The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On (2022–…): Season 1, Episode 4 - Girls & Guys Night Out - full transcript

Love may be blossoming, but jealousy gets in the way. We're moving fast, so meet the racer dad. The truth stings as everyone trades notes over drinks.

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["Run Out of Time" playing]

[Rae] Do you like music?

I don't know if they have
a dance floor or not, but it'd be so fun.

-You dance?
-Oh, yeah.

-Oh, really? Okay.

I'd dance, but I'm not good at it.

You're a good dancer,
what are you talking about?

What do you mean by that Rae?

I mean, you're good at dancing, Jake.
I just think you're a good dancer.

Last night, when you were,
uh, twerking, I just--

You just-- You know,
you have a hidden talent that

you need to share with everybody.

[Jake and Rae chuckling]

You know, I love living with you.

-It's fun.
-I love it, it's fun.

I really have, like, no issues.
I feel like we're both clean.

Oh, yeah.

We been on the same sleep schedule.
I'm having a good time.

I mean, you make it easy.

The first week living with Jake
is fucking fantastic.

Come on, like--

If I didn't have sexual chemistry
with somebody, I would not date them.

-Good for you. That's really good.
-[Jake chuckles] Right?

[Rae] I issued Zay the ultimatum, so

every time I'm laughing with Jake,
or just having fun or having a good time,

I do kind of feel that guilt.

What are you really--

What are you really feeling?

-Because we both have big hearts.

We both don't wanna hurt anybody.
We don't wanna offend anybody.

We both care about
the people we came here with, but--

I feel like there's something
that you're holding back a little bit on.


I've been having a hard time with, uh,

just being jealous
with the whole situation.

We all have things we need to work on,

and I knew coming in this
that my jealousy was one of them.

Zay works in nightlife.
He does influencing and club-promoting.

The amount of attention that he gets,
sometimes it can be pretty crazy.

I don't wanna harp on it
or make it a big issue, but

I have not been on his social media.

I'll see girls commenting, like,
heart-eyes, and he'll like it.

[Jake scoffs]

[dramatic music playing]

-It's like he's not proud to be with you.

When girls go to his page,

they don't see him
as someone in a relationship.

They just see him as an attractive,
seemingly single guy.

So it does make it a little harder
for me to fully trust him.

At the end of the day, it's like,
"Is this person proud to have me?"

"Are they not posting me
because it's really about business,

and engagement and followers?"

"Or are they not posting me because
they just wanna look available or single?"

Yeah, I had this
in my same last relationship.

April, she has like 50,000 subscribers.

And they care more
about these unknown people,

commenting and following them,
and having that-- that notoriety.

The person you're with is who
you should be giving that attention to.

Yeah, I feel like if I was with you,

I would not have to worry about that
or ask for those types of things.

[sentimental music playing]

If you constantly keep feeling bad,
or you constantly keep

being upset over the same things,

that's not the person for you.

In the long run,
it's not worth it. It's not.

-I don't want you to get emotional. It's--
-No, it's fine.

-In the long run, it's not worth it.

I mean, I realize you need
to find out what you really want.

You got to go deep-deep and find out

what makes Rae happy.

I wish--

I wish these three weeks never had to end.

[romantic music playing]

I can see you're getting emotional.

-No, it's fine.
-You fine?

-I'm good.
-You fine?

-I'm good.
-All right.

-I'm just, uh--

I'm glad that you're here.

I truly see Rae taking it all in,
and realizing that

the relationship she's in
is probably not the one she should be in.

-You getting cold?
-A little bit.

-You want my jacket?

[Jake] I was in
a similar situation with April,

and I'm starting to let go.

I don't wanna sound
like a douche bag but, I mean,

her coming to the realization
is kind of opening a door for me.

[Rae] You're literally--

You're literally shaking.

[Jake] Having a little fun.

[Rae] What's that scene in Titanic where
he's freezing to death and she has on--?

-[Jake] On the board?
-Yeah, that's how I feel right now.

-[Jake] He's like-- He's like--
-[both chuckle]

-She's like, "Jack, I'll never let go."
-[both chuckle]

-Jake, I'll never let go.
-Jake, I'll never let go. I promise.


-Oh, my God.
-Oh, God.

[Jake] We have too much fun together.

-[Rae whispers] Thank you.
-You're welcome.

["Together" by Adeline River playing]

♪ Stars in our very own galaxy ♪

♪ Silver lining in the sky ♪

♪ Yeah that’s just you and me ♪

♪ This is our heaven ♪

♪ When we’re together ♪

♪ When we’re together ♪

♪ When we’re together ♪

♪ When we’re together ♪

[Madlyn] I'm really cold right now.
Are you cold?

It's the same. It's the same temperature.
You usually like it at 64 degrees.

[Madlyn scoffs]


I have such high expectations
from a partner.

I mean, I had a good feeling
that you were it,

but I had no idea that
I would actually be able to, like,

you know, place my trust in you
the way that I have,

and be able to open up with you
the way that I have.

[Randall] Madlyn and I have been living
with each other for a week straight.

I think it's very important for us
to act as if we were husband and wife,

not just in the physical aspect,
but also in the emotional state.

I think passion goes deeper
than just touching and feeling.

It goes--
It hits-- hits right at the heart.

It's-- It's what love is.

[Madlyn] Like, I'm not even--

I'm truly, like, not even thinking
about Colby and Shanique.

[Randall] I don't know. I--

It's kinda hard to try to, like,
forget about and not think about.

[Randall] I'm sleeping
in the same bed as Madlyn.

But, honestly, I am thinking of Shanique,
and what she's feeling and doing,

because I'm wondering
if she's sleeping with Zay.

[Madlyn whispers] Can we go to sleep?

Oh, this is the lamp that
doesn't wanna work for me--

[Randall] I know Shanique likes to

be a little bossy, so I'm thinking that
she's the one demanding to have the bed.

["Who Wants You" by Homegrown playing]

I won't let you-- I won't make you
sleep on the, um, the couch tonight.

-Guess you could stay up here.
-I could stay here tonight?

Don't be doing all
the tossing and the turning,

and the fighting people
when your sleep, okay?

[both chuckle]

One week in, um, living with Shanique,

our connection is building day by day.

The most difficult thing
that I am dealing with is

me and Rae, we're, you know,
very active when it comes to sex.

