The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On (2022–…): Season 1, Episode 2 - The Choice - full transcript

Will attraction evolve into deeper connection? Selecting a live-in match makes for flirty fun--and hurt feelings. Time for a life-changing choice.

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[upbeat music playing]

Okay, I'm just gonna jump into it.

The Ultimatum does make you
realize how serious this is

to be picking the person
that you wanna be with forever.

I gave the ultimatum,

but Hunter is not perfect
for husband material yet

because I make more than him.

I have no desire to be
the breadwinner in the relationship.

Now I'm kind of starting
to wonder if Hunter is the one for me.

I'm super attracted
to, like, you specifically.

Your, like, eyes are, like, very fierce.

But I was a little taken back
with, you know, letting me know

off the bat, like,
"I could never see a future with you."

What took you to that place?

-Yeah, it's a fair question, definitely.

Obviously, I'm bad at delivering
certain information.

But I'm not

attracted to you.

His ex and me look the most similar
of anyone here, number one.

Number two, I'm not unattractive.

Number three, that's your reasoning
why you don't see a future with me?

Lies. Lip service. Bullshit.

I'm not really believing
that story from you because

if you're so direct--

We have a week
to figure who we're gonna live with.

So I would be like,
"Hey, here's how I'm feeling."

"I don't wanna come off rude, but

it's just not gonna work with you and I."
But you just--

I feel like that's
what I said last night, though.

-We've already had this conversation.
-No, we haven't.

-Now we're jumping right into it again.
-When did we have this conversation?

Last night.

[dramatic music playing]

[Colby] I came in here
ready to marry Madlyn.

I'm the one who gave her the ultimatum.

And all I'm focused on is just like,

Madlyn's right there, like,
literally just like peeking over at me,

like, I'm catching her eyes too.

Knowing that I'm talking to another girl
when I got my girl of my dreams

sitting behind her, like,

"What the--?" You know? [chuckles]

We now know it's definitely not us.

But I really just--

I think it was rude, and

I thought that you were
a huge asshole for saying that.

I-- I really have
nothing else to say, honestly.

Yeah, me either.


-I'm gonna grab a drink.

Yeah. Sorry.

[pop music playing]

I just think you can do,
like, 100% better than Colby.

You have reservations.

You might wanna reach
those reservations and really

understand why you feel that way
because I felt that way.

All right. [chuckles]

Oh, my goodness.


[Hunter sighs] So--

It's one of the things that
I really love about Alexis.

She always says what's on her mind,
but that energy can also be too much.

-That was a lot.
-I'm just like, "What the fuck?"

I'm not sure if I am ready to marry Colby.

But if I met the right person--

I think your eyes are awesome,
and they match your shirt today.

-[chuckles] Thank you.
-[chuckles] Yeah.

I also think you have a gorgeous smile.

It's one of the things
that attracted me to you,

because it was like,
"Oh, so welcoming and, uh, great."

[Madlyn] I'm wondering if,

you know, I'll change my mind.

[Colby sniffles, sighs]

I feel so bad for leaving that way.

[voice breaking] I just have
so much love for that girl, Madlyn.

Spending time
with these other girls is, like,

just proving how much love I have for her.


It's an incredible feeling I'm getting.

[gentle music playing]

[sniffles] I just didn't expect it
to break me down like this.


It's gonna be tough. It's gonna be tough.

But I have to give this, like--

[sniffles, sighs]

I have to give this experiment my all.

[bittersweet pop music playing]

[upbeat music playing]

-I've gotten to, like, really like you.

But I still, like,
love-- love someone else.

It's, like, really crazy trying to--

Process that?

Yeah, exactly.

You and Randall do have
a lot of, um, things in common.

I wouldn't wanna explore this

if you are gonna put me
in the same position.

That-- that makes perfect sense.

[Shanique] I am ready to get married,

and I don't think
that I can be with someone

who is not thinking about marriage
in the same way that I am.

-If we were married…

…you gotta take the trash out.

I'm not doing that, washing the cars,
I shouldn't have to worry about that.

You got to be completely
involved with the kids.

Got to be at all the sporting events,
all the ballet recitals.

-That's a given. I'm gonna be the coach.
-I'mma make the t-shirts, but you gotta--

I'mma be the coach.
I'll make the t-shirts.

-You know I know how to sew?

-Yeah, I know how to sew.

Okay, I definitely do feel
like there's some sexual attraction.

I mean, I think I'm in love with your mind
more than anything, but, yeah.

I feel like you were trying
to give me, like, sexy eyes.

Like this? [chuckles]

[whispering] Oh, my God.

It's okay, girl,
you know what I'm saying?

You're a flirt.
I can tell you're very flirtatious,

but it's funny because a lot of people say
I tend to be flirtatious too.

Intimacy is-- is definitely up there.

I feel like if we don't have
sexual chemistry, like, I don't see

me marrying somebody that
I'm not sexually attracted to, period.


I can see us having
a deep-ass conversation,

and then we just
kind of roll over, you know?

And get to it.
That, to me, is attractive, you know?

I will also say intimacy
is not just a right now thing.

Like, I very much want to be
the wife that you still think is fine,

like, ten, 15 years down the road.

Fine as wine, girl.

So the deeper it is, the more I like it.

-You said, "the deeper"?
-The deeper the intimacy is.

-Oh, my fault. My fault.
-The more I like it.

I was trying to follow
where you was going.

The deeper the intimacy.

I wasn't sure
what direction you were going,

but I get what you're saying.

♪ I am the love of your life ♪

♪ You just don't know it yet ♪

♪ I am the one
that you've been waiting for ♪

♪ The one you'll never, ever forget ♪

[Nate] Well, you're looking flawless.

I do have the jacket on
because it's cold, but--

-Yeah. I like it.

