The Ultimatum (2009): Season 1, Episode 8 - Episode #1.8 - full transcript

Songqiao recognizes Sun Jie as the boy who was punished along with her when they were kids.

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For you.

When did you realize I was the boy?

When you bought me the bun.

I suddenly recalled our childhood.

I am Jie Sun. What's your name?

I couldn't be sure initially,

but I could finally tell
it was you just now.

What about you?

It's just a hunch.

It's always very strong with people
I have deep impressions of.

For you.

Uncle, someone stole the buns!

You must have been really mischievous.

Otherwise, why were you always
chased out of the house?

Was the man who used
to scold you your dad?

That's right.

That man was my father.

He died when I was 12.

I am sorry.

No worries.

My father wants me
to fulfill a dream for him.

But I haven't been able to do that.

Can you tell me why?

He wants me to be a lawyer.

If that's not what you want,

you won't be happy even
if you fulfill your father's dream.

I am sure he wouldn't want you
to be unhappy.

That's why I hope you will be my teacher.

Help me become a lawyer.

It will make my day to have
such a beautiful teacher.

If I were your dad,

I would also punish you every day.

You get punished all the time too.

Darn you.

Darn you!

Get out! Get out of my sight!

Remember we were asked
to stand outside as punishment

when a sudden downpour came?

I gave you a cardboard carton,
but you pushed me away.

Imagine that.

Was I that irritating?

I really couldn't stand you
because you stole things.

I stole the buns for you.

I am hungry, but I won't eat stolen food!

I really couldn't stand you.


I can't stand you even more.

You are a crook!

You are an idiot!

Stop daydreaming under the tree again.


There is some soup in the kitchen.

Remember to drink it.



Why aren't you in bed?

How can I sleep
after reading this news report?

Song-nian of Fenghuang Corporation

Holds Charity Ball
to Celebrate His 70th Birthday

He killed your grandpa

and your dad.

But he is celebrating his 70th birthday.


Stop brooding on it.

As I have promised,

I will gather criminal evidence
against him.


You often come home after I go to bed

because you are afraid to see me.

You are afraid I will talk
to you about revenge.

I know

this gives you tremendous pressure.


never again.

I won't bring it up again.


Why are you talking like this?

Don't worry.

I'm fine.

Go to bed.





Sit. Be good.


Sit. Be good.

What are you doing, Mom?

I am going to kill him.

Let go!

I will sort him out if no one will!

No, Mom.

Give me the knife.

You are defending that scum.

Of course you don't want him dead!

So what if he dies?
That won't resurrect Dad and Grandpa.

I don't care!

I must kill him!


Let go! Let go!

It's okay.

It's okay.

Let's go home.

Let's go home.

Have some water, Mom.

Don't worry, Mom. I am fine.

Promise us you won't do that again.

I know.

I promise.

I won't create trouble again.


I swear I will gather criminal evidence
against Song-nian.

I will do that.

Don't just comfort me with empty words.

I am not kidding you.

I got to know Song-nian's daughter,

Yu-chen and her brother, Ren-yi.


-When did you get to know her?

I may be able to dig up more
about Song-nian through her.

How long have you known each other?

Why didn't you tell me earlier?

I got to know her
through Ren-de's molestation case.

Does she have a good life with her family?

She is the daughter
of Song-nian's mistress.

She is not treated very well at home.

Song-nian knows she is capable.

But he would rather groom his two sons
than give her a chance.

She must be very unhappy in the family.

Not necessarily.

She seems to be coping well.

She has no choice but to do their bidding.

I feel so tired.

I want to rest.

Go to work.

Go on.

I am fine now.

Although I can't send you this card,

I hope you will receive
my heartfelt blessings.

Happy birthday.



Happy birthday.

It's your birthday today.

I will treat you to lunch.


Happy birthday.


-Happy birthday, Yu-chen.
-Thank you, Mommy.

I have some information
regarding overseas studies.


Your birthday cake is waiting
for you at home.

You look so cheerful, my girl.

That really cheers me up.

It's also a relief for me.

Maybe in future,

I won't get to see you ever again.


Happy birthday.

Come in.

We're so sorry, Ren-yi.

We had a meeting with a client.

Stop using clients as an excuse.

You take your own sweet time
when I need you.

We're so sorry.

What can we do for you?

As mentioned in the previous meeting,

I need some men assigned
to handle the new casino plan.

Why haven't you got down to it?

You need so much manpower all of a sudden.

We need time to make the arrangements.

If we don't deal with it with care,

it will hurt company's operations.

If so, why are you able to transfer
the manpower to Ren-de?

That was approved two months ago.

Why are you giving
so many excuses and refusing

to cooperate with me?

