The Ultimatum (2009): Season 1, Episode 5 - Episode #1.5 - full transcript

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Song-nian, the charity auction
is tomorrow.

Are you confident in getting
the Orchid Pavilion Prologue?

Orchid Pavilion Prologue?

Isn't that Xi-zhi Wang's masterpiece?

I'm sure it'll cost a significant sum.

Xi-zhi Wang is Dad's idol.

I'm sure Dad will stop at nothing
to own it.

That crafty Kang-rong is interested
in the piece of calligraphy too.

We may not get it.

I'll pay whatever it takes
to make it mine.

Is it worth spending that kind of money?

Yu-chen, will you go on a study tour
on the floating casino today?

I'll do that right after breakfast.

I'll go with you.

Going on a study tour
on the floating casino

is the job of the business manager.

Who is the business manager?

Ren-de, of course.

Ren-de has been put on parole.
Can he get out of the country?

I've only been slapped
with community service.

I can still go overseas.

Ren-yi was only asking.

He's never broken the law,
so he's ignorant about criminal offenses.

Don't hold it against him.

I thought the judge would
restrict his overseas travel,

afraid that he would make a fool
of himself overseas.

Hey! That's quite enough.

Ren-yi, you don't know the law,
so stop making wild guesses.

I raised it precisely
because I don't know anything.

That's how I'll learn.

Are you never going to stop?

I've told you this,

"The gun barrel
should always point outward."

No infighting.

No one is to bring up this matter again.


Come to my study later.

Yes, Dad.

Yu-chen, take a look
at this piece of calligraphy.

A strong sense of integrity
and lofty sentiments.

I'm a novice at calligraphy,

but I can see the strokes
are vibrant and strong.

The calligrapher was someone
bold and generous.

That's right. The calligrapher
was General Cheng-wu.

A strong sense of integrity
and lofty sentiments.

The lines may look simple enough.

But they speak of General Yang's
nationalistic sentiments

and his love for his country.

I hope you'll always uphold
a strong sense of integrity.

I'm aware that
it was Ren-yi who betrayed Ren-de.

But you took the blame
to protect your younger brother.


We can never hide anything from you.

All of you are my children.

Surely I know
what my children are made of?

I gave you a public lecture
to shut everyone up.

I didn't want any more
bickering over this matter.

You looked at the big picture and
showed sibling love toward your brother.

I like that in you.

Fenghuang needs someone like you.

Thank you, Dad.

Little Orchid is back home.

I knew you'd get the job done.
You've never disappointed me.

Since the day you adopted me
as your foster son,

I told myself I must never let you down.



No matter what happens,
you'll always be Dad's little princess.



Miss, were you going
for the book or my hand?

What happened the last time
was probably an accident.

But I'm sure you did it
on purpose this time round.

Thick-skinned fellows like you
are a minority.

Be a gentleman.

Sure, you may have the storybook.

But do tell me why you're so keen on
this old edition of The Little Princess.

Is that what a lady is supposed to do?

Ask me that when you've shown
yourself to be a gentleman.


Mom, I got 100 marks in my test!

Go away.

Mom, why aren't you happy
that I got 100 marks?

What's there to be happy about?

Won't you be happy
if Song-qing gets 100 marks?

Who are you to compare with him?

Why do you dislike me so much?

What must I do to make you happy?

Die. I'll be very happy when you're dead.

Drop dead!

Drop dead!

Drop dead!

Get lost!

I don't want to see you. Go away!

Get lost! Go as far away as you can!

Stay put!

Stop running away!

How dare you?

Stop running.

Dare to run away again?

Granny Wang is almost blind.
Why couldn't you even con her?

Granny Wang is old
and she has a grandchild to care for.

She is pitiful.
I couldn't bring myself to con her.

Excuses! What about Mr. Wang?

Why is that another failed attempt?
He is young and makes good money.

Don't tell me you felt sorry for him too?

How could I possibly con my teacher?

How dare you talk back!

Never mind that you failed to con them,

but you let the whole world
know I made you a conman.

