The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On (2022–…): Season 1, Episode 1 - The Split - full transcript

Emotions are high--and sparks fly--as the couples part then embark on the ultimate love challenge. Can they pick a new partner, with real potential?

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[upbeat music playing]

I knew Hunter was the one for me
when we went on our first trip.

He was so patient,
just let me run the show.

Eyes on the prize, right?

[both chuckle]

[camera shutter clicking]

I initiated the conversation
with Hunter about an ultimatum.

I'm ready to make the next step.

And I basically told Hunter,
"We either get engaged or we break up."

[upbeat music playing]

-Guys, come on in. Grab a seat.
-Welcome. Hey.

[Hunter] I do believe that
we're at a stage in our relationship,

and I'm at a stage in my life,
where I can answer that question for us.

But you're not ready
to answer the question.

Because-- or else
you would've already answered it.

Okay, that's fair.

But-- Okay.

[Alexis] I want what I want,
and that's a ring.

At the end of this,
I will have an answer for you.

One way or another.

[upbeat music playing]

We met in college.

I was working at a bar.

She comes walking through the doors.
As soon as I saw her, I was like,

blown away. I knew she was the one.


Colby. [chuckles]

Yeah, I'm sorry.

-Told you I'm the touchy-feely one.

-[upbeat music playing]
-[camera shutter clicking]

[Colby] I'm ready for marriage.

I'm 100% in.
I'm ready to propose to Madlyn.

I just wanna be known as her man.

-[Madlyn] Hi!
-Come on in.

Hi, guys!

Hi, I'm Madlyn.

[Madlyn] I love him.

He's ready for me to choose him.

But I'm not ready to get married yet.

Choosing one person
for the rest of your life,

that's a pretty big choice.

I don't really believe in there
only being one person for everybody.

Do I think that there's a possibility that
I could be happy with somebody else? Yes.

I think it's natural
to wonder what it would be like

to be in a different relationship.

That's why I'm giving
my girlfriend an ultimatum.

[pop music playing]

It's-- It's an ultimatum to either--
You know, she marries me or…

I'm moving on, and…

I am worth her whole heart.

And if she can't see that,

I need to find somebody else who can.

[romantic music playing]

[Colby] The scariest part
about entering this experience

is potentially losing her.


I would be crushed if she walked
out of here with another guy.

But there's got to be somebody out there
looking for what I'm looking for,

and that's love.

[pop music playing]

Well, hello, everybody.

You're here because someone
in your relationship has issued

an ultimatum.

[pop music playing]

[upbeat music playing]

I'm Nick Lachey.

I am Vanessa Lachey.

In your relationships,
one partner is ready to get married,

and the other isn't quite as sure.

So, Shanique, you issued
the ultimatum to Randall.

He's a little comfortable
going with the flow.

I want to make sure that
we're planning to build together

in a way that includes marriage.

[Shanique] I've shown a lot
of qualities in my relationship

that would make me a great wife.

I don't mind cooking,

but I don't-- I don't do dishes.
I don't like doing dishes. [chuckles]

I'm ready for my first baby.

Then I'm gonna have to have another baby
a couple years after that.

You help with the cleaning,
and I will do my best with the kids.

I want a ring on this finger.

You're ready
'cause you issued the ultimatum, right?

I do, yeah. And I think he is too,
he just doesn't know.

[all chuckle]

[Randall] I think it'd be best to just
be able to get rid of some debt

that I have in my past,

um, in order to have a great life for her.

That's ultimately my reason,

-but she doesn't understand.
-[Nick] Okay.

I don't want to think about
if Shanique will leave me, if

I decide not to marry her right now.

She feels like she's ready for marriage.

And I have honestly
turned that down more times than not,

because I know that I'm not.

And I know that--
Honestly, I don't think she is.

Marriage in her mind is just
a huge wedding, just super flashy.

She's a spender, and I feel like
that kinda has to be broken

before you bring kids in,
before you want to have a marriage,

and join a life with somebody
who is very financially conscious.

[Nick] Let's be honest.

Fear of commitment almost always
boils down to the exact same question.

Is there someone else out there
who might be a better fit?

[dramatic music playing]

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

You're each gonna experience
two different visions

of what your married life could be.

Take a good look around at each other.

Each of you are compatible
with multiple different partners.

And you are all thinking about marriage
in a really, really intensive way.

[Vanessa] You're gonna find out
if there are people here,

other than the person you're with,
that actually could be a fit for you.

As potential mates.
As potential marriage material.

[Nick] If you're not sure
you wanna marry your current partner,

the risk is that
they're gonna find someone else who is.

[Hunter] Being surrounded by other men
and women who have been issued ultimatums,

there's some value here.

I'm going to get the opportunity to talk
to other couples in a similar situation.

I'm also going to discover if
I am really connecting with someone.

In order to give Alexis,
you know, an answer to the ultimatum,

I need to answer those questions.

I'm not ready to propose to Alexis
at this moment.

But if I met the perfect person,

I would be ready to be engaged tomorrow.

[Nick] Psychologists agree

an ultimatum is not a good way
to get somebody else to do what you want.

But it is the best way
to get you the answers you need

on a timetable you can live with.

I like that.

I always said I was gonna be that girl
that would never

give a man an ultimatum, and it was--

-I was 29 and I was like--
-She was lying. She--

[Vanessa] No.
Five years later, things changed.

-But look what it got me!

-[all chuckle]
-[Vanessa] We dated for five years.

So I finally said, "What are we doing?"

I have now moved in with him.
I renovated his entire bachelor pad.

There was a bar in the pool.
I'm like, "Whatever you want."

Now I want kids in the pool.


-So that's when I started the dance.
-That's what put the nail in the coffin.

You see that ring? It looks good.


-Is that how it worked for you? Teach me.

This hand is saying, "Yes!"


