The Ultimatum (2009): Season 1, Episode 18 - Episode #1.18 - full transcript

Yuchen turns up at the wake to pay her respects to Wenyu. Zhida senses something amiss.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -



Song-qiao, you must be tired.

Take a break and have some food.

Don't do this to yourself.

You haven't eaten for two days.

Do you know?

My mom said sorry to me before she died.

She had never said that to me before.

I have always aspired to be
a lawyer since I was young.

I was also hoping to improve
my relationship with my mom.

I am such a failure.

After all those years,

I failed to improve
my relationship with Mom.

Don't be too sad.

Let's sit over there.

Nobody expected Ms. Zheng
to jump to her death.

Did something drive her to it?

Otherwise, why would she kill herself?

I don't think she killed herself.

Why do you say that?

The autopsy report shows
my mom suffered multiple wounds.

Her wrists were scratched and bruised.

She might have suffered the abrasions
from clutching at the railings.

The wounds wouldn't be there
if she had committed suicide.

There are too many unanswered
questions about my mom's death.

What are they?

According to police investigation,

my mom appeared at a coffee shop
near Fenghuang before her death.

She had a quarrel with Mr. Ye.

She left in a hurry
after receiving a call.

Obviously, she was rushing off
to meet someone

and not to commit suicide.

Your mom wasn't herself recently.

Logic may not explain her actions.

My sentiments, exactly.

Weren't you very worried
about your mom's recent health?

There's something else.

My mom's valuables
and purse were left intact,

but her cell phone was missing.

Where exactly is her cell phone?

Who was her last caller?

Don't be sad.

Ms. Zheng loved you so much.

She wouldn't want to see you upset.

Do you know why I like
to bake cakes so much?

I had a lesson in cake baking
in secondary school.

I baked a little cake for my mom.

She was delighted.

I will never forget that.

She applauded how tasty
my cake was as she ate.

She felt so lucky that her son

knew how to bake her a cake.

That was why I aspired
to be an outstanding baker.

I wanted to bake cakes for her

and cheer her up every day.

You're a good son.

Your mom must be comforted in heaven
to know that you are such a good son.

A good son?

I was hardly a good son.

Mom's condition deteriorated
so much in the recent years.

But I overlooked that completely.

If I had spent more time with her,

cared about her more,

my mom wouldn't have died!

It was an accident.


I understand how you feel.

Song-nian, you are finally home.
Is everything okay?

Everything is okay.

The police merely suspected him
of murder and interrogated him.

It's all your fault!

You are so close to that crazy woman's
daughter! You might have caused it.


Come with me, Yu-chen.

How is the company doing?

Is everything all right?

All the projects are going smoothly.

We have sealed the deal with KTK Group.

The construction can be launched
in three months.

I am thinking of doing
a series of road shows in China.

The Chinese have
tremendous purchasing power.

If we can attract them
to the casino cruise ships,

it will mean big bucks for us.


The sea pirates have been
preying on casino cruise liners.

Fenghuang needs to step up security
measures on its casino cruise ships

to avoid severe losses.

I will draft a report on this.

I was thinking

about letting Ren-de handle that.


are you not satisfied
with my work performance?

I worry about you having
too much on your plate.

So, you should delegate some of your work.

I understand.

How is Ren-yi's work attitude recently?

Is he still as lazy as ever?

All these young people

can't even take the slightest setback.

I will give him a nudge.

There's nothing else. You may leave.

Thank you, Dad.

I'll be on my way.

We have combed the entire area,

but there isn't a clue.

We may have overlooked
some places. Let's search further.

We may find something.

The police would have found
any remaining evidence.

It's all my fault.

My mom kept saying Song-nian raped a woman

and killed my dad and grandpa.

Why didn't it occur to me

that she was the rape victim?

Do you really believe
Uncle Song-nian raped your mom?

My mom had been saying for years
that Song-nian raped a woman.

But she never said who it was.

She would get mad every time I asked her.

I could never understand
why she hated Song-nian so much.

But I do now.

She was the victim.