Stop forcing me, Dad.

I hate to be a conman.

Listen carefully! I am a conman myself.

Do you hate me too?

I don't hate you.
I only hate being a conman.

I don't want to be a conman!

If that's the case, you're not my son!

Get lost!

Get lost! I don't want to see you.

Good for nothing!

Do you think I love being a conman?

What can you do apart from being a conman?

How can you earn a living
if you don't be a conman?

How can you earn a living?

I am Jie Sun. What's your name?

I just moved here. Do you live nearby?

What storybook are you reading?

Here, have one.

Sir, someone stole your bread!

-Who did?
-Sir, he stole your bread.

You thief!

Rascal, how dare you steal my bread.

-I'm taking you to the police station.
-No! I'm not going there.

I won't dare do it again.

Sir, don't take him to the police station.
Forgive him this once.

There won't be a second time. Go!

I stole the bread
because I saw you looked hungry.

Yes, I'm hungry, but I won't steal.

It doesn't pay to be kind.

It's wrong to steal!

Stupid girl!

Bad boy!

Stupid girl!

Hey, Mr. Ye.

We meet again.

Pleased to meet you.

You seem bent on laying hands
on the Orchid Pavilion Prologue.

I'll have to see if that happens.

I'll gladly let you have
all the other valuable pieces.

But when it comes
to Orchid Pavilion Prologue,

I'll have to say no.

We will begin

with the auctioning
of Xi-zhi Wang's prized masterpiece,

Orchid Pavilion Prologue.

The bid price starts at two million.

I'll bid six million!

Song-nian, what's wrong?

I know you're upset,

but you should still eat something.

Leave me alone.
I need a moment of silence!

Mom, doesn't Dad look like
he had just lost his dad?

Enough of this nonsense.

Dad has been looking unhappy
since he returned from the auction.

He cares a lot
for Orchid Pavilion Prologue.

Losing it is a big deal for him.

So what if he lost?
What's there to be upset about?

Why spend millions
on a piece of calligraphy?

What's the use of making
such unhelpful comments now?

We should be thinking
about how to cheer Song-nian up.

You're a capable lady.
I'll leave that to you.

Don't tell me we're going
to seize the calligraphy?

You're good at theft, deception,
kidnap and robbery.

You'll do the job well.

I'm not as good as you.

You're a molester who made the headlines.

Ren-yi, didn't Dad tell us
not to mention the case again?

You'll only make Dad angry.

Let's just forget it.

That man will never
give up the calligraphy.

He may just do that.

Just share your idea.
You don't have to get so cryptic.

Kang-rong is not a collector
of paintings and calligraphies.

I believe he spared no expense
in owning Orchid Pavilion Prologue.

It came with a single motive.

He's always been
interested in the casino business.

But it isn't his forte.

All these years, he's been hoping
to work with Fenghuang.

But Song-nian has always turned him down.

He is probably aware
we are trying to obtain

the casino rights on New Moon Island.

He wants to use Orchid Pavilion Prologue
as a bargaining chip.

That cunning man.

Since that's the case,
let's give him what he wants.

No, we must not do that.

Why not?

Dad must have his reasons
for refusing to work with Kang-rong.

I'm sure Dad won't compromise
over Orchid Pavilion Prologue.

He may just do so.

I think...

Do you know your dad better than I do?

Don't forget who appreciates
calligraphies with him every night.

Mom, that was a good slingshot from you.

She was left dumbfounded.

I wanted to maintain
the dignity of an elder too.

But she didn't know her place.

She saw herself
as your dad's spokesperson.

Aunt Ruo-lin, are we going to trade
the casino rights

in exchange for the calligraphy?

Kang-rong doesn't care
for the millions he spent.

No amount of money we offer

will move him.

Only the casino rights will do it for him.

Let's act fast
before they make their move.

Are you sure?

Yu-chen and Ren-yi
won't dare to be so presumptuous.

Are you a moron?
They are capable of anything.


Does anyone care for a drink with me?

We have a bombshell here.

