The Ultimatum (2009): Season 1, Episode 21 - Episode #1.21 - full transcript

Chaoqun drags Songqiao away and tells her that he has set a trap for Sun Jie. Songqiao feels lost after confirming Sun Jie's identity.

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Come with me.

Sir, we're all set.

Listen here.

Don't do anything until the target
has got a hold of the chip.

Wait for my orders.

What's going on?

We're ready to arrest Jie Sun
the minute he makes a move.

Is this a set-up?

That's right.

I put out word that a newly-invented chip
is being stored in this building.

I then posed as a buyer
and hired him to steal the chip for us.

I'm sorry that you have to witness this.

Even if you're a master thief,
it's a thing of the past.

Since you gave up your life of crime,
I'll forgive and forget.

But if you're really a master thief,
then you've lied to me all this while.

I won't hesitate
to call the police on you.


Where are you?

Are you at home?

-I'm coming over.

I want to tell you about
the important decision I've just made.

All right.

Are you okay?

I feel terrible right now.

I'm sorry. I shouldn't have let you
find out about the truth this way.

It doesn't make a difference.

I think he aborted his plan
because of you.

I'm sorry, but I have to go now.

-What do you think you are doing?
-Hey! What do you think you are doing?

You're not going anywhere!

-Don't let him go!
-Get lost!

Where do you think you are going?

-Let's go!
-Let's go!

Look at the state you're in.

Don't forget you're the Vice CEO.

If you can't take a little setback,

how will you be able to run
a big company like Fenghuang?

Do you have
so little confidence and drive?

This is all your fault.
How dare you rub it in!

There's gratitude for you.


Ren-yi, how did you get hurt?

You've been drinking.
Did you get into a fight?

I didn't get into a fight.
I beat someone up.

Why did you do that? Who did you beat up?

I beat up Jie Sun.

That scumbag set me up.

I finally got my revenge.

Why did you act so rashly
and why did you assault Jie Sun?

Why shouldn't I assault him?

He set me up.
Why can't I get my revenge on him?

It's none of your business anyway!

Ren-yi! How could you
talk to your sister like that?

You didn't come back all night
and you didn't answer your phone.

Yu-chen and I were worried
something might have happened to you.

How is Jie Sun now?

I would have killed him,
if I could get away with it!

If the police find out about this,
you will get into trouble.

That would make you happy, wouldn't it?

Ren-yi, are you out of your mind?

Yu-chen did all she could to help you
when you were set up.

But instead of being grateful,
you're turning on her.

Did she help me?

I'd be happier, if she didn't kick me
when I was down!

Ask her about what she did.

She got Feng Zhang
to fabricate evidence against me!

I've already explained to you

that Aunt Rou-lin and the others
plotted the whole thing.

Believe what you want,
but my conscience is clear.

I know you're in a bad mood.

But don't throw the family into a turmoil
and make Mom worry like that.


Is this still your family, my dear Ms. Ye?

Ren-yi! That's enough out of you!

Go and take a shower.


Which of you is Ren-yi Ye?

What is it?

You're wanted on suspicion
of assaulting a man named Jie Sun

and causing him bodily harm.

Please come back to the station with us.

Are you feeling better?

Don't worry, I'm fine.

I'm fine.

Ren-yi Ye will be in trouble though.

Ren-yi? Why?

He attacked me.
I won't let him get away with it.


What is it?

How much are you hiding from me?

I made a decision last night
to come clean about everything with you.

I've been helping Uncle Song-nian
launder money all these years.

Ren-yi attacked me because he thought
that I had previously set him up.

How could you?

You've been involved
with illegal activities all this while?

I'm sorry.
I shouldn't have kept it from you.

I wanted to tell you the truth
several times.

But I was afraid you would leave me,
so I kept quiet.

But last night, I realized that...

I don't want to keep
any more secrets from you.

You launder money,
bribe witnesses, use force

and you're a master thief.

You're a top criminal, no less.

A master thief? How did you know?

I was there at the scene last night.
I saw everything!

How did you happen to be there?

The whole thing was a set-up.

You walked right into a trap
set by Chao-qun He.

Jie Sun, why did you do it?


You must have also seen
that I abandoned my plan halfway.

I did that for you.

No. I don't care
why you abandoned your plan.

The point is that I trusted you.

But you were lying to me
right from the start.

You've destroyed my trust in you
and everything there was between us.

-Don't touch me!

Listen to me!

I know there is no excuse
for lying to you.

I won't defend myself.
I know you don't want to hear it.

I just want you to know there is
nothing fake about my feelings for you.

It's true.


I love you.

Will you give me another chance?

I can't even bring myself...

to look at you right now.

If I want to steal from you,
I will take your most valuable possession.