So since you won't do it.
I'm just kidding.

[all laughing]

[Vanessa] We actually--

If I'm being completely candid
and transparent, we took a break.

We both saw one other person.

And we realized that

if we got out of our own way,
we could be amazing together.

But it took seeing somebody else,

and me realizing I don't mind the things
I thought bugged me or held me back.

I don't mind all that.

The bigger picture
is how I feel about this person,

and their values of wanting to be with me,
and knowing everything about me.

I think we got perspective.

So tonight is your last night
together as a couple.

At the end of the week,
you'll each choose a new partner.

You'll move in together
for three weeks in a trial marriage.

Then you're gonna go
through exactly the same experience

with the person you arrived here with.

[April] Seeing the other five women
that Jake's gonna date,

there's a part of me that wants
to grab Jake's hand and run.

I wanna say I'm not fazed at all…

…but it is a little bit nerve-racking.

During this entire experience,
ask the important questions,

and have the most difficult conversations
that people should have

prior to getting married.

Many of you are gonna feel
like you're falling in love.

Some of you may find yourself
in love with two people.

And that could seem confusing
or even overwhelming.

And let me tell you, it will be.

But that's the whole point.

Absence can make the heart grow fonder.

Or absence can make the heart grow absent.

And the choice you'll each make
at the end of this process,

it shouldn't be an easy one.

-[Vanessa] At the end of this experience--
-[Nick] The ultimatum will come to term,

and you guys will have to choose.

Either to marry
the person you've arrived here with

or to split forever.

[Vanessa] Or is there someone new
that's a better fit?

They're strangers now, but you could
be looking at your future husband or wife.

Anyone from the other couples

might turn out to be exactly
what you're looking for.

We want all of you to leave here

engaged to the person you know you want
to spend the rest of your life with.

The right person for you to marry.

[whimsical music playing]

-Like this one

I love you.

Okay. Enjoy this last night as a couple.

Good luck.

-To love. Cheers, guys.
-Good luck, guys.

To love.

[happy music playing]

[Randall] People--

…have given an ultimatum before,
and it doesn't look anything like this.


but, I mean, this is very real.

If you want a family
and you want marriage,

you want to build with someone,
and you're ready for that and they're not,

I think it is okay
to put your foot down and not settle.

And say, "This is something that I need."

I want a lifetime commitment.

Tonight is my last night with Colby
before we go into this.

And whether or not we end up together,
it's not going to be the same.

I feel kinda sick to my stomach
about how real this experience is.

But I do have attraction to Randall.

Yeah, I'm willing
to explore Randall a little bit.

[relaxing music playing]


It is an ultimatum.
I mean, it's an engagement or a break-up.

[pop music playing]

We have six other couples here
that we're getting to know.

And you may come out
actually interested in that person.

I don't think I will.
I really don't think I will.


My name is April, and I'm giving
my boyfriend Jake an ultimatum.

I just want a ring,
and I want a baby with you now.


I really want to see where this takes us.

The chances of Jake finding someone
as interesting as this personality--

Good luck.

I want this experience
to help our relationship, not hurt it.

-I love you.
-I love you.

-Give me a kiss.

[romantic music playing]

I want to be 50, 65 years old with you,

because you've been
the best role model as a friend. [sniffs]

You've been the best
role model as a partner.

You're just literally
an angel sent from heaven.

-And I thank God for you every day.
-Thanks, baby.

'Cause there are no bad days
when I get to go home with you.

-I love you.
-I love you.

You literally have shown me
what a relationship should be.

My name is Jake.

My girlfriend April
has given me an ultimatum.

April has shown me what love really is.

She's my best friend.

And I do want her
to be a part of my life till I die.

[April] We talked about
getting married from the jump.

Do you understand the stuff we invested in
each other are stuff husband and wife do?

-We're not husband and wife.

You bought me a car.

I just don't understand,
if we're not married,

-why would you buy me a car?
-'Cause I care about you.

The whole reason I wanted an SUV
'cause I pictured car seats in the…

-Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm.
-…second and third row, did I not?

What did you tell the dealership?
"She wants her mom car."


I'm driving this big-ass SUV with nobody
in the back seat, except myself.

Have I done anything to prevent that?


I've literally dropped everything.

Like, given up everything I'm passionate
about to make sure you're happy.

It's just-- I just got out
of the military a year ago.

I want to travel. I want to have fun.

I want to be financially stable.

I know that
you just got out of the military.

But you've been out for what?
A year and a half?

Before you got out, we almost eloped.

We were in love with each other.
Like, "This is what we want to do."

I still am.

I feel like
I have been very, very patient.

What are your reserves?

'Cause it can't just be your timeline
or wanting to be financially stable.

I'm hoping, with this experience,
I can date around.

Get better clarity on what you want
from another perspective.

-So I can give you everything you need.

Do I want to lose you? No.

Do-- do I love you? Yes.

I-- I really do love you, 100%.

I've never had
this feeling with anybody else.

I see me being with you
for the rest of my life.

I think that's why it hurts,

cause I feel like I'm ready
and you're not.

I'm not going through another
three-year relationship to end in nothing.

That is why I'm giving this ultimatum.

I love you to death,
but I just cannot wait any longer.

And if you don't have that clarity
by the end of this experiment…

I will be done.

[dramatic music playing]

[Jake] I wanna be with you
more than anything.

I want you to be the mother of my kids.
I want you to be my wife.

It's just I want us
to both be on the same page.

And I hope at the end of the experience,
I'll be on one knee proposing to you.

-That would make me really happy.
-I know it would.

[pop music playing]

I know for a fact
I love you more than anything.

But there are some things
that we can't get past.

Like the kid thing.

I believe in compromise in a relationship.
I don't believe in sacrifice.

And I don't want
to think of children as a sacrifice.