I am not trying to defend Uncle Song-nian.

But your mom was in
a rather unstable mental state.

Aren't you a little quick to accuse him
of rape based on what she said?

I will get to the bottom of this.

I won't rule out any possibility
until I find out the truth.

Can you do me a favor?

My mom said,

the rape victim was
a former employee of Fenghuang.

Can you check old records
of Fenghuang's employees.

Someone would know about the incident
if it did really happen.

I know I am putting you on the spot.

I won't force you to do it
if you don't wish to.

I am also curious about the truth.

Leave it to me.

Are you Black Dragon?

Who are you?

Jie Sun, Uncle Song-nian's adopted son.

Jie Sun?

You are all grown up.

Uncle Song-nian wants me to find you.

Find me? What for?

I am sure you know he is recently
in trouble because of a case.

A woman who jumped to her death
claimed he raped her 30 years ago.

Uncle Song-nian wants you to have this.

What is this?

Uncle Song-nian wants you to feign
ignorance in case the police asks you.

If I had wanted to rat on him,
I would have done so 30 years ago.


tell me what happened.

Uncle Song-nian
didn't tell me the details.

I can't possibly ask him either.

If you don't tell me and the police ask,

I may end up making it worse for him


Uncle Song-nian.

Why are you looking
for me at such a late hour?

Are you going to confront me
about the woman's death as well?

Uncle Song-nian.

You raped Song-qiao's mom
years ago, didn't you?

Are you here to reprimand me?

Do you remember Black Dragon?

He confirmed the truth.

I acted on impulse
and committed a big blunder.

It has weighed on me all these years.

Were you responsible
for Song-qiao's mom's death?

Do you think I would do that?

I'm sorry.

I shouldn't have said that.

What do you intend to do?

Rat on me to the police?

I have no such intention.

Aren't you seeking vindication
for your girlfriend's mom?

The incident happened so long ago.

Ms. Zheng is dead anyway.

No point to pursue the matter.

You raised me.

I will assume

I know nothing about it.

How is it, Jie Sun?

Have you found anything?

I have checked with
Uncle Song-nian's former employees.

They claimed not to know
about the rape case.

This is the name list.

Such a short list.

Fenghuang wasn't very big
and had few employees then.

They are all fairly old now.

Some of them have passed away.

What are your plans?

I plan to meet them personally.

I have asked them myself.
Not a clue at all.

I doubt it has anything
to do with your mom's death.

No point to pursue the matter.

I won't give up searching
for clues to the truth.

I am more and more convinced

that my mom didn't kill herself.

That's just a feeling.
You have no evidence.

Are you against me digging for the truth

in case it hurts Song-nian?

I know you won't give up
until you get to the bottom of it.

Song-nian is your father.
It's only natural that you believe him.

But I hope you will be objective
if he did really victimize my mom.

Come on, we will go meet the elders.

I am meeting Yu-chen here.


-Why are you so anxious to meet up?

I want to know what my mom said
to you before her death.

Haven't I told you about it?

Can you be more specific?

I used to feel she was mentally unstable.

So I never took her words to heart.

Can you tell me what she said
to you in all your meetings?

She appeared confused every time we met.

At times, she treated me like a daughter
and urged me to avenge her.

At other times, she urged me to expose
my dad for killing your dad and grandpa.

She got a call before her death.
Did she tell you about her acquaintances?

No, she talked about nothing
but my dad, seeking revenge,

plus you and your brother occasionally.

Have you been
to the coffee shop she visited?


Didn't she run into Uncle Song-nian
at all when she visited you?


Did she mention your dad victimizing her?


Something baffles me.

My mom despises the Ye family.

She even objected me befriending Ren-yi.

But her attitude was so different
when she first met you.

You hit it off

and she kept visiting you.

How can I figure it out if you can't?

What's eating you?

Did you detect how cold
Yu-chen had turned towards me?

That's not surprising.

You keep linking Uncle Song-nian
to your mom's death.

Yu-chen is bound to feel uneasy.

Is it worth doing this
at the expense of your friendship?

