The Ultimatum (2009): Season 1, Episode 27 - Episode #1.27 - full transcript

Ruolin, Renxiao and Rende all saw Songnian before he died. However, Yuchen had the biggest motive to kill him.

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Song-nian is dead because of you!

You need evidence to incriminate me.

Where is your evidence?

Song-nian passed away
before he could make a new will.

Who do you think
is the biggest beneficiary?

Yu-chen, congratulations.

You are now the legal inheritor
of Fenghuang Corporation.

Aunt Ruo-lin, you saw Dad too.

If he was indeed murdered,
you would be a suspect too.


Can we stop all this finger-pointing
until we have established the facts?

Aunt Ruo-lin, why did you go
to see Uncle Song-nian?

I went...

to apologize to him,

and to safeguard the company's interests.

Song-nian, I don't expect you
to forgive me

because I can't even forgive myself.

But everything I've done
has nothing to do with Ren-de.

Ren-de has let you down.

After all,

he is your son.

Please do not leave
Fenghuang Corporation to Song-qiao.

I don't want to see your life's work
be ruined by others.

I believe that Song-nian

has not fully accepted the fact.

That's why he made such a decision.

Ms. Fang, I have nothing against you.

If you were in my shoes,
you would feel resentful as well.

I understand.

I made it very clear to Mr. Ye
that I don't want Fenghuang.

But his wishes have to be respected.

He's already dead and dead men can't talk.

The CEO post won't be handed
to your girlfriend on a silver platter.

Aunt Ruo-lin and I saw Dad before he died.

You did too.

I found this...

in Dad's room.

I believe it's your car key.

Yes, I went to see him.

So what?

Dad, you would always give me
the best things.

Your own children resent me for that.

But you'd always stand up for me.

You want me to make something of myself,
so that I can be your successor.

But I have let you down.

I'm sorry, Dad.

I'm not a devoted son.

I've done you wrong.

I've done you wrong.

Dad, I've done you wrong! I'm sorry!

I left when I got no reaction from him.

As I was leaving his room,

I saw Ren-xiao going in.

He's right.

I saw Dad after Ren-de left.

I went to ask for his forgiveness.


Among all your children,
I know I'm your least favorite child.

In this family,
I'm regarded as dispensable.

But what else can I do?

I have only myself to blame
for being so mediocre.

I have worked very hard.

I don't expect you to think highly of me.

I've also never imagined myself
to be running Fenghuang one day.

But I feel like I have to stop you
from giving Fenghuang to Song-qiao.

When I left Dad's room,

I saw Ren-de outside the room.

At the time when we were seeing him,

he looked fine to us.

Yes. That made his death
all the more sudden and shocking.

Ren-de, call the police.
They will find the killer!

Stop this nonsense.
We're not even sure if he was murdered.

Stop protecting her!
I'm sure she killed him.

If you didn't kill him,
you'd let us call the police.

Well, go ahead!

The four of us saw Dad
at different times last night.

That would make all of us murder suspects.

Ren-de and Ren-xiao
are Song-nian's own flesh and blood.

Why would they kill their own father?

For more than 20 years, I stayed
by Song-nian through thick and thin.

You think I would be that cold-blooded?

That only leaves you!

You know you're not
his biological daughter.

You killed him in cold blood,
to get your hands on Fenghuang.

I'm as much a part of this family
as you are!

I'm every bit as close to Dad
as you claim to be.

Even if I was inhumane,
I wouldn't kill my own father!

You people have gone too far!

How dare you hit her!

Stop it! What are you people doing?

We should be making funeral arrangements.

But you people are here accusing Yu-chen
and scheming against one another.

Where is your respect for Uncle Song-nian?


They are bullying me now that you're gone!



Are you all right?

Stop crying! Let's go.


What's wrong?

I couldn't stay another minute longer.

I was shocked by what I saw back there.

Not only are they not grieving,
they're accusing one another.

Fortunately, Uncle Song-nian
has passed on.

This would have broken his heart.

He's known for long that they only care
for their own interests.

But he completely lost all hope in them
after he fell sick.

Although he knew it was impossible,
he still pinned all his hopes on you.

That was wishful thinking on his part.

I don't want a single cent from him.

But I hope you can help him
fulfill his wish.

Aunt Ruo-lin said that Yu-chen
is the legal inheritor.

Do you think that she
will give up Fenghuang?

Do you suspect her?

I have my suspicions, but I can't say
for sure that he was murdered.

We'll have to wait
for the coroner's report.

Five dragons! Come on, pay up!