You pervert, I should not talk to you.

What's with her?

What are you up to?
Look at how you're dressed.

You're being so unfair.

This is how Aunt Ruo-lin looks too.
But you have the hots for her.

I've styled myself after her.

Can't you see that?

Are you crazy?

You're the crazy one.

You've actually fallen
for your dad's mistress.

What mistress?

If Dad hears that,
you'll be thrown out of this house.

Hypocrite! She is his mistress all right.

What is the claim
of being his godsister about?

-Stop it.
-You can't stop me.

You're in love with your dad's mistress.


I dare you to swear

that you don't have a thing for her!

You're drunk.

I had been drinking,
so no surprise that I'm drunk.

You don't drink,
yet you live as if you're intoxicated.

What you're doing
is as good as committing incest.

Stop doing this to me.
Be nicer to me, won't you?

I don't mind dressing up like she does.

I only ask that you take a look at me.

Will you stop it?

Stop it!

Am I no better than that woman?

So you only love her.


I'll ask Dad to give you his blessing!

Do that and I'll divorce you!

I'll keep my word.


Why are you drinking away?

It will be terrible if your dad finds out.

What happened?

Xin-yi broke up with me.

I was so good to her.

I would buy her anything she wanted.

What else did she want?

Silly boy.

Stop crying.




You're safe.

Good shot.

Ms. Jiang,

you're good at business and golf.


Modern women must have it in them
to compete with you men.

Good point.

Mr. Ye is a fortunate man.

He has a good assistant like you.

You flatter me.

Mom, let's not be too polite.

We'll cut to the chase.

Mr. Chen, we want to make a deal with you.

I wonder if you're keen.

Tell me more.

Mr. Chen, we all know
you're keen to run a casino.

Feng Huang is tendering the bid
to run a casino on New Moon Island.

We stand an 80% chance
of winning the rights.

I wonder if you're keen, Mr. Chen.

I've proposed working
with Mr. Ye on many occasions.

But there would be no follow-up.

I don't know why you've
approached me with the idea today.


Of course, it comes with strings attached.

Let us have the Orchid Pavilion Prologue.

If you say yes, I may let you have
10% of the management rights.

I believe this is a decision
made by you alone.

I doubt Mr. Ye is aware of this.

Don't worry.

Mr. Ye has put me
in charge of this tender bid.

We have a deal.

God of Gamblers!


It's you. What brings you here?

There is a kind of skill called shadowing.

Did you shadow me?

I have a $1,000 wager with you.
It's not a small amount.

If I don't get close to you,
I won't know if you're God of Gamblers.

Get this. Don't show up here again.


You'll be seeing me here every day.

I'm going to be working here.


God of Gamblers, we're alone now.

Can you tell me
why you're hiding your identity?

Are you afraid
your enemies would find you,

or are you tired
of being the God of Gamblers?

With you bothering me,
I can't lead a peaceful life.

Just admit you're the God of Gamblers
and take me as your disciple.

I'll stop bothering you.

Do you have to be so stubborn?
You absolutely are!

I'm not being stubborn.
I'm just determined.

I'll surely find a way to prove
you are God of Gamblers.

God of Gamblers.

What are you doing here?

I'm here to work.

Are you the new part-time employee?

Yes, what do you want me to do?

Go and see if the kitchen needs any help.


Song-qiao, you're early today.

Make yourself comfortable.

Ms. Fang, why did you bring me here?

My younger brother
is the Prince of Cake here.

He makes good cakes.
I would like you to try them.

God of Gamblers!

What are you up to?
I'm busy here. Go away.

God of Gamblers, show me
how you shuffle the cards.

It won't take up too much of your time.

Don't try to fool me.
You're really good at it.

You can do it with just one hand.

Somehow, I just can't figure it out.

God of Gamblers, show me.

Pale Face, drive her out for me.

Just look at the pile of work
waiting for me.

I'll certainly master it.

-God of Gamblers, show me.
-Drive her out!

-God of Gamblers!

God of Gamblers!

God of Gamblers!

