The Ultimatum (2009): Season 1, Episode 19 - Episode #1.19 - full transcript

Yuchen is relieved Songnian is in a coma. Sun Jie tells Songqiao off for being rash.

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How's my dad, doctor?

-How is my husband?
-How is my father?

-Is he all right?
-Can we see him?

The stroke was caused
by a burst vessel in Mr. Ye's brain.

He's in a coma right now.

When will he come round?

It's hard to say. But don't worry,
we'll observe him closely.

Why don't you all go home, Mom?
I'll stay back to look after Dad.

I doubt Song-nian will wake up soon.
Go home and don't worry.

You should be the one who's worried.
My mom is the lawful Mrs. Ye.

She doesn't have to do anything
to prove that she is loyal.

What are you getting at?

Knock it off. Dad is in a coma
and you're still over here arguing.

Dad will be all right.

Do you really hope for Dad to recover
or would you rather he be in a coma?

I told Mom I'd stay with Dad too.

I can't put my mind at ease
unless it's someone from our family.


I forgot that your surname
is not Ye, but it's Fang instead.

Do you really hope for my dad
to recover quickly?

Given Dad's condition,

Ms. Jiang and Ren-de will take
the opportunity to seize power at FH.

We should stand together.

Who are you to be on my side?

No matter who I am,
Ms. Jiang thinks we're on the same side.

If we're divided, they'll stand to gain.

Be more rational.

Think of the situation we're in
before you do anything.

It's all my fault!

If I didn't have a wager with the cleaner,
I wouldn't have won that phone.

Then Ren-yi wouldn't have taken it away
to show it to Mr. Ye!

I'm sorry, Yu-chen.

Stop reproaching yourself.

Nobody anticipated it.

Is your dad doing okay?

I don't know.

Seeing him in this condition
really makes me sad.

If he wakes up and asks you whether
you're his daughter, what will you say?

Everything happened so suddenly.
I'm caught off guard.

I really don't know what to tell my dad.

He has been worrying about
finding a successor for Fenghuang.

He had great faith and high hopes in me
when he picked me as the candidate.

If I tell him that I'm not his daughter,
will he be able to accept it?

It would be hard for anyone
to believe that.

Especially after over 30 years.

Whatever it is,
they were the ones who raised me.

They will always be my parents.

Dad is in a coma now.

If I tell everyone that I'm not a Ye,

Ren-de, Ren-xiao and Ms. Jiang
will fixate on my parentage.

I don't want the situation to affect
the development of the company.

You're right. Why didn't I think of that?

Nobody can know the truth.
Not for now, at least.

What about Song-qiao then?

She's your dad's real daughter.
Are you going to tell her the truth?

You saw what happened.

Given her character,
she might react violently to the truth.

Things might get out of hand.

You're right. She harbours
such deep hatred for your dad.

My biggest worry right now is Ren-yi.

How is he?

A blood vessel burst caused him
to have a stroke. He's still in a coma.

Sorry, I didn't expect for
the consequences to be so serious.

It happened.
What's the point of saying sorry?

I admit that I was too reckless.
I shouldn't have embarrassed Mr. Ye.

But you actually harmed someone
by covering up your mistakes.

I already told you
that it's not like what you think.

Am I that ruthless of a person to you?

Are you going to tell me that
Black Dragon left on his own freewill

and the boat just happened to capsize?

Isn't that a bit much?

You just don't trust me.

How am I supposed to do that
if you've never seemed worthy of trust?


I'm sorry that I embarrassed your dad
in a fit of anger.

I didn't expect for him to pass out.

I know you hate my dad,
but you should prove he's guilty first.

I admit I was reckless.

But, your dad did commit those crimes.

I know you inside out.
You'll never believe he's innocent.

But I have faith in him. I hope that you
will find the truth and vindicate him.

Jie Sun has all the details.

You can always ask him.

Will you believe me?

Forget it. Let's stop this argument.
I just hope for my dad to recover quickly.

Believe it or not, so do I.
I don't wish for him to be in this state.