-Have you seen Feng Zhang?
-Feng Zhang?

-I mean have you seen Zhi-da?
-No, we haven't.

Let's get back to the game!

I don't know if she did it.

I don't want to know either.

Whenever she makes a mistake,

she will have a truckload of reasons
to explain her actions.

I'm so sick of it.

I don't want to listen to her anymore.


Have you seen Feng Zhang?

No, I haven't seen him in a while.

Where did he go?

Is something wrong?

No, it's nothing.

I thought you came to see me.

I was mistaken.

I'm a little disappointed,

but I feel relieved.


we should have a talk.

But there are too many things
that has been happening lately.

That's all right.
We can talk when you have the time.

I'm sure Mom would like us
to get to know each other as siblings.

To be honest,

I'm not ready yet.

I understand.

I feel the same way too.

But you are my only family.

I have to go.

If you see Feng Zhang,

ask him to call me.

Sure. I will.

Uncle Song-nian died with regrets.
It's tragic.

Are you blaming me?

You'd rather stick to your principles
than to let a dying man go in peace.

What's your conscience telling you?

I don't want to mislead others,
but I don't want to lie to myself either.

That's something you say
to make yourself feel better.

Don't act like you know me that well.

You can deny a lot of things,

but no one knows you better than I do.

You're wrong.

Chao-qun knows me the best.

He knows that you can't

make me go against my wishes.

He knows the right things to say
at the right moments.

We think alike and that's the reason

why he can empathize with me.

I'm warning you.

Don't ever do that again.


I have a boyfriend.

Chao-qun is my boyfriend.

Are you sure you're not lying to me?

Yes, I'm sure.

I don't wish to argue with you.

I'll walk you home.


You're back?

I told you to leave it.

I knew you wouldn't be able to fix it.

I guess, I should go.

Thank you for seeing me home.


I make a pretty effective shield.

Do you see yourself as one?

I don't mind being one.
In fact, I think it's a great honor.

I suppose I did see you as a shield
in the beginning.

But now I don't.

I feel safe around you.

It's like nothing can hurt or frighten me.

That's something Jie Sun
can never give me.

Did you just confess your love for me?

I know my own tap. I'll fix it myself.

What are you doing here?

Chao-qun He might become your boyfriend,

but I'm sure he's not your boyfriend now.

You're using him to avoid me.

If thinking that makes you feel better,
I won't stop you.

I have no time for you.

I know you still have feelings for me.

This can't be the end for us.

-Let go of me.

Making sacrifices for others and
changing myself were things I never did.

But you've made me realize
that no matter who I am,

I should be able to give up my principles
for the person I love.

Are you choosing your principles over me?

Yes! This only means
that you don't matter to me.

I'm not willing
to give up my principles for you!

I don't believe you.

-Let go of my hand.
-I don't believe you!

Let's go.

I'm the hero
who saved the damsel in distress.

The heavens are giving me a lot of chances
to make an impression.

Are you suggesting that I repay
your kindness by marrying you?

I guess that's the only thing
left to do now.

Will you be my boyfriend?

I will.

I'm serious.

Meeting someone and finding love

is not easy.

To be with the person you love
is even harder.

Choosing your principles

over a man who loves you deeply...

Don't you think that's a shame?

So what if it's a shame?

If I went against my better judgment,

I would be asking myself every day

if I can forgive him for what he's done?

Can I sweep everything under the carpet?

I won't be able
to ignore my own conscience.

A breakup is inevitable.

Since I can foresee the heartbreak,

why should I continue?

When you love someone,

can you let him go just like that?

You don't believe me?

You're making me
look like a desperate fool.

These are the results
for Zhi-da's DNA test?


This report confirms
that Zhi-da is not Feng Zhang.

What's the report doing with you?

To convince Zhi-da that he was Feng Zhang,
Yu-chen arranged for a DNA test.

I bribed the lab technician's assistant.

I told him to provide a fake sample,

so that Yu-chen would believe
that Zhi-da was Feng Zhang.

Why did you do that?

I wanted Zhi-da to stay by Yu-chen's side.

I was hoping to use him against Yu-chen.

Why are you telling me this?

So many people have died in the Ye family.

I believe their deaths were not accidents.

I'm sure the deaths
of Ren-yi and Song-nian

had something to do with Yu-chen.

Ms. Jiang, I would like
to find out the truth too.

But I don't want to get involved
in your family feud.

I hope you can understand.

I do.


I'm not after anything for myself.

I just want to seek justice
for Song-nian's death.

