The Ultimatum (2009): Season 1, Episode 6 - Episode #1.6 - full transcript

Songnian realises the painting is a fake. Ruolin and Renyi blame each other.

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This piece of calligraphy is a fake!


I got it from Kang-rong himself.

The Orchid Pavilion Prologue
is Chen's treasured possession.

Would he let you have it?

How did you acquire it? Tell me!

Song-nian, I was the one
who bought the calligraphic work.

Did you buy it?

How much did you pay for it?

Aunt Ruo-lin, you're eager to help
Ren-de win Dad's trust.

Still, you shouldn't
try to fool Dad with a fake.


Aunt Ruo-lin is not an expert.
She can't tell it's a forgery.

It was cunning of Kang-rong
to sell her a fake.

Yu-chen, why are you defending her?

Let her try and talk her way out of this.

Dad, it was Yu-chen
who gave Mom the calligraphy.

You should question her.

Dad, I bought the work from Kang-rong

for an amount that was lower
than the auction price.

I then passed it to Aunt Ruo-lin.

She brought it home.
Mom has nothing to do with it.

She seized it from my sister
so you could present it to Dad.

Don't try to shift the blame!

You were afraid Dad would find out
you had lost a fortune in soccer betting

and that Aunt Su-zhen had to sell her
company shares to bail you out.

You gave this calligraphic work
to my mom to keep her mouth shut.

Song-nian, Ren-yi is not to blame.

I got burned in the stock market
and had to sell my shares to pay my debts.

How could you sell our company shares?

Yes, Mom sold her shares to pay my debts.

But what about you, Aunt Ruo-lin?

You offered Chen the casino license
in exchange for the calligraphy work.

I made him the offer to find out

whether the casino license
was his ultimate goal.

I didn't strike a deal with him.



That woman thought
it was an authentic work.

Her eagerness to please your dad
backfired on her.

She will surely fall from grace this time.

Dad loves her.

Just a few words from her
and he will immediately calm down.

I don't understand you.
Why did you speak up for her just now?

We bought the calligraphy work
hoping it would please Dad.

But he got terribly angry
over the matter instead.

It didn't improve his impression
of either you or Ren-de.

Instead, he saw how we got ripped off
by an outsider

and were in the dark.

What Dad hates most is
for us to fight among ourselves.


Both Yu-chen and I
had the same idea in mind.

We did what we did because we knew
you wanted the Orchid Pavilion Prologue.

You've always acted with caution.

Why were you so foolish this time?

In my eagerness to please you,

I put the interests of the company aside.

I know all of you go out
of your way to please me

in order to impress me about
how good Ren-yi and Ren-de are.

Let me tell you.

You don't need to be
involved in our tender

for casino operating rights.


I will put Ren-yi solely in charge.


I will promote him to Deputy CEO.

Therefore, everyone in the company,

including you and Ren-de,
shall take your orders from him.

It's a huge project.
You're taking a big risk.

Ren-yi is young and inexperienced.

Experience can be acquired.

I'm doing this to test both Ren-de's
and Ren-yi's ability to handle things.

-But I...
-You're not to help either of them.

I would rather they devoted their time
and effort to serving the company

than be in the dark all the time.

Did you hear me?

Your dad wants to see how you two perform.

Ren-yi is now Deputy CEO.

You must find ways to prove yourself.

This is all your fault.

You got me a forgery
and told me to present it to him.

We must stay calm and find ways
to salvage the situation.


You're getting on my nerves.

Ren-yi is only Deputy CEO.
Why make such a fuss?



That's a lovely dress.

You said it without any sincerity.

Come on, I said it's lovely.

You jumped to Aunt Ruo-lin's defense
although it was none of your business.

Yet you don't even know
how to pay me a compliment.

You're imagining things.

I defended Aunt Ruo-lin

because it was in our own interests
to do so.

She's Fenghuang's acting CEO.

I take side with her
and gain her support in return.

It's to our own advantage.

I'm nice to Aunt Ruo-lin and Ren-de
only because they are useful to us.

I'm doing this for the sake of our future.

All right, I believe you.

Go get the car. I'll be down in a minute.


Aunt Ruo-lin.

Are you still upset over what happened?

Dad is too much.

Why must he get so worked up
over a fake work of art?

That's not what I'm upset about.

Your dad is going to promote Ren-yi
to Deputy CEO.

Don't worry about it.

Ren-yi has no experience.
He won't hold that position for long.

It's Ren-de I'm worried about.

Your dad specifically wants you
and Ren-de to assist Ren-yi.

Aunt Ruo-lin, rest assured
that I will help Ren-de.