Ms. Fang.

Are you still fit to stay here?

What do you want?
You promised not to tell Dad the truth!

Who's your dad?

He raised me for the past 30 years.

No matter what happens,
he'll always be my dad.

If family means that much to you,
why didn't you acknowledge your mom then?

You even caused her death
to cover up the truth.

I did nothing of the sort!

Stop your pretense.

You're just trying to save your position
as Vice CEO of Fenghuang.

You're afraid if the truth is exposed,
you'll lose everything.

I don't care what you think!
You promised to keep this to yourself!

But then you chose to tell Dad
about it at the birthday party!

You didn't even think about his feelings.

He's in a coma now.
Don't you feel bad at all?

I should be given credit
for exposing this 30-year-old lie.

You on the other hand,
you tried to keep the truth from my dad.

You should be the one
feeling guilty, not me.

We may not be blood-related,
but we've been siblings all these years.

Think of what I did for you.

I went to great lengths to help you
take over Dad's position

as head of Fenghuang.

You know all this.

Fine. I know.

On the surface, you claimed to help me.

But in actual fact, you were just
making your way up by putting me down.

You won't believe anything I say now.

But no matter what happens, we're family.

Our feelings for each other are true.

You're not my real sister.

What do you want then?

I'm going to take back
what you took away from me.

What is that?

Your position as
the Vice CEO of Fenghuang.

Things are bad enough as it is.
Don't make them worse by running away.

I'm not running away from home.
I'm divorcing you.

Are you crazy?
You want a divorce at a time like this?

I'll really go crazy if I don't leave you!


Will you calm down?

I'm not acting on impulse.

We've been deluding ourselves
all these years.

You're infatuated with Ruo-lin,

but at the same time, you keep telling me
that I'm the one you love.

Enough is enough.

I don't want to carry on like this.


I'm just a cover to you.

Be fair to me, Ren-xiao Ye.
Please let me leave.

It will spare both of us the agony.


I've come to see you.

All this while,
I thought you made that story up.

I didn't know it was true.

I refused to believe you.

I chose to believe The Little Princess

instead of the agony and stress
that you were in.



I'm sorry.

Please forgive me.

I promise you that I will seek justice

and make him pay for all the harm
that he's done to you.

What are you doing here?

I went to your office and saw you going,
so I followed you here.

Now I know why Ms. Zheng
disapprove of our relationship.

We're actually...

There are so many feuds
between our families.

I once said that you know me
better than my sister does.

So no matter what happens
between our families,

I hope we'll remain the same.

Feuds between our parents
shouldn't involve us at all.

The mistakes your dad made
had nothing to do with you.

Actually, my dad...

You might regret it in time to come.

So please forgive him.

Jie Sun!

Have you seen Min Sun?

Wasn't she at the cafe?

She didn't turn up at work for two days
and she's not picking up her phone.

She's like that. She also doesn't
inform me when she stays out.

No! We've been getting breakfast together
every day and chatting on the phone a lot.

But I haven't heard a word from her
in two days.

I'm afraid something
might have happened to her.

Trying to run away?

We haven't had enough fun yet!

Get her up!

You wretch!




Jie Sun!

How did Min Sun get injured?

She was confined to some empty hut.
She was covered with injuries.

The police are inside.

Who were the culprits?

-Who got her out?
-She escaped on her own.

She passed out after that.

Luckily two men found her,
or she might've died.

Can we see her?

What did my sister say?

It's obvious she went through trauma.

She's emotionally unstable
and she refuses to tell us anything.

Can we see her?

Min Sun! Are you okay? What happened?

Everything's fine now.

Don't be afraid. I'm right here.
Nobody can hurt you again.

Tell me who did this to you.

Don't be afraid.
Tell us who you ran into after we parted.

-What happened?
-I don't know.

Tell us your fear and you'll be all right.

Leave the room first.

Min Sun.

Have some water.

Don't be afraid.

You have Jie Sun and Song-qing
to protect you here.

