The Ultimatum (2009): Season 1, Episode 20 - Episode #1.20 - full transcript

Songqiao urges Sun Jie not to be anxious about Sun Min's condition. Songqiao gets Sun Min to release her angst in a good cry.

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Just what did you do?

I talked to her all the time,
but I couldn't get a response from her.

I got worried, so I reached out to her.

But she suddenly went berserk.

Being held captive was
a traumatic time for Min Sun.

That's why she reacted so violently.

She coops herself up in the room all day.

She won't eat or drink anything.

Since the incident,
she has not spoken a word.

She ignores you when you talk to her.

If this goes on,
she might just snap one day.

The fact that she suddenly turned violent
tells us how fearful she is.

She's been keeping to herself
since the incident.

I can't let her go on like this.

Look at my hand.

I've kept my hand injury
from you all this while.

It's been a few years.

It never quite recovered.

Each time my hand lets me down
at a critical moment,

I'll be filled with despair.

But I overcome
this sense of despair every time.

Be it a major, or a minor setback,

it'll cast a gloom over our minds.

I know how terrible
this must have been for you.

But you have to use your willpower
to overcome it.

Some people who fall and get badly injured

will refuse to ever walk again.

They might even fear being on their feet.

They end up being bedridden
all their lives.

I really don't want to see you like this.

I know you can get on your feet again.

You must be hungry.

What would you like to have?
See what I've brought for you.

Min Sun...

Min Sun, I know you're not oblivious.

You're able to see our concern for you.

You're a sensible and understanding girl.

How can you bear to make the people
who care for you to suffer like this?

Although we cannot understand
your pain and suffering,

we still hope to offer you comfort.

You're someone who knows
who your loved ones are.

Don't let your loved ones suffer
and your enemies gloat.

It will take a lot of effort and courage
for you to get on your feet again,

and giving up may seem
like an easier option.

But is it worth giving up your life over?

Forget it. I'll talk to her!

Get up!

Jie Sun!

-No, don't...
-She's never going to snap out of this.


Jie Sun, let go of her.


Mom, do you see a monkey?

Have you heard of this saying?

When the tiger is away,
the monkey crowns himself king.

But some monkeys don't reign for long.

Mom, it's time you flexed your muscles.

You're going to be
the head of the household.

You don't have to pay heed
to certain characters.

A phony self-proclaimed king
is not making any sense. How absurd!

You're the absurd one.

You went missing at work.

No one in the company could reach you.

Don't assume you can have
special privileges.

If you don't obey the company's rules,
I'll have you removed.

If you wish to stay in Fenghuang,
stay in line!

Who are you to throw your weight about?

You must have played dirty
to force Yu-chen to give up her post.

Give it a rest, Ren-de.

Let's not stop whoever
from wanting to call the shots.

When Song-nian comes round,

he shall find out who tried
to seize power while he was in a coma.

Ren-yi, your dad is still in the hospital.
These things can wait.

Hello. Yes, speaking.

Song-nian is awake?


What did the doctor say?
How is Dad's condition?

I'm not very sure either.
Doctor called and said your dad is awake.

He said nothing else.





You've finally come round.
We've been worried sick these few days.

We're glad to see that you're fine.

Dad, can you hear us?


-Dad, say something.
-Song-nian, talk to us.

-What's going on?

Doctor, how come my dad
is not responding to us?

Let us talk outside.

Mr. Ye suffered a brain stem stroke.

A cerebral artery blockage
has affected his mobility and speech.

What does that mean?

-Doctor, could you elaborate?

To put it simply, the patient is paralyzed
and his speech is impaired.

That's as good as
being in a vegetative state.

The patient is not in
a vegetative state. He's conscious.

He can hear you and he can
express his thoughts with his eyes.

How long will my dad be in this state?

How high are his chances of a recovery?

I can't promise you anything.

Miracles do happen
where medical science is concerned.

But even if he makes a recovery,

he has to undergo
a long period of physiotherapy.

Even when he recovers,

his body and speech
will no longer be what it used to be.

Doctor, we'll spare no expense
in giving my dad the best treatment.

We'll do that.

Your dad will be fine.

At the very least, he's come round.

It's just that he's unable to talk.