Like always.

-I mean, obviously. Yeah.
-I had to look good today, though.

It's not hard, for you.

[both chuckle]

I appreciate that.

So I was thinking about
what would it look like if we spent

the rest of our lives together.

[romantic music playing]

If we got married, I would want

to make you feel like
the perfect girl every single day.


The feelings that you feel,
and how happy you are,

and how excited you are
about being together, day one,

you feel that same way
in year ten, year 20.

You as a mom,
us as husband and wife, right?

Picture it. Let's try right now.
I mean, we're fast forwarding these dates.

I know it's weird,
but fuck, we're doing it.

I feel like I'm gonna be like a-- a--

-pretty protective mother.

Um, my parents were like that.

My parents were
super, super, super strict. Uh--


I don't wanna force my kids
to be any type of thing.

Is there anything you're like,
"Yeah, I want them to try this"?

Or like, "No, you're fucking doing this"?

I have a couple
non-negotiables for my kids.

I think it's important to know how to play
an instrument and speak another language.

That would--
that'd matter a lot to me too.

Okay. I was thinking about
if we spent the next three weeks together,

which is the next big step
in this experience.

I felt that you are, you know,
on the same page as me.

-I gave you that?
-Right? Well, I hope.

What are your thoughts on it? Seriously.

As long as you know that I do sleep

-with my dog in the bed.
-I love that.


Like, you might be a little uncomfortable,
but he's gonna be very comfortable.

I love that.

[Nate] As I learn more about her,

a lot of the things I want in a wife
is a lot of the things I see in Shanique.

She's smart, she's driven,

and she's different from Lauren,
because she wants to have kids,

and-- and get married just like I do.

[upbeat music playing]

♪ Feel alive ♪

-I'll be respectful.

If you cook,
I'll-- I'll 100% do the dishes.

[both chuckle]

Outside of just grilling,

I'm not the best cook.

But if you have meals
and stuff that you wanna cook,

or that we could cook together, 100%.

If you're in there slaving away,
then I'm gonna--

Will you be honest and tell me
if it tastes bad, or will you be like,

-Truthfully? No, I'm gonna lie.

-I'm gonna lie. Can't hurt your feelings.
-Lie to me? You gotta be honest!

If it's really bad-- if it's really bad,
then, okay, yes.

All right?

But another thing I wanted
to talk to you about for sure is, um,

like, you want children,
like, you want a wife.

How fast are you looking to do that?

What's your timeline?
How important is that for you?

Like, big things for me are

that I can be involved in my kid's life
all the way to them fully growing up,

and them getting married,
and see their kids, right?

My parents are getting older.

I want them to be able
to see my kids grow up too.

[April] I issued the ultimatum to Jake,
but I'm gonna be honest,

whenever a guy can be good
with children, want children,

that doesn't scare them,
that's attractive to me.

I'm just like, "Okay, you're hot as hell."

So, hey, may the best player win.

Like, we have so much in common.

Children are important for me.

If I can't have them on my own, like,
I want to adopt all a bunch of children.

And I just know,
like, they-- they're so innocent.

They're just innocent little lovely little
creatures on this planet. I love them.

I want them so much.
Like, that's my priority.

Single, married, dating,
I want to be a mom.

What choice do you have?
Wait for Prince Charming from the sky?

-Right? Well, I'm right here, right now--
-Literally. [chuckles]

After these three weeks,
we'll see, we'll find out.

A relationship and a marriage
is always gonna take work, right?

I just feel like that's gonna be--

-That would be really easy with you.

It makes me think about going past this.

-Something about you, I guess.
-[April sighs]

I issued an ultimatum to Lauren,

because I definitely want to have kids.

Lauren, on the other hand,

definitely does not have
the same desire to have a kid.

Going through this experience,
it's expedited everything in my head.

I had a good connection
with April and with Shanique.

And I'm-- I'm confused.

I don't know who I wanna pick.
Obviously, the big thing with a wife is

someone that's willing
and-- and wants to start a family,

grow a family with you.

It's gonna impact the rest of our life.

It's gonna be great, all right?

[upbeat music playing]

["Secret Love" by Luka Kloser playing]

♪ Waste time so blinded ♪

♪ I can't even wait like
He's high and ♪

♪ There's nothing he can say ♪

♪ Now I'm trying to figure it out ♪

[Madlyn] Though it's been a couple of days
feels like I've been here for two months.

I feel so close to multiple of the guys.

I can almost, like,
see a future with one or two.

So it's--

I mean, this experience
has knocked me off my feet.

It's not at all what I thought
that I was prepared for.

All we do in this experience is talk
about what you look for in a husband,

and how you wanna be a wife,
and the type of life you wanna lead.

I gave Zay the ultimatum.

Now I'm trying to figure out if there's
someone that could be a better fit.

I want a lifetime commitment,
and I wanna make sure I'm dating to marry.

♪ Secret love tears me up ♪

♪ I ain't enough for you ♪

[Jake] I wanna know everything,
everything about Rae.

[Rae] We haven't found
any differences yet.

[both chuckle]

April was pretty perfect.

We were literally
building a life together, but

I'm getting a connection with somebody
I did not think I would have.

It's crazy to think about that

because I did not think I'd be like that,
but it's happening.

What would be your dream job?

Something in advertising,
marketing or PR, something like that.

Okay. My dream job as a kid
would be a marine biologist.

I just love, like, being in the ocean

just with nothing in sight
but just blue and fish.

That's what I've wanted to do.

[Rae] You should go for stuff
that you're really passionate about.

-Wait, there's something here.
-I saw that.

-Do you see that? What is that?
-Yeah, it was right here.

Sorry. [chuckles]
I'm really afraid of spiders.

So if it's in the house,
you have to kill it.

-I got you.
-'Cause I can't.