Picture two lions
just attacking each other.


Um, so it's hard not having
a physical relationship

with someone that you're living with.

[Zay inhales] Um--

A little close.

-I mean, the bed is only so big.
-I'm being like--

[playful music]

[Shanique chuckles]

I appreciate you for being you.

-And I appreciate you for being you.
-For real?

All right. And I appreciate you
getting up to turn the light off.


-I appreciate that!
-Oh, gosh.

[Zay groans]

[Zay groans]

-Stay on top of the comforter.
-I'll stay on--

You stay! You keep your-- your--
them claws from touching me!

-Good night.
-Good night.

["Lines" by Biltmore playing]

[Rae] Are you nervous to meet my dad?

I'm usually good with parents,
but the way you speak of him,

that's kinda made me feel uneasy
about this whole situation.

[Rae] My dad is a race car driver.

For me, being at the track
is like being at home.


["Lines" by Biltmore continues]

I introduced my dad to someone.
This was, like, way before Zay.

-And we went out to lunch with him.

We were riding in the car back,
me, the guy, and my dad…

-…and we were pulling up to a red light.

And my dad just totally got out
of the car while the guy was talking.

Like in the middle of the conversation.

My dad has never really liked anybody,


-that I've dated, if I'm being honest.

[Jake chuckles]

I do value my dad's opinion on everything.

Getting married to the wrong person
does scare me.

So getting his perspective on Jake
is extremely important to me.

-Hey, Dad.
-Hey, Rachel.

-How you been?

-This is Jake.
-[Jake] Nice to meet you, Mr. William.

All right, Jake.
Well, what kind of job do you do?

I do sales. I was in the Marine Corps
for five years, I just got out last year.

-You've jumped from planes?
-No, I was infantry.

I'm a vendor for Department of Defense.
I train people. I won't go too deep in it.

-Is he treating you right?

-As far as the toilet seat--
-Yeah, I keep it down all the time.

-How's he drive?
-Yeah, he's--

Um, he's a good driver.

He actually knows how
to drive stick shift.

-Oh, you do?

-He ever take anybody's parking place?

No? Okay. Drive slow in the fast lane?

-Yeah. Yeah.

You drive slow in the fast lane?

[Rae, Jake chuckle]

-Do you?
-No. I always do 140 in a 55 lane.

Okay, well, we don't wanna
have that with my daughter.

No, not at all. [chuckles]

No, I'm serious.
Rachel, it's like I told you.

You got to go through life
and gauge things, kind of like a car.

Don't just wait for shit to hit the fan,
or for the red light to come on.

-[Rae] Yeah.
-All right?

Okay, so I guess we'll go for a ride.

-Okay. All right.
-Okay. I'm down.

["Whoa Nelly"
by Jung Youth and Russ Macklin playing]

[engine revving]

Rae told me before this that the last guy
her dad took on the track shit himself.

So I think this is his test for me.

I would like to show Rae's dad
that I am a good guy.

I am someone that could treat her right.

And, um, as long as
I don't shit my pants today,

I'm already ahead of--
of the last guy he met.

You guys okay? No one's sick?

-[Rae] Yeah, we feel good.
-All right. Good.

-[Rae] Thank you.
-[Jake] Of course.

Look at that. Real gentleman.

[dad] Oh!

You never really liked anybody
that I brought around very much.

Well, you wanna list them?
You wanna bring them up?

Nope, please don't.
Please, dear God, no. Let's not.

Zay? This dude had pictures all like,
looking like-- Holding his chest--

What was he doing?
He had some really lame pictures.

[Rae and Jake chuckle]

And then we brought him
right here to the track.

When the day started, his pants were like,

up to here.

And then his pants
kept getting lower and lower.

Yeah, my dad, uh, doesn't like when
I hang out with guys who sag their pants.

There's a reason there's pants.
There's a barrier. You got the underwear--

-No, seriously.
-Rae. What is-- [chuckles]

You find Rachel has a good sense of humor?

-Oh, yeah. Yeah, yeah.
-[Rae] Mm-hmm.

-Is Jake better than Zay? [chuckles]
-They're just different.

Of all the boyfriends you've had,
how does he rate?

[dad laughs]

-Um, okay, so,

uh, yeah.
Jake is calm and level-headed.

-Easy to be around each other.
-It's easy to be around Jake for sure.

-Like him?
-[dad] Yeah, he's cool.

[sentimental music playing]

I think my opinion carries
a lot of weight with Rachel.

She'll tell me a story about Zay,

and, you know,
you just get a feeling about people.

My approval hasn't been that high,
but this is the first time I felt like,

"Okay, you know, this guy's okay."

Oh yeah, you guys have my blessing.

You guys got a whole life ahead of you.
Yeah, don't mess that up.

["Super Human" by Remember Summer playing]

-This is Randall.
-Hey, how you doing?

-These are my girls!
-Caila, nice to meet you.

I adore Randall. He's different
than what I came here with.

He carries himself in a very

cool, kind of sexy, quiet way.
He's not demanding.

Randall could actually fit in my life.

It's not just me
going into this experience,

but showing me
that I could take him out of it.

-How y'all doing?
-These are my friends.

-I heard so much about you.
-[Randall] Really?

You guys did move in, like, very quickly.

This experience, like,
y'all don't understand, like--

It's very accelerated.

We're exploring and embracing
all of this as if we're a couple.

So that's essentially what this is.
We came here with ultimatums.

I need to get these questions answered,

and if my answer is Randall, then…

bring it. You know what I'm saying?

-Oh, my God. Really?
-[Randall] Yeah.

So, to give you some backstory,
Maeson and I went to high school together.

-[Maeson] Yeah.

And when I moved to College Station,

she introduced me to Karli.

And then, yeah, Caila, um, was friends
with one of my roommates, uh,

but they work together, so--

We've all been friends
at least four or five years.

Y'all basically grew up together.

-[Randall] Okay.

Y'all knew Colby.


[Maeson] Has Colby gotten louder?
He's loud!

He just wants to be
the center of attention.

[Maeson] In college,
Colby and I did end up hooking up.


Wasn't really something rememberable.

I introduced Colby and Madlyn together.

But on an attractive level,

I definitely think
Randall would be the better lover.

Randall is very attractive.

Randall would be more rememberable.

I would definitely do it
if I were in Madlyn's position.