I want to think of it as like--

But if you don't want to have kids,
and I'm saying I do want to have kids,

then, okay, we're compromising
and we're gonna have a half kid?

-No, I--
-You know what I mean?

You're saying
we shouldn't have sacrifices, though.

-No, what I'm trying to say--
-Relationships should.

Are you gonna let me freaking talk?

My name is Lauren, and my boyfriend
Nathan is giving me an ultimatum.

I don't want children.

I feel kind of awkward
interacting with children sometimes.

I'm just-- I don't know.
It's something that I've never really felt

needed to be a part of my life.

I think that ultimately you should
be with somebody who shares

similar wants and needs in life as you.

I don't think that anybody should have
to sacrifice anything for another person.

And Nathan definitely knows where I stand

when it comes to
how I feel about children.

If we can't come to that agreement,
then ultimately we will have to break up.

[sighs] I want to get clarity from this.
Like, that's the point. Like,

I'm here to find clarity
for our relationship.

And figure out, like, "Hey,
is this something that we can move past?"

"Or is this something, like,
this probably just isn't right?" And…

You need to find someone
who can agree to have children with you.

Mm-hmm. I agree.

I want to get married.

Anyone that I would think
about marriage with, especially Lauren,

would have to be willing to have children
and to grow a family together.

If Lauren's not ready to marry me,

then I'm absolutely
going to find someone that-- that is.

[sad music playing]

That's where I'm at.


[upbeat music playing]

-Cheers to our last night together.
-Cheers to our last night together.

My name is Rae,
I'm giving my boyfriend Zay an ultimatum.

We have dated through college.

And I have graduated
and I have everything planned in my life.

My next steps. My next career move.
Just-- Isn't that how it goes, you know?

College, then proposal, then babies, then

honeymoon in Cancun.

-I can't even eat. I'm so nervous.
-What are you nervous for?

Just I can't picture myself
with anybody else besides you.

Zay has the full package with me

because I stay in the gym,
I have a degree,

I cook, I clean, and I know how to fuck.

I don't think he's gonna find that
with these other girls.

[whispering] Can I say "fuck"?

So what is one thing
that you want to get out of

hanging with
and spending time with different guys?

I might try to find somebody
who's the opposite of you,

and just kind of see how that goes.

-I don't know.

-How do you--
-We'll see who we click with.

How do you think that will help you?

Maybe just seeing if the grass is greener

and reminding me the qualities
that I really do love about you.

Why would you pick somebody
the opposite of me? And you're trying to--

You're trying to make it work with me.

I thought the whole point
of this experiment,

was to just, like,
date somebody different.

And then come back
to our original, like, pairing.


I mean, the experience to me
is to see who the person I want to marry.

That's why you are picking
who you're dating.

-Not me.

We came here as a couple,
but at the end of the day, it's

-about figuring out what's best for us…

…as individual people,
you know what I'm saying?

If Zay's not ready to take that next step,
and start our family and our careers,

and move into this next part of our lives,
I'll have to move on.

I would be sad to start over,
but I'm not scared to start over.

I think that
there is someone for everyone,

and I think that a lot of people
would be happy to be with me.

I want to make it work with you.

You're the woman that I want to have
my kids and to live and grow old with.

If I don't leave here with you, I just--
I don't know. I feel like I would…


…just lose everything I've been--

All we put in
the last two and a half years.

And I think our friends and family
would be sad

if we didn't walk out
of this experience together.

Well, it's kinda hard to think about.

Rae just graduated from college,
and I'm still, you know, um,

trying to graduate.

Like, both of us want kids.

Both of us want to get married,
but the problem is,

this honestly feels like
my first, you know, real relationship.

We're both still
trying to figure things out.

We can't rush getting into a marriage.

I mean, you're everything to me, like--

like you changed me
in a-- in a lot of ways.

You help me to understand, like,
things just that I didn't understand…


…about life.

You show me, like,
love I've just never had before.

I don't know.
You're everything to me, and I would--

-I mean, I would hate to lose you.

I just hope that,

and wish that we come out
of this experience together.

I hope that the connections
that you make ultimately help us,

and that we walk out of here engaged.

That's my goal for this experience
but, I mean, we'll see how it goes.

I just-- I want to know more about, like,

how you actually feel about me, you know?

I see you being my husband,

and I hope that this experience shows you
that you want me to be your wife.

Okay. Okay, Rae.

I mean, when it comes to you,
I can talk about you forever,

and tell you exactly how I feel.

And when it's with you,
it's just like super closed off.

-You know?
-Because I'm afraid of being hurt.

-But that is--
-Opening up to other people.

Okay, and if you're emotional,
and you feel some type of way,

this is what I'm here for.
This- That's why I'm your man, right?

When you're emotional and wanna talk
to somebody, you can talk to me.

That's what I'm here for.

Tomorrow, you'll be dating other guys,
and they'll be like, "Oh how do you feel?"

Are you gonna-- are you gonna spill
to them?

Or you just-- Or you just gonna be
shut off to everybody else too?

Well, I guess
that's something that I have to work on.

I guess that's why we're here.
'Cause we have stuff we need to work on.

[woman] Can you explain why you love Zay?

And why you think he's somebody that you,
coming into this, want to marry?


I think…

I don't know. Can we skip that question
and come back? Or is that the last one?

I'm stressed out that
you're gonna end up liking somebody else.

And I'm asking you to talk to me about
how you feel, and you can't say anything.

But you're stressed out
about me liking somebody else?

You got to let me know
when that makes sense to you.

I mean, that don't--
That don't make sense to me.

I feel like I gave you the ultimatum.

-Like-- No, like, for real. I'm serious.

I want you to be emotional. I want you
to pour out exactly how you feel about me.

But if it's only,
"I care about him, he knows that."

