The Ultimatum (2009): Season 1, Episode 28 - Episode #1.28 - full transcript

Zhida finally agrees to help gather evidence against Yuchen.

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It's you!

I came to see you and Bao-ying.

Bao-ying won't be coaxed
into tell you what he knows.

He won't stab his dad in the back.

I'm not doing that.

I have a gift for him.

I came here to say sorry to him.

Bao-ying, Aunt Song-qiao
got you a present as a way to say sorry.

Do you accept it?

Do you like it?

It goes without saying.

He's never gotten a present from anyone.

Thank you.

That's what's nice about children.

It doesn't take long for them
to forget unpleasant encounters.

Live a simple life
and you'd feel happier too.

Zhi-da used to be very happy

because he cared about nothing
other than gambling.

He's changed a lot.

Dad didn't change.

Yes, your dad is your idol.
He's always the best.

Bao-ying truly loves his dad.

Explains why Zhi-da trusts him so much
and confides in him.

The truth is, Zhi-da shouldn't have
talked to him about those matters.

Zhi-da claimed that he would blow up
in frustration, if he didn't let it out.

He must have bottled it up.

Bao-ying, did you know
what your dad was talking about?

Didn't we agree for you
not to coax Bao-ying into talking?

I'm sorry, I didn't do it on purpose.

You can be very persistent
in getting what you want.

It can be very off-putting sometimes.

Yes, very off-putting.

That's right.

The police will get to the bottom
of everything.

Why do you still insist on pestering me?

Don't be like Yu-chen and think that
I'm trying to drive you into a corner.

The fact is, I'm only trying
to get to the truth of the matter.

What's more important is
I don't want Yu-chen to carry on fumbling.

Just throw your questions at me.

Please leave my family alone.

You're prepared to talk?


You've finally agreed to meet me!

I'm sorry.

Is this a visit for you
to say good-bye to me?

This has been spiraling in my head
for the past few days.

I've finally got it sorted out.

You respected Mr. Ye so much,
you treated him almost like an idol.

Even if he wasn't your birth father,
you'd never bring yourself to kill him.

Sorry, I shouldn't have doubted you.

I will never leave you again.

It doesn't matter, even if the whole world
were to cast doubts on me.

I only want your trust.

If you're with me,

I can live without having anything else.

I'm serious. Please believe me.


I believe you.

I believe what you've told me.

Ms. Ye!

Hi, Tim.

Ms. Ye, Mr. Zhang, welcome.

-I need to use the restroom.
-I'll wait for you.

Feng Zhang!

Feng Zhang!

Are you looking for me?

Did you just come out of the building?


I saw you walking down the stairs,
but after that you vanished.

Come on, I was in the restroom.

I got your call the moment I came out.

I might've had a drop too much.

It's all right. Let's go.

Look at those people just now.

They were either CEOs of big corporations
or business leaders.

But all of them couldn't wait
to curry favour with me.

In the past, my dad was
the only person they thought of.

Now, I've become
the focus of their attention.

Being the CEO of Fenghuang
is really something else!

Many people stood around you
and just kept talking.

I was bored to tears.

I almost got a cramp
trying to keep up a smiling face.

The reason why I suggested we leave early
was because I feared you might feel bored.

Ever since you became the CEO,
we've spent less and less time together.

That's not true.
Don't we see each other every day?

I'm talking about
the time we spend together.

Aren't we the only two people
here right now?

All the entries in her phone
have been downloaded.

I hope we'll find something
about the two underworld guys from this.

I feel so disgusted with myself.

She trusts me so much
and yet I'm doing this to her.

I have no conscience at all.

Believe me.

Whatever you're doing now
is for her own good.

That's the only way
to make her come to her senses

and take full responsibility
for what she's done.

I was wondering if Feng Zhang would do
the same thing if he was in this position?

He would if he truly loves Yu-chen.

Don't you love Yu-chen just as much?

I hope she understands
that I'm helping her.

What else do you want me to do?

The cleaning lady you mentioned earlier.

We found out that her name
is Yue-er Zhang and she is from Johore.

But we've not found
her address in Johore yet.

Try to recall if she said anything to you
about her hometown.

She seemed to have told me that

the mangroves in her hometown
were very beautiful.

Is it a place near the beach?

That's right.

She said that she used
to work in a beach resort.


Anybody there?

Ms. Zhang!

Ms. Zhang!


Let's just leave.