He is a big dreamer.
He really does, like--

[Madlyn] That is my word to describe him.

And I love that sometimes!

But then when it comes
to things as concrete--

Can he actually do
these things that he's dreaming of?

-That's the question.

[Karli] So, Randall,
what was the initial attraction?

You know, I mean,

was it just her energy,
or was it like this?

When I first met her,
I was like, "Oh, she's super pretty."

Um, but I got caught up

in a lot of physical aspects
in my previous relationships.

-[Karli] Yeah.
-[Randall] So I wanted to feel like

I'd be able to emotionally connect
with somebody that I just met.

I can tell the quality human you are,
and I really don't, like--

If you're not quality, I--

[all chuckle]

-I don't have time for it.
-[Madlyn] Mmm.

What were you guys' fears

when she told you that
she was going onto this experience?

-[Caila] Oh, God.
-What fears did you have?

[Karli] I was hopeful.


Like, I know that sounds bad. I'm sorry.
I didn't mean it like that! Hold on!

I think Colby is a great guy.
I think he's super sweet,

and he absolutely adores you 100%.

-No doubt about that.
-[Maeson] No doubt.

-[all chuckles] Yeah.
-He is a nice guy,

but I just don't know if he's on
the same level as you, like maturity-wise.

Hearing what he has to say,
and, like, how he is, I'm like--

[all chuckle]

-[Madlyn] I know.
-[Maeson] I feel exactly how she feels.

Is there anything wrong with you?

Like, no.

-I'm pretty perfect. Kidding.
-He snored two nights.

You snore? That's bad!

But I don't-- Wait, hold on.

I'm really glad I got to meet you tonight.

Right, cheers to that.

-Who's more in love with Randall now?
-[all chuckle]

[Madlyn] Keep talking.

-I'm like, "Randall's great!"
-[Madlyn chuckles] I know.

[Madlyn] My friends are eating Randall up.

This is the most confused
that I have felt in this process.

I'm having all these
new experiences with Randall.

And then to hear
my friends express doubts in Colby,

and then just sing Randall's praises,

I'm like,

"Should I be embracing this even further?"

"Should I be truly considering
walking away from Colby for Randall?"

[dramatic music playing]


-What up? How was the doctor?
-Ooh, It smells good!

Everything all right at the doctor?

Yeah. Told me to relax my voice
and stop yelling at people.

[Colby chuckles]

-So stop giving me reasons to yell at you!
-[Colby chuckles]

I can't help it. I'm good at that.

I can't express enough how wonderful
it's been living with April.

Our personalities are very similar,
but there's always room for improvements.

We still have our moments
where we butt heads.

Um, I think that's just
our dominant side or our passion.

We have a lot of it. [chuckles]

-[April] Can I help you with anything?

No, I got it. It's a--

[April] That smells really good.

I'm excited! It's the first time
I see you cooking. Is this normal?

-[Colby] No, not at all.
-[April chuckles]

I used to cook for a house in college.

I used to be a really good cook, honest.

It's just I don't-- I don't cook anymore.

I got

somebody better than me
at cooking, Madlyn.

If you talk about Madlyn again,
I'm off. I'm off, I'm out!

[Colby chuckles] God!

No more talking or I start walking.

All I have to say is Madlyn?

[chuckles] I was just kidding.

[April] Asshole!

I don't care, like,
what the other couples are doing.

Jake showed me that
he's running with this experience

and he's taking it head on, so--

I owe it to myself to do the same,
that's why we're here.

That's some big girl stuff!
That's what's up!

Yeah, I kind of--
I feel the same way, yeah.

Like, it's-- it's been really fun,
like, being this close.

Like, it's definitely forcing us
to see each other all the time, you know?

-Which is good.
-I know.

Because we wanna connect fast.

This is definitely accelerating that,
you know?

You should've seen your body
when I hopped into bed last night.

Your legs were all the way on my side
of the bed and you were like--

[Colby chuckles]

That is my go-to move right there.

I was like, "Move over!"
I literally tried picking you up!

That's awesome.

That's literally my go-to.
I'm usually just spread eagle over there.

[chuckles] You know?

Like, that's what I feel.

[upbeat music playing]

[Shanique] This is my new boyfriend, Zay.

[Zay] Hey, how y'all doing?

[Shanique] This is Daddy
making his way over, so--

[Zay] It is weird going
to meet Shanique's family,

because I feel like I'm getting thrown
into the lion's den right now.

This is the first time I'm actually
giving my all and really trying.

I'm kind of scared
of not being good enough for her.

[Shanique] I am here with Zay
because I gave Randall an ultimatum.

Randall and I, um,

basically decided to…


…be a part of this accelerated process.

So, um, we're now broken up.

Um, Zay and I,

we decided to choose each other,
and we now live together.

-[all chuckle]

He has a lot of qualities
that I really feel like

would make a really good partner for me.

And this experience,

it's designed in a way that,
by the end of this,

I'd be ready to leave with Zay,
or marry Randall,

or just walk out of here by myself.


-[woman] I wanna hear the "why" part.

So you gave Randall the ultimatum.

So what brought you
to, like, even doing that?

[Shanique] Um, I feel like
there are certain things

that Randall didn't, um, prioritize.

I thought the best way he can show me
really how he feels about me

and really, that he's serious
and committed to this

is by proposing to me,

and he wouldn't do that, so--

I know it sounds crazy, Mom,
and I saw your-- your little look.

[mom chuckles] No,
because you shouldn't have to--

put in an ultimatum,
be like, "Marry me, or else."

You should know your worth.

[sad music playing]

You should know,
"I'm a damn good catch."


-You know what I mean?

It doesn't reflect good on him as a man,
as a good man for my daughter,

if he can't see
what's right in front of him.

[Zay] Um,

I wan-- I wanna say something about that.
I've never sat there and said like,

"After a week, I really like this girl."

That's why this experience is crazy.
I really like Shanique.

I just appreciate every day with Shanique
because she teaches me stuff every day.

Shanique has definitely
made me a better man,

a better person through this experience.

[mom] So, Shanique, how do you feel?

Um, that way.

[all chuckle]

-[mom] That was a hard one to beat.

Um, this guy has layers to him.

I like him. I really like him.

At first, when I heard about
Shanique going through the experience,

I was like, "Are you sure?"

