The Ultimatum (2009): Season 1, Episode 7 - Episode #1.7 - full transcript

Zhida hones his gambling skills, as he is afraid Bai Yan will harm his daughter, Baoying.

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One Eye, I'm not the God of Gamblers.

Please spare me!

You have lost!

If you don't gouge out your eye,
I'll take the life of your child!

No, don't! This has nothing
to do with Bao-ying!

Don't hurt Bao-ying!



-Why are you yelling?

If the neighbors hear you,
they will think you're gambling.

Are you okay, Bao-ying?

-I thought...
-What? She needed to use the toilet.

Why were you yelling?

Do you want to wake everyone?

You're weird.

I must be crazy.

I panicked for nothing.

If he were that good,
he would have come knocking on my door.

This can't be happening.

He has come.


Master, it's me! Open up!


-Are you nuts?

Why are you here
in the middle of the night?

You scared me to death!

Master, I know a way to save you.

I'm going to help you regain
your memory by practicing hard.

If you remember your strategies,
you'll be able to defeat One Eye.

Practice? Nonsense.

Thanks to you and One Eye, I can't sleep.

Go back! We'll talk tomorrow.

We're running out of time.
You only have...

It's now past midnight,
you only have two and a half days left.

You must regain your memory.

Go home!



Two, two and one. That's five points.

I had drawn ten sets of cards,
but none were more than five points.

How can I challenge him?

Don't give up, Master. Try again!

Why don't I bet on small?

I'll definitely win
and he'll have to gouge out his other eye.

That's right! We make the rules.

Tell him we're playing for small.
You might just win.

Fine, the lowest points win.

-Great idea!
-Go on, draw three cards.

-Low score!
-I bet it's low.

Low score! I need a low score.

There's voodoo on this deck of cards!

I keep drawing cards
that are the opposite of what I want.

Master, you must practice hard
or you'll stand no chance at all.

What's the use of practicing?

Three-card poker is a game of luck.
You can't practice!

This is all your fault.

You keep saying I'm the God of Gamblers.

Now, his enemies are after me!

No, only One Eye is after you.

That's more than I can deal with.

Today, it's One Eye.
Tomorrow, it's Blind Eye.

The day after tomorrow, it's Cross-Eyed.

I only have two eyes, you know!

I'm going to tell him
I'm not the God of Gamblers.

I'm not playing against him,
but you can if you want!




-That's okay.
-Don't move!

-What's wrong?
-That's my sauce.

You're a pervert!

I had a hard time making this sauce
and I haven't even tried it.

I can't let my effort go to waste.
Don't move.

-What are you doing?
-Don't move!

-Don't touch me!
-Don't move!

You're a pervert!

Why is my heart racing?

Why is my heart racing?

Pale Face is quite good-looking.



I bring you a new top.

Just leave it there!

Get out!

Did Pale Face suspect I was...

What if he found out my true identity?


-Did you see everything just now?

See what?

I said...

Did you see everything just now?

See what?

Stop pretending.
You saw everything, didn't you?

That's right.

Yes, I did.


I'm warning you, Pale Face.

You can't tell anyone
what you saw just now.

What are you talking about?

I don't care! Whether you saw it or not,

you will not tell anyone about this.

Or else, I'll kill you.


Pale Face.


It's her.

Pale Face has the hots for her.

That's your dream girl.

He's completely attracted to her.

Prince of Cakes?
He's a lovelorn Prince of Cakes.


Stop staring. People may think
you're lusting for men.

I'm not staring at any man.

This is a man
who's clearly struck by love.

What nonsense.

Why do you want to see me?

I have a favor to ask of you.

I sense something is wrong.

Are you afraid I would scold you
if you asked me at home?

Hey. You're right!

You're indeed very clever,
sharp and astute.

Stop flattering me. What is it?

Remember I told you the God of Gamblers
had lost his memory?

Would you have a game with him?

Switch the cards during the game
and let him win.

He'll get his confidence back if he wins.

