The Ultimatum (2009): Season 1, Episode 25 - Episode #1.25 - full transcript

Yuchen runs after Zhang Feng and saves him from an accident. At the hospital, he decides not to expose her as she loves him.

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All that I have has not come easy.
I had never thought of losing it!

So, you went on to take lives?

We're talking about lives here.

Three lives!

It's been one mistake after another,

but you show no repentance.

You even put on an act
at the police station.

When did you become so scary?

Feng Zhang, hear me out...

No! I'm not going to listen to you!


I can't let you go on with your mistakes.

I won't keep the secret anymore!

Feng Zhang!

Feng Zhang, hear me out.

What happened was an accident.

You've got to believe me.

Stop it! I don't want
to hear any more excuses!

Feng Zhang!

-Feng Zhang, hear me out.
-Stop it! I'm not listening.

Feng Zhang!


Yu-chen, you're awake.

-I'll get the doctor.
-Feng Zhang.

What's wrong?

Do you feel unwell?

Does your head still hurt?

Were you hurt?

Had it not been for you,

I would be the one lying here.

Any idea how dangerous it was?

Did you have a death wish?

If I didn't save you,

I would regret it for life.

I would regret it for life
if something happens to you.

I'm not afraid of death.

I'm only afraid
of the fear you have towards me.

If I had a choice,

I wouldn't want to become like this.

Everything was beyond my control.

A person's life was lost.

Ren-xiao is being held in detention.

If I don't tell the truth,
he'll get the death penalty.

No, he won't.

He didn't kill my mom deliberately.

He'll just be charged with manslaughter.

Or the police may not
find the evidence to convict him.

But Ren-xiao is innocent.

What do I do now?

If we hide the truth,

Ren-xiao will have to die.

I know.

I've done a lot of wrongs.

I can't expect you
to keep hiding the truth for me

and bearing the stress with me.

I won't stop you anymore.

If I have to be exposed,

I would rather you expose me.

To save me,

you endangered your own life.

How can I still bring myself
to expose you?

Feng Zhang,

I didn't save you so
that you would be grateful to me.

and choose not to expose me.

Did you know?

When I threw myself forward,

I realized at that instant
I could lose anything but you.

Stop it.

Don't worry.

I won't breathe a word of it.

You nearly died because of me.

Promise me,

you won't act so foolishly again.


Uncle Song-nian,

I'm sorry.

I haven't been visiting you lately.

I had things to attend to.

There is something I have to tell you.

It's nothing too important.

I'll tell you next time.

By the way,

I brought an alphabet chart for you.

The doctor said that
we can use this to communicate.

Uncle Song-nian,

do you want to die?

I know it's been very tough for you.

But you must hang in there.

Is there something you want to do?

Someone you want to see?

Let me know.

I'll help you with it.

I'll bring the person here.


What happened to your head?

She was knocked down by a van.

Are you all right?

Yes. It's nothing serious.

Here to see Dad?

Yes. I came to chat with him.

It's a shame he's not able
to persuade you to return to the company.

Let's not talk about that.

By the way, has Ren-xiao pleaded guilty?

He only admitted to giving my mom a push.

But he didn't expect it
to cause her death.

If that's the case,

let's keep this from Uncle Song-nian.
He may not be able to take it.

Aunt Ruo-lin, what's going on?

It's none of your concern.


you said you would put me
in charge of Fenghuang.

You asked me to bring the lawyer here.

Mr. Zeng and the witnesses are here now.

Let's get the paperwork done
in accordance with your wishes.


When did Dad tell you to do this?

He indicated it
when I spoke to him two days ago.

Dad is in no state to talk at all.

Dad may not choose to talk to you,
but he can talk to my mom.

You may ask your dad,
if you don't believe me.


are you going
to put me in charge of Fenghuang?


are you going to hand Fenghuang over
to Aunt Ruo-lin?

She's an outsider.
She has no right to handle it.

That's not up to you to judge.

It's his decision.

He's trusting Fenghuang over to me.

Don't get presumptuous
just because you're the Vice CEO.

As long as your dad is around,
know your place.

I wasn't talking to you.


have you thought about it?

You plan to hand the control over
to an outsider?

Are you lost for words now?

Mr. Zeng, we may begin now.

Mr. Ye, this document
contains the main contents.

It will hand the control of Fenghuang
over to Ms. Ruo-lin Jiang

in accordance with your wishes.

