The Ultimatum (2009): Season 1, Episode 2 - Episode #1.2 - full transcript

Rende brings models to his office, as he assumes no one will dare tell him off because of his mother's position.

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Have a good rest, Mr. Ye.

Thank you.

Doctor, how is my father?

Don't worry, Mr. Ye is fine.

He was out of breath
because he had been too upset.

He will be fine if he stays calm
and doesn't get upset.

-Thank you, doctor.
-You're welcome.

-I'll take my leave.
-All right.

I'm sorry, Dad.

Dad, my oversight has caused
the company huge losses.

But I suspect someone
had overlooked with outsiders

to line his own pocket.

Why are you staring at me?

You think I was behind this?

Don't blame your incompetence
on other people.

Say that again!

The doctor has just left.

Have you forgotten what he said?


I've been neglectful of my duties.

I'm sorry.

I want everyone to leave the room.

Your dad is tired. Let him rest.


I will take care of Song-nian.

I would like to keep him company.

No need.

Dad passed out because of you two.

Why did you have to pick a fight
with Ren-de again?

Because I have a sister
who is absolutely useless!

Why must you keep
pitting yourself against me?

When did I ever do that?

You didn't try to put in a good word
for me with Dad.

What are you arguing about?

We should be together
as a family right now.

You two are fighting
when we're most vulnerable.

When other people make losses,
it's no big deal.

But when I make a small loss,
it's headline news!

Ren-xiao is useless
and is snubbed by your dad.

Ren-de's position is ambiguous.

Only you are the obvious heir.

For years,

that slut and her son
have been eyeing Fenghuang Corporation.

Of course they're going to seize
this chance to get rid of you!

Who does that bastard think he is?

That's enough! Don't let Dad hear you.

You are always so hotheaded and rash.

Will it do you any good
to argue with Ren-de before Dad?

You are not without capability,
but you are too impetuous.

You graduated and came home
to make something of yourself.

If you are serious and work sensibly,
you can make Dad proud.

You are my only hope.

I'm counting on you

to put that slut in her place.

Don't let me down.

One day,

I want that slut to get on her knees
and plead for my mercy.

Yu-chen, you must help Ren-yi
to achieve success.

I will.

Ren-yi is Ren-de's godbrother.

He should have backed off to him.

People may think they are enemies.

As long as the CEO of Fenghuang
is not officially appointed,

this family will be constantly squabbling.

It would be wise for you
to appoint a successor soon.

I'm looking forward to spending
more time with you

to study calligraphy and paintings.

I bought a work of calligraphy
for you today.

This is a masterpiece.

This work had ended up overseas.

I asked an antique dealer friend of mine
from the States to acquire it for me.

Dad, Aunt Ruo-lin.

Dad, you didn't eat dinner.
Have some porridge now.

Your dad is fascinated
by this piece of calligraphy.

He won't be interested
even if you bring him a feast.

You should go.

Aunt Ruo-lin, I would like to have
a word with Dad in private.


Leave us.

Keep it short. Your dad needs to rest.

I know.


Ren-yi should not be blamed
for the losses.

This was my project,

but I had to hand it to Ren-yi
as I was too busy.


Did I startle you?

What are you thinking?

-Are you waiting for someone?
-I'm watching the clock.

Five more minutes

and I'm going in to ask
that woman to leave.

Which woman?

Your godsister.

Is she alone with Dad?

She's a cat with no claws.

She is no threat to us.

She could be a tiger in disguise.

How much of Dad's estate are you getting?

I went in to see how he was
and to apologize to him.

That's all.

In other words,
you did not get a single cent.

All that scheming for nothing.

Aunt Ruo-lin, I'm going back to my room.

Good night.

You said she was a cat with no claws,
so why are you so civil to her?

A little subtlety goes a long way.

Displaying your emotions openly
is very damaging.

I couldn't care less if it makes me happy!


Go in and show him some concern.

I'm meeting my friends.