Besides, there is a cure
for stroke patients.

A friend of mine was playing mahjong once
when he struck 13 wonders.

He got so excited
that he suffered a stroke immediately.

He fell into a coma for nearly 20 days.

The doctor thought
that he'd never wake up again.

But in the end, he woke up.

He became paralyzed
and was unable to talk.

But still, he managed
to make a full recovery.

He's like any normal person now
and is game for mahjong anytime.

He wins quite often too.

My dad's condition is unique.

He suffers from complete paralysis.

The doctor rates his chances
of recovery at zero.

The doctor will sometimes
give the worst case scenario.

Things may not be that serious.

I was very worried when I found out
that my dad was in a coma.

I hoped for him to wake up soon.

But when the doctor told us
that my dad might never recover,

I actually heaved a sigh of relief
at that instant.

Are you afraid that your identity
will be exposed once your dad wakes up?

Never mind what's on your mind.

But it's the fact that your dad
won't come round for the time being.

Don't brood over it.

I feel lost.

I dread making eye contact with Ren-yi.

At times, I feel the impulse
to just blurt out the truth.

But if I speak the truth,

I'll lose Dad, Mom and the Ye family.

The people I've spent
more than 30 years of my life with.

I lose all courage
even at the thought of that.

I understand how you feel.

Take it slow.

You'll explain things to your dad
when his condition improves.

Come in.

Ren-yi, you wanted to see us?

Ren-yi, what was that about?

You know very well what it's about!

I didn't think you'd play
such dirty tricks behind my back.

What did we do?

I take my hat off to you.
You play the good daughter at home

and pretend to be a good sister to me.

But you quietly set me up
while feigning ignorance now!

I don't know what you're talking about.

You sent this moron to distribute
the forged documents to the shareholders,

accusing me of lining my own pocket.

How did these papers end up with you?

If Aunt Ruo-lin didn't retrieve them
from the shareholders,

your plan would have succeeded.

All the figures in here was doctored.

Thinking of using these and this moron
to drive me out of Fenghuang?

Ms. Jiang, you gave me these papers.

You told me to distribute them
to the shareholders. Why...

What are you talking about?
When did I hand you these papers?

Don't drag others down with you.

I know very well who wants
to bring me down.

Ren-yi, Yu-chen is unaware of this.

Yes, I distributed these papers
to the shareholders.

But I was only acting
on Ms. Jiang's instruction.

Feng Zhang, even if you want
to shield Yu-chen,

you don't have to shift the blame on me.

I don't deny that I'm not exactly
on the best of terms with Ren-yi.

But since Yu-chen
has made him the Vice CEO,

why is she still setting him up?

All this infighting will only
undermine Fenghuang's power,

giving the other shareholders
a chance to strike.

Song-nian is still hospitalized.

I cannot allow anything
to happen to Fenghuang.

How could you twist the facts!

I'm not. You're the one
who is making up stories.

Ren-yi, I'm solely responsible for this.
Yu-chen has nothing to do with it.

How daft can you be?
I suspect your IQ is not even 50.

You're not capable
of doctoring these documents.

What do you know about them?
If you do, tell me about it.

Ren-yi, I'll get to the bottom of things.

But know that I had nothing to do with it.

The thief trying to play the police?
What's there to find out?

Truth of the matter is that you
are sore about returning the post to me.

Ren-yi, Yu-chen had nothing to do...

Save your breath!
I'm no longer the Ren-yi you knew.

You can't strike me down that easily.

I'll explain this to the shareholders.

Believe it or not,
Feng Zhang did not act on my order.

Settle this matter soon,
or you'll hear from my lawyer.

I'm still giving you face
by letting you stay on in Fenghuang.

You would better wise up.

You can't leave now!
You better clear this up!

Why did you frame me?

-What rubbish is that?
-You're such a wicked woman!

On top of tricking Ren-yi and me,
you even set Yu-chen up!

We're in an office.
Settle your fight outside.

-Let it go.

Aunt Ruo-lin, we all know what's going on.

You can get me if you want,
but leave Feng Zhang out of it.

I don't know what you're saying,
but you better clear this mess up.

-Hey, come back!
-Feng Zhang, let it go.

