The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On (2022–…): Season 1, Episode 5 - Pushing Boundaries - full transcript

After an evening of strained cocktail hours, couples cuddle--and implode. A forbidden meeting ends with drama as short-term spouses push each other.

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[hip-hop music playing]


[Rae] Jake?



Rough night.

Yes, it was something, right? [chuckles]

Zay went after Colby.

-Zay went after Colby?
-They almost fought.

Excuse me?

Zay had to move to another spot.
He told Randall to switch spots with him

because he was about to get angry
and he was about to go after him.

-[both chuckle]
-[Rae] Okay.


You should leave the stubble.
I think it's cute.


I know April wants you to shave.
I think you should keep it.

-I think it's a look.

Shanique told me,
"Me and Zay didn't kiss."

"But he cuddles me and he got a boner."

[both chuckle]

I was like, "Guys! Okay!"

What am I supposed to feel about that?

I feel sad.

[sad music playing]

Madlyn told me tonight that
she feels like I shouldn't be with Zay.

And she said that
she thinks that I should be with you.

How did that make you feel?

I don't know.

April was kind of trying to figure out
where you and I were at.

-She loves the shit out of you.

[Rae whispers] Please don't go.

And Zay literally loves you.

I literally had a heart-to-heart with him,
and I was like,

"I don't wanna do anything.
I want you to be happy."

But in all honesty,
do I think he's good for you? No.


I do really like you.

Should I just leave it alone?

[suspenseful music playing]

I would love for us
to go off to the sunset.

But at the same time, he does love you.

And it got me thinking, and I'm like,

"Maybe she should be
with him instead of me."

[Rae scoffs]

I've gotten to know everything about you
deeper and deeper and deeper.

And living with you has shown me

what I really do need in a relationship
and what I do deserve.

You're perfect. You're husband material,
baby daddy material. You're fucking great.

All right, babe.

♪ I know you're too shy
To say something ♪

♪But, baby
Please don't be so careful with words… ♪

I might feel bad
stealing you from somebody,

but at the end of the day,

the person that I would wanna
really leave with is you.

♪ Don't act like a fool ♪

I feel a lot towards you and it's just--

This whole process is just a lot.

[Jake] Mm-hmm.

Come here, come here, come here.

I just don't want you to accept things
from April and not be happy.

I know you have to leave
and move back in with her, but

don't settle for things
that are making you uncomfortable.

♪ Our love can never break
Never break ♪

It's fine. Like, you know,
Zay's getting boners cuddling with people.

We should just leave. We should just--

I'd like to fucking make out with you,
eat some pasta, and forget all this shit.

I just can't take this anymore.

[inhales] Jake, I can't.

This is too much for me right now, please.

[romantic music playing]

♪ This is not the end ♪

Can you tell me what happened?
Were you good? Did you fight anybody?

I was close. [laughs]


So, basically, Colby obviously
always wants to talk

and wants to run his mouth.

He said, "Oh, I kissed somebody,"
this and this and that.

That's when he told the untrue story
and I had to correct that shit,

'cause that wasn't going down
in front of my face.

So after that, Randall just, you know,
he said, like, "I kissed, uh, Madlyn."

"I did that. I did."


I do not think that
I'm the most jealous person.

But damn.

Madlyn is about ready to marry Randall.

And quite frankly,
I think Randall likes that.

The reason why I came here
to begin with was because I--

I love Randall and I wanted to marry him,
and I'm at a place now

where I'm just trying to figure out
what the fuck is gonna happen next.

I think overall,

I'm just feeling a bit overwhelmed
with the entire experience and

a little confused. [chuckles]

Jake was like,
"Can I speak with you outside?"

And so we went outside and we talked,
and he told me that he kissed, uh, Rae.

And then that's what we talked about.
I told him how-- how I felt,

and how uncomfortable I feel with,
you know, him-- him being with her.

And I told him how I didn't like
that they kissed and shit.

But at the end of the day,

if she's happier with him,
then that's cool.

It's not cool, but I'm--
What I'm finna do? You know? Um--


Yeah-- Yeah, what?

You-- you making these faces and shit.

Clearly, I can't fucking
make facial expressions,

or have a thought,

without it pissing him off.

And, like, I just-- That--
That's never gonna be cool with me. Like--

Zay knows that Rae
and Jake have a real connection.