It's very reassuring to hear that.

You've been very supportive of me.

You're steady and careful
in the way you handle things.

You're also familiar
with our business operations.

With you to help Ren-de,

I won't have to worry too much.

You're ready so soon?

Yuki, you're all dressed up.
Are you going to a dinner party?

I called this meeting

to make an important announcement.

Song-nian has decided

to promote Ren-yi to Deputy CEO
with immediate effect.

He will take full charge of the company

and be responsible for our bid
for casino operating rights.

Congratulations, Ren-yi.

This is your chance to prove yourself,
so make the best of it.

Ren-yi, you're not familiar with
many aspects of our business operations.

You will need to learn from your seniors.

I hope all of you will give him
the same support you gave my dad.

Ren-yi, your dad has made it clear

that the casino bid is vital
to the future of Fenghuang.

You have full authority to make use
of any resources you wish.

Ren-de and Ren-xiao will assist you.

I will help you if that's what Dad wants.

I'm sure you will all respect
my dad's decision

and help Ren-yi take Fenghuang's
business to greater heights.

That brings this meeting to an end.


Call Mom and tell her the good news.

We must celebrate.

Don't get carried away.

From this moment on,

you must do all you can
to prove yourself to Dad.

Dad knows my worth.
That's why he's put me in charge.

I think Dad has his own reason.

If my guess is right,

he is disappointed at the tension
and rivalry that's going on.

He's promoted you to Deputy CEO
to test your ability

and to see whether you can obtain
Aunt Ruo-lin and Ren-de's support.

They have no status in the family.
Who are they to compete with me?

If Dad felt this way,

he wouldn't have made Aunt Ruo-lin
as the acting CEO.

Dad is aware of the rivalry
between you and Ren-de.

He's made you Deputy CEO
to test your ability in handling things.

Only if you can win
Aunt Ruo-lin and Ren-de's support

will Dad entrust the company fully to you.

Yu-chen, I think it's you
who doubts my ability.

How could Dad have put me in charge
of a major project just to test me?

He must have done so because
he knows I'm up to the task.

-I just think...

I don't need that woman
and her bastard son's help.

They would be more of an embarrassment.

I will win the casino bid
by my own effort,

and Dad will look at me
with a new perspective.

What's the occasion?
This is quite a feast.

We're celebrating my promotion
to Deputy CEO.

I hired the chef of
Five Fortune Restaurant to cook for us.

I thought we were celebrating the
Crown Prince's ascension to the throne.

There isn't much difference.
The wheel of fortune has changed.

The person Song-nian thinks
most highly of now is Ren-yi.

For the time being perhaps.

Whether it will remain so is hard to say.

So make the best of it while it lasts.

Whatever it is,
you will never take over my place.

Ren-yi, you're new to the job.

Feel free to approach me if you need help.

I thank you on Ren-yi's behalf.

Not at all, Su-zhen.
That's the least I should do.

Master is upstairs.

Thank you.

Sun Jie, when did you get back?

Aunt Su-zhen, Aunt Ruo-lin.

I returned from Japan this morning.

Uncle Song-nian told me to see him
as soon as I got back.

Your father has just promoted Ren-yi
to Deputy CEO of the company.

You must give him your help.


Report for work tomorrow.

I want a detailed report on
the progress of our project in Japan.

Sun Jie, Dad is waiting for you upstairs.

A true master of every form of script.

He wrote with such natural fluidity
and magnificence.

A masterpiece!

A masterpiece!

After observing the security measures
in place at the exhibition,

I was worried whether you could
accomplish the task I set you.

You're not my adopted son for nothing.

You're my most valuable assistant.

I know I can count on you.

If Kang-rong had not gotten in my way,

I wouldn't have let you take the risk.

I know.

What have you found out about Big Head B?

I had information that
he had fled to Taiwan.

But I discovered it was a false lead
when I got there.

Big Head B fled to the Philippines
after the kidnap.

He was later spotted in Indonesia.

But for years now,
there's been no news of him.

Ren-zhong has been dead for so long,

but the mastermind behind his kidnap
has yet to be found.

When Nan-hai was sentenced to death,

I thought I had avenged Ren-zhong's death.

Little did I know that
Nan-hai was just a scapegoat.

The real kidnapper was Big Head B.

I've offered a reward for his arrest
in many countries.

But there's no news about him.

Uncle Song-nian, rumor has it

that Big Head B may have returned
to Singapore.

We must not dismiss the rumor
whether it's true or not.

Put information out on the streets
to lure him out.

I know what to do.

Unless we find Big Head B,

we will never know who the mastermind is.

