The Ultimatum (2009): Season 1, Episode 26 - Episode #1.26 - full transcript

As Dr Wong and Lawyer Zeng have certified that Songnian changed his will in a healthy state of mind, Sun Jie announces that Songqiao will be the new CEO of the company.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -



All we need to do now
is carry out Uncle Song-nian's wishes

and appoint Song-qiao as CEO of Fenghuang.

The rest will have to wait
until Uncle Song-nian amends his will.

I smell a rat.

This couldn't have been
Song-nian's decision.

You were all there.

You saw him giving the instructions.

Dr. Wong and Mr. Zeng vouched that he was
sane when he made the decision.

For all we know,
this could be a conspiracy!

I especially don't trust you,
a bastard girl who came out of nowhere!

Ren-de! Mind what you say about Ms. Fang.

We still don't know for sure
if she is Song-nian's biological daughter.

Yu-chen and Ms. Fang can take
a DNA test to determine their identity.


how can Yu-chen
not be Song-nian's daughter?

That needs to be answered.

I don't know the details.
I will ask Uncle Song-nian about it.

Don't bother. I'll go and ask my dad now!

He needs rest.

Don't disturb him.

I want to see my dad.
Who are you to stop me?

Sit down!

We will find out the truth
from Song-nian, but it can wait.


What do you say?

The whole thing
does not entirely make sense.

I too would like to get
to the bottom of it.

Anyway, I will carry out
Uncle Song-nian's wishes

and hand over
Fenghuang Corporation to Song-qiao.



Are you all right?

I'm sorry, I have to go.




What is it?

Now I know why my mom hated me so much.

I reminded her of her enemy.

I brought her nothing but pain.

Why did this have to happen?

Why did she do what she did? Why?

It must have been
a painful decision for her.

My life has been nothing but a lie.

None of it is real.

I was fooling myself.

What am I?

I'm just my mom's tool of revenge.

Someone she could vent her hatred on.

Take it easy. Where are you going?

I don't care where I go.

I don't want to see anyone
from the Ye family.

You're a member of the family.

Like it or not,

it's a fact you have to accept.

Dad, did you hear what I said?

You can't hand over Fenghuang to someone
whose identity we're not sure about!


you spent a lifetime
building up Fenghuang.

I don't want it to be ruined
by an outsider's hands.

I hope you will reconsider
your decision carefully.

Let me ask you again.

Do you really want to hand
Fenghuang over to Song-qiao?

Dad, answer me!

Stop pretending you can't hear or talk!

Ren-de! Stop it!

Let me go!

Dad is tired. Let's discuss this
some other time.

You're not one of us, so shut up!

You can storm and rage but it won't
make Dad hand over Fenghuang to you.

Well, I enjoy it. What is it to you?

You don't belong to this family.
I want you out of here.

-Get lost!

There's no need to get rough.

Are you waiting for my dad to die?

Well, you won't get a single cent from us!

We don't want your filthy money!

-I'll hold you to that!

I want you out of this house!

You already know

Ren-de is like a mad dog
that barks at the slightest provocation.

Don't let him upset you.

Things have happened to a certain length.

There's no point in your staying here.

Why don't we move out?

Didn't you say

you wanted to get a place of our own?

We can live just as well
without Fenghuang.

I will not leave you.

That's enough now, Yu-chen.
Don't be like this.

Yu-chen! Stop it!

I went to such lengths

to conceal the secret.

I tried so hard,


I still couldn't turn things around.



I must not give in so easily,

or I will not be content all my life.

What are you going to do?

I don't know.

But I'm not going to let her
get what she wants.

I doubt Song-qiao wants
to take anything away from you.

Don't be so stubborn.

I refuse to give up.

I've fought so hard for all this
over the years.

I've already come so far.

How can I give up so easily?

What else can you do?

Even if you killed Song-qiao,

you would still not be
Song-nian's daughter.

A fact is a fact.

You can't change any of this.

Why can't you accept it?

Don't make any more mistakes
than you already have.

-Stop following me!


Why did you bring me here?


It's me, Chao-qun.

What did we talk about previously?


we talked about the year I turned 17.

You knew I was suffering
from a broken love affair,

but you didn't know how to comfort me.

So, you took me to your nightclub

and got two dance hostesses
to keep me company.


I started crying.

You put your arm
around my shoulders and said,

"Qun, I quite envy you, to be honest.

At least you know the pain
of a broken relationship.

I don't even know what love is.

When I need a woman,
I simply pay for one."

I was very touched when I heard it.

It was the first time
you talked to me so honestly.


you really have never been in love?