We have been cooperating
with you all along.

All right,

make all the arrangements by today.

Transfer all the personnel I need over.

Ms. Jiang would never transfer personnel

without careful deliberation.

I am in charge now.

Just do as I say.

That's not it.

Even Song-nian would always have
to consult us

before making a decision.

Quit using Dad to threaten me.

Stop using your seniority to lord over me.

I am just going by the book.

If you continue to be uncooperative,
I'll not hesitate to fire you.

Get out.

Ren-yi is a little headstrong,

but he is brash only because
he is trying to do his best.

Just forgive him
and don't take it to heart.

He wasn't even born
when we started helping Song-nian.

He was too much and too full of himself!

Please calm down.

I have asked Ren-yi
to talk things out with you.

-Why did you do that? I don't want to...
-Are you badmouthing me?


Mr. Chen and Mr. Zhang merely have
the company's interests at heart.

Just talk things over.

Do you have to fall out over them?

Are you implying I don't care
about the company?

I didn't say that.

As the new Deputy CEO,

you are still unfamiliar
with a lot of things.

Mr. Zhang and Mr. Chen
have years of experience.

You should listen to them.

You may be the veterans,

but that doesn't mean
I must give you face.

Do you think Fenghuang belongs to you?

Song-nian is still the brain
behind the conglomerate.

Ms. Jiang,

has this fellow achieved anything
in Fenghuang before?

Pardon me?

I dare you to say that again.

You will never become the CEO

if not because you are Song-nian's son.

Since you think I am not good enough,

it's meaningless for you to work under me.

Both of you are free to leave.

You are in no position to dismiss us.

Is that so?

Shall I get a security guard
to show you out?

Ren-yi, don't be so rash.

Be more levelheaded.

I'll take responsibility for my decision.

I will explain things to Dad.

This has nothing to do with you.

See? He is coming at us!

Don't be so hotheaded.

Let's meet the two uncles
to talk things over.

What's there to talk?

I will never take back my words.

You will lose out by not thinking

of the consequences.

I don't need your advice.

By putting me in charge of the company,

Dad is showing that he trusts me.

Whatever I say is a command.

Mr. Zhang and Mr. Chen
are your dad's friends.

They will never negotiate with us.

We have to give it a shot.

Dad must not find out about the problem.

Ren-yi may not appreciate your help.

I don't care what he thinks.
I must help him.

It's okay to help him,

but you always take his side.

Will it do him any good?

Will he learn from his mistakes?

I know,

but Ren-yi has finally got
the chance to prove himself.

I have spent years grooming him
and it's finally paying off.

If Dad loses confidence in him
because of the mess,

it will be more difficult
for him to take the helm.

I see.

But is Ren-yi cut out to take
the helm at Fenghuang?

If he becomes the CEO,

I doubt he can run the business.

He will continue to be belligerent
and stir up trouble.

I know what he's like,

but he is my brother.

If I don't help him, then who will?

Mr. Chen, Mr. Zhang.

Yu-chen, what a coincidence.

Can I talk to you?

Are you trying to put in
a word for Ren-yi?

I have heard it from Ren-yi.
He was too rash.

You have known us since we were little.

We are not very careful
and make a blunder at times.

Please don't take offense.

Do we dare take offense
with the boss' son?

Old people like us are eyesores
in Fenghuang anyway.

It's time for us to retire.

Mr. Zhang, Mr. Chen.

Yu-chen is apologizing
to you on Ren-yi's behalf.

Give her the chance to mend the fences.

But we can't sort things out with you.

Let's just wait and hear from Song-nian.

Mr. Zhang, Mr. Chen,
please give me a minute.

I have something important
to discuss with you.

Forget it.

Mr. Chen.

Mr. Zhang.

Let them be.

We will see who the unlucky one is.


I hear you made a momentous decision

in the company today.

The whole company is talking about it.

You sure came across as really bold.


He fired Mr. Zhang and Mr. Chen.

Why did you dismiss them?

I have my reasons for firing them.

Stop probing.


They have been with the company

for more than 20 years.

You should credit them for their service.

Is your dad aware of it?

I will explain it to him.



-It's time for dinner.

I need to talk to you.

What is it?

I am the Deputy CEO,

but no one respects me in the office.

No one pays heed to my instructions.

You just got promoted.

Some people are bound
to question your authority.

Managing a company

is not just about making profits.

Human relations are a part of it.

Yes, I do have much to learn.


Ren-yi lacks experience in this area.

He will need your help.

Mr. Chen and Mr. Zhang are the old guards.

They're experienced.

Learn the ropes from them
and you will know

how to manage the staff.

I couldn't agree more.

I also counted on them
to help me manage Fenghuang.