If that is the energy from somebody
that wants to be with me and,

you know, spend the rest-- the rest
of their life with me,

I don't-- I mean, I don't know if that's--

that's the correct energy to come by.

I mean, I'm the one issuing the ultimatum.

-Exactly. And I'm--
-So I feel like that can push you away.

And that's fine.
You're issuing the ultimatum.

I should be the person
over here shaking in my boots.

You're saying, "If you're not ready
to put a ring on my finger, I'm leaving."


you're-- you're supposed
to be the worried one?

This is our last night together for--

I can show you better than I can tell you.
I'm just gonna leave it at that.

You just-- I mean, you just--

That's how I'm feeling right now, so…

[scoffs] All right.

I mean, it is crazy to me
that she gave me an ultimatum,

and she can't tell me,
you know, how-- how she feels about me.

I can't believe this is reality.

And this is our last night together,

and it can potentially
change our-- our lives forever.

[upbeat music playing]

-[Shanique] You gotta take these off.
-Oh, yeah. I got you. I got you.

[pop music playing]

[Shanique] I love you so much.

What are you most excited for?
I gotta ask you.

I don't know,
not being nagged all the time or--

-I'm just kidding.

-You know I love you.
-I love you too.

[Randall] I'm not ready
to say goodbye to Shanique.

But I didn't issue the ultimatum.

I wasn't the one that wanted
to go through this experience.

I'll be dating other people
during this ultimatum.

I'm hoping that she understands
what she has at stake.

We're literally, like,
breaking up at this point.

Like, this is the last time
that we're officially a couple, so…

That's really, like,
messing with me right now.

Regardless of what may happen,
regardless of things that we go through,

I really mean
when I say that I really love you.

-Don't cry.

[sad music playing]

Come here. Give me a hug. Come here.

It's okay.

It's okay.


Hey. Don't cry. Stop. Stop.

Look at me. Look at me. Come on.

You're grabbing my neck. Okay. Come on.

You know I love you, right?


Maybe this is the thing that will propel
us into new heights in this relationship.

I know you want to get married right away,
but what if you do come out of this,

saying that, "Maybe Randall was right,"
or, "Maybe we should just, you know,

take it easy and just wait."

That's why we have
to go in there open-minded.

I know a lot can change within a month.

You scared?

I mean, I know I brought you into this,
and so I just don't want to regret it.

I realize that I am the one
who asked him to come here.

And now I'm allowing him
to walk out of my hotel room

as a single man.

That-- That is just

the craziest thing. Like, it's crazy.

-[April] Does that hurt?
-[Jake] Mm-mmm.

Who's gonna do this for you when I leave?

Nobody, not as good as you do it.

I want to go back to sleep with my man.
Like, I do not want to be here.

This does not feel good.
I feel like he's back in the military.

He's, like, getting deployed
and I have to say bye.

You got a masseuse.

Unless I find somebody else that…

Oh, good luck.

…knows how to do it.

You're very in a vulnerable
position right now. I'd be very careful.

It's even worse because he's gonna go out
and he's gonna be dating five girls a day.

So, not a good feeling at all.

Give me a piggyback ride. Let's go. Go.

I gotta go change.

Go. Get up.

I got you.

I'm going everywhere you go.

-All right.

It's gonna be weird,
like, not sleeping together

the next four weeks, basically.

I know.

Going from living with

no one, to then living
with a guy for the first time,

that's not you, will be definitely
a weird change. [chuckles]

Yes, it will.

I'm also really nervous,
like, living with a girl and, you know.

I'm confident that
you'll pick someone that, like,

hopefully gets you to where
you need to be by the end of this.

Hunter wants to move in.
I want to get engaged.

We just can't agree.

I'm getting less out of moving in.

I'm gonna cook for you,
clean for you, do your laundry.

And you get all of me. [chuckles]

And so, my thought is,
if you're serious about our relationship,

then put a ring on my finger.

-I love you.
-Hard to say goodbye.

So much.

-I love you.
-I'm gonna miss you. Mmm.

[suspenseful music playing]

[Hunter] There's a part of me
that really struggles

with the concept of an ultimatum.

And so to take such a hard stance

and not give sort of any opportunity
for discussion is-- is frustrating.

[Colby] The last thing
I want to say to you before we separate,

I just want to make sure
you're getting the full experience.

Like, don't feel like you have to
hold yourself back.

'Cause that's why we're here,

to make sure you're getting,
in the end, exactly what you want.

And to leave with the person you want.

That is the hardest thing for me to say,

but I know it's probably
the best thing for you.

And me, in the end.

I love having you around.

I love doing everything I do.
It's better doing it with you.

I'm trying to get a picture of my life
without you in it, and that's very hard.

Knowing, like,
we're going to be separated,

I'm extremely scared but extremely happy
you're gonna get to experience that.

Spending this time with somebody else,

I think, will really tell you
that I am the one for you.

I know I need to be
ready at the end of this.

But that's not something
that I can just push myself into.

And it's not something
I'm going to pretend to do if I can't.

It's really scary
because I have to either be there,

or you won't be there.

The only thing scarier
than losing you right now

would be to marry you.

[dramatic music playing]

I need that from you.
I need you to be ready.

It's just like really hard

to see how that's gonna happen for me.

If you're not ready by the end of this,

it's time for me to take that next step
with someone who's ready for it.

Either that being you if you're ready,

or if that ends up being somebody else,

I need to focus on
who I think will be the best fit for me.

I need to figure out what's best for me.

Who could potentially, you know,

be my lifelong partner,

if Madlyn decides that she isn't ready,
because I am there.

And I hope that I'm able to find,
if not here,

somebody else out there that's willing
to be with me for the rest of their lives.

Hopefully, end up in marriage.

To Madlyn, um, I love her.

And I, you know, I couldn't imagine
if she ended up with somebody else.



