The Ultimatum (2009): Season 1, Episode 4 - Episode #1.4 - full transcript

Sun Jie's sister, Sun Min, meets Zhida at an illegal gambling den and refuses to let him go.

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Let me out, sir!

Are you getting cold feet now, rascal?

Rascal? Is that what you're calling me?

Of course.

I can't possibly be calling myself that.

-Indeed, I'm a rascal.
-Would nobody bail you out?

Nobody's bailing him out.

It'll be best if he's locked up

for three days and three nights
with rapists and perverts too.

You're wicked!

I have no feud with you.

Why must you curse me like this?

I'm locked up all because of you!

You can't blame me.

You appeared all of a sudden
after being missing for so many years.

That was why I followed you.


Yes. You disappeared in Macau years back.

Well, I came to Singapore.

It was rumored that God of Gamblers

was killed by his enemy!


You have made a mistake, rascal!

I'm Zhi-da Zhou, not the God of Gamblers!

Why won't you admit
you're the God of Gamblers?

Is there some reason
which you can't tell me?

You keep mentioning God of Gamblers.
Is he that awesome?

He's the legendary God of Gamblers
who is no match in gambling!

There was once he had a duel
with the King of Dice.

It was an eye-opener, I tell you!

God of Gamblers' skills have reached
the acme of perfection.

I'll see how your points
can be smaller than mine.

Is he that incredible?

Are you talking about a scene
from some movie?

I swear that every word I said is true.

Did you see it with your own eyes?

No. I was schooling then.

-So, how did you know?
-The Swordsman of Gamblers told me.

Who is Swordsman of Gamblers?

He was my neighbor.

He sold prawns at the market,
hence the name Swordsman.

But his gambling skills were superb!

What I just told you wasn't
God of Gamblers' greatest feat.

There were more fantastic ones.

His arch enemy, Frenzied Gambler,
challenged him years ago.

The duel caused a sensation in Macau!

All in.

Same for me!

I guess your record of being unbeatable
is going to be broken today!

This duel is just to teach you
not to make others

challenge you with their lives.

The objective is not to take your life.

Frenzied Gambler's men regarded
the defeat as a disgrace.

They vowed to kill God of Gamblers!

Those people were too much!

There were so many of them
attacking God of Gamblers.

What happened in the end?

God of Gamblers vanished into thin air.

No one has seen him since.

Is he dead?

Of course not. You're alive
and kicking right in front of me.

Everything you have said are all rumors.

You've never seen him in person.
How do you know I'm him?

Swordsman of Gamblers showed me
all the reports on you.

Of course I recognize you.

No wonder there's been
no news of you in Macau at all.

So, you have come to Singapore.

I told you I'm not God of Gamblers!
My name is Zhi-da Zhou!

-God of Gamblers!
-I'm not!

Let me tell you! I'm not God of Gamblers!

Look at you. Getting a fight
while being locked up!


Dear, you came at the right time.

Tell this loony here,
I'm not the God of Gamblers.

What do you mean?

Is he the God of Gamblers from Macau?

If he were,

I wouldn't have to suffer then.

Does he look like God of Gamblers at all?

He's just an gambling addict.

Do you know his nickname is Pants Down?

He gambles everything away,
even his pants.

Do you hear that? Do you believe me now?

I see.

I know why you won't admit
you're the God of Gamblers now.

You don't want your enemies
to know you're hiding here.

Crazy fellow!

You always get arrested for gambling.

-Move it!


What is it?

Can you bail me out?

I'll need money to do that.

I have it.

I also have an ATM card,
but it's with the police.

I'll give it to you.

Please, I can't find my brother.

If you don't help me, I'll be locked up.

I'll be doomed

if I'm locked up

with rapists and perverts.

My body and soul will be shattered.

Please help me.

God of Gamblers!

Swordsman of Gamblers said
you only take in male disciples.

There must be a reason. Will you tell me?

Go ask the Swordsman of Gamblers!

He passed away two years ago.

Go ask the God of Gamblers then!

But you are God of Gamblers!

I think you're pretty long-winded

despite your young age.

When will you stop pestering him?

You can't go on like this,
God of Gamblers.

