The Ultimatum (2009): Season 1, Episode 23 - Episode #1.23 - full transcript

On his deathbed, Renyi asks to see Songqiao.

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-Are you all right?
-I'm fine.

Quick, Ren-yi is waiting for us.

Over there!


What are you doing here?

Ren-yi asked to see me.

How is Ren-yi doing?


Your mom is here to see you.


What happened?

What happened to you?

I thought you were killed in an explosion.

I never knew you were still alive.

Why didn't you come home?

Please wake up and tell me.



My sister.

Are you asking for Yu-chen?

The hospital has got through to her
and your mom.

They'll be here very soon.


It isn't Yu-chen.

What do you want to tell me?

Guard against Yu-chen.

Are you worried about Yu-chen?

What's wrong with her?

Did something happen to her?



Go find Dad.

Do you want me to find Mr. Ye?

What do you want me to tell your dad?

Ren-yi, hang in there.
I'll get the doctor.


twenty four...


Guard it from Yu-chen.

How's Ms. Shen?

She was distressed.

She almost passed out.

I got the doctor to give her a jab.

She has calmed down.

It was one blow after another.

It has been very hard on her.

We rushed over

the moment we received the call.

We still didn't make it.

He was gravely injured.

When I saw him,

he was gasping for air.

What did Ren-yi tell you

when you saw him?

He kept calling out,


Why couldn't I make it here sooner?

If I had made it,

I would have seen him for the last time.

Now, he's gone forever.

I had been helping him

with his problems
ever since he was little.

But this time around,

I could do nothing to help.

I could only see him lying before me.

I'm to blame.

It was when he needed me most

that I could do nothing to help.

I came late, I'm sorry.

He must have plenty of things to tell me.

It was an accident.
Nobody wanted it to happen.

Did he say anything else?

Did he ask you to convey anything to us?

You mean he went without saying a word?

He might have wishes
he had yet to fulfill.

That's all I can do for him right now.

I understand,

but this is rather puzzling.

I thought Ren-yi was dead.

If he was alive,

why didn't he

go home

or get in touch with his family?

He was brought back to life

and then knocked down by a car.

Is there any hidden agenda?

I would like to know the truth too.

Are you Ren-yi Ye's family?

I'm his sister.

These are his personal effects.

Don't you think that
this case is rather strange?

The person who was supposed
to be dead wasn't dead.

Then a car knocked him down for no reason.

He died for the second time
in the most bizarre way.

It sounds like a strange encounter.

Indeed, Yu-chen.

Can you explain why Ren-yi
didn't die in the first place?

My take is that he wasn't dead at all.

Maybe he faked his own death

because he was attacked.

Since he didn't want Mr. Hong
and the others to know about it,

he chose not to go home.

Was he more eager
to shake off his pursuers?

Shake off?

Could it be a kidnapping case?

He wasn't kidnapped.

Why are you so sure?

Think about it.

If he was kidnapped,

you would have received a ransom call.

But you haven't received such calls.

Whatever it is,

I won't let Ren-yi die for nothing.

I will uncover the truth.

I want him to go in peace.

Are you blaming me?

Do you blame me for hiding the truth?

You should know

that I feel very remorseful.

I didn't want Ren-yi to die,

but his death was an accident.

Since it has happened,

I can't let anybody
have the slightest doubt.

I don't feel good at all

having to hide the truth in this manner.

Feng Zhang.

Why did I tie him up?

He wouldn't have died,

if I didn't tie him up.

I even knocked him unconscious twice.

I'm aware

that you did all that for me.

Ren-yi wouldn't have died,

if it wasn't for me.

I feel like

I was the murderer.

I had better

turn myself in

or I would feel guilty all my life.

I'm the one

who created this mess.

I won't be able to get away
even if you turn yourself in.

I must...

take the blame for Ren-yi's death.

I'll feel better

if I'm able to make up

for my wrongdoings.

But if I'm put away,

what will happen to Mom and Fenghuang?

Aunt Ruo-lin and the others
have been coveting

Fenghuang and our family's property.

