The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On (2022–…): Season 1, Episode 3 - New Bed, New Partner - full transcript

One shock follows another as an honest, tearful outburst leaves everyone speechless. Later, the accelerated trial unions kick off with pillow talk.

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[relaxing music playing]


I want to marry Alexis.

[sentimental music playing]

[Colby] Oh, my--

Mm. [chuckling]

[Colby] Oh, my God--

-I know you gave the ultimatum, but…
-[Alexis breathes heavily]

-I love you so much.
-[Alexis sniffles]

You talked about clarity,
and you talked about

wanting to understand
what I want and what I need.

And this experience
has showed me so clearly that

I was just scared and I was using
moving in together as a way to delay

what I knew inside,
and I'm not scared anymore.

And I want you and I accept you.
I love you for who you are,

all the good and the bad,
and I don't wanna be with any other girl,

'cause I already know in my heart
who I want to be with and it's you.

-Alexis, will you marry me?
-Yes. I love you.

[all applauding]

[gentle music playing]

You've got to be kidding me. [chuckles]

It's like, "What the fuck?"

I just wasted my whole week here.

I'm looking at Colby,
and he better stay in his chair.

Because I have not changed my mind yet.

[upbeat music playing]

[Hunter] Alexis is my person.

As I thought about my connections
with all the other women here,

pretty much every personality trait
that I was attracted to and connected with

is something I already have in Alexis.

And I honestly can't see
any other future with any other woman.

-I love you so much.

The whole goal of this experience
was for Hunter to have 100% certainty

that I'm the one,
and through this experience,

he realized that he wants
to spend the rest of his life with me.

Hunter proposing is

the best night of my life,
the best moment of my life.

It was perfect.

Love is in the air! What? [chuckles]

[April] Jake, you better be next.

[whispering] I'm going to choose you.

-Fuck off.
-[Nate] I'm serious.

-Wait, what?
-I'm serious.

-[Madlyn] What did you say?
-I'm going to choose you.

[normal tone] Okay, um,
we still have some business to attend to,

so we'll-- we'll get right back into it.
Colby, how has this week been for you?

[Colby] I always love sitting down
with Lauren.

And just to jump right into it,
the reason I could potentially see

that marriage future with you,

is because she brings out the best in me.

And I think that's what,
ultimately, marriage is about,

it's making that
other person better naturally,

that's what I'm looking forward to doing
with that special somebody one day.

Um, I'm just gonna be real with it.

I don't think Colby is,
like, a good person. [chuckles]


[Nick] You know what I'll ask you next.

If-- if you call someone out
for not being a good person,

I need to hear what it is
that makes you feel that way.

So I went on one date with him, and

you know, the first thing he tells me is,
"You're unattractive," and because--

[Colby] That wasn't
the first thing I said.

I don't want to waste your time just
as much I don't want to waste my time.

We came here for one reason,
and that's to explore ourselves,

and to truly connect
or try to connect with somebody

that we could potentially
be making a huge decision with.


-[Alexis] Yeah, I'm gonna interrupt--
-I apologized.

'Cause, like,
I appreciate what you're saying,

but I think you're giving yourself a lot
of credit where credit's not deserved.

[Lauren] If I'm being fully honest, like,
I didn't see that side of Colby.

Like, he has been very kind to me,

and I kept on wanting to go
on these dates with Colby because

we have had really good, genuine dates.

I want you to know that
I had good experiences with you.

He's really kind, and, um,

I need kindness.

It is crazy to say I love you in,
you know, just so short a time.

Lauren's an amazing person,
and I think if anybody was to sit down

and truly get to know who Lauren was
like I have been so lucky to,

it's, um, it's been incredible.

Are you ready to make a choice?

Yeah, I am confident with my choice.

[Colby sighs]

I choose Lauren.

I've always believed in gut feelings.

And going into it, I had lots of questions
about you not wanting to have kids.

But I'm not exactly
in a rush to have kids.

I can wait on that, and I think
that's something I can help you overcome.


and make you understand
how beautiful kids can be.

But I'm also really confident
in making this choice

because how well
we do have that connection,

how natural our conversations go.

And I think going
into something as serious as this,

I wanna get the full experience out of it.

