The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On (2022–…): Season 1, Episode 10 - The Reunion - full transcript

Where are they now? Catch up with the couples as they revisit the experience and talk about their lives since the series with Vanessa and Nick.

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♪ You're the one I want to stay with
As I go through all the changes ♪

♪ You're the one I want to be with… ♪

Hello and welcome to The Ultimatum
Season 1 reunion.

-I'm Nick Lachey.
-And I'm Vanessa Lachey.

-And this has been quite a crazy journey.
-Oh, yeah.

[Vanessa] Well, we have
the entire cast here today

to catch us up on everything
that's been going on since the finale.

And, boy, do we have some questions
that we want answers to.

But before we jump into everything,
we're obviously missing two of you.

I think you can guess.
So why don't we bring them out?

Colby and Madlyn. Come on out, guys.

What's up, guys?

[all cheering, applauding]

Check that out.

-[Nate] Yeah!

[Vanessa] Oh, my goodness.
I love how Colby came out like,

-[Colby] Yeah? Y'all see that?

See what I did?

-[Nate] "That's me."
-[Vanessa] "I did that."

Well, obviously,
congratulations are in order for you guys.

Thank you so much.

Can I say this is
our first Ultimatum baby?

-[Colby] Yeah.
-[all chuckle]

[Nick] We're all taking credit.

-[Madlyn] Oh, my goodness.
-It's our baby.

-How far along are you, Madlyn?
-[Madlyn] Seven months.

[Vanessa] Seven months? Wow.

How do you feel?


-Yeah, really.
-She's handling it like a pro.

I'm loving every second.

That's good. You're literally glowing.
You know if it's a boy or a girl?

-[Madlyn] Girl.
-[gasps] A girl! Congratulations!

And, um, Colby's the daddy?

-[all chuckle]

[Colby] There's not even a question,
doubt, or concern about that.

No. This show just took a turn real quick.

[Colby] Yeah.

We actually heard through the grapevine
your good news,

and we knew that it was a little baby girl
so we got you a little something

from The Ultimatum family to you.

-That's so sweet.
-[Colby] Awesome.

-[Vanessa] You can just take the lid off.

[Madlyn] Ruined the bow.

She loves presents.
She likes tearing them up.

-You guys!
-[Nick] I mean--

-That's awesome.
-[April] Oh, my God.

What would our first Ultimatum baby be
without a baby silver goblet?

[Colby] That is perfect.

[Vanessa] We got
the baby goblet sippy cup.

I love it. Thank you.

You're welcome.

When I heard it was a baby girl, I…

was really excited.

That's what any girl,
at least me, like, dreams of.

Um, so, really exciting, honestly.

[Colby] Thank you.

Love how you said
she's taking it like a champ.

So what's it like for you, Colby,

watching Madlyn being pregnant
with your-- your guys' baby?

I'm blown away, actually,
by how she's handled it.

My sister recently had a baby
just last year.

So we got full experience
of the whole, how it works,

process of the pregnancy.

And she, like, has no problems.
No aches. No nothing.

She is just like
an absolute champ about it.

I keep staring at your bump.
I'm sorry. I'm like, "Babe. Babe."

-My ovaries are on fire right now.
-[all chuckle]

Um, but, see, we knew
when we were getting married.

I told you guys, when I did ultimately
give Nick the ultimatum,

it's 'cause he wanted kids and I'm like,
"Then we should be married to have kids."

Did you guys know that
this is what you wanted to do right away?

Or were you surprised
when you got pregnant?

Yeah. I think I even said it
on the show too. I was like,

"Next step, starting a family."
As soon as we got married,

I was like, "Yeah, it's time
to start making a family."

It wasn't trying to get pregnant,
but trying not for him to get me pregnant

-as soon as we got married.

Isn't it funny? When you get married,
people ask, "You trying for babies?"

I'm like, "Do you mean are we having
unprotected sex with my husband?"

-[Nick] Once you pull the goalie…
-[Colby] That's it.

[Nick] Go for it.

So, Nate, obviously,
we all know that you want kids.

So when you saw Madlyn come out
pregnant here today,

did you feel a type of way about it?

Are you jealous of the experience
they're going through right now?

Well… [scoffs]


Let's take a look back and remind everyone
in case they forgot what was on your mind.

There are some things that
we can't get past, like the kid thing.

I want kids so bad.

I've always seen myself as like--
Ultimately, I wanna be a dad.

I want kids more than anything.
I'm not gonna take that next step

unless it comes with knowing that
we're doing it to have a family.

A boy or a girl.

Boys or girls.

Kids and a family.
I know that's a must for me.

I want kids a lot.

What happens when I'm 36 years old
and still don't have kids, it's like,

"Now it's too late.
We'll never have kids."

Kids. Kids. Kids.

Children. Dad. New wave dad.

My want for kids hasn't changed.

-[all chuckle]

-I guess I want kids.
-Give this man some kids.

-[Vanessa] Um…

Nate, you can see how this is
a tad confusing to all of us.

You proposed to Lauren still not knowing
if she would ever want kids.

It was me coming to the realization that

I would rather spend the rest of my life
with her and not having kids

than having to go find someone that's…

70, 80% at best of what Lauren is to me,

and have a kid to fill the remaining 20%.
That doesn't make sense to me.

She still wasn't quite ready yet,
but you knew this was your person.

-So you proposed.

Let's remind ourselves of just how
awkwardly tense that proposal was.

Take a look.

[whispers] I'm going to choose you.

Fuck off.

-I'm serious.
-Wait, what?

-I'm serious.
-What'd you say?

I'm going to choose you.

What's happening now?

[normal tone] Colby.

Are you ready to make a choice?

I choose Lauren.

[Nate] I'm listening
to Colby choose Lauren

and it's stressing me out.
I don't trust Colby.

And I don't know his intentions.


Are you ready to make a choice?

Yes, I am.