Let's go.

Darn it!

She told a blatant lie
without batting an eyelid!

I, Dr. Zhou, meant what I said.
I don't weave lies!

You're no longer Dr. Zhou.

Anger got the better of me.

What I meant was, I, God of Gamblers,
have never lied to anyone.

What did Aunt Ruo-lin say to you?

She said she was against your decision
of making Ren-yi the Vice CEO.

She claimed that she had proof
of Ren-yi misappropriating funds.

She said she really wanted to help you,
but she couldn't do it openly.

So she asked me to pass the papers
to the shareholders.

While she claimed
that she was trying to help you,

she was using me to plot
against you and Ren-yi.

She knew you trust easily and that
you're not familiar with our operations.

That's why she used you.

How gullible of me!

She said she felt sorry
that Ren-yi threatened you.

How could I believe her.

She felt sorry that Ren-yi
was threatening me?

When did he threaten me?

She felt that Ren-yi should not have shown
the phone to your dad

at his birthday celebration.

You told her about the phone?

No. I didn't say anything about it.

Then how did she know about it?
How much does she know?

What did she say?

She said she only knew
the secret that was in the phone.

Did she talk about the secret?


Ren-yi would never
tell Aunt Ruo-lin about it.

She's just suspicious about
why I gave up my post to Ren-yi.

She must have linked it to my dad fainting
after Ren-yi showed him the phone.

That was how she pieced it together.

So she was trying to trap me
into telling her the secret!

She got suspicious when I suddenly
made Ren-yi the Vice CEO.

Thank goodness I didn't tell her anything.
That woman is so cunning.

She suspects it involves the phone.
She's not going to let the matter rest.

She'll take further action.

What do we do now?

We do nothing.
She doesn't have a clue now.

We just need to be guarded.

Got it.

Why would Yu-chen and Feng Zhang
plan to harm you?

But the fact is
that they did do such a thing.

Aunt Ruo-lin was always
against you before this?

Why the sudden turnaround?

She takes sides with whoever
that can help her.

Dad is ill and I'm now the Vice CEO.

It's not a surprise that she is trying
to be on my good side.

That's besides the point.
But why would Yu-chen set you up?

She's your sister.
She's been helping you all this while.

Didn't she hand you the post of Vice CEO?

She wants me removed,
that's why she set me up.

If that's what she wants,
why did she even make you the Vice CEO?

Never mind. You'll know why soon.

Whether I do or I don't is not important.

Perhaps if Dad gets well,
everything will come to light.

How is your dad?

He's bedridden and immobile at the moment.
He can't speak either.

He must be in great misery.

Do visit him when you're free.

Mr. Ye.

I come to you here today
to offer my apology.

I shouldn't have embarrassed you
at your birthday celebration

without any concrete evidence.

As far as I can remember,
my mom has been telling me

that you are a downright scumbag.

You raped another man's wife

and caused the deaths
of both my dad and grandpa.

But I never believed her.

During our few conversations,

I found you to be a kindhearted elder
with considerable influence.

That only reinforced my disbelief,

causing her to live
in misery and bitterness.

When I learnt that
she had been telling the truth,

I wasted no time in confronting you
at your birthday celebration.

I didn't expect for you
to get so agitated.

I'm sorry.

I'm deeply sorry that this had to happen.

But it doesn't mean I've forgiven you
for what you did to my mom.

You came to say sorry to him,

but why did you tell him
that you can't forgive him?

You would only upset him further.

I had to be honest with myself.

Can't you tell that Uncle Song-nian is
remorseful about what he did in the past?

Have you any idea what life was like
for my mom the past few decades?

She lived in bitterness.

To hate someone so much
drains the energy out of the person.

She must have felt so agitated.

Now that she's left us,
she must have left in bitterness.

Song-nian's remorse won't take away
the suffering that he brought on her life.

Uncle Song-nian is already paralyzed.

Do you still wish to see him sent to jail?

I don't know. But I do know
that I still can't forgive him yet.

Perhaps I can never forgive him.

So I'm guessing you won't forgive me
for my past deeds either.

I read the report
on Black Dragon's death today.

The police confirmed the ship sank due
to engine failure, resulting in the fire.

