The Ultimatum (2009): Season 1, Episode 17 - Episode #1.17 - full transcript

Yuchen decides to stop Wenyu from further action. She promises to avenge her father and grandfather, and wants Wenyu to keep their relationship under wraps.

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-You are my biological daughter.
-Can you prove it?

My daughter has a red birthmark
on the sole of her right foot.


Am I not right? You are my daughter!

It's impossible!


Why are you still here?

Do you want to get thrown out?


I'm the only person fit to run Fenghuang.

Without me, Fenghuang will go down.

This company has nothing more
to do with you. Now, get out of here!

Aunt Ruo-lin,
I've worked here for so many years.

Even if I am not a Ye,

you cannot dismiss my contributions.

Ren-de, call the security.

Please don't throw me out.

I can't leave Fenghuang.

I can't leave here!

If you insist on staying,

I can give you a receptionist job
in the lobby.

Why aren't you going? Get lost!

I'm not going!


Hello, Yu-chen.

It's me. When are you going
to pay your respects to your dad?


Are you not mentally prepared
to acknowledge me yet?

It's been so many days.
Why haven't you accepted me?

Do you not want to acknowledge me?

That's not what I meant.

What's holding you back?

Shall I come to your office to see you?

You cannot come to my office!

It's not a good place to talk.

I'll call you back when I'm less busy.

All right, but don't keep me waiting.

I won't.

Yu-chen, you're here. I have missed you.

-Take a seat.

Yu-chen, why are you still staying
with the Ye family?

Why don't you move out?

After you have moved out,

I will move in with you.

No, we can't.

That sounds like too much trouble.

Why don't you move in with us?

I can then throw out that wretch!

Are you talking about Song-qiao?

Who else could it be?

I have to treat
that monster's daughter as my own.

Do you know how tormenting that is?


when are you moving in with me?

-Not so soon.

You hate Song-nian to the core, don't you?


You've always wanted to avenge
the death of Grandpa, haven't you?

If I leave the Ye family,
how can I avenge his death?

That's true.

You have thought of everything.

What is your plan?

I'm going to stay there

and take everything away from them.

That would be poetic justice, wouldn't it?

Yes, you are right.

My dear, you are very smart.

So, I can't leave the Ye family
nor can I acknowledge you for now.

-Will you be upset with me?
-I won't.

Of course I won't.

When do you suppose
you will complete your mission?

You can't rush it.

I reckon it will take half a year.

Half a year?

That's too long!

I can't wait any longer.
Your dad can't wait any longer.

Yu-chen, let's forget
about seeking vengeance.

You've waited for so many years.
What's another few months more?

How many more months do I have to wait?




It's the first time you're calling me Mom.

Do you know

I have waited for this moment

for a very long time?

Mom, the guilty must pay for their crimes.

I will not let Grandpa and Dad down.

You must give me your support, all right?

All right!

You need to understand

that we cannot see
or acknowledge each other for now.

We don't want others
to get suspicious, do we?

Can I call you?

That's not a good idea.

Don't worry.

I will call you whenever I can. I promise.

-Also, don't attract too much attention.

No one must know about this,

especially Song-qiao.

Do you understand?

Yes, I do.


-Mr. Ye.
-We meet again.

Are you interested in calligraphy?

It's the second time
we've met at similar events.

I'm an aesthete.

I'm hoping to become more cultured
through the appreciation of calligraphy.

You're too modest.

If you are an aesthete,
then we are all aesthetes.

Mr. Ye, you have a sense of humor.

Ladies and gentlemen,

we're very pleased to have invited
our honorary chairman, Mr. Song-nian

to write a few words
to commemorate this exhibition.

Please, Mr. Ye.

The highest




The highest virtue tolerates all.

Thank you.

The rhythm of Mr. Ye's script
is as harmonious as it is expressive.

It is a poetic execution of beauty.

These characters express the philosophy
of using virtue for self-actualization

and building interpersonal relations.

You're practicing calligraphy as well
as cultivating your moral character.

You're the personification of refinement.

You have placed me on a pedestal.

As the saying goes,
"Those who can critique do not write;

those who can't write, critique."

I'm parading my limited talent
before an expert.

I mean what I said.


there is a lot you can learn
from Ms. Fang.


I would appreciate it
if you would guide me in the future.

You are both mocking me.

I mean every word I have said.

Would you like to join us for tea?

You seem knowledgeable about calligraphy.