Let me help you make a comeback!

If you call me God of Gamblers again,
I'll kill you!

I mean it!

Will you take me in as a disciple?

I won't call you God of Gamblers anymore.

Don't ever mention his name again!

That's enough. Let's go.

What's going on?

How did this happen, dear?

What are you doing?

I'll kill you!

Are you crazy?

You're the crazy one!

What did you promise me?

You said you wouldn't borrow money
from loan sharks!

I only borrowed $500 from them on impulse.

-Just $500...
-Will it kill you not to gamble?

Dear, I have realized my mistake.

I swear I won't borrow
from loan sharks again

or else, I'll be struck by lightning!

Dear, I'm sorry.

Don't be angry, dear. Cool down.

I can't be bothered with you!

God of Gamblers!

God of Gamblers!

If you call me that again,
you'll get it from me!

You're a compulsive gambler,
but you deny being the God of Gamblers.


Let's have a bet!
I dare say you're God of Gamblers!

Sure, you're on! What's the stake?

If you can prove me wrong within a month,
I'll give you one thousand.

One thousand...

But if you lose, you'll have
to take me in as a disciple.

What a fool he is.


You're so late.

You're here at last.
I thought you wouldn't turn up.

I'm sorry, I was held up.


-Let me introduce you. This is...
-We know each other.


Is she a friend of yours?

I specially asked her along.
How did you get to know each other?

You have a strong-willed sister.

Thank you for the compliment.
You have character too.

What are you talking about?

What's the matter?

-Are you okay?

It poured last night. I don't think
this ground is suitable for cycling.

I'll carry my bike then.

-Let me help you.
-No. I'm not a weakling.

Why do you put on a strong front?

I know my own limits.
Thanks for your concern.

Are you tired?
Do you want to take a break?

No matter what I undertake,
I don't like to stop halfway.

Have some water.


Take a sip.

-Thank you.
-Don't mention it.

You're quite good at cycling.

I owe it to my father.

He often took my brother and me
to the park for cycling

when we were little.

When I first learned to ride a bicycle,
I was scared.

My father had to support my bike.

He was very patient.

Then one day, he asked me to go faster.

I did as he said.

When I heard clapping and turned around,

I realized he had already let go.

Aren't you fortunate?

Your father was there with you
when you were little, unlike mine.

Your dad is a businessman.
I'm sure he's busy.

That was only part of the reason.

What was the main reason?

My eldest brother
was kidnapped years back.

My mom was worried sick,
so, she made a police report.

What happened after that?

My brother was killed,

and my dad blamed my mom
for calling the police.

He became rather cold

towards my younger brother and I.

From then on, I studied very hard.

After I had graduated, I joined Fenghuang.

I make sure I don't make any mistakes,

so that my dad won't hate me even more.

Are you going all out to help Ren-de
because of your dad too?

He may be just my dad's godson,

but my dad dotes on him.

I don't want my dad
to learn from his mistakes.

I know how you feel.

My mom's expectations of me
were high when I was little.

Like you,

I always did my best to make her happy.

We're in the same boat.

It was my father's love
which kept me going.

That's why I'm in high spirits
every time I cycle.

Why don't you cycle to work then?

If it isn't too time-consuming,
I would really do that.

With your ability,
you can afford a comfortable life.

If you join Fenghuang
as a legal consultant,

your annual income including bonus
will be over a million.

Will you take up the offer?

Are you doing this for Ren-de
or is it my ability you admire?

It's both. How is that?

I'm sure you don't expect me
to give you a reply right away.

I can wait.

What's the matter
with your legs, Song-qiao?

I overexerted myself today
when I went cycling.

Were you competing with someone?


Who were you cycling with then?

Ren-yi and his sister, Yu-chen.

-Song-nian's son and daughter?

Did you purposely get close to them?

I got to know them
because of Ren-de's molestation case.

She asked me to join Fenghuang
as a legal consultant.

Will you agree?

Frankly, I'm quite tempted.

If I join Fenghuang,

I'll be able to continue
representing the needy in court

without having to worry
about the revenues of the law firm.

I'll get to see Song-nian more too.