Now that Ren-yi is dead,

Ren-xiao is leaning towards her.

If I were to be in jail,

Fenghuang will fall into their hands.

Whatever my dad fought so hard to earn,

will go up in smoke.

What am I supposed to do?

I have no idea.

I have been wondering

about what the old me

would do.

Would I be the same as I am now?

Hiding facts,

making up stories.

I didn't want to be like this.

You used to look at your problems
from a larger point of view.

You would have no problems
resolving any issues

which might affect the outcome
of the bigger picture.

Without any consideration?

Your stand used to be very firm.

You wouldn't flinch even if you needed

to resort to scheming.


Would I seriously do that?

You wouldn't have been involved
if it's not because of me.

You decide what you want to do.

If you think turning in
is the best solution,

let's face it and go to jail together.

I won't regret it.

If you're put behind bars,

I bet Ren-de and the others
will be celebrating.

If Fenghuang and the Ye's assets
fall into their hands,

I bet your mom will have
a hard life in the future.

I believe Ren-yi wouldn't want
that kind of outcome either.

The only way is to do injustice to Ren-yi.

Stop being so negative.

When you went to help Ren-yi,

did you see his phone?

What's wrong?

The things Ren-yi left behind
did not include his phone.

It's either he had it hidden,

or he had dropped it by accident.

I don't know.

I was confused.

I wasn't sure if I should let him off.

Nothing else crossed my mind.

He might have destroyed it long ago.

He wouldn't have destroyed it.

He used the phone to threaten me.

He wouldn't have done that.

He didn't carry it with him.

He might have kept it somewhere.

Are you worried about Yu-chen?

What's wrong with her?


and talk to Dad.

Please leave us alone.


Ren-yi wanted Ms. Fang to see you.

Mr. Ye,

Ren-yi asked me to see you before he died.

Is there something you want to tell me?

Song-nian, what's wrong?

Ms. Fang, you'd better come another time.

Let me ask him a few questions.

I just want to know
why he wanted to see me.

I won't make him feel upset.


do you want Ms. Fang to stay?

We can only communicate with him

in this manner.

Ask simple questions

with a yes or no answer.

If his eyes blink once, the answer is yes.

If it's twice, the answer is no.

Ren-yi asked me to see you.

Did you intend to see me?

What's the reason?

Is it because you're still angry with me

over the incident the other time?

Why did you ask to see me then?

Does it have to do with Ren-yi?

Wasn't it because of Ren-yi?

In that case...

I'm sorry.

Ask him nicely.

Please do not upset him.

Do you want to see me

because of my mom?

Mom, are you all right?

Why did you take so long to take the call?

I was in your dad's room.

Is something wrong with Dad?


Song-qiao came to visit your dad.

What is she doing there?

She said Ren-yi told her to see your dad,

right before he died.

I let her in to see your dad

since it was Ren-yi's wish.

Hello? Yu-chen?

Are you there?

Does it have to do with my mom's death?

Did you cause my mom's death?

Do you know who killed my mom?


Who is the person?

Who is the person?

Mr. Ye!

Mr. Ye!

What's wrong with Song-nian?

Song-nian. What's wrong, Song-nian?

I told you

not to upset him.

What did you ask him?

What made him so agitated?

I asked him about my mom.

Why did you have to raise that matter?

I allowed you to see Song-nian

on Ren-yi's account.

Forget it. You had better go.


Yu-chen, this is a surprise.

I didn't feel at ease. How is Dad?

I have sent for his doctor.

Madam, Dr. Wong is here.

Dr. Wong, please attend to Song-nian.

Let's leave them alone.

I'm sorry, I got your dad so worked up.

What did you say to him?

Mr. Ye knows how my mom died.

I wanted to know who killed her.

My dad can't possibly talk to you
in his present state.

He can't even tell us what he wants.

No, he clearly gestured

that my mom was killed.

What else did he gesture?

He became very agitated all of a sudden

and I couldn't find out more.

Because of your curiosity,
you didn't care about my dad's illness.