Did your dad inspire you
to take an interest in it?


My dad passed away when I was 11.

Who else are there in your family?

My mom and a younger brother.

You and your mom have supported
each other through the years.

I suppose you must be very close to her.

My relationship with her
is rather dysfunctional.

Yu-chen has met my mom.

She knows about it.

I've met Ms. Zheng a few times.

She treats Song-qiao rather harshly.

How is that so?

I'll be frank with you. Since I was young,
my mom has always reminded me

that you had caused the deaths
of my grandpa and dad.

She has always insisted
that I avenge their deaths.

What gave her the idea
that I had caused their deaths?

I'm not too sure.

But for a long time,
she's been mentally unstable.

I've been trying to get close to you
because of my mom.

In fact, I know nothing about calligraphy.

Meeting you at calligraphy exhibitions
is an attempt to get close to you.

My mom's name is Wen-yu. Do you know her?

No, I don't.

She used to work for you

more than 30 years ago.

Do you remember anything?

Do you believe

what she told you?

She may be my mom,

but she's been mentally
unstable for years.

So I do take what she says
with a pinch of salt.

Besides, you are a highly regarded man.

I've learned from Yu-chen you set a high
moral standard for yourself and others.

You wouldn't have committed
a crime like that.

Am I right to say that, Yu-chen?

Are you not afraid
that by telling me all this,

you might offend me?

I believe in being transparent.

I doubt you would fault anyone
who tries to be honest.

Besides, Yu-chen and I are friends.

I think I should be honest with her.

Your honest thought is very refreshing.

You're an interesting character.


Don't tell...


Don't tell?

Even this egg is saying
I should think twice?

How can I let an egg decide my fate?


Don't tell...



What are you mumbling to yourself?

Show me. I want to play too.

I'm in a lousy mood.

What's wrong?


If you like someone,

would you tell her?

Of course, I would!

She will never know if you don't tell her.

But the person I like

is someone I should not have
fallen for in the first place.


Are you talking about that sissy?

Listen to your heart, not your head.

Be a man! Embrace your feelings,
be it love or hatred!

Take my advice.

Go ahead and fall madly in love!

Feng Zhang, I need to speak to you.

I have nothing to say to you!

Feng Zhang.

-Feng Zhang!
-Ms. Ye.

What are you doing here?

I have something to say to Feng Zhang.

Haven't you given up yet?

He's Zhi-da, not Feng Zhang.

He has nothing more to say to you.

How rude!

Feng Zhang.

Come on out.

Do you think you can hide forever?

I've made it clear to you.
I'm not Feng Zhang.

What more do you want?

You're just in self-denial.
You're Feng Zhang and that's the truth.

When will you face up to the truth?


Ms. Ye, when will you stop harassing us?

Please let Zhi-da off.

Let's use a proper method
to resolve this issue.

The hospital will test if your DNA profile
matches Feng Zhang's.

You're not leaving with her.

Why are you so unreasonable?

Zhi-da just wants to be a good husband
and a loving dad.

Why are you trying to break up my family?

I have a right to pursue
my own happiness too.

That is not my business.

I'm warning you. Leave Zhi-da alone.

After the DNA results are out,
I want you to leave Feng Zhang alone.

Don't you have better ways to spend
your money than run DNA tests?

Only a DNA test will confirm his identity.

I won't let Zhi-da do
a stupid thing like that.


Are you afraid the results
will disappoint you?

What's there to be afraid?

I don't want you and Zhi-da
to have any more contact.

That's a very poor excuse.

Hey, will you two stop arguing?

Just do what she says.


Whatever the outcome, I am still Zhi-da.

I don't care if you're doing
a DNA or anything.

Let's get it over and done with!


Let's just forget it.


You do like me, don't you?

You're afraid if the test says
that you're Feng Zhang,

you wouldn't know
how to deal with it, would you?

You do have feelings for me.

You're afraid you can't control
your feelings for me if we meet again.

So, you've chosen to avoid me,
haven't you?

I don't know what you're talking about.

I know how you feel.

You have Bao and Bao-ying.

It seems cruel to ask you to leave them.

It makes you feel better

that you are not Feng Zhang.

Am I right?

No! It's not like that at all.

You think too much.

Why would I think I was Feng Zhang?

Hey, let's put it this way.

Let's have a bet.

If I'm not Feng Zhang,

you will leave me alone forever.