Don't get me wrong. My daughter is
just an amazing person overall,

but I just feel like this setting is not
the right setting for her right now.

And, um,

that's just my opinion.

-[woman] I know you have an ex.
-[Zay] Right.

-So whose decision was it to do all this?
-[Zay] So she gave me an ultimatum.

Um, and she's ready for marriage,
and-- and-- and, uh,

I wasn't-- I wasn't ready.

[man] Oh.

What was keeping you from being ready?

So, um,

it's a couple things.

For instance, I want financial stability.
Like, I grew up, like, my parents were,

you know, um,
my parents wasn't really there.

And I didn't have anything growing up,
me and my sisters, my brother.

We had to jump the fence
with-- with water jugs

to steal some water from the neighbors
because we-- we didn't have any water,

and I would never have my kids struggle
and have to go through those things.

[mom] I can respect that because
we're from humble beginnings as well.

So I do understand that,
so I can relate to that.

I've seen what not being
in the right mindset will do to a family,

and where I don't talk to--
I don't talk to my real parents at all.

Do you ever think about a day when
you will really reach out to your parents?

Um, see, and that's-- that's the thing.

Like, I mean, you don't--
I don't even-- I don't--

[chuckles, inhales]

[sighs] Um--

Um, I mean--

I mean, I don't know.
I'm-- I'm lost to words. Uh--

I'm not lost to words,
I'm just not trying to--

My eyes are trying to sweat right now,
and I'm not trying to--

But, uh-- No, I mean, it's--

Like, you don't-- I don't even know
if they know my-- my birthday.

They don't-- they don't try to contact me.

They don't, you know,
call me and tell me, "Happy birthday."

And, honestly, it-- it hurts me,

but I don't-- I don't expect them
to-- to do that, so, uh--

[woman 2] You can call me, that's okay.
I'll tell you happy birthday.

Call me any time.
Yeah, I'll tell you happy birthday and--

I like you 'cause
you open up and you're honest.

-I know you are a great person.
-[Zay] Yeah.

And you're very respectful,
you're very polite, and they're--

Honestly, they're missing out.
It's not you.

-[Zay] Yeah, it's not you.
-It's not you. They're missing out.

[mom] Zay, I think he's a great guy.

He's so vulnerable and honest,
and he's funny.

Who wouldn't want that,
you know, person for their daughter?

One thing I learned,
when you let go of all that pain,

you create all this space
for all this joy that,

you know, all the great people around you
that wanna be a part of your life.


It's not just your struggles
that mold you.

Your success also molds you
to the man you're gonna be,

the father you'll be one day. So--

[woman 2] And a husband.

And a husband. Yeah.
To my girl, maybe.

[all chuckling]

Shanique's family, they're great.
These are people that, uh,

I would like just
in my life for the long run.

I'm seeing little bit of spark there.

[all chuckle]

I've been very honest
in saying that I like you,

and I actually told Randall this too.

I do see, like, you know,
this as a-- a great person for me.

I'm like, "Damn." [chuckles]

You know? Like-- [murmurs]

-[all chuckle]

[mom] Since you might be in the picture,

do you like oxtail?

[all laughing]

-Did you like everything you ate?
-I mean, it's gone!

-[man] It's gone?
-It's gone.

[all continue laughing]

[upbeat music playing]

Hello, Mother.

-Hey, Mama.
-Hey, crazy one.

[mom] Mmm.

-Hi! I'm Rae. Nice to meet you.
-[mom] Nice to meet you!

The two people that
we're meeting today are my mom

and then one of my good friends
from the military, Darius.

My mom knows about our trial marriage.

Every girlfriend
that's had some importance to me,

I brought her home to my mom.
My mom's not cool with you, I'm not.

-How's it going with y'all?

-It's been--

[Jake] Yeah.

This whole experience
has just been so crazy. Um--

But he's been super respectful,
and he's super calm.

And also, Jake is super clean.

-I know guys can be messy sometimes.
-[Darius] Hey, that's the Marine Corps.

Yeah! I love that.

[Darius] That's the Marine Corps.

It's nice to live with somebody
who's like that.

We both clean and we kinda split
the chores and stuff, so it's great.

Fighting over who wants to do the dishes.
I'm not used to that! [chuckles]

-Shoot. I'd be like, "You can do them!"
-[all chuckle]

I ain't doing the dishes. Yeah.

I did not agree-- Not agree. I did not--

I was not happy about this at all.


And it's just been worrying me to death.

Is it better now
that you see me and I'm--

-It's all gone?
-Now I do see a difference in--

Just from what he said about you,

he's like, "She's just--
She's so amazing in so many ways."

She is, yeah.

What is the most
attractive feature about Jake?

-[Rae] About Jake?

Jake really cares about everybody else.
And I really like how empathetic he is,

and how in tune he is
with how everybody else is feeling,

so that's what drew me to him.

I'm very proud of him.
He's an amazing, amazing man.

-You did great with him. Yeah.
-And I'm thankful for that.

But you have to know
what your foundation is,

what you need in life before
you can be that person for anyone else.

[dramatic music playing]

I've been out of the Marine Corps
for a little over a year now,

and I've been pushed
to do this, do that, do this, do that.

I'm not ready to settle down right now.

Marriage, kids, house.

Either one of those, like, separated
is a lot of pressure to put on somebody.

But to put all that at once? That's--

-How has April done that?
-[Jake] She brings it up every day.

"I want it now. I wanted it yesterday.
When are you gonna do it?"

"You should do it this time."

You need someone else
that's on the same page to--

to really find out what you want.

It's opened my eyes. I've lived with her,
I'm the happiest I've been in a long time.

-Thank you for that.
-[Rae] Of course.

Y'all are kind of in honeymoon stage,
as far as you're getting

reprieve from your ex,
you're getting reprieve from yours,

and you're finding things,
and that's great.

But any relationship, in the long run,
is gonna be challenging no matter what.

And if you really love the person,

you can get past that,
you can work through that.

I have been talking to April, and I said,
"You have to take this experience,

and learn from it,
and better your relationship."

"That would be the--
the great outcome of this."

She said to me,

she sees where she's messed up,
and that she'd been selfish.

Because she's not. She's not selfish.

She just really, by nature, goes out

and does things for people
out of her kind heart.

She's amazing.
There's nothing that she fears.