-Are you really that--?
-I can't. I cannot.

I'm fine with snakes, spiders, anything.
Only thing I don't like is cockroaches.

I cannot stand them.
Like, get that fucking thing away from me.

A spider, I'll let that thing
crawl all over me all day.

-A snake is nothing.
-Just put it outside.

So what is something embarrassing--?

-Oh, no.
-Yup. Yup, I went there.

[Rae chuckles] Something embarrassing…

That you-- If I moved in.


-Sometimes I snore at night.
-Funny. I don't snore.

But, like, if I have a really deep sleep
every once in a while, I'll snore.


I'm a really deep sleeper,
so it won't wake me up.

Okay. That's crazy, 'cause I am too.

Okay, then my little snoring
won't be an issue.

-Not at all.
-Okay. Great. Good to know.

-Going to the bathroom with door open?

-That will never happen. [chuckles]
-It's my "me time."

-You don't have to worry. [chuckles]
-Thank you. I appreciate it.

You know how to drive stick?

-Do you? Really?

Yeah, I know how to drive a stick.
Shouldn't everybody?

That's attractive. That's very attractive.

Like, very, very attractive.

Yeah. No, my dad actually--
When I learned how to drive,

he taught me how to drive with a stick.

Is your dad, like,
protective, very protective?

Yeah, I definitely think
that my dad's protective.

I always think about that,
like, if I have kids, like--

So, like, if you had a daughter…?

[Rae chuckles]

-I want a boy.
-And she--

Would you be the dad
that's cleaning his shotgun

when her first date comes
to pick her up? I love that.

Okay. So if you were married to me,
what would that look like?

If I was married to you,
I think I'd want to take on, um,

I don't wanna be a stay-at-home mom.
Like, I would like to work.

But when I'm at home, I'd like
to take on the more traditional role,

just being the one who does
the cooking, cleaning, stuff like that.

-I'm not that great at cooking.
-You're not that good?

-I'll help you out.
-I can grill.

Okay. Great. You can grill. I can cook.

Life, if I was married to you,
it seems really easy.

[both chuckle]

[upbeat music playing]

[Colby] I find more curiosity
in you than in anybody else.

-Like, I just want to know more about you.

[Colby] Walking into
this whole experience,

my goal is to find somebody

that I can really try to have
a connection with, other than Madlyn.

Lauren, after we got over the kid thing,
has been my number one.

That's something I can help her through.

The more I talk to her,
the more comfortable I get,

and the more I confirm that
the feelings I have toward her are real.


Lauren, I think she feels
that connection, but she's scared

about that connection with me.

And I get that because I'm just as scared,
but I signed up for this for a reason,

and I'm accepting of it, and ready to go.

I was, uh,

I was actually really curious to see
what was your favorite childhood memory?

So, traveling together, those are
always, like, my fondest memories.

Me too. Being able
to escape with my family,

and really enjoy each other's time
without getting caught up in the rat race.

If I do have a family one day,
that's something I'd want to incorporate

into my children's life also
is creating like a family tradition

that we do every single year,
and incorporating travel,

and allowing them to see the world
and different cultures and stuff.

I very much so would like
to raise children that way.

-I'm a firm believer in that.

I feel like I've never, like,
super gone into why I don't want kids,

because I think that a lot of times,

Nathan and I's, um, conversations
around having children can kind of be

unproductive sometimes,
or emotions can start flowing.

He can get angry, I can get angry,
so I think sometimes I hold it inside.

And I think that Colby
just makes me feel at ease

when it comes
to talking about having kids.

Like, you sitting in front of me,
I can see the potential.

And I appreciate that, and I want
to keep seeing that out of you.

Colby is somebody who is really
helping me work through my emotions,

and he's always looking at the positive,

he's always looking at the bright side
and the silver lining,

and he sees me
and understands me very well.

Because I think that's someone

I can definitely spend
the next three weeks with.


But, I mean, I don't want it
to be a situation where it's like,

"I'm going through this. I miss Madlyn.
And this is the type of person

who I think can just distract me
for the next three weeks,

and maybe be like
a little bit of a therapy situation."

I want you to actually, like,
you know, choose me because

you can actually see that we can benefit
from each other and learn from each other,

and, you know,
find clarity through all of this.

You bring out the best in me,
and that's what I want in my partner.

So I'm giving you
my full heart and everything.

-I'm telling you that now.

I will be there to make sure
you feel your best at every given time.

Thank you.

To make sure you feel like you are
the most beautiful girl in the world,

which you are absolutely gorgeous.

[romantic music playing]


I have yet to even think
about Madlyn whenever I'm with you.

I'm waiting for this one.

I know. It's like something
I was looking forward to for a while,

because I know
we had some good dates.


and the dates with you,

it just felt like I was talking to,
like, my own person, you know?

Just, um, seeing somebody
who has so much in common with me.

No, I feel the same way, like,
"Where is Randall?"

-Oh, okay. Okay.
-[chuckles] Yeah.

[Randall] Shanique gave me
the ultimatum, so--

I was almost expected not to have
the best attitude in this process.

But I'm feeling like
I'm able to be more open,

and it's crazy the connection
that Madlyn and I have been having.

I can see myself
having a future with Madlyn.

Let's talk about, like, marriage.

Yeah, like, for me,
marriage is purely about partnership.

How do we get along? How's our sex life?


So, like, would you say, like,
you have a super high sex drive?

I am

normally the initiator.

-You are?

But it's-- You know, sometimes it's like,

"Initiate back!" You know?
I feel like those things should be equal.

[Randall] Yeah. I won't say
I'm always the initiator.

I like to see the side of a woman
that does show that aggressiveness.

It turns me on more. Like, I love that.

It's important to flip those roles
because that's what makes it sexy.