Him talking about it
and me kind of having the reaction I…

was having,

I think it made it real for him.


-Listen. No. Shanique. No. Let me--
-Um, no. Lower your tone.

Lower your tone 'cause
you're sitting up and starting to yell,

and you're starting to get strong
with your words.

Okay. Don't talk to me like that.
You know that.

-Do not talk to me like that.
-I'm not talking to you no way.

Yo. I'm telling you.
I've been sitting here listening to you.

-Because you making faces--
-I'm gonna make faces.

And if it makes you
that damn uncomfortable,

like, I don't know what to tell you.

I'm making faces. You're lucky
I'm not saying what the fuck I'm thinking.

-You can say what you--
-And I'm going to.

-Go ahead. I'm done.
-I was waiting for you to finish--

You can say what you wanna say.

[dramatic music playing]


Uh-uh. Mm-mm.

No, you're not gonna talk crazy
and think I won't say what's on my mind?

-No, no. Mm-mm.
-All right. Go ahead.

Not fucking today. Not tomorrow.

-Well, I don't give a fuck. Well--
-Not next week.

Just because you don't say it with words
doesn't mean you don't say something.

-If it's that important, then just say it.
-I'm not that one, Zay.

If it's that important, say it. Don't make
no funny-ass faces like I'm-- I'm stupid.

So I gotta control my face expressions
because you're uncomfortable?

I don't wanna talk right now
because I feel like you disrespected me.

Exactly. I didn't disrespect nothing.

I'm speaking off of passion.

-Passion is fine, disrespect is not.

-How is it disrespect?
-I told you. I was like--

Because I'm talking louder?

You're telling me
to watch how I'm talking to you--

-Because you-- you making faces.
-Stop yelling.

-Stop yelling.

You're telling me
to watch how I'm talking to you,

because I spoke up and said,
"Watch how you're talking to me."

-Does that make any logical sense to you?
-No, you're being rude. I'm just talking.

I wasn't the one being rude first.

Just be-- Just because I'm speaking loud?

-And I said--
-I'm speaking. Listen. But I'm--

So you got passionate, and I said,
"Can you watch it? Watch your tone."

-I said, "Watch how you talk to me."

So I'm not-- I'm not talking about you,
or, um-- I'm talking about a situation.

I'm gonna call you out your name
because you're tripping.

-Call me out my name. All right, bet.
-You are tripping.

-We ain't got to do this. I'm done.
-So you want me to accept who you are.

-We done.
-You want me to accept who you are,

but you can't accept the fact
that I make facial expressions?

-I'm gonna go on a walk, fam.
-I'm confused.

Well, I'm not--

[Shanique] I was-- I was actually
fucking concerned about your night.

Honestly, listen.


I'm done, fam. It is what it is, fam.
I'm finna leave. This ain't it.

Fuck it.

[Shanique] Try that shit
with somebody else.

[Zay] I don't give a fuck.

[upbeat music playing]

[Madlyn chuckles]

Come here.

I'd say it's about an 85% chance
that Randall has a boner right now.

Oh, my God.

Eh, sometimes I wonder
what it would be like

to have sex with Randall.

-[Randall whispers] You're on the camera.
-[Madlyn] Why do you care? I don't care.

I know you don't care, but I care.

-[Madlyn laughs]
-[Randall] Shh!

You-- [chuckles]

I don't even give a shit about all--
You're stupid.

Love isn't always a physical thing.

[Randall] Easy to have sex with somebody,
but I don't wanna put a move on Madlyn.

That could quite possibly change

the dynamic of the small
and short relationship that we have.

Madlyn is somebody who I knew
from day one I can see myself marrying.

But in order to make that decision,
we need to figure out our feelings,

not just about one another,
but also for who we came here with.

Tonight was crazy because

Colby and Zay had an argument tonight.

Zay felt like the time
I guess they went out and partied,

Colby was putting the blame on him

for having the girls come to kiss Colby.

-I don't care. Next topic.
-No, but it wasn't--

It wasn't more so concerning about you.

It was more so concerning about Colby.

Right. So you're saying, like--
I don't wanna know those things.

That's not what
I'm worried about right now.

I'm worried about me
and exploring things with you.

You get what I'm saying?