Thank you.

-Enjoy it.

Try it.

How do you like it?

It melts in the mouth
and is not too sweet.

I was right, wasn't I?

Once again, it's proven
you are an impartial person.

You aren't biased towards your brother.


Don't worry.

I'll have good news for you.

Is everything okay?

It's about Xi-zhi Wang's famed
Orchid Pavilion Prologue.

The calligraphy has been sold.
What does it have to do with you?

It happens to be my dad's favorite work.

But someone else beat him to it.

My dad is very upset,
so my mom hopes I can buy it back.

Are you able to do that?

I didn't want to disappoint my mom,
so I had to say yes.

Truth is, I'm clueless.

You're asking for trouble.
You gave yourself such a difficult task.

As children, we want our parents
to be happy.

At times, reaching the skies
is easier than pleasing them.

Let's change the topic.
We'll talk about you instead.

What major case are you working on now?

The industrial accident at Greenwood Group
that left one dead and one injured.

Greenwood Group?

The one managed by the tycoon, Kang-rong?

Kang-rong has caused much harm.

He's a crooked businessman with no ethics.

Did you have a fight with him?

I wouldn't say that.

About two or three months ago,
there was a site accident in his company.

I filed a lawsuit against his company
on behalf of the deceased's wife.

I found an employee from Greenwood.

He had evidence of the company's
safety measures in place.

Everything went well in the beginning.

But a few days before
the hearing began, he withdrew.

Why did that happen?

My guess is, Kang-rong had bribed him.

In other words, Kang-rong
wouldn't be held liable.

These crooked businessmen
don't care about workers' safety.

Work safety negligence
resulted in one death.

But he doesn't have to bear
any legal responsibility.

Neither did he apologize
to the deceased's family.

Where is justice?

Are there no other ways to sue him?


Are you refusing to teach me
because I'm not your disciple?

I'll acknowledge you as my master then!
Please accept my respects.


Master, you're in denial.

You should face up to reality.

She's not right in the head.

Knock it off, you two.

She's the one full of nonsense.
I am out of here.


I get irritated whenever I think
about the lawsuit.

You should persuade the employee
to testify against Kang-rong.

If he were so easily persuaded,

Kang-rong would have
been held liable for the accident.

I didn't expect you to give up so easily.

Also, I thought Geminis are determined.

You make a good point there.

I shouldn't give up so easily.

I should approach Alex again.

Let me go with you.
Perhaps I can be of some help.


Let me go to the washroom first.

Master, show me! I'll be a good student.

That's enough!




Are you happy now?

Just my rotten luck
to have crossed your path!

I'm sorry.



It's okay.

Didn't you already give up this case?

That was only because
you refused to take the stand.

Another work accident at Greenwood
was reported in yesterday's papers.

One died and one was injured.

Had we gone ahead with the lawsuit,
the accident could have been avoided.

Like you said, it was an accident.

We can't predict
when accidents will occur.

Alex, you know the accident took place
due to inadequate safety measures.

Had you testified in court,

we would have won the lawsuit.

Greenwood would have been more strict
and another tragedy would've been avoided.

What's the use of saying that now?
The accident already took place.

More reason for us to salvage things now.

I cannot help you.

You're not helping me.

I just want you to do
what is right for you.

You have a conscience.

You don't want the accidents
to keep happening, do you?

Ms. Fang, stop forcing me.

I just want to lead a peaceful life.

He is a rich man. We aren't his match.

I'm not taking them on.

I just want them to take responsibility
for their negligence.

Sorry, allow me to interrupt.

Alex must have his reasons
for refusing to testify in court.

Stop forcing him.

Alex, if you don't wish to take the stand,

you may hand over the materials
to Ms. Fang to sue Kang-rong.

That'll be a win-win situation.

What do you think?


I've thrown away the compact disc.

Did you really throw it away?

I had no use for it and keeping it
would only make me nervous.

So I threw it away.

How could you throw away
such an important piece of evidence?

I really don't want any more trouble.

I am sorry, Ms. Fang.