Don't you think that's kind of heartless?

Sorry, I was too eager
to find out the truth.

Yu-chen, please help me.

You had better go home.

I'll think of ways to ask him
about your mom's death.

Can I stay and wait for him to wake up?

I can understand how you feel,

but please think about how I feel.

My dad wouldn't be bedridden

if all of those things didn't happen.

I don't want him to get more upset.

He has suffered enough.

I do feel sorry for what happened
to your dad.

But it took me so long
to get any kind of clues.

Your dad is the only person
who knows the truth.

Please help me.

Go home first.

We'll come back to it when he's better.

I can come over again?

See you then.

I have it corroborated.

Until Mr. Hong gets his money back,

he wouldn't be so silly
as to commit murder.

If Jie Sun is assumed
of having a conspiracy with them

to kill Ren-yi,

I don't think it's reasonable.

I have asked my friends

in the police force.
They ruled out the possibility

of Jie Sun killing Ren-yi.

Who on earth could have killed Ren-yi?

What was the motive?

Also, why did he keep on asking me

to see Mr. Ye before he died?

The most puzzling thing is that

he asked me to guard myself
against Yu-chen.

By right,

the people that he would want
to see before he died,

would be the people closest to him.

But he asked to see you.

I find it rather hard to understand.

He looked at me and kept saying "sister."

He might be gravely injured,

but he seemed alert.

It didn't look like he saw double.

Have you told Yu-chen about it?

No, I haven't.

But she kept asking

what Ren-yi said to me before he died.

She seemed worried

that Ren-yi might have
revealed something to me.

I have this strong feeling

that she didn't like the idea
of me contacting Song-nian Ye.

What do you think?

Do you want to listen
to my outlandish speculation?


Song-nian raped your mom

and Ren-yi addressed you
as his sister before he died.

Could it be

that you're Song-nian's daughter?

That's impossible.

Why did your mom harbor

such hatred towards you
ever since you were little?

Even though she held a grudge

against Song-nian,

she still shouldn't have
let it out on you.

That's impossible.

My dad was always fond of me
since I was little.

How can I not be his daughter?

It might be because he didn't know too.

If it's true that you're
Song-nian's daughter,

we can understand the way

Ren-yi and Yu-chen reacted towards you.

Ren-yi would like you as his sister,

but Yu-chen was afraid you might fight
over her inheritance.

How was Song-nian

when you saw him?

It was as if he was longing to see me.


I'm partly responsible
for what he has become today.

But he didn't seem to show
any hostility toward me.

Maybe he was informed of the fact

that you're his daughter,

and he told Ren-yi about it.

So, that's why Ren-yi
addressed you as his sister

and urged you to meet Song-nian.

This speculation of yours

is simply unimaginable.

I find it hard to accept.

I'm sorry

to have tormented you
with my speculations.

My right leg seems to be getting weaker.

Do you feel that your left leg

is bearing too much of your body weight?

I suggest that you walk
using a walking stick.

That's the only way to take
the weight off your left leg.

Or else, the muscles and nerves

in your left leg will be affected too.

Such a coincidence.

Are you all right?

What about you?

It's not too bad, I'm still surviving.

Stop looking at me like that.

I may be left with only a leg and a hand,

and find it a little hard to move,

but I can live like anybody else.

That's good.

I won't put you out.

He's gone.

I'm surprised you're drinking here alone.

I bet Ren-de will start ridiculing you

if he catches the sight of you.

You're ridiculing me too, aren't you?

Why should I ridicule you?

You have done nothing wrong.

There's nothing wrong
for falling for someone.

Is that your true feeling?

Of course.


men can be more infatuated

than women.

Don't everybody have the right
to love whoever they want?

You wouldn't want to be like that either.


It's like you had fallen hopelessly

in love with someone.

It's like you had fallen
in a bad situation.


You'll keep falling

deeper and deeper

until you won't be able to crawl out.


deeper and deeper.

You know it isn't right.

But the more you try to suppress it,

the stronger the feeling becomes.