Ms. Ye,

I've compared the DNA profiles
obtained from the two samples.

This is the result.

Do you want to take a look?

What for?

I know I'm Zhi-da Zhou.


Doctor, what did it say?

The two DNA profiles
come from the same person.


The same person?

How is that possible?

How can it be from the same person?

Doctor, could there be a mistake?

The tests were conducted
according to the procedure.

The probability of making
a mistake is almost zero.


Zhi-da, you're finally back.

What's wrong?

Is Yu-chen finally convinced
that you are not Feng Zhang?

You still want to keep me in the dark?

What do you mean?

How could you be so selfish?

You've been lying to me all these years!

I'm Feng Zhang!

How much longer are you going
to keep up the lie?

Are you out of your mind?

This is the DNA report.
You can see it for yourself.

You are Feng Zhang!

How is that possible?

I thought you were a kind person.

I never expected you to make up
such story to deceive me.

I had no idea who I was!

Do you know,

Yu-chen had been looking for me
for the past few years?

She was so devastated
because she thought I was dead!

I avoided Yu-chen

because I didn't want to let you down.

Why would I keep your
true identity from you?

You are Zhi-da Zhou!

You're still denying it.

You are Zhi-da Zhou, not Feng Zhang.

I know!

Someone must have tampered
with the results.

The rich are more than capable
of doing such things.

Stop giving me excuses!

From now on,
I won't believe a word you say!



You've found out your true identity.

It's nothing to be happy about.

I disagree.

The joy is like finding a wallet
you thought you had lost forever.

I have let Yu-chen down.

Now that I know who I am,

In the future,

I will try to make it up to her.

Do you feel like you've let Bao down?

I did.

She has put up with my gambling addiction.

That shows she's true to me.


now that the truth is known,

she still wants to keep the lie going.

My guilt has all but disappeared!


Master, are you going to leave Bao?

Yu-chen says

she wants to take me
to the places we had visited in Macau.

She's going to help me regain my memory.


after you've regained your memory
and remembered your tricks,

you must take me as your student.

I don't even know
if I can regain my memory,

never mind my gambling tricks.

I think,

you shouldn't get your hopes up.

Master, you promised me

that you would take me as your disciple
even if I'm a girl.

I swear I will be a more formidable
God of Gamblers than a man!

I won't let you down.

You can't be a God of Gamblers.

You can only be a Queen of Gambling.

Yes! A Queen of Gambling!

A Queen of Gambling!

I don't know why I only took men
as my students.

Well, I'm going to break my own rule.

You can stop masquerading as a man.

Do you know someone has been
tearing his hair out over you?


I'm talking about Pale Face.

Don't you know that he likes you?

-How do you know?
-He told me.

He said it was driving him nuts
that he had fallen for a sissy.

He's been having trouble
sleeping and eating.

He's thinking maybe
he should go see a shrink.

So, he really likes me.

-Min Sun.

When did you come back?

I'll make you a cup of coffee.

I have a plane to catch and I still have
some shopping to do. I can't stay.

-Call me when you come back.
-I will.

Min Sun!

-Come with me!

What are you doing?

-I have something to say to you.
-Me too.

You go first.

All right.

If I told you...

I am...

You are?

Wait for me here. I'll be back soon.

Can we pay up now?

I haven't tried on the clothes.
What's the rush?

Do you need to ask?

I can't wait for us to...

All right. You're naughty.

Make it quick!


When did you become a man?

Let me see if you really are a man.


Are we friends?

You're disgusting!

Hurry up now!



You were the one who wanted to show me.
I was being appreciative.

Peeping Tom!
How dare he tried to feel me up!

I hope he goes blind and loses his arms,

so he can't terrorize women again!


Is that all you can say?

Seeing me like this,
do you not feel anything?

Why are you dressed like a girl?

Don't you like it?

I like who you are, not how you look.

You look neither like a man nor a woman.
It makes me want to puke.

You're such a fool! I'm a girl!

You're a girl?

I'm all woman.

Then, why do you dress up like a man?

Because I'm the number one fan
of Feng Zhang.

I want to learn gambling from him.

But I hear he only takes in male students.

To fulfill my dreams,
I have to pretend I'm a man.

Don't you find your behavior
ridiculous and childish?

I've been losing sleep

and I've been unable
to concentrate while at work.

I've been struggling
to understand all this.

What does my cross-dressing
have to do with your frustrations?

