The Ultimatum (2009): Season 1, Episode 9 - Episode #1.9 - full transcript

Zhida is too absorbed with Baoying to hear Yuchen shouting out at him. She cries bitterly.

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For forgetting that he's God of Gamblers,
he calls himself Zhi-da.

He's turned into a compulsive gambler.

What about that woman and the child?

That woman is his wife, Bao.

The child is their son, Bao-ying.

He's married with a child?

Are they legally married?

I don't know,

but I'm sure he only married her
after he lost his memory.

He must have forgotten about your past.

Don't worry, Ms. Ye.

He'll come back to you
once he regains his memory.

It's really unimaginable.
You're actually his fiancée.

How did Feng Zhang lose his memory?

Bao said, he gambled wildly for seven days
and was in a coma for three days.

How and when did she
get to know Feng Zhang?

I have no idea.

But I have a feeling she and the master
aren't real husband and wife.

What makes you think that way?

She's trying to hide his identity.

He might have escaped death
years ago, but he suffered amnesia.

Then, he met Bao who is in love with him,
so she lied they were husband and wife.

They came to Singapore
to run away from his enemies.

Do you think that's possible?



Ms. Ye, don't be sad.

I'm sure he will come back to you one day.

Let's call on him together.


I forgot he has a duel with One Eye!

One Eye?

He's the master's enemy.
They're going to have a duel soon.

If the master loses,
he'll be at One Eye's mercy.

-Is he taking him on?
-Yes, he is.

Ms. Ye.

If you want to see him,
today is your chance.

Otherwise, you might not get
to see him ever again if he loses.

-Where are they having the duel?
-I'll take you there!



Aunt Su-zhen,

what did the doctor say?

He's putting me under observation as he
suspects I might suffer a concussion.

My head still aches badly.

It shouldn't be so serious?
I merely touched you.

I'm sorry, Su-zhen.

Ren-de didn't do it on purpose.

Please forgive him.

My mom is going for a brain scan.
Who knows what the outcome will be.

Is an apology enough?

Hey! You started the fight!

Then again,

why did you fight? You're partly
responsible for Aunt Su-zhen's injury too.

He provoked me!

That's enough.

Leave everything till we get home.

Hey! Drop the act!

You're nothing but troublemakers
at home and in the company!

Please ask your son to stop telling lies.

If what Ren-de said wasn't true,
would Ren-yi have got all worked up?

It goes to show he can't
stand people telling the truth.

It's true that your son hit me too.

Song-nian shall learn about it.

It's Song-nian.

Hello, Song-nian.

How is Su-zhen?

The doctor is going to observe her
as he fears she might suffer a concussion.

Have her admitted.

Also, tell Ren-yi and Ren-de
not to make a fool of themselves!

Your dad is rather mad.
He wants you to go home right away.

I'll make a move, Aunt Su-zhen.

I'll take you to the ward, Mom.


What happened, Mom?
How did you get injured?

Ren-de provoked Ren-yi
and the two of them started fighting.

and I'm bearing the brunt of it.

So, are you all right?

I'm fine. I scared them by claiming
I might suffer a concussion.

I'm glad you're okay.


they provoked you with the intention
to make you humiliate yourself.

Why do you always get tricked?

Yes, it's all my fault. I'm stupid!

I'm not as smart and capable as you.


You're here at last, Master!
What kept you?

Be honest with me! If you respect me
as a teacher, tell me!

Are you in cahoots
with that half-blind fellow?

No, Master! He really is your enemy!

He lost to you years ago,
so he gouged his right eye out!

I'm doomed then.

There's something even more important!

Do you remember your fiancé, Yu-chen?

We were looking everywhere for you
in Sentosa just now!

When did I ever have a fiancé?

Have you no recollection of her at all?

I told you, I'm not the God of Gamblers!

Anything that concerns him
has nothing to do with me! Leave me alone!

You've lost your memory, that's why!
You are the God of Gamblers!

Forget it.

I guess my destiny is set.

I'm going to die.

Please tell Bao that I've let her down.

Also, tell Bao-ying I love him very much.

Ask him not to be as useless as me
when he grows up!