[Nate] If Lauren chooses Colby,

and they end up living together
for the three weeks…

I'm shitting my pants.

I'm not trying to do anyone up, but…

-[Madlyn] What the fuck?

-Will you stand up?
-[Randall] What the fuck is going on?

I've learned through this that
I don't have a family without you.

And as long as I spend the rest
of my life with you, that's all I want.

There's no one else I can imagine myself
being with besides you for all my life.

-[Randall] Oh, my God.
-[Nate] So, Lauren…

[Lauren] Mmm.

Will you marry me?
Will you spend rest of my life with me?

Abso-fucking-lutely. Like, yes, please.

Obviously, we cut our experience short.

If you are being honest
with wanting to marry me, like,

we still have to figure this out.

[Nate] Um, yeah.

If we have to get a therapist
to figure this out, I'm down for that.

[Nate] Okay. Well, I'll say that, look.
First, we want to get married.

It's a kids issue thing.

[Lauren] But like…

I'm not going to let you

walk down the aisle and marry me
if I can't promise you kids.

[Vanessa] Ah, good times. It's good times.

[Nick] I can honestly say I think

the look on all of our faces
when Nate got up was genuine disbelief.

And I think I heard Randall say,

-"What the fuck is going on?"
-[all chuckle]

I was so confused.

[Nick] It was such
an awkwardly confusing moment.

So, Nate, I just wanna ask you.

You knew the premise of the show was
and the premise of the ultimatum.

You knew that this night
was all about making a choice.


And literally seconds before you got up
and walked around the table,

you whispered to Madlyn that
you were gonna choose her.

I guess my question is,

why would you tell Madlyn that?

Or is that you're saying the realization
you wanna propose happened

literally instantaneously
and you just acted on it?

I told her that because
I didn't know who I was going to pick.

And I know in my heart
and what I was saying to myself was,

I don't want to be with
anyone else here besides Lauren.

But I need to pick someone.

If he didn't propose,

and you didn't have that out, so to speak,
would you have still proposed?

I don't know. I didn't want to go
through this experience with anyone.

I just knew what I want already.

And I knew that
I wanted to be with Lauren.

So did that realization come to you

by going through the process?

Obviously, you knew that by giving her
an ultimatum-- You issued the ultimatum.


This experience,
and I said this before, did help me.

It made me realize
all these amazing people here,

all the great dates that I went on
with Shanique, April, every one of y'all--

I met so many amazing people.


Still, no one held a candle
to Lauren, to me.

From the very first time
we ever talked to anyone is,

we're in love and we wanna spend
the rest of our lives with each other.

The only thing is
we're working out an issue with,

do we want kids?

Are you still content with the idea
that maybe kids will never happen?

So, what we said on there too is
we wanted to actually work at it together.

That was our big thing and…

The other part of us not really feeling
the experience might be a best fit for us

was because, with this one issue,
who's gonna help us solve it, you know?

We sought out expert advice.

-And we, uh…
-[Nate chuckles] Okay.

Yeah, we did a little bit of outside work
with going to therapy, so…

I think that's great.

Are they having kids or not?

-Not yet.
-[Alexis] Okay.

No, we have agreed to have one for now.

It sounds like it worked for you guys.
I'm so happy to hear you say that.

Alexis, you seemed very invested
to know if they wanted to have babies.

-What's going on?
-[Alexis] I wanted to know.

-Why do you wanna know?

Well, I mean, that's a huge topic.

Um, well, you guys also
got engaged that night.

-Congratulations. Yay!
-[all applauding]

[Hunter] We're very excited.

I'm assuming by your smile
that you're still engaged?

Yeah, yeah, we're still engaged.

Have you guys gotten married yet?

No, not yet. But we're very heavy
into the planning phase.

[Vanessa] What are the details?
Can we know?

-[Alexis] We're getting married in June.
-[Vanessa] June?

[Alexis] Um, his mom's actually
a wedding planner.

-So we've taken her knowledge.
-She's been amazing.

I mean, come on, in-house wedding planner.

-What more could you really want?
-I know.

How did you feel that night
when he proposed to you?

Were you like, "Is this really happening?"

-It was a mix of emotions, right?
-She asked me.

-Oh, you're asking Alexis?
-[all chuckle]

[Hunter] I'm so sorry.

-[Alexis] He's excited.
-That was really cute.

-You know, we speak for each other.

[Vanessa] Did you have a feeling
or were you surprised?

I mean, I had no idea.

If I had known,
I wouldn't have worn my hair up.


Um, and the white dress was a coincidence.
I was originally wearing a yellow dress.

I was closing my suitcase, the dress rips.

I put on the white dress ten minutes
before rolling out of the room.

And, you know, I'm crying.
Like, I'm emotional because

everyone has kind of paired up,
and I'm like, "Well, crap."

I don't-- I'm gonna pick--
It's Colby and Nate who I can pick.

And, no offense, Colby,
but that would've been a disaster.

So I'm like, "Okay.
What am I supposed to do here?"

I'm freaking out because I don't want
Hunter living with anyone else.

I had no idea.

It was the happiest moment of my life.

We moved in together for the first time.
We'd never lived together.

And, like, that whole chapter
has been amazing, so, um…

I'm so happy that it happened that way.

I love him so much.

-Cohabitating can be a big change.

How big of an adjustment has it been
for you two living together?

Um, I mean, everyone has, like, their…

That beginning phase of, like, moving in.

You have your classic arguments, like,

"Don't put the towel there."
And, like, stupid stuff, but…

Living together has been great for us.
We get to take care of our dog together.

Um, we're close to family.
So, it's been really nice.

So, Alexis, I think somewhere
in the course of this experience,

you made it clear that what a man brings
to the table financially was important.

How is Hunter--? Is he making the bacon?
Is he out beating the bushes?

[Alexis] I think, um…

You know, that was a really big thing
for me, kind of in the beginning.

And now, living together,
we both contribute equally.