May I know if Yue-er Zhang lives here?

Yes, her sons lives here.

Did she come back here from Singapore?

She came back two months ago.
She's gone again now.

What happened?

Her husband passed away,
not long after she returned.

She left after the funeral was over.

Do you know where she went?

I don't know.
I asked her, but she didn't say anything.

She might've left because she didn't want
to keep thinking about her husband.

We're from Singapore and we need
to find her about something important.

Please get in touch with us
if you have news of her.

-Thank you.

I'd like to stay for a couple more days
and ask around.

I may find someone
who knows of her whereabouts.

What's wrong?

We've asked all her friends and relatives,
but they had no clue.

It's not likely that
the other people can help.

You might as well say
the chances are very slim.

But this is the only lead.

We've come this far.
I want to stay for a couple more days.

All right then. We'll take it as if
we were on our honeymoon.

I didn't expect you to be this cheeky.

Do you mind if I take a seat?

You followed us?

What do you want from us?

Nothing. I was told that
this place was very beautiful.

I came here as a tourist.

Sorry, I'm going to the restroom.
Have a nice chat.

You look pale. Are you feeling unwell?

I'm fine.

I might've come uninvited, but he
doesn't have to react in this way either.

Jie Sun, can you stop
being such a nuisance?

I was told you'd come here
to check up on Yu-chen.

I came to find see
if I could be of any help.

But I won't deny
that I wanted to see you too.

What's the point of all this?
I beg you to accept the reality.

It's not because I don't accept reality.
I just don't want to lose you.

I made the wrong decision
when I said yes to you.

Do you think that I will
make the same mistake again?

I won't put you out then.

What are you doing?

What is that?



What medication was that? Are you sick?

It's just a headache.

I don't think it's that simple.

You don't seem to be in good shape.
I'll take you to see a doctor.

I'll be fine after I take the medication.

-A doctor is better.
-Mind your own business!

Is Song-qiao aware of your condition?

I'll ask her if you don't want to tell me.

I'm begging you...

not to tell her.

What's the problem?

You're right, I'm sick.

The doctor says
that I only have six months to live.

Or even less.

Why are you keeping it from Song-qiao?
That's utterly irresponsible!

Let me tell her myself.


What are you two doing here?

Are you all right?

I'm fine.

Let's go.

-Sorry, have you seen this woman before?
-No, I haven't.

What are you doing here?

I've asked around.
Nobody has news of Yue-er Zhang.

I don't need your favor.

I also want to know the truth.
I might not be doing you a favor.

Be frank with me.
What would you like to gain from this?

I hope you'll forgive me.

You can do whatever you want,
but it will change nothing.

Do you think he'll bring you happiness?

You ought to give me your blessing,
if you truly love me.

Pestering me is not the way.

I don't want you to suffer.

Can I beg you not to indulge
in this kind of juvenile game.

Show me that you are a man, will you?

I'll give you 24 hours,
and then I'll come back for you.

You'll still get the same answer.

Why don't you use the 24 hours

to think if you should still continue
with this silly game?

Looks like we're not going
to get any news of Yue-er Zhang from here.

Are you going home?

Your mind seems to be elsewhere
these couple of days.

You also look pale.

Are you sick?

There is something...

that I should've told you long ago.

What do you mean?


I'm sorry.

About what?

Chao-qun, what's with you?


-What do you want?
-My medication.





Feeling better?

Did I scare you?

I'm fine.

I only focused on the search.

I didn't notice
that you were not feeling well.

I'd like to say sorry.

No need for that.

Compared to you, I'm more horrified.

A guilty feeling comes over me
whenever I see you.

I know I shouldn't have kept it from you.

Every time I was about to break it to you,

I got overcome by the fear
that I might lose you.

I knew that our relationship

would not lead to anything,

but I couldn't get myself
to let go of you.

I was very selfish.

My only complaint is that

you chose to give up treatment.

My chances of recovery are very slim.

I don't want to wait for death
to befall me.

Promise me you'll pluck up courage
and face it squarely.

Don't give up on yourself.

Everybody has to leave this world.
It's not an option.

But what I can still choose
is the way I'm departing.

If it was the last day of your life,

who would you pick to be with?

Me, or Jie Sun?

You, of course.

I know that's not what's in your heart,

but it still made me feel good.

No, it really is.

Jie Sun is still the one you love most.

Are you aware

that he can easily
trigger a mood swing in you?