You have me too.

You're safe.

Tell me.

Where did you and Song-qing go that night?

The cinema.

You had a lot of fun, didn't you?

After that?

He wanted to send you home,
but you wouldn't let him.

Who did you run into after he left?

Don't be afraid. I'm right here.

Think carefully. I'll help you.

Who did you run into that night?

Will you tell me?




Spareribs are your favorite.
Why won't you touch them?

I'm not eating.

-What's the matter?
-No appetite.


Cool it!

Jie Sun!

Stop it!

-What did you do to Min Sun?
-Nothing! Let go!

Just admit it!

Break it up!

Stop beating him!

-Stop it, Jie Sun!
-Stop it!

Why did you do that to Min Sun?
Are you not human?

What will happen to Min Sun
if you kill him?

-Come on!
-Jie Sun, stop it!

Go away!

Will you tell us the whole story?

Did something happen to Min Sun?

Ask him.

I don't know anything.

Stop that!

Don't get so worked up.
What did Ren-de do to Min Sun?

She was missing for two days
and when she was found, she was dying.

She was covered with injuries
and was speechless and in shock.

All she could say was this rat's name!

What did she say I did to her?

Don't try to deny it!

Calm down! Let's find out the truth first.

There must be a reason
why he's accusing you of all people.

Given the sort of man you are,
I wouldn't be surprised if you did it.

Stop gloating.

Prove I'm the culprit if you can, Jie Sun!

Don't behave like a mad dog here!
I can sue you for slander!

Sure! We'll go to the police together!

Why should I do that?
You'll hear from my lawyer.

Since you won't admit it,
let's call the police then.

If you're innocent,
they'll let you go for sure.

Ms. Jiang! Police!

Which one of you is Ren-de?

What's the matter?

Ren-de was accused of confining
and abusing a girl named Min Sun.

They had no evidence and yet
they wouldn't stop grilling me! Damn it!

Be honest with me. Are you the culprit?

No! Get off my back!
I already had enough from the police!

I'm just concerned!
You'd better watch your behavior.

If anything goes wrong,
nobody will be able to save you!

Okay, fine! Give me a break!

Thank goodness you're all right, Ren-de.
I know you're innocent.

It's none of your business
whether I'm okay or not, you psychopath!

You still dare lose your temper!

Anything the matter?

Yu-chen is calling for an urgent meeting.

The purpose of this meeting
is to make a very important announcement.

As of today,
I'll no longer be Vice CEO of Fenghuang.

The position will be taken over by Ren-yi.

Why? It was Dad
who assigned you as Vice CEO.

Why the sudden decision, Yu-chen?

What happened?

This is my own decision.
Please respect it.

Please continue
to give Ren-yi support too.

All right, you've got the message.

I was Vice CEO originally.

So this reshuffle shouldn't affect much.

You'll continue to serve Fenghuang
by doing your parts.

Why did you follow us, you psychopath?

That's enough. Stop screaming at Ren-xiao.

It's really strange that Ren-yi
has now been made Vice CEO.

We shouldn't fight among ourselves
at this point of time.

That woman couldn't have
made such a decision.

Everyone is eyeing
the position of Vice CEO.

She got it and she gave it up to Ren-yi!
Is she out of her mind?

She's always been supportive
of the idea of making Ren-yi Vice CEO.

Now that Dad is in a coma,
she hopes to give him another chance.

Ren-xiao has a point.

But the expressions on Ren-yi and Yu-chen
were rather strange just now.

If Yu-chen willingly gave her position up,
she would have looked happy.

But that wasn't the case at all.

Ren-yi must've done something
to make her hand over the position.

When Yu-chen was giving a speech,
Ren-yi was showing Dad something.

Dad's expression changed after that.

Yu-chen looked nervous too.

Why did he react in that manner?

Something is amiss.


There is no why.

Was there some reason?

There wasn't any.

I'm sure you know why, Feng Zhang.
Tell me.

I know nothing about the company.
Whatever Yu-chen says goes.