He may believe he's the God of Gamblers

and regain his memory.

What is it to you?

I want him to make me his disciple.

If he regains his memory,
I can learn to gamble from him.

Then, I can fulfill my dream of becoming
the female God of Gamblers.

You're nuts.

Don't you feel sorry for him?

A supreme gambling genius is reduced
to a cleaner who's addicted to gambling.

If one day you lost your memory
and forgot you were once a master thief,

wouldn't that be agonizing?

You're being melodramatic.

I'm your little sister.

You know I have always wanted
to learn from him.

Now that I have found him,

I want to help him get back on his feet.

I'm doing a good deed.

Help me, please.

I'll count to three.

It's a yes if you keep quiet.
One, two, three.

I knew you would help me!

Thank you!

I love you!

What do you want to eat? My treat.

No wonder I find him weird. He likes men.

I'll check my schedule.
I'm busy, I have to go.



Pale Face!

Pale Face, are you here
to seduce your dream girl?

What's wrong?

I have something on. I have to go.


What a coward.

If you're timid, you can forget
about winning your dream girl's heart.

This is a huge sum.

Uncle Song-nian.

We have already cleaned up our act.

But that hasn't stopped Mr. Hong
from asking for our help.

If discovered, it would be bad
for the company.

Hong and I had gone through
thick and thin together.

I was met with a crisis in the past.

He helped me to resolve it.

Now that he needs my help,

no matter how risky it is,

we must help him.

This is called loyalty.

I know what I should do.

Tomorrow is Ren-zhong's death anniversary.

Uncle Song-nian.

I assure you I'm doing
my best to track down Big Head B.

I hope to find clues soon.

It has been 20 years.

If Ren-zhong was alive,

he would be 40 this year.

I wonder what Dad and Jie Sun
are talking about.

Why haven't they come down for dinner?

Have you forgotten it's Ren-zhong's
death anniversary tomorrow?

Dad loves Ren-zhong the most.

He always feels gloomy
at this time of the year.

Has he lost his appetite

or is he avoiding people?

What are you getting at?

I'm concerned for Dad's health.

Dinner has been ready for a while.

I think if some people
don't make themselves scarce,

Dad is not going to come down.

Are you finished?

What did I say? Why are you so sensitive?

I didn't say your mom
had killed Ren-zhong.


Ren-de, this happened a long time ago.

Please don't mention it to Dad
unless you want to upset him.

You don't think Dad feels upset
when he sees your mom?

But you don't have
to remind her once a year.

After all, she is your elder.

Don't say anything.

Su-zhen, you can't blame Song-nian.

If you hadn't called the police,
the kidnappers

wouldn't have killed Ren-zhong.

No, I was too foolish
to have taken your advice!

Aunt Su-zhen, I hear Dad wanted
to hand over the reins

at Fenghuang to Ren-zhong.

You were worried
your son might have no future.

The biggest beneficiary

from Ren-zhong's kidnap
and eventual death has been Ren-yi.

Mom, don't ever resort to murder or kidnap

to help me rise through the ranks.

Are you saying

Mom got Ren-zhong killed for my sake?

I didn't say that. You did.

Ren-de, even though you're not related
to Ren-zhong by blood,

Dad has always treated you as his own son.

You may not respect Ren-zhong,

but could you do this one thing for Dad?

Please don't make it more emotional
than it already is for Dad and Mom.

Fine, I'll shut up.


Mom, don't listen to their crazy nonsense.

I'm now the company's Deputy CEO.

As long as I do a good job,

Dad will hand over the running
of the company to me.

That should put them in their places.

Mom, as long as your conscience is clear,

you should ignore what other people say.

I know that.

For years,

They keep hurting me
whenever they get a chance.

I have got used to it.

It upsets me

that your dad believes it to be true.

If you hadn't trusted that slut back then,
Dad wouldn't be blaming you now.

Whatever it is,

I must take some responsibility.

I don't think your dad

will ever forgive me.

