The Ultimatum (2009): Season 1, Episode 30 - Episode #1.30 - full transcript

Sun Jie manages to find the missing Chaoqun. He is disappointed to witness Songqiao hugging Chaoqun in relief.

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Where are you?

Don't run away anymore!

Where's Zhi-da?

I want to see you!

You better not inform the police!

Also, come alone!


I'll turn up alone.

I'll go with you.


It'll be too risky for you to go alone.

She's desperate now.

She's capable of anything.

I can't let you take the risk alone.

Could you not indulge in wishful thinking?

Yes, I indulge in wishful thinking.

I wishfully assume
you'll understand my feelings.

I wishfully assume you still love me.

-I know...
-No, you don't.

You don't know I turned myself in
because I love you.

Neither do you know

I don't fear any kind of punishment
because I love you.

I only hope that you're aware
of how I feel about you.

That's me and my wishful thinking.


I am aware of it.

I am aware of it all.

But you are injured.

I cannot let you take the risk.

Are you insistent that you go alone?


I'm doing this for Zhi-da's sake

and to stop Yu-chen
from doing further wrong.

Then let me insist on doing it my way.


Your second brother has been released.

The police found out
he hadn't bought those drugs.

He had nothing to do
with your dad's death.


I'm here to see you.

How did he end up in this state?

He suffered serious head injuries.

He nearly died.

The doctor operated on his head.

His life was saved,

but he became like this when he woke up.

Is he going to spend
the rest of his life like this?

This is retribution.

I taught him the wrong values.

I have to answer to him for life.

God couldn't have given us
a harsher punishment.

A wicked man like him has become
another person following the fall.

I could never imagine
he'd become like this.

His mom made a good point.

His current state is better
than his continuing to do evil.

So it's all in the brain.

Once the brain has been altered,

even the most fearsome person
is no longer fearsome.

When I saw him just now,

I couldn't recall my earlier
hatred and fear of him.

It's great that you no longer fear him.

It means you'll stop hitting people.

I don't know about that.

But I suddenly feel...

that I don't have
to make a big deal of things.

I don't have to take them to heart.

I don't have to stay a tragic figure.

That's right.

It's you!

You sabotaged everything.

It's all because of you!

If you still have a conscience,
release Zhi-da.

Go turn yourself in
and let the law deal with you.

Or you'll be driving yourself
into a corner!


Why must you exist?

Why? Why must destiny arrange it this way?

We could have stayed as good friends

You could have had everything.
Nothing would have changed!


Your existence changed everything.

It's all your fault.

Therefore you must die.

You're out of your mind!

Had I killed you sooner,

Dad, Mom and Ren-yi didn't need to die.

I should have killed you long ago!


Yu-chen! That's enough!

Move aside!



Yu-chen won't kill me. Run!

I'll kill you!

Yu-chen, end it here.

Jie Sun!

Are you okay?

-You must die today!

Yu-chen, no!


How did you make your way here?

How did you get here?

Give me the gun.

Give me the gun!

How is this possible?

What is going on?

Let's go!


-I'm here.

I'm here.

Hang in there.

We'll be reaching the hospital soon.

Don't talk.

We'll be reaching the hospital soon.

I'm dying.

No, you won't die.

Give my liver...

to Chao-qun.

You won't die.

Promise me you'll hang in there

We'll be reaching the hospital very soon.

Both of you must be happy.

I love you so much.

I would love to...

hug you.


I can no longer feel my arms.

Jie Sun!

Jie Sun!

Jie Sun!

Jie Sun!

Jie Sun.


Come with me.

Speak! Just who are you?


Just who are you?

-Yu-chen, don't do this.

Turn yourself in.

I'm having none of it! Keep quiet!

Feng Zhang.

Feng Zhang.

Feng Zhang.

Yu-chen Ye, you've been surrounded.

Surrender yourself!

-Move it.
-Yu-chen Ye, you've been surrounded.

Surrender yourself.

Yu-chen Ye, stop hiding!

There is no escape route for you.

Show yourself!

Don't put up a vain fight.

Never you mind!
Come any nearer and I'll kill him!

Calm down.

Tell me your requests.

We'll look into them.

Listen carefully.

Come any nearer and I'll kill him!

Don't shoot!

Don't shoot!

I'm her fiancé. My name is Feng Zhang.


Feng Zhang.

It's you.

It really is you.

I'm sorry. I didn't come back any sooner.

You've gone through so much.


Why did you only show up now?

The two of you...

I can't explain
why he and I look so alike.

But I know he is a good man.

You shouldn't be doing this to him.

Let him go, won't you?


Tell me why you disappeared
for no good reason.

Where were you the last few years?