He must be a real god of gamblers!

Don't be so pessimistic, Master!

Have more confidence!

Let's go!

You're here.

Before we start, let me ask you again.

Do you really think
I'm the God of Gamblers?


Just take him on, Master.
You might not lose.

Be quiet!

Please look carefully again, One Eye!
I really am not the God of Gamblers!


The truth is,

all my hopes are pinned on Ren-yi.
I want him to be successful in life.

That's why I've neglected you.

Don't hold it against me.

Take it easy, Mom.

I only wanted Ren-yi to know,
he couldn't always rely on me.

He has to be responsible for his actions,
or he'll never grow up.

I'm to blame for the way he is.

I've spoilt him.

You must continue to help him
since you're the elder sister, Yu-chen.

Don't worry.

He's my only brother,
I will surely help him.


Where are you, Yu-chen?
The duel is about to start! Come quick!

We'll play Three Card Poker.

The one with the highest point wins.

Hey, shuffle the cards.

Let me make this clear!

If I lose, you must not hurt
my wife and son!

I'm not interested
in your wife and your son.

Let's begin.

Nine points.

If it's a draw, are we going
to continue the game?

If it's a draw, I'll consider you win!

I'll hold you to that!


We only lost by one point.
Can you give us another chance?

Admit defeat when you lose.

That was my only chance.

Go ahead and take your revenge!
Kill me or gouge my eyes out!

Just my luck to become
the God of Gamblers' scapegoat!

You're a true man
who fears no death, Master!

You're definitely the God of Gamblers.

Can I not die such a painful death?


crawl between my legs

and I'll let you go.

Is that all?

No problem!
I'll even double back three times!

Hey, Master! You must not do this!

Why not?

You're the legendary God of Gamblers
who's unbeatable.

Even if you lose, you must face up
to your defeat!

Don't let him humiliate you!

Well said! But I'm not
the God of Gamblers!


One may be killed but not insulted.

I'm going to change my mind.

Hey, don't!

Get off my back!

Here I come!

At last.

I've had my revenge!

We're even now. Don't trouble me again.

Feng Zhang!

It really is you.


What's the matter?

I've found Feng Zhang.


So, he's still alive.


he cannot recall the past.

He is a changed person.


What happened?

Feng Zhang!

Feng Zhang!

Goodness! When will this ever end?

I'm telling you, I'm not Feng Zhang!

-Don't you remember me?
-I don't even know you!

Did Sun Min arrange for you
to come and trick me?

No! I'm Yu-chen!
You disappeared five years ago

and I never heard from you again.

It's a relief that you're still alive.
I knew you wouldn't abandon me!


What nonsense are you talking about?

I may not be well-educated,
but I'm no moron!

I know.

Are you just trying
to cheat me of my money?

Feng Zhang, think carefully.

I'm sure you'll remember me!

I told you I'm not Feng Zhang!

See my Identification Card
if you don't believe me!


Zhi-da Zhou

Zhi-da is God of Gamblers?
How is that possible?

Do you know him?

He works as an odd-job-man for my brother.
I've met him a few times.

He's a compulsive gambler.

He would even bet on
the number of eggs in a basket.

It's hard to imagine
he's the God of Gamblers.

But he's the spitting image of Feng Zhang.

Can there be two people
who look exactly alike?

By the way,

he has a wife who works in the cafe too.

I've met her.

Where did you go?

This is my wife, Bao.

How are you?

Who is she?

She is Yu-chen.

Is she a friend of yours?

No. She claims to be my fiancé.


She told me so.

Why did you bring her home?

She insisted on tagging along!

I am Feng Zhang's fiancé.

Zhi-da Zhou!

Not only do you gamble,
you even keep a mistress!

Not only do you gamble,
you even have a mistress!

You've made a mistake.
I got to know Feng Zhang before you did.

-Shut up!
-Shut up!

Stay here if you have guts!

Dear, no!


Run for your life!

Stay where you are!

Don't ever come back or I'll kill you!

It's all your fault

You see!

I'm homeless now!

Where am I supposed to sleep tonight?

Please, I beg of you.

I have done nothing to you.
Why must you get me into trouble?