He is unwell.

This is the time
for you to gain credibility.

He isn't dying, is he?

So, I don't have to suck up to him now!


Drink up!

All right!

Where are we going tonight?

I know!

We are going to the beach!

Not tonight.

So are we going to your place?

I'm bored of those places.

We're going for thrills tonight!


Were you peeking at me?

No, I was just passing by.

I'm sorry.

I'm really sorry.

Stay there!

-Where are you going?
-I'm going home.

But the night is still young.

Come, join us.

Have you ever tried a foursome?

It's thrilling.

Is a threesome
not thrilling enough for you?

Come back here!

Come on!

Please get a hold of yourself, Mr. Ye.

Are you pretending to be shy?

Are you?

Are you still shy now?

-Where do you think you're going?

Anqi, did something happen?

Why are you resigning?


Next, we...

Excuse me.

I need to speak with Ren-de now.

Leave the room.

This better be an emergency.

Couldn't you have waited
until the meeting is over?

Did you bring two women
back to the office last night?

So what if I did?

Anqi said you had molested her.

Is this true?

She's talking nonsense.

Would I molest an admin assistant?


Ren-de is an eligible man.

Women throw themselves at him.

Why would he molest her?

I know my staff very well.

Anqi will not resign
for no apparent reason.

Do you want me to resign
to prove my innocence?

This is not the time to be spiteful.

If she's telling the truth,
we must settle this quickly.

It was just a brush.
Can you really call that molestation?

I've told you many times
not to bring girls to the office.

Perhaps you had been set up

because people knew you bring girls here.

Sorry, I wasn't referring to you.

The issue needs to be settled
as soon as possible.

Your dad must not know about this.

Or he will be livid.

I understand.

Yu-chen, Anqi is your subordinate.

I'm leaving this matter

for you to settle this.

I believe

you will make this small problem
go away most discreetly.

As your boss as well as your friend,

I don't agree
with you going to the police.

You say Ren-de molested you.
Do you have a witness?

Without a witness,

you may not be able to bring
molestation charges against him.

If you go public,

the CEO will terminate your employment.

Without a job,

how are you going to pay
for your mom's medical bills

and your brother's school fees?

I've spoken with Ren-de.

He told me he was drunk at the time.

He didn't mean to offend you.

It was a misunderstanding.

But he feels very sorry

that he has caused you so much hurt.

He wants me to give you this.

Mr. Zheng,

my client said his son, Jing-sheng,

had gone to your shop
to buy toys on April 18th.

You said to him,

"A freak like you shouldn't come out
to scare people."

It's the truth.

The boy is only seven years old.

Are you aware it was
a very hurtful remark?

Since that day, he doesn't dare
to step out of the house.

Even if his father succeeded
in getting him out,

he would lower his head
and avoid eye contact.

Ms. Fang, my client had indeed
used inappropriate words.

He agrees to pay compensation
of $5,000 to Jing-sheng.



Besides monetary compensation,

my client also requests
that you apologize in person

and publish apology notices in the papers.

That's too much!

Your remark

has made a previously cheerful boy
feel ashamed of himself.

Only a serious apology will alleviate
the hurt you've caused the boy.

That's out of the question!

Then we'll go to court.

Ms. Fang, that's not necessary.


This concerns your son's self-esteem.



Excuse me.

What is it, Mom?

I'll give you three days.
I'll need an answer by then.

Sorry, James.

I have something on so I have to leave.




-I want six pork buns.
-We are closing.

Please sell them to me.
My dad loved to eat these.

Come back tomorrow.

No, I can't.

Today is my dad's birthday.

I can pay you double.

Sir, please? Just this once.

Six pork buns.



You're back.

You've been gone for so long.
You're finally home.

I didn't want to come home,
but today is Dad's birthday.

-What do you have here?
-My cherished possessions.

It took me a lot of time

and a lot of walking
buying up this stuff in Italy.

-All right.
-Come, let me show you.