-Please leave.



If Kang-rong continues
to neglect workers' safety,

he'll get punished one day.

Geminis shouldn't be so easily defeated.

That's more like the Song-qiao I know.

-Thank you.
-I wasn't of much help.

At the very least,
you made me less despondent.

I'm going back to Fenghuang.
Let me give you a lift.

It's okay. We're not heading the same way.

-Okay. Keep in touch.
-Thank you.



Mr. Chen.

Ms. Ye.

-Are you here for a game of golf too?
-No. I'm here to see you.

What can I do for you?

It concerns Orchid Pavilion Prologue.

Orchid Pavilion Prologue? Again?

Seems like your family are bent on
owning the piece of calligraphy.

So Aunt Ruo-lin had been to see you?

Mr. Chen, I hope you'll let me
have the calligraphy.

How fascinating.

She used the casino rights

on New Moon Island
in exchange for the calligraphy.

I've no idea what your bargaining chip is.

This is my bargaining chip.

What is that?

I got it from Alex.

It contains evidence of inadequate
safety measures adopted at your worksites.

I see.

I bet you didn't expect him to keep
a compact disc when you bribed him.

Do you think you can threaten me
with this compact disc alone?


The reputation of
your company is at stake.

You wouldn't have bribed him

if you didn't feel threatened
at that time.

I'm not in the least interested in
your company's safety measures.

I just want Orchid Pavilion Prologue.

If I don't have your co-operation,

a lawyer called Song-qiao
is very keen to have this compact disc.

Interesting. How interesting.

Mr. Chen, I'll give you time
to think it over.

But I'm not a very patient person.

I'll see you around.
Thank you for your time.

So this is the Orchid Pavilion Prologue
worth a few million?

That's right.

Yu-chen, you actually managed
to get hold of the calligraphy.

Your dad has been looking listless today.

It's as if he would die
without the calligraphy.

If he sees the calligraphy,
he'll be extremely happy.

Ren-yi, go hand this calligraphy
to your dad.

He may just make you the CEO of Fenghuang.

Mom, you're more impatient than me.

I've waited long enough
after all these years.

Ren-yi, go hand it to Dad.

Yu-chen, you're getting
more and more capable.

You could make the calligraphy yours
without spending a single cent.

You're quite cunning, I must say.

You're not as honest as you appear to be.

Aunt Ruo-lin, I'm only trying
to make Dad happy.

There is nothing cunning about it.

At the end of the day,
it's about making Dad happy.

It matters not who
acquired the calligraphy for him.

Really? In that case, let me be the one
to pass the calligraphy to Song-nian.

Dream on!

You failed to acquire the calligraphy,
so you want to steal someone's credit?

Su-zhen, I know you want Ren-yi
to pass the calligraphy to Song-nian.

It's your attempt
to get Ren-yi recognized.

A lot goes into becoming a CEO.

Ren-yi, I'm not good at fortune reading.

But no matter how I look at you,
you just aren't cut out to be a CEO.

That's not for you to decide.

I may not have the final word,

but somebody will know about what I say.

Su-zhen, are you short on funds right now?

Why did you secretly sell
your stake in the company?

Dad forbids anyone of us
from selling the company shares.

I don't believe Mom would do that.
Could you be mistaken?

Do you want me to pass
the transaction papers to Song-nian?

Mom, why did you sell your shares?

I only sold a small stake.

Only a small stake?

Any idea how big an impact
it'll have on Fenghuang?


Your senses are leaving you.

Surely you don't want to repeat
a mistake made 30 years ago?

What exactly do you want?

Dad, I have something for you.

Dad, check this out.

Orchid Pavilion Prologue?
Didn't Kang-rong win the bid?

How did it end up with you?

It took me much effort and a few days
to plead with Kang-rong.

Finally, my sincerity moved him
and he decided to let me have it.

Song-nian, you have great admiration
for this calligraphy.

The reason you have it now

is all due to Ren-de's loyalty.

This piece of calligraphy...

is a fake!

Subtitle translation by Sarmeet