Actually, Mr. Zhang and Mr. Chen...


What brings you here?


We're sorry to disrupt
your dinner, Song-nian.

Not at all.

We have something important
to discuss with you.


Sure. Let's talk upstairs.

Go ahead with the dinner.
Don't wait for me.

They have been talking upstairs
for so long.

Will there be a problem?

How would I know?

Haven't you thought of an explanation?

Why are you worried?


We will speak up for you

if Dad gets very angry.

Sure, you'll make him even angrier.


Yu-chen, Ren-yi has fired
Mr. Chen and Mr. Zhang.

They have come to complain to your dad

and been upstairs for half an hour.

Can you go and take a look?

Ren-yi won't get into any trouble, Mom.

You probably have no idea

that Dad and the two uncles
go a long way back.

You can ask Jie Sun. He knows best.

Mr. Zhang and Mr. Chen

saved Uncle Song-nian
from the gangsters in the old days.

That was how Mr. Zhang
got the scar on his back.

That doesn't mean

they are always correct.

A company has to go by the book.

We should be fair in our punishment.

I believe Dad will agree with me.

Mr. Chen and Mr. Zhang
are a little slow in their work.

If that's a reason for dismissal,

Fenghuang will have
to fire a lot of staff.


How dare you be
recalcitrant and belligerent!

Dad, there's more to it.

They don't respect me

and just want Aunt Ruo-lin back
as the Acting CEO.

How can you be successful
if you are so petty?

Dad, no doubt Ren-yi
was a little rash, but...

Stop defending him!

I didn't make him the Deputy CEO

to show off and act like a bully!

Maybe Ren-yi shouldn't have fired
Mr. Zhang and Mr. Chen,

but he wasn't totally wrong.

We uncovered some information recently.


Mr. Zhang and Mr. Chen
handled those accounts.

They contain some discrepancies.

Over the years,

they have been billing
personal expenses to the company

and taking commissions illegally
for projects they are wholly charged with.

Song-nian, let us explain
everything to you.

I knew you were up
to no good in the office.

I would have exposed you earlier
if I hadn't given you face.

How could you do that?

Song-nian treats you like brothers.

Song-nian, we didn't mean to...



You have served the company
for so many years.

It's time to retire and spend time
with your grandchildren.

I know we shouldn't have done that,

but we...

You saved my life before.

I will always be grateful to you for that.

I will repay your kindness.

If we are free in future,

we can get together for tea

and a chat.

I won't see you out.

We are off then, Song-nian.


When did you find out about it?

I had my suspicions recently.

The investigation took a few months,

but there wasn't any hard evidence.

So, I didn't tell you about it.

Uncle Song-nian.

Looking at the accounts,
the cheating started after you retired.

Aunt Ruo-lin was running
Fenghuang at that time.

What are you saying?

Are you trying to blame someone else?

Explain yourself.

I have to admit I am at fault, Song-nian.

It's my oversight.

I knew they were embezzling company funds,

but they went

through thick and thin with you before.

I decided to comply
and not embarrass them.

It looks like I did the wrong thing.

Dad, I shouldn't have been so brash

to fire Mr. Zhang and Mr. Chen
without your permission.

As the chief,

you should show more empathy.

I know.

But they laundered so much money
from the company.

They deserved to be fired.

Were you the one who uncovered the truth?

They are obviously helping you!

Many veterans think they have your backing

and always make things
difficult for Ren-yi.

So, it's hard for him
to do his work properly.

This is the best litmus test for him.

It looks like my expectations
of him are too high.

I shouldn't have put him

in charge of Fenghuang so soon.

Dad, Ren-yi just took over the company

and lacked experience.

He was just too eager
to produce good results.

But ultimately, he cares
about the company.

Please give him another chance
to prove himself.

Dad, trust me.

I will learn from this mistake.

It won't happen again.

That's right, Dad.

Changing the Deputy CEO so abruptly again

will disrupt company's operations.

The staff will feel disoriented.

Do you know what it means

to consider a wider implication?

That's exactly what they are doing now.

Do you understand that?

I got it.

Are you happy now
that you've scored points with Dad?

What's wrong with you?

What's wrong with me?

I should be asking you that.

Why did you act on the sly

without discussing it
with me or consulting me?

She did it all for you.

You shouldn't be rude to your sister
even if you don't care for her help.

Stay out of our business.

Help me? You merely wanted
to score points for yourself.

I got hold of the evidence only
at the very last minute.

I didn't have time to tell you.

Otherwise, I wouldn't have done that.

How magnanimous of you.

You just wanted Dad to know

that you are far more capable than me.

Subsequently, Dad will make
you the Deputy CEO.

How could you say that?

I am not doing all this for myself.