Yeah, I'm still going
to pursue other people

because that's what
I came here to do, just for, um--

I don't want to be just--

I don't know.
I'll be heartbroken, though. Ah.

I'm lost right now. I don't know.

[tense music playing]

I don't know.

[pop music playing]

-Hello, hello!
-[Hunter] Well, hi.

-Zay, nice to meet you.
-Nice to meet you again.

[Zay] Yesterday, I was in
a two-and-a-half-year relationship,

and today, I'm dating new people.
So it's-- it's pretty crazy.

I haven't felt like this
in a-- in a while,

getting to know different women.


-[Lauren] Hi. How are you?
-Doing well. How are you doing?

-See we're matching today.
-I know.


-[Madlyn] Hi, Jake.
-What's up? How are you?


[Madlyn] I'm not ready to get married.

I'm gonna enjoy dating other people.
I have one life.

And I'm with somebody

who is going to fully fulfill me
and make me happy forever,

that there's no one out there
better for me?

It's always a question.

[April] I'll give you a hug.

-I just feel like you need a hug.
-Oh, my God.

I feel like you need a hug.
What's your name again? Zay for Isaiah?

-Don't tell me your name.

-No, my name is Zay. That's it.
-Zay. Got it.

This is weird for me because yesterday

Jake and I were clearly together.

-How are you?
-[Lauren] Good, how are you?

-Good. Good.

Waking up today as a single woman,
it is weird.

I'm just like, "What is going on?"

In this experience, I'm looking for
the characteristics I want in a husband.

I need a manly man.

Someone that is exciting and adventurous.

He's got to be loving,
and he's six foot or taller.

That's my requirement.

Whether it be Jake or somebody new,
that's exactly what I want.

-My name is A.
-[Zay] A?

For Ap-- that's my legal name.

Zay and A. Okay, I hear you.
Like, who is April?

-April is a firecracker.

I make jokes all the time,

"I'll be a stay-at-home mom.
I can't wait."

I want to have kids
later on-- later on, like, when I'm ready.

That's why financial stability is--

-Oh god! Here we go again.
-Know what I'm saying?

Let me tell y'all something.
This bitch is financially stable, okay?

I paid for these on my own.

I don't need your wallet.
I can take care of my own ass.

I want to continue my career
and get a little bit more established.

I'm not at a place yet
where I'm satisfied.

I need to focus on myself,
as far as, like, financially.

[April] You have the same bullshit-ass
excuse as every other guy.

So I'm just gonna have to say,
"Next." [chuckles]

-What are those? Are those like--?
-They're Tahitian pearls.

-That's badass. They look really cool.

Is there a story behind it?

-No, I just got it at the beach.

Okay, I love that.

-Great story.
-In Florida.

Being single for the first time
in a really long time

and dating five
potential new partners

is extremely nerve-racking.

But at the same time,

I want to walk out of here engaged
to someone that is ready to get married.

And I hope that it's with Hunter.

But I'm definitely open to the possibility
that I might find someone

that checks all the boxes and is ready.

So I want to grab people's attention,

and I want the guys to see my cute body.

What's most important
for you to find in a-- in a partner?

Sex life is very important for me.

What is a good sex drive to you?

Fucking like, what,
two to three times a day.

I don't think that
that is what I came here to explore.

Why are you looking at me like that?

[Madlyn] Do you have a wild side?

-Of course, I have a wild side.

-I like sci-fi books.

[music abruptly stops]


Physical connection
is hard to put in words.

As soon as Randall walked in, I felt it.

-Hey, how's it going?
-[Madlyn chuckles] Hey.

-Take a seat.
-I'm taking off my shorts.

[Madlyn] Randall is very sexy.

Fuck. [chuckles]

So to be honest with you,
like, initially, when we came in,

you were like
the first person that I felt like,

that's someone
that I think I could be comfortable.

Your energy is just like--
I feel like it could match.

Yeah. I agree.

Are they on a date,
or are they just talking?

-[Zay] You said what?
-I'll mind my business.

[both chuckling]

-Look, somebody a little jealous already.
-I'm not jealous.

[Shanique] I'm not gonna lie.
It's really weird to see

the person that you came here with
dating someone else,

and, like, laughing
and having a good time.

It's just like, "What is this?" [chuckles]

[Madlyn] Marriage is important, so I want
to make sure that when I do go into that,

I am 100% ready.

What are your most
important qualities that you need?

I just need a good listener.
Somebody that, of course,

I want to have fun with,
and just be adventurous with.


and grow old together.
Like, how is everything with you…

-Yeah. Um…
-…and Colby?

-Honestly, he's an-- he's an awesome guy.

-He annoys me. [chuckles] I get annoyed.
-Got you.

You don't have
to speak every five seconds.

-Shut up and let me think for a moment.

[Madlyn] He's always putting on a show.

It's funny 'cause the things
you love about somebody

can also be the things you end up hating,
like, you--

-You're so bothered by.

Her-- Shanique's friends call her
the next Michelle Obama,

'cause she's always talking,
like, always has an opinion.

You know, Shanique is
a very emotional person,

when it comes down
to the decisions she makes, her feelings.

I just need a good listener.
Somebody that's not so quick to react.

I should expect that from a future wife.

Definitely. Colby is not very realistic.

He's very-- He's like,
everything is always perfect, and happy.

And I need him to, like,
take things more seriously

when we're considering
such a serious commitment.

I think Colby is definitely scared
to admit that he's excited for this,

because he wants to be the

"I'm 100% here for my woman" kind of guy.

But there is no way
that Colby is not excited

about getting to experience and hang out
with another woman for three weeks.

There's no way.

-[Alexis] Hey, can I come chat?
-Hey, what's up? Yeah.

-How are you? Good.
-Doing good. How are you?

Good. Please, have a seat.


Absolutely. You look great.

-Thank you.

-So do you.