-It's heavy.

I had a hard time looking for them.

Olive oil.


I thought it was gold.
So, these are your prized possessions.

You even bought flour.

I thought all flour were the same.

Mom, that's like saying all women
give birth to the same children.

Other pastry chefs would laugh out loud
if they heard that.

But I forgive you
because you're not a pastry chef.

Look at you.

Talking about cakes makes you so happy.

Are you tired after such a long flight?

Are you hungry?
Shall I cook you some noodles?

I'll eat after we pay respects to Dad.

Where is Song-qiao?

I don't know where the hell she is!

Maybe she's gone to the end of the world
to buy steamed buns.



-You're home!

I told you I would be back
for Dad's birthday.


I bought the pork buns.

I told you about the auspicious hour.
Why are you so late?

I'm sorry.

Mom, let's not miss the auspicious hour.

Come on.

Mom, I'll give you a hand.

You're not fit to pay respects
to your dad!

It's been so many years,
but you've yet to avenge him!

Get out of my sight!

Get lost!

Song-qing, pay respects to your dad.


Let me help you.

Why do you have to secretly
burn the joss paper?

Don't worry about me. I'm used to it.

If Mom treats me like she treats you,
I'll feel very uneasy.

This is so unfair.

We're both her children.

Why must she show favoritism?

She loves me, but treats you harshly.

She thinks I caused the deaths
of Grandpa and Dad.

That's why she hates me.

But Mom says Song-nian
is responsible for their deaths.

Who knows what the truth is?

Mom says Grandpa used to work
for Song-nian.

He discovered that
Song-nian had raped a girl.

Grandpa went to see Song-nian
to seek justice for the girl.

He was later found dead
under a pile of bricks.

Mom says Grandpa was killed by Song-nian.

But she's also said Dad had tried
to avenge Grandpa's death,

but was knocked down
and killed by a man Song-nian hired.

Don't you find that bizarre?

Mom gets very upset talking about this,
so I never dare to probe.

Are you saying these are her own claims?

I don't know.

I only know that Mom doesn't like me.

Song-qiao, don't be sad.

You're the best sister
anyone could ever have in the world.

You must be very tired
after a long flight.

Go get some rest. I'll take care of this.

All right.


It hurts!

Where the hell did you go?

This hurts!

Why didn't you come home
straight from school?

My teacher asked us to stay back
for remedial lessons.

-You're lying!
-No, Mom!

What about the housework
you're supposed to do?

How can I do the chores and take care
of your brother at the same time?

Stand right there!

-It hurts!
-Stay there!

How dare you try to run!

What are you doing, Wen-yu?
Stop hitting her!

-Go away! She must be punished!


She's our daughter.
Why must you treat her like that?

She's not my daughter!

What do you mean?

Does it hurt?

Dad, why did Mom say
I wasn't her daughter?

She said that in a fit of anger.

Don't take it to heart.

Why does Mom hate me?
Why doesn't she love me?

When she was expecting you,
Grandpa died in an accident.

After she gave birth to you,

she has been mentally unstable.

That's why she's so hard on you.

Mom is like this because of me.

Why do you say that?

If she hadn't given birth to me,
she wouldn't be sick.

This is my fault. I did this to Mom.

This isn't your fault.

It's not your fault.

Dad, why do we always celebrate
my birthday outside?

You and your brother can eat the cake
and play on the swing.

Isn't this more fun
than celebrating at home?

Why has Mom never celebrated my birthday?

Song-qing, come have some cake.

-Happy birthday.
-Happy birthday, Song-qiao!

-Make a wish first.

I wish that Mom does not hate me.

I wish she can celebrate my birthday
with me in the future.

Look what I got you for a present.

Open it.

"The Little Princess!"

-Do you like it?

No matter what happens,

you will always be
my precious little princess.

Thank you, Dad!

-You are the best Dad!
-Good girl.

-Song-qing, you're back.