Uh, I don't 100% get what you're saying.

Zay was like,
"Don't put my name in that dirt."

Because in reality, what happened was,

Colby was the one
that seduced the girl to come kiss him.

That's what Zay was saying.

He was like, "Don't speak bad
about my name when I--"

So here's the thing.

And I heard you. I heard you.

But also, I don't give a fuck.

I don't care to continue the conversation.
Honestly, I don't give a shit.

-I'm just trying to relay the message.
-But when I say I don't care,

I don't get why you keep talking.

You don't wanna listen.

No, I've listened to enough shit tonight.

Right now, I don't give a shit
about literally anything.

-I think you should.
-[Madlyn scoffs]

I think you should care.

-Okay. What?
-Because that is--

That is somebody you could see
a future with, right?

-But what I was saying is--

What did he say that should make me--?

Listen, Colby admitted
that, like, maybe he was wrong--

Okay. And maybe I was wrong
that you made out with me,

-and I reciprocated and I was into that.

Okay. Maybe we've all been wrong.

We've all explored this situation
in different ways.

That's what we're talking about.
What I'm saying is,

we've had a conversation about
how we can be better for each other.

-So what?

What did you learn?
How can you be better for me?

How about you dig into that instead
of the relationship I came in here with?

I don't fucking care!

Okay. I get that you don't care,
but I'm just clearing the air.

You talked. Let me finish.

It's hard to hear.

So you're rolling your eyes at me
because you're annoyed at me.

At the same time, just know
you and Colby will have to live together.

And you and Colby will have to deal
with the same situation as right now.

I'll deal with that
when I get back with Colby.

Y'all are going through difficult times.

And Colby came out
and spoke about his difficulty,

and also spoke about the times
where he made out with somebody else.

[whispers] Why are you
fucking doing this right now?

It's the truth.

[dramatic music playing]

Don't-- Why are you crying right now?

There's no purpose to cry.
There's no reason to cry.

[Madlyn scoffs]

-[Shanique] Hello.

First of all,

um, I want to apologize
for raising my voice and getting attitude.

I just,

uh, want to explain.

Like I told you, you're the first,
like, you know, person I really, like,

gotten to open up, um, with,

and I was opening up to you about
something that was very important to me,

the Jake and Rae situation.

I apologize because I didn't want
to disrespect you in any way.

And, you know, I mean, I-- I apologize.

Don't give me--

Freaking-- I hate you.

I'm sorry.

Thank you for apologizing.

Every-- I mean--


It's been a hard couple days.
It's been a, um,

hard, um, week and a half.
I have a lot of emotions and, um,

I've been with you every day,
so I'm sorry for taking, um--

-Sorry for taking stuff out on you.
-It's okay.

You know it's okay.

[Zay] Before this experience,
I wasn't ready to get married.

But I've learned in these past weeks,
I'm ready. I'm ready for marriage.

So hearing that
Rae and Jake have a special bond,

it honestly feels like someone has just

jabbed a jagged sword in you,
and just-- just twisted it in.

It's pretty hard for me,
but at the same time,

the feelings I-- I do have
for Shanique have grown.

She has brought a whole lot
of stuff out of me that,

you know, that I've been trying to hide.

So I don't know.
I'm a bit confused about things.

-You get on my nerves.
-[both chuckle]

♪ Say you'll be with me 'til the end ♪

♪ It's just another one of those days ♪

♪ One of those days ♪

-Can I have a fucking minute, please?
-I'm-- I'm gonna be with you now.

No, fuck you for that.

Fuck me for what?

You have only been
fucking vulnerable off-camera,

then you just put that shit on me.

-That's-- No, that's not what I said.
-Fuck you.

So fuck me, but what I'm saying is--

Shut up.



♪ So don't try ♪

♪ To play me like a fool ♪

♪ 'Cause I been a fool… ♪

Please, like, listen to me.

I promise you. I promise you.
I'll respect you to the utmost.

♪ To beg me for my love ♪

[Madlyn] Physical intimacy and sex,

to me, are huge.
It's a huge part of a relationship,

especially, um, as I've not always
been able to be so

verbally vulnerable, open, expressive.

I have a need for that
to be shown through intimacy.

I feel like I put myself out there.

Randall doesn't want
to give that to me, and it hurts.