Even if I don't see him,

I'll have more chances
to find out about his past.

But if you join Fenghuang,
you won't be able to charge Ren-de.

That's what's holding me back.

No more hesitation! Say yes at once!

I have been telling you to get back
at Song-nian, but you simply refused.

Now that you have got a chance,
why should you hesitate?

If I join Fenghuang, I won't be able
to charge Ren-de anymore.

Forget about him.

Your target is Song-nian,
don't you get it?

I'll never give up on taking
Ren-de to court.

You have to do as I say!

Mom, let's go and watch TV...

Say you'll give up!

Stop pressing me, Mom.

I'll never give up on charging Ren-de

and join Fenghuang because of Song-nian.

Rest assured, I'll do my best
to find out more about him.

I have been hearing that line for years!

When have you ever done it?


You're unreasonable, Mom!

How dare you talk back!

You're fully-fledged and ready to fly.

Get out if you're so capable!

Go as far away as you can!

Why do you always treat me this way?

Am I not your real daughter?

You aren't my daughter!

Aren't you leaving?









Why are you so angry, Mom?




Mom. Open up, Mom!

Open up, Mom!


Are you okay, Mom?

-Be careful.
-I will, Mom.

-I'll come and pick you up after school.


Goodbye, Mom.


Let me take a look.

Does it hurt?

Not anymore.

Who are you?

I'm your mom.

I mean,

I'm your mom's friend.

Why are you so skinny?

Do you not get enough food at home?

I missed you so much, darling.

Don't go away!

Let me take another good look at you.

I won't hurt you.

What are you doing? Let go of her.

-Is this enough?

Do you want to swing so high up?

Be careful.


-Hurry, Mom!

Stop crying, Mom.

Go away!

Why do you cry on my birthday every year?

Shut up!

Don't you like my birthday?

Why do you hit me every day? Why?

Go away!

Go away!


How did you know I'm here?

Where else can you go?
I have bought you food.

Thank you.

Do you mean to spend the night here?

Do I have a choice? I'm homeless.

It's not the first time Mom hit you.

Why did you get so worked up today?

Frankly, I'm numb to her beating.

But I couldn't stand her
throwing The Little Princess.

Those were just some old story books.

Why take it so hard?

Also, they weren't from Dad.

The copy Dad gave you
was no longer around.

That's why I have been looking
around for it.

Though I haven't been able to find it,

every book of The Little Princess
reminds me of Dad.

Every time Mom scolds or hits me,

I miss Dad even more.

Find a man quickly, Song-qiao.

You'll be able to escape from Mom then.

Won't it be pathetic to marry someone
just because of that?

Do you think I'm Mom's real daughter?

Do you really doubt that?

Come on. Dad loved you so much.

Are you not going to give up
on the Ren-de's case?


You'll miss a golden opportunity
to get near Song-nian then.

There are many ways to get near him.

I won't do it at the expense
of my own principles.

Is it worth being this stubborn?

I'm not being stubborn,
it's called being relentless.


I admire you for your unyielding spirit.

As long as you have a dream,
you'll be able to summon the spirit.

Well said. Let's strive
to realize our dreams.

Mr. Ye.

How do you do?

Please sign.

-Mr. Ye.
-Mr. Chen.


I wish you hadn't come for the auction.

All the items are masterpieces,
and this is for charity.

How can I absent myself?

Of course, you can't.

But I wonder which piece
of work you fancy.

Xi-zhi Wang's Orchid Pavilion Prologue,
of course.

You have good judgment.

There's going to be a fierce fight

over the Orchid Pavilion Prologue,
Mr. Chen.

That's my biggest worry.

Please show me mercy.

Please give in to me.

Is it the drink you want
or my hand you want to touch?

Don't tell me you think
your hand is gold-plated.

Do you like paintings and calligraphy too?

Which do you think is the most priceless
among all the works?

If you asked me,

I would say it's
Xi-zhi Wang's Orchid Pavilion Prologue.

I was right.

You're interested
in the Orchid Pavilion Prologue too.

We're really lucky to be able to see

the authentic copy of the masterpiece.

Emperor Tai-zong Tang tried to collect

all of Xi-zhi Wang's works,
especially this piece.

