The Ultimatum (2009): Season 1, Episode 29 - Episode #1.29 - full transcript

King, Queen and Spades are stunned to see Zhang Feng standing behind Yuchen.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -



You've lost.



Look carefully.

We have ten seconds to remember the cards

The dealer will then place the cards
face down one by one.

We'll each take five cards.

The one with the biggest card
is the winner.







You may have this card.
I'll take the next one.

The God of Gamblers is nothing impressive.

The ace you wanted is with me.

You played cheat!


We may lose the game, but not our poise.

Do you want to carry on?

We're both gamblers,

and we both believe in luck.

So I'll gamble on my luck with you.

Let's just see whether the number of cards

in this stack is odd or even.


There are 21 cards.

You lost. It's an odd number.

Please check, dealer.

Thank you for giving me $10 million,
Ms. Ye

Sorry, Mr. Zhang.

You're indeed an expert in gambling,

but you aren't as lucky as me.


You can't have the $10 million.
Look carefully again.

I admit defeat.

Ms. Ye.

You have my word that from today on,

we won't step into any
one of Fenghuang's casinos again.

I'm Min Sun's brother. Is she all right?

Her injuries are superficial.

We'll examine her more closely
by giving her a brain scan.

-Can we go in to see her?
-Yes, you can.

Thank you.

Min Sun.

What's the matter?

The doctor said you're okay.
Are you in pain?

Jie Sun.

I didn't attempt suicide.

I believe you.

You're all right now,
and that's all that matters.

How is Min Sun?

She's fine. Her injury isn't serious.

Both she and Ren-de
fell from the building.

She's only slightly injured.

Yet Ren-de is half dead.

It's still a question mark
whether he'll come to.

He brought it upon himself.

I didn't use to believe there was justice.

Song-nian often said if one commits sin,
one would not be spared.


his words have come true.

There's a reason behind
everything that happens.

The fall...

may not be a bad thing
to Ren-de after all.

Please enjoy your meal.

I still find it hard to believe
what I saw.

It was like a dream.

Have you regained your memory?

You could never have beaten
the three of them before this.

I guess my luck is extremely good today.


You even carry yourself differently today.

You're like the old Feng Zhang.

I am Feng Zhang.

Whether I remember my past or not,

I'll never forget you.

The God of Gamblers
went to all the trouble

just to get me egg tarts.

I was over the moon.

I doubt you can get such authentic
Portuguese egg tarts here.

How did you manage to do it?

I had my ways.

Feng Zhang.

Is it really you?

Will you stay for the night?


Are you sure?

Have an early night.

Good night.

Good night.

I'm really happy tonight.

What's the matter?

I'm fine.

Go in.

Good night.

Good night.

Ms. Ye?

Who's that on the line?

This is Yue-er Zhang. Remember me?

I was the cleaner who worked in Fenghuang.

What do you want?

I called a friend
in my hometown yesterday.

She told me a Singaporean
came to look for me.

I'm just trying to find out who it was.

I didn't call on you.

Did your friend say
what the person looked like?

She only said the woman was
very pretty and seemed rather rich.

I thought it was you.

Sorry to have asked you out, Ms. Ye.

It's all right. So how are you doing?

I still work as a cleaner,
but things aren't as good as in Fenghuang.

Do you want to come back?
I can make arrangements for you.


Give me your new contact and address.
I'll get human resources to call you.

Sure! Thank you, Ms. Ye! You're so kind!

Yue-er Zhang is back in Singapore to work.

This should be it.

Yes, it is.


What are you doing?

Madam Zhang! Are you okay?


I don't care! Just see that it's done!

What's the matter?

Yue-er Zhang is back in Singapore!

Sao Zhang, the cleaner?

Why did Song-qiao look her up?

I've no idea.

You were the one who told her, right?


Why are you helping her to get me?

Listen to me! The truth will
come to light sooner or later!

Nobody will find out
so long as you keep quiet.

You didn't come back to me
because you believed me.

You're just trying to get evidence from me
so you can gang up with them to harm me.

That's not true.

It's never been my intention to harm you.
I'm trying to help you!

How? By sending me to jail?

I can't let you carry on your mistakes!

You actually betrayed me.

-Leave! Get out of my sight!

-Don't be like this! Calm down!

-Let go of me!
-Listen to me! It's all too late!

Song-qiao promised to plead for mercy
for you if you turn yourself in!

How much does she know?