♪ Don't try… ♪

-I want to go to bed, Randall.

♪ …To beg me for my love ♪

♪ 'Cause I'm better off as one ♪

[Madlyn sobbing]

♪ So, you wanna get into it? ♪

♪ Baby, I'm crazy
You must be crazy too ♪

Madlyn made a comment that, um,
Randall probably likes her because,

um, she makes things very easy.

She pretty much said
things have been perfect. [scoffs]

I still do feel just
uneasy hearing about, um,

the interactions they have had.
I mean, the random hand-holding and the--

I don't know.
The cuddling and stuff. I mean--

Obviously, like, I'm not
in a perfect situation where I'm like,

literally doing nothing.

I enjoy Zay and I's relationship.
We've been connecting, but

it feels different when you hear it about
the person who you came in here to marry.

We're not really supposed
to see each other, but

I wanna talk to-- to Randall.

I don't know what he will say about that,
and how he will feel about the fact that

he's Madlyn's perfect guy.

[upbeat music playing]

Like, what's wrong?

I'll tell you.


I saw drunk Madlyn last night.
I don't-- I don't fuck with you.

-Something very differently.

In my mind, I'm like, "Okay."

"Her drunk in public.
She's doing this in public."

-"What she be doing when y'all at home?"


-I mean, that's-- Yeah.
-You know? She's like,

"Well, Randall kissed me.
Oh, yeah, me and Randall be cuddling."

"Randall be getting hard when we cudd--"
Like, bro.

I get that that's--

Mind you, that's something that
I don't feel like she should have said.

-Is that what happened?
-But I expressed that to you. I told you.

Did you be getting hard
when y'all be cuddling?

If it happened, it happened.
But that doesn't mean it's a--

You see, the thing is, I'm a guy.
It's natural. I'm sleeping with a girl.

You're okay with Zay getting hard
while sleeping next to me?

At that time, I was drunk.

It was an excu-- Don't end-- Would you--?

Why are you looking away
and not listening?

Your whole thing was, you wanna be
a better listener just like I want to.

This is the perfect time to work on that.
It's just us two, what, talking right now.

Why not just listen to what I have to say?

I'm hearing you.
I just think it fucking sounds crazy.

It sounds crazy to you,
'cause you haven't been able to understand

and internalize what I'm saying.

You wanna kiss Madlyn?

-Okay, see, this is--
-Y'all wanna cuddle?

All right.

Your dick wanna get hard?

-Y'all wanna--
-It's funny because you're not--

Y'all-- Y'all wanna do all that? Cool.

All right.

Cool. That's what
you want me to say, right?

This is the thing that
we've been talking about for the longest.

You're not listening to me right now.
You're turning your head.

We're having
an adult conversation one-on-one,

but you're looking to take shots
or-- or deflect from this.

-That's what I feel you do all the time.
-Okay, but that's what I'm working on.

This is something I'm working on.
And I told you it's-- it's--

I'm confused.

I'm gonna be real. So for me to say like,

"Let me just go leave Madlyn by herself
and then just go--"

So you give more of a fuck about Madlyn's
feelings than my feelings right now?

-Bro, you got me fucked up.
-But you're walking away.

But what I'm saying is--
Shanique, don't walk away.

-It's no purpose in walking away.
-No, you got me fucked up.

You got me fucked up.

You just said the wrong shit.
You just said the wrong shit.

[dramatic music playing]

[Randall] I get it.
Shanique is a jealous person,

but she's the one
that brought me onto this Ultimatum.

That was the whole point, for us to be
fully immersed in this process

and not worried about our ex.

Let me walk you out. Come on.

[dramatic music continues]

For her to think I'm gonna be miserable
for three weeks, it's stupid.

This is something that
I did not want to fucking do,

but you offered me this ultimatum.

I'm with Madlyn, right? You're with Zay.

-You're my ex in this whole story.
-[Shanique sighs]

It's-- It's hard to hear. I get it.
And you don't wanna listen right now.

[Shanique] Are you my ex? Cool.

-That's not what--
-We're not in a relationship? Cool.

I have no loyalty to you.

-I have no respect for our relationship.
-Shanique. What?

Because we're exes.

I don't have to speak to you, I don't have
to talk about nothing, I don't have to--

Come on. So-- Shanique.
We're gonna have to be mature about this.