Young man.

A broken heart...

will not kill you.

My foster dad's condition
will continue to deteriorate.

His memory will keep on declining.

He may not even recognize me
the next time I visit him.

How good it would be if we could
put all unpleasant memories

out of our minds.

That's right.

So, we should only keep
the happy memories.

Whatever resentment
we might have felt for each other,

what is left in the end is the bond
between dad and son.

Only good memories are worth keeping,
don't you think?

I wish I could be as optimistic as you.

You can't accept the truth
because of your dad.

You should remember

that your dad's love for you is forever.

It won't change whether or not
you are his biological daughter.



No matter what happens,
You will always be my little princess.

No matter what happens,
You will always be my little princess.

From: Dad



How long have you been standing there?

Quite a while.


Haven't you got tired of looking at me
after over 20 years?

What is it?

I have something to tell you,

but I can't bring myself to say it.

We'll talk after you've read it.


this is for you.

It's not my birthday today.

Don't you have anything to say to me?

What do you want me to say?

Are you sure you don't have
any question to ask me?

I do.

Do you remember this cake?

It looks like the first cake
you made for me.

Since then, I've made you
a different birthday cake every year.

I would go all out
to outdo myself each year.

But each time, you would tell me

this is still your favorite.

It is.

By right, my latest cakes
should be better than my first.

I don't understand why you say
this one is the best.

I like its color and its shape.

I love its simplicity.

I just wanted to make you a cake.

That simple and earnest gesture

is what you like most, am I right?


what you said in the letter
is far too complex.

Let's just leave it at that.

All I know is,

you were, still are and
always will be my sister.

It's as simple as that,
just like this cake.

Mr. Ye.

I'm sorry,

I must continue to address you as such.

All this is so sudden.

I still can't come to terms with it.

I hope you understand.

Since I was young,

my dad had loved me all my life.

Even after he passed away,

I still felt connected to him.

But when I found out
that he was not my biological dad,

I felt as if the connection
between us had broken.

All of a sudden,

I lost my pillar of strength.

It left me

feeling very lonely

and helpless.

So, I will tell you with honesty.

I only have...

one dad.

He is Guo-wei Fang.

As for my mom,

after what you did to her,

life lost all meaning for her.

It was the thought of revenge

that kept her alive.


the person who killed her...

was you.


Don't say another word.

Mr. Ye,

I'll stop if you want me to.

Uncle Song-nian,

do you want her to continue?

To be honest,

what happened to Yu-chen and me

was largely your fault.

I think

Yu-chen may have lost
even more than I did.

So, I hope,

you'll reconsider

your decision
to put me in charge of Fenghuang.

Uncle Song-nian must have a reason
for his decision.

Don't refuse him.

I appreciate your offer.

But I'm neither up to the task,

nor am I willing to accept it.

Uncle Song-nian,
do you wish to say something?

Do you mean to say forgive?

Uncle Song-nian wants to know
if you will forgive him.

I'm sorry.


I will talk to her, Uncle Song-nian


Why did you say what you did?

That's what I came here for.

To tell him how I truly felt.

Don't you think you're being cruel?

All I can say is,

everyone has to pay for their actions.

According to the doctor,
Uncle Song-nian might leave us anytime.

All I'm asking is that you give
a dying old man some peace.

Is that so hard to do?

I can't acknowledge him
as my dad and forgive him

against my conscience.

I knew you were stubborn.

But I didn't know
you could be so heartless.

Have you no sense of pity?

I will only give pity to those
who rightly deserve it.


Let me give you a hand.

Thank you.

It must be fate.

We seem to run into each other
everywhere we go.


if we had never met,

perhaps a lot of things
wouldn't have happened.

Our fates have been intertwined
right from the start.

It was inevitable that we would meet.

You're right.

We must face up to the inevitable.

We shouldn't run away from it.

If I hadn't run into you today,
I would have asked to see you anyway.

Same here.

Whatever our parentage is,

I am still Song-qiao

and you are still Yu-chen.

We are still good friends, aren't we?


whether you are
Song-nian's daughter or not,

you have what it takes to be
CEO of Fenghuang Corporation.

If I am willing to let you take over
the running of the company,

will you do it?

What's wrong?

Do you really mean it,
or are you just testing me?

To lose the fruit of your labor
to someone who hasn't worked for it,

I can understand how that feels.

I don't want to take what belongs
to another or reap what others sow.

If Song-nian insists
on handing the company over to me,

I'll have to find a way to deal with it.

Putting you in charge is my best option.

Remember the first time
we came here to cycle?