And I think that person would be you.

[Nate] I'm listening
to Colby choose Lauren,

and it's stressing me out, 'cause why--?
Why did I come here,

if I'm gonna end up having
fucking big cheese Colby

live with Lauren for three weeks?

Colby is the type of guy, in my head,

that is gonna continue
to try to push the envelope,

continue to try to approach Lauren,
and that worries me.

I don't trust Colby,
and I don't know his intentions.


Are you ready to make a choice?

Yes, I am.

If Lauren chooses Colby,

and they end up living together
for the three weeks--

I'm shitting my pants.

I'm not trying to do anyone up, but…

-[Madlyn] What the fuck?

[Lauren] Wait, what? [chuckles]

-Will you stand up?
-[Randall] What the fuck is going on?


[Nate] I've learned through this that…

[Lauren chuckles]

…I don't have a family without you.

And as long as I spend
the rest of my life with you,

that's all I want.

[Colby] I mean,

what is going on?

There's no one else that
I could imagine myself being with

besides you for the rest of my life.

-[Randall] Oh, my God.
-[Nate] So, Lauren…


Will you marry me?
Will you spend the rest of my life--?

Abso-fucking-lutely. Like, yes, please.

[chuckles] I don't know.

[April sniffles]

[Alexis] Interesting.

Very interesting.

You guys don't agree on kids.

You haven't worked that out.

You told everyone on your dates
that you want so many kids, not just one.

If you didn't care,
why even give an ultimatum?

[Madlyn] Wait, I'm so confused.

-[Nick] Congratulations, guys.
-Congratulations, guys.


[Nick] But, hey, will you, uh--
Everybody take your seats.

-[Randall] Wow.
-[Vanessa] I…

Okay. Congratulations,

Nate and Lauren, and, um--

So we'll-- we'll get right back into it.

[Nick] Colby, you chose Lauren,
and certainly this

throws a little wrinkle
in that whole scenario.

What's going on in your mind?

I mean… [sighs]

…don't get me wrong.

Like, congratulations,
that-- I am so happy for you,

and I cannot wait
to experience what y'all just did.

But like,

I'm like sitting here looking at you,

and I don't see the excitement,
like, within you.

And you came here with, like, the, um…

You're the one having the ultimatum.
Like, you were given the ultimatum.

And we've gone four or five days,
and now all of a sudden--

Are you saying that her saying yes
to me proposing

to the love of my life is her being fake?

-Is that what you're saying?
-After four days?

-Let him finish speaking.
-[Nate] Four days of us dating? What?

What made you ready for that?
What changed? That's all I want to know.

Well, first of all, we've been dating
for two and a half years.

Like, it hasn't been four days.
Like, we've been dating--

I'm so sorry. Just because
I don't want the misunderstanding,

I think what you're trying to say,
correct me if I'm wrong, is that

you gave Lauren an ultimatum, Nate.

And after four days
of being here, you're like,

-"I'm ready." And so he thinks--
-Then can I talk?

[Vanessa] Yes,
but that's what he's saying.

[Nate] You should be directing
your conversation to me then, right?

And what I said,
I don't know if you listened,

whenever I proposed
to the love of my life.

What I said to you, Lauren,
I love you so much.

What I said to you was,

I don't care about anything else
besides having you, all right?

I don't care about if-- if-- if--

if me being with you is
a sacrifice for me not having kids,

then I'm okay to have that sacrifice.

And if that means that
we're in our life forever,

and we don't have kids,
I'm okay with that.

Congratulations. That's not gonna kill
this experience for me.

I still wanna go down that road
with somebody and connect with somebody,

and explore, and--

-Yeah, fuck all that.
-[Nate] So--

What I'm focusing on now is you, April,
because you didn't go unheard.

-I heard everything you said to me…

…and I know you meant it.

And I'm willing to open that door up,

and explore that with you,
and see if we can't connect.

Because I-- I did have something there.
There was clearly something there.

[Nate] Cool. And-- and I just want
to say one last thing, man.

Why are you upset that I proposed
and got engaged to this girl right here,

whenever you wanted
to have that experience with her?

So I prevented you
from having that experience with her?