Um, it's not as important

because I think there's a lot of
other things in our relationship that are

better to focus on
than the financial aspect.

-Do you realize how much you're saving

-by his mom being your wedding planner?


-Like, at least $25,000.
-So, there you go.

-He is bringing in some of his--
-[Alexis] Yeah.

[Vanessa] So…


At Alexis's bachelorette party,
you revealed that you might be pregnant.

I think because the stress--
I already have hormone imbalance.

Then you lay this stress onto it.

My hormones were like a pregnant woman.

And I was not having--
I didn't have a period.

After I moved in with Colby,
I didn't have a period.

After coming back with Jake,
it still didn't happen.

So just to make sure
that I wasn't going crazy--

And sure enough,
it was just hormone imbalance.

What do you think would've happened to you
and April had she been pregnant?

[Jake] I've always been open.

If she did get pregnant,
of course, I'd still be there.

I'd take on the father job
and take care of her and the baby.

If she was,
I would have definitely been all in.

You being The Ultimatum detective, April,

um, decided to go through Jake's phone
when he was sleeping.

And so I've got mixed feelings about that.

I mean, I know there was a time
in my life when I did it.

[Nick] You--? Wait, what?

You did it too. I'm actually surprised
you figured out my password.

-That was a good one.
-Cut, cut, cut.

And, honestly, I remember
we went to a therapist, she was like,

"If y'all go through each other's phones,
then you shouldn't be together."

I need to trust this man
and he needs to trust me.

But you went through his phone

and you found a video of when
they were doing a trial marriage,

-of Rae twerking, having fun--
-[Zay scoffs]

There was a bunch of videos.

-It wasn't just that.
-Oh, there's more?

I'm not on Jake twerking.
I just want to clarify that.

I don't know if they have a video
to play it for proof.

I'm sure we do. Let's see the reenactment
of Rae's twerking with April's twerking.

I have to see your phone
filming this close up to Rae's ass

doing this shit at the fucking club?

["Hella Bandz"
by Hunnit Feat. Mucho Dinero playing]


[Vanessa] Yes, girl!

Hey! I don't wanna judge. But I though
you both did a pretty hell of a nice job.

Damn! [chuckles]

[Rae] How did you guys get the video?

-Oh, my God!
-[Randall] That is hilarious.

So how accurate was April's reenactment?

[Rae] I liked April's reenactment a lot.

She did it in heels,
and I was wearing flats.

So I think April should get--
You know, that was a good reenactment.

[Vanessa] Oh, my gosh.

So, Jake…

How has the dating life been for you
after the show?

Honestly, it's been what,
six months since the show ended?

Something like that?
And I'm still trying to figure things out.

I'm still trying--
I was doing myself for a while.

Just like-- I'm shutting everybody out.

I'm trying to find out what I really want,
what makes me happy.

'Cause that was definitely disregarded
the last previous two years.

-And, uh…
-[April chuckles]

[Vanessa] You're giggling.

-That was you, right?
-[April] Yeah.

Was that your way of saying
you don't buy that answer? Is that--?

[April] Yeah.

I feel for you 'cause I feel like
me and Zay were rowing in the same boat.

Like, I know you--
Rae gave the ultimatum to you.

I gave the ultimatum.

And I feel like we were both put
on the shit end of the stick.

You walk in and boom,

the first day we go to meet everybody,
our partners were instantly, like--

Just watching their date back,
it makes so much sense.

You guys do have a lot in common.

Watching it unfold, I could tell
immediately when Jake and I moved in

that he wanted to be back with Rae.


I was very distraught.

I was at my lowest point
probably realizing,

"All right. This has already
been checked out."

And being at my lowest,

instead of my person checking in with me,
like, seeing him check in with Rae.

I know that they had a connection.
But watching that, it felt disrespectful.

It felt like my three weeks was taken.

When I was with Jake, he was out checking
on Rae and her mental well-being

and how things were going on with Zay.
I didn't get those three weeks with Jake.

-Can I ask a question?
-[April] Go ahead.

Why'd you bring me on here?

I brought you on the show
because I wanted to marry you.

I'm glad you didn't propose
'cause I don't wanna be divorced to you.

And I'm unhappy, forcing you
to do stuff that you don't wanna do.

But I was already trying
to do those things.

Do you see what I'm saying?

The whole purpose of this
was we weren't compatible.

There's things you wanted
that I wasn't taking into consideration.

So, I do apologize.
But I'm glad we were on the experience.

I want to marry the right person.

So looking at it, at the end of the day,

I feel like the experience
did what it was supposed to do.

As heartbreaking as it was to realize
you weren't the person for me,

things unfolded.

Shit happened. Shit hit the fan.

I don't like how you're going across
like we had this perfect relationship.

Then I went on the show and like,
"Fuck you." 'Cause it's not.

I was already trying
to do everything in my power, um,

kids, house, car, marriage,
all that already, previously.

So the fact that you didn't care
about any of that, and you--

Total disregard of my feelings towards
the show, me not wanting to be there,

and how you knew I was not comfortable
at all going on this.

Just saying,
"Fuck you. I want to do this anyways."

[April] And I apologize,
but I had to put my foot down.

If you were buying Rae a car or house,
why was it so fucking hard to marry me?

You brought me on the show
with total disregard of my feelings.

I never wanted to go on the show
in the first place.

Jake, we hear you.

And I think
everyone else here did as well.

In fact, we have a clip. Let's watch.

She dragged me on. I'm not the one
who gave the ultimatum, you know?

She dragged me onto this.
She's dragged me on this thing.

-I got dragged on this. I didn't--
-[Rae] "I didn't even wanna be here."

I got dragged onto the experience
I'm taking it in full.

One, she dragged me on this.
Two, we agreed to go in this full force.

She gave the ultimatum. I didn't.
I got dragged onto this.

She dragged me-- Not dragged me,
but she wanted me to do this.

I didn't wanna do this.

I didn't give the ultimatum.

I got pulled onto this experience
and I accepted it with open arms.

