The Ultimatum (2009): Season 1, Episode 24 - Episode #1.24 - full transcript

Chaoqun and Songqiao confirm that the numbers Renyi left behind referred his locker at the golf club.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -



-Give it to me!
-Give it to me!

Yu-chen Ye is not Song-nian Ye's daughter!

Let go!

You're not Song-nian Ye's daughter!

Yes, Mom?

I have something to ask you.
Where are you?

I'm at a meeting outside.

Wait until I get home.

No. I need to see you now.

Go to my office then.

I'll be there soon.

Okay, I'll go to your office right now.

E24M is indeed Mr. Ye's locker number.

He told me the number on his deathbed.

I think he left something
in the locker for me.

Can you open it for me?

I'm sorry.

Mr. Ye's mom was just here clearing it up.

What's keeping her?

I can explain it, Aunt Ruo-lin!

I can explain it, Aunt Ruo-lin!

Let go!

We're in the office.

Say it.

I'm busy.

I said something stupid last night
and made you angry.

I have better things to do.

Don't you hold it against me?

I'll let it pass.

But please don't do it again.

I hate to be blackmailed.

I wasn't blackmailing you.

Please believe me
that I don't ask for anything.

All I want is to continue
to stay by your side.

How shameless can they be!

So long as I can be with you,
I'll do anything you say.

Anything you say.

I swear

I won't tell anyone
about you kidnapping Ren-zhong!

I'll remain silent

about you encouraging Aunt Su-zhen
to call the police too.

I'll put everything behind me.

Wicked woman!

So, you were the one who killed Ren-zhong

and caused Song-nian
to hate me all these years!

What are you doing here?

God is fair after all.
I have finally learned the truth!

What truth?

I don't know what you're talking about!

Don't try to deny it.

I heard everything.

I must tell Song-nian all about it!

He'll realize that you're a vicious woman!

-Aunt Su-zhen!



-Listen to me, Su-zhen!
-Let go!

I foolishly caused Ren-zhong's death.

My conscience has been bugging me
all these years.

I've let you down.
Let's talk things over calmly.

I have nothing to say to you.

Save your explanations for Song-nian!

Please, Su-zhen!

-Let's discuss it calmly, Aunt Su-zhen!

Let go of me!

Aunt Su-zhen!

What should we do? She's dead.

Let's get out of here.

I'm back in the office, Mom.
Where are you?

I'm at the stairs leading to the rooftop.

Mom! What happened?

You're injured. Did you have a fall?

I have something to ask you.

Now is not the time.
Let me take you to the hospital first.

Give it to me!

So, you're not my daughter.

Song-qiao is my daughter.

To think that I was always so fond of you

and I sought your advice on everything.

But it turns out,

you kept such a big matter from me.

What are you talking about, Mom?

Of course, I'm your daughter.

Tell me!

Did you kill Ren-yi?

Why would I kill him?

He was run down by a car.

It was an accident.

What about the explosion on the boat then?

Like Ren-yi said,

Mr. Hong was after his blood.

He died such a mysterious death.

Now I know why.

Ren-yi found out

you were after his life,

so, he feigned death

and did not dare to go home.

But you still wouldn't let him off!

You had to get someone to run him down!

Why are you so ruthless?

Why are you so ruthless?

That wasn't true, Mom.

That wasn't true, Mom.

It wasn't true, Mom.

I must let everybody know about this.

I want Song-qiao back.

Give me the phone, Mom.

Give me the phone.

Give me.

Let's go to the police, Yu-chen.
Come with me.

No, Mom.

-Come with me...
-No, I can't do that.


The police will discover
the body sooner or later.

What if they come after us?

Stay calm.

It already happened.
What's the use of getting scared?

The penalty for murder is death.

Aren't you worried at all?

Nobody saw us going to the rooftop,

or engaging in a dispute with Su-zhen.

Without any proof,

how will the police make the arrest?

Don't say

anything wrong at the interrogation,

or you'll be doomed.

I'll watch what I say.

Even if I give myself away unwittingly,
I won't implicate you.

Did I say anything
about you implicating me?

We're in the same boat now.

If anything happens to you,
I won't be happy either.

They serve good food here.

My colleagues brought me here once.

I wanted to take you here,

but you're taking me instead.


What's the matter?

Did you hear what I said?

My mind was elsewhere.

What were you saying?

Never mind, it isn't important.

Let me cut it for you.

You weren't in your office just now.

Where did you go?

I was at a meeting.

I came straight from there.

No wonder I couldn't find you.

I'm having lunch.

I'll be back in half an hour.