But now whenever I literally get
engaged with a girl, you're saying that

-it's preventing you--
-Back to what you were saying, Colby.

But Colby,
back to what you were saying. Like--

-[Colby] Let April talk.

I'm so glad that this has
kind of happened this way,

and I'm really fucking pissed, so--

I'm really happy to go
through this experience with you,

because this is
the reason that I came here.

And I want to, like, really talk
about some serious shit with you guys,

and I just want you guys to hear me out.

I love you. You're my best friend.

I would not have put
our relationship at risk

if I didn't see us walking out of here,

and I'm 110% sure that
you will be the father of my children,

you will be my husband,
and we will walk out of here.

And I don't think
a lot of you understand that, like,

he gave me the shit end of the stick

about some serious fucking issues
that we had in our relationship.

And I heard his side, and we are resolving
some serious conflict between us.

And it sucks, like, being told that I am
the fucked up person in this relationship,

but I sat there
and I heard him out completely,

because that's what I signed up for.

And I'm listening. I don't know
how many of y'alls' partners told you

that they have a connection
with somebody else here,

and from the looks of it,
y'all sound like you'd be very scared

if that was to happen.

And it sounds like that's what's happening
'cause he told me,

"I have a connection
with somebody else."

And that fucking hurts,

but, like, I trust that, like,
this is what I signed up for,

and if he needs to go explore that
and we walk out of here stronger,

then, like, that's what we're here for.

And so what doesn't sit well with me
is that I've spent this entire week

getting out of my comfort zone,

getting to know Hunter,
to know Colby, getting to know Nate.

And this just doesn't sit
well with me because

some of y'all really want to get to know

if your significant other is the person
you're walking out of here with.

Some of you really need
to go through this experience

to find out if that person is the person
you're supposed to fucking be with.

And that's why I'm here,

and it's the hardest thing
for me to sit here

and listen to my best friend tell me
about his falling for somebody else,

and that may derail
this whole relationship

that I'm in here for the long run,
not to half-ass it.

So I'm happy for both of you,
but if you want me to be real,

I don't think that engagement was real,
and I'd be pissed--

My God. Are you fucking kidding me?

Can you let me finish?
I'd be pissed if I were you, Alexis.

I'd be pissed if I were you, Alexis,

because if Jake proposed to me
and someone just randomly

got up and gave this fake-ass proposal
when your ultimate--

Fake-ass fucking proposal?

When your ultimatum
was to walk in here and say,

"I want a family. I want kids."

And, like, we have had
so many conversations with you guys.

For you to get up and steal
the spotlight from their fucking night,

and come here with this bullshit story,
"You're my family."

Like, "I'm okay with having kids."
That's not coming to a compromise.

That's neglecting the issue
that you guys seriously have.

That's the opposite of what we're doing
and why the fuck I'm here.

So if a lot of you guys aren't gonna
be real with yourselves,

like, now the two people I've connected
with most this week are, like,

off of here.

Are you like a 15-year-old, flying around,
not understanding what's going on?

-[Nick] Let her finish.
-My God.

It's to a point where you gotta
let someone fucking talk. Stop.

I think everything you just said,
a lot of people are probably feeling.

Where I'm having a hard time is,
you gave the ultimatum.

And I don't know if anyone here
at this table, with clarity, can say

you guys worked out what
you came here for as the ultimatum.

And I know if Hunter said to me,

"I'm not okay with getting engaged
before we live together,"

I've made it very clear
I'm gonna walk away.

And as hard as that is for me,
because I've given myself to him

for more than two years,
it's truly what I believe in my heart.

And I see what April's saying.
Like, I get it.

Their issue of being
at odds about having kids,

that's not solved in a week.

I don't know if that could've been solved
throughout this entire experience.

I think they're still
gonna have that issue

whether they continue
with this engagement or not.

There's gonna be problems.

[Madlyn] I can understand how
some people are feeling here,

because that just
totally changed the experience…

-[Alexis] Yeah.
-…that everybody here is here to go on.

And, also, you told me
ten minutes before proposing

that you were gonna choose me.

So I was thrown through a loop.

Who chose me? Who chose me?