I looked for you for many years
and I longed for your return.

I was disappointed again and again.
But I kept telling myself not to give up.

I knew you wouldn't leave me
just like that.

Feng Zhang,

I'm really happy to see you again.

I feel as if I'm dreaming.


Can you stop talking?

I think

your Feng Zhang,
the God of Gamblers is dead.

Stop grieving for him.
Just move on and don't pester me again.

No matter what you do,
I'll never become the God of Gamblers.


You are Feng Zhang.
I'll help you regain your memory.


I wish I were too,

but too bad I'm not!

-Yes, you are!
-No, I'm not!

-You are Feng Zhang!
-I'm Feng Zhang, not Zhi-da...

No! I'm Zhi-da!

Look, you're confusing me!


Feng Zhang!

A sudden surge of fear came over me.

There was not a trace of his behavior
that resembled Feng Zhang.

You're not only upset because of that.

You're upset

that he's forgotten
your existence, aren't you?

Definitely. I find it hard to accept that.

He and I went through so much,

yet it didn't leave a trace in his memory.

Frankly speaking,

I'm rather disheartened.

You were so deeply in love.
I don't believe he'll forget everything.

Perhaps it's all locked up in his mind.

It just takes something to trigger it
and he'll be able to recall you.

I'm sorry, I'm late.

It's okay.

What happened to your face?

I fought with someone.


He said something nasty,

so I got into a fight and hit him.

No matter what, it's wrong to fight.

If he wants to get you again, call me.
I don't mind taking up another case.

I was feeling touched, but
you dampened it by making that remark.

There's something I would like to ask you.
Hope you don't mind.

I won't. Please go ahead.

Has it ever crossed your mind,

that the things not going well with you

has nothing to do with your ability
but rather, with some other factor?

They all say I don't listen to others
and tend to act willfully.

Since you're aware of your shortcoming,
I'm sure you'll do better.

Thank you for the encouragement.

I'll be letting you down
if I persist in my old ways.

I don't know why I'm always
able to relax and confide in you.

There's an air of amiability about you.

Thank you so much!

I owe it to you that I've won
custody of Justin.

Don't mention it.

Your mom will protect you from now on.
Nobody will dare bully you again.

We have to be going.

Say bye.


-Take care.


Where are my wife and son?

Please calm down.

Had you not cause conflict,
they wouldn't have left me!

Didn't you notice how scared Justin was
in court when he looked at you?

That's not true! He can't be afraid of me!

If you don't learn to control your temper,
you'll never see Justin again.

It's all because of you
I'm separated from my son!

Hey, I'm going to call the police!

Go ahead! I have nothing
to my name now anyway!

Call the police!

Are you okay?

Thank you.

Why do I run into you wherever I go?

Are you following me?

-Why should I do that?
-Precisely. Why do you do that?

I just happened to pass by.

Did you happen to be in court too?

I happened to pass by,
so I went in to have a look

and happened to see you there.


So many coincidences.

I see you already noticed me
when you were debating in court.

So inattentive and unprofessional.

Blame it on your build.

That's true. I'm tall and sturdy.


I want to ask you something.
Why did he lose?

Why should I tell you?

-Do you think the law is fair then?
-Of course.

If a man was sentenced to death
and was later found out to be innocent,

but he had already been hanged,
would you still think the law is fair?

The law is executed by men
and men make mistakes.

So, it's negligence on men's part.
Nothing to do with the law.


Can I have a look at the French version
of The Little Princess?


You had the Chinese version
when you were little, didn't you?


You remember?

I have a good memory.

It looks rather old. When was it printed?

This is the first print of the 50s.

There is the author's autograph here.

"I love you and you'll always be

my very dear little princess. With love."

What does it say?

"You'll always be my dear little princess.
I love you."

Do you know French?

No. I was just spouting nonsense.

I would like to buy this. How much is it?

I'm sorry, it's not for sale.

I collect different prints
of The Little Princess. Can I have this?

I'm sorry.

It's okay. Thank you.

My dad often read The Little Princess
to me when I was little.

Whenever I was feeling down,
he would say this to me.

I may be unhappy at the moment,

but I would find eternal happiness
in time to come.