Are you hungry? Dinner is ready.

I ate a lot of birthday cake.
I'm not hungry.

Birthday cake?

Dad and I celebrated
Song-qiao's birthday with her.

Did you celebrate her birthday?


Did I say she could celebrate
her birthday?

-Who said you can celebrate your birthday?
-Calm down, Wen-yu.

How come other people can celebrate
their birthdays but I can't?

How dare you talk back to me?

Why can't I celebrate my birthday?

Everyone can except you!

-Get out!

-Stop following me!

Get lost! I don't want to see you again.


Get lost!

You must be very hungry.

-Here, eat this.
-Thank you, Dad.

Have some too.

I'll let you have it.

But it's your favorite.
I'll share it with you.

All right.

Dad, has Mom gone to bed?


We'll go home after she's gone to bed.

Shall I tell you the story of
A Little Princess?


In the early 19th century,

on the day a French girl
named Jessie Miel was born,

her mother sadly passed away.

Her father had a business in Britain,
and so the family was well-off.

Jessie lived like a princess
since she was young,

she was given the best of everything.

When she was seven,

she was sent to the most exclusive
school in the country.

The little princess longed to see
her father so much that she would cry.


One day,

her father appeared in her dreams.

He encouraged
the little princess to be brave.

Also, not to give up easily.

Since the little princess
is a brave person,

she decided to stay strong

and not to let her father down.


Thank you.

You are the best Dad in the world.


Breakfast is ready.

-Take your medicine.
-Don't try to flatter me.

If you are truly loyal,
bring down Song-nian.

I worked so hard
to put you through law school.

What is the purpose of being a lawyer

if you don't try to get even
with Song-nian?

You've wasted your education!

I've checked on him.

Song-nian runs a legitimate business.

He's done nothing illegal.

Don't you fear divine retribution
for saying a thing like that?

You've let your grandpa and dad down.

Take it easy, Mom.

Only you don't upset me,

or I would have been dead a long time ago.


you keep saying Grandpa died
because of Song-nian.

What exactly happened?

Thirty years ago,

your grandpa worked for Song-nian.

One day,

he found out that Song-nian
had raped a female worker.

He was very angry.

So he went to see Song-nian.

Song-nian, of course,
denied any wrongdoing.

Your grandpa started arguing with him.

He then pushed your grandpa to the ground,

and your grandpa was killed
by a pile of bricks that fell on him.

Did Song-nian pushed Grandpa to
the ground intentionally or accidentally?

Are you saying
that I have wrongly accused him?

I was only asking.

What has Dad's death
got to do with Song-nian?

After your grandpa passed away,

your dad wanted to gather information
of Song-nian's crimes.

So he tried to get a job
in Song-nian's company.

Many years had passed

before your dad found evidence

of Song-nian's smuggling, prostitution
and money laundering activities.

But before he could turn
the evidence over to the police,

he was run over by a car.

Song-nian had hired a hit man
to kill your dad.

As far as I could remember,
Dad didn't work for Song-nian.

What do you know? You were so young!


I might only be ten when Dad died,

but he would often tell me things
about his job.

I don't ever remember him telling me
about his investigation of Song-nian.

Don't you believe me?

You think I'm crazy, don't you?

Calm down, Mom. Let's eat breakfast.

I'm not eating!

Song-qiao, are you going to work?

I'm going to kill Song-nian for Mom.

Have a cup of coffee.
My boss will be here soon.

I don't wish to pursue this matter.

Your modesty was outraged.
How could you let that person off?

That's true.

The guilty must not be allowed
to walk free.


Ms. Fang, this is my cousin, Anqi.
She works at Fenghuang Corporation.

She was recently molested by her boss.

-Fenghuang Corporation?

Who is your boss?


-Is he Song-nian's son?

I really don't want to pursue this matter.

That would mean
letting the guilty off unpunished,

which would mean he might strike again.

In other words,
there might be another victim.

Do you want that to happen?

I don't know.