Song-nian was your birth father.

I hope that you will get
to the bottom of this.

-Sir, have you seen this man?

Have you seen this man?

Have you seen this man?

-Have you seen this man?

Feng Zhang!

How much longer are you going to avoid me?

I needed to get away.

Just pretend like I'm on leave.

Do you also suspect
that I've killed my dad?

I don't know!

I don't want to know.

Feng Zhang!

I need you to stay by my side.

I need you to trust me.

Please don't avoid me.


What difference does it make,
if I believe you or not?

I don't want to be with you.

A few people are dead now.

Their blood is on your hands!
When are you going to stop?

I'm terrified of seeing you.

Don't force me.

First, they tell me that I'm Feng Zhang.

Then, I'm not.

Who am I?

If you want to be sure,
you can go for a DNA test.

I don't want to.

I don't care who you think I am.

Just leave me alone.


Does Yu-chen know
that you're staying here?

I hear she's been looking for you.

Are you avoiding her?

Where I'm staying
is none of your business.

Four people have died.

Am I right to say that Yu-chen
had something to do with their deaths?

Mr. Zhou.

If you know what's going on,
I suggest you tell us now.

You don't want
to see more victims, do you?

I'm sure he knows the truth.

He's not telling because he wants
to protect Yu-chen.

His lips are sealed.

We can't force him to testify.

Let go of my sister!

How much are the buns? I'll double it.

They're just a couple of street urchins.

They are just kids.

I'll take care of you from now on.

I'm very proud to have you
as an adoptive son.

You are my right-hand man.

I can always trust you
to carry out my instructions.


You're not Song-nian's daughter!

Yu-chen Ye is my daughter!

You are Song-nian's daughter!

You're not Song-nian's...

I found this in one
of Uncle Song-nian's calligraphy scrolls.

I thought that he had put it away.

But then again,
he probably wouldn't have done so.

I believe it was someone else.

It was Ren-yi.

What makes you so sure?

Before Ren-yi died, he told me
he wanted to give me a phone.

I think it was my mom's phone.

But I haven't found it yet.

So it's about Yu-chen's and my parentage.

This video clip was most likely
recorded by the phone.

Yu-chen knew
about her parentage all along.

There's something suspicious about her
wanting to keep it under wraps.

You think she has something
to do with the deaths?

Four people are dead
because they knew about this secret.

This can't be a coincidence.

I know Yu-chen very well.

She may have no qualms
about scheming to get her own way,

but she couldn't have been
that cold-blooded.

I hope you're wrong about this.

I hear you're holding a memorial service
for Mr. Ye tomorrow.


I'd like to be there.

Thank you for attending
my dad's memorial service.

I remember when I was ten,

I didn't meet the goal that I set
for myself in my exams.

My dad told me this.

"There are no losers in this world,

only people with a weak will."

Had it not been for him,

Fenghuang wouldn't have
achieved such remarkable success.


even though you are gone,

you will always

live on in my heart.

You'll always be synonymous
with Fenghuang.

Rumors have been swirling

that I'm not my dad's biological daughter.

I urge everyone not
to believe such absurd rumors.

I would like to clarify
once and for all that...

I, Yu-chen Ye,

will always be Song-nian's daughter.

You are not Dad's biological daughter,

but you have the nerve
to claim that you are!

Before my dad passed on,

he declared that Yu-chen Ye
is not a member of this family.

That's true.

To take possession of Fenghuang
and this family's assets,

she claimed to be Song-nian's daughter.

I want everyone
to see your true colors today!

I knew you'd attempt
to cause a ruckus today,

but I let you attend
this memorial service anyway.

What I say is the unvarnished truth.

I'm not afraid of you twisting the facts.

You dare swear that you
are Dad's biological daughter?

Calm down, Ren-xiao.

If Yu-chen is not
Mr. Ye's biological daughter,

a man as smart as Mr. Ye
would've found out a long time ago.

My dad only knew about it
before he had a stroke.

We're telling the truth.

Please stop this conniving woman
from getting away with evil.

Aunt Ruo-lin, you're attempting
to incriminate me

just so that you can
have Fenghuang all to yourself.

But Dad saw through your lies,
so your ploy failed.

You'd better stop this charade.

Otherwise, I will show everyone
what your true motives are.

What can you do to us?

If you're that good, you can kill us all.

Song-qiao, listen to me.
You are Song-nian's daughter!

Yu-chen Ye is not Song-nian's daughter!

She is my daughter!

You're Song-nian's daughter!

Let go!

You're not Song-nian's daughter!
You're my daughter!