It's so funny how you said Nate told you
ten minutes ago before he proposed

that he was gonna choose you,
because Jake just asked me,

"Why didn't you choose Nate?"
Honestly, of all our conversations,

I felt very in tune
and, like, in sync with y'all.

And I told Jake this, and I told Lauren,
like, the reason I didn't choose Nate

was because a lot of our conversations,

we talked about our dogs,
about adventures and stuff,

but there were so many fucking moments
when we were having our conversations,

that instead of your eyes here,
you were looking at my tits, dude,

and looking back up at my face,
and I told Lauren that.

-No, you didn't.
-So I just want you to--

And I just told you that too,
didn't I, babe?

You did.

The only reason I say this is because
I've wasted my entire fucking week

dating people
who aren't in this experience

like a lot of us are here, and I feel that
because some of y'all have shed tears.

Some of y'all have been
in the bathroom with me crying

because this is
uncomfortable for you guys.

This is hard,
but you guys are choosing to do this.

And this is hard for me because,
one week in,

he's feeling a connection with somebody,
and I'm letting him run with that.

So if you won't be real with yourself,

and won't go through this experience,
it's like, why the fuck are you here?

["Before We're Leaving Here"
by Faith Richards and Aaron Kellim plays]

♪ You're suddenly blurry now ♪

♪ I wonder if anything was real ♪

♪ I'm trying to be open ♪

♪ But that window is closing ♪

♪ And either way ♪

-Be strong.
-Thank you.

♪ I need to make it clear ♪

♪ Before we're leaving here ♪

[Madlyn] Congrats.

I wish y'all the best.

♪ Before we're leaving here ♪

[dramatic music playing]

[Nick] Wow, well--

Tonight's been crazy. [laughing]

-Yeah, I was not expecting that.

But, honestly, let's be real.

Watching someone you love

talk about forming a relationship
with someone else right in front of you,

-it's pretty wild, pretty crazy.

It just goes to show
what's at stake here, though,

because I think it takes
a really brave person

to truly confront their issues.

And now, while I hope Alexis and Hunter,
and Nate and Lauren, are happy,

and have actually
found their happy endings,

I'm just curious if they made
the right or wrong choice,

and that they didn't do this
tonight based on fear.

Obviously, we've cut our experience short.

If you are being honest
with wanting to marry me, like,

we still have to figure this out.

-[Nate] Um, yeah.
-[Lauren] Like,

If we have to get, like, a therapist
to figure this out, I'm down for that.

[Nate] Okay. Well, I'll say that, look,
first, we're gonna get married.

-It's a kids issue thing.
-[Lauren] But like,

I'm not going to let you

walk down the aisle

and marry me
if I can't promise you kids.

In the meantime,
we have four brand new couples.

[Vanessa] I'm excited. I can't wait
to see what's gonna happen.

What I love about this is that
they've chosen each other.

And over the next three weeks,

they're gonna have
an accelerated experience

designed to show them
exactly what marriage is like

with their new partner,

and what it could be like
for their future.

But I'm gonna emphasize
an accelerated experience.

[Nick] Very much so, yeah.
They'll move in together,

meet friends and family,
and tackle difficult conversations

that many people don't address
until after they're married.

-[Vanessa] And then…
-[Nick] And then after three weeks,

they will go through the same experience
with the person they arrived with.

-[Vanessa] Then it gets juicy.
-[Nick] It will be.

Everyone's here for the exact same reason.
They're here to decide,

"Have I been with the right person,

or is there someone else out there
who's a better fit for me?"

[Nick] We'll have to wait and see.
But, hey, here's to our couples.

Cheers, guys.
And welcome to your potential futures.

[dramatic music playing]

What the fuck?

Yeah, what the fuck was that?

We just went through
a fucking week of dating

to get to the person we want to connect
with the most, and then this shit happens?


What the fuck is happening?

Hunter and Nate, out of everybody,
I dated them more than I dated you.

I've dated them all week.
I spent hours with these dudes.

I poured my heart out to Hunter.
I look like a fucking idiot.

Oh, my God.

Like, that's ballsy of Nate
to fucking step back and be like,

"Bring your attention to me."

You just robbed her of a fucking situation
and what you've come for.

Don't strip my conversation from her now,
like, are you kidding me?