This is bound to leave Yu-chen
and I with uneasy feelings.

In that case, I might
as well find out the truth.

It will be the most ideal outcome
if Song-nian has nothing to do with it.

Looks like nothing can stop you
from investigating further.

I just saw someone I know.
Let me go over and say hi.

-I will wait for you here.

-What are you doing here?
-I came specially to look for you.

What's up?

I have lost quite a sum of money
in the casino, so I need some cash.

I don't have any.

You have no money,
but Song-nian is loaded.

I need $50,000.

So be it if you won't give
me any money. I will blab.

I can't guarantee I won't tell anyone
Song-nian violated a pregnant lady before.

If this gets out...

So, you know Song-nian
raped a female employee!

-Let's go to the police station!
-You are nuts!


You told me no one knew Song-nian's crime!

Let me explain.

You are obviously protecting Song-nian!

Are you looking for me?

I have heard you looked Black Dragon up.

Why did you do that?

To challenge me
and set yourself against me?

Song-qiao insists on uncovering the truth.

Even if I don't help her,
she will get to the bottom of it.

So, you bribed Black Dragon behind my back

to get him to reveal what happened.

How mischievous are you!

Are you all right, Uncle Song-nian?

-I will call Dr. Wong!

I am fine.

I just feel so disappointed.

I have considered you
as my son for all these years.

I trust you much more
than I trust my children.

I can't believe
you would actually betray me.

I have no wish to cross you
or betray you, Uncle Song-nian.

I was trying to prevent Song-qiao
from finding any witness.

Is that so?

You know what I am like.

You are like a dad to me.

Let me ask you this.

If your dad had committed such a crime,

would you report him to the police?

The answer is obvious.

You actually betrayed me
because of a woman.

I'm sorry, Uncle Song-nian.

Don't worry,

I won't let Song-qiao
get hold of any witness.

Mr. Zhang.


What are these?

They are proposals for new security plans
on the casino cruise liners.

We need to reply them in two days.

We need to decide so soon?

It's one week overdue.

The three proposals look similar.

The bidding prices are about the same.

It's so hard to decide
which company is better.

You will realize the differences
if you study them closely.


They look the same to me.

Why don't I show them
to Ms. Ye and ask for her opinion?

Sounds good! Show them to her.

Okay. Thank you.

Hey, June.

-Are you going to print some documents?

Let me help you.

The copier is too complicated for you.

Show me how to do it then.

It's okay, but thank you
so much, Mr. Zhang.


is there anything I can do for you?

Nothing. How can I make
you deal with the menial tasks?

It's not a problem. I am unoccupied.

I really don't need help.

Have a chocolate.

Thank you.

Everyone is so busy.

Looks like I am the only one
hanging loose in Fenghuang.

-My goodness!
-Let me earn some money.

-My goodness!
-I lost again.

Here comes my God of Wealth.

This is a nice card.

What a good luck.

Hey, what are you playing?

-Keep it!

What are you doing? Carry on playing.

Relax, I am not here to catch you.

Carry on! What are you playing?



Hey, can I be the banker?


-I am almost bankrupt. You be the banker.

Great! $30, $50, $30, $60.

Amazing, $60!


You are not a Fenghuang cleaner.
What are you doing here?

I clean for KT Plaza.

He is procrastinating here.

-Procrastinating every day!
-That's right.

Of course I have to get as far away
from my boss to procrastinate!

-Done. Do you want another card?

-I want one!
-Here you go.

One more?

-One more?

One more? Okay, 21!

From you, $50.


I have hit the jackpot!

Another $60!

I am broke.

You lost, you pay!

How can he do this?

Do you want my phone?

It's a new model.
Must be worth more than $200.

-Very well! Let's get back to it!
-I am done! I am heading out.

Come on, let's carry on!

What are you doing?

I'm sorry about just now.
I had to take an important call.

Can I not return
to the office after lunch?


I don't know anything.

I am so useless in the office.

You are so busy,
yet I can't be of any help.

Take it easy.