If you have no objection to it,

you may sign it.

Of course he has
no objection. Get on with it.


Uncle Song-nian,

you can't hand Fenghuang
over to Aunt Ruo-lin.

Who are you
to interfere in our family affairs?

Who do you think you are?

I didn't want to disclose it.

But I have to say it now.

What are the two of you up to?

Don't suppose you can stop Song-nian

from handing Fenghuang over to me.

Mr. Zeng, don't pay attention to them.

Do you think you're qualified
to handle Fenghuang?

You know what you did to Ren-zhong.

I'm sorry, Uncle Song-nian.

I didn't inform you
the moment I learned about it.

I was afraid it would be too much for you.

The mastermind behind
Ren-zhong's kidnap years ago

was none other than Aunt Ruo-lin.

That's a false accusation!

Song-nian, he's talking nonsense!

Ren-zhong wanted to expose
your money-laundering acts.

In order to stop him,

you got Big Head B to kidnap him.

Even as you instructed
Big Head B to kill him,

you encouraged Aunt Nian
to call the police,

which made Uncle Song-nian believe

that Ren-zhong was killed
because the police was called in.

That is total crap!

Don't you accuse me!
Do you have any evidence?

I learned it from your precious son.

Yes, Jie Sun was telling the truth.


It's not nonsense.

I told Jie Sun all about it.

Even if I hadn't told him about it,
I would have told Dad all the same.


I only just learned about it too.

I hesitated about revealing it.
She is my mom after all.

I really didn't know how to tell you,
so I went to Jie Sun.

I didn't mean to keep it from you, Dad.

Even your son condemns your deed.

What do you have to say now?


do you still want
to put Aunt Ruo-lin in charge?

Dad has made his intention very clear.

We have nothing now.

Are you happy?

I worked so hard to put you in power.

We were so close,
but you had to sabotage it!

Are you out of your mind?

You have the nerves
to be blaming me right now!

You gave it away,

giving others a chance to attack us.

Who do I blame if not you?

Get this clear, okay?

You've got me implicated
because you kidnapped Ren-zhong!

I can forget about a share
in Dad's assets, let alone control!

Since you were aware of the consequences,

why did you tell Jie Sun about it?

You even extorted $200,000 from me.

You don't have any credibility!

I'm your mom.
I did all that I did for your sake!

I didn't offer him the information.
Jie Sun held me at knife point!

I would have died otherwise.

Do you want me dead? If I die,
no one will mourn at your funeral!

What a thing to say!

Are you still human?

Did I say anything wrong?
Did I wrong you in any way?

I'm the wronged party!
You've implicated me in this whole thing!

What rotten luck!

All this time,

I'm aware of Ren-de's defiance.

But I didn't think he would act
the same way towards his own mom.

But, I was obviously wrong.

He's not to blame wholly.

Jie Sun had held him at knife point.
He was forced to talk.

In any case, his words

rendered all my efforts futile.

Song-nian knows the truth now.

I doubt I can stay here any longer.

Back then, you were panicked,

so you acted in a moment of folly.

The greatest folly of my life
is giving birth to a son like Ren-de.

I'm very disappointed
with his attitude towards me.

He's not as nice to me as you are.

You're my Aunt Ruo-lin.

It's only right that I treat you well.

I don't harbor any other thoughts.

I just want to be nice to you.

I've done you the greatest wrong.

Don't put it that way. I did it
out of my own free will.

At home, only you notice my presence.

You will be fine.

I've got the lawyer to find out more.

The police have doubts about this case.

Su-zhen was still alive
when we left the scene.

The murderer could be someone else.

As long as they find the evidence,
they'll release you.

Just bear with it for a few days more.
You will be fine.

Song-qiao is your daughter?

Did you have her with Wen-yu Zheng?


What's this all about?

Does Yu-chen know about this?

She does.

Then why is she keeping mom involved?

Uncle Song-nian,
can I help you in any way?

Do you want to write a will?

Can I let Yu-chen know about this?


I won't tell about it.

I'm sorry.

I was caught in a traffic jam.

It's okay.

How have you been?

You made a good point.

Life has to go on.

I get very busy at work,
leaving me with no time to grieve.

What do you want to see me about?

I've been wanting to ask you something,

but I find it all so inconceivable,
so I'm not sure how to go about it.

What is it?

Ren-yi called me his sister
before he passed on.