You're a crackpot!



Since you don't like
that I'm dressed like a girl,

I'll return to being a man again.

-No, you won't!

I don't want to date a man!

Are you telling me that you like me?

Will you go out with me?



Why haven't you gone to work?

Although Dad has removed you
as the Deputy CEO,

you're still an Assistant Deputy CEO.

As long as you work hard
and prove your worth,

Dad will give you another chance.

If it weren't for you,
would I be stripped of my post?

Don't act as if you really care
when you have made use of me.

Do you know what I feel like doing now?
I feel like puking!

What are you two arguing about?

Mom, I thought we only had
one shrew in this family.

But, in fact, we have another one.

She has just turned into
the hypocrite of the century!

Why are you always blaming other people?

You've never tried to self-reflect
despite what has happened.

Why do I need to search my soul?

Success doesn't come on a silver platter,

yet I've never seen you work hard

or take advice from anyone.

You're quick to point fingers
at other people when things go wrong.

Have you ever contributed
anything to this company?

Did you not require savings
on all the projects you had handled?

Did I not take the rap for you every time?

Yu-chen, why are you so fierce to him?

Mom, will you stop spoiling him?

You're not doing him any good.

You keep saying I've made use of you.

If you were really capable,

would I have been able
to take over your position?

If you want to stay at Fenghuang,

you better start pulling your weight.

You have got to start proving yourself.

I'm not going to cover for you
if Dad asks me anything again.

What's wrong?

What's so urgent?

I know you're busy,

but this is very important to me.

So, I had to ask you here.

What is it about?

What does my mom say to you
whenever she meets you?

She says you are incapable
of seeking revenge on her behalf.

She asks me to put justice
over family relations.

Has she said anything else?


I only saw her a few times.
She hasn't looked for me lately.

Is she all right?

Did my mom tell you anything
about this girl?

Do you know who she is?

Why would I know who she is?

Your mom had never told me about her.

Where did you find this photo?

My mom has stashed away many
of this girl's photos and birthday cards.

Even though there are no names
on the cards,

I can tell it's my mom's handwriting.

She wrote many birthday cards,
but none was mailed out.

My mom always says
I'm not her biological daughter.

I think this girl
is her biological daughter.

Your mom is mentally unstable.
Do you believe what she says?

Whether or not
I'm her biological daughter,

this girl is the key.

If I can find her,

a lot of questions can be answered.

If I see your mom again,

I will try asking her for you.

Thank you.

If I hadn't insisted

to meet your girlfriend,

you wouldn't have admitted
that you're dating Song-qiao.

Uncle Song-nian,
what do you think of Song-qiao?

I saw for myself how impressive
she is as a lawyer

when she cleared your name from murder.

She has brains as well as beauty.

But I am more impressed

with her sincerity and transparency.

Mr. Ye, I don't deserve such high praises.

He is almost never giving out compliments

let alone such high praises.

It would only seem right for me
to thank you then.

Join me in my study to look
at my calligraphic works after dinner.

I would like to hear your opinion.


I'm back!

Try these egg tarts. I made them myself.

What do you think?

What it lacks in taste
is more than made up in effort.

This is the most delicious egg tart
I've ever had.

-You can tell me the truth.
-I am.

When did you learn to make egg tarts?

To keep me occupied
after I lost my memory,

Bao found me a job
at a local products shop.

I learned to make egg tarts there.

But it's been a long time
since I made them. Are they really good?

Yes. Try one yourself.


Look at you.

How I wish

time would stop at this moment.

But I haven't regained my memory.

The past is history.

Why insist on recapturing it?

Here and now is more important.

No one knows what tomorrow will bring.

What we have now...

may be gone tomorrow.

We must live in the present moment.

Live in the present moment?


Seize the present moment.

Do what we want to do.

Yes, we should live in the present moment.

Is there anything you want to do now?

Let's do it together.

Will you take wedding photos with me?

It's a regret of mine we never took
any wedding photos.

But we took them in Singapore.

You were forced into taking them.

I'm sorry.

Will you help me fulfill my wish?

Of course I will.
I'm even willing to do this ten times.

I'm going to get my make-up done
before meeting you at the bridal shop.

Remember. Don't go to the wrong place
like you did the last time.

Why isn't he here yet?

Could he have gone to the wrong place?

I'm sorry, miss. My phone is not working.

-May I use your phone?

Thank you.

Why is the line engaged?
Could something have happened?