You are so smart.
You will learn in no time.

I will transfer you to another department
if this one doesn't suit you. Okay?

What did you accomplish in the morning?

I read a few documents,

including the three tender proposals.

My head was spinning after reading it
and I still couldn't understand it.

I couldn't find you at your work station.
Where were you?

I was gambling with some folks.


I was bored to tears.

I couldn't fit in anywhere.

Then, I saw some cleaners gambling.

I couldn't resist the itch
to gamble with them!

I was quite lucky!

I even won a cell phone!

Go ahead and scold me.

I am glad you are so honest with me.

Aren't you mad at me?

Since you can be honest, that means
you won't do it again. Correct?

Yes, I won't do it again.

I am scared you will scold me.
But when you don't,

I feel even more guilty.

Better not gamble.

Since you feel bored, we will visit
the casino cruise liner another day.

You're not kidding?


Good news, Song-qing!

A customer loved your cakes.

She ordered two boxes in one shot!

Isn't that something to cheer about?

That was a huge order!

Stop looking so dull.

Quit doing this.

I know your mom's death
is a depressing time for you.

But wallowing in depression

won't bring your mom back.

You should be professional

and bake the best cakes the minute
you put on the toque.

Don't disappoint your customers.

Do you hear me?

Do you?

I hear you.

What cake was that?

What's wrong with you?

You shouldn't condemn my effort
even if you don't like them!


Did you put your heart and soul into it?

Your cakes are as soulless
as you are these days!

You are letting your supporters, your mom

and those who care about you down!

I spend so much time to comfort and root
for you, yet you remain the same.

You are wasting other people's
efforts as well!


I won't give a damn about you anymore.

Go ahead and destroy yourself.

Sun Min!

I'm sorry.

This is not what I want to hear.

What do you want to hear then?

You should know what I want to hear.

I have feelings for you.

Why are you smiling?


I am hoping to hear
you say you will try to change.

But I also like what you said earlier.

I will go home on my own. Run along now.

I will walk you to your door.

It's late. Go home.



Good night.

Good night.

How can you be so reckless?


Go ahead and kill yourself
but spare the innocent!

-So it's you, the cross-dresser!

Let go of me!


Let go! Hey!

Get in the car!

She passes out so easily! So useless!

We will have some fun
with her again when she wakes up.

Are you trying to get away?

The game hasn't even started yet!

Help me!

Try running now!

Try running now!

Lowlife creature!

Women are all cheap
and love to be tortured.

Don't be afraid. We won't rape you!

You are not worth it!

Help me!

I can get all the women I want!

-Wait for my cue later before serving.
-Okay, no problem.

These dishes look delicious.

Watch out!

Thank goodness you held on to me,

or I would be the highlight of the night.


You look gorgeous.

I look so plain next to you.

You are the head of the household.
Who dares outshine you?


You look exquisite.

Will this do, Yu-chen?

You have changed five times.

Do you have to be so apprehensive?

It's a special occasion today.
I can't let that slut outshine me.

How is it? Is it all right?

You look great.


You look terrific.


No, that slut is bound to show off
her cleavage and back.

I look all wrapped up.

I will change into another outfit.

-Give me your opinion later.

I haven't seen you in such
a formal wear for so long.

Do I look like a clown in it?

You look as dashing as ever.

Come over and see what you think, Yu-chen!


Wait for me. I won't take long.

Do I really look dashing?

Is it that expensive?

Damn it!

He duped me with a broken cell phone!

Listen to me, Song-qiao!

-Give it to me!
-Yu-chen is not Song-nian's daughter!

-Give it to me!
-You are Song-nian's daughter!

-Mom, give it to me!
-Your identity was switched at birth!

What is going on?

Is Song-qiao's mom really your mom?

She made it up. It's not true.

You know she was mentally unstable.
How can we believe her?

But she was very clear about it.

She swapped you and Song-qiao.

Even if she was my mom,

I have nothing to do with her death.

How did you end up meeting on the rooftop?

She kept calling me.

I returned her call for fear that
she would create chaos at Fenghuang.