She's gonna go far in life.
I really love that about her.

I love April.

I think she's good for Jake
in a lot of ways.

She's the driven one, she's the one
that steps out of her boundaries, and, um,

you know, just takes life by a storm.
Rae, on the other side,

she is a little more reserved, so I think
April's really good in that sense.


So, I'm gonna ask the big question.

[mom, Rae chuckle]

Do you think there would be
a future for y'all?

I would say, yeah.
I think he's a great guy.

[dramatic music playing]


-Can I have a minute with you, please?
-[Jake] Yeah, sure.

I wanna spend some time
with my son, privately.

-[Rae] Of course.

My concern for-- for Jake in this
is that he's easily swayed.

It's great, it's new,
it's fun being with Rae,

but I think he needs to take into
consideration how much he loves April.

Because he really loves April.
April really loves him.

The one thing that
I want you to do is reel it in.

Y'all have had a long relationship,
you've had experiences.

Um, you've made memories.

You need to take
all that into consideration.

[Darius] How do you really feel
about Jake?

[Rae] Um,

I feel really calm when I'm with Jake,

and I think that we both want
what's best for each other.

[Darius] So you're
sexually attracted to him?

[Rae chuckles]

[Darius laughs]

I see y'all together, y'all look happy.

I want you to have an open mind.

There are tons
of people out there like Rae.


I just want you to be happy.
I'll just say that.

[upbeat music playing]

[Randall] I think I wanna try
Sunflower Chocolate Chip.

[Madlyn] I wanna do
the small chocolate olive oil.

Me and Randall have
physical attraction for each other.

We've said we're not gonna be physical.

We've connected emotionally.
Now we've bonded over friends. And--

Even though we said we're not gonna
cross in that physical territory yet,

like, now at this point,
it's all I'm thinking about.

[Madlyn chuckles]

Talking about love all day, like--

It's been a lot. A lot of learning.

A lot of self-reflection.
A lot of thinking.

The thought of putting, like,
all your time and effort, right,

into somebody else until the day you die--

Like, it's-- Not gonna lie,
it's something you look forward to,

but it's hard to grasp that concept.

Dedicating yourself to someone else
all your life, that's not what scares me,

it's just doing that
for the right person.

It's something that I didn't put
a lot of thought into until this,

and I'm almost forced
to think about that now.

That's the biggest thing
with this experience,

is what's been changing, it's like--

Well, I'm having to talk
about all the things and, like--

And think about the things
that I choose to ignore.

Like, once I get married,
I'd be ready to have kids immediately.

If I'm not ready to have kids with you
and really start a life with you,

then I'm not ready to marry you.

I want a girl because
I never had a sister growing up,

but I always, like, wanted one.

You'd be a good girl dad, Randall!

And a boy.

I have in my mind, like,
I guess a dream family, I guess.

-It's like between two to three.
-You want two to three kids?

-How about you?

I'm in the middle of five. Um--


Five. Five, yeah.

Five? Wait, five kids?

Well, I could have five.
Yeah, I mean, I could do it.

I don't need five, but I definitely
want two or more for sure.

Like, all girls would be really cool.

But you're still hard-- hard stop
at two or three?

I mean, I just think two or three is okay.
Five is kind of overdoing it.

That is a lot.
That's not something you can do

unless, you know,
you're able to support five kids.

I think five kids,
um, in the next few years,

is gonna be super expensive.

Um, but for the most part, I think Madlyn
and I agree on the most important things.

Finances, kids, uh, just life in general.

Madlyn is going to be a great wife.

Like, living with you, like,

you don't give off that-- that
you're reckless with your spending.

-You don't give off that you like--

But I have been.

When I get married,
I will have more of that focus of,

-"I'm building a life with a partner."

"I'm building a life for my kids."

It's important to me that
I do that with the right person,

because I do want kids
and I wanna put everything into them.


-The right person. Yeah. I see it.

Randall has all these qualities

that I've been really needing from Colby
that I'm not getting.

But if Randall could just tap into
more of the heat and the passion,

like, we could be
in some very dangerous territory.

[chuckles] I don't know
what's going on with me.

So, I'm just like,
"Can we just get it out of the way?"

[upbeat music playing]

Got it?

Thank you, husband.

[Jake chuckles]

[Rae] Okay. Okay,
I'm just gonna turn around.

Jake, I'm going to--

Are you all right?

Yeah, I'm just going
the wrong way. Hold on.

Gotta sit further back on the board.

-You gotta sit further back.

-Oh, shit. Wait, how do I--?
-You can turn better.

Okay, I'm turning around. Hold on.

[Jake chuckles]

[Rae] Jesus Christ!

[relaxing music playing]

-Got it?

[Jake] I have my own paddleboard.

Every single Sunday, me and April
would go out paddleboarding.

Load up the cooler and stuff.

The boat is escaping from me.

[Jake chuckles]

I'm hoping that Rae also does enjoy
what I usually do with her.

-Is that cool?


-Oh. [exhales]

Super cold. [chuckles]

I guess I-- Oh, shit!
There's a spider. Oh, my God! Ah! Shit!

Do you see that? Sorry.

You good?

Yeah, that spider just tried
to kill me, but I'm okay. [chuckles]

You know I hate spiders, so--

Oh, yeah, you do, don't you?

You were like, "Are you scared of snakes?"

-I was like, "No." What?
-It's here. I'm fucking with you.

-I think it's gone. Yeah, it's gone.

-It's down that way somewhere.
-Okay, good.

-I'm sorry. What were you saying?
-[Jake] I don't know. What was I saying?

Uh, well, I'm really glad that
you got to meet my dad, though.

-I can't believe he liked me.

You're the first guy
that my dad has actually liked,

so I thought that was very interesting.

We had a lot in common. He was cool.
You were so scared, like, right before--

I was scared to introduce you, yeah.

It wasn't bad at all.
It was probably one of the best days.

[Rae] Yeah. I really enjoyed
meeting your mom too.

Uh, yeah, she--

She loved you, truly loved you.

She was like, "That's the kind of girl
you need in your life," know what I mean?

When she says something, that means
more than anyone else or anything else.

She's been about 99.9% right with
all my other relationships I've been in.

-Mom always knows.
-She's been right every time.

I'm, like, happy every time
I come home and you're there.

-I wouldn't want it any other way.