-I'm being very mature.
-You're not.

I'm being very mature.

I'm confused because I was told
that I'm living with somebody else

and that's my new person
for these three weeks.

I was told that.

And you're so okay with it,
that's the problem.

I'm not okay-- What the fuck?

You're too comfortable with
the idea of being with somebody else.

That's all I'm saying.
It should be hard for you not to see me.

What the fuck do you want me to do?
You want me to sit in a corner--

I want you to sit in a fucking corner
and miss me--

Shanique, then that's obvious--

I'm-- Okay. I'mma-- I'mma need you
to really grow up about this.

That was the dumbest thing
I've heard tonight.

You want me to sit in a corner?
Come on now.

-Please. All right.
-All right. This was a great conversation.


[upbeat music playing]

Shanique has been expecting me
to grow as a man throughout this process.

But, honestly, those actions tonight

make me just feel like
she hasn't been growing herself.


So you're about to leave?

Shanique, why do you--? Stop.

I gotta go.
You can just drive me home, please.

This experience has shown me that
Shanique is still the same old Shanique.

She just cut me off, walked away,
and I guess she expected me to follow her.

And I know I was given the ultimatum,

but I think she needs to understand
that after this whole experience,

Randall might have his ultimatum as well.

[upbeat music continues]


Oh, my God.

[happy music playing]

♪ Look where we started
In that empty apartment ♪

♪ Who knew we'd make it this far ♪

-[Rae] All right. I'll head to work.
-[Jake] You look cute in your scrubs.

[Rae chuckles] Thank you.

But, um,
what do you have planned for today?

Um, I'll go to the gym
and then eat some food.

That's my day wrapped up in a nutshell.

All right. I'm gonna make fettuccine
when I get home, so--

-Okay. Perfect.

See you later.

♪ I know we've just begun
We'll stay forever young ♪

♪ Our backs against the sun
We can be whatever we want ♪

I thought we could probably stay in,
you cool with that?


I'm not planning on leaving this bed.

-All right. I'm gonna finish some dishes.

-Thanks for bringing me this tea.

Ugh! Mommy does not feel good, Elle.

Colby and I have been living together
for more than two weeks.

We're experiencing life,
and we're having fun.

But now I'm here sick at home,

and I feel uncomfortable
being sick around Colby,

because I knew this person
didn't choose me walking into here.

He's nurturing me, and checking in on me,
and really trying to help me.

That's husband material.

I wish Jake could see this
and learn from this.

♪ We can be whatever we want ♪

♪ Hey, lion heart,
feel the greatest, so strong ♪

[Rae] So,

what would it look like
if I was Mrs. Cunningham?

-When would you--?
-Ooh, I like that.

-[Rae] You like that?
-I like that. Yeah.

I wanna start traveling and all that,

I wanna have a kid
in the late 20's, early 30's.

So you wanna travel a little bit
before you have a kid?

Oh, yes. Like Thailand, Singapore,

Cambodia, Australia,
those kind of things. That'd be cool.

[Rae] And then how do you feel
about family vacations?

'Cause I think I'd wanna do
like one or two a year.

-I love that, yeah. Yeah, I like that.
-After we have kids, like two per year.

-Wanna sit down here?

A little shade.

Another thing that's
really important to me is,

I want to be involved
with, like, grandparents, like,

my mom, my dad, your mom, your dad.

I'd really want them to be present
in our kids' lives a lot.

Definitely, yeah.

I mean, I've had a small family.
You have a pretty small--

Pretty small family.
So I wanna keep that as close--

-Tight knit?

My mom even hates
that I'm only three hours away from home.

She's like, "I miss you.
I never get to see you."

-I think you need to go out there more.
-I do.

-You need to make that trip.
-Like once a month.

Once or twice a month.

-You want me to come?

-I'd take that trip with you. It'd be fun.
-Let's do it.

You have the best playlists, so--

-Fuck, it's hot.
-I know it's hot.

You can just take your shirt off,
'cause it's so hot.

-Out here you should take your shirt off.
-Take it off, yeah.

-Get comfortable. Yeah.
-Take my pants off, my shoes off.

And then as far as, like,
sex life in a marriage,

I'd wanna have sex
at least four times a week or more.