Somehow I knew that was gonna happen.

I knew that was gonna come up.

-That's how much I did not wanna do this.
-[Rae] Did you get dragged onto this?

She didn't drag you. She drugged you.

[all chuckle]

Jake and April, after filming was over,
did you guys ever get back together

-or attempt to get back together?
-[April] Letting go was hard.

For months, we kinda just coasted,
and I stayed at Jake's for months.

We knew the relationship was over.
But, for months, we still tried to just…

-We were just-- It was just routine.
-[Vanessa] Yeah.

Clearly things didn't work out with Jake
the way you wanted them to, but…

how has the dating life been for you
after the show?

I am in a serious relationship.

I think after Jake and I separated,

I was like, all right,
I'm gonna move in with my girlfriend.

I'm getting my apartment.

I'm gonna have hot girl winter
'cause it's about to be December and…

-Hot girl winter?
-I'll explain later.

-[April] Instead of hot girl summer.
-He's cute.

He's 48. He doesn't know. It's okay.

And the very moment I said
I'm gonna put dating outside for a bit

and just focus on me, he just…

came right on in.

And since then,
we've been attached at the hip.

I've already moved in.

This is someone who wakes up
every single day and says,

"I love you. I can't wait to marry you."

Go to bed,
"Love you. I can't wait to marry you."

"Good morning. I miss you.
I'm at work. Can't wait to marry you."

-It's like-- It doesn't feel real.
-[Vanessa] Yeah.

And so looking back at this,
it's just hilarious to watch because

it took that for me
to be here where I am today.

To be at so much peace
and, like, in a healthy relationship.

We get each other.
It's respectful. We don't argue.

It just feels really good to know that

if this is what it took for me
to be where I am today, then so be it.

-[April] Thanks.

Do you talk about babies
with this guy yet?

You've talked about babies.

He's older. So, yeah,
we have talked about it. [chuckles]

Well, um, something that
April also talked about a lot,

not only wanting to have babies,
um, but April liked to talk about…

well, April.

Let's take a look at this clip.

Oh, God.

At the end of the day, whoever ends up
choosing April is gonna be with April.

April is a firecracker.

Gotta be just as adventurous
and loud as April.

My last relationship,
I had to leave a bit of April.

He's finally opening his eyes to April.

I'm not here to be wild April.
How does Colby truly feel about April?

April doesn't really let who April is out.

Go out there and learn April.
Who's April and where is April from?

Where does April need to be?
Not here.

He's got to know more
of a listening side of April.

Opposite of April.
What the hell's gonna happen to April?

Focus on April.

'Cause I'm being myself.
Like, this is April.

[Vanessa] Oh, my God!

[Nick] We wanna present you
for the Guinness World Record.

-Talk about yourself in the third person.
-[all applauding]

When did that start in your life?

I remember our first interview.
She was like, "April's gonna…"

I was like "I thought that was April."
He's like, "It is April."

-I'm like, "I got you."
-[all chuckles]

I'll tell you that started when I started
dating eight random strangers at one time.

They're like, "Who's April?"
I had to start selling her.

-Did it really start from this show?

[Vanessa] Oh, wait. [chuckles]

[April] I've never in our relationship--

It's all been about April
our whole relationship.

[Vanessa] Touché.

[Nick] All right.
Let's move on to a couple

whose trial marriage had
tongues swirling and sparks flying.

Jake and Rae.

Last we saw, you two had agreed
to give things a try and travel together.

So we're dying to know,
where did you end up going?

We actually did not go on a trip.

I think that

we kind of came to a consensus that
everybody needed more time to heal.

And I felt like it was really insensitive
to kind of be like,

"Okay, bye. Fuck y'all.
We'll get on a plane and go somewhere."

So we decided not to go on the trip.

What? Okay, um…

Do you feel that Zay and April
were kind of holding you guys back

and forcing you not to continue on
with your relationship

or in your own individual relationships,
and travel the world together?

No, I don't think that
they were actively holding us back.

I think that Jake and I both made
a conscious choice to kind of backtrack.

I can't speak for what happened
between April and Jake

after, you know,
we didn't go on the trip, but…

Zay and I did kind of try to fix things.

Um, and, ultimately, that didn't work out.
But we did, you know, give it a shot.

I tried to be more expressive with him,

and I actually feel like he became
a better communicator after the show.

So, um, we gave it a shot.
But, ultimately, it didn't work.

Because we were together, correct?

-Uh-- uh-- uh…

We didn't go on the trip.


And then you and I tried
to rekindle things.

Why didn't you go, though?
Why didn't you go on the trip?

Because I didn't feel comfortable,

you know, actually taking the leap
to go on the trip.

I'm confused at this point. Why are you--?

If you are so into Jake,
why are you fucking me?

Why are you fucking me every day?

-You know--
-I was not fucking you every day.

-We did have sex.
-That's cap.

I'm not saying that we didn't have sex.

I'm saying we did not have sex
every single day.

-Yeah. You're right. For sure.
-We'd check in with each other.

-As far as--
-Live your truth.

I really-- I told you before.
I said, "Don't come on this."

After you showed me what you--
You showed me--

After the show, we were together.
Boom. You know what I'm saying?

You can say, "Me and Jake didn't go
on the trip because of this."

Cap. You didn't go on the trip
because you was with me the whole time.

Well, Zay, let's talk about this reversal
of roles with you and Rae.

You were given the ultimatum.
But it felt like much of the time,

it was a little bit
of the other way around.

Like, you were waiting for Rae
to be ready to marry you.

-How confusing was that?
-[Zay clears throat]

Having been brought, then feeling like
the roles kind of got reversed a bit?

Um, yeah,
it was-- it was pretty confusing. Um…

'Cause I'm like, okay,
so you're not trying to work with me.

You still don't know what you want.
Why the fuck are we here?

Um, Zay.

Talk to me nice.