If you don't love a person,
you won't care about what he does.

From the bottom of my heart,
I want you to have the most happiness.

That's what I'd like you to do for me.

How is he?

Liver failure would be
the worst-case scenario.

His only hope now is to find
a suitable liver in time for a transplant.

I can't let him give up that easily.

He also gave me his word
that he would hang in there.

I think he's more eager
to share happy moments with you

with whatever time he has left.

That's better than groaning in his bed.

I can't let him be so passive.
I want him to get well.

You can't get everything you want.

I'm aware of that,
but I'm not giving up so easily.

Do you think that will make him happy?

Why do you keep hurting the people
around you with your stubbornness?

I want Chao-qun to get well.

I want to share more happy moments
with him.

Am I hurting him by doing so?

Everyone action has a consequence.

Am I hurting you by not forgiving you?

Forget it.
Why should I care about what you say?

You're entitled to your opinion.

I don't need your approval.

Min Sun, do you want...

Min Sun.

I just wanted to ask you
if you'd like to try a new cake flavour.

I don't want any.
Leave me alone, will you?

Are you serious about not talking to me?

No, we are still colleagues.

When will you stop running away from me?

Who's running away from you?
Stop imagining things!

In that case, come out
and try my newly made cakes.

I don't want any.
Stop pestering me, will you?

I will knock down this door
if you refuse to come out!

Do you want me to hit you?

Yes, I'm a masochist.
I'd feel uneasy if I'm not beaten by you!

Mom, where is Dad?

How would I know where your dad is?

He always goes missing
the moment he's back with that woman.

I'm sure he must've been charmed
and forgot that he is the God of Gamblers.

To think that you take him as your idol.

Don't ever be like him when you grow up.

Min Sun, where are you off to?

What about the shop?

-Where are you going?
-Stop right there!

This is a warning. Stop coming after me!

You don't need to talk to me.
Treat me like I'm not around.

Let me shadow you from afar, all right?



Master, take me to a gambling joint.

Stop following me!

Master, you're not trying your luck?

You're here, but you're not gambling?

Are you really my master?

How was your luck?

Couldn't be worse.

I almost lost everything I had.

Gorgeous, want to win back your losses?
I can help you.

Don't bother.

Zhi-da, why are you breaking my rice bowl?

How much did you lose?
I'll win it back for you.

Sir, my boss would like
to have a word with you.

Take out every cent
of the money you've won!

Why? Don't you want people
to win with your setup?

We didn't ask you to cheat.

What proof do you have?

Give me the money!

Let's go!

Master, since when
did you become so ominous?

Did you regain back your memory?

You are Feng Zhang,
the God of Gamblers, right?

I am Feng Zhang.

But you were so lousy
when you were with me the last time.

Are you going back on your word?
On your promise?

Sorry, what did I promise you?

You said you'd take me as your disciple
the moment you get your memory back.

You really want to be a gambler?

I'd like to be the Queen of Gamblers.
Something like what you are.

God of Gamblers is a name
that people forced on me.

If I were given a choice,
I don't want to be the God of Gamblers.

Quit the idea of becoming
the Queen of Gamblers.

You and Zhi-da are world's apart.

Is it because the moment you
recall all things about God of Gamblers,

you'd forget about what Zhi-da did?

What kind of person was I
when I was Zhi-da?

You were a good man.

But he was nowhere near
the person you are now.

Zhi-da was also loyal to his love.

Yu-chen told me
that you might've lost your memory,

but you never threw away
the love you had for her.

I believe the love between you
and Yu-chen will live on forever.

What's wrong?

Sorry, I have something to attend to.
Excuse me.

Listen to my advice.

Quit gambling.

Ren-de, I have something to say to you.


I want you to revoke the testimony
you gave earlier

and admit that you killed Ren-xiao
after pushing the blame to him.

He wasn't the murderer at all.

Did I ever do all that?

Even if I did it,
why should I own up to it?

Just give me a reason.

If you refuse to do it,

I'll tell everyone
how you tortured Min Sun.

Even the court has acquitted me,
what else can you do?

Do you want to watch what you did?

You and a few gangster friends of yours
did a lot of bad things

and turned a few girls
into devastated souls.

You even taped it to keep as a memento!

I told you so many times not
to provide evidence when you do evil.

Did you listen to me?

Why are you helping that pervert?

That's homicide!