Miss, is this the only
Splendor Bridal Boutique in Macau?

We have another shop at Fisherman's Wharf.

I've come to the wrong place!

Feng Zhang!

Feng Zhang!

Feng Zhang!


Feng Zhang!

I thought you were gone again.

I was so scared!

Don't be scared.

I'm here.

Don't leave me again.

If I lose you again,
I don't know if I can take it.

It won't happen.

I won't leave you.

Whether I regain my memory or not,

I won't ever leave you again.

Do you mean that?

Even though I can't remember a thing
and I feel pretty helpless,


I'm willing to learn.

Learn what?

Learn to love you.

Yu-chen, you're back.

Mom, Dad, Aunt Ruo-lin.

Ms. Shen, Mr. Ye.

How is it going?

Have you regained your memory?

No, I haven't.

That's even better.
You can play the wolf in sheep's clothing.

Why do I want to be a sheep?

A sheep could be slaughtered any time.

Ren-de was just making a joke.

Please don't mind him.

I know.

I saw for myself
how good he was the last time.

What are your plans?

I haven't really thought about that.

Are you not going to do anything else

except try to regain your memory?

Now that his identity is confirmed,

it doesn't matter
if he remembers the past.

I don't want to give him any pressure.

That's right.

In life, it is important to look ahead.

There is no point in dwelling on the past.

Song-nian, why don't we give Feng Zhang
a job at Fenghuang?

I don't think that's a good idea.

There are no suitable jobs
for me at Fenghuang.

Fenghuang has so many departments,

surely we can find you
a job that's suitable?

Yu-chen, I'll leave that task to you.

Yes, Dad.

My dear, pick up the phone.

Why don't you pick up the phone?

Why didn't you pick up the phone?

Do you not want to acknowledge me?

You're a monster!

You're a monster in disguise!

What are you doing here?
Were you tailing me?

You're a rapist!

You raped me! You ruined my life!

You killed my dad and my husband!

Why aren't you dead yet?

What nonsense!

-Don't you go!
-Let go of me!

I won't let you go!
You won't get away this time!

You broke up my family!
I can't acknowledge my daughter!

Why didn't you get struck down
by lightning or run over by a car?

You're crazy!

Give me back my daughter!

-Let go!
-I'm not letting go!

Give me back my daughter, you monster!

-You're crazy!
-You're a rapist!

Let go of me!

My darling daughter!

All right. I'm coming right over!

My darling daughter!

My darling daughter!

I waited for you for a long time.
Why weren't you there?

I was held up by some work.

My dear darling, I can't wait anymore.

How is your plan coming along?

I need more time.

How long do I have to wait?
Why is it taking so long?

I keep seeing your dad
these past few days.

He keeps asking me
why you haven't acknowledged him.

I don't know what to tell him.

When can you acknowledge me?

Didn't I say I needed more time?

Fine, I'll give you more time.

But you must tell me when,
or your dad is going to blame me.

-Tell me when.
-I don't know. Stop bugging me!

How could you treat me like that?

I'm your biological mom!
How could you treat me like that?

I know.

You don't regard me as your mom.

You never wanted to acknowledge me.


Look. Look at these photos.

Not a day goes by
that I don't think of you.

Tell me! Have you ever thought about me?

Why don't you acknowledge me?

Why, Yu-chen?

I know why.

You're materialistic.

You want the wealth of the Ye family.

You despise me because I'm poor!
You despise me! Am I right?

Will you calm down?

Would anyone dare to acknowledge
a crazy woman?

What? I'm crazy?

You're disobedient! How could say
such a thing to your mom?

You still want to take
that demon as your dad?

I won't let you have your way!

I'm going to tell Song-qiao she and you
were swapped as babies

You're not Song-nian's daughter!

Song-qiao is!

I'm calling Song-qiao now!

I will tell you she is
Song-nian's daughter, not you.

Song-qiao, you are Song-nian's daughter!

Yu-chen is not his daughter!
You were swapped at birth!

Let go!

How could you do this to your own mom?

Fine, I'm going to kill myself!

You'll regret this
for the rest of your life!


-Don't come over!

I'm going to jump!
You are going to regret this!

You will regret this!

Hold on! Don't let go!

Don't let go!

I want to tell Song-qiao
she is Song-nian's daughter!

You're not Song-nian's daughter!
You are my daughter!

-Hold on!
-Don't let go