-I'm gonna be nice.
-[all chuckle]

[Nick] Yeah, that sounds familiar.

[all chuckle]

A little real. Um…

There was a night, and we all remember it,

where you kind of went MIA,
and it was y'all's last night together.

You went MIA until, like,
eight in the morning, which… Wow.

[Zay] You're right.

[Vanessa] That's a long time.

And it got to a point
that I think she was concerned.

So, do you want
to shed some light on MIA Zay?


So earlier that day,
Rae said that she didn't want to leave,

uh, you know, this experience with me.

So that was-- Obviously, you're in love
with somebody, that's gonna hurt.

And I wanted--
You know, I wanted some answers.

I asked her all these things, like,
"If you feel this way, let me know why."

Because you see me
trying to make this work,

trying to change any and everything
to make you happy.

So I can leave this experience
with you with a ring on your finger.

Or just leave this experience
together at that point, you know?

So I'm asking these things and she's just
not really trying to answer and like--

For a situation so serious,

I just expect my partner to be like,
"Hey, this and that."

No matter if your stomach hurt,
your head hurt, whatever the case is.

And I didn't get any answers
and I wanted to escape.

And I left. I didn't turn my phone off.
My phone died.

I was with one of my friends
and one of her friends.

I end up getting drunk
and passing out at his house.

So that's the truth?

That's my truth.

That's your truth, that you passed out
at a friend's house. I got you.

And I feel like you think that
something else happened, Rae.

I don't necessarily think it's so much
about what he was doing.

I think it's…


You should've came home earlier.
I don't know. I mean…

It's-- I mean…

At that point, I can't, like…

In my head,
I'm just thinking like, what is…?

Like, I'm asking you
in the nicest way possible

and I'm communicating to you the way
you told me to communicate with you.

-I'm doing that.

I'm changing. I'm trying.
Like, I'm freaking on this freaking…

In this experience,
crying my freaking eyes out. Like, I'm…

And we're different people.
I have a hard time expressing myself.

When you love somebody,
there's no question.

It doesn't matter. I won't shrink up
because there's people in the room.

Yeah, you're right. We're different.
But end of the day,

if you love and care about somebody,
you'll say it in front of anybody.

It's about reassuring the person
you're supposed to be in love with

that you care about them
and that you wanna be with that person

or you don't wanna be with them.

But I just needed to hear it from you,
from your mouth,

what you wanted and how you felt.

I'm sorry for that.

And I wanted to be able to express myself
because you deserved that.

You deserved for me to be open with you.

But I just-- I couldn't do it.

And I'm sorry because you deserved
more from me emotionally.

You called me out in the beginning
for not being able to express myself.

And I was like, "No, you're crazy."

"I'm so warm.
I'm so affectionate. I am expressive."

And then even watching it back,
I was like, "What the fuck?"

I was so cold and shut down.
I couldn't talk to you.

And I'm watching myself sitting there
on the bed and you were like,

"I want this with you.
I wanna be engaged with you."

And I knew how I was feeling
in that moment

But on camera, I'm just sitting there
like this just looking at you.

And it was so weird to see that.

And I'm sorry for that.

I think it was really powerful
to hear Rae say it, actually.

And I'm sure you guys can agree,
the cast, watching yourself,

and how you think you're thinking.

That was really, really vulnerable, Rae…

Thank you. …to say,
"I wanted to give you all of that, Zay."

And you can roll your eyes for a minute.
But from a woman's perspective,

to know what you're thinking
and how you're feeling in your core,

and then to see yourself going,
"Wow, I look absolutely dead in the eyes."

"There is nothing there."

And I think she's admitting
that she couldn't give that to you.

And-- And she wanted to.

And again, just like Jake and April,

I think that, Rae and Zay,
while you guys came in together and glued,

you now know
you're not meant to be together.

-Before marriage. Before a messy divorce.
-[Zay] For sure.

Before kids are involved.
Before any of that.

Like, it is what it is.

You know, we went our separate ways.
And, you know…

Live your life. I'm gonna live mine.

I learned what I needed to learn
out of the whole experience.

And I think I'm a better man for that.

And, hopefully, you're gonna become
a better woman for that, you know?

Just live your truth
and do what you got to do.

I still, you know, still love you
and all that, but it is what it is.

-Have you started dating anybody since?

Um, I have not. I have not.

I've been just, you know…

Trying to figure out
what I actually want, you know?

I-- I thought I knew, but obviously, uh…


Just taking my time and taking it slow.

Yeah. What are your thoughts
on the dating world?

Are you like, "Screw it. I won't date
for the rest of my life"?

Or, "You know what?
I'll take it day by day."

[Rae] Since Zay and I split up,

I've been with, uh, one person.


She's amazing and, um,
I had a really good connection with her.

But, you know, we kinda kept it casual.

I'm kinda figuring out, um,
myself and my sexuality

because I was very uncomfortable
with being bi for a very long time.

But, yeah. Since Zay and I've been done,
I've just been with one girl.

And that's kind of been great, honestly.

I love that. Look at you glowing. Yay!

-[all applauding]
-[April] Woo!

[Vanessa] That's awesome.
Thank you for sharing.

All right. So, let's go back
to Shanique's trial marriage with Zay.

We saw the two of you, late at night,
getting very, very cozy.

Let's take a look back.

[sentimental music playing]

I don't know. I feel like everybody else
is using this as a cheap, free pass.

How do you feel about that?

[Shanique] It is a little weird to see

how much fun Madlyn and Randall
are having, and everyone else.

And I'm just like, "Okay, well…"

"If Randall's the one
initiating things like that,

he should be okay
with me doing the same thing."

[Zay] Mm-hmm.

[both chuckle]

I think everybody is out here having fun.

You know, I like you.
I don't know. What do you think?

We can head back now if you're ready.

You know, I'm just gonna
take a step back and say that

when we kind of got to that point
in our, like, kind of relationship,

Zay, um, I think we both felt…


Well, you know,
let me speak for myself. I felt like, um…

my version of trying in this experience

looked a lot different
than Randall's version of trying.