I feel very confused.
I don't wish to blow this up.

Listen. The best way to deal with a man
like him is to apply the rule of law.

If you don't expose his crime,

he may think you're afraid of him
and may further harass you again.

What should I do?

Calm down.

Sit down first,
then tell me what happened.

That's right.

Ms. Fang's middle name is justice.

This will work out fine.

Don't worry. Tell me what happened.

-Are you Nico?
-Who are you?

My name is Song-qiao. I'm a lawyer.

-I would like to ask you something.
-What is it?

Were you with Ren-de
on the night of February 8th?

Where did you go with him
and what were you doing with him?

Did Ren-de molest a girl that night?

I don't know what you're talking about.
I don't know who Ren-de is.


I'm ready. I'll see you in a while.

Do you usually take intimate photos
with strangers?

Tell me. Did Ren-de
molest a girl that night?

I don't know. I wasn't with him.

-Will you stop following me?

I will leave
after you answer my questions.

Were you at Fenghuang Corporation with
Ren-de on the night of February 8th?

I don't know.

Did you see a female staff
talking to Ren-de?

I don't know!

Did you see Ren-de molest
that female staff?

I've told you. I don't know.

If you don't stop following me,
I'm going to sue you for harassment.

I'm not harassing you.

-I'm only asking you a few questions.

Who is she?

She's a lawyer.

She's here to investigate your alleged
molestation of your female employee.

What did you tell her?

I don't know a thing.
What could I have told her?

You don't know what you're up against!

My legal advisers will swat you away
as if you were a fly.

Having many lawyers
doesn't guarantee success.

As long as you've broken the law,
I can bring you to court.

Go ahead if you think
you have the evidence.

I have plenty of free time on my hands,
so bring it on!

Hi! Could I ask you a few questions?

What is it?

Did Mr. Ren-de come back to the office
on the night of February 8th?

Who are you?
Why are you asking me that question?

I'm his girlfriend.

He had promised to celebrate
my birthday with me that evening.

But he didn't turn up.

I'm sure he was bothered by another woman.

Sir, would you tell me?

Did Ren-de come back
to the office that night?

I don't know.

Even if I knew, I couldn't tell you.

Sir, I'm not asking you
to give me classified information.

You just have to tell me

if Ren-de brought
another woman here that night.

I won't rest unless I know the truth.

I'm sorry. I can't help you.

You don't have to say a thing.
Just show me the security tape.

I can't help you. Please leave.

Please help me. Please?

-Mr. Cai.

Give her the recording.


-Go on.

Have you got what you need?

Thank you.

What's your relationship with Ren-de?

I'm his girlfriend.

No, you're not.

He only goes for
sexy and flirtatious women.

I'm Song-qiao.

You're a lawyer.

Did Ren-de break the law?

I'm sorry, I can't reveal any information.

I understand.

Also, you are?

I'm Ren-yi Ye.

Ren-yi Ye?

How are you related to Ren-de?

I'm his godbrother.


Surprise, surprise!
You're not out picking up girls.

Are you playing the mother's boy act?

What the hell are you saying?

Someone is afraid that Dad may find out
he's been using the office as his harem.

So, he's staying home to be the good son.

Ren-yi, what are you trying to get at?

I didn't want to say this.

But since you don't feel a hint of shame,
I thought I would be open too.

Your precious son
molested a female employee!

Ren-yi, those are just rumors.

Yu-chen, don't try to cover up for them.

I bet everyone in the company
will know about it soon.

If Dad knew about it, what do you think
his reaction would be?

That's enough, Ren-yi.

I'm going to prove to you that I am right.

I've put in a good word with your dad

regarding the losses you made
in your project.

I'm also going to top up the amount

and give you a chance to make amends.

Fenghuang has recently
made a bid for a land parcel.

We're planning to build
a mid-market condominium.

I'm putting you in charge
of this development.

I think the hotel development project
suits Ren-yi better.