[upbeat music playing]

[music fading out]

["Watch Me Go" by Hot Kicks playing]

I wanna know, what do you have
against Jake with a stubble?

'Cause he's sexy right now.

Like, I don't know.

I really like it!

Oh, I love some stubble!

You don't think
this whole thing's just weird?

-We're all dating each other's people?
-[Madlyn] It's weird!

Sounds great!
Everybody's in a great relationship!

I know! Come on!

[all chuckling]

With Zay, there is, like,
a physical attraction between us.

We got some cuddles in.

He was getting a little, like--

-Oh, no!
-[April] Didn't want to sleep together?

How did you know that he bonered?

-[Shanique] I can feel it!
-[Madlyn] You touched it? Oh!

I'm sorry, Rae. I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.

-[Madlyn] No!
-It's okay.

I was like, "Okay, this is happening."

But how was it?


[Shanique] Zay's sexually attracted to me,
and he was like,

getting hard just laying
in the bed with me.

I'm not gonna lie, like, I--
That was a bit of an ego boost.

Was I flattered?

Yes, I was.

He's just, like, hot as fuck,
but I haven't had sex with Zay.

And that's a fucking accomplishment, so--

But do you feel like you would be
more open to exploring things deeper?

I feel like if I met Zay on the street,
and we got into a relationship,

it would-- it could work, yes.

I think Zay is actually, like,
growing real feelings for me.

I chose not to share to Rae,

because I know that it's-
it's a very sensitive situation.

And so, for me, I just--

It's weird. Shit is getting weird.

[upbeat music playing]

[Colby] Bro,
I've been needing a guys night out.

It's good to be a guy again.

[Jake] No matter who's like-- how good
your relationship is coming into this,

none of them are gonna be
the same after, none of them.

At the end of this experience,
you got three different options.

Go back to who you came here with,

go with the person
you've been living with,

or go by yourself.

I mean, the most important thing
is being 100% truthful.

You just have to embrace the experience
and understand that

this experience is to help you throughout,
not just for the time being.

I think that's what
Shanique has-- has really taught me,

is it's okay not to be okay.

From the very beginning, Zay,
you've been extremely expressive.

Like, me and you are very--
more like anybody here, I feel like.

You think so?

You don't feel that way?

No, I was just asking if you think so.

-Do you not feel that way?
-No, I'm just asking if you think so.

-I do think so.
-[Zay] Okay. For sure.

I feel like we say what's on our mind.
Me and Zay went out one night.

And there was a whisper
between Zay and this girl,

-but she fucking planted one on me.
-[Zay groans]

-And I received it, and I ran with it.
-[Zay] Okay.

He told that girl to come over to you?

It felt like it was Zay's intentions
for her to make out with me, yes.

Absolutely. Zay talked to this girl.

She goes and kisses you,
that has nothing to fucking do with me!

I mean, it happened, right?

This is something
I've been wanting to talk about.

I don't like how you just said, uh,

"Zay was--
There was some whispers going on."

[Colby] 'Cause it happened!

You were talking to her before.
She walked up to me and said--

-[Zay] Fuck that.
-She did what she did.

Bro, you-- you were fucking
making out with her back!

Stop acting-- Don't--

I'm not trying to deny what happened!
I just said what happened!

No, no. Listen, listen.

I really don't give a fuck about--

This is me being a man,
owning up to my shit right now,

-putting your name in my words.
-Stop talking while I'm talking.

-I hear what you're saying.
-That shit fake as fuck!

-How was that fake?
-Don't try to play fucking dumb with me.

I'm not playing-- I'm not acting stupid,
I'm calling you out.

All right. Randall, switch me seats, fam,
before I fuck this dude up.

Before I fuck him up, bro.
This is pissing me off.

I'm sorry, Randall, bro, but he's-- he's--

[Colby] Bro.

I don't wanna reach out and--
You know what I'm saying?

Do some shit that I'm gonna regret.
Don't fucking piss me off, fam.

But I'm glad that I'm growing as a man.

I'm glad we're in this setting,
because a whole different type of Zay,

this wouldn't even be happening right now.

I'm so honest and open, bro.

You're not honest and open, though.
This is something you're not capable of!

Like telling the truth. You're not capable
of that, and I understand that.

-Did you bring the girl on him?
-I did not.

Who do you think I am?
You think I got mind control?

What I saw is you saying,

"Yeah, this girl tried to kiss me,
and I pulled away."

-Stop fucking lying! You said--
-You're saying that I enjoyed the kiss.

So now we know.

[Jake chuckles]

[Zay] Uh, Colby is a liar and a cheater.

Hey, this is-- Hey, this is--

That shit fucks with me!

Oh, my God, dude.

["Tough Love" by HALLIE playing]

I just wanna know, like,
how have you felt being with Jake?

I just don't wanna feel like
I'm rubbing anything in.

You're not gonna rub it in.
Just be open and honest with me.

I'm enjoying it. It's nice.

You sound very nervous.
I am a very confident-ass woman.

Okay. We just sort of kissed.
It just happened.

How did that go?

-[Rae] Uh--
-[Madlyn chuckles]

-[Rae] It went good.
-Who started it?



Um, I think me.

Oh, he's got some
beautiful-ass, luscious lips.

That's the one thing I miss.
But that's what we came here to do.

I expected it. I can't be mad.
If you need to explore it,

get it the fuck out of your system.

When I gave the ultimatum,
I dragged him into it.

We had our kisses too before we got here,
but mine wasn't on the lips, so--

I told him, "Go in there and treat
that woman just how you treat me."

And now, like, seeing him do that to you,
I did take it for granted and I fucked up.

Jake's eye's through the peephole
before I walk in the door, and he's like,

"Hey, baby! Hello!"
I'm just like, "Get off of me!"

And now that I don't have it, I miss that,
and I totally appreciate it now,

even more than anything
because I haven't had it.

There's stuff that I realized.
Like doing dishes.

I'm like, "Fuck, I've never done this."

Jake does dishes. Like, I cook.

Jake clean, cleans, cleans,
and cleans up after me all the time.

And so, it is a learning experience.

I'm like, "Holy shit, this is why
he's frustrated," you know?

And I totally get it, 'cause
Colby does like not like my dog hair.

I'm cleaning it
'cause I know that's not his preference.

He can't stand it. So, I'm doing it
for someone I never even knew.