-Like, maybe six, seven, eight times.

[both chuckle]

Oh, shit, right?

A week, I'd wanna be having sex
at least daily if it was possible.

That's what I want for marriage.

[both chuckle]

You gotta reload and recharge sometimes.


Be shooting blanks every now and then.

Oh, my God.

[upbeat music playing]

♪ I feel electrified ♪

-[Shanique] The sunset was cute.
-[Zay] Yeah.

Austin is so beautiful, though.

Yeah. Carter, come on.

[Zay] Here.

The whole Jake and Rae situation is crazy.
Couple days ago, I was ready to marry Rae.

I don't think she's thinking
the same way I am.

She gave me an ultimatum,
but I don't think she's ready herself.

To marry you.

To marry me. It's-- I mean, I feel like
I'm looking like a fool, basically.

-Like, I look stupid right now.

What you thinking?

I guess I wanna know, who do you think
is gonna walk away from this together?

Crazy enough, I don't know.


Okay, well, this was lovely.

-What's wrong?
-[scoffs] Nothing.

Talk to me.

I thought you might say me
and Randall. [chuckles]

-I mean, shit.

That's joke's on me, I guess.

But, like, I mean, you don't know
what's gonna transpire, and, um--

We have another three weeks
with our previous relationships.

We don't know how-- What's gonna happen
in those three weeks as well.

It's like a harsh reality.

Yeah. And I-- And--

I don't know, I feel like everybody else
is using this as a cheap, free pass.

How-- how do you feel about that?

It is a little weird to see

how much fun, like,
Madlyn and Randall are having,

and everyone else.
And I'm just like, okay, well,

if Randall's, like, the one
initiating things like that,

he should be okay
with me doing the same thing.



But I'm saying, does it make it, like--
Does it make it weirder, like,

between, like, us?

Like, our relationship?

It's easier for people to kind of, like,
wanna be in something

if their original partner is maybe
exploring something else really hard.

Oh, yeah. I really-- Yeah. I don't know.

What you thinking?


I feel like
we've all established that, like,

you're in these situations
with this new person, like--

It's hard not to like a person,
hard not to grow feelings for a person.

And I've expressed many times, like,
I do like you.

I do enjoy us, like, being together.

And I do kind of wish,

since we've been talking about
a lot of, you know,

our emotions and, like, our relationship,

I feel like maybe it's okay
if I do A, B, and C, you know?

You know I like-- I like you.
You know what I'm saying? So--


-I'm ready to head back if you are.

[upbeat music playing]

[Shanique scoffs]

[Shanique chuckles]

[indistinct chatter]

[Zay groans]

[Shanique chuckles]

[country music playing]

♪ Took a double shot of Cuervo
On the other side of Reno ♪

♪ I was worried and ready to go ♪

♪ I'd be home in half an hour
Even took some wild flowers, and hell… ♪

[April] I'm so excited! Let's do this!


[April] I have never played polo before.

I Google searched what the hell we were
gonna be doing today on the way here.

-How does it feel?

-Stirrups high enough?

-They're comfortable?
-I'm good.

[April] This is my final date with Colby.

We have had plenty of dates
where it was April's element.

And so I'm super stoked
that we're gonna be in his element.

[Colby] Woo-hoo!

Get in there.

[April] There we go!

Colby is a cowboy.
I love looking at him. He's just--


Colby looks like he knows what he's doing.

Get in there!

As they say, like,
"Save a horse, ride a cowboy."

-[Colby] You're doing good.
-I am?

-Maybe a little stick touch? Look at that.
-[April] Let's do it.

-[Colby] Some teamwork here.

That was very attractive, seeing you
take control of the horse and owning it.

You make me look forward to trying stuff.
I don't feel nervous at all.

'Cause you're like, "Let's do it!"

Yeah, I'm kinda sad that our time
is coming to an end 'cause it's been

an amazing experience.

I want to be married,

but maybe it's not the person
I was supposed to marry

-and that scares the hell out of me.
-[Colby] Yeah, that's a--

You know, that surprises me.

That's mature of you
to realize that and question that.

That's a new April coming out, you know?
You brought him into this for a reason.

I think now you figured it out.

These next three weeks
are gonna be this time period

that you now get to put that
in front of him

and say, "Look, Jake.
I'm not this April. I'm now this April."