Shall we let him handle that project?

Don't be greedy!

What do you think, Aunt Ruo-lin?

Sure, he can take that on.

I was racking my brain
who I shall appoint to head this project.

Now that Ren-yi can do it,

it's a load off my mind.

Say thank you to Aunt Ruo-lin.

No worries. We are family.

Our job is to take the company
to greater heights.

Don't bother your dad
with trivial matters.

Don't you agree?

Yes, I do.


Where are you going?

Don't worry, Aunt Ruo-lin.

You've put me in charge
of a major project.

I'm going back to devise a strategy
to make the company more profitable.

You handed them a major project
on a silver platter!

I did that because of you.

He has something on you.
I had to make an adjustment.

You know what Ren-yi is capable of.

If your dad finds out
about the molestation incident,

you'll be in big trouble.

So what? Is he going to kill me?

All right, don't be angry.

Next time,

I'll discuss everything with you
before I make a decision.

Get lost!

Are you okay, Aunt Ruo-lin?

I'm okay.

I'll help you up.

Let me see if you're hurt.

What happened?

Did Ren-de upset you again?

I have his interests at heart
in everything I do,

but he just doesn't get it.

He is always mad at me.

He wouldn't care even if I broke my leg.

Ren-de is young and hotheaded.

He'll learn to appreciate your concern
when he's older.

If only Ren-de had some of your maturity.

You should be fine after a rest.

She thought she could shut me up
by sweetening the deal.

I've discovered his dirty little secret.

Now, I'm going to make sure
it blows up in his face.

What good will come out of it
if you expose him?

The worst thing Dad could give him
would be a scolding.

Ren-de has Aunt Ruo-lin protecting him,

while you will lose the chance
to prove your worth.

Besides, who's going to put back
the money you lost?

Fine, I'll shut up.

Anyway, someone else
can bring him down for me.

What do you mean?

I met a female lawyer at the office today.

She's investigating the molestation case.

I think the whole world
will know about it very soon.

Show it to me.



-Are you looking for Ms. Fang?

Ms. Fang is...

Excuse me.

Hello? Yes.

We will.

No problem.


I'm sorry, Ms. Fang is not back yet.

Would you like to take a seat first?


Mr. Xu.

What are you doing here?

When are you paying the rent?

Give me a couple more days.

A couple more days? You are never on time.

I came all the way here.

Are you broke or are you refusing to pay?

I give you my word.
We will pay you the day after tomorrow.

You said the same thing last week.

Tell Ms. Fang if this goes on,
you'll have to vacate this place.

-I will tell her.
-Don't you forget!

-I will. Would you please go?
-I'll be back!

Okay. Bye.

Why are you here to see Ms. Fang?

I'll come another day.

Why don't you leave a contact number?
I'll get Ms. Fang to call you.

That's all right.
I'll come back another day.

-I'm sorry.
-It's okay.

Thank you.

-You're Song-qiao?
-Yes, I am.

-You are?
-Yu-chen Ye.

I came to see you.

You're Ren-de's sister.

How can I help you?

Anqi has decided not to pursue
the molestation case any further.

Why are you insisting
on taking Ren-de to court?

You're mistaken.

Anqi didn't say she wasn't going
to press charges.

Anqi told me you had pressured her
into pressing charges against Ren-de.

Why did you do that?

To make sure that justice is served.

A politically correct answer
is not what I'm expecting.

Why don't you tell me what you think?

We are an influential family in Singapore.

Win or lose, you have much to gain by
taking a member of the Ye family to court.

Let's get straight to the point.

A small-time lawyer like you is either
after fame or money. So, which is it?

Not everyone is as superficial as you.

Name me a price.

Justice is priceless.

The temptation of money
will render justice worthless.

I don't wish to explain myself to someone
who thinks justice is cheap.

Please leave.

What is your motive?

I have only one motive.

To do all I can to bring
the guilty to justice.

Subtitle translation by Sarmeet