I told Colby, I was like,

"You better brag about this,
because I do not do this at home."

-I'm gonna tell you something.
-[April] Yeah.

-It's gonna come off offensive.

I'm trying to get to know
you and Jake as a couple.

[April] Yeah.

-I think you just talk over him.

-Like, you talk. You're a talker.
-I know.

-You run a million miles an hour.
-I know!

But, like, slow your shit down
and listen to him.

-You're hot, and, like, you love this man.

Yeah, I mean,
that's only nice thing I'm saying, so--

Let him speak.

Let him say things,
because Jake doesn't feel heard.

I'm not trying to shit on you now.

No, we had-- And that's why
I got emotional the first night we got--

I know! Like you're realizing
these things, and you want it.

I can tell, you're in love.

You wanna do these things for him.
Put yourself on a 30 second timer,

and be like, "All right, I'm gonna
shut the fuck up for 20 seconds."

I wanna hate you, but I can't,

'cause I see love and passion in you,
and I know you wanna be your best.

[April] I'm excited
to get through these weeks.

Things need to fucking change,
but we'll figure our shit out.

We were so serious
with each other and, like,

committed and being in a marriage
and in, like, a relationship.

We planned a wedding.

My dad thinks we're married to this day.
He thinks Jake is my husband. He's like,

"I don't believe
that y'all aren't married."

-[Rae] Wait, what?
-So we--

Hold on, I'm confused. Wait.
Your dad thinks that you're married?

We function as a wife and husband.
Jake was like,

"You're gonna be the mother of my baby."
We never use protection.

Every time, we've never used protection.
He's never pulled out on me.

And to have infertility issues
and you say you're not ready to have kids,

-but your actions--
-I'm sorry, what?

I think that is fucking wild
that y'all met and, like,

were like, "No birth control."

He would be down
to have a kid a year from now.

If he got her pregnant right now,

he wouldn't have
a kid until a year from now.

For people to say,
"He's not ready for kids," it's like,

this man tries making a baby with me
every night! That's my frustration.

He basically told me
he was super open to, like,

sleeping with no protection and,
"If it happened, it happened."

That's what pisses me off, to hear
someone say, "If it happens, it happens."

Like, day one, we could've had
a one-year-old right now.

Right, and he's still open!

-He's open to that.
-That's wild to me!

[sad music playing]

That's my journey, and I know that
nobody will understand it, and it's okay.

And it's been two years and, like,
my body just can't get pregnant, so--

Yeah, that fucking sucks as a woman
to know that your body is not working,

be told that I have cysts in my ovaries,
that I'm not producing the hormone that--

Like, I spend so much money.
I can't-- My body just doesn't ovulate.

I want you to know I empathize with you,
and I'm so-- I'm really am sorry that

this is happening between you and Jake,
and you're going through this in general.

I just feel so fucking helpless.

I think you'll be a great mom.
Seeing the way that you love Jake,

I think you're capable of really
loving a kid and being there for them.

I think you'll be great
no matter what you do.

Thank you.

"Deep in the Water"
by Stevie Gold playing]

[music fading out]

Bro… I've been mad.

I've been like, "Damn,
Jake's over here with my girl and shit."

And I wanna let you know,
with that, I have all due respect for you.

It's hard to see somebody else
with your girl, you know?

I don't want you to, like,
hate me for that shit, you know?

I don't hate you.

-I can't be mad at you.

Because even though you do--
you do respect me…

-…you don't owe me any respect.

You don't-- You don't owe me any loyalty.

It's more on her.

But at the same time,
I can't say it's more on her,

because she gave me the ultimatum
for something I wasn't doing right.

She's been with you
for, like, the last two years, dawg.

The big thing that she's having
a problem with is,

hey, you going out doing social media,

you have a lot of followers,
you have these girls all over you,

you're taking your shirt off
at the bar, shit like that.

It's bothering her because she's like,
"I don't have someone there for me."


At the end of the day,
put her on your social media.

I know the followers,
because April is the same fucking way.

Once you post your significant other,
you lose a lot of followers,

you lose a lot of things.

At the end of the day,
who are you gonna have?

The one you're with is the one you marry.
That's who's gonna matter end of the day.

Yeah. I haven't told Rae this.

But Rae has to accept me for who I am.

I'm ready to marry her.
I'm ready to marry Rae right now.

Obviously, don't fucking tell Rae.

You want her,
you love her, and I get that.

But, uh, you got to get
where I'm coming from in my situation.

Because you have a wonderful girl.

And me and Rae have connected
on every single level.

We're like literally the same person.

So it's been so easy moving in with her…

-…because Rae has showed me another side

to where I'm missing in my relationship.

-She is fucking the perfect girl.

One thing I've heard Zay say a lot
is that, like, you don't speak up enough.

He was like, "I love that I can
communicate and talk to you, Shanique."

He was like, "I'll ask Rae
how she's feeling and she won't tell me."

I love him so much that I try to avoid
having those really nasty arguments,

and when he gets reactive like that,
I tend to retreat just because--

Sounds like something to run away from.

I'm just throwing that out.

Do you really think that all of your needs
as a woman, as a partner,

could be fulfilled by Zay?


I mean, let's be fucking real!
That's what we're here to find out.

When you live with Zay and have arguments,
are you gonna have a different response?

[Madlyn] Yeah.

Yeah. Um,

I would like for him to be less reactive,

and then as far as the nightlife,
promoting, social media side of things,

maybe scale that back,

and be less flirty, less involved
in social media, nightlife, I can do that.

I just honestly have seen
you and Jake together,

and I think y'all are
a fucking incredible couple.

I get that you have a history with Zay.

But I think if you really think
about what does Rae want,

is Zay capable of giving you those things

that Jake does naturally?

'Cause you know he fucking does,
or you wouldn't be smiling!

-I'm sorry. I'm telling you the truth.
-I know.

Who are you trying to leave with?
Zay or Jake?


What does Rae want? Do you even know that?

[Zay groans]

You see, I'm the only one out of us four

-that did give the ultimatum.
-[Jake] Okay.

[Colby] And now,
the more time I spend with April,

it's like,
now it's just fucking clear as day.

I was right all along.

Because it's making me realize how much
love I have for this other person.

My heart is somewhere else.

Madlyn is truly what I want.