But, please, like, tell me,
is that a real engagement, Nate?

That whole engagement was ass. [chuckles]

Oh, I'm so frustrated about that shit.

Only thing that doesn't sit well with me
is we gave the ultimatum.

We brought our partners onto this thing.
My partner didn't wanna be here.

He's off having a great fucking time,
and he knew who he was choosing,

and he's going to live
with someone he chose.

That's how I feel too.

This sucks because we brought
our partners on this experience,

and here we are.

Things didn't play out
the way that we pictured, but

that's life.

Let's not sugarcoat this.

April didn't choose me.
I didn't choose her.

But maybe we can work together
so that we get what we want out of this.

Marriage with both of our partners.

Let's just forget all of that.
Let's make a pact now.


Let's come together and let's really try
to get the most out of the situation.


Let's get it. Hell yeah.

-Come on. Let's get the fuck out of here.

We'll make the most of this shit.

["Lost In Your Eyes" by Theo Chinara
and Craig Hardy playing]

Thank you.

Aw, this is really cute.

I can take this part,
and you can take that part.

[Shanique] That's cute. That's cute.

I was actually thinking
I would take all of this here--

No. Are you out of your mind?
This is what I can do for you.

When you go to sleep,

-you can dream of having all this space.

-That's what you can do.
-We'll see.

So here's to a super stressful night.

Goodness gracious.
Celebration of these next three weeks.

I think you're looking forward
to spending three weeks with me, honestly.

Low-key. I just didn't want
to pump your luck.

No. So it's good
to know that you're excited.



To the next three weeks.

To the next three.

[happy music playing]


[Madlyn chuckles]

All right.

This is your bathroom.

-Okay. Your closet.
-[both chuckle]

[Randall] It's weird because
who I came here with is now my ex.

But with Madlyn,

I knew that she was always
my number one since day one.

She's beautiful inside and out,
and I feel like,

with this experience,
I'm gonna learn so much more

based off of just living with her,
and that's what I'm pretty excited about.

[happy music continues]

[Randall] Oh, yeah.

-Downtown view.
-That'll do.


[Randall] I'm feeling optimistic
to start our new lives.

Madlyn makes me feel hopeful.

And tonight could be
the start of me becoming a better man,

not just for myself,
but for my future wife.

Yeah, you can turn it down.
That's kind of-- 78?

-I'm like--

I know, well, I was shaking,

but 'cause I felt anxious.
I thought I was gonna throw up.

-I'm, like, a sleeper that likes 68.

That's cool. I do, like, 68 to 70.

[whispering] It's normally 69,
but… [chuckles]

Yeah, you gotta--

'Cause you already know they're about to--
Yeah, you already know.

[both chuckle]

Are you sleeping in the bed?
Because I know I am.

Like, that's not in question.

How do you feel
about me sleeping in the bed?

I think that's fine.

Then I'll sleep in the bed.

[romantic music playing]

All right, so what are your thoughts?

[April] I don't know how bad
my voice is gonna be tomorrow,

but don't let me yell at people again,
because this is what happens.

I like a little raspy voice. I think
you should start yelling more often.

-[April chuckles]
-Raspy's not bad.


What if this raspy voice had your
cowboy hat on, some boots, and was like,

"What's up? You ready for dinner?"

Oh, my God. I don't know
how I feel about that, honestly.

Holy shit. [laughs]

-That's really jumping into things.
-Hey, I gotta play the part.

I don't know if I'm ready for that yet,
but, uh, down the road, maybe.

You know, I'd been so committed,
so loyal to her.

This is something I don't feel
exactly comfortable with.

I have never slept with anybody
except for Jake in the past two years.

That's the same thing for us.

This is a little bit better
'cause I'm scared of the dark.

I was by myself last week,
and now I'm not, so…

I feel the same way.

I feel comfortable
in a weird way, you know?

I don't feel like you're gonna come
smother my head with a pillow,

-so that's a good feeling.
-[April chuckles]

[Rae] After tonight, yeah, I need a drink.

[Jake] Tonight was a shit show.

I don't know why it was
so hard for me at the table to be like,

"I choose Jake." Like, I had a hard time
standing up and doing that.