I must have my revenge,

or I won't rest in peace when I'm dead.


I'm sorry.

I can't take care of you anymore.


I can no longer be with you.

You must take good care of yourself
and your sister, understand?


You can count on me, Dad.
I won't let Min Sun starve.

When will you come home, Dad?


Once the police have caught
the person who set me up,

I will come home.

Who set you up, Dad?

My good friend,

Big Head B.


It's you.

How did you know I was here?

I was looking for a lawyer.
I didn't realize this was your office.

That's quite a coincidence.


It must be fate.

What can I do for you?

I want to make a will.

There are many types of will,

Such as for the distribution of assets,
the distribution of property...

I want to make a will
for the distribution of love.

After I'm dead, I want to distribute
my love to all those I care about

so they will know their place in my heart.

You don't need to make a will for that.

Just tell them in your own words
while you're still alive.

I'm serious.

I think this is more important
than distributing one's estate.

Very well.
Write down what you want to say.

I will sign and seal it
and charge you the usual fee.

No problem.

I did someone wrong once.

I feel very bad about it.

I want to tell her through my will
that I'm sorry.

Do you want to make a will
or write a letter of apology?

I just want to tell her I'm sorry.

You'd better find another lawyer.

It's lunchtime.
Will you have lunch with me?

I only eat with friends.

Aren't we friends?

I don't make friends with silly people.

You'll be welcome if you really want
to make a will. Goodbye.

We will meet again.

Mr. Sun, let me remind you

that following someone can amount
to harassment or stalking.

The punishment can be quite severe.

People do meet by chance.
Don't you believe in fate?

I don't want to discuss this.


Wait here for me.

This is for you.

Have I met you before?

Yes, at the calligraphy exhibition
a few days ago.

No, I mean way before that.

Are you a local? Where do you live?

I think you have illusory memories.

Illusory memories?

After meeting someone who's left
a deep impression on you,

such as a very good-looking man,

your mind is so filled with his image
that everyone you see reminds you of him.

That is known as illusory memory.

It's true you left a deep
and special impression on me.

You're very thick-skinned.

I'll give you one last chance.
Will you have lunch with me?

Thank you for the bun.


Did your mom throw you out again?


Go on, eat it.

You'll be hungry tonight otherwise.

Why do you read The Little Princess
all the time?

Is it that interesting?

I like it.

-Let me have a look.

My dad gave it to me.

Big deal. I have one too.

Where's my book?

Where's The Little Princess?


Little Princess.


Who are you looking for, boy?

I'm looking for the little girl
who lives here.

I want to return her this book.

They've moved away.

Moved away?


This is my big break.

My dad has finally recognized my ability
and made me Deputy CEO.

I'm in charge of the casino bid.

At last, I can tell good things
about myself.


I'm sure you will achieve much success
and prove yourself to your dad.

Thank you for your encouragement.

If only my sister had as much
confidence in me as you do.

Why do you say that?
I can tell she's very supportive of you.

She thinks my dad

gave me the promotion as a test

and not because I have what it takes.

She keeps warning me about this and that.

It's really unnecessary.

The fact that your dad promoted you
shows he thinks highly of you.

I have Aunt Ruo-lin to thank for it.

She took the Orchid Pavilion Prologue
which my sister acquired

and had Ren-de present it to my dad.

But the calligraphy work
turned out to be a fake.

My dad was so angry he chose me
as the Deputy CEO the very next day.

Doesn't the Orchid Pavilion Prologue
belong to Kang-rong?

Why would he sell it to your sister?

My sister tracked down
a former employee of Chen

and obtained incriminating
evidence against him.

He offered the calligraphy work
to my sister out of guilt.

Yu-chen obtained the evidence
from Chen's former employee?

But she didn't expect

that Chen would give her a fake
in exchange.

I'm sorry I'm late.

I've ordered the lobster set for you.

Thank you.

Song-qiao, have you been waiting
for a long time?

You're very quiet today.

Is anything bothering you?

Did Ren-yi say something wrong?

Have you always adhered to the saying
that the end justifies the means?

I don't know what you mean.

Did you use me to contact Alex

to obtain incriminating evidence
against Kang-rong from him

and subsequently blackmail Chen to
give you the Orchid Pavilion Prologue?

When you encouraged me to approach Alex,

I thought you wanted me to persuade him
to testify against Chen.

But you had an ulterior motive.

Yes, I wanted to find Alex through you.

After you left, I paid him a small fortune
for the evidence.

If he had handed over the evidence to me,

I could have helped the workers
obtain the compensation they deserve.

Instead, you exchanged it
for a calligraphy work

just to please your dad.