You should know very well
if Ren-yi was up to something.

Uncle Song-nian put you in charge
of Fenghuang because he trusted you.

How will you account for him
now that Ren-yi has taken over from you?

I've always wanted Ren-yi to do well.
That's why I'm giving him another chance.

I'll be assisting him.

You always think of the big picture.

I don't believe you'd give Fenghuang
to him for no good reason.

She just wants her own brother
to prove himself.

It doesn't matter who's Vice CEO.

I won't force you to tell me.

But I hope you know what you're doing.

Still packing up?

Hurry. I'm meeting a client here after.

It's not like you don't have
any meeting rooms here.

You can always see your client
in one of those rooms.

It's all right. I'm almost done anyway.

I need to know how the company was doing
when you were at the helm.

Write me a report now.
I want to see it after.


What despicable way did you resort to,
to make Yu-chen give the position to you?

However despicable I may be,
I can't hold a candle to someone.

Blame it on your stupidity for not
being able to tell right from wrong.

Since you don't think I'm up for
the position, why don't you resign?

Fine. My purpose for joining Fenghuang
was to help Uncle Song-nian anyway.

I don't have a reason to stay on anymore.

Jie Sun!




I'm happy today.
Let's go somewhere to have fun!

Smells great!
Your mom will enjoy it for sure!

You're back.

I bought a lot of food for us.
Let's eat together.

How's life in the Ye family?

Very good! I'm now working in Fenghuang
as an assistant manager.

My job is easy and everybody respects me.

I go into the casino boat every day
to gamble and I do it at high stakes,

unlike how I use to play in the past.

Wherever I go,
nobody dares look down on me.

I'm really happy.

That's good.


What's this?

It's the divorce paper.

She was my wife after all.

When I lost my memory,
she put me up and took care of me.

Now that I'm the God of Gamblers again,
I have to divorce her.

I feel like I've let her down.

Do you still have feelings for her?

I'm not sure.

All I know is
that I just feel bad about it.

Where did you take Bao-ying to today?

We went to Cat King's.

I haven't gambled with them for so long.

As soon as they saw me,
they made me show them my skills.

They said I was still as lousy a gambler
like I used to be and I'd lose for sure.

That was why I took Bao-ying there
to accompany me.

Be it blackjack or poker,
I always beat them by one point.

It was amazing!

Although I only won $27,
it felt like I won $270,000!

They were all admiring me!

Later, we went to a steamboat restaurant
which was owned by Cat King's friend.

I wouldn't say that
the food was of top quality,

but it tasted a lot better than
Buddha's Temptation and shark's fin soup!

I'm still drooling as I talk about it!

Was it that delicious?
Take me there one of these days.


Expensive food doesn't necessarily
taste good.

Take the fried noodles and fried oyster
at my place for example.

Bao and I like them very much.

You'll love them for sure too!

Were you happier in the past?


I don't feel that way at all.

I'm just very happy today.


As you know, that was how I was
living for the past few years.

I was used to it.

Feng Zhang's lifestyle
is still very new to me.

That was why I went back today.

I'm just used to the kind of life I led.

I'll be familiar with
Feng Zhang's lifestyle again.

Whether you can do that or not,

you'll always be Feng Zhang.

I can feel it.

What can I do for you, Ms. Jiang?

Please sit.

Why did you ask me here for coffee?

No particular reason.
Haven't had a proper chat with you.

What do you want to talk about?

Yu-chen and you, of course.

It's been proven that you're Feng Zhang.

So you should treat Yu-chen well.

I've promised to try my best to forget
my identity as Zhi-da and recall the past.

I'm really happy for Yu-chen
now that you're reunited.

Song-nian worries that she might
be hurt again in relationships.

Please do your best to make it up to her.

I will. Thanks.

I really do care about Yu-chen.

But you know the situation I'm in.

It's only natural for you to care
about each other since you're family.

If Yu-chen knows how concerned you are
about her, she'll be so touched.

We're family?

I regard them as my family,
but the feeling is not mutual.