Everything about her
keeps affecting your decisions,

so, you would volunteer
to help and protect her.

Don't you think I'm dumb?

If you're dumb, then I'm stupid.

I dug a hole on my own

and I jumped into it.

Here is to the dumb and stupid person
who is in a bad situation.



Aunt Ruo-lin.

I have neglected you lately.

You won't blame me, will you?

I can't possibly blame you.

My worry has always been
about either of you blaming me.

Ever since your dad had a stroke,

I have deliberately kept a distance
from you.

I'm not blaming you.

I don't want you
to get affected by gossip.

Let them say whatever they want.

Rumors don't scare me.

If you

hadn't been helping and supporting me

all these years,

I'm not sure if I could do

everything on my own.

You still have Ren-de.

Forget about him.

He's only good at having fun out there.

I would thank him

if he doesn't give me trouble.

Sometimes I would like
to discuss issues with him,

but it wouldn't take long
before he loses his temper.


you tend to be more considerate
and supportive.

You still can.

What's on your mind?

I know

it's no longer possible

to ask you to tell me everything
like you used to.

It's only natural
that you're now wary of me.


we still can be like we used to be.


If only you allow me to continue
to stay with you and help you,

I'll ask nothing more.

Would you help me unconditionally

like you used to?

That's great.

It has been some time
since I had such a hearty drink.

Yes, so many things have happened
in the family lately.

I haven't had one for some time either.

Here, one more.

Are you still brooding
over what happened to Ms. Jiang?


Ren-yi has been on my mind these few days.

Both of us

were particularly close

when we were younger.

Now that we've grown up,

we think differently.


he is my younger brother.

It really

breaks my heart whenever I think

of his death at such an age.


everybody would feel heartbroken.

Nobody is more heartbroken than Yu-chen.

She was fond of Ren-yi the most.

She wanted to groom him
with all her heart and mind.

But it was Ren-yi

who repaid her kindness
with disappointments.

To tell you frankly,

I admire Yu-chen.

She has been a responsible
and capable person

ever since she was young.

She is the most ideal person
to succeed in the Ye family.


many people don't think
she has the caliber

including Ren-yi.

It was Ren-yi who had let everybody down.

Yu-chen fought for that position
because of him.

But he's dead.

There's no point talking
about all of this.


What's the point of talking about it now?

He shouldn't have died.

It was such an injustice.

Indeed. He was too young to die.

It's all predestined.

If God wants him to die,

he won't live a second longer.

If God wants him up there,

nobody can stop it.

What are you talking about?

I would like to help her.

I would like to help Yu-chen.


What are you talking about?

What did you help Yu-chen with?

I have done my best.

What are you talking about?
What's going on?

It's all my fault.

I'm involved in Ren-yi's death.

Wake up. Say something!


I know Feng Zhang's secret.

What secret?

He has something to do
with Ren-yi's death.

What's going on?

He said that

he played a part in Ren-yi's death.

That's all.

-Only one sentence?

One whole evening with him

and you only managed to get one sentence?

I got it.

Go back to your room.

Are you using me?

Don't touch me!

You were just using me!

Why do you do this to me?

I thought I had lost all hope in you.

It was you who let me hold out new hope.

I was led to think I could continue
to love you in silence.

But it turns out...

that you're just using me.

I have forgiven you

for all your wrongdoings.

Even over a serious case
like the kidnapping of my brother.

I have been keeping it quiet
for so many years.

What nonsense is that?

I heard your conversation with the thugs.

You asked them to kill

while trying to encourage
Aunt Su-zhen to call the police.

You played a part in Ren-zhong's murder.

I knew...

I would let Ren-zhong

and let Dad down,

but I kept it from Dad.

I was afraid of hurting him.

I was also afraid he might kick you out.

Why must you do this to me?

Why must you...


I had no other choice with Ren-zhong.

He found out I was laundering money.

I was afraid he might reveal it,

so this idea suddenly popped up.

Mom, why are you telling me all this?

I'm your son. Am I going to tell on you?

I can't praise you enough
for what you have done.