Don't tell me you want
to ruin his entire life?

Don't tell me you've fallen for him?

This is your last chance.

You'll regret it,
if you don't listen to me!

Mom, what the hell is wrong with you?

Where is the merciless and unscrupulous
Ruo-lin Jiang I used to know?

I thought you parted
with your conscience a long time ago.

Isn't it too late to turn back?

Listen to me..

I was wrong for being so easy on you.

Take it as a plea from me.
Stop walking down this slippery road,

or you'll end up destroying yourself!

Cut it out!
His life or death is no concern of mine!

Go ahead and rat on your own son.

I don't believe that you'll
throw kinship out the window!


Can you hear me?

What's holding you back?

Make it snappy!

Are you Mr. Ren-de?

-We are the police.

You are suspected of abusing a few women
and performing sadistic acts.

Please come
and help with our investigations.

-Where is my mom?
-Ms. Jiang is waiting for you in the car.

You want me put away?
I'm your son, mind you!

Do you still take me as your mom?

Whatever, I don't care.
I want you to settle this lawsuit for me!

If you want to be freed of it,
be nice and tell me the truth.

I'm no longer your darling son
that you can manipulate at will!

You'd always be my son
even if you could fly away.

You're no match for me!

Threaten me again and
I'll not only slap you, but also kill you!

Why did you become so hysterical?

You're worse than a beast!

Go to hell!

No one will mourn for you when you die!

Why do you keep wiping a clean table?

Something troubling you?

Song-qing has been absent for three days.

You just realized?

I bet you know the reason.
Tell me, will you?

I bet you know what happened to him.

Is he sick?

You kept chasing him away
when he was being nice to you.

Now that he's not around,
you want to see him back here.

Tell me what happened to him.

If you want to know, go see him yourself.

Good morning, Master.

Fancy seeing you again.

I don't understand why you must learn
this kung fu and get battered every time.

It'll be of use one day.


Hey, what are you doing here?

-I'm looking for my friend.
-Who's your friend?

He doesn't seem to be around.

Min Sun.

Min Sun!

Min Sun, wait!

Are you all right?

I'm fine.

How did you know I was here?

Stop doing silly things!

I'm not.

When I'm stronger,
I won't feel the pain when you beat me.

I long to be with you.

But I can't.

Stop being so nice to me, will you?

You'll make me suffer even more.

I will hate myself even more.

Why can't I return your love?

-Min Sun...
-Save your breath.

Stop coming after me.

Hi, Ms. Ye.

Thank you.

Are you alone here?

No, I'm waiting for someone.

Are you still waiting?

The person is here.

But I'm not sure if she'd like
to have dinner with me.

Since when did you become so romantic?

Not now. Give me another hour.

I'll be waiting for you at this place.

Ms. Ye, three customers have
made quite a big sum since this morning.

I think they're cheating.

Miss, are you all right?

I'm okay.

Why get yourself in this mess?

Let me take you home.

-I'm not going home.
-Come on, let's go.

Ms. Ye, why did you ask for us to come?

How should I address you?

I'm not an unknown figure
in the gambling world.

I bet Mr. Ye would've known who I am.

Sorry, your name doesn't seem
to have travelled far enough.

Is that so?

Leave it then. Just tell us what you want.

What can I offer you
to make you leave this place?

Why do you want us out?

I thought only your important guests
were allowed here.

I suspect you're raking your wins
through dubious ways.

You're accusing us of cheating.
Where is your proof?

I don't have any.

That's why I've invited you here
to talk about your terms.

You have no right to chase us out,

if you have no proof.

I have nothing to talk to you about.


It's been a while.

I never expected we'd run
into each other at this place.


Such a brazen insult.

Are you so sure there is nobody
who can take you on in Fenghuang?

Who are you?

Feng Zhang.

God of Gamblers?

I knew you were still alive.

But I didn't expect to see you here.

Don't tell me you feigned death
because you feared I might take revenge?

There is no hostility between us.

Dare to take me on again?

I never had the desire to gamble with you.

Stay out of it, if that's where you stand.

Let's carry on.


If I end up beating the three of you,

I hope you'll leave this place at once

and never come back
to any of Fenghuang's casinos!

Between you and me, we'll be done.

You'll get $10 million from me.

Plus, one hand of yours.


-Stop being so nice to me...
-I'll take you home.

Why are you so nice to me?

Subtitles translation by Sara Shukri