-Why? Yeah.
-Zay in this corner and April over here.

But I knew I wanted to,
and I knew I wanted to from day one.

I was like, "Why do I have
a hard time saying what I wanna do?"

-It's guilt. You feel guilty about--

You feel guilty about doing
what-- what's the best for you.


It almost feels like cheating.

But we all agreed to be here,
but it's kinda like cheating almost.

If you think about, like, how, you know,

we're all in the same building, like,
obviously we're all apart a little bit--

-We'll run into each other.
-We'll run into each other,

maybe in the hallways or downstairs
in the lobby in the morning.

And it made me realize how connected
we all are, like, every little thing,

every little moment, every connection
that affected every other person.

So it's a lot to take in.

Everyone can still either

find out if they need
to fix the previous relationship,

go with the new relationship,
or just go on their own.

And people may not--

Think about that. Like, the third choice,
like, the just leaving.

And that's-- that's a very possible thing
for a lot of people.

April's a great girl, you're a great girl.

I think about what you truly want in life.
What's gonna make you happy?

[relaxing music playing]

-Is this the game?
-Yeah, Truth or Dare.

-[Randall] Do they have Uno or something?
-[both chuckle]

Truth or dare?

Oh! I'm gonna do dare.


Oh, fuck.


You're fucked.

"Pretend you're from an escort service."

-"Call me on my phone to arrange a date."
-Oh my God!


Ring, ring, ring.


Hi. Is this Madlyn?


You can't laugh. It's an escort service.

-I can't not laugh.
-It's a serious thing.

Um, yes, this is Madlyn.

Hey, this is Big Daddy Randall.

I'm coming over to…

-…have some fun tonight.

I'm hanging up.

Are you ready? What? Was that too weird?

-No, that was good. It was really good.

You'd be a good escort.

Big Daddy Randall,
that's a good escort name.

I'll be known all around town,
like, Big Daddy Randall.

I didn't expect you to do that. Surprised.


[romantic music playing]

I've never lived
with a guy before at all, so, um…

Seriously, for me, I think it's just--
It's a lot to take in.

I have lived with, you know,
um, my previous exes and stuff, but--

Why do you think that was?
Have you not had a, um,

-you've never,-- you know?

For one, like, sometimes
I really do need my space.

I do have a strong pet peeve for, like,
walking in the bathroom and there's like,

-pee splattered on the--

-Like, you know, or the toilet seat is up.


I never deal with that
'cause I live by myself.


Big part of that is that I-- I do

like to sleep naked.

So-- [chuckles]

It really depends on how I'm feeling,
but for the most part, like,

I like sleep naked, I poop naked,
I brush my teeth naked.

Like, sometimes I cook naked. Like--

So that's gonna be
an adjustment for me to--

In-- In a relationship,

these are stuff that--
These are things that you--

-You have to sacrifice, you know?

You are funny.
You are surprisingly funny, yes.

Is that something you like?

I-- I mean, I'm not used to it,
so it's different, and I feel like--

Yeah, I do like it.

You-- I feel like you have,
like, personality traits that

I, like, literally need in my life.

You put me in my place
a little bit and I liked it,

'cause I've never had
somebody challenge me.

You actually, like, you know,
put your foot down a bit and I liked it.

You challenge me too. I want
somebody to challenge me and say,

"You are right in your own way."

-"But, have you thought about this?"

I feel like if your partner,
if they're not challenging you,

you're not growing.

You genuinely, like,
make me a better person,

and a better man, and I can't
appreciate you enough for that.


In a short span,
you've grown me up so much.

I mean, it just shows, like, what the--
How great of a woman you are.

Thank you, Zay.

-How great of a friend you are, and--

-I'm your girlfriend now, I think.
-How great of a future wife--

-[chuckles] I'm your girlfriend now.
-Oh, yeah. We are, huh?


-That's crazy, right?
-We-- We--

That is crazy now to think about.
I'm like, "That is super crazy," but--

I mean, I feel like
you're a special person.

God places people
in your life for a reason, and

I feel like we just see
where that goes from there.

I agree.

[Randall] I hope by the end
of this experience I have a clear mind

as to what I 100% want

in my future, and not based off
of what everyone wants me to have.