But it was in the hands of Xi-zhi Wang's

seventh generation descendant
at that time.

No matter how high the offer was,
the descendant refused to sell it.

So, Emperor Tai-zong Tang got someone

to get near the descendant
to steal the work.

When Emperor Tai-zong Tang passed on,

the work was buried together with him.

We owe it to tomb raiders

that we get to see the masterpiece today.

I know very well
the background of the work.

So, stop flaunting your knowledge.

It's rare for someone your age

to know so much
about the Orchid Pavilion Prologue.

The Prologue consists
of 28 rows and 324 characters.

It's perfect

in terms of organization

and structure.

That's right.

There are 20 "zhi" in the passage,
but none of them look identical.

It's a display of perfection
in the history of calligraphy.

You know quite a lot about calligraphy.

I only have a smattering of it.

I admire young people
who appreciate calligraphy.

Let's find a chance to exchange pointers.

Thank you.

Please give me your guidance.


Please excuse me.


He's gone.

Everyone who comes here loves art.

Since we're kindred spirits,
let's be friends.

I don't make friends with strangers.

How do you define strangers?

Isn't Mr. Ye a stranger too?

I have the right to define anything
in my own way.

Is there a problem?

You seem more interested in older men.


I want to become a rich man's
second or third wife, okay?


Jie Sun!

One of us shall perish today!

Why are you dressed like a man again?

This is how I'm going to look
from today onwards.

Have you been dealt some blow?

No. I'm going to become
a disciple of God of Gamblers.


I have found my idol, the God of Gamblers.

He's from Macau!

Where was he?

In an illegal gambling den.

You're getting worse.

You went to an illegal gambling den?

Let me tell you.

If you get arrested,
don't expect me to bail you out.

If I counted on you,
I'd still be at the police station.

Were you really caught?


I called you,
but couldn't get through at all.

But that's not important.

Remember Swordsman of Gamblers said

God of Gamblers only
took in male disciples?

So, from today on,

I'll cling on to God of Gamblers
until he imparts his skills to me.

You have been watching
too many junk movies.

Do as you deem fit.

I'm serious!

What's this? See for yourself!

Didn't you promise to settle the matter?

Why do we still hear from the lawyer?

You even went cycling with that lawyer.

Are you up to something?


It was just a coincidence
that we went cycling together.

I thought I could convince her
not to take Ren-de to court.

But she's more stubborn than I imagined.

You're useless!

Since you're so incapable,

Ren-yi need not be in charge
of the hotel project.

That's a different matter altogether.

I don't wish to hear
another word from you.

If Ren-de is charged,
how will I answer to your brother?

The court only looks at the evidence.

They have no witnesses and evidence.

How will they convict me?

Get lost, you useless thing!

Everything is fine now.

If he harasses you again, let me know.

Ms. Fang.

Does it make you happy that I'm convicted?

Do you think I care at all?

I'm convicted for molestation. So?

I was just hit with a $2000 fine.

It was cheaper than hiring a prostitute.

What did you get?

You could have got a sum,
a promotion and an increment.

But now, you have nothing!

Mr. Ye, are you happy with the verdict?

What's Mr. Ye's reaction to the matter?

-Out of my way!
-Out of the way.

I'm sorry.


Ren-de actually did a thing like that!

Just what did you teach him?

I'm sorry, Song-nian.

It's my fault.

Go ahead and scold me if you must.

It's too late!

Get everybody to come home for dinner!

I have something to say to them!

Song-nian seems rather hot-tempered today.

Didn't you make him herbal tea?


You have had your day too.

God isn't blind after all.

The wicked ones do have their comeuppance.

I must give thanks to the deities
for watching over me.

Is Dad hopping mad?

You bet.

He gave that slut a dressing-down.

She actually said this to him,

"I'm sorry, Song-nian. It's all my fault.

Go ahead and scold me if you must."

Doesn't that give you goose pimples?

Not only my hair is standing on end,
it's come off too.

Your dad wants the whole family
back for dinner.

Otherwise, we would go out
for a celebration.

I should think your dad is going
to give Ren-de a good dressing-down.

So, are we in for something interesting?