Why didn't you come back for me?

While on my way to the bridal salon,

I ran into my enemies.

I nearly died.

But a woman came to my rescue,

losing both her legs as a result.

All these years,

I've been staying by her side.

I have let you down.

In order to take care of her,
you broke off contact with me.

Everyone said you were dead.

But I refused to believe.

I spent years looking for you.

Do you know that?

Yet you never came to see me

Why were you so cruel?

I know.

I know you had been
searching for me all these years.


since I couldn't make you
any more promises,

I should let you believe that I am dead.

I wanted to shorten your misery.

But I never thought there would be
another person who looks just like me.

How did things end up like this?

Why didn't you return sooner?

Had you returned sooner,

you could have stopped me...


I've not forgotten you all these years.

I just wanted to see
how you've been doing.

But so much had happened in my absence.

Yu-chen, listen to me.

Stop what you're doing.

Stop what you're doing

I don't want to see you
carrying on with your mistake.

Yu-chen, listen to me.

Stop what you're doing.

Give me the gun.
Stop taking innocent lives.

Give me the gun.

There is no turning back for me.

I'll be there for you.
We'll do this together.

Give me the gun.


Feng Zhang.

Thank you for coming back to see me.





The liver transplant went very well.

The patient is in a stable condition.

Jie Sun!

Jie Sun!

Don't leave me, Jie Sun!

Min Sun, get a hold of yourself.

I don't want my brother to die!

I really don't want my brother to die!

I don't want my brother to die!

Jie Sun!

Jie Sun!

Don't leave me, Jie Sun!


Yu-chen had long known I wasn't you.

She was deluding the others and herself,
just like what I was doing.

When I saw you the first time,

I was shocked too.

We look so alike.


I am not you.

But you truly love Yu-chen.

The fact is, I am not you.

If only you were by Yu-chen's side.

You could have stopped all of this.

You've done a lot for her.

Given the environment she grew up in,

she has gone down this path.

Perhaps, that is the work of fate.

Fate has played a cruel joke on me.

Doctor, how is she?

You managed to save her.

She's all right now, isn't she?



I quit.

I surrender.

You can have everything back.

I said it before.

I want none of it.


If you were in my position,

you would understand

how it felt like to be
driven into desperation,

ucapturele to free oneself.

Let me ask you this again.

Did you kill your father?




I'm sorry.



-Eighteen points!
-Bad card!

Ten points! I just need a face card.

-Not a face card!

Face card!

No way! In the ten rounds so far,
he's got the face card!

He must have cheated.

Don't be a sore loser!

Zhi-da hasn't said a word.

What are you people doing?

Forget it. Your running naked with that
flabby body will be quite a pain to watch.

Don't make such bets again.

You used to have
to go naked when you lost.

That was in the past.
I was a hardcore gambler then.

You shouldn't be learning from the old me.

Learn from the new me.

Place the occasional small bets.

That's how you stay out of debt,
indulgence and misery.

-Another round!
-Fifty dollars.

-Ten dollars.

Hold on! I'm calling it a day.

What's up? Are you afraid of losing?

I'm afraid of my wife.

Your wife is here with the cleaver!

-Let's get out of here.

Did you call it a day?

What are you up to?

-Watch it!
-They think you're here to chop them up.

The chopper at home has gone blunt.
This is a new one I just bought.


Why aren't you carrying it
in a plastic bag?

The supermarket is having Green Day today.

If I wanted to hack him up,
I would have done so a few years ago.

My wife loves me too much to chop me up.

-Hurry up! We are already late.

-Zhi-da, do you want your winnings?
-Forget it.


Hey, Bao-ying.


What are you doing here?


He's been waiting for both of you.

-Was he waiting for us?

Why are you waiting for us?

The birthday girl is back.
We can have the party now!

Happy birthday.

Come here.

What a pretty cake!

Is it my birthday today?

Zhi-da got Song-qing
to make this cake for you.

-That's right.
-You must be touched.

Sorry, dear.

This is my first time
celebrating your birthday.

I hope it's not too late.

The candle is melting.
Blow the candle out, quick.

Go on, blow it out.


Hey. Come here.

Let's make a wish first.

Zhi-da, it should be the birthday girl
making the wish.

What do you know?
My wish is also my wife's.

Why are you helping with the dishes?

Leave them to me. Go get some rest.

I don't need any rest.

You're the birthday girl.
You should be enjoying yourself.

Go get some rest.
Leave these chores to me.


Our birthdays come by every year.
What's the big deal?

Yes, they come by every year.

But you've not had
a celebration for many years.

Starting this year,
I'll make it up to you.

You said you were making a wish
that I share with you.

What is my wish?

It's a simple one.