I guess that book means a lot to you.

The Little Princess is a symbol
of the bond between my dad and me.

Even though he's no longer around,

The Little Princess is like a bridge

connecting the two of us.

Is that why you collect
different prints of The Little Princess?


When I was 11,
I lost the copy my dad gave me.

I haven't found the same copy.

That's why I buy all the different prints
I come across.

They're piling up at my place.

But I'm still unable to get
the original copy I had.

What you're doing is as good
as looking for a needle in a haystack.

I believe the copy I'm looking for
is lying somewhere in this world.

I just haven't found it.

You seem rather persistent.

No, I'm being selectively stubborn.

It's worth it to spend your time looking
for something which means a lot to you.

I agree.

I feel we should get the latest
security system. What do you say?



What? I'm sorry.

What were you saying?

You haven't been yourself lately.
Did something happen?

Perhaps I can help.

I've found Feng Zhang.


But he's lost his memory.
He's known as Zhi-da Zhou now.

Sun Min told me she had found
the God of Gamblers.

I thought she was talking nonsense.

But it's the man called Zhi-da.

Could he be just a Feng Zhang lookalike?

No. I'm quite sure he's Feng Zhang.

I've been thinking how
I can help him regain his memory.

I'm sorry I got carried away just now.
Let's continue.

Maybe I can help you find out
whether he's really the God of Gamblers.

Zhi-da isn't the God of Gamblers.

But you were very sure he was.

Why the sudden change of mind?

The God of Gamblers

is a legendary figure who is perfect.

He would never crawl
between someone's legs.

Maybe he did that
because he's lost his memory.

I'm going to check Zhi-da out for Yu-chen.

Do you know how he lost his memory?

I don't know anything.

Don't ask me.

Are you Feng Zhang?

No. Not again!

I see.

Did Sun Min get you to come?

Answer me first. Are you Feng Zhang?

I'm Zhi-da Zhou, also known as Dr. Zhou.
Everybody calls me Zhi-da.

I'm not the God of Gamblers
you're looking for! Don't get in my way!

What's the meaning of this?
Let me down! Help!

Let me down!

Let me down! Help!

Help! Let me down!

You better be quiet. What do you think
will happen if I loosen my grip?


Everybody says you're the God of Gamblers.

You should be able to untie yourself.

God of Gamblers is only good at gambling.
He isn't a magician!

Magic are just tricks to deceive people!

We'll soon find out whether you can do it.

Stop kidding!

I can't even tie shoelaces for my son.
How will I untie myself?

Please let me down!
I'm not the God of Gamblers!

As long as you have your memory with you,
you'll be able to do it.

This is your last chance!

Are you going to pretend to suffer from
amnesia or admit you're Feng Zhang?

How do you expect me to choose?

Let's have a bet.
I bet I can't untie myself at all.

The stake is $100. How about $200?

Okay, forget about the bet.
Just let me down. Please!

You don't seem to be pretending.
I'm sorry about everything.

Feng Zhang!

Stay where you are!

Please let me go!

Are you trying to drive me to my grave?

Has something happened?

Stop pretending!

You got someone to kidnap me
to prove I'm the God of Gamblers.

Let me tell you. I'm not!

I was extremely frightened!
Are you happy now?

So, are you...

Hey! Stay where you are!

Miss, you have the nerve to ask me
whether I'm okay.

Every time you appear,
nothing good happens to me!

Leave before Bao comes down and sees you!
She'll think there's something between us!

I already spent a lot of effort
to explain everything to her!


Feng Zhang. Don't go away!

What are you trying to do?

I'll go after you take a look
at these photos.

What photos?

We took them together.




Do they ring a bell?

How is this possible?

Now do you believe you're Feng Zhang?

Why does the God of Gambler
resemble me so much?

He doesn't resemble you. You are him.

I'm not.

How did you get to know each other?

We first met in Macau.

You were playing
with some children back then.

I only found out who you are
when I ran into you again at the casino.

Is that so?

How come I don't remember a thing?

Also, there was this once
when I told you I liked egg tarts.

You went everywhere
just to get them for me.