It was a mishap.

You may suspect
that I tampered with the engine.

I was wrong to accuse you
without getting the facts right.

I'm sorry.

I mean it.

Do you think I have the time
to stay angry with you?

Are you still worried about Min Sun?

How is she doing?

She's a lot calmer these past few days.

When I suggested for her
to get out of the house, she agreed.

She'll be going back to work soon.

That's great. It's a good start.

Le's hope she'll be able
to get on her feet again soon.

She made such a quick recovery
because you were there.

I would have been loss
had it not been for you.

Thank you.

I wonder how sincere you are.

Min Sun!

Welcome back.

You're finally back.

Song-qing created new cake flavors.
Come and try some.


I'll get ready for work.

Min Sun has always been a cheerful
and lively girl who feared nothing.

But she became another person overnight.

I'm her elder brother
and yet I can do anything about it.

Don't worry. We'll keep an eye on her.

Min Sun has become another person.

She was in a worse state before this.

No one in the Ye family is of good spirit.

They stole my husband

and tortured Min Sun.

So what if they are rich?

-Not so loud.
-Just look at her now.

It pains me to see her like that.

Are you hungry?
I'll let you try some of my new cakes.

Tell me what you think about them.

How about having a cup of coffee?

The incident is still fresh in her mind.

To quote a cliché,
time will fade the memories away.

I'll talk to her
when the opportunity arises.

A penny for your thoughts?

Don't you find it odd?

You're a pretty girl with a nice figure.

It's just that your behavior
was not so demure.

Were we blind?
None of us could tell you're a girl.

It's even more hilarious for Song-qing.
He thought he'd fallen for a man.

That was hilarious!

Having worked with Song-qing for a while,
I know that he only has eyes for cakes.

I thought he'd never fall in love.

But he's deeply in love with you now.

To be honest, I'm envious of you.

You've found a man who loves you so much.

After what happened, every single day
he would go to see you after work.

Even at work, he would ponder
over what cakes to bake for you.

You're one fortunate girl.

I can't say the same for myself.
My husband is a heartless scum.

That hopeless gambler thinks of himself
as the God of Gamblers now.

We're going to get a divorce
so that he can be with Yu-chen.

I accepted it.
But I should be broken-hearted...

Miss, I ordered tea with milk.


Min Sun.

Min Sun, what's wrong?

I'm sorry, sir.
She just lost it for a moment there.

You're also aware
of what happened to her recently.

On your account, I'll let it go this time.

But you would better let her know
that there won't be a second time.

Thank you, sir.

I didn't expect Min Sun
to turn that violent.

How stupid of you
to let her keep punching you like that.

Min Sun? Go after her!

You only came back to work
to set our minds at ease, right?

You don't have to force yourself
just for our sakes.

That's not what we want.

We hope that you'll open your heart again.

Crack jokes with me
and chat with the customers.

Sneak off to practise your gambling skills
whenever you had time.

You bring laughter wherever you go.

I really miss the old you.
All lively and cheerful.

You were always vivacious.

Even when you were angry,
your eyes would still be smiling.

-You were...
-Will you stop it?

Mr. Hong, Mr. Ye is here.

I'm sorry, everyone.
I have somewhere to be.

Hi, Mr. Hong.

I heard about your dad. How is he?

My dad's condition has stabilized for now.

But he's not able to run the company yet,
so I'm covering him for now.

In the past, Jie Sun would liaise with me.

I've brought $4,000,000 with me.

Jie Sun has left the casino,
so you'll be in charge of this money.

Mr. Hong, I'm glad you're aware of this.

My dad has been granting you favours
on account of your past friendship.

He's done more than enough for you
all these years.

I'm very sorry, but there is
no longer a deal between us.

But if you wish to make an investment
or develop a business idea,

we will be interested to hear from you.

Are you telling me that you are not going
to take care of the money for me?

Have you thought it over carefully?

I've given it careful thought.

Mr. Hong.

Please take a seat.

Mr. Hong, I'm sorry.

I've been busy at work,
so I've not been able to host you.

People keep the ties going.

Your dad is lying in the hospital.

You youngsters know nothing
about friendships forged in the past.

Mr. Hong, my dad often told me
of how indebted he was to you.