"Let me show you what I can now give you."

And I think you're gonna see
a new Jake out of this.

-It's gonna be a whole new Jake.

I'm just scared as shit right now
going into these next three weeks…


[both chuckle]

…as you are, I promise you.
I gave the ultimatum too.

I'm trying to figure out this person
I'm about to get reconnected with.

Did she mature from it?
Did she learn from it?

Does she understand that
I am who she really wants?

I don't know. It is the unknown.

It really is.

But that's why we're here.

[uplifting music playing]

[upbeat music playing]

♪ I'm hoping hard ♪

♪ I hope for a pause ♪

♪ Took forever just to get it all… ♪

[Madlyn] Cheers to three weeks

that felt way more like home
than I could have ever imagined,

and being able to just open up

in ways we never expected
and fully embrace this experience.

I'll drink to that.


It's our last night,
and while I wanna be open and I wanna,

you know, continue to dig deep,
it's just like,

I'm thinking about going back to Colby
tomorrow and everything that's gonna be.

I'm thinking about the fact that
this could be my last night with Randall,

and everything that we've shared…

is gonna be gone. I don't--
You know, I just-- I still need more.

-Not bad. I love pickle juice.
-The pickle neutralizes.


-I love anything pickled.
-Pickled? You like pickled eggs?

-Oh, yeah!
-You like those?

-Yeah. Pickled onions.
-I don't know about that.

I am so glad that I chose you,
and that we did this together.

If I have any regret or shame out of this,
like, it's how I handled that night.

I was in uncomfortable situations.

I know I was disrespectful to you,
and I apologize for that.

Yeah. We're good, though.
It was three weeks that I felt like--

-Flew by!
-It flew by!

I think that's what happens when
we're having a great time, things fly by.

I feel like I got everything
that I needed and wanted with you.

You were able to respect my opinion
without having that judgment cast upon me.

And, honestly, you made me feel at home.

And I think that's what
really matters in a relationship.

I think that's what really matters.

I mean, just to put it as clear
as it can be, you're an incredible man.

You're a-- you're a threat
to what I came here with.

If anything holds me back from you,

it's the fact that normally
the way that, like, I do accept

whatever, love, intimacy, is physically.

Like, that's the easiest way
for me to do that.

Uh, so for you…

to not express that when, like,
I did try and you were like, "Mmm."

Like, I think that is a big thing
that does hold me back from you.

Well, I'm sorry I made you feel that way.

Could I have done a better job of showing
my physical affection? Absolutely.

It was just so clear that we both felt it,
but you weren't able to act on it.

Was I scared to be physical? Yes.

I apologize for that,
but when I did warm up, I felt my warmest.

Throughout these three weeks,

have I thought about spending
the rest of my life with you? Absolutely.

[romantic music playing]

I'm getting cold now.

-Do you want my jacket?

You're gonna be way more cold than I am.

Randall embodies everything I need,
and my friends need and my family needs.

But tonight feels like the first night
that he's really in it and pursuing it,

and that doesn't make sense to me.

To give it to me on the last night?

Like, could I honestly see myself
with you long term?

What the fuck, man? I mean, like--

Literally, it's like you are
the perfect guy I've been looking for.

But I'm still not gonna let it be enough.

Bullshit. We had a great time.
We learned from each other.

I think you're, right now,
finding ways to-- to be like--

To justify the fact that
you're still going back with Colby,

because I didn't check off
every single box that you required of me.

It's okay to be real.
Just say how you feel right now.

You know how I feel.

Help me.

[romantic music continues]

-I really wasn't expecting that.

That's-- I wasn't expecting that.

♪ Throwing roses at our feet… ♪

I got lipstick all over you.

-Oh, yeah.
-I'm talking about you.

-I have lipstick all over me?
-Hold on. There you go.

♪ I'mma show you what you came for ♪

You look really good.

-Do I?

-How good?
-[Shanique chuckles]

You look really-- You look really good.

Suits are like my favorite thing
to see on a man.


I don't know.

Last night together.

[lounge music playing]

-It went by kinda fast.

How do you feel right now? [chuckles]

How do I feel?

No, seriously, how do you feel?

[Zay sighs]

-Okay. I'll tell you how I feel.

This feels a little awkward to me.