Hold on, don't let go!

In the voice recording you just heard,

one of the ladies was Wen-yu.

She was Yu-chen's birth mother.

Ms. Song-qiao

is the daughter of Mr. Ye
and his second wife, Shen Suzhen.

Do you believe us now?

Yu-chen Ye is not a member
of the Ye family!

You saw my mom fall to her death.
Why did you keep quiet about it?

Did you cause her death?

Are we in court now?

I'm not obliged to answer your question.

If you're innocent,
you won't hesitate to answer me.

This recording is from a dubious source.
It must have been fabricated.

Before Ren-yi died, he asked me to
take a phone from a locker at the club.

But your mom beat me to it.

The phone had a recording
of you and my mom.

Your mom also died from an accident
because of this.

Mr. Ye wanted me at the helm of Fenghuang,

but he passed away
before he could write a new will.

These four people died one after another.

Even more amazing is the fact
that they all knew about our parentage.

Now you...

You're the last person who would
want the secret out.

I don't give any credence to this secret.

All of this is fabricated.

Your motive is to take over
the reigns at Fenghuang.

Five people here can attest
that you're not Song-nian's daughter.

You killed him!

Do you really think you can bring me down
by alleging that I've committed a crime?

Do you think you haven't left evidence
of your crimes behind?

This is a memorial service for my dad.

If you continue to disrupt the service,

I will have to ask you to leave.

I know who killed Dad.

It was him!

What are you talking about?

You were the last person to see Dad.

I saw him killing Dad with my own eyes.

What nonsense are you saying?
Are you out of your mind?

He pleaded me not to tell anyone.

I felt sorry for him, so I said yes.

But after seeing
how he's incriminating my sister,

I feel that I must stop
this despicable man!


They have all ganged up on you.

Dad wouldn't be pleased if he saw this!


What does that make you?

You're having an affair with Ren-xiao!

To hide your dirty little secret,
you conspired with him to get rid of Dad.

You're a murderer too!


Aunt Ruo-lin!

-Aunt Ruo-lin!
-Are you all right?

-Call the ambulance!
-Aunt Ruo-lin!

The CEO is here.

How is Aunt Ruo-lin?
Has she been discharged from the hospital?

She's alive and kicking.

You can drop the kindness act.

We are family after all.

I'd hate to see us
turning against one another.

You are very shrewd.

Dad always said that Ren-zhong
was his most capable child.

How wrong could he be?

You are the most ruthless
and most vindictive of us all!

Was my act entertaining enough for you?

Come straight to the point.

I've made my stand very clear.

You are my meal ticket now.

What can you gain from me?

I can't think of
a more suitable CEO than you.

I'm more than happy
with my post as the Vice CEO.

I'm content with drawing
a fat salary every month.

I believe you're going to acquire
my mom's and Ren-xiao's shares.

After you've acquired those,

I would like to have

just 40% of those shares.

Aren't you a money-grubber?

Tell me this.

Why should I say yes?

You're surrounded by enemies.

It'll work to your advantage
if a member of the Ye family backs you up.

I also accused Ren-xiao of killing Dad
in front of so many people.

I'm going to make it happen for real

and remove you
from the list of prime suspects.

Do we have a deal?

All right, we have a deal.

It's a deal then.

Aunt Ruo-lin, how are you doing?

Still feeling unwell?

Dr. Wong said that you were looking pale.
You should go to bed.

Don't worry,

I'm fine.

Stand right there!

Why did you do that?

Do you regard me as your mom?

I was doing what I should be doing.

When you accused me of killing Dad,
I can still live with that,

but you were disrespectful
to Aunt Ruo-lin.

She is your mom.

You've gone too far.

You're biting the hand that fed you.

You're a double-crosser.

How can you stoop so low?

What can you gain from helping Yu-chen Ye?

She could have devoured you
for all you know!

Is that so?

Couldn't I have devoured her instead?

How did you become like this?

You even betrayed your own mom
to protect your interest.

This is called, every man for himself.

Didn't you teach me that?

You did the same thing to Ren-zhong.

You should be proud that I'm putting
what I learned from you into practice.

You're not my son!

That was tit for tat!

How could you hit your own mom?

Stop it!

Not only are you a fool,
you're also a wimp.

You are better off dead! Pervert!

This DNA report confirms
that he's not Feng Zhang.

Why isn't he convinced?

No, I think he is.

Perhaps he's feeling too confused
to come to terms with it.

Being a fake God of Gamblers

beats being a useless person.