Perhaps that was my intention

But I honestly did what I did for Ren-yi.

The conflict and rivalry
at my home and office

is something you can't imagine
or comprehend.

My mom wanted Ren-yi
to be well regarded by my dad.

He was no match for Aunt Ruo-lin
unless I helped him.

In order that my dad would
put Ren-yi in a high position

and change his attitude towards my mom,

I was prepared to resort
to dishonest means.

Including making use of your friends?

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry if you're upset
about what I did.

Perhaps you're right.

I can't understand your situation as
I didn't grow up in the same environment.

But that doesn't mean
I agree with what you did.

It's enough that you accept my apology.

Thank you.

Ren-yi is lucky to have a sister like you.

He's my only younger brother.
Of course, I have to help him.

Ren-yi may be impulsive,

but he has high ideals and aspirations.

He doesn't have any immorality,
unlike other rich men's sons.

Are you making a sales pitch?

He has qualities worth making a pitch for.

I can tell he has fallen for you.

You're quick at changing subjects.

I guess Ren-yi is not up
to your standards.

You're very pretty. You're also a lawyer.

I'm sure you have lots of suitors.

They've been frightened off by
my stubbornness and determination.

I've had first-hand experience of that.

Have you always been like this?


I had my first admirer
when I was in high school.

Once he cheated during a test.

I exposed him and made such a scene
that the whole school knew about it.

After that, all the boys left me alone.

What about you?

You're rich, capable and beautiful.

You must have no lack of suitors.
Who's the lucky man?

We met five years ago.

But we were not meant to be together.

It's his loss if he didn't know
how to treasure you,

I'll never meet another man
who treasures me more than he did.

We loved each other

and vowed to be together forever.

His name is Feng Zhang.

We met in Macau.

He was playing on the street
with a bunch of kids.

It got me curious.

Why did a grown man enjoy
playing with kids so much?

I only found out later

that he was Feng Zhang,
Macau's reigning God of Gamblers.

Feng Zhang.

We became good friends.

His sense of humor,

wit as well as child-like innocence

attracted me deeply.

We were sure about our feelings
for each other within a very short time.

We decided to get married.

The day I was fitted for my wedding dress,

he disappeared mysteriously.

I know him.

He is not one to break his word.

Neither will he fail me.

Something must have happened to him.

But there's been no news of him
all these years.

There were rumors that
he was killed by his enemy

and his body was dumped into the sea.

Some said he had fled abroad
to escape his enemy.

Some even said
he had changed his identity.

I don't believe any of that.

I'm convinced he is still alive.

I wonder how he is doing now.

You're sick!

Why do you keep following me?

Am I following you?

I've told you I'm not the God of Gamblers!



I'm really keen to learn from you, Master.

Will you teach me
your amazing shuffling skills?

In a showdown with the Japanese
master gambler, Nakamura Taro,

you even smashed the dice.

How did you do it?

It's all right if you would rather
not show me.

Will you watch how I do it and correct me?

Do you take me for a three-year-old?

I stapled them together
because I haven't mastered the trick.

I won't have to do that
if you'll teach me.

I know you have your reasons
for not wanting to show off your skill.

You became who you are today
to conceal your identity.

I totally understand.

I give you my word
that I won't tell anyone.

Are you two still chatting here?

Song-qing is about to do a demonstration.

There's a big crowd out there.
Go and see if he needs any help.

Is Pale Face doing a demonstration?

What demonstration?

No idea.

Does he really have so many female fans?

He does this once every fortnight.

You could say
he's our walking advertisement.

His cake demonstrations
attract a lot of female fans.

He's good-looking.
He also makes delicious cakes.

The girls are crazy over him.

Is he good-looking?
He looks like a nerd to me.

He's passionate about making cakes

to the exclusion of everything else.

If he were a nerd,

he wouldn't have attracted so many girls.

His fans have no taste.
They've never seen a real man.

He looks like a wimp,
unlike the God of Gamblers.

He was a dashing and awe-inspiring figure
whenever he appeared.

That's what I call a good-looking man.

Right, God of Gamblers?

What cake have you made today?

Is it vanilla?

This cake is my new creation.
I call it Happiness Cake.

The first person to tell me correctly
what flavor it is

will receive a free cake from me.

Everyone will get one. There's no rush.

Relax. There's one for each of you.

One for each of you.

-I want one too.
-This is so cute.

Pale Face, how did it feel being
surrounded by so many female fans?

They all liked the cake,
but couldn't identify its flavor.

How do you think it made me feel?

I see.

They're crazy about you.
Are you attracted to any of them?