What's with you?

You got startled
even when your phone rang.

Has something happened?


I'm just worried about my mom.

What's wrong with her?

She called just now and said
she had something to tell me.

I asked her to wait at my office
as I was at a meeting.

But I couldn't get her at all
after the meeting.

Maybe she has gone home.

I called home, but Amy said
she wasn't back yet.

She probably ran into some friend

and forgot all

about her appointment with you.

Why didn't she pick up my calls then?

I had better call her again.

-There's still no answer.

Nothing must happen to her.

Ren-yi is gone. If Mom...

Yu-chen, don't worry.

Ms. Shen will be fine.

I'm okay.

I'll try calling her again.


She's my mom.

My mom is dead.

How did it happen?

Are you Madam Su-zhen Shen's daughter?

She's Yu-chen Ye, Vice CEO of Fenghuang.

What happened to my mom?

Ms. Shen was found near the rooftop.

We suspect

she died from a fall down the stairs.


How did it happen?

What am I going to do?

It was my fault.

My mom wanted to see me about something.

But I was at a meeting outside,

so, I asked her to come to my office.

I said I would meet her after the meeting.

What time was it when she called?

About 11 a.m.

She called me right after her meeting.
It was about noon then.

She came straight from her meeting
to have lunch with me.

She wasn't in the office.

What about you?

I left Fenghuang with my colleagues
at about 11 a.m.

I didn't see Ms. Shen.

You must get to the bottom of this

no matter what happens, officers.

Rest assured.

They will surely do that.

You'll find the murderer soon.

Come in.

He has admitted that he was
the one who hurt you.

Have your revenge any way you want it.

I won't stop you.

You can't solve the problem
by running away from it.

You can free yourself from the shadow
of the incident only by facing up to it.

Don't be afraid of him.

He can no longer hurt you.

You can do whatever you want to him.

If you kill me, you'll be hanged too.

Think carefully. Don't act on impulse.
It's not worth doing it to me!

Taking my life won't change anything.

Let me go and I'll do anything you say.




Please don't kill me!


No matter what I do,
it isn't going to help.

Min Sun!

Min Sun!

Min Sun!

Min Sun!

Min Sun.

Stop running away from it.

Don't tell me you want to be
like this forever?

Let it be.

I'm already like this so just let me be.


I can't because you're my sister.

No matter how hurt you are,

I can't let you continue to be in despair.

I know

you and Song-qing are trying to help me.

But I really can't help it.

I still have bad dreams every night.

I get scared when I'm in the dark.

I feel like hitting him
when someone touches me.

I really tried hard

to forget him but I just couldn't!

Do you get it?

I do.

I do.

But I can't let you go on like this.

I let you have your way in the past

because you were vibrant and optimistic.

But now, I have to make you
face up to your fear.

Only then will you overcome it.

I can't do it.

What happened was a trauma.

It's deeply etched

on my mind.

What are you doing?

You're a cad!

Please don't kill me.

Are you scared now?

Did you think of letting Min Sun off
when you held her captive?

Yes, I did. I really did.

Please don't kill me.

You're a rat.

You actually abused these girls!

I deserve to be shot.

But please don't kill me.
I'll do anything to make up for my deeds.

Save your breath!

No! Spare my life
and I'll tell you a secret!

How dare you bargain with me!

I'm the only one who will tell you.

If you kill me, you'll never find out.

I'm not interested!

It was my mom who kidnapped Ren-zhong Ye
and caused your father's death!


Say that again.

My mom was the mastermind for everything.

She was out to get rid of Ren-zhong Ye.

You're inhuman.

You even betrayed your own mom!

I already told you the secret.

Keep your word and let me go!

A scumbag like you
doesn't deserve any honor!

I would have killed you
if it wasn't for Uncle Song-nian!

Both Ren-yi and Ms. Shen's deaths

were so sudden.

They must be a heavy blow to you.

The dead won't come back to life.
Do take care of yourself.

Life is really unpredictable.

Dad lost his consciousness,

Mom and Ren-yi are dead.

Everything happened just like that.

There's no way you can evade

what life has in store for you.

I have been feeling rather bad

that I can't be of any help.

Ren-yi seemed to want to ask me
to do something for him

before his last breath.

He was badly injured then

and didn't know what he was saying.

So, take it easy.

He gave me two sets of numbers
on his deathbed.

I also thought he did it

in a state of delirium initially,

so, I took no notice of it.

But I recently learned
that one of the numbers

was his locker number at the club.

I heard

Ms. Shen found a phone
when she was clearing out the locker.