If I had to pick one man here
that's my type, it would be Colby.

Colby gave the ultimatum,

and he kind of seems like
this type-A, go-getter, dry personality,

which Hunter is the opposite of that.

It's something that I definitely
came in wanting to figure out, like,

is Hunter the right personality type?
Or is someone else the best fit for me?

Got my nifty little, you know,
towel jacket on to keep me warm.

It's nice.
It's like got some fancy vibe going on.

I don't try too hard
when I'm around the pool, but--

It's not a fashion show
when you come out here.

-It's a fashion show for me.
-[chuckles] All right, fair enough.

You're definitely an extrovert.
I got-- I got that vibe.

I mean, I'm in sales, so--

-Yeah, exactly, same here.
-You have to be, yeah.

I want to know,

what are you looking to get
out of your potential partner?

Finances are, like,
so important to solidify.

I have a certain lifestyle
that I want to live.

Marriage for me is a financial decision
and an emotional decision.

If Hunter wasn't making

enough money that was reasonable,
I would walk away.


I think it's the first time
I've said that out loud.

I don't think Hunter
has ever heard me say that.

People are like,
"You don't need that much money."

I'm like, "No, you do."

I don't ever want to have a situation

where I have to pick,
"I'm paying for this or this."

I don't think I'm the man that
can fulfill the needs she's looking for.


-And I-- I grew up comfortable, but--

You know, I would--
I want more than comfortable.

I want, like, good.

To whatever man's out there,
good luck. [chuckles]

[upbeat music playing]

[April] How are you?

-Doing good. How are you?

So what is going on
with your current relationship

that made you guys wanna come on to here?

-Or whose idea was it?
-It's mine.

No way! It was my idea too!

I know I'm ready.
When I met Madlyn, it was like,

I just knew. Like, I knew immediately.

And, um,

I want to be able to kind of nurture her,
you know? Like,

give a shoulder to cry on.
She knows it's there.

-She just chooses not to use it, you know?

What made me come to this experience
was to make sure she got all her answers.

Because if she's not 100% into what I'm--
When I'm 100%,

that's never gonna work out in the end.

You have to be on the same page
or you'll never finish the book.

Exactly. It's more so
our backgrounds too.

My parents have been
together for so long.

-You have that role model.
-They're role models, yeah, exactly.

For her, she's just witnessed this

nasty divorce that has
recently happened in her life.

-That has really affected…
-It's scary for her.

…and it's scaring her
for that last full commitment of,

"Hey, I'm all in.
Like, you are my partner."

"You're my one and only."
That's really, really hard for her.

She's just making sure that I am
the one she wants to spend her life with,

and I'm wanting
this experience to show her.

If I'm not, then, hopefully,

somebody here shows her
exactly what she has been looking for.

I hate giving ultimatums, but it's time.

Jake's like, "I need to be
financially stable." That's bullshit.

-That's such bullshit. Yeah.
-It is! Thanks for agreeing.

If a guy's telling me that's bullshit,
like, y'all are bullshit.

-I was with Jake when he had military pay.

-Right. Sure.
-I was with him before the money.

Now he's making money, I'm with him.
I'll be with him without it.

Yeah, for sure.

That is just a breath of fresh air,
to talk to a guy

who wants exactly what I want.

And Colby and I are on the same page.
So, Colby, cheers to you, my man.

[Colby] So on that note,

-cheers to owning our shit.

And to hopefully
finding love in the end.

-We will cheers.
-Yes! [chuckles]

-To that we will cheers. That's awesome.
-Woo! [chuckles]

I kind of got a little shy around him.

He's the only person that made me shy,
so I don't know if that's good or bad.

-I'm feeling a spark.

I'm so glad. This is my favorite. I'm--

Give me a hug.

[chuckles] I was about to say.
Forget the handshake.

[Colby] April is cool.
She's got the looks.

She has that little kind of quirky vibe.

But the spark itself that I'm looking for
hasn't happened yet,

and I'm waiting for that spark to come.

That was the reaction I got with Madlyn,

and I haven't felt that yet.

Will I get it?

I-- I'm gonna give it everything I can.

[upbeat music playing]

[Colby] All right,
maybe you should rock?

-Is it what?
-Is it moving?

-Yeah, it, like, rocks.
-[Colby] Take it easy.


-How are you?
-Doing good.

-Does this work?

You just jump in like that?
Keeping it dry.

I should've took this off
before I sat down.

Colby was the first person,
I think, that I was initially drawn to.

I think he is very attractive.

[Lauren] I finally… [chuckles]

…found another guy
who is issuing an ultimatum.

[scoffs] You're the only girl
who hasn't given the ultimatum.

How do you feel about that?

I know.

Everyone here, I feel like,
for the most part,

is, like, very open to having children.

I'm-- I'm the black sheep. [chuckles]

-As a man, I understand.

I'm not the one
pushing something out of me.

-You know? I gotta be--

I feel like if the roles were reversed,
I'd have such an easier time with it.

Would you? So is that--?

So it's not so much just raising the kid,
it's just having the kid.

Okay. I'll say--

Tell me, I gotta know. What is it?

It's 75%, like, the parenting thing.

But 25% of it, I feel like,
is like being pregnant, and--

I can see where the scariness of
how having children can be, you know?

I can definitely see it,
and kind of relate to it.

But I think that's why you do it
with someone that you love.

[sentimental music playing]

Someone that will help you
through those times.

I'm not in this alone.

The kid breaks its arm.
What do we do? Or if it gets…

Figure it out together.

…very ill?
You figure it out together,

and I think that's what definitely
makes me overcome that fear the most.

Yeah. Nathan works a lot.
Nathan is a business owner now.

So are you going to have time?

-That completely make sense.

I really just need to, like,
have those deep conversations,

and, like, think about
what parenting looks like one day.