They couldn't even tell me
the flavor of the cake.

How can I be attracted to them?

These are two different matters.

They're the same to me.

I can never be attracted to someone
who can't appreciate my cakes.

You're obsessive.

-What are you reading?

Who is this girl?

I thought
you were only interested in baking.

Looks like I was wrong.

That's right.

She is my goal in life.

My only goal.

Are you serious?


But she is beyond my reach.

I don't know if I'll ever
be able to attain my goal.


She's so pretty.
Why would she fall for you?

She makes wonderful cakes.

-Even better than mine.

She's quite something.

A goal wouldn't be a goal
if it was so easy to achieve.

Good. I like your spirit.

Let me teach you a few tricks
to win her heart.

Thank you, but I would rather
depend on my own effort.

I've been trying for years now.
I'm going to keep trying.


I'm not your madam.

I have to call you that since I'm going
to be a pupil of your husband.

I plan to go to Macau for a holiday.

What attractions do they have there?

Besides the casinos,

you can visit the Mongha Fortress,

Guia Fort

and the Chapel of Our Lady of Penha.

Above all, you must try
the Portuguese egg tarts.

You seem to know a lot about Macau.

Of course, I do. I'm Macanese.

Let me know before you go.

I'll ask my friends there
to show you around.

Thank you.
Why did you decide to come here?

It was because of Zhi-da.

He took part in a marathon gambling
session for seven days and nights.

He ended up with a high fever

and lay unconscious in hospital
for three days.

When he came to, he forgot everything.

He didn't even know who I was.

He only remembered how to gamble.

As you know, there are casinos
everywhere in Macau.

I was afraid he would revert
to his old ways.

I happened to have
a relative in Singapore.

So I decided to come here with him

to avoid a repeat of what happened.

Did he really forget everything?

So does he have amnesia?

There are all sorts of people
in the world.

Some gamblers' wives walked out on them.

Some gamblers leaped to their death.
Some went bankrupt.

He's the only one who's lost
his memory because of gambling.

Thank you, madam!

I finally understand why Master
has become the way he is.

Thank you!


Afraid your wife
will catch you sneaking out?


I need to get away from you

before you drive me crazy
calling me "God of Gamblers."

Stop following me!

Let's have a game of cards.
If I lose, I'll stop bothering you.

I'll hold you to it.

Let's do it.

-We'll each draw one card.
-I'll go first!

Three of hearts. I'll beat you for sure.

A deuce?


I was born to be a loser.

You've really forgotten everything.

You could easily draw an ace in the past.

Little boy, you should focus
on your studies.

Forget about gambling
and the God of Gamblers.

No man can be as fantastic as that.

But you were really fantastic.

You play so badly now
because you have amnesia.

I have amnesia?

Exactly. You lost your memory
after a serious bout of illness.

You forgot your title,
your gambling skills

and your glory days in Macau.

You're nuts!

God of Gamblers!


Master, listen to me.
Your wife has told me everything.

She told me how you lost
your memory in Macau.

That's why you don't remember who you are.

Yes, I've forgotten everything
that happened in the past.

I'm just a gambling addict, not a god.

No! You are...

God of Gamblers.

Do you recognize him too?

Master, I told you
you're the God of Gamblers!

Even he says so.

I've been following you for days now.

So it was you!

Why did you follow me?

To find you.

Friend, I think you've mistaken me
for someone else.

Don't listen to this little jerk.
I'm not the God of Gamblers.

I'm Zhi-da Zhou, nicknamed Dr. Zhou.

I don't know you.
What do you want with me?

I want revenge.

What revenge?
I've never done anything to you.

I want to challenge you to a game.

You want to gamble with me?
You should have said so.

What shall we play?

Three card poker.

Three card poker?

What are the stakes?


There's no grievance between us.

Three days from now,

we will have a showdown.


What a weird character.

He followed me all these days
just to have a card game with me.

Why can't we play now?
Why wait three days?

Master, that's One Eye!

Who cares? I don't know him.

He's your enemy, One Eye.


You don't remember
because you've lost your memory.

He was an expert gambler in Macau
but was never able to beat you.

He preyed on people by winning money
from them using dishonest means.

You challenged him to a game in disgust.

It was agreed between you two

that whoever lost
would quit the world of gambling

and gouge out his right eye.

You didn't play Show Hand
or any other poker game.

Instead, you chose to play
three card poker.

That's terrible.

Did he gouge out his eye after losing?

You wanted to stop him,
but it was too late.

That's how he lost one eye.

I think his reason for seeking you out

is to get back at you

by gouging out your eye.

Subtitle translation by Sarmeet