Are you still sad over Rocky's death?

Why did Rocky have to die?

Dogs can fall sick and die.

I don't want Rocky to die.

All living creatures will die someday.

Death is like going home.

You'll be going to a place far, far away.

It's a peaceful and beautiful place.

I want to go there too.
I want to keep Rocky company.

Silly girl, it's a place you can't go.

Why not?

This is what you can do.

Whenever you think of Rocky,

say what you want to tell Rocky
to the paper boat.

Then, place the boat in the lake.

The boat will bring your message to Rocky.

Rocky, I miss you very much.

Yu-chen, Rocky will definitely get
your message.


how are you?

Dad and I

miss you very much.


What are you doing here?

Every year on this day,

I will come here to talk to Ren-zhong.

I was very sad that my pet dog died
when I was little.

Ren-zhong told me

my dog had gone to a peaceful
and beautiful place.

If I missed it,

I could tell the paper boat
what I was thinking.

The boat would carry my message to it.

Your brother was a sensitive person.

At the time, I really thought this was
how one could communicate with the dead.

Then again,

I do believe that Ren-zhong
has got my messages to him.

Your brother has been gone
for over 20 years,

yet you still miss him dearly.


Ren-zhong knows you don't get by
a single day without thinking of him.

When your brother was alive,

he stayed by my side almost every day.

I educated him on business
and financial procedures,

as well as how to run the company.

But I never really listened
to what he had to say.

When he was little,

he would accompany me on my strolls here.

I thought

he would stay with me

until I grow old and die.

I never thought

he would be taken from me so soon.

Dad, you still have us.

I know.

But Ren-zhong died tragically.

He was decapitated alive.

He didn't go peacefully.

I will avenge him.

His kidnappers are cold-blooded.

Ren-zhong didn't mess with them.

Even if they were angry
that we had called the police,

they didn't have to resort
to such cruelty.

The kidnappers not only killed Ren-zhong,

they also created a distance
between you and Mom.

A distance that has existed until today.


Mom has been feeling terrible
all these years.

She blames herself
for causing Ren-zhong's death.

Her guilt has gnawed at her
for over 20 years.



lay the flowers on Ren-zhong's grave.

Mom, go on.

I didn't expect your dad

would ask me to lay flowers
on Ren-zhong's grave.

I'm shocked.

It was the first time.

I'm very happy.

Dad knows.

He has already forgiven you.

Dad caught everyone by surprise.

That slut and her posse were so stunned

that their jaws nearly hit the ground.

If being asked to lay flowers excites her,

maybe she should break out the champagne.

Song-nian never let her lay the flowers.

He even hated her coming along
for the memorial.

What made him change his mind?

Someone must have been sucking up to Dad.

There's more than meets the eye.

Something must have happened
to make him change his attitude.

I must investigate this when I go back.

Why did Dad let Aunt Su-zhen
lay the flowers?

Why do you have to be so nosy?

I'm just curious.

I think you want to find out the truth
so that you can tell it to that woman.

You want to get into her good books.

This is the first time
I'm presiding over a meeting.

You may not be familiar with my style.

I don't like to blab,

nor do I like to waste time
on some unnecessary opening.

So, let's begin our meeting.

Jie Sun,

are we updating
our security system next month?

Yes. I have sent out
a circular informing our staff

that they will receive new staff passes
in the next three weeks.

Why wasn't I given a report about this?

You sent out a circular
without my authorization.

Does this mean you will be
bypassing my authority

for any decision you make in the future?


Jie Sun had submitted his report
on the new security system rollout to you.

It was passed at the previous meeting.

Jie Sun is the Vice President
of Security and Crisis Management.

He can follow up
on these matters on his own.

That was before this.

I'm the company's Deputy CEO now.

I shall be informed of every decision
made in this company.

All right.

I will take down the new security system

and replace it with the old one.

I'll bring update on the operations
and costs of the new system tomorrow.