I had a fall but with your help,

we completed the journey.

You helped me too just now.

What I'm trying to say is,

I don't like to be indebted to anyone.

If I'm forced to accept a favor,

I will do all I can to repay it.

I went to your help just now,
so that makes us even.

I thank you for your offer,
but I won't take you up on it.

Are you prepared to give up
Fenghuang Corporation?

Jie Sun is right.

However strong a man is,
he can't fight against fate.

I've accepted it
after some long, hard thinking.

I've worked so hard for so many years.
It's time for me to take a break.

It may not be such a bad thing.


good luck to you.

-You're back.

This is too much.

What do you mean?

Your arm is badly hurt.

It's nothing. I was careless.

You got beaten up, didn't you?

It was an accident, honest.

You can fool me, but don't fool yourself.

I've become an expert dodger,
thanks to Min Sun.

She can't hurt me that easily now.

I'll get to work.


How could you?

What did I do?

You don't even care
that you've hurt him so badly.

Tell me,

do you go to the movies with him?


Have you noticed

that the seats around you
are always empty?

That's because he would get eight tickets

to make sure you're not in danger
of being touched by anyone.

Another thing.

You haven't attended
any male customers lately, have you?

That's because he makes sure
I'm the one who attends them.

If this goes on,

he will either be driven away
from you or be killed by you.

What do you feel like eating?

I have no preference.

Bao told me there's a newly-opened
hawker center nearby.

Do you want to give it a try?


I'm sorry. Have a seat.

Thank you.

I'm sorry.

Thank you.

I'm sorry, sir. Have a seat.

Excuse me.

I'm sorry. You can have this seat.

What's the matter?
You don't feel like eating here?

I must overcome my fear. I must.

Why did you bring me back here?

Tell me.

Do you love me?

Answer me.

Do you love me?

I do.

I love you.

Hold me.


If you really love me,

then hold me.

Kiss me.

Stop hitting yourself!

Let me go!

Let go of me, please!

Let go!

No. I won't let you go.

I'll never let you go.

Please, I'm begging you.

Ms. Sun.

Ms. Sun.

I'm sorry.

You were saying?

Your condition can be fixed.

I hope you will come for psychotherapy
on a regular basis.

I will.

But right now, I want to find
the fastest and most effective way

to stop myself from hurting
those around me.

I can prescribe you some medications.

But they can't solve your problem.

I hope that on your next visit,
you will learn to be more relaxed

and more open
to have a conversation with me.

I told you not to follow me.

Do you find me very persistent
and annoying?

Do you think that's funny?

Okay, I won't laugh
if you don't want me to.

I know you're good to me.

I may never meet a better man than you.

Don't say that.

You're making me shy.

You have plenty of other choices.

I'm sure there are lots of girls
out there who suit you better.

Someone told me,

given my qualifications,
I didn't have to work in a bakery.

But making cakes is what I love.

That's why

I'm sticking to it.

Your happiness is a different matter.


I'm not the one for you.

When I said I would never let you go,

it means I would never give you up.

Will you stop being so stubborn?

The one trait I share with my sister
is stubbornness.

Listen to me, seriously.

Stop following me.

Just leave me alone.

I'm serious about you.

Min Sun.

I'm very sure that you're the one I want.

You are my happiness.

Very well.

I will run away from you
if you won't leave me alone.

I will quit my job, leave the country
and disappear for good.

All right.

I'll leave you alone.

I promise.

Please don't run away from me.


Do you believe I can hit the ball
into the hole with my eyes closed?

No, not with your skill.

Do you think so little of me?

How about a bet?

What shall we bet on?

If I lose, I'll do anything you want
and vice versa.

You're on.

It's in!


I said I could hit the ball into the hole
with my eyes closed,

but I didn't say what I would hit it with.

You're really impossible.

The loser must pay the price.

Now, what shall I make you do for me?

I'll make it very simple.

Give me a smile.

That's silly.

Come on, I want to see
a happy smile on your face.

Go on, smile.

I'm sorry.

I can't force myself to be happy.

Don't be silly.
There's no need to apologize.

I shouldn't force you
to pretend you're happy.

Are you tired?

Let's go have something to drink.

Ms. Ye, what a coincidence.


This is Tim Yang,
CEO of Pinnacle Holdings.

Pleased to meet you, Mr. Zhang.

Do you know me?

Who doesn't know Zhang Feng,
Ms. Ye's valuable assistant?

You're a busy woman, Ms. Ye.
It's really hard to get to see you.

I never expected to run into you here.

Something came up.