We were reminded not to forget that.

But please understand
that Ren-yi is now the Vice CEO.

He's the final say
during my dad's absence.

Therefore, I am unable
to grant you the favour.

Cut to the chase.

So I'm representing him
to cut this deal with you.

Ren-yi has sent me to apologize to you.

He had to say no to you,

but I promise you
that we still have a partnership.

Excellent. It doesn't matter
which one of you liaise with me.

The paperwork will be same as before.

That's a total of $4,000,000.

Deposit the sum
into Ren-yi's account in three batches.

Go through the proposal in your own time.

If there is nothing else,
let's end the meeting here.

Did we have a meeting?
We didn't even get to talk.

We were watching a one-man show.

Do you have something to say?

Yu-chen, what do you think
of this proposal?

Is it as perfect as he painted it to be?

Ren-yi, this is a massive project.

It involves 30% of our total investments.

Let's approach it with more caution.

You're being too sloppy about it.

We only got the proposal today,

but your mind is already made up.
So why even call for this meeting?

You could just act on your own.

None of you is for it.
Aunt Ruo-lin, what do you think?

Since everyone urges caution,
let's hold it off for a while.

We'll decide again at the next meeting.

Yu-chen, what do you say?

Of course you're all for it, right?

Mr. Ye, two CID officers
are here to see you.

Are you Mr. Ren-yi?

That's me.

You're suspected of being
involved in money-laundering.

Please come with us
to assist in investigations.


The money launderer is back.

Stop talking nonsense
or I'll sue you for slander!

Ren-yi. What exactly happened?

Mom, Ren-yi is still being investigated.

The lawyer said that
the police found some evidence.

Evidence? What evidence?

There was a deposit
of $4,000,000 to Ren-yi's account.

Records show that it came from Mr. Hong.

Who is Mr. Hong?

Dad's friend.

He's been laundering money through Dad,

riding on a favor
Dad owed him from years ago.

Jie Sun used to handle it for Dad.

Jie Sun is the culprit, not me.

He wants to make me the scapegoat.

Jie Sun won't do such a thing.

Why not?

He's resentful because I fired him.

So he conspired with Mr. Hong to frame me.

He was the one who had
been in contact with those men.

Jie Sun won't do such a thing.
Your dad had been good to him.

Now that your dad is hospitalized,
he's turned his back on us.

A fair face hides a foul heart.

Jie Sun worked for us,
so he knows how the company is run.

It's very easy for him to set Ren-yi up.

Yu-chen, are the police going
to press charges against Ren-yi?

I'm not sure.
Ren-yi has been granted bail.

Tell Jie Sun to come here now
and give me an explanation!

Ren-yi, we don't have any proof
that Jie Sun is behind it.

Other than him,
who else is capable of this?

Calm down. If you're innocent,
the police will prove that.

You drove that lapdog out of the company

and now he's turned around to do you in!

I'm impressed.

Ren-de, this is not the time
to pass such remarks.

Let Ren-yi think about
how he should settle the problem.


Scumbag! Why did you set me up?

Calm down!

I just heard about it. What happened?

You conspired with Mr. Hong
to stab Ren-yi in the back.

He's a suspect for money-laundering.

You still want to ask?

Shut up! You don't have
the right to speak to me.

Jie Sun, even if you hate Ren-yi,
that's not a way to get back at him.

If word of this spreads,
it'll harm Fenghuang's reputation.

You're certainly vicious.
Money-laundering is a serious offense.

If found guilty,
Ren-yi will be sent to jail.

Jie Sun, Song-nian took you in
and groomed you since you were young.

He thought well of you,
but now you went on to frame Ren-yi.

You're letting Song-nian down!

Mom, why waste your breath on him?

Understand this. If I go down,
your life won't be any easier either.

After I left Fenghuang,
I didn't keep in contact with Mr. Hong.

I have nothing to do with this.

I can't help it, if you don't believe me.

What's wrong?

Did something happen?

Feel free to tell me about it.

I'm thinking about Ren-yi's case.

It all happened so suddenly.

The money involved is $4,000,000.

Those guys just deposited
the $4,000,000 into Ren-yi's account?

I think so.