Why did he do that?

What else did he say?

Before he could say more, he was gone.

Chao-qun later analyzed it for me.

He told me how it's possible

that my mom got pregnant with me
after your dad raped her.

Chao-qun said,

if I am Song-nian Ye's daughter,

it'll explain my mom's attitude
towards me all those years.

My mom disliked me

because I personified her humiliation.

Chao-qun's analysis does make sense.

Not only were we born
on the same day, month and year,

we may even be half-siblings
who share the same dad.


I can't be Song-nian Ye's daughter.

I'm my dad's daughter.

My dad cared for me since I was little.

If I'm not his child,
he wouldn't have been such a loving dad.

If that's what you really thought,
you wouldn't have asked to meet me.

You have your doubts. Am I right?

Instead of making wild guesses,
why don't you ask my dad directly?

You'll let me see Mr. Ye?

Why not?

To be honest, I would be very happy
to have you as my sister.

Hi, Song-qiao. This is Yu-chen.


I said I would arrange for you
to see my dad today, remember?

-Yes, I remember.
-When can we expect you?

Do you need me to fetch you?

It's okay. I'll make my own way there.

All right. I'll be expecting you then.


Are you Song-qiao Fang?

You are?

I have something important
to tell you. Let's talk over there.

I see. I'm sorry.

I'm busy now. Here's my name card.
We'll fix an appointment.

What I'm going to tell you
concerns your mom.

I know how your mom died.

Please tell me how my mom died.

-I saw everything.
-What did you see?


I saw your mom arguing with a man.

Your mom accidentally
fell over the parapet.

She could have been saved,
but that man left her to die.

That was how your mom fell to her death.

Who was that man?

He was Song-nian Ye,
the prominent CEO of Fenghuang.

How did you know it was him?

I happened to be
taking a break near the scene.

I admit I was slacking off at work.

You have no proof
to substantiate your claim.

I have the voice recording!

-Beast, you're not leaving!
-What do you want?

I want to expose you!
I'll expose your ugly deeds, Song-nian Ye!

Let go, you crazy woman!

-I'm not letting go!
-Let go!

I'm not letting go!

I'm not letting go!


What took you so long?

My dad has been expecting you.


Slow down.

You may leave.

Why did you leave her to die?

Song-qiao, what happened?

Don't try to hide it anymore.

The witness you had bribed came to see me.

It was you who had an argument
with her on the rooftop!

You left her in the lurch.

You caused my mom's death.

How can you believe such
unsubstantiated claims?

Here's the proof.

-Beast, you're not leaving!
-What do you want?

I want to expose you!
I'll expose your ugly deeds, Song-nian Ye!

Let go, you crazy woman!

I'm not letting go!

There is no denying it now.

Impossible! There must be
some misunderstanding.

Someone probably wants to frame my dad.

We cannot trust the evidence.

What do we trust then? Your dad's words?

Mr. Ye,

you were spotted at the scene.

But no one could prove that
you were linked to my mom's death.

Now that I have this voice recording,
can you still claim otherwise?

I felt quite apologetic towards you.

But I'm not in the least sorry now!

I won't forgive you. You're a murderer.


Even if you're bedridden,

the law will still deal with you.




Why did you act so rashly?

You confronted Uncle Song-nian
without checking the facts.

I've got the witness and evidence.

It's a fact that he killed my mom.

Witness and evidence?

Just know that I have
ample evidence to nail him.

Let me help you look into the case.

By letting you do that,

you'll cover up his crime.

You're such an expert.

Once a thief, not always a thief.

That sounds so lame coming from you.

Do you dare say Song-nian Ye
didn't rape my mom?

Do you dare say Song-nian Ye
didn't kill my mom to cover up a scandal?

Do you dare say Song-nian Ye
did none of those?

Is the voice recording
your piece of evidence?


You should know voice recordings
can be faked.

I also have a witness.

He can prove that Song-nian Ye bribed him.

Who is he? Let me ask him a few questions.

Do you think I'll tell you?

Even if you don't, I can find him.

Go ahead.

But if anything happens to him,
I'll hold you responsible!

Can you duplicate
a copy of the recording to me?

I want to find out if it was faked.

This man formerly worked
as a cleaner in our company.

-Do you know where he is now?
-No idea.

A few days ago, he said
he had won the lottery and resigned.

He left in haste.

He even left his half a month's pay.

Thank you.