It's weird to think, a week ago,
I didn't know this person.

But now I'm spending time
sleeping in the same bed as her with

barely any clothes on.

So it's-- it's gonna be
a weird experience,

but that's what a husband and wife do.

You've got a hell of a bedtime routine.

I know. I was just

trying to brush my teeth and stuff.

I forgot that you got to brush your teeth.

Uh, yeah.


Are you an under the comforter
type of person or under the sheet type?

Under the sheet?

Do you not use the top sheet?

-I do sometimes.
-What do you mean?

Just depends on, like, a mood,
like the mood I'm in.

It's not a mood.
I feel like it's a matter of like--

This sheet, right?


It keeps your comforter clean.


-I mean--
-How often do you wash your sheets?

Like every two, three weeks.


Why, yours is what, every two months?

No, like week, probably.

-Every week?
-I wash it all the time.

So that's the point
of having a top sheet that like--

It's like a cleanliness thing.

They sometimes look dirty, like,
the lighter ones, the all-white ones.

Yeah, I don't know, not if you use
the top sheet, it doesn't look dirty.

But sometimes it's more
comfortable sleeping, like, under this.

I don't know why. It just feels better.

But you can't lie, though, like--

Come on now, it's cool.

-You feel me?

For the next three weeks,

-we're keeping the sheet on.

If you take anything
away from this, Randall,

-you could learn a lot from me.

Top sheet.

-Top sheet. Okay.

I think tonight could be
the start of a real change in me.

I chose you because
it felt like the obvious choice.

-You listened to me.

You made me feel comfortable.

It's just very validating of,

you know, who I am
and how I express myself.

And that,

it feels awesome.

[gentle piano music playing]


[Colby] Hey, April, you want some water?

-[April] Oh, my gosh. Yes, please.
-[Colby chuckles]

-Thank you. [chuckles]
-What about pizza?

Here you go. Can you catch?

Thank you.

I don't know
how comfortable you are yet, but--

I'm, like, really--

I'll jump into things.
I'm gonna go butt-ass naked.

No. Just kidding. So--

[upbeat music playing]

Ooh! Comfy?

Yeah. Wait, do you
usually sleep on that side?


Is that 'cause, like,
you're farthest away from the door?

I cuddle, so I'm, like,
never on my actual side.

I'll keep to myself
as long as you're cool with it.

No, yeah, it's fine.

-If not, that sleeper sofa is all yours.
-Do I need to build a wall?

No, that's cool. I really don't care.
Like, honestly, I'm a leech at night.

And I will naturally
just, like, migrate to the--

-To the heat?
-Wherever you're at.

So if you start feeling something,
just give me a donkey kick,

and just get me off, I'm telling you.

It's not like I'm crawling over to you.
It's like my conscious is like,

I have to be holding onto something.

I feel like we're camping. [chuckles]

-It does feel like we're camping, right?
-It does.

I wish we had those
sleeping bags that, like,

don't make you move, like a worm,
you know what I'm saying?

I love those full sleeping bags.

You know, I did want
to let you know I'm really excited that

you are okay with moving
forward with the experience with me.

How strong you are,

I can truly see that now.

And that's definitely one
of my favorite qualities about you.

Thank you. Good. [sniffles]


I don't know why you're insecure
about your hair. I love your hair.

-It's fine, with or without gel in it.
-It's a new haircut.

It's just a new haircut,
that's all. It really is.

I think it's just the cut, yeah.

-You gotta flow with it.
-It's a cut I haven't done yet.

-Embrace it.
-Embrace it, yeah.

You know, another thing I like about you
I just thought of.

I think it's the way
you carry yourself around Jake.

Like, whenever you're with him,
you're just super happy.

And, like, I would--

I would love to have that by my side.
Seeing that, it's like,

"Damn, that's something
I would like to have."


That made me really sad
and happy at the same time.

I know, right?

Because I haven't
felt like that before either,

and I think that's, like,
the most important thing. Like,

when your spouse comes home and
fixes your mood just walking in the door.

For sure.

That's, like, one of the best feelings.

I'll be your hype-man. I got you.

-Hell yeah. I think that's the--
-You have a bad day, you call me.