It's just he thought that
him, like, fully immersing himself

in his relationship with Madlyn
was him giving this,

like, his all, you know?
Like, him really trying.

But I will say that

I did feel, um, betrayed.

I know what we signed up for,
but this is still my person.

This is still somebody that
I'm in love with and I want to be with,

and I knew I wanted to be with
even through Zay and I's relationship.

And so, if I'm being totally honest,
I was jealous.

And I think, um…


put me in a place where,
I mean, as you guys can see,

you know, I just started thinking, well,
if everyone is initiating these things

and leaning into that…

uh, physical attraction that
was clearly there

between a lot of people here, um…

Like, why can't I do the same thing?
Why do I feel so guilty about that?

And I will say,

um, hindsight 20/20,

that physical stuff between Zay and I
definitely solidified that that wasn't…

This wasn't my person, you know?
Um, and I feel like I needed to…

uh, experience that to know that.

'Cause there was that kind of question
in the back of your mind. Um…

I don't… I don't feel embarrassed by it.
I think it was, like, a natural thing.

Like I said, I think everybody had
some level of physical attraction to

maybe the person that they chose and, um…

You know,
I was respectful enough to Randall.

That was the first thing that I told him.

-So Randall was well aware.
-[Vanessa] That's good.

-It just sucked to see the video.
-[Shanique] It's a lot harder, yeah.

So, Randall, were you able
to compartmentalize it,

the way Shanique was,
to see it was part of--?

Well, obviously, it sucks to see.

I mean, like, I'm--
You know, it sucks to see it, but--

-[Nick] 100%.

she-- Like, I expected
to see it at some point.

Because I just-- You know,
she told me when it happened.

I wasn't tripping about it. But…

Just the visual, I could've lived without.

[Vanessa] Shanique told Randall.

Did Zay ever tell you, Rae?

[Rae] No, Zay did not tell me about that.

And on top of Zay not telling me,

he constantly accused me of doing stuff
like that with Jake when I didn't.

Wanna know why there's not a video
of me and Jake in bed?

Because that didn't fucking happen.

You accused me
of getting with Jake multiple times.

You flipped out every time I hung out
with Shanique since filming ended.

I developed a friendship
with Shanique after the show.

And I thought that
her and I got pretty close.

And I never once badgered her
or asked her what you guys did

because I didn't want my friendship
with her to be about that.

And I'm not mad at you
because it was not your place to tell me.

You told Randall
and Zay should've told me.

What I want an apology for
is not the fact that you did it,

but the fact that
you did not tell me about it.

And you accused me
of doing that with Jake.

And you were very rude in the way that
you accused me of doing that.

It's not what it was about.

You were the only guy
that never sexualized me.

And we actually did have
a genuine connection without that.

That's why this was so important to me
and why I learned so much from you.

-[Zay] Uh, and--
-I'm pissed at you.

-Okay. I--
-[Rae] You should've told me.

Okay. I understand that.

And you flipped out every time

I spent time with her
instead of telling me why.

You let me have a friendship with her.

Do you want--? I don't think-- I know--

[Rae] Don't attack me.
I'm not attacking you.

I have a right to be frustrated.

I accept full responsibility
for what we did. I-- I totally do.

All I wanna hear from you right now--
Please, Zay. Don't attack me.

Don't deflect right now
because you always deflect.

You always fucking do this.
You always deflect.

Don't raise your voice at me.
You won't make me back down this time.

You always yell over me
and you threaten me.

For once, you're in the wrong
and you're trying to flip it on me?

-How did I flip it?
-I finally stand up for myself.

You were always on me about
why I couldn't fucking stand up for myself

and why I couldn't talk to you.

I'm standing up for myself
and you're yelling and talking over me.

Jake, you sitting there looking at me.
Didn't I say I accept full responsibility?

[Rae] You accepted it
while you were counter-attacking me.

[Nick] Zay, do you think
you should've come clean?

What the fuck is wrong with you?

[Zay] I'm sincerely apologizing.

Watch out, fam.

You could've told me
instead of attacking me every time.

[Zay] Let me get a fucking break.


We really just want you guys to be happy.
We don't wanna see you in pain.

We wanna see your process
and we wanna hear your lessons.

And I know that at times, it hurts.

I'm really happy for you, Rae.
You found yourself.

and you guys can rehash this
in your own private time.

-Or not.
-[Rae] No.

[Vanessa] Then that's great.

Um, what I do know is that
you came out of this finding yourself.

And you came out of this knowing
where you're gonna move on to.

I'm sorry.

We're gonna move on to our next couple.

-Hey, girl.

[Vanessa] Shanique and Randall. Hi.

-How's it going?
-[Vanessa] Um,

I'm sorry. You're coordinated
very well today together.

-It worked out.
-Yeah, we tried a little bit.


Well, um, before we get into everything,
when we left you guys on the show,

Randall was down on one knee
and saying things you wanted to hear.

Yeah, he was.

[Vanessa] After you
gave him this ultimatum.

And I can't help but notice
you're not wearing your engagement ring.

-Mmm, nothing on this finger. Yeah.
-[Vanessa] So, what happened?

[Shanique] So, yeah, of course,
the engagement took place.

And even though
the proposal was very sincere--

I felt like he really meant that.

I could see the emotion coming through.

I know he really loves me and adores me.
I don't doubt that at all.

Um, once we, like, got out of this,

real life sets back in.

Um, so we actually broke up
for, like, six months.

-[Vanessa] Whoa.
-[Shanique] Yeah. Um…

You just kind of realize that

those are the foundational things
that we talked about on the experience,

kinda started presenting themselves
in real ways.

We tried, you know, to change.
But we obviously had our differences.

[Shanique] We were like, "You know what?"

"Maybe we do need to do this on our own.
Take our own break."

We were completely, like, broken up.