I'll look for a vendor
after you give the go-ahead.

This whole process will take us
one to two months.

I can't guarantee the system's integrity
during this period.

Jie Sun, you can't suspend
the rollout now.

Ren-yi, what you're asking for
is merely procedural.

Do we really want to waste
our company's resources

and affect our daily operations?

I only asked for a report,
not for the system to be removed.

We'll go ahead with the planned rollout.

But remember,

I expect to be informed
of every single decision

your department makes.

All right.

Starting from next month,
the number of CCTVs

will be increased from 20 to 25.

Night security personnel
will be increased from 30 to 34.

Two days ago,
a staff member had an accident.

He was given a month's medical leave.

Statistics from my department show

there have been
11 more accidents this month.

So, the staff need to learn more
about safety awareness.

Last but not least,

one of my staff's wife gave birth today.

So, he won't be coming to work tomorrow.

Excuse me,

I have a meeting with my vendor.

A new staff will do a good job at first.

Be careful that you won't get swept out!


weren't you going to speak on our bid
for the casino development?

Mr. Zhang, Mr. Chen,
have you read the proposal?

What do you think of it?

I received the proposal two days ago.

But I had to deal
with more urgent matters at hand.

So, I only managed
to skim through the report.

The conclusion seems no different
from what we had discussed

with Ms. Jiang though.

I'm asking for your opinion
on the new proposal,

not your views from your meeting
with Ms. Jiang.


Mr. Zhang and Mr. Chen are not involved
in the casino bid.

I asked them to provide guidance
only because of their vast experience.

Are you saying I don't have the authority
to assign them this project?

Of course, not.

You're the Deputy CEO.

Your dad said you have
the authority to allocate

the company's resources and personnel.

That includes both of you.

Do you understand?

Ren-yi is arrogant and overbearing.

When we were pioneers in this company,
he wasn't even born yet.

How dare he speak to us
in that arrogant manner.

Ms. Jiang, you have to help us.

We can't let that young upstart
controls us.

Ren-yi is still young, inexperienced
and tends to rush things.

That's why he came across
as a little thoughtless.

For Song-nian's sake,
don't take his remarks to heart.

Please continue to mentor him.

Mom, are you out of your mind?

Have you forgotten what your dad said?

You have worked alongside Song-nian
for many years.

You know him very well.

We should respect his decision.

I do empathize with you.

I would love to help you too.

But there is not much
I can do for you now.

I can't act upon your complaints.

I'll say this again.

I'm only carrying out
Song-nian's instructions.

Fenghuang is his life's work.

Ms. Jiang, we won't put you on the spot.

Thank you.

Mom, you are brilliant.

This is vicious.

It's going to be quite a show.

All right.

I'll make a restaurant reservation
to celebrate its premiere in advance.

-Dear, how have you been?

Who are you?

Big Head B.

Big Head B?

If you don't remember me,

I'm sure you will remember Ren-zhong.

Are you scared stiff

or too terrified to speak?

Don't worry.

I want to make a deal with you.

What sort of a deal?

Prepare a million dollars.

I'll call you again to tell you
the time and place.

If you refuse to do what I say,

I will tell

Song-nian how you caused
Ren-zhong's death.

You'll hear from me again.



You have secretly been conducting
money laundering, smuggling

and gambling den operations
under the guise of the company.

How are you going to come clean with Dad?


I gave in to the gang's request
in a moment of insanity.

It wasn't my intention
to deceive Song-nian.

Dad will be back from Japan in a few days.

You had better prepare a speech.

Ren-zhong, if you tell your dad,
I'll be in trouble!

This is a serious matter.
I can't help you.



As long as Ren-zhong is alive,
he will betray my secrets to Song-nian.

When that happens,
your money pot will dry up too.

Don't worry, leave the kidnapping to me.

What about the ransom?

Get a scapegoat to collect the ransom.

I will persuade Su-zhen
to call the police.

Then, you will kill Ren-zhong.