Do you know what that is?

What is it?

I would steal your heart.

You knew how much
The Little Princess mean to me.

Why didn't you return it to me?

Because it was the only thing
that linked us together.

If I returned it to you,
the only link between us would be cut off.

I couldn't do it.

Mr. Sun, the X-ray reveals that
your back injury has severely affected

your right common carotid artery
and right arteria subclavia.

On top of that,
your old injury had not healed properly.

So you must be prepared
for the possibility

that you may never fully regain
the use of your right arm.

Jie Sun.

Is your injury healing well?


Did the doctor say
when you can be discharged?

Don't worry, I'll be able to go home soon.

That's good.

The Western food here is good.

Jie Sun.

Try to eat a little.

I have no appetite.

You don't like western food?
I'll get you something else.

No. Go ahead and enjoy your food.

Do eat a little.

All right. You go ahead.

Let me help you.


How long are you going to hide it from me?

You're far from well!

Why can't you use your hand?

Is it crippled?

Jie Sun.

What did the doctor say?

Min Sun!

Min Sun!

The doctor said my brother's
right arm is crippled.

Why did he lie to me?

Jie Sun didn't want you to worry.

Does he think I'm not worried now?

He keeps his troubles to himself.
It makes me feel worse.

I'm his sister.
He's the only brother I have.

You're both the same.

You love each other and don't want
to bother the other with your problems,

even though you know
that won't change anything.

He's lost the use of his arm.

It may never recover.

He must be very upset.
How can he come to terms with this?

Ren-yi Ye looks so civilized.

Who would have thought
he could be so brutal?

It's not as if Jie Sun
has done him a great wrong.

The entire Ye family
are a bunch of crooks.

They use their money
to lord it over people.

My brother worked like a slave for them
to repay his debt to Song-nian Ye.

He endured their disdain.

They treated him like a dog!
Still, my brother put up with it.

What more do they want?

Why must they hurt my brother and me?

What is it they want?

Min Sun, take it easy.

Min Sun!

Min Sun!

Jie Sun was discharged yesterday.
I picked him up from the hospital.

Is that so?

I think he was waiting for you to show up.

You were the one he wanted
to see the most.

What's the point?
It would only make us more miserable.

You really can't forgive him?

You know very well that...

he came clean with you

because he was willing to give up his past
for a future with you.

As a lawyer,

I'm committed to serving
the cause of justice.

But my boyfriend has committed
to a life of crime.

If I were to accept him,
how could I ever face myself?

Is a person's past really that important?

What's past is past.

It's the present
and the future that matter.

He knew about my principles
and convictions right from the start.

I can't tolerate it if someone
that I care about were to commit a crime.

Even if it was all in the past,

the fact remains that he lied to me
and deceived me right from the start.

He did what he did
because he didn't have a choice.

He got involved with money laundering
solely because of my dad's orders.

If every offender were
to plead in court saying

that they broke the law
because they had no choice,

why would we need to have laws?

They are all adults.

Don't tell me that they
can't tell right from wrong?

You're not in their position.
You wouldn't understand.

Do you think everyone has choices?

If that were true,
Jie Sun could choose not to be a thief,

and I could choose
not to do things that I don't wish to

for my family.


we have no choice over a lot of things.

We can't just make decisions
based on ethic codes of right and wrong.

There were times...

where I was forced to do things

that I know are wrong
for my mom and Ren-yi's sake.

I don't want to do them,

but I don't have a choice.

Is it right to hurt others
in order to protect yourself?

It's to protect my family.

Maybe I can't comprehend
the situation you're in.

But you can't deny that there is a line
between right and wrong.

Saying "I have no choice"
is just an excuse.

An excuse that is convenient and useful.

It's just like drugs.

When you do something wrong,
you inject that into your conscience

to make yourself feel better.

After a couple of times,
you will get used to it.

Because you have no choice,
so you do it again and again.

If something were to happen
to your brother.

Would you act against your conscience
if it will enable you to save him?


Once you go down that slippery slope,
there is no turning back.

It's like jumping into the sea.

Even if you manage to get back to shore,
you will still be wet.

I won't say anything more
since you're so adamant.

I just want to ask you this.
Do you still love Jie Sun?

How is he...

going to carry on?

Each of us must try
to spend more time with Dad

to help him with his physiotherapy
and to keep his spirit up.

We will take care of that.
You don't have to bother yourself.

If he is in this state,
how will we communicate with him?

Dad's mind is still lucid.

He can hear everything we say.

The only thing he has control over
is the movement of his eyelids.

One blink means yes and two means no.

That's no way to communicate.

He can't talk to us.

There's no way for us to know
what he's thinking.

Mom, at least he'll be able to respond
when we ask him questions.