She wanted to meet me.

The minute she did,

she kept saying I was her daughter.

Of course I didn't believe her.

Who knew she would threaten
to jump to her death?

You should have stopped her from jumping!

I did try but I couldn't hold on to her

because she kept moving about.

I could only watch her fall helplessly.

You should have called the police.

Why didn't you?

I was flustered and very frightened.

It was so scary to watch someone die.

My heart was in such turmoil.

I didn't know what to do.

Why didn't you tell Song-qiao
when she raised the topic?

Why keep it from her?

Song-qiao suspects someone killed her mom.

If she knows about this,
she will think I am the murderer.

Ms. Zheng is dead. No one can vouch
for me that I didn't kill her.

I can't lose everything
that I have worked so hard to achieve.


Believe me, Feng Zhang.

I didn't kill her.

Can you do me a favor?

Keep this a secret.

No one must know about this.

My lips are sealed.


no one must discover this cell phone.

Give it to me.

I will destroy it.

I should thank my lucky stars

for giving me a glimpse of such
a dramatic scene with twists and turns.

-Happy birthday.
-Happy birthday.

I'm sorry for the lack of hospitality.

-May you always be happy.
-May you live a long and happy life.

I'm sorry for the lack of hospitality.

You look in the pink of health.

You look very fit yourself.

-What's wrong?

I am going to wish
Uncle Song-nian happy birthday.


-Uncle Song-nian.

-Happy birthday.
-Thank you.

-Something for you.
-I get a red packet from you every year.

Are you here for
Uncle Song-nian's birthday party?

I am here to see you.


What's up?

I want you to find Black Dragon.

Have you found him?

Not yet.

Of course you can't find him>

Corpse of Geyland Thug Found At Sea.

Aunt Ruo-lin.

I'm sorry!

-I'm sorry!
-Don't worry about it.

Are you done staring?

What's with you?

You can't take
your eyes off her all night!

-Get out.

Come with me!

-Come with me.

Everything is fine now.

It was just a misunderstanding.

Ladies and gentlemen.

Welcome to my dad's
70th birthday bash tonight.

On behalf of my dad and family,

let me thank all of you
for blessing the party.

Thank you, everyone.

Dad, on behalf of our family and guests,

I wish you happiness,
longevity, prosperity,

honor, glory and great fortune.

Thank you, everyone.

Dad, I would like to say a few words
to you on this special occasion.

You are the best dad in my heart
and I respect you most in the world.

May you enjoy good health and happiness.


Black Dragon knew
about Song-nian's evil deed.

Yet you hid it from me.

I wanted you to find him,

yet you arranged for him
to leave Singapore.

You know what Song-nian
had done all along.

Yet you defend him and protect him.

You have even become his accomplice.

You killed Black Dragon.

I didn't kill him.

-It's not what you think.
-Then, what?

It's just not what you think.

Forget it!

What are you planning to do?

I will ask Song-nian myself!

It's his birthday bash tonight.
Hold it off until tomorrow.


Thank you for coming.
Forgive us for being short on hospitality.


I have a big present for you.

Hey, what are you doing?

The present is meant to be a mystery.

Please give me a moment.

Dad, please take a seat over there.

This child.

Song-qiao, get her!

Yu-chen is not Song-nian's daughter!
You are!

Yu-chen is my daughter,
not Song-nian's daughter!

Let go!




I am going to expose you today, Song-nian!

Quit wreaking havoc here, you shrew!


You raped a woman 30 years ago.

You made her suffer all her life.

Don't you feel guilty at all?

Stop uttering rubbish!

I am speaking the truth.

You forced yourself on a pregnant woman

just to satisfy your own beastly appetite.


to cover up your heinous crime,

you killed someone off.

Take a good look at him.

Look at Song-nian's true colors!

Stop slandering him without any evidence.

Get out or I will call the police.

I will find the evidence for your crime
and seek vindication for my mom.

The law of justice will catch up with you.

You will pay for all your actions!





Subtitle translation by Ayesya Johan