How come you're alone?


My friends are occupied, so I'm alone.

I'll keep you company. Why didn't
you order something to eat?

I don't know what I would like to have.

Abalone and shark's fin
were your daily staple.

I guess coffee shop fare
is not to your liking anymore.

A daily staple of abalone and
shark's fin is not necessary a joy.

I used to daydream of becoming a rich man,

feasting on good food every day.

If I felt like it,
I would go for a game at the casino.

In the end, I have it all.

But I find nothing special about it.

The grass is always
greener on the other side.

The problem doesn't lie with the food,
it's the dining atmosphere.

What do you mean?

When a family eats together,
it should be a happy event.

Are you unhappy during mealtimes?

You know the Ye family well.
Surely you have an idea?

That's how they are.
Maybe you're not used to it yet.

That's not what a family should be.
They plot against each other.

Do they even have any affection
for one another?

Not all of them are void of it.
But I know I can speak for Yu-chen.

Since little,
she had looked out for Ren-yi.

If only I had an elder sister like her.

They're siblings.

Naturally, Yu-chen was good to Ren-yi.


following Ren-yi's death,
Yu-chen seems to have changed.

Has she?

Yu-chen is probably very tired lately.

So much has happened at home.

Yet I can't offer her any help
except give her moral support.

I don't know if I'm imagining things.

But Yu-chen seems to treat me
like an outsider these days.

How can that be? You're being sensitive.

Yu-chen has been hoping
you'll assist her in the company again.

Yu-chen just has to ask
and I'll gladly oblige her in any matter.

You see her all the time.
Do remind her that.

It's just like her to take
everything upon herself.

Friends like us are worried about her.

She's obviously troubled lately.

But she just won't talk about it.

Actually, Yu-chen...

Do you know something?


I mean, Yu-chen will be fine.

Don't be too worried.

I'm glad to hear that.

Do you need to go somewhere?


I'm wondering if I should tell
Uncle Song-nian about the recording test.

What are the results?

The recording was faked.


But I can't figure out why anyone
would want to set Uncle Song-nian up.

It's Mr. Zeng, the lawyer. Excuse me.

Ms. Ye,

two police officers would like to see you.

You may leave.

Please take a seat.

May I know what's the purpose
of your visit?

We find doubtful points
regarding the case of Su-zhen Shen.

We want to look at the case again.

Hasn't my brother pleaded guilty?
What doubtful points are there?

We suspect
he's taking the rap for someone.

The coroner's report

indicates two injuries
on your mother's head.

They were done at different times.

Do you suspect the murderer
is another person?


Who do you think the murderer is?

We're still working on the case.

So, we need to take down
your employees' statements again.

No problem. Go ahead.
You'll have our co-operation.

We'll take our leave then.

-Thank you
-You're welcome.

You're welcome.

Before I forget,

we have a question for you, Ms. Ye.

Su-zhen Shen's mobile records

showed that she rang your number
during the window period.

Yes, my mom called me once.

I was driving then,
so my phone was put on a silent mode.

When I noticed the missed call,

I tried to return her call,
but there was no response.

What time was that?

At about noon.

-Are you sure?

I remember having mentioned it to you.

Is there a problem?

No. We just wanted to confirm it.

Ms. Ye, I didn't know
the diamond ring was yours.

I've already returned it to you.
Give me a chance.

I promise it won't happen again.

Sao Zhang, don't panic.

I hear your husband has been ill
and needs care back home.

So, I'm giving you unpaid leave

so you may go back to your hometown.

Ms. Ye, really?

You've worked hard in the company,
so we should extend some understanding.

Here is a small token.
Buy tonics for your husband.

So, this is not a retrenchment package?

Not to worry.

Call me when you are ready
to come back. I'll handle it.

Thank you. Thank you, Ms. Ye.

You're such a nice person.

This is the least you deserve.
But tell no one about this.

Or I'll be accused
of flouting company rules.

Instead of helping you,
I'll be getting you into trouble.


I hear the police were here again.

Did they discover some leads?

They suspect the murderer
to be someone else.

They're looking into the case again.

Looking into the case again?

Did they discover something?

I doubt it.

If they did, they would have asked me
to go back with them.

Where did you go?

I went to have a cup of coffee.

By the way, I ran into Jie Sun.

I overheard him on the phone
with the lawyer.

Do you know the contents?


Jie Sun won't approach Mr. Zeng
over personal issues.