It then struck me that maybe Ren-yi

was trying to tell us something.

So, what's the other number?

I have no idea.

There are five digits.
The numbers are 1, 1, 3, 2 and 6.

It's probably a combination
to a safety deposit box,

or some membership number.

At the moment, I can't recall

what these numbers are.

Maybe your dad knows.

Ren-yi asked me to call him.

He might be able to tell me something.

Ren-yi and my mom's deaths
are a heavy blow to him.

He's in low spirits.

I don't think it's a good time to see him.

Rest assured. I won't make him sad.

He's my dad.

I have to think of his health.

I'm sorry, you can't disturb him.

Please spare a thought for my feelings.

Hold it there!

Where were you the past two days?

How did you get injured?

Stay out of my affairs.

I'm just being concerned.

What exactly happened?

I got into a fight and fell
into a drain, okay?

Would you have all those cuts
and bruises then?



Song-qiao came and asked to see you.


I told her to leave.

Do you wish to see her?

Are you thinking of telling her the truth?

You're not going to do that.

Are you looking for me?

Please be honest with me.

What have I done this time, Ms. Fang?

Ren-de withdrew his charge
against Song-qing yesterday.

I couldn't figure out why.

But when I saw his injury just now,

immediately you came to my mind.

How could I possibly have injured him?

Don't forget I have become handicapped.

Just answer my question.

Yes, I was the culprit.

I don't think what I did was wrong.

Why do you keep using violence
to solve matters?

Come on, he's a rat.

I was only paying him back
for what he has done.

Did that help Min Sun in any way?

I don't care.

I have told you the truth.

Are you going to be Ren-de's witness?

Are you going to charge me
with confining him illegally

and assault?

Even if you do that, I dare say
he wouldn't dare take me to court.

I wouldn't do that.

But one thing's for sure.

I made the right decision.

What decision?

We shouldn't be in a relationship at all.

I'm utterly disappointed in you.

I already told you not to fall for me.

See, now you're unable to get out of it.

Don't thank me

for saving your brother
from being charged.

He's a friend of Min Sun's.

I was obliged to help him.

I don't need you to resort to
such means to help him.

Don't get so worked up. It's not worth it.

Thank you.

We were right.

Yu-chen went to the security firm

to check the safe deposit box we opened.

It seems the secret Ren-yi kept
really means a lot to her.

Do you still trust her?

It's so hard to believe

that she had something
to do with their deaths.

She was such a loving sister
and good daughter.

How could she possibly did
a thing like that?

There's more to it than meets the eye.

Are you trying to tell me
that I'm Song-nian Ye's daughter again?


But we can't rule out the possibility.

Think about it.

Why is Yu-chen so anxious
to get hold of Ren-yi's belongings?

Is there something
which she feels threatened with

and it has to do with your parentage?


I can't be Song-nian's daughter.

I know you can't accept it yet.

No. It's simply impossible.

Let's drop the subject.

It's worse than I thought.

You had better receive treatment quickly.

Will that cure me?

Save it.

How much time do I have?

Six months.

What's with you today?

I'm okay.

You always have a lot to say when we meet.

If you could only live
for just another day,

what would you do?

What's the matter with you?

It's okay if you don't feel
like telling me.

To me, if I only had another day to go,

I would be content so long as I felt

I didn't live in vain.


Can I borrow your hand for just a while?

What's wrong with you?

I lent you my shoulder.

It's time to return me the favor.

Thank you.

Now, will you tell me why?

Did I ask you why
when I lent you my shoulder?

Won't you really tell me?

Come on.

I know

you were following us.

But what good will that do?

Running away again?

Is that all you can do

when you encounter a problem?

What are you trying to say?

You shadow Song-qiao and won't face her.

Just what do you want?

It's none of your business.

Are you giving up just like that?

You're a lousy rival.

I really regret spending so much time

and effort to get evidence against you.

Do you feel like hitting me?

Are you my match?

What's the matter?

Can't get back on your feet?

You fell of your own accord,

so, you must get up on your own.

What are you looking at?



I saw it.

You're wearing a big diamond ring.

It's fake.

It's fake.

It's fake.

Isn't that Yu-chen's ring?

No! I don't know!

Yu-chen said she lost the ring.

So, you were the one who stole it!


I didn't steal it.

It was the day before I saw
Ms. Ye going out of the washroom.

Which day do you mean?


I'm on duty every Wednesday.

The day Mrs. Ye died?

Yes. I remember there were
many police officers around.

What time was that?

Around noon.

You're lying.

Yu-chen wasn't in the office at that time.