And, you know, you have to, like,
figure out a parenting style

-that's gonna work for you.
-For sure.

And mom and dad have to be
on the same level of communication, and--

You have to see it
through someone else's eyes,

-especially your partner's eyes…

…who you're working with,
your teammate, you know.

That's the most
important thing you could possibly do.

Colby is definitely
somebody that I find attractive.

He has a really sensitive,
emotional side to him.

And it feels like he's listening,

and he's hearing what I have to say,
and he wants to see my side of the story,

and it feels really nice.

This is what I need.
I need someone who's sweet.

I need someone who's-- who's willing to,
like, be thoughtful.

That's what you're looking
for in a relationship?

Yes. I like that.

I'm-- I'm a family man, simple as that.

And so you think it's something that
you could possibly overcome in the future?

Maybe, yeah.

Ultimately, that's why I'm here.

I-- I don't think I would've come here
if I was a hard no.

She wants to have kids.
I can tell she wants to have kids.

But Nate works too much.
She mentioned that a couple times,

and she's scared that she's gonna
have to be the only one raising the kid.

I feel like I'm a guy who can
comfort those feelings she's having,

and hold her hand
as she goes through them.

[whimsical music playing]

[Jake] So you issued the ultimatum?

I am the one
who issued the ultimatum, yes.

So, I think it's just time.

I've graduated.
I'm trying to settle into a career,

and I just see myself, you know,
being engaged,

and then, you know,
starting a family in a year or two.

Okay. In a year or two. Okay.

Yeah, so how do you feel
being on the flip side?

Being the one who has given the ultimatum.

So I do want everything she wants.

It's just our time-- times
are a little bit different.

April did give me an ultimatum,

but I know that we're gonna
end up together in the long run.

So the game plan
I pretty much have right now is

to show the other women how
a woman's actually supposed to be treated.

What she's mainly worried about
is being a young mom.

I'm like, it's still-- you're still young.

-You don't gotta worry about it.

I said, like,
low 30s is the-- is the time.

Or maybe even 27?

Twenty-seven? [chuckles]
So you really want some kids right now.

-You know, in a couple years.

So looking forward,
what are you looking for?

Like how many kids?

No more than two.

My number is two.

-Two? Okay. So we got that in common.

I don't want any more than two
and I don't want any less.

-Um, I grew up as an only child.
-So did I.

My mom has always wished
she had someone else so I could--

Same. My mom said the same thing.
Like, "I wish I gave you a sibling."

My mom is my best friend.

My mom is everything.

Yeah, my mom is my literal heart.

People make fun of me,
"You're a mama's boy," I'm like,

"I'm not a mama's boy. It's literally--
I never had a dad in my life."

"If I need anything or to talk
to somebody, I'll call my mom." Yup.

-I'll call my mom.

You tell her everything, open with her?

-Yeah, I love that.

She just-- There's no secrets.
Not one thing she doesn't know.

Same. I tell my mom all my business.

My friends are like, "Oh, my God.
You talk to your mom about that?"

"You told her about that party
and that thing?" I'm like, "Yeah."

Yeah, why wouldn't I?

Why-- That's me right there.
That's my best friend.

Growing up, my mom wasn't strict.

-Like, she never grounded me.

-She never disciplined me like that.

But we had so much love
between each other, I didn't act up.

You didn't wanna do anything to
disappoint her because you loved her.

-I appreciate her.
-That was me with my mom.

-So I never had to sit there and be like--

She was never like,
"You're grounded for a week or two weeks."

Do you see yourself
parenting the same way?

Because I wanna emulate
the same style my mom did with me.

[Jake] 100%. If you could have
your ideal relationship,

-what would it be?
-My ideal relationship?

Okay. I think the first word
that comes to mind would just be loyalty.

-That's a big thing.
-That's what I'm looking for.

Did you have problems
with that with Zay or no?

Um, I mean--

I just want somebody that I can trust to--

Like they go out,
and I'm not at home worried about them.

I don't wanna put all this time and work
into this relationship and then it failed.

Not starting over or anything like that.

Exactly. That's-- I think that's why
everyone has been struggling,

is because we're all
so afraid of starting over,

and this experience
is making us all start over.

I know. And I'm like,
I don't want to be 50 or 60,

look back on my life and say,
"Hey, I should've done this."

-Yeah. Right.
-"I could've experienced this. I didn't."

Yeah. I don't need to be rich.

-I'm not the person that needs to be rich.

As long as I'm stable
and I can enjoy life.

I feel the same way.
I'm kind of a minimalist, so--

That's funny. You're the first to say it.
I'm very much a minimalist.


I could have my phone,
my clothes, and I'd be happy.

So I'm curious, I kinda have to ask.

What's your background?
What are you mixed with?

I am 25% African. Uh, West African.

-So my mom's, um, Italian, so it's crazy.

Yeah, uh, I'm the same way.

My dad is Black.
Like, uh, my family are from Louisiana.

We're Creole, like, Black French.
And then my mom, she's Italian, so--

Okay, so we actually
have that in common too.

We have that in common as well.

-That is crazy.
-So, yeah.

I'm worried I'd be awkward
because I haven't had a date in so long.

Me too. You're the most
comfortable person I've talked to so far.


It's very weird, um,
to be dating other women.

My last date
was four or five years ago, and

I definitely love April.
And it's very scary to have

this type of connection so quick.

But Rae literally hits
every single thing I need in a girl,

plus more.

I think it went pretty damn well.

That's so crazy that we have
that much in common. That's crazy.

Crazy. I was not expecting
to have this much in common.

[upbeat music playing]

[Shanique] You wanna get a drink?

I did.

-Can I come hang with you guys?
-[Alexis] Yeah, please.

We're blondes in red.

I know. We're too red together,
so I'm gonna sit by--

It's true.

[April] Hi, guys. How's everybody?