It's 'cause you do something
you wouldn't normally do.

So what are some of your off-limits
when it comes down to, like, sex?

Like, some things
that you just would never do.

-Nothing. Like, nothing?
-[both chuckle]

There's nothing that I wouldn't do to

please you, kind of thing,
you know what I'm saying?


I just think that's how
it's supposed to be.

I know what you're saying.
Yeah, I definitely agree. Um--

-And to drink on that.
-Yeah, I'll drink on that for real.


-I think I want to sit beside you, like--

-Come on.
-I mean--

Make this more
of a comfortable conversation, right?


Madlyn intimidates me
in the fact that she's…

very confident in her

sexual powers, I guess.

I think that she's freaky in the sheets.

Right now, it's just talk.

And it's scary to think
that I'm thinking about more.

What made you attracted to me?

-Your voice, for some reason. Like--

-Your voice is, like, really raspy. But--
-Oh God. [chuckles]

-It's-- it sounds, like, sexy.

I like your eyes, the way you look at me.

Um, your body.


You're, like, sexy in this low-key, like…

You just stood out.

-And then you have these, like--
-I appreciate that.

-The tattoos on the chest.
-Oh, gosh. [chuckles]

I was like, by the pool, you got me, so--

-You got a lot going on.
-You're making me blush.

The attraction was quick.

Instant. It was instant.
I'm not gonna lie.

Yeah, definitely.

-Yeah, for the both of us. Yeah.

So that's good.

[Madlyn] Colby wants to get married.
He gave me the ultimatum, but--

my eye's on Randall,
my eyes have been on Randall.

He makes me feel needed and desired,
but also very comfortable and safe.

You know, Randall's someone
I can see a future with.

I enjoyed opening up to him.

I could see myself
falling in love with Randall.

It feels like I've been knowing you
for such a long time.


And it feels so natural.
I think that's why we mesh so well.

So I think, like, we should
definitely continue this.

We're on the same page, like,

you know, hitting all the spots, Randall.

-Hitting all the spots.
-Hitting all the spots.

[dramatic music playing]

["Good Days" by Paper Trees playing]

♪ Whatever you do, just don't look down ♪

♪ You won't know what's out there
If you don't find out ♪

-[Hunter] Woo!
-[Colby] Yeah.

[Hunter] Cheers, everybody.

Let's look forward to the next week,
and try to have fun tonight.

[all together] Cheers! Woo!

[chuckles] It's good!


with the hat--

I apparently am the only girl
who's, like, not eating it up.

But that's Colby. He brought the hat.

[all chattering]

First person to put all their fingers down
has to chug their drink.

Hey, if we're playing Never Have I Ever,
there's no personal attacks.

Never have I ever wore--
wore a hat during sex. [chuckles]

[all chuckling]

-Finger down.

-Looks like you have, sorry.
-[Colby] What'd he say?

Worn a hat during sex.

Wore a hat during sex.

-[all yelling]
-Yes! Yes!

Hey, not just any hat too.
Yeah, the cowboy hat.

-I love that so much.
-Oh, my God.

-All right.


Never have I ever had sex with
more than one person in the same night.


What? I'm not lying.

She said you're lying.

I thought that you told me you had--

-No. No, no.
-Yes, you did.

-You should never ask that question.
-What is this?

Can we just have a good time
because our lives are gonna change

in the matter of, like, 24 fucking hours?

I was literally, not even five days ago,
ready to get on a knee.

[Colby] No, you're rocking it.
No, you're rocking it.

And seeing these types
of connections I'm having,

now I'm about to move in with somebody.

I know good things
will only come from this.

It's just like-- So--
The wildest feeling that I've ever felt.

And I don't know where I'm going,
but it's-- I know it's going in a--

Just a positive direction.

And that's-- that's what
we're all here for.

Coming into all this,
I swear, whenever I first came in,

I was anticipating, like,

seeing a crew of all these guys
who just want to fuck my girlfriend,

you know what I mean? I swear to God.

Hey. Who do you feel
has been the most jealous?

Because I'll say this guy for sure, bro.

-You think me?
-Come on, dude.

During our date, Rae, I swear to God,

he literally was like,
"What the fuck she laughing at?"

He did that on our date too!

"Her happiness sitting right here.
What the fuck she think is so funny?"

Like, I'm like, "What?"

I thought we was cool.

-We was supposed to be like this.
-Me and Rae are cool too.

-[Rae] Yeah.

-What's up?
-[Zay] Who--

-[all chuckling]
-Who is your number one pick?

[suspenseful music playing]

-[Randall] No, I'm gonna answer that.
-[Colby] I didn't hear the start of it.


-My number one pick?

My number one pick is Madlyn.

[Jake] Okay.

[Nate] Yeah, we're not gonna do like--
No one gets noise?

-Everyone's all quiet.
-[Zay] I got you.

[Randall] At least I answered it.

Fuck. [chuckles]

-[Randall] Rae. Mmm.

Who is your number one pick?

[suspenseful music playing]


[Zay groans, chuckles]

[Colby] Zay, you gotta chill, bro.
Let her speak.

You're ruining the suspense. Fuck.

I think you're the only one
suspended right now.

-[Zay] All right.
-[Hunter] Fuck.

[Rae] Um-- Hmm--

You know, I'm drunk. I'll just say it.
My number one pick is Jake.

[Colby] Ay.

[Randall] Interesting.

-[April] Colby, truth or drink.
-[Randall sighs]

Could you see us living together
for the next three weeks?


[Nate] See, that's why
I love this guy, right?

I'm not breathing.
I'm not breathing right now.

Yeah, we don't have to go there.

I feel like that's more between us.

We don't have to go there.

[upbeat music playing]

[Jake] I was gonna say, can we move
this party to the bigger room?

-[April] Yeah!
-[Colby] That's a good idea.