By the way,

Jie Sun mentioned something else too.

What was it?

He sent a voice recording
from Song-qiao for sound wave analysis.

He claimed the voices didn't belong
to your dad and Song-qiao's mom.


did you get Jie Sun
to fix a meeting with the lawyer?

You plan to change the will?

Even if you say nothing,
I can hazard a guess or two.

It's been so many years.

Surely I can read your mind?

I studied hard

when I was a child.

I would top my cohort every year.

At work,

I would go the extra mile,

hoping to win your recognition.

When Ren-zhong was around,

you only noticed him.

After he died,

you only noticed Ren-de and Ren-yi.

You never saw me.

All because I am a girl.

Did you know that

when you handed Fenghuang over to me,

I was over the moon.

You finally acknowledged
my years of hard work.

You finally noticed my competence.

I told myself with pride,

"I did it.

Dad notices me."

During that time,

I did my best to run Fenghuang

to prove to you

that you made the right choice.


I never expected

to not be your daughter.

I am not one of the Ye's.

You have no idea

how miserable I felt

when I learned that I'm not your daughter.

It turns out that I have no blood ties

with the family I've lived with
for over 30 years.

I felt

as if I had lost everything overnight.

You're changing the will

to leave everything to Song-qiao.

Do you know how much she hates you?

No matter how much you give her
or try to make it up to her,

In her eyes,

you are just Song-nian Ye.

You're the man who raped her mother,

the man whom her mother
taught her to hate.

It's not right.

She has no management skills.


I'm the only one who treats you
like a real father!


you're giving her what's rightfully mine!

All because I'm not
your biological daughter!

Do blood ties matter that much?

You drove me to this.


It's you.

I thought I said
I would be too busy for lunch.

Yes, you did. So, I bought you lunch.

Give me 15 minutes
to make sure you take your lunch.

I feel as if I'm a pet.

Thank you.

Is there anything wrong?

I have something to tell Song-qiao.

What is it?

Your witness has resigned
and left without a trace.

You've lost a witness to back up
your case against Uncle Song-nian.

You sent him away, didn't you?

You're capable of something so low.

I have never met that man.

Besides, the voice recording is fake.

I got an expert to authenticate it.
The voice didn't belong to your mother.

You should know human sound waves
are like fingerprints.

They cannot be duplicated.

Uncle Song-nian has
the answers to your questions.

Why don't you go and see him again?

Hear the truth from him.

I don't wish to hear another lie.

You're a lawyer yourself.
You know how it works.

A person is judged guilty
only after a trial.

Shouldn't you give him
a chance to defend his case?

Yu-chen, I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

I was mistaken about you
and said awful things to you.

Thank goodness the police found
new evidence to prove his innocence.

That was how Ren-xiao got acquitted.

Don't you find it odd?
Why did the murderer kill Aunt Nian?

Her valuables were left intact.

The murderer wasn't after money.

So, what was the murder motive?

What are you doing here?

Uncle Song-nian asked me
to bring her here.

What the hell?

Why would Dad want to see this woman?

Besides asking to see Song-qiao,

Uncle Song-nian also asked Mr. Zeng
to be here to change the will.

Dr. Wong will also certify
if he is in a clear state of mind.

I confirm Mr. Ye
is in a clear state of mind.

-You may ask your questions now.
-Thank you.

Uncle Song-nian,

I've gathered everyone here
as you requested.

Song-qiao is here too.

Why did you ask to see me?

Uncle Song-nian has something
to tell everyone.

Uncle Song-nian,

I'm going to ask you a few things
with everyone's present.

You'll answer me by blinking your eyes
so that we'll know your answer.


Is Song-qiao your daughter?

Dad, is this a joke?

She's your daughter?

How absurd! Has your illness
got to your head?


isn't Song-qiao the daughter
of Wen-yu Zheng?

Dr. Wong has confirmed
that he is in a clear state of mind.

Let me ask him again.

Uncle Song-nian,

is Song-qiao Fang your daughter?

I see!

I know.

So, you're Dad's bastard child!

Mind your words.

Am I wrong?

Isn't she the offspring of the woman
whom Dad raped?

Song-qiao is not the daughter
Uncle Song-nian had with Wen-yu Zheng.

Come again?

Uncle Song-nian,

here's the last question.

Is Yu-chen your daughter?

Subtitle translations by Ayesya Johan