The God of Gamblers

actually went to such lengths
to buy me egg tarts.

I was so touched.

How was that possible?
I couldn't have done a thing like that.

The other day, Bao wanted pork buns.

I told her to get me
a jumbo pork bun as well.

I'm not like the type you mentioned.

I'm known for being afraid of the dark,
ghosts, roaches and my wife.

You really can't recall anything?


Your story is intriguing,
but look at me. I'm not touched at all.

Do you remember
how you proposed to me then?

Proposed to you?

This one.


It's this one.

You've got it wrong the 15th time.

I'll give you one last chance.

If you get it wrong again,
there's going to be a penalty.

Look carefully.


This one.


I've been a lone ranger all this while.

I don't trust or mingle with people.

I only feel secure when I'm with children.

But after I got to know you,
I'm no longer lonely.

Will you marry me?

But we never got to go through the plan.

Please! I couldn't have said
such sentimental stuff!

After you went missing,

I would go to Macau whenever I was free

to revisit the places we went,
hoping to find you.

But I was disappointed every time.

I guess God feels sorry for me.
That's why we meet again.


Don't give me that look.
I would like to help you.

But I really am not the God of Gamblers.

I can't possibly lie to you.
I'm not the type.

I won't force you to regain your memory.

Just let me see you often.

The God of Gamblers abandoned you.
Why do you still love him so much?

You're better off without him.

You didn't abandon me.

Something must've happened to you
which caused you to lose your memory.

I didn't give up all these years,

for I believe you would never
leave me behind.

You still don't get it.

Even if I'm the God of Gamblers,
I've lost my memory.

I'm now a married man with a son.

How can I go back to my old identity?

Please don't cry.

Hey. Don't be like this.

I'm scared when women cry.

Stop crying or I'll leave!

I'm sorry to put you on the spot.

Okay, I tell you what.

If you miss your God of Gamblers,
you may call me.


just don't make me become him, okay?

I'm off to work.


Don't cry anymore.

"In 19th century,
on the day Jessie Miel was born,

her mom passed away."

Why did the owner of the antique shop
sell you the book?

He didn't.

How did you get hold of it then?

I went on my knees
and gave my respect to him.

Then, I trapped his legs. He kicked me
twice but I simply refused to let go.

He had no choice but to sell me the book.

Really? Have you got
sillier things to tell me?

For you.

That's not silly, right?

I can't accept something so precious.

This book isn't precious to me at all,
but it means a lot to you.

It should belong to you. Take it.

Okay. I'll pay you back the money.

No need. If you want to repay me,
have dinner with me then.

I'm sorry, you're too late.
I'm meeting someone else.

Why don't you come along?
I'll introduce my friend to you.

No. I just want to eat with you alone.

Next time, perhaps.

Is he a friend of yours?

Yes. I'll introduce you
to each other one day.

But he's quite an eccentric man.

Mr. Ye.

Why did you bring me here?

Since you're attending the charity dinner
with me the day after tomorrow,

I should get you a gown.

I have booked the entire shop.

Take your time, pick the clothes you like.

This is too formal and rigid.
I'm not used to it at all.

You will get used to it soon.

Would you like to try this on, Ms. Fang?
Mr. Ye picked this for you.

If you don't like it,
get something else then.

I just want to find out
how much I know about your taste.

I hope you like the dress.

Thank you, but please don't do it again.

-Let me help you.
-Thank you.


Let's have dinner together tomorrow.
I'll pick you up at your office at seven.

When did I say I would go with you?

What would you like.
Chinese, Western or Japanese food?

I'm sorry, I have no time to eat with you
tomorrow evening.

Since you can't make up your mind,
I'll decide for you then.

Doll yourself up.

Better not or I won't be able
to focus on my driving.

Is this how you pursue women?

You're such a thick-skinned person.
It's really an eye-opener for me.

Thank you.

So, I'll see you in your office
at seven o'clock tomorrow.

Happy waiting.
I won't have dinner with you.

Come closer and I'll kill her!

Go away! Get lost or I'll kill her!

Go away!

Stay out of this or I'll kill her!

Okay. Get a hold of yourself.

Subtitle translations by Ayesya Johan