It's the same with Yu-chen and Ren-yi.

She doted on him
and groomed him generously,

so that he might run Fenghuang one day.

But look at the way he treats her now.

He's too much!

Yu-chen is so good to him,
but he is not grateful at all.

He's the reckless sort
who never thinks of consequences.

He shouldn't have shown Song-nian
contents of that phone on his birthday.


You saw the contents of that phone too?

It's my fault! I shouldn't have gambled
with the cleaner and won that phone!

Ren-yi wouldn't have found out
about the secret then!

What a rat he is!
He promised that he'd keep it to himself!

But he didn't keep to his promise
and caused his dad to pass out!

I didn't expect for him
to take it that hard.

It was only natural.

If I were him, I'd suffer a stroke too!

Let's make the secret known. That way,
Ren-yi can't blackmail Yu-chen anymore.


Nobody must know about it!

You can't tell anyone, Ms. Jiang!

I certainly won't. This is not something
that outsiders should know about.

Precisely. Otherwise, it would be chaos!

But somehow I don't think Yu-chen
should let Ren-yi take over as Vice CEO.

The fact that Song-nian appointed her,
showed that she was the best candidate.


If anything goes wrong in Fenghuang,
how will I answer to Song-nian?

Do you have any suggestions then?

The only solution is to make Yu-chen
become Vice CEO again.

Will you be able to help her?

I've found out that
Ren-yi misappropriated some funds.

What? He actually did that?

I have proof against him.

If I pass it to the shareholders
and directors,

they'll demand for him
to step down as Vice CEO for sure.

What are you waiting for then?
Pass them the evidence!

Why don't I just pass it to you?
It's up to you what you do with it.

I really hope to help Yu-chen
and Fenghuang.

How long will it take
for my sister to recover, doctor?

She suffered severe trauma.
It's going to take her a while to recover.

She'll continue to shut herself up.

Look, I made your favorite.
It's fried dumplings.

I told Song-qiao you'd love it for sure,
but she didn't believe me.

The proof of the pudding is in the taste.

Tell me if it's nice.

I spent a lot of time making it, you know.
Come on, be a sport.

After Dad passed on,
I did all the housework.

I couldn't cook at all then
and I refused to ask anyone.

You had no choice but to become
my guinea pig and eat whatever I cooked.

You'd tell me whether it tasted good
or not after you tried it.

I owe my culinary skills to you.

You told me that no matter
how bad my cooking was,

you'd finish the food

because that was my fruit of labor.

Also I promised you

that I would cook for you
no matter how big you were.

I also gave you my word

that no matter what happened,

I'd take care of you all my life.

It's natural for her to find it hard
to accept what happened.

I know that.

But still, we need to help her
forget the trauma.

No. She needs to come to terms
with the fact that she's been hurt.

It's fear that she needs to overcome.

Only then will she pull herself together.

But she simply won't listen.

She just won't open her mouth.

I'm not able to seek justice
on her behalf.

Don't you get it?
Justice is not what she's after.

Even if Ren-de is thrown behind bars,
it's not going to make her get well.

I don't know what to do at all.

I really don't.

Don't lose heart.
You're her greatest solace right now.

You must believe
that you'll be able to help her.

What should I do?

She's very hurt physically and mentally
by the incident.

That's why she shuts herself up
to protect herself.

The only way to get her to open up
is to be patient with her.

Guide her along patiently and she'll break
away from the shadow of the incident.

Let her know that all of us will help her.

We won't give up on her.

Customers are asking me where you are.

As you know, I'm bad at telling lies.

Luckily Bao was around.
She said you went overseas.

I didn't expect you to be so popular.

Your popularity has surpassed mine.

The customers miss your smiles.
They hope you'll soon be back at work.

All of us care about you.

Come back, quick!
I've invented a new type of cake for you.

You'll like it for sure.

Will you say something?

It makes me really sad
to see you in this state.

Min Sun.

-I'll kill you!
-Min Sun.

Subtitle translation by Sara Shukri