Um, and that was like the hardest time
of my life for real.

Six months, which is a long time

for people who've been together
for how long were you dating?

-Two and a half years.

I think, with us, we just really needed
that time apart to

appreciate those things about-- Oh, gosh.

Appreciate, um…


-I don't know. This is just like…

…my best friend in every way.
In every way.

And, um, just one of the best things
that's ever happened to me in my life.

-[all chuckle]

So now we're back together and we're just
honestly just trying to figure it out.

We're taking it a step at a time.

And I'm just really happy, um,

that we're just not in that place
that we were on the show.

[Vanessa] Yeah.

'Cause I watched that back
and, like, completely mortified.

Like, the way we were
communicating and arguing.

It sucked to see it
'cause in my mind, I'm like,

"Damn. Am I really this selfish?
Do I really seem and come off this way?"

Um, so a lot of self-reflection happened
with me watching that.

But I also was realizing that, like,

you know, those were times
that we were testing each other

and we needed that.

Can I ask, did you date anyone
in those six months? Or you tried--?

Yeah, I went on a couple dates.

-[Vanessa] You went on dates?

Not really. After we broke up,
it was a tough year for me.

I lost a lot of people in my life,

my grandmother, my aunt,
one of my best friends.

It was a tough year, so…

Dating was probably the last thing
on my priority list.


Truthfully, I just-- That kinda heightened
the moment of me realizing that, like,

"Damn. Shanique never left."

Even though we said we were single,
she's still here, like…

I knew I always wanted to be with her,
but that made it way more clear to me.

I just think our journey is a little bit
different than everybody else's.

And coming on the show,
obviously, you have a timeline.

But I think our timeline is our timeline.

I'm just excited for what's to come
because I just feel way more hopeful.

They seem so much wiser
beyond their years, all of you guys.

But, wow.

I'm happy for you. Preach, Randall.

-You said it best.
-[April] Go, Randall.

Doesn't matter how you get there,
you know what I mean?

Your journey is your journey.
It's not for anybody to judge, you know?

You know, it's all about the destination.

I think we shared it with you.
We took time apart.

and in those moments, you get to reflect
about what's really important to you.

It's what truly, I think,
drove us to get back together.

So we can definitely relate.

So, Randall, I'm just curious,
from your side,

is there something in particular
that's holding you back

from taking the next step?

Is there something that maybe
Shanique's not giving you?

Not at all. I honestly think that we are…

Obviously, it's not the ideal situation
with the engagement being called off.

But, to be honest,
I wouldn't have it any other way.

I feel like this relationship refresh
is something that we both needed.

I hope you two keep working
on your relationship.

We love seeing you guys together.

-We wish you the very, very best.

All right. Well, Colby, Madlyn.

How has marriage been?
How has the experience been so far?

-It's just like the show.

-It's a roller coaster.
-[Madlyn] No, it's not.

-We only live with each other.
-[all chuckle]

-[Nick] So not like the show exactly.
-[Madlyn] Yeah.

Leaving the show and getting married,
we had to completely recommit to…

[Colby] For sure.

…trust, listen, have patience.

We don't argue. [chuckles]

We can't argue the same way because
we're not fighting for ourselves anymore.

We're fighting, you know, for…

-Your family.
-[Madlyn] As a team. So, it's-- Yeah.

-It's been incredible.
-[Nick] Yeah.

It goes without saying, but it isn't
just about the two of you anymore.

It's about, you know, this life
and this family you're creating,

which is the most beautiful thing,
best thing I've ever done.

-Best thing we've ever done.
-I agree.

And I like that.

But I think the thing
Nick and I always fall back on is that

there's no definition
for how people find love.

Do you think this is something
that propelled you guys

and helped you see more clear
exactly what you wanted,

exactly how you wanted it?


Um, my ambition of this whole thing was
to make sure I was with the right person.

I was confirming my love for Madlyn.

Um, and it did exactly
what my whole intention was

of coming on here for.
And look where we're at now.

-[Vanessa] 'Cause you gave the ultimatum.
-Exactly, yeah.

Me being the one giving the ultimatum,
um, it was definitely nerve-racking.

But, um,
we're sitting here next to each other.

Married with the ring on the finger.
And we're here working on the family.

It was pretty surreal
watching everything back

and watching myself
just kind of battle with--

Like, I was going through the experience
with the thought that

giving myself to Colby, I would be losing.


And so, when I was finally
on the edge, like, do I…

give him up or do I "lose myself"?
It was kind of what I was thinking.

Choosing Colby, yeah.

Being given the ultimatum
and choosing our marriage,

-it's been such a gift.
-[Nick] Isn't it crazy?

You think you'll lose a part of yourself.
But, in fact, you're actually growing

-and becoming even more…
-Beyond words.

You find an even bigger identity
within a great relationship.

[Colby] Absolutely.

How did your families react
to you guys already being married?

My mom was super approving.

My dad was a little bit
taken back by, like--

Happy 'cause now he doesn't have
to go through the whole wedding thing.

But also, like, just thrown.

And now that you're still married
and expecting, has he come around?

Oh, completely. Yeah.

Definitely brought us closer together.
I'll put it that way.

-[Vanessa] All right. I love it.
-[Nick] Yeah.

Well, Madlyn, I think one of the things
that stood out from the season

that people are curious about
was a moment where Colby was out at a bar.

And he told a girl that
you two had an open relationship.

So was there something
we didn't know about?

Or was that maybe something
you were, uh, not entirely honest about?

Give us some insight
into what that moment was for you.

He felt like he wasn't getting
the same experience that I was.

That was his way of doing it.
It was the wrong way of doing it.

Um, so, yeah, I mean,
we don't have an open relationship.

-[Colby] Right.
-[both chuckle]

But I think…

that his excuse was me,

you know, having my relationship
at the time with Randall,

so that he could go find that elsewhere.

Not okay. On the other side of it now.

Definitely not something
that's gonna happen moving forward.