No. I really saw Ms. Ye.

Could Yu-chen be hiding something from me?

I told you.

I was having a meeting with Ren-xiao.

I had no idea Su-zhen came.

She and I weren't on good terms.

So, she couldn't possibly be
looking for me.

You're lying.

You weren't at a meeting.

You and Ren-xiao Ye were seen
going to the rooftop.

I had an argument
with Aunt Ruo-lin over work.

We didn't want the others to find out,

so, we went to the rooftop.

What time did you go to the rooftop

and what time did you leave?

I'm not sure of the exact time.

I think we went up at about 10 p.m.

and left at about 10,30 a.m.

You're lying.

You were seen going
to the rooftop at 11,30 a.m.

Su-zhen Shen died

between 11,30 a.m. and 12,30 p.m.

You must have run into her

at the rooftop.

We have a witness.

You had better come clean with us.

We did run into her.

She accused me of having an affair

with Ren-xiao

and threatened to expose us.

We got into an entanglement
while trying to stop her.

She lost her balance
and fell down the stairs.

You're lying!

She didn't fall down the stairs.

It's either you or Ren-xiao Ye pushed her!

I didn't kill her!

I was the one who killed her.

How did it happen?

We got into an entanglement

and I pushed her in a huff.

She lost her footing and fell.

What happened after that?

We realized she had stopped breathing,

so, we got terrified and ran away.


I won't implicate you

since I was the culprit.

I'll get you the best lawyer.

Thank you.

Why did you kill my mom?

What did she do?

Why did you have to kill her?

Get a hold of yourself.


Give me back my mom!

Give me back my mom!

Calm down.

How do you expect me to do that?
He killed my mom.

Give me back my mom.

Give me back my mom.

I'm sorry.

What's the point?

My mom is dead.

My mom is dead!

Calm down, Ms. Ye.

We're still investigating the case.

The murderer might be someone else.

He already confessed. It had to be him.

He's only a suspect.

We still have some doubt about the case.

No need to investigate further.

I'm positive that he is the murderer!

Make sure that he is punished!

You're a murderer!

He already confessed.

The murderer had to be him.

But the police said

they still had some doubt.

Ren-xiao couldn't have committed murder.

His affair with Aunt Ruo-lin
is an open secret.

I see no reason why he would kill
your mom because of that.

But he pleaded guilty.

He could get hanged for it.

Are you sure he wouldn't toy
with his own life?

He told the police

he and Aunt Ruo-lin thought
your mom had died,

so, they ran away.

Maybe your mom was still alive then.

He was lying!

He meant to kill her,
so, he pushed her hard.

She hit her head against the handrail
as a result and died.

How did you know she hit her head
against the handrail?

The police said so.

Didn't you hear it?

Why do you insist

that Ren-xiao was the murderer?

Who else could it be?

Ren-xiao wasn't the murderer.

You said you weren't in the office

on the day your Mom died.

But Sao Zhang saw you.

Who's Sao Zhang?
She must have made a mistake.

I wasn't in the office.

Where's your diamond ring?

I lost it.

I couldn't find it anywhere.

Sao Zhang found this ring.

It's yours, isn't it?

On the day of the murder,

she saw you coming out of the washroom

on the first floor below the rooftop.

She must have made a mistake.

It must have been another day
when she saw me.

The police never said

your mom hit her head
against the handrail.

They only said she died from the injury
at the back of her head.

Don't you trust me?

Be honest with me

or I'll hand this ring
to the police and tell them

you were at the crime scene!

I didn't mean it.

She threatened me with the phone.
I didn't mean to kill her!

Were you really the one?

How could you be so ruthless
as to kill your own mom?

I didn't mean for her to die.

I only wanted to stop her,
but she left me with no choice.

That's an excuse!

You always find excuses for your mistakes!

Ren-yi, Song-qiao's mom

and your mom died because of you!

You keep lying to me.

I feel

like an accomplice
who is helping you to kill!

No, that's not true.

They were my kin.

I never wanted them to die.

I'm more distressed than anyone else
over their deaths.

Why didn't they spare a thought for me?

All of them threatened

to reveal my parentage
and take everything away from me.

I couldn't afford to lose
what I had worked so hard for.

Did that give you the right to kill?

Are wealth and status so important?

We're talking about three lives here.

Aren't you remorseful for what you did?

You even put on an act
at the police station.

Why have you become so wicked?

I can explain it.

I don't want to hear any explanation!

You mustn't carry on your mistakes!

I'm not going to help you
cover up your crimes anymore!

Subtitle translation by Alyaa Zakariah