Grab that bottle, please.

First, I just wanna give you a hug

because I haven't seen you
in, like, a billion years.

I really do need another drink, actually.

-You okay?
-I need another drink, that's--

I know, but, like--

Am I okay? I mean, no. Like I said,
I'm not gonna fucking be okay

until the second it hits, and then
who knows if I'm gonna be okay?

-What are you worried about?
-That's how it's gonna be.

What do you mean, what am I worried about?
It's my first time living with someone.

I don't really have a confident, like,

person that I would want
to live with genuinely.

Also, like,
we're right next to each other,

and sometimes
it's really uncomfortable, or I'm like,

"I'm sorry. I don't fucking want
to hear my boyfriend on a fucking date."

-I don't wanna hear you on a date either.
-Yeah. It's annoying.

[Hunter] But at the same time,
I have appreciated this experience a lot.

[Alexis] Really?

It really has helped me

crystallize a lot of the stuff
that I've been thinking about, right?

Like being forced
to answer these tough questions,

and being forced to think about what
life would be like with another person.

[relaxing music playing]

[Hunter] Seeing Alexis
sitting there stressed,

it's very upsetting.

But I want to be in this experience,

and I want to give, you know,
this experience the opportunity

to answer my internal questions
about what I want, uh, going forward.

What do I want in a marriage?

And I feel like I'm starting
to understand what that is.

Lauren was even telling me earlier,
she's like, "It's so hard seeing you."

"You're wanting this too much."

"You're-- I see you flirting."
And I'm telling her,

-"I don't know what else to do."
-[Zay] Yeah.

I'm doing this and I committed to this,
so I'm gonna embrace it.

At the end of the day,
every-- every single person here

is gonna be better off,
whether that you're with the same person,

you're with someone different that's here,
or you're not with anyone here, but you--

But you take the tools that
you learned from here.

-Exactly. Exactly.

-[relaxing music playing]
-[muffled speaking]

This is the most probably
life-changing thing I've ever experienced.

And that's committing myself
to somebody for this next three weeks,

and truly experiencing that--

what it's like to live with someone,

and see if that's something
you can really see happening,

day after day till-- till the day you die.

And I cannot wait because
I know what decision I'm gonna make.

And-- and that's moving
forward with Lauren.

And I-- I hope every bit of me
gets to experience that.

Anyways, how's your dates been?

-It's been great.

I feel good about it.

It's opened my eyes
to a lot of different things.

It's like, "Why are you
an asshole to me all the time?"

I'm not.

I'm needy. I'm not mean.

You literally get pissed off at me
for every little thing.

-I don't.
-Every little thing.

You find a reason to get home,
you bring work home with you.

-I'm stressed.
-Then you get mad at me.

But that's not a reason to get mad at me,
have every little thing I do upset you.

I get you have fertility issues,
and I feel for you on that.

But you want a kid now, a house now,
you want a marriage now.

You want everything right now.
When do you look at what I want?

Never have you asked
what I want, not once.

-Come here.

Not once have you asked what I want
in this whole fucking relationship.

It's always what you want,
what April wants when she wants it.

-I'm sorry you feel that way--
-No, it's--

Literally, I've tried
to explain this to you before.

I keep a lot of shit in.

I don't want you
to keep anything in with me.

Well, I can't talk to you about it

because you get mad at me,
and then it starts another argument.

Every fucking time.

I'm hurt for you to feel like that because
I do not want you to ever feel like that,

because you're so important to me.

-And I'm sorry--
-Well, then, why?

And I'm sorry. But, like,
we do compromise on certain things.

We don't comp--
There's never been a compromise.

It's always what--
How many times have I repeated this?

It's always what April wants
when she wants it.

Should I just stay with you
because you're crying and I feel bad?

Or should I look out
for what I really want in life?

Do you understand where
I'm coming from?

Understand what I've been trying
to explain to you this whole damn time?

Jake, we said this walking in,
if you are feeling somebody,

be open and honest with me. You're not--

And that's why I'm being honest with you,
but I feel bad for doing that,

because if I do choose
to go with that person,

you're gonna be devastated
and I'm gonna feel bad.

End of these three weeks, I may be like,
"Yeah, April is the one."

"I'm gonna work on it with her."
You know what I mean?

It can go either way. I don't know.
That's the fucking scary part about it.

I didn't wanna come on this show.

But this is good for you
because you're calling me on my shit.

I had all these dates,
there's one person, you know who that is,

that we've literally said everything,
and that we have a lot in common.

But me and her literally have
every single box checked off.

Like, I've never had that. I never thought
that was even possible with a bromance.

Like someone--
Like a-- like a best friend I would have.

But I still have love for you
because we've been together for two years.

So it's like, "Fuck me. What do I do?"

[dramatic music playing]

[Shanique] I do feel torn right now
between Nate and Zay because, like,

I would hear Nate say certain things,
and I'm like, "Dang."

I kind of wish, like, I can take that
and, like, put it in your body.

It's not easy to hear that.

[Shanique] I'm gonna be honest.

Like, I feel like they kind of ask a lot
about, like, how I'm feeling, and really

embracing of, like, my feelings
and my emotions and stuff, and so--

Like, that has been something I feel like…

I-- I guess I didn't realize
how much I've needed.

[Shanique] Being torn
between Zay and Nate,

I feel like both of those guys
have been vulnerable in different ways,

and they've said things they kind of want
and want to see in our relationship, so,

I think it--

It does make me a little,


unsure, and I wish I could be
as sure as some of the other girls, like--

Where are you with this ultimatum?

You originally had said, like, finances.

Honestly, we haven't
talked about that much.

Let's throw that out, yeah.

Throw that out? Okay.

[Randall] Like, the whole finance thing.

It's the first thing
people talk about, like, money.