He can also let us know what he wants.

Dad, don't worry.

Dr. Wong will arrange for you
to be treated by a renowned specialist.

Just concentrate on getting better
and you will recover.

Dad, can you hear us?

Open your eyes and look at us.

Dad, I'm sorry.

I know I'm the last person
you want to see.

I'm an insolent son.

Dad needs peace and quiet to recover.

Don't bring up what happened in the past.


-Song-nian, is there anything you want?

Yes, try to let us know.
We 'll be able to guess it.

Dad, I've hired a private nurse
to look after you.

She is specially trained
and she will take good care of you.

Dad, is there something
that you want to tell me?

Dad looks tired.
Let's leave the room so he can rest.

Yes, let's do that. Let him rest.


I know you don't want to see me.

Neither will you forgive me.

I just want to get everything
off my chest.

I will feel better afterward.

All these years,

I've wanted to gain favor in your eyes
like Ren-zhong did.


try as I might,

I could never take his place
in your heart.

Not even half.

I only succeeded in making you
sad and angry,

again and again.


please look at me.

Take a look at me.

I'll be going, Dad.

Dad, was there something
you wanted to tell me just now?

Dad, you know Yu-chen's real identity now.

What do you want me to do?

What do you say if I kick her
out of the company and the house?


What is it you want?

What do you want me to do, Dad?

It's all right, Dad. Take it easy.

If it's not about Yu-chen,

then is it about Song-qiao?

Do you want to see her?

I get it now, Dad.

I will bring Song-qiao to see you
as soon as I can.

I want to dedicate this song
to a friend of mine.

I hope she likes it.

Sorry. Let's just call it
a technical glitch.

I was very impressed for a minute.

-But it turns out...
-Nearly had you fooled, didn't I?

But I get to see you smile, at least.

You're not the sort
who drinks alone in pubs.

I can understand if you want
to drown your sorrows in wine.

But will staring at a glass of wine
give you the same effect?

I'm tempted to numb
my senses with alcohol.

But you're afraid
you'll feel worse afterward.


Is it a love related problem?

Could you give me some privacy please?

There's this saying,

alcohol can elate you when you're happy

and depress you when you're sad.

So you better let me drink this.

Your target got away.
How are you this happy?

I do regret that our mission
was not accomplished.

But I'm positive that Jie Sun
has given up his life of crime.

He's doing it for love.

To be honest, I'm quite touched.

I, on the other hand,
have never felt so betrayed before.

Thanks to him, I don't know
if I am ever going to trust anyone again.

He knew how I felt about criminals.

Why couldn't he just leave me alone?

He deliberately wanted to hurt me.

If he had a choice,
he would have broken up with you long ago.

Unfortunately, we can't choose
the person we love.

I think he wanted to tell you the truth.

It's too bad that you had
to find out this way.

Well, what happened has happened.

Well, aren't you going
to give him another chance?

Would you, if you were in my shoes?

Yes, I would.

You're lying.

I'm trying to encourage you.

You don't love someone
because he or she is perfect.

We all have our flaws.
We all make mistakes.

Don't let that stop you from forgiving
the person who truly loves you.

Do you know a person named Kun He?

I've heard of the name.

He's a former underworld chief.

He was involved in all things illegal.

Why did you bring him up?

He's my foster father.

I was an orphan and he adopted me.

He had high hopes for me and
didn't want me to follow in his footsteps.

He gave me a good education
in hopes that I would get ahead in life.

Unfortunately for him,
I joined the police force.

Didn't you know that he was a triad boss?

I didn't live with him.

He left me in the care of a friend.

I didn't know about his background.

I only got suspicious when he
strongly objected to me joining the force.

Then, I began to investigate him

I even foiled his criminal activities
several times.

His men would have killed me,
if I wasn't his foster son.

He must love you a lot.

But unfortunately,
we're on different sides of the law.

Why are you telling me all this?

Because I was also betrayed
by someone dear to me.

You're not the type
to compromise your integrity.

So what happened? Did you arrest him?

I will tell you the next time
you buy me dinner.

Give me 30 seconds.

You only need 30 seconds
to decide whether you'll buy me dinner?


I will forget what you said to me
in 30 minutes.

So you don't have to tell me the rest.

Thank you for sparing time to talk to me.

You're welcome.


Min Sun hit you again?

She didn't hit me that hard this time.

I know you love her,
but you can't go on like this.

Don't worry. I know how to dodge her now.


Is my handsome face still intact?

I can't believe you would joke about it.

It pains me to see you like this.

I know.

I enjoy having you fuss over me,
just like what you're doing now.

It gives me such a warm and fuzzy feeling
until I don't even feel the pain.

I know you're worried about Min Sun
even when you appear to be so nonchalant.