So, Colby, were you feeling like
you couldn't openly kinda date

and maybe talk to somebody
in a bar you had to give "a disclaimer"?

Right, because I think everyone here
actually had to do the same thing.

Um, it was put their wall down
and open that door up to

the people sitting
in these chairs right now.

You had to have an "open relationship."

You had to cut that person off you're with

and open it to someone
potentially sitting here.

And I…

I didn't get that chance, um,
because it was…


It didn't happen like everybody else.
So I was trying to find a way and

that was the worst way
to possibly do it, obviously.

But that's the way I took
and I definitely regret it for sure.

[whispers] If you hooked up with someone
outside of the show

I would be done. That's the truth.

I know part of what maybe
you guys struggled with,

at least in our time with you
on the show, was your friends

-and how they reacted to Colby.

So how has that situation changed?

Or maybe not changed?
Are they more accepting of Colby now?

My friends are just 100% support Madlyn.

So, at that moment,

I wasn't liking Colby
so they don't like Colby.

It might not be the most healthy thing.
But, I mean, they're--

You want your friends to be ride or die.

[Madlyn] Yeah, but they back me
no matter what.

And, yeah. So they back Colby now too.

[Nick] Okay.

Well, on your side of it,
how was you watching back the show?

How was it for you to see
how her friends felt about you?

[Vanessa] I bet that was a fun barbecue.
He was like, "Hey, ladies."

-[all chuckles]

-So about that…
-Right. Yeah.

Dial them up. All right.
Let's see what we got here.

Um, no. In all, um, they've always been
real sweet, real nice.

And they obviously speak
how they feel, um, all the time.

But, um, in all,
we have a great relationship.

Like she said,
they got my back too now, so…

-It's a good feeling.
-[Vanessa] I love it.

Well, congratulations, you guys.
So happy for you.

And, ultimately, I guess so happy
that it worked out in your favor

and that this was your journey.
So thank you for sharing that with us.

Ultimatum Season 1,
cheers to you all and your vulnerability

and finding love
in whatever shape or form.

-Cheers to you guys.
-[all together] Cheers.

[Vanessa & Nick]
You're all still standing.

-[Vanessa] Yeah! Okay!
-[Nick] Oh!

-It is water. We switched.
-No judgement here.

[Vanessa] Okay.
We're gonna ask some questions.

If you had a do-over,

who else would you have picked
as your partner during The Choice?


But you picked April.
You mean you would've picked her first?

Well, I picked Lauren.

Right. But, ultimately,
you ended up with--

Okay. Touché.

I think I would've picked Colby

if knowing Hunter and Alexis were
already out here.

Even though I know Colby already
had his eyes set on Lauren,

I still would've gone and shot my shot.

-[Vanessa] Yeah. Okay.
-Guess Colby would've been a hot pick.

[Vanessa chuckles]

Yeah, I probably would've picked Colby.

-[Vanessa] Really?
-In hindsight.

-[Hunter] Colbster.
-[Nick] Colbster.

-I probably gotta get one up on Madlyn.

-You deserve it.
-[Vanessa] Okay.

Which cast member do you think has learned
the least from this experience? Wow.

I'm gonna go with Nate.

-[Vanessa] Okay.
-[Nick] Okay.

That's fair because
he wasn't there, right? [chuckles]

[all chuckle]

[Nick] April is hilarious. All right.

What is the most shocking thing
you learned about another castmate that…

Maybe don't say the name.
But you can tell us the thing about them.

That… [chuckles]

[Vanessa] Uh-oh. Here we go.

That olive oil can be doubled as lube.

-Hey! I wanna know whose secret that is.
-Wow! Microphone drop.

[Zay] No. Fuck, no.

You know what else?
Coconut oil. Moving on. Hey.

-[Hunter] Wait, what?
-[Vanessa] And it smells good.

No, hey, facts, dude.
Coconut oil, for sure.

[Vanessa] Yeah.

All right. Before we wrap up, I'd love
to hear how you all feel about ultimatums.

It's what this whole thing was about.
It's where it all started.

So do you think your lives are better
from having been through this process?

[Alexis] I mean, I'm pro-ultimatum.
I got engaged.

So, I definitely learned something
from the experience.

In all, I think that this was
the best thing for our relationship.

I think this was an amazing experience.

And we opened doors that
we didn't even know were there.

And it's, um…

I got-- I fell even more in love
with you, so it's, um…

Over all, just a special thing.


I have to say I am pro-ultimatum.

I've never been so happy or felt so loved.

And I wouldn't be here today
without this experience.

I do have a lot of friends
that have been in long-term relationships

where one person is just coasting
'cause the other person can't commit.

And it makes me wanna know
how would they end up

If they put their foot down and said,
"Hey, marry me or I'm done."

I feel like a lot of those situations
would end up like Alexis or Colby.

I feel like I'm so confident
in my current relationship

that I feel like if I went through
round two Ultimatum,

we would end up like you guys
or Alexis and Hunter.

And it makes me happy
to, like, sit here today and be like,

without the ultimatum,
I wouldn't be here today, so…

And I commend each and every one of you
for going through this shit.

-Cheers to that.

[Vanessa & Nick] Cheers.

Thank you guys so much
for being here, being vulnerable,

sharing your lives with all of us.
We're so proud of you.

Nick and I,
from the bottom of our hearts,

wanna thank you
for opening up.

[Nick] Yeah. This was truly a season
to remember, that's for sure.

For now, I'm Nick Lachey.

And I'm Vanessa Lachey.
Thank you. And here's to love.

Here's to love.


♪ You're the one I wanna stay with
As I go through all the changes… ♪

Thanks, guys.

[indistinct chatter]

♪ You're the one I wanna wake with ♪

♪ You're the one I wanna change with ♪

♪ You're the one I wanna stay with ♪

♪You're the reason I quit leaving
You're the one I wanna be with ♪

[song ends]

[theme music playing]

[theme music ends]