Like, of course,
that's the number one issue…

-…in any marriage.

But thinking about the ultimatum--

I don't know.
I felt like I was pressured into marriage.

But I felt like, in my mind,
that I shouldn't have been pressured,

so I kind of put that as an excuse, like,
money is the thing that's holding me back.

When in reality, it's probably just me.

But with the person that you came with,
what are you feeling?

Are you feeling more confident in that?

Or are you feeling
like you don't know still?

[Randall] I don't know.

[dramatic music playing]

I asked for the ultimatum,
and I brought him on this show.

He did not wanna do
this shit to begin with.

[Shanique] I thought I was, like,
really in control of this situation,

and I had this idea that, like,
honestly this was gonna be about

making Randall realize
that I was the person for him.

[sobs, inhales]



[April groans]

Ugh! It was like a tough conversation.
I'm not doing okay.

It's like today just 360'd for me,
but I'm strong.

You are strong. You are strong.

-You're a strong person.

You're gonna get through this.
And you're gonna be better for it.

I hope so. [chuckles]

No. I-- You can hope. I know.

I know.

Oh shit.

[Hunter] You're taking a lot
in right now, you know?

♪ There must be a reason ♪

♪ Why my heart
Just keeps on bleeding ♪

♪ It feels like
There's nothing I can do ♪

And what you're feeling
is very legitimate.

If you ever wanna vent,
if you ever wanna talk,

you know I am here for you.
Like, truly here for you.

Like, no judgment.


Just tell me how you're feeling.

-And I will listen.
-Oh my God. [chuckles]

It's gonna be okay.

It's gonna be okay,
because you do have a lot to offer.

That's very clear to me
from, like, our interactions.

The amount of love that you give,
the amount of respect that you give.

Thank you. Give me your hand. [chuckles]

You've made me feel
better than, like, anybody else

I've talked to after situations like this,
maybe 'cause you're so calm and collected.

Sometimes I feel like that's what I need.
I just wonder how you'll react, like--

Well, now I'm getting to know how
you'd react to an April moment right now.

How are you feeling?

-It makes me feel really good.

I feel like we could do this more,
but I don't wanna overwhelm you.

If I'm over there crying,
you can just let me be.

I'll be okay. Don't worry about Hunter.

I definitely thought giving Jake
the ultimatum would bring us together…


…and it sucks so bad
that it is doing the complete opposite.

He meets this new girl,
and all of a sudden,

there's all these things wrong with April.
But sitting here with Hunter,

he just has this calm,
collected vibe with him.

And I appreciate that so much,

because it feels really good
to be around someone like that.

Maybe that's something
I've been missing.

♪ Baby, I know
We can get through this together ♪

♪ I know we can
Get through any stormy weather ♪

♪ Baby, I know
We can get through this together ♪

♪ I’m stronger, I’m stronger ♪

Give me a hug.

It's gonna be okay.

[upbeat music playing]

♪ I got a secret ♪

♪ How can you tell? ♪

I am so confident going into tonight.

I've given Madlyn this ultimatum,

but I'm ready to experience
a true trial marriage.

And I know exactly
who I'm going to choose.

I'm a man who knows what he wants.

Heading into the choice, I am ready
to stand up and make my decision.

I gave Zay the ultimatum
because, either way, I feel like

we will come out of this
with clarity no matter what.

Even if I do come out of this heartbroken,

at least we'll both know exactly
what we want moving forward.

[Alexis] I'm nervous that

I put Hunter and I
into a bad situation coming in here.

I didn't relate to anyone,
so I have no idea who I'm going to pick.

It makes me nervous, like,
is our relationship 100% certain?

Will he walk away with me?

Will he walk away with someone else?

Um, so I'm really rethinking

this entire experience.

[Lauren] I think dating other people
throughout this week

has just made me realize that I can meet
somebody else on this journey,

who is a little bit more on my level
and doesn't pressure me to have children.

At the end of the day, you don't want
anybody making a sacrifice to be with you.

Everyone deserves a happy ending
and to be happy in life.

[Jake] I love April.

Coming into this,
I thought we were fine where we were at.

But she's the one that gave the ultimatum.
And now, after doing all these dates,

my eyes have definitely
opened up to a lot of things that

not only I've just ignored,
but those things I want in a relationship.

And I'm starting to realize there could be
someone else that's a better fit.

You guys came here as six couples,

and one of you was ready to get married.

The other one, not so much.

[Nick] You all did choose
to accept this ultimatum,

and you ended your previous relationships
with a very clear, common goal in mind.

You all want to be married.

Did you come here with the person
you're gonna spend your life with?

Or is there maybe somebody else
out there that's a better fit?

You're about to pick your new partner.

Someone you wanna
develop a relationship with.

Someone you could truly see
spending the rest of your life with.

And if you choose someone
who also chooses you,

then you guys will move in together
as a new couple in a trial marriage.

Nate, how has this week been for you?

Yeah, it's been a, uh…

a crazy week.

[suspenseful music playing]

I feel I could talk for everyone here.

But I've experienced probably
every emotion that you can have, right?

You're seeing, you know,

a person that you spent past two and
a half years with going on other dates.

Then at the same time, you're making
new connections with different girls.

And that's like a lot to push and pack in,
you know, your heart.

[Nick] It seems like you had
a real connection with Shanique.

What was it that
first attracted you to her?

Um, well, I mean,
first, look at her, right?

She has, like, a fire in her, you know?
She's just a determined person,

and it's a-- it's a cool,
rare trait to-- to be able to see.

I was able to open up to you,
and that takes a long time for me to do.

-I appreciate you for that.
-I appreciate you for opening up to me.


Shanique, you also, this past week,
have made a connection with Zay.

Yeah. So it's like--

[groans] Um,

with Zay, I was actually
really impressed with him.