That goes without saying!

You can expect the climax.

Why do you look so unhappy?

Don't tell me you feel sorry
for the mother and son?

After being under their thumbs
for so many years,

finally, I'm able to have my revenge.

It's simply terrific!

No matter what happens,

I'm always on your side, Mom.

But Aunt Ruo-lin said

she wouldn't put Ren-yi in charge
of the hotel project anymore.

Dad has learned about Ren-de's case.

I'll ask him to let me handle the project.

Can she possibly say no?

That's right, this is
your golden opportunity.

Let's hope so.

Is everybody here?
I'm glad I made it in time!

Let's eat.

Do you have something
to announce, Song-nian?

Who's the traitor?

If it's not because of the compact disc
from the office,

Ren-de wouldn't have been convicted.

Who passed the compact disc
to the Director of Public Prosecutions?

That's right, Song-nian.
Your words have reminded me.

Which one of you wanted Ren-de
to be jailed?

If I find out who the traitor is,

I'm not going to let him go.

Ren-de is the one who did wrong.
What does it have to do with us?

He only did it in a moment's folly.

As long as he doesn't repeat his mistake,

I won't pursue the matter.

But I'll never tolerate you
using violence against each other.

I only found out
about the lawsuit today, Dad.

Ren-xiao was in the dark.
I couldn't possibly have known either.

It's quite obvious now.

I'm sorry, Dad. I was the one.

I passed the compact disc
to the Director of Public Prosecutions.

To think you were that was scheming this.

You said you would settle the matter,

but you stabbed Ren-de
in the back instead!

We have found the traitor, Dad.
Punish her, quick!

Why did you do that?

Not only did you get Ren-de into trouble,

our family and Fenghuang's reputation
was tarnished too.

I thought you were discreet enough.

That's why I put you in Fenghuang

to keep an eye on Ren-yi and Ren-de.

But you actually did a thing like this!

I'm so disappointed in you!

It was an impulsive act, Dad.

I was hoping Ren-de
would learn his lesson.

I won't repeat my mistake.

Like Ren-de, Yu-chen did what she did
in a moment's folly too.

If you can forgive Ren-de,
can't you forgive her too?

Let's eat.

Let's eat, Dad. Everyone, let's eat.

I thought we were in
for something exciting,

yet we ended up being ridiculed!

Where's the justice?

Thank you for helping me, Yu-chen.

Come on, you're my brother.

Of course, I should cover up for you.

So, you were the one.

That's right.

I wanted that bastard to get
into trouble with the law!

You were too reckless.

It's proven that the lawsuit
didn't undermine his position at all.

But you lost the hotel project instead.

Dad nearly found out you were the culprit.

The company suffered quite a loss
because of you some time ago.

If Dad learns about that too,
what do you think will happen?

What's done cannot be undone.
What's the point in saying all that?

I have told you many times.

You must prove yourself
by making achievements.

Don't try such tactics again.

What should I do when the hotel project
is no longer my responsibility?

That lawyer is to be blamed!

The victim wanted to withdraw the charge,

but she refused to yield!

Not only did I reject your offer,

I even insisted on taking Ren-de to court.

You must have been in a bad situation.

Weren't the terms I offered you tempting?

I would be lying if I said
I wasn't tempted.

But after some deep contemplation,

I decided to stick to my principles.

You're the most foolish person
I have ever met.

Instead of taking the easy way out,

you actually chose a difficult path.

Without foolish people like me,
smart folks like you won't stand out.

Frankly speaking,
I really admire your steadfastness.

You refused to give up either
even though you knew I wouldn't yield.

You're so strong-willed.
I bet you're a Gemini.

Don't tell me you're one too?

I am.

-When is your birthday?
-June 8th.

What a coincidence.

Our birthday falls on the same day.

Don't tell me you were born in 1974?

So were you?

Were you?

So it's quite likely we were born
in the same hospital,

and put just next to each other.

I won't rule out that possibility.

Our birthdays are coming.
Let's celebrate together.


It's rather strange.

There seems to be a bond between us.

My sentiments exactly.

Let's drink to our affinity.

Subtitle translation by Alyaa Zakariah