Or maybe he has feelings for that woman.

If Yu-chen knew he's not Feng Zhang,
she'd thrown him out.

That's why I need to see Zhi-da.

Where else can he go besides
the places that you've already mentioned?

Those are the places I can think of.

You said Yu-chen Ye had committed a crime.

What did she do?

I don't know for sure
if she's committed any crime,

so I'm hoping that Zhi-da can
shed some light on the situation.

Zhi-da knows the truth?

Could he have been
that woman's accomplice?

He's clueless about everything
except for gambling.

Could it be possible that he was used?

Mom, Dad is not a bad person.

The adults are talking. Be quiet.

Does he visit Bao-ying?

He takes Bao-ying out quite often.

Every time he comes back,

he doesn't even look at me

or say a word to me.


Has your dad ever told you anything
about Aunt Yu-chen?

Bao-ying, if your dad is in danger,
we must help him, yes?

Shall we help your dad?

Don't force my dad.






-No, don't!


Are you all right?

Bao-ying, are you okay?

Are you hurt?

Don't cry. Your dad's here.

Don't cry.

Is Bao-ying all right?

Just a few scratches. He's fine.

I'm very sorry. This is my fault.

You bet it is.

Please do not harass my son again.

I didn't mean to.
I wanted to look for you.

I told you before. I don't know anything
and I have nothing to say!

Please leave me alone!

Do you think you're helping Yu-chen?

You're responsible for who she has become.

What has that got to do with me?

You're covering up for her
despite knowing that she's done wrong.

That has led to her
making even more mistakes.

There's no turning back for her now.

I don't want to hear any of this!


He's too stubborn.
You're not going to get him to talk.

Let me talk to him.

Stop! Where are you going?

Give me back my son.

You know you're not Feng Zhang,

so why can't you accept it?

Have you fallen for that woman?

Do you know why I stayed by your side

all these years

even though you're a chronic gambler?

You may be a gambling addict,

but you can tell right from wrong.

Take a look at yourself.
What have you turned into?

Will you come to your senses?

You won't understand!

Yu-chen loves Feng Zhang very much.

She's even willing to die for him.

You're not Feng Zhang!
She doesn't love you!

-You can't go on like this.

You're Zhi-da Zhou.

You have a wife and a son.
You have your own family.

Where do you truly belong?

Think about it.

-We're from the police department.
-What is this about?

We suspect that Mr. Song-nian died
of unnatural causes.

We have to conduct a search of your house.

Sure, that's not a problem.

Mr. Ye Ren-xiao,
could you open the safe in your room?

There's nothing in there.

Open it then.

Unless you're hiding something?

What do you mean?

Just do as they say.

Don't open it!

Mr. Ye, if you don't want to be arrested,
please hand it to me now.

Mr. Ye.

Mr. Ye.

What are these?

You've been taking pictures of my mom.
What a pervert!

Sir, look what I found.

Mr. Ye, what is this?

I don't know.

You're the only person
who can unlock this safe.

How can you not know what's inside it?

I don't! This is not mine.

Mr. Ye, you are suspected of murder.

Please come with us to the station.

It's you.

You people conspired to frame me!

Accusing me of something I didn't do
I didn't kill my dad!

I didn't kill my dad! Let go of me!

Let go of me!

How could I have committed murder?

It's a ploy to shift the blame onto me.

If I didn't believe you,

I wouldn't have promised Ms. Jiang
to take up the case.

What's going on here?

The autopsy showed that Mr. Song-nian
died from being poisoned.

A prescription drug, Pioglitazone,
was found in his body.

The drug found in your safe
was also Pioglitazone.

They obviously planted it there.

Why would I want to kill Dad?

Who else knows the safe combination?

No one.


if anyone else knows the combination,
it would be my ex-wife, Yuki.

I will contact Yuki to find out more.


I don't want to lose you as a friend.

You are finding ways and means
to destroy me.

How dare you call yourself a friend!

I'm helping you.

How are you helping me?

I'm helping you choose the right path.

It's not too late for you
to confess to your crimes.

Don't make any more mistakes.

You said you didn't care for the money.
You wanted to give up Fenghuang to me.

But now you are doing everything you can

to take away everything I have.

Not everyone is after money and status.

Whether you believe it or not,
I've always considered you a good friend.

Do you expect me to believe you?

You're evil and vindictive,
and yet you're acting like a saint.

Yu-chen, you're being irrational.

You took yourself down a doomed path.

Only time will tell
if it's a doomed path or otherwise.

Subtitle translation by Sara Shukri