If you didn't get rid of Ren-zhong,

I wouldn't have the chance
to inherit the family's assets,

let alone being Fenghuang's CEO.


Let's not talk about this matter again.

I'm stating the facts.

You had it right
when you got rid of Ren-zhong.

Now that Ren-yi is dead

and Ren-xiao has failed
to win Dad's confidence,

no one else other than me

is capable
of taking over Fenghuang Corporation.

Please be reminded

that Yu-chen is managing Fenghuang.

She is a woman

and she'll get married sooner or later.

Are you saying the assets will fall into
the hands of the one who is not a Ye?

You can never know
what Song-nian has in mind.

Don't worry.

Since you have taken so much risk
to get rid of Ren-zhong,

I'll make sure I take control
of the family and Fenghuang.

I'll make whatever you have done
so far worth every penny.

I just ask you not to give me trouble.

I won't make any demand on other matters.


Give me $200,000 and I'll be a good boy.

You dare ask me for money!

I'll tell everybody about Ren-zhong

if you refuse to do so.

What a grave injustice.

He did that to Min Sun and the law

could do nothing to punish him.

Yet he could turn around,

accuse Song-qing and threaten
to send him to jail.

Do you have yourself mentally prepared?

I will face it head on
no matter what happens.

Do you have a bit of time?

Try it for me.

Please wait. I won't take a minute.

Please take a seat.

I wish you could always
do your job in here.

You wouldn't have had a brush
with the law because of me.

Nothing would have happened to you
if we weren't acquaintances.

You could do your bakery business

and continue to be with Gigi.

All of this wouldn't have happened.

I don't mind being implicated.

I do.

I'm happy to hear you say that.

Don't you think
this is like a prison visit?

Why don't we rehearse it?

Thank you for visiting me.

What are we supposed to talk about?

Why don't we talk about the impression
we have had of each other?

I thought you were a guy.

You weren't too girlish.

But when I came to know you're a girl,

I thought you were like a boy.

People of my character

are rather popular.

I know.

That's why I have to make sure

you won't slip away from me.

This happened precisely
because you have been

too protective of me.

You are my princess.

Prince of Cake is prepared

to serve time for his princess.

Please don't be so nice to me.

I'm not worth your while.

I know best if it's worthwhile.

But I...

-Don't worry.

I'll wait for when that shadow
in your mind is completely removed.

Before that,

I'll stay in the same spot.

I will never go away.

It's a deal.

I will wait for you.

It's you.

What am I doing here?

What do you think?

You had me abducted!

I'm giving you a taste
of your own medicine.

It had nothing to do with me.
Even the judge declared me not guilty.

You should trust the judge,
even if you don't trust me.

Did you hurt Min Sun?

Tell me!

I'll beat you up until you admit it!

Okay, I did it.
But I didn't plan to do it.

I was drunk.

She was already in my arms when I woke up.

Please forgive me this time round.
I assure you I won't do it again.

I'm sorry, I didn't set out
to do this either.

Admit it or I'll beat
a confession out of you!

-What do you want me to say?
-Let Song-qing off!

Let me go and I'll drop all charges!

I'll never go near them again
whenever I see them, okay?

If you go back on your word,

be ready to die.

I'll tell nobody what happened today.

I'll pretend I didn't see you.

Please let me off.

I don't want to stay at this place.

Let me off!

E24M is not a car plate number,

nor is it the number to a bank safe.

What do you think it is?

I can't think of anything else.

Forget it. Let's grab a bite.

This is what Ren-yi Ye left behind.

What's wrong?

There seemed to be a membership card

among those things Ren-yi left behind.

Membership card?

It looked like a membership card
to a golf club.

Ren-yi never took me there.

Could it be

the number to the club's locker?

This used to be Mr. Ye's locker.

Thank you.

Faster, please.

-Give it to me!
-Give it to me!

Yu-chen Ye is not Song-nian Ye's daughter!

Let go!

You're not Song-nian Ye's daughter!

Subtitle translation by Alyaa Zakariah