Did you tell them everything?

You promised to keep it to yourself!

Yet you told them everything?

I'm finished.



I'll face all that's to come
together with you.

You can still start afresh, Yu-chen!

Is going to jail the only way out for me?

I told you

that if someone were to expose me,

I would rather have you to be the one.

All right,

I'll do as you say

and turn myself in.

But before I do that,
can we have a good time together?


I'll stick with you!

Feng Zhang.

I really don't wish to leave you.

I don't want to leave you.

Actually, I'm not Feng Zhang.

I'm sorry, Yu-chen.

Say that again.

I'm not Feng Zhang.

Ruo-lin faked the DNA report.

She wanted you to believe I'm Feng Zhang

so she could use me to deal with you.

Did she tell you?

It was Song-qiao who told me.

I can't believe
she would resort to tricks too.

What do you mean?

She fabricated the story just so
she could find out more about me from you.

Surely she wouldn't do a thing like that?

Frankly, I don't think
I'm Feng Zhang either.

Why not? Don't forget you beat
the three cheats just a few days ago.

When did I do that?

Forget it.

Given the way things are, I have no choice
but to leave myself to fate.

I must make the fullest
of the time I have with you.



She took her passport with her?
Where's she going?






Don't do this, Yu-chen!
You can never get away!

Come back, Yu-chen!

You can never get away!



Come back, Yu-chen!






Have you seen the patient of this ward?
His name is Chao-qun He.

Are you Miss Fang Song-qiao?

Yes, I am.

We've been told to ask you
to go to the garden if we see you.

Thank you.

Why did you come up here on your own?

I didn't want to make the nurse

stand under the sun with me
to admire the scenery.

You made me worried.

Don't ever wander about again.

Did you think I would run away
from the hospital?

Other people wouldn't,
but I'm not sure about you.

The thought did cross your mind?

Did you really want to abandon me?

I couldn't bear

to make you sad.

Chao-qun He.

You're so selfish!

Would I not be sad too
if you leave without a word?

The one who leaves behind
suffers the most.

I'm sorry.

If you really want me to be happy
and really mean the best for me,

be strong then.

Don't give up easily.

I'll stand by you.

So long as we have faith, we won't lose.

No matter where you go, I'll find you.

Why are you doing this?

Do you think you can run away?

It doesn't matter where I go.

From now on,
Yu-chen Ye will never be seen again.

You may be able to get away with it,

but your conscience
will always be bugging you.

They forced me into it!

I know that.

That's why you should turn yourself in.

Will I be acquitted if I do that?

Why do you people want me to die?

Yu-chen, turn yourself in!

-We'll help you!
-I'm responsible for three deaths!

Would Song-qiao be so kind
as to plead for mercy on my behalf?

Their interests are what they care for.
They'll never let me off!

Here's a choice for you.

Will you leave with me?


I won't force you.

Sorry, I can't give you a lift back.

There's an island up ahead.
I'll drop you off there.


I can't let you carry on your mistakes!
Come back with me now!

-What are you doing?
-Come back with me!

Come back with me!

-Let me go!
-Come back with me!

Let go!

Let go!



Yu-chen! Why did you tie me up?


Yu-chen! What are you trying to do?

Yu-chen! What are you trying to do?

Must you do this?


I won't force you to turn yourself in.

Let me off!

You were given a chance to choose

whether to stay or to leave with me.

But not anymore.

So what do you want now?

I trusted you the most,

but you turned your back on me!

Anybody can do that to me,

but why did it have to be you?


I didn't want to do it!


you already took many lives
in your attempt

to save your status and fortune.

If I don't stop you,
more lives will be lost!


Stop what you're doing.

Don't carry on your mistakes anymore.

I just want to know something.

What is it?

Do you still love me?


No matter what we've done,
we did it because we love you.

Then you should stick with me forever.

The CEO of Fenghuang, Yu-chen Ye,
is connected to a few murders.

She has skipped town together
with her boyfriend, Zhi-da Zhou.

The police have confirmed
that Yu-chen Ye fled in a yacht.

The couple are now high
on the wanted list.

If you know of their whereabouts,
please call the police hotline.

Heartless fellow!
How dare he run away with her!

He can be with her forever now!

All that talk about him being able to
tell right from wrong is crap!

Cool down.

I believe Zhi-da didn't run away
with Yu-chen.

If he didn't want to leave,
nobody could force him.