Let Song-nian think

the kidnappers killed Ren-zhong
because they didn't get the money.

Murder with a borrowed knife?



I want to ask you something. Come with me!

These are Ren-zhong's calligraphic works.

How could you put them away
in the storeroom downstairs?

What if they got ruined or misplaced?


I put them away

as I didn't want you
to be reminded of Ren-zhong.

But I have told Annie

you are the only person who can view them.

Did you think by putting these away,

I will miss Ren-zhong any less?

I don't want you to get too upset.

You won't listen to anyone
when you're upset.


if Su-zhen found out
that you still blame her,

she would feel terrible.


this whole matter
has been very unfair to Su-zhen.


have you forgiven her?

Su-zhen had always loved Ren-zhong.

I can't imagine her
harming Ren-zhong in any way.

Yu-chen was right.

Su-zhen has been feeling guilty
for more than 20 years.

She has suffered enough.

By putting in a good word
with you for Su-zhen,

Yu-chen helped you get over your loss.

I feel happy for you.

Ren-zhong's tragic death
is still a mystery.

As long as his murderer is not found,

the agony of losing my son
will continue to haunt me.

Have you hired people to investigate

his murder all these years?

I am going to avenge Ren-zhong's death.


What are you doing?

Who are you?

I had been tracking you down.

What do you want?

Around 23 years ago,

you and Gui kidnapped
Song-nian's son, Ren-zhong.

You made Nan-hai your scapegoat.

Then, you killed Ren-zhong
and fled overseas.

I don't know what you're talking about.

You don't know?

Take it easy!

Take it easy.

I'll kill you if you don't say. Say it!

All right, I will tell you.

Someone incited us to kidnap Ren-zhong.

We were found out by the police.

We didn't want to kill Ren-zhong.

But that person said
if we didn't kill him,

he would recognize us eventually.

So, we had to kill him.

Who was that person?

I don't know.

Then, the person gave us money
and told us to skip town.

While on the run, Gui fell sick and died.

I hadn't been able to contact that person
in my years of hiding.

This is everything I know.

Why did you ask Nan-hai
to collect the ransom?

I suspected the police were watching me,

so, I got Nan-hai to collect the ransom.

Didn't he know of the kidnap?


I didn't tell him.

I only sent him to pick up the ransom.

All of you managed to skip town.

Did you know Nan-hai
was sentenced to death

on charges of kidnap and murder?

I didn't know it would turn out like that.

Did you know you had caused
the death of an innocent man?

Hear me out first.

Nan-hai was a good friend of mine.

I wouldn't have wanted him dead.

If you really wanted revenge,

you should look up that person.

You deserve to die!

-Die, you scum!
-Please don't kill me!

Dad, who did this to you?

My good friend,

Big Head B.


Jie Sun, I'm hungry.

Wait here for me.

Sir, there's a cockroach!

Over there!


Where did you get the money
to buy the buns?

I stole them.

Those people are really dumb.

Stealing these was easy.

You won't go hungry again.

Go on, eat.

-Sir, do you have luncheon meat?


Jie Sun.

Jie Sun.

Jie Sun.

You're also a thief.
Come with me to the police station.

Let go of my sister!

You have some guts!

I stole your bread.
I'll return them to you.

I'm coming after you!

Go, run!

-I'm taking you to the police station.
-Let go of me!

-You little thief!
-Go away!

Let go of my sister!


-I'm taking you to the police station.
-Let go of my sister!

I'll pay you double for the buns.

They are a couple of rebellious children.

They are just children.

Go on, eat.

Can you tell me why you stole?

I don't want my sister to go hungry.

Don't ever steal again.

I will go there again.

He thinks I won't do it again.

But he won't catch me red-handed again!

I have never failed
to steal anything I want.

Today was the first and last time.

Do you want to steal bread
for the rest of your life?

If you want to steal,
steal something impressive.

I know you have suffered a lot.

I'll take care of you from now on.


Subtitle translation by Alyaa Zakariah