I did think he was like Randall coming
into this, and he was gonna be like,

you know, kind of keeping it all in.

And he wasn't. He was giving me
more and more every single time.

I don't know.
I'm just really proud of you.

I want you to know
that I'm really, really proud of you,

and I think you're gonna be
an amazing husband and father.

Thank you so much.
I really appreciate that, Shanique.

[Shanique] If him
and I spent time together,

I don't see us not, like, eventually
really, really vibing with each other,

and ultimately maybe falling in love.

I want to make it clear, like,
I came here because I love you,

so it's weird to kind of think about
falling in love with someone else

that you just met a few days ago,

while you're in love
with the partner that you came with.

I want love to feel
like something that you just crave.

I want it to feel easy, and to feel
like it's always evolving and growing.

So this is why this is so conflicting,

because my reasons for liking Zay are so
different than my reasons for liking Nate.

I think Nate is definitely someone who
will make an amazing husband and father.

And we have that relationship where
he asks me, "How are you feeling today?"

And I think that's important
to do for other people,

and it's nice to have someone
do it for you too, you know?

It is now time to make a decision.

[Vanessa] To think about
and to tell us your choice.

It is truly one of the

biggest decisions you'll ever make.

♪ I start a fire
It's never burning out ♪


Are you ready to make your choice?

♪ I'll never drown ♪

I choose Zay.

You've been very serious with me
in certain moments.

Then I've also seen you be really fun
and very carefree, and I've just--

It's not picture perfect, but it was you,
and it was honest, and it was real.

I love that dynamic in you.

Are you kidding me?

I had Shanique as my choice,
and I promise you,

I had a good connection with her,

but maybe it's just me.
Maybe it's just me.

-[Zay chuckles]

Are you ready to make your choice?

I'm ready to make my decision.

-[chair scraping the floor]
-[Zay sighs]

My choice is Shanique.

I feel like you
brought a lot out of me that I just

didn't know was there and, um,

I could see a future in someone like you.

-Thank you, man.
-[Vanessa] Thank you, Zay.


I'm sitting here watching you,
and something's going on over there.

I know it's hard to hear about
Zay's relationships with other women.

I feel it's not sitting well with you,
and you're in another place right now.


this whole process has, um,

been really hard.

It's really hard when you're having fun

and, um, kind of making a new connection,
then in the corner of your eye,

you see the person you came here with
on a date and you're like,

"What the fuck is so funny over there?
Why are they laughing?"

Like, "Is it really that funny?"

[all laughing]

Um, so just knowing that we're about
to go into the next phase of this,

knowing that your person's gonna be
waking up next to someone else,

having all that alone time,
not just these dates,

they're gonna really be in it with them.

Definitely feeling a little bit jealous
and a little bit sad.

If you guys weren't
feeling things right now,

I would send you to the hospital
and check for a pulse.

You're supposed to be feeling
all these things you're feeling.

When you give an ultimatum,
you're trying to get an answer.

But there's also a risk that maybe
you get the answer you don't want.

We don't know how this will end.
I couldn't tell you. She couldn't.

None of us know. You don't even know.
Even if you think you do, you don't know.

You guys all came here together
as six couples,

you are now 12 individuals
who are gonna do a trial marriage

with someone different
than you came here with.

The hardest part, to what you're saying,
is to put the jealousy aside.

But also to have faith.

If the person that you were with,
who is now your ex,

is living with someone and they come
out of that, like, "We found love,"

then thank God you did that now and
not after you were married with two kids.

Or vice versa, like,
"Babe, but you're the one for me."

Then that's what you came here for.
You gave an ultimatum to Zay.

At the end of the day,

if you're meant to be,
you gotta put faith in this.

But you have to put yourself out there.

Yeah, I-- I definitely, um,

feel scared, and I think that with, um,
how accelerated the process is,

that things are coming up a lot quicker
than I originally, um, anticipated.

But Jake made me feel really comfortable.

How has this whole process
been for you, Jake?

I didn't give the ultimatum.

I got poured onto this experience,
and I accepted it with open arms.

Talking to all these
beautiful ladies here,

I've definitely learned a lot more
about me and my relationship,

and it opened my mind, and was like,

maybe there's things that I want,
and I didn't express it.

Sometimes I kind of forget
maybe what Jake wants.

With Rae, she's very invested
in getting to know what I want.

Like, during our conversations,
I kept saying sorry to her.

Like, "Am I talking too much?"

And it's funny because
I'm usually the talker, but, uh,

she's like, "No, I'm really
interested in what you're saying

and everything I'm hearing." And I'm like,
"Wow, that's a big thing for me."

[Nick] Jake.

-Are you ready to make your choice?
-I am.

[chair scraping the floor]

The person I have chosen is Rae.

Right after our first date,
we literally bonded on every level.

Every other time we went to the next date,

you're the one I looked forward
to getting to know and spending time with.

At the end of the day,
I could see a future with you.

[April] You know, the very
sucky part about this is that

today we get to move in
with someone completely different,

and that may give you
a different thought about how April is,

or what Jake wants walking out of here,
and that scares the hell out of me.

You were scared as hell to come on this,

and I see you opening up,
and I'm just telling y'all right now,

take it, take it in.

Because he will treat you like a queen.

He's the reason I am the woman I am today
after all the shit that I've been through.

Thank you for that,
and I love you to death.

Rae? Are you ready to make your choice?

Uh, yes, I'm ready to make my choice.

I choose Jake.

[Zay] I don't even know
what I feel, honestly.

Rae and Jake already have
a good connection.

They're attracted to each other,
and love spending time with each other.

Just knowing that they're spending
three weeks together in a trial marriage,

it kind of had me upset.

[Vanessa sucks teeth]
Okay. [clears throat]



[chuckles] Hi.