I'm sorry I had to cancel our appointment.

That's all right.

If you're willing to fix another date,

I'm prepared to meet you anytime.

I'll get Cindy to make the arrangements.

Thank you. I won't interrupt your game.



He doesn't know yet
that I'll soon be ousted from Fenghuang.

The next time he sees me,

his attitude will be totally changed.

So, just try to avoid him.

Don't you get it?

If I am not CEO of Fenghuang Corporation,
then I am nothing!

That's not true.

You will still be Yu-chen Ye.

Where are you going?

What are you doing?

Take it easy. Calm down!

It's your fault. It's all your fault!

Why must you ruin everything for me? Why?

Yu-chen, don't be like this.

I wouldn't have done what I did

had it not been for you.

I'm in this plight because of you!

You drove me into it!

It's your fault, not mine.
I've done nothing wrong!

How can you say that?

She's your mom.

No, she's not!

Does denying it makes it true?

We can't choose our parents.

She chose to give me up.
She had no right to want me back.

She's not my mom!

I'll never acknowledge you as my mom.

You shall not rest in peace!

Why am I being treated so unfairly?


I refuse to accept it.

I refuse to accept it!

Yu-chen, take it easy.

We'll survive without Fenghuang.

We can still go on living a happy life.

Just learn to come to terms with it
and you'll be fine.

I will not accept defeat.

I don't want to lose all this.

Your dad will be making his will tomorrow.

I doubt there'll be anything in it for me.

But both of you

can expect to inherit
your rightful share of his estates.

He will not oust you
from Fenghuang either.

As long as we are still around,

we will not let Song-qiao
take over Fenghuang so easily.

She's just an outsider.

She will be no match against us.

Your dad will have thought of that.

He will have mechanism in place
to protect Song-qiao.

The important thing

is that the two of you stay united.

As long as we don't fight among ourselves,

we will be in a position of strength.

If we rely on his help,
we'll die a faster death.

Did you hear a word I said?

We must stay united
if we are to salvage the situation.

Forget it! I would rather rely on myself.


It's you.

Are you sure you're in the right place?
This is the Ye residence.


When are you going to move out?

This isn't your house.

It's not for you
to decide whether I leave or stay.

Until Dad tells me to move out,

I'm going to stay here with him.

Aren't you thick-skinned

to be calling him your dad.

He has acknowledged Song-qiao
as his daughter, remember?

Dad may have acknowledged
Song-qiao as his daughter,

but emotionally speaking,
he still thinks of me as his child.

You've enjoyed a life of luxury here
for so many years.

Shouldn't that be enough?

One should learn to be content.

If you want to get rid of me,

you'll have to try harder.

The more you push me,

the more determined I am to stay.

I must convince Song-nian.

I must.

Good morning, Mr. Ye.
Are you feeling better today?

Mr. Ye?

Ms. Ye!

Ms. Jiang!
Something has happened to Mr. Ye!

Ms. Ye!

Ms. Jiang!
Something has happened to Mr. Ye!

I'm sorry.


How could you leave us like this?

Please don't die!

How could you leave us this way?

Please don't die. Don't die.

Aunt Ruo-lin.

Please don't die.

Take it easy. Let Dad rest in peace.

When did Uncle Song-nian pass away?

Doctor, what's the cause of death?

I'm not sure.

We will only know the cause of death
after the autopsy.

Song-nian still looked very well
when I last saw him yesterday.

How could he have passed on so suddenly?

Dr. Wong had warned us,

that given Dad's condition,
he could leave us anytime.

When I came out of his room last night,

I saw you passed by.

You went in to see him, didn't you?

Yes, I went in to see Dad.

What for?

What did you say to him?

I went to see Dad

to seek his consent

for me to remain in the family.


I want to stay here
so I can look after you

and nurse you back to health.


Do you want me to stay?

I understand.


I will move out.

Take good care of yourself.

I will come back to see you

anytime you want me to.


Whether or not you regard me
as your daughter,

you will always be my dad
as far as I'm concerned.

There was nothing to suggest otherwise.

He appeared well.

You were very adamant about staying.

Why the sudden decision to leave?

I said,

only Dad could decide
whether I should stay or leave.

Although he didn't indicate
his decision last night,


I knew he didn't want me to stay
and be subjected to your insults.

I don't believe a word of it!

You killed Song-nian!

You can't make

baseless accusations against me.

Where is your proof?

Song-nian died before he had
prepared a new will.

Who stands to gain the most from it?



You are now the legal heir
to Fenghuang Corporation.

Subtitle translations by Ayesya Johan