I can't hide anything from you.

Is she better?

Jie Sun got hurt
before her mood was stabilized.

She was terribly upset when she
found out that his arm is crippled.

His arm is crippled?
I thought he was only slightly hurt?

You didn't know?

His back injury has affected
the nerves in his right hand,

rendering it crippled.

Are you all right?

Would you believe me if I said I was fine?

Song-qing told me about your condition.

Are you here to see how low I've sunk
or to prove you're right?

I just wanted to see you.

I've committed so many crimes
and stolen a lot of valuable stuff.

I managed to escape arrest,

only to end up as a cripple.

Are you happy now that
I've finally got my retribution?

You really think
I want this to happen to you?

If I hadn't abandoned my plan
for you that night,

I wouldn't have run into Ren-yi Ye
and ended up like this.

Are you blaming me for what happened?

I don't blame you.

However strong we are,
we can't fight against fate.

It was all fated.

Jie Sun, I really hope
that you will snap out of this.

What's the point?

Would you overlook my past
and come back to me?

Maybe our relationship
was a mistake from the start.

So why did you come?

I don't need your sympathy and pity.

I just hope that
you will pull yourself together.

Let me help you.

If you can't forgive me,

then don't bother seeing me again.

Seeing you will only
make me more miserable.

Song-qiao, it's me. Are you free?

I have something important
to discuss with you in private.

Yes, it's very important.

I'm coming over to your office right now.

Make yourself clear. What do you mean
you're being pursued by a killer?

Someone's trying to shoot me.

He must be one of Mr. Hong's men.

Mom, I can't talk any more.

I'm getting out of the country.

Bring me some money.

Okay, I'll do it right away.

Be careful.

I'll bring you the money
as soon as it's ready.

One more thing.
Don't tell anyone about this.

I'll be dead if those people
find out where I am.

I know.




Is someone trying to kill Ren-yi?

I don't really know.

Ren-yi thinks that the man
was sent by Mr. Hong.

He's running for his life.
He asked me to get him some money.

He's being investigated
for money laundering

and the $4 million has been frozen.

Mr. Hong must be furious.
That's why he wants him dead.

Let's call the police.

We can't.

Dad has been helping Mr. Hong
launder money

because he knows how ruthless he can be.

If we offend him,
there's no saying what he might do.

What should we do then?

I'll take some money to Ren-yi.
He should lie low for the time being.

Let's go.



Why isn't he here?





-Ren-yi! Are you all right?
-Mom, be careful.

Where's the money?

Here it is.

Where will you go?

I don't know.

I just want to get out of here.

Let's go to the police.
They'll be able to protect you.

For how long?

Mr. Hong has plenty of men working
for him. They can easily kill me.

I won't be safe even in prison.

Are you sure the killer
was sent by Mr. Hong?

Who else?

Think carefully.
Have you offended anyone else?


That's it.

It must be him.

It must be Jie Sun, the scoundrel!

Jie Sun?

He's trying to get back at me
for beating him up.

He's on friendly terms with Mr. Hong.

He tipped the police off
about the money laundering.

He must have told Mr. Hong
that I pocketed the $4 million

and instigated him to have me killed.

It's money he wants.

Let's pay him with company funds.
Maybe he'll let you off then.

Mom, he won't be so easily appeased.

After all, he's furious enough
to order Ren-yi killed.

Before we can talk to him,
Ren-yi might already be dead.

Ren-yi, I want you to check into
a small hotel.

I'll arrange for a boat
to get you out of the country.

Wait for my call.



Is the boat ready?

You know what to do.

Make it a clean job this time.
Don't let him get away again.

Bao-ying! What should I do?

My mind is in a whirl right now.

There's so much
that I need to get off my chest.

But I don't know who to tell.

Bao-ying, tell me what I should do.

I know Yu-chen did what she did
because she had no choice.

I felt like it was wrong,
but I couldn't talk her out of it.

Sometimes I feel
like she's not telling me the truth.

Another thing,

I overheard her saying something
that was strange on the phone just now.

Why did she say,
"don't let him get away this time"?

Who was she talking about?

She's supposed to help Ren-yi get away.

Don't tell me that...

she wants him dead?


Song-qiao, it's me, Ren-yi.


Where are you?

You were supposed to come
and see me yesterday.

I'm sorry, but I can't come.

I'm being pursued by a killer.

Pursued by a killer?
What are you talking about?

I have no time to explain.

Listen, I want you to go and see my dad.

See your dad?

Yes, as soon as possible.

I don't understand.
Why should I go and see your dad?

Song-qiao, you're actually my...

I've got to go now.

You must go and see my dad,
no matter what happens.

Subtitle translation by Sarmeet Singh