[Nick] What's happened this week?
How are you feeling?

You know, I've had-- I've had
a great time dating all you guys.

But I loved my dates with Randall.

Randall is awesome.

It's been nice to have that more,

you know, realistic mindset
when it comes to love,

and relationships with Randall.

Are you ready to make a choice?

Yeah, I'm ready. Yeah. Um--

My choice is Randall.

There was the initial attraction,

and then just the similarities
that made me feel like

validated and heard and seen.

You listen, and you also have that,
you know, more practical,

realistic side that I have been missing
in the relationship I came here with.

I can really see a future with you.

[Nick] Randall,
are you ready to make a choice?

I'm ready.

[dramatic music playing]

The person I choose is Madlyn.

I think Madlyn would make an amazing wife.

You allowed me to open up.

You also challenged me
to become a better me.

You've allowed me to show a side
that I never thought I'd be able to show.

I'm excited to embark on this journey.

I feel like I can, you know, finally take
a breath now that Randall's chosen me.

He's saying all these things that
I didn't realize that he picked up on,

I didn't realize he saw.

I think the biggest issue me
and Colby have coming into this is that

I just feel like he doesn't listen to me.

And Randall, he does.

It feels good. It's showing me that,
you know, there are other people out there

that are capable of giving me
what I've been asking for.

Nate, I see you over there fidgeting.

How are you doing?

To be truthful, right?
To be 100% candid and transparent,

um, I think the reason that I came in here
and why I gave an ultimatum,

I don't have a lot of things that
I would say that Lauren was missing.

There's really one thing preventing us
from taking the next step.

It just so happens that that one thing
for me is huge and all-encompassing.

Having kids and growing a family
and having that as a priority.

Having someone that wants it just as bad
as you, that's really important to me.

So a lot of the qualities
that I see that would make a good wife

are hand-in-hand with qualities
that, uh, show you as being a mom, right?

So I think April is, like,
ready to get in mom mode, like,

she's ready to-- to raise a family,
and you talking with passion about that,

that's exciting.

April and me are probably the closest
to being, like, identical people,

I think, out of anyone that I've met here.

Walking into this, I'm looking for
a partner that wants kids as bad as me,

that wants to have marriage.

You guys know how bad it means
for me to want to be a mommy.

April's had that maternal instinct
since I was a little girl.

I want to have my own little girl.

I feel like I've been attracted
to a lot of the people here.

I feel like Colby and I would go
have a lot of fun. I feel like Nate and I

would have the most out of this.
Adventures. We're both dog people.

But there's something calm
and collected about Hunter.

That I could run to him.

Because he's opposite of me.

He wouldn't be like, "April."

He wouldn't, you know,
add fuel to the fire that I was feeling.

He actually put it out.

And I thought about
my conversation with Hunter,

and how I don't understand how
Hunter can be such a strong, calm dude.

And I look forward to going
in these next three weeks with you.

I know you haven't lived with a woman
before, but it makes me excited that,

with you, like, I get to start over.

And I'm excited to focus on me
in order to be a better me for you,

because you've been
nothing short of amazing for me.


Are you ready to make your choice?

[chair scraping the floor]


I choose Hunter.

[happy music playing]

Um-- [sighs]

I don't know. I don't-- I don't know.

[April] Hunter.

Last night some shit went down,
and you really grounded me,

and forced me to face my feelings,

and I see clearer because of you.

And I think I need that in my life.

I appreciate you for that, and I'm excited
to see where these next three weeks go,

and who I become
out of spending more time with you.

[Vanessa sighs]

Alexis, I'm clear
across the table from you,

but I definitely feel what you're feeling.

It's unrealistic for me to sit here
and be like, "Oh, I'm happy for you."

That you had
a good experience because, like,

I don't want him living with someone else.
I don't want him dating someone else.

Like, he is mine.
Get your hands off of him. And, like,

I would fight for Hunter,

and I don't want anyone
to have feelings for Hunter other than me.

If I wanted him dating someone else,
I'd dump him.

I gave him the ultimatum.

I want to marry him,
not see him date other people.

Thinking that Hunter and I's relationship
could potentially change forever, um,

is a little overwhelming, I think.

Having all those emotions come up at once

was kind of unexpected, and

it's a little hard to process and really
understand what life would be like

in that situation.

To be honest, I didn't feel butterflies
with anyone, but coming into this,

I wanted, like, something real and--

I mean, would I love
to have my ego boost and be like,

"Yeah, everyone's, like, falling for me"?

Sure, yes.

But I really do want to be
with the person that I came here

and put my relationship
on the line with, like--

If anything, this has just
reconfirmed this week that, like,

this is the person I want
to spend the rest of my life with,

and it's hard for me to see this person
go on dates with other people,

sit literally right next to me having
conversation about, like, their sex life.

It's-- it is uncomfortable.

And it would be fake of me
to say that it's not.

I gave this ultimatum

because I truly do see
a future with this person.

Like, It took me so long
to say yes to Hunter,

which is what people don't see is like,

I was closed off in relationships, and I

opened myself up to Hunter.

So I love him. I love Hunter, like--

You gave him an ultimatum, right?
It's upsetting, but we try to be honest.

If that ultimatum were to backfire,

how would that leave you feeling?

If I gave this ultimatum and he doesn't
feel the same, then I'm gonna walk away.

[Vanessa] I think that that was it.

"I came here for him to have clarity
and for me to have clarity."

And you've just opened up, so, like,

I'm really proud of you, Alexis.

[Nick] So, Hunter.

What's going on in your head right now?

[suspenseful music playing]

Guys, I want to marry Alexis.

[dramatic music playing]

[Colby] Oh my--

♪ Everything is about to change ♪

[closing theme music playing]

[theme music ending]