That was the tip-off that the police got.

I came by to ask you out
for dinner that day.

I heard that

you told Ken to deposit the $4,000,000
into Ren-yi's account in three batches.

What is going on here?

Are you behind this?

Why did you do it?

I was forced into doing it.

Ren-yi drove me to this.

Ren-yi drove you to it?

I received news that Ren-yi planned
to use his position to handle me.

He seemingly promised
to launder the money for Mr. Hong.

He even sent me to speak to Mr. Hong.

Then he would report me to the police
and make me take the rap for it.

That's how he wanted
to drive me out of Fenghuang.

You've handed the reigns over to him,
but he still won't let you off?

Although he's the Vice CEO,

I've promoted many
of the existing employees.

So long as I'm around,
he won't feel secure.

What's more is that Aunt Ruo-lin used you
to cause conflict between us.

It's been a sore point with him.

Until he gets rid of me,
he won't let this go.

You are siblings after all.
Why must it come to this?

I regard him as my brother,
but he no longer sees me as his sister.

Are you going to just stand by
and watch Ren-yi get sent to jail?

I had no choice, but to do this.

I'm trying to get in contact
with Mr. Hong.

He deals with this often.
He might be able to offer a way out.


It's been a while.

You left without a word
and you asked to meet out of the blue.

Do you have to be so elusive?

Something cropped up.
I had to return to Hong Kong.

Are you back here on business?

Not really.

I've heard about your mom.

How are you doing?

In the beginning,
I found it hard to accept.

I'm taking it a lot better now.

If you need any help,
feel free to approach me.

Coffee, please.

I suspect that my mom didn't kill herself.

But it's a shame
that I still can't find any leads.

I can help you on this matter.


Are you seeing Jie Sun now?

Are you here to follow up
on the theft case?

Sorry, but I'm not at liberty
to tell you more.

-You still suspect Jie Sun?
-You still believe him?

I have absolute trust in him.

But I hope you'll get to the bottom
of the case and clear his name.

I only need to find
another witness or suspect.

I don't care how much
time and effort is expended.

I'll find the evidence to nail him.

Are you thinking of finding it through me?

I'm aware that you won't be able
to help me this time round.

Are you advancing a move
by taking a retreat?

Don't waste your effort.

I don't trust a person easily.

But once I do,
I put my total trust in them.

Like I said, I don't plan
to investigate him through you.

I asked you out just to catch up with you.

Okay, I believe you.

But if I find the evidence
to prove that he is the thief,

what will you do?

You sound very confident.

I have confidence in myself.

You can even tell him
that I'm still investigating him.

You've not answered my question yet.

That's a hypothetical question,
so I can't give you an answer.

Fine. We won't talk about this anymore.

Let's eat.

Thank you for lunch.
Let me treat you next time.


So you were having lunch with him?

-Are you jealous?
-Give me a reason why I should be jealous.

You're not worried
that he might be wooing me?

Give me a reason why I should be worried.

-You're very sure of yourself.
-I trust you.

He asked me this question just now.

He asked me what I'd do
if you were proven to be the thief.

What was your answer?

I said I wouldn't give him an answer
because you're not the thief.

-You have such faith in me?
-Are you doubting me?


I have a question for you now.

Say you find out I'm really the thief,

what will you do?

If you're the thief,
that's all in the past.

Since you've quit for my sake,
I shall not pursue the matter.

You'll forgive me?

What's up? You're all serious.

No, I'm just a little surprised.

Given your stubborn nature,
you'll put justice above relationships.

That's right. If you're really the thief,
that means you've deceived me.

I will put justice above all else.

You gave me your word.
Are you backing out now?

I'm not backing out.

Don't tell me that you're
not confident of stealing the chip?

Or are you thinking of raising the price?

You are getting paranoid.
Do I have to do it tonight?

Yes. Is there a problem?

You can forget it, if you want out.
I'll find someone else.

No. Since I gave you my word,
I'll carry it out.

You'll hear good news.


Where are you?

I'm catching up with an old friend
at a fast-food restaurant.


What's wrong?

Are you still there?

Never mind. Carry on.

Okay, I'll call you tonight. Bye.

Subtitle translation by Sara Shukri