Stop speaking up for him.

He wouldn't have gone back to Yu-chen
if he hadn't had the determination.

That's why he'll never break his promise.

You mean that woman
made him leave with her?

Very likely.

Will something happen to him then?

The police are searching for them.
I'm sure they'll soon be found.

Don't worry too much.

So what if I untie you?

We're on the high seas now.

Why are you so scared of me?

I only wanted to help you get up.

I told you not to move about.
See, it's bleeding again.


I didn't mean to do this to you.

I really want to be with you forever.

Didn't you say we would start afresh?

Let's go to a new place
where nobody knows us.

We'll pretend nothing happened
and lead a happy life.

I have the money to see us through life.

Don't you get it?

You can never get away with it!

You said you would take me with you

on a yacht tour around the world.

I can't believe
I'm realizing my dream now.

What's the matter?

You were right.

It's not a bad thing
to be without Fenghuang.

At the very least, I feel happy
from the bottom of my heart.

Did you hear what I said?

Have something to fill your stomach first.

A sumptuous dinner is coming right up.

I love you with all my heart!

Why must you hurt me emotionally?

Tell me!

Tell me!

This is from Mr. He.

Thank you.


I'm sorry.

Much as I don't want to,

I have to disappoint you.

We both know very well

that for each day passed,

I'm nearer to death.

Every time you visit me,

you're filled with misery.

Yet you still put on a smile

and encourage me.

It breaks my heart.

I really wish you'd be my side
when I breathe my last.

But at the same time, I don't want you
to watch me depart this life.

I blamed God for being so unfair to me.

It let me meet you and then lose you.

But ultimately, I'm grateful to God
for letting my path cross yours.

The days I spent with you
were the happiest moments of my life.

Song-qiao, forgive me for leaving
without bidding goodbye.


Where's Chao-qun?

He's left.

He's really gone this time.

Did you look for him?

He'll never let me find him.

Is there any place he might go,
or anybody he might want to see?

There's someone.


Do you remember me?

I arrested you years back.

You looked hurt.

But you didn't hold it against me at all.

I was surprised.

I asked you why.

You told me

that when I was little,
you already knew...

I would never go along with your
criminal behavior because of my character,

and that I would arrest you one day.

When I asked you why you
continued to bring me up then,

you said to me,

"Because you're my son."

I won't...

be able to visit you anymore after today.




You might as well kill me!

You've already taken many lives anyway!

You're so good to me

and you love me so much.

How can I bear to kill you?

I'm keeping you by my side forever.

Also, I'll make it up to you

for all that you've done for me.

If it's not meant to be yours,

it never will be!

No matter what you do,

you'll never get it.

You're right!

If not for Song-qiao,
I wouldn't be in this state!

It's all because of her
I've lost everything!

I'm not to blame...

It's all your fault...






Are you losing your mind?

No, I'm not! You're the insane one!

I'm not insane!

I'm not insane!

This is all Song-qiao's fault!
She's the one!



Where are you heading?


Since there's a Yu-chen,
why must there still be a Song-qiao?

Where on earth is he?

He's ill.

What if he suffers a relapse?

I know so little about him.

Now I don't have a clue where to find him.

If he means to run away from you,

it's futile no matter
how many clues you have.


What if the hospital
is able to find a liver donor?

Are you trying to run away
from reality or Song-qiao?

I don't want her to watch me
as I die helplessly.

That's just an excuse.

You want to make her get anxious over you.

Is that meaningful at all?

She'll be fine
since she has you by her side.

I don't even have a future,
much less give her happiness.

I really hope you can be together.

Get this straight.

There's nothing between Song-qiao and me.

The one who carries the most weight
in her heart...

is still you.

Stop playing hide-and-seek.

It's meaningless.

If you're a man, go back to the hospital
and face Song-qiao and death bravely.

You'll still command my respect then.

I'm sorry.

Don't tell me off.


I have something very important to see to.

I'll be right back.

Wait for me.

Wait for me.

Wait for me!

Thank you for bringing Chao-qun
back to the hospital.

I wasn't noble

as to make my rival
go back to my girlfriend.

I just couldn't stand
his cowardly behavior.

It's foolish to hide in a corner
and wait for your time to be up.


Where are you?

Don't run away anymore!

Where's Zhi-da?

I want to see you!

You better not inform the police!

Also, come alone!


I'll turn up alone.

Subtitle translation by Sarmeet