[Randall] Madlyn has
taught me so many things,

because Shanique, she's very opinionated,
very one-sided, very like,

"If this is not the right way in my mind,
then this is, like, the wrong way."

Maybe you appreciate it,
maybe you should appreciate it more.

Madlyn is very understanding.

[Colby] I use the word "accepting."

[Randall] I love Madlyn.

Madlyn is a very good person.
She's a very sweet person.

Like, Madlyn and I, like,
are almost the same person.

I think Madlyn has taught me more
to be more in touch with my emotions,

allow me to be able to show my feelings,

whereas Shanique is more
so headstrong with things.

She's not the best listener,
but Madlyn is.

You're my threat, dude.
Now, like, you're my fucking threat.

But I'm gonna tell you, bro. Like--

Madlyn and I have had
a very unique experience,

in the sense that
I was almost scared to be with her,

because I felt I was gonna be
the most comfortable with it.

She's taught me so much
in these past two weeks,

having to have patience,

having to have
love, compassion, affection.

As I'm sleeping beside her every night

till I see her waking up
at 7:30 or 6:30 in the morning,

if she's getting up for work,
let me at least do these small things

to make sure she's good for the day.

Madlyn and I have slept in the same bed.

We've talked about personal feelings.

We spoke about and talked about
what things we don't like about our exes.



-It's hard to fucking hear that shit.
-It's hard to hear,

but it's something that--

If you want to accelerate this process,
it's something that you do need to hear.

And honestly,

uh, Madlyn and I have kissed before.
I-- I kissed Madlyn, bro.

[Colby] You what?

[Jake laughing] Oh, shit! Oh, shit!

[Colby] What did that kiss mean to you?

[Randall] We just kissed.

It was a time where we were
the most vulnerable, and it happened.

[sad music playing]

Look at us at this table.
You think there's not boners all around?

Randall's sexy.

-Like, I would tell you, I love you.

I love you!

But, like--

Randall's amazing.

Randall is everything
I've ever asked for on paper,

and he's beautiful.

One night, we're like--

Randall just kind of reached
and, like, held my hand!

-He held on. [chuckles]

-Like, literally, we held hands.
-He doesn't even hold my hand!

[Madlyn] He's expressed that
he's physically attracted to me also.

[dramatic music playing]

So I'm gonna tell you that!

Like, I'm trying to--

Please, like, I'm really trying
to be good as hell, sis!

No, you're good. I'm just saying,

I'm starting to realize
something's missing from Colby,

and I'm getting all I need out of Randall
that I've ever asked for out of a guy.

Randall's like
my fucking perfect guy. [chuckles]

[dramatic music playing]

The fuck? [chuckles]

Me hearing, "Randall's sexy,"
making me want to shoot myself. [chuckles]

[Madlyn] Randall's big thing,

he's not being listened to.
He expressed, like, in your relationship,

"She doesn't listen to me.
She has to just throw her opinion on me."

I'm gonna be honest. I don't think
I felt that appreciated for being myself.

I am an opinionated person.
Like, I really am.

I guess, for me, like, I just--
I literally was like,

"There's-- there's no way
Randall will leave me."

There's just no way.

Shanique is very confident
in her relationship with Randall,

but Randall has shown
a genuine interest in me.

I think I do more appease the things
that Randall's been asking for,

that Shanique
has not been able to give him.

Like, I think it's weird that
he's not ready to live with you.

Well, the thing is, my thing is

I don't wanna live
with him unless he proposes to me.

No, I think what it is, is the fact that

I've, like, made him very comfortable
in our relationship,

and I've given him all, like,
the privileges--

[Madlyn] Without even living with him!

Yeah, I made it like-- I gave him
all the privileges of being his wife,

so he doesn't feel like
he has to make me a wife.

-Right, but I lived with my boyfriend…
-[Shanique] That's what it is.

…and I am his fucking wife essentially,
and I don't wanna be his wife!

For the first time, Randall's been like,

"You've shown me that
maybe it's not the timeline."

"Maybe it's those kinks in a relationship
that are holding you back from marriage."

Like, I think I would be ready
to embrace this and be with somebody

if it was, like, the right thing,

and I told him, I was like,
"That finances shit is bullshit."

"If you find the one to build a life with,
you won't hold back." And he admitted it.

I feel like he just doesn't do,
like, a lot of spontaneous shit.

But he's intentional!
I mean, don't you value that?

"Doesn't do anything he doesn't mean,"
I'm stuck on that.

I mean, I don't know.
He kissed me off-camera.

I touched a boner as well,
but I didn't ask for that shit.

He kissed me, okay?

[Shanique] Madlyn is kind of
freaking me out right now.

I didn't know
there were boners involved, so--

He really wanted to figure out
whether or not it was real.

She is talking about the fact
that Randall kissed her


And I have--
I have feelings about that, because

she made sure to let me know
that Randall is very intentional,

and he does things that he means.

If I'm truly fucking honest with myself--
If I'm truly fucking honest with myself,

my biggest fear coming in here
from day one was that

Randall could walk away from me,
and I'm terrified,

especially after tonight,
just kinda hearing how everything's going.

I'm terrified of the thought that
that might be a possibility.

How do you think he feels about you?

-I don't know.
-Y'all didn't talk about it?

[Madlyn] I came here
for answers and the truth.

Am I going too hard, Shanique?

[dramatic music playing]

-I'm gonna go pee. Where's the bathroom?
-I actually would go with you.

[April] Okay, where that guy
just walked by? Okay.

[Shanique] Madlyn has done a great job
of pissing me off tonight,

being a little bit too adamant
about how fine she thinks Randall is,

how he's the perfect guy.

I'm not into telling people
what to do with their lives,

but when you're going home to my man,
I'm a little concerned.

I think that Shanique is upset about--

-I don't care.
-And that's okay.

It needs to affect her.

Randall did have
every intention of kissing me.


He did.

We all came here for answers.

And Randall kissed me off-camera,
I think it scares the shit out of her.

But at the same time, like--

If it's not her, it's not her!

The reality of the situation is upsetting.


I'm gonna need somebody to, like,
fucking supervise Madlyn tonight.

Somebody watch her tonight, please.

I'm done!

I'm ready to go make out
with Randall off-camera.

-Take these wires off me.
-[man] Yeah.

[ending music playing]

[music fading out]