-Let's call it a night.
-Let's do it.

[dramatic music playing]

Do you always take, uh, 20 hours?

-Only sometimes when I wanna look cute.
-Only sometimes? Oh.

-What do you think? What do you think?
-You trying to look cute for me?

Okay, I like the little pajamas.

Yeah, not up to me, but…

Kept it cute.


Okay, so I do have some photos that
I kind of wanna set up in my-- my room.

Hold on.

-[Shanique chuckles]
-You said who's room?

In my room.

In who's room? In our--
Say it with me. Our room.

Yeah, sure.

So, um,

you know, I kinda love how you
carry yourself. I think the whole, like,

not taking yourself too seriously thing
is actually really cool,

and I'm looking forward to

three whole weeks.

Three whole weeks.
Why you say it like that?

-Three whole weeks with you.

[sentimental music playing]

Go ahead. Go ahead. Say it.

You kinda attractive. [chuckles]

You know what I'm saying. [chuckles]

No, I think I'm attracted to you.

There's things you can
work on to be more attractive.


-I think that's why I'm here, of course.

Honestly, I do wanna talk
about more than just that,

because I do feel we had a very
instant, like, maybe romantic connection,

and I just don't want it to just be that.

So, no, I am actually looking
forward to the three weeks.

I was nervous at first.
I felt really awkward about it.

But, like, I do think
I made the right choice with you.

-Don't prove me wrong.

-You're beautiful.
-Thank you.

We connect so well, and--

If you didn't know us, you'd have
thought we've been friends forever.

You know? Yeah.
So it's been a very, very long day.

So I'm gonna let you get a little sleep.


Yeah. You want these pillows or…?

Um, I think you could take a couple.
That's-- That's fair.

You know, I can sleep
on the couch or the floor.

Like, I slept in a car
for, like, a fucking whole year.


So I don't mind sleeping on the couch.

Yeah, honestly, I appreciate it.

-I'm glad. I'm glad I'm appreciated.
-[Shanique chuckles]

-Okay, good night.
-Good night.

[sad music playing]

♪ Careful what you wish for ♪

♪ Mm, careful what you wish for ♪

♪ Careful what you wish for ♪

♪ Careful what you wish for ♪

♪ Careful what you wish for ♪

[music fades]

[Jake] Can I get another shot?

Okay. Here you go. Drink up.

Sorry, I was trying to tell you something.

Did you just hit
your head on the fucking…?


[Jake] I hate that shit.

Like, whoever designed
this thing needs to be fired.

-[Rae] Just put the pillow-- [chuckles]
-[Jake] God.

This is-- His engineering degree
needs to be taken away.

I don't think it's engineering
for a headboard.

-You know what?

Maybe we're supposed
to, like, sleep under it, you know?

Like, maybe we're supposed
to put our heads, like, in here.

I wanna try. I wanna see.

[Rae] Like, maybe this is like
a vibe, you know?

-[Jake] Yeah.
-[Rae] We could just sleep like this.

-Good morning.
-[Jake] Good morning.

[Rae] Good night, you know?
You just get up and, like--

Wake up and-- [laughing]

Fuck. You just hit your head.

Yeah, so I am attracted to Rae.

If I could have sex with Rae,
I would. Who wouldn't?

I don't wanna sound like an asshole, but,

the guy's lying to you
if they said they wouldn't.

I feel like you're husband material.

-I feel like your wifey material.
-Oh, thanks.

-Thanks, babe.

[chuckles] You're welcome, babe.

What are we? What is this?

-You're like my pre-fiancé?
-Yeah, right?

-Trial husband, boyfriend?
-My girlfriend, my--

Roommate, whatever.
My choice, my pick, I don't know.

Gorgeous homie.

Gorgeous homie. I like that description.

My first night with Jake,
I'm feeling pretty conflicted.

I love Zay, but…

[chuckles lightly]

All right. Let's go to bed.

-Yeah, I'm tired.
-I'm so tired.

♪ It's all happening now ♪

[Rae] I think that sex is
very important in a relationship,

and anybody who says
that it's not important is lying.

Good night.

Good night.

[Rae chuckles]

[upbeat music playing]

[music ends]