You want me to be less a gambler.

I shall be a good husband
who's down-to-earth, right?



It's my wish

that you stop feeling bad
over what happened

and trying to make it up to me.

What happened wasn't your fault.

God was playing a joke on you.

You gambled all the time.

Don't you know that life is a gamble?

We don't win all the time.

Take it that you've lost one round.

You've always been a good loser.

Is that how you draw the analogy?
It doesn't sound quite correct.

How is it not correct?

I'm not making amends because I feel bad.

I just think it's only right
that I'm good to you.

It's only right

that a husband is good to his wife.

It's only right

that a husband provides
for his wife and child.

That Zhi-da was such
an incorrigible gambler!

He spent his days gambling away.

Don't criticize my husband.

Is your husband such a gem?

You must have been blind
to have fallen for him.

That I love him is none of your concern.

Why is it none of my concern?

I'm happy to know that you love him.

I'm so happy that you love him.

The sight of a happy Bao and Zhi-da
were pretty hilarious.

I'm glad she didn't give up on Zhi-da.

She didn't hold it against him.
She even waited for his return.

True love

is invincible.

What's wrong?


I'm happy for Zhi-da

that his family is reunited.

Are you thinking of your brother again?

Time flies.

It'll be his death anniversary
in a few days' time.

Had it not been for Song-qiao and you
who spent time with me,

I don't know how
I would have survived that period.

If your brother knew you're doing well,

he would be able to rest in peace.

Have you noticed that you had not gone
into hysterics the last two months?


You scratched me here
with a fork two months ago.

That was the last time
you attacked anyone.

Let me buy you a meal.

But today is not possible.

I'm meeting someone.

Can we make it another day?


Can you leave now?

Give me a moment. I'll be done soon.




Here, try it.

Is it nice?

It's really good.

Hey. Min Sun?

What are you doing here?

What a surprise.

I'm so happy to see you two are together.

You make a great pair.

You're mistaken.
I'm getting married next month.

Song-qing has promised to make me
a very special wedding cake.

We meet to discuss the cake details.
We're not out on a date.


You're very fond of Song-qing.
You're feeling jealous, aren't you?


No, I'm not.

Go after her.

What's so funny?

-It's a little funny.
-Stop smiling.

Were you feeling jealous just now?
Are you looking for a fight?

I've not hit you for two months.

Stop dodging.

I would be a fool if I didn't dodge.

-You're the Fool of Cake.
-Prince of Cake.

-Moron of Cake.
-Prince of Cake.

Watch out!

Min Sun, you've recovered.

You're not hitting me. You've recovered.

You're okay now.


I don't have the urge to hit you.

I have recovered.

Mr. Lim, this is Song-qiao.

Were you looking for me?


Mr. Lim, I'll pay you a visit afterward.

Okay. Bye.

What can I do for you?

Please accept the post of CEO.

I've told you I'll never go back.

I'm only good at handling legal suits.
I know nothing about running a business

For you to be the CEO of Fenghuang,

that was your father's wish.

Don't you want him to rest in peace?

It will only take me a few months
to destroy

Fenghuang Corporation if I am its CEO.

Now, that will make him turn in his grave.


Say no more.

Even if you say it 100 times
or 1,000 times, I'll still say this.

I won't accept the post of CEO
at Fenghuang Corporation.

You're the best person
to manage Fenghuang Corporation.

If you don't wish to disappoint Dad,

do a good job
at running Fenghuang Corporation.

I'm counting on you.

Aunt Ruo-lin came to persuade me
to join Fenghuang Corporation again.

Of course, I said no.

For many years,

the wrestling for power
at Fenghuang Corporation

and the tussle for the Ye's fortune

led to much power struggle.

In the end, so many lives were sacrificed.

Had she known of the outcome,
would she have still fought for it?

Ren-xiao is running his tea cafe now.

He's leading a quiet life.

I know you were most worried
about Min Sun when you left us.

She no longer aspires to be
the Queen of Gambling.

She just wants to be
the princess to the Prince of Cake.

As for myself,

I don't know if I've become more famous

or there are more poor folks now.

I have endless legal suits to work on.

Life has become more fulfilling.


I can't stop...

I can't stop...

thinking of you.

I arrived on last night's flight.

I wanted to call you,
but I was afraid I would wake you up.

The mission went very well.

We had a great partnership
with the local police.

We busted the theft syndicate.

It was a highly efficient operation.

How have you been?

Are you still as busy working on lawsuits?

You must be getting little rest.

You've lost some more weight.

Looks like I'll have to force you

to eat every day.

Could you lend me your shoulder
for five minutes?

I'm hungry.

Let's go get some food.

Subtitle translation by Sarmeet