I'm still trying to understand
what has happened this past three weeks.

Damn, coming to these three weeks,
in the back of my head, I was just like,

"I'm just ready for these
three weeks to be over with,

so I can go spend time with my baby."

And now, like, it's the last day,
I'm sitting here like, "Damn."

Like, "I'm gonna miss Shanique."

[sentimental music playing]

Like, I love, like,
our talks and, you know,

us actually digging deep about things

and really
challenging each other to think.

I like that. I like--
I like those-- those conversations.

We just, like--
Everything just happened so fast.

Tomorrow is gonna be very different, like,

"Take this boyfriend out,
and put this boyfriend in."

Like, what? It's kinda weird. Um--

I wish I would've just, you know,

gave you, like, 100% of my--
my attention the whole time,

because I know there's so much more to you
that I didn't get to, you know, reach.

I think I was just holding myself back
from actually falling for Shanique,

and Shanique has helped getting me
more in tune with my emotions.

I feel like I'm this tough guy
with no emotions and, I mean,

she showed me it's okay
to not be okay sometimes.

-This isn't goodbye.
-This isn't--

-It's see you later.
-Yeah, this is see you later.

This is not actually a goodbye.

I just want to remind you
of all the good times that we had

and all the, you know,
good times that we-- we shared together.

I appreciate it.

You're a very beautiful girl.
Like, you're very kind.

Um, you care for-- for people,
and I think--

Like I said,
I think you-- you deserve the world.

Yeah. [chuckles]

Let me stop talking.
'Cause, uh, yeah. I gotta stop talking.

Over here it's gonna
get emotional at this table.

-Give me a hug. I need another hug.


Lord Jesus. Give me a hug.

You were a great trial husband.

[Zay] Mm-mm.

You're like the disco ball
lighting up the whole world.

[romantic music playing]

-[Zay] Just one more.
-[Shanique chuckles]


[upbeat music playing]

What's up babygirl? Come on!

On the bed, come on.

Are you ready?

[April] I'm ready!

-[club music plays]

You got the boots on
and everything. I see!

I was thinking, let's name
the four ways we connected.

-I'll go first.

The number one reason I connected with you
is because your energy.

And you're always positive,

-so that's gonna be my first play.



-So, accountability.

You have a big heart.


The ability to listen.


-That was my last one.
-You get me emotional.

-You're about to get an ass-whooping.


So-- So you tell your last one,
and it's gonna be game on for me.

This one is for your positivity,
and your push and confidence.

This is a lot.

But why I saved that is because

anything that we've done,
anything that you do,

anything when you wake up,
when you come home,

you have been positive.

And you've manifested it
before even knowing

what the day is gonna be
and I appreciate that,

because it does set the day.

It sets the tone for your entire day.

It has set the tone for my day,
and it pushed me to go out and say,

-"Today is gonna be a good day."

And we've had confidence in each other
doing new things that we've never done.

I think we both tried to up-one
each other on our confidence.

We went to the gym.

We probably didn't know
what we were doing in there,

but we were confident.

So this is for you pushing me

into being a positive
and confident person just like Colby is.

-And with that--

[Colby] I think with April, it's been
the best opportunity for me to grow.

And the best thing
I've learned from April is just…


Listen to what people have to say.

Listen to what really matters.

Stop worrying about what Colby has to say,

and I feel like
it's made me a better person.

Being open.

You've been open with me
exactly about how you're feeling,

whether I like it or not, and that's
helped me be able to do the same.

So this is for you being open.

-[Colby] I was trying to cut you off!

You lucky dog!

[April] Woo!

Oh, my gosh.
You have the cowgirl boots on, don't you?

-Are you still wearing the boots?
-I have the cowgirl boots on!

-I'm whooping your ass! [chuckles]
-Oh, my gosh!

You dog!

-You suck.
-All is love. I whooped your ass.

That was a good game.

Good game. I lost focus.

♪ Lift me up, lift me up, lift me… ♪

I'm honestly worn out.

♪ I got you too ♪

♪ Have you feeling brand new ♪

♪ We got everything we need ♪

♪ You're a… ♪


♪ You should really know by now ♪

[April sighs]

[romantic music playing]

♪ I'm so addicted to your love ♪

♪ Don't let me go ♪

[theme music playing]

[theme music ending]