I never expected my sister
to be such a schemer.

That's enough.

She has done so much,

even apologized on your behalf.

Just shut up.

Stop it and think whatever you like.

Just stop complaining.

Bao-ying, write four numbers for Daddy.

If I win the top prize,

I will take you to the world's
most enjoyable amusement park.

We'll go on the carousel
and the roller coaster. How is that?

Come on, give Daddy four numbers.

Do another sheet.

I want to pee.

Finish your writing and I will take you.

I want to pee.

Okay, let's go.

Let's go.

Go pee. Use the loo.

Go in.

You are a big boy now. Go ahead and pee.

I will wait for you outside.

Why do you keep following me?

Bao-ying, listen.

If you bump into that uncle again,

just run quickly.


How can I relax when you keep doing this?

Quit following me.

I am not your God of Gamblers!

Kudos to your disguise, God of Gamblers.

But you can't fool me.

This is not a disguise

and I am not God of Gamblers!

Remember that we have
a gambling match at 6 p.m.

I will see you there.

I am not the God of Gamblers.
I can't gamble with you!

If you don't show up,

I will get him.

Give me a break!

He is only a child.
He has nothing to do with it!

How adorable.

He has beautiful eyes.

One, two, three!

I am doomed.

I am doomed.

I can't even beat my son.

I am doomed.

I am dead.

I am dead.

It's time for you to get changed
and go to work.

I am on leave today.
Song-qing can't do it alone.

I am doomed.

What's the point of going to work?

Get cracking or you will really be doomed.

That reminds me.

I have bought you a shirt.

You always complain the cafe is too cold.

No more excuses.


Get moving.

Do I need to use a broom to chase you out?


-What is it?

Shall I apply for leave

so that we can have a family outing today?


Min Sun?

What are you doing here?

Why are you disguising yourself as a boy?

I work here.

Everyone here thinks
I am a boy. Don't expose me.

So mischievous.

Are you here for coffee?

I have been here before.

The baker is my friend's brother.

Do you mean Pale Face?

Hi, Song-qing.


What has gotten into you, Pale Face?

Zhi-da just called to apply for leave.

He won't be coming in today.

I don't have time to bake cakes

since it's just us here.

Is Master not coming?

Did he tell you why?


Master has a duel with One Eye later.

I was planning to practice with him.

One Eye?

The enemy of God of Gamblers.

God of Gamblers?

The legendary God of Gamblers from Macau

who is also known as Feng Zhang.

How can that be possible?

His actual name is Zhi-da Zhou,

a helper in the cafe.

Min Sun keeps claiming
he is the God of Gamblers.

That's what he is.

Do you have a photo of him?






-Does he really live here?

Master always comes here for coffee.

Do you see Master around?

Zhi-da was acting weird today.

He said he couldn't join us for coffee.

He claimed he was going
to take his family on an outing.

Did he say where he was going?



Try it.

Some from Mom.

What's bothering you?

Didn't you talk about having
a good time today?

Why are you looking so grave?

That's natural.

I am doomed.

What are you babbling about?


what will happen to you and Bao-ying

if I am gone one day?

Where do you intend to go?

The casino for a week?



-Don't take the call.
-It's Min Sun.

Just ignore her. I have applied for leave.

Just turn it off.

Let's forget about everything
and just enjoy ourselves.


Let's go and see the Merlion.


She has switched off her cell phone.

Let's search over there.

Are you troubled by work?


I certainly hope not.

If you can't cope at work,

your sister can always help you.

I don't need her help.

I don't mean to nag.

Your hot temper leaves much
to be desired. Better rein it in.

You need to be more coolheaded
like your sister.

I know I am not as capable as her.

Why aren't you at work?

Don't you work on Saturdays?

I forgot Yu-chen is overseeing
everything for you.

You don't have to work
like a horse anymore.

Yu-chen is so capable.

How I wish I also have such a sister

to relieve me of my work
and clean up my mess.

You shouldn't say things
like that, Ren-de.

One should be self-reliant.

Also, be responsible for
your own mistakes. Understand?

I understand.

I am not so fortunate

to have such a good sister.

That's enough!

Far from it.

I recall you were weaned off
the bottle only at eight years old.

Perhaps, you never stopped
doing that at all.

You drank your mom's milk as a boy.

Now, you are drinking from your sister.

Ren-de, stop it!

Ren-de! Ren-yi!



Stop fighting!

You're scum!

Break it up!

Break it up!

Stop it!

We can't find him anywhere.

Is that slut just bragging?


Maybe, they are not here.

Let's check over there.


Feng Zhang!


-Feng Zhang!


-Feng Zhang!

Feng Zhang!


Feng Zhang!


Subtitle translation by Alyaa Zakariah