Colby, I think he's very reactive.

For Madlyn,

I don't know if he's the one.

Here he is!


-[Caila] Hi.
-What's up? How are y'all?

-Good. How are you?

[Colby clears throat]

Oh, man. How is y'all's night going?

So far so good?

Did I walk in at a bad time or what?

-[Caila] No!
-[Colby] Jesus.

You all right?


[Maeson chuckles] Oh, my God.

I put it all out there, like, I think
they need to hear your perspective.

-Yeah, we wanna hear your perspective.
-We don't know about your experience.

I went kind of a different route.

You kissed somebody.
I wanted to kiss somebody.

You just said that
you've done those things because of me.

I did!

You've done those things
because of how it made you feel.

It is not my fault.

It was not a personal feeling.
Like, I was searching, outsourcing.

It's supposed to experience feelings
that we haven't felt before

out of our relationship we've already
experienced so we're ready for marriage.

[Maeson] Oh, my-- I'm--
I don't think he's hearing.

He can't fucking hear!
He cannot see past himself.

That's how I feel.
That's what I had to say.

If you were me,
would you be ready to marry you now?

I think if I were you,
I would still be in question.

I think that's very fair to say.

I know what I want and that's you.


there's not a doubt in my mind about it.

That's where I'm at.

[Maeson] Why are you so certain?

[Colby] Um,

I think the reason why I'm so certain
is because I experienced something

that has completely confirmed
the way I feel about Madlyn.

I got nothing from it.

I got no excitement, no joy,

no sense of pleasure, none of it.

If it wasn't giving you happiness,

why did you continue it
for, like, at least two weeks?

We're going in circles now.

How is this gonna be okay moving forward?

Are you gonna continue to pursue
relationships with the girls you texted?

-[Colby] We've already gone there.

I have honestly put so much aside
for your ass, for you to question me now?

Then fucking leave!

Walk! Please!

Do us both the favor!

How about hold off the tequila a bit?
Then maybe we can have a discussion.

-That's ridiculous.

It's all come back to you blaming me,
and I'm fucking over it.

When have I blamed you?


Drop the mic and walk out,
fucking Houdini.

I don't know!

I don't think Houdini reveals his tricks,

and that's what you fucking just did,
you dumbass. God!

[Maeson] Ow! Ow!

Madlyn, you've gotta see this.
You've gotta see this.

You cannot continue
to deal with that shit. You cannot.

[Madlyn] I've loved Colby,

but he's demanded this ultimatum from me,

and I've truly done everything
that I could to get myself ready

to prepare myself for marriage with him.

-[Maeson] Are you good?
-[Caila] Can I have a hug?

[Maeson] Are you okay?

I don't fucking know, but it hurts.

And instead, he's just--

He's gone and-- He's gone
totally left field and created more doubt.

It's to the point where I can't--

I cannot even defend him.

He is making you feel bad
because he keeps turning it on you.

You're being brainwashed.

I don't mean to be dramatic,
but, like, literally,

you're eating everything
that he's feeding you.

It's kind of insane.

[Caila] Yeah, like, do you really want
to deal with this forever?

I know I need more out of a man, so--

I mean, it's-- it's infuriating.
I feel like I've almost wasted my time.

I had an incredible three weeks
with Randall.

And, you know, I think that could extend,
that could go further.

Fuck this. Fuck Colby.

[Maeson] You want this,
but he's not the person you want it with.

[theme music playing]

[theme music ending]