I feel like this first dating session
was practice round.

And I've got a lot of practice in.
I've dated five of y'all.

And tonight I'm excited to get
to know these guys a little deeper,

and find out who is husband material.

We're on a mission, girl.

I need to weed out
who is not worth wasting my time,

and find out who
I am having those connections with.

I am on a mission.

[Rae] I want to get to know everybody
a bit better and kinda do an icebreaker.

My first question is for the guys.

Um, confess or drink.

What guy would you be
most nervous about your ex living with?

Out of everybody here.

This guy right here.

-Wow, really?

-'Cause look.
-Oh, same style?

-We got the same everything.
-Okay. Okay.

And I gotta say the same.

Okay. Okay. This is-- this is a good game.

Name your favorite sex position
or take a drink.

[Alexis] Ooh!

-I like to hit it from the back.

-Touché. Touché.
-Here we go.

Colby, you're gonna drink to that or…?

-I'll drink to that one.

Because I don't have a favorite, you know.


What guy has most
of y'all's attention right now?

Oh, God.

I would say…

I would say Colby.

All right.

I have been in a relationship
for two and a half years,

and haven't been
in the dating scene for a while.

But I do have my eye on Colby.

And to know the girls here like him,

I'm definitely feeling
like the pressure is on.

I'm ready to drink.

-Oh, take a drink.

Okay, okay. All of them drinking?


Randall? Okay.

Oh, my God. So honest. I love it.

I have not been single probably
since I was 18-- 17, 18 years old.

I think it's toxic, but I'm excited.

And it's flattering. It-- it feels good.

My eye's on Randall.
He's the most like me.

He makes me feel comfortable.
I mean, I know it's day one,

but it's Randall for me right now.

[laughing] Oh, my God.

[upbeat music playing]


-[Colby] Hey.

I've been waiting to talk to you
one-on-one all night.

All right. Well, join me.

-How are you?
-Doing good.

-Yeah, cheers.

-You doing all right? You holding up?

Getting your mingle on?

Yeah, it's been fun. That game was
super fun, we need to do more games.

I love that. I'm all about the games.


But I think that icebreaker definitely
helped me understand a little bit more.

-Especially knowing

who thought what
about who they were most interested in…

-…and who they weren't.

What did you think about my answer?

It surprised me.

-Yeah, it surprised me.


[sucks teeth]
Yeah, we had a good discussion.

You know,

I don't think I would see
a future with you in marriage.

[dramatic music playing]

It's really hard to, like,
go from what we had today to, like--

But I can't-- I can't see a future.

I didn't get that-- that internal feeling.

[Alexis] I thought our date went well.

Clearly, it was all lip-service bullshit,

and you just nexted me
as if that was even an option.


[Rae chuckles]

So how are you feeling about today
after everything?

Yeah, I'm feeling good.
How are you feeling?

I'm feeling good. I was like,

"Holy shit, we have a lot in common."
Like, everything.

-Like, to the T.

Everything that you were saying,
I was like, "Oh, they found my twin."

[both laughing]

I was like,
"This is the girl version of me."

I was like, "Me and April have
a lot in common, but, holy shit."

Like, there's a few things we don't,
and you checked off every single list.

Yeah, I wasn't expecting
for that to happen.

So, yeah, it's just interesting seeing how
everything is going and, like,

you can kind of think you know,
and then you don't really know.

-Exactly, yeah.

But you gave the ultimatum, right?

Yes, I did.

So you feel a bit better
about this experience or no?

Is it-- is it what you wanted? Or no?

I don't even know
what I wanted going into this, I think.

-'Cause I can't read you at all.

-Whatsoever. I'm like…

"…Does she-- does she want him?"

"Does she wanna…?"

I just want to be happy.
That's what I really, really want.

If I really, like, think about it.
That's all I want.

-Um, obviously, I would--
-Try to be open to everything.

-Yeah, I'm trying. I'm trying.

It's a process, you know?
I'm trying to catch on. How about you?

Do you feel like you're open?
Opening up? Opened up?

At first, to be honest,

I didn't come to be open.

-I'm not the one who gave the ultimatum.

So she dragged me on this.
There's something going on, you know?

So I'm embracing this a little bit more.

A little more.
The further I get into this, I'm like,

"Okay, well, we can see." Like you.

Literally, to every T,
I can't say that enough.

But like, everything we talked about,
I was like, "Yup, same."

-"Same. Same. Same."
-Yup, checking my boxes, yeah.

I hear Jake laughing, and I just was like…

"Okay, what the hell
could possibly be so funny?"

-[Rae] Kidding.

It's nerve-racking to feel that,
you know, Jake's also single,

and to see him dressed up all nice,

and I've never seen him
dress this nice before.

Yeah, I'm a little bit-- I'm
a little bit jealous.

This is a whole different Jake,
and I'm trying to keep my eyes off of him.

I felt comfortable with you right away,
which is always a good sign.


I know exactly what you're talking about.

You get-- you get me.

Do we even have to talk?
We can just look at each other, you know.

-[Rae] I'm kidding.

-This is weird. It's scary, but weird.

It's a little scary.
It makes me a bit scared, but…

It makes me kinda feel bad,
you know what I mean?

'Cause I was with this other relationship,
and I'm like--

[Rae] I know.

[Jake] Rae, she's someone
that checks off every single box.

We connect on every single level.

It's a little scary how comfortable
we are with each other. Um,

she's the one that gave the ultimatum
and she wants to get married right away.

I, myself, am not ready
to marry April right now.


maybe I can

change for the right person.

-You wanna sit next to me?
-[Rae] Sure.

I'm just gonna slide on over.

[Jake] But, yeah, it's, uh, it's cool.

-[April] How's everybody?
-[Nate] Can we squeeze in with y'all?

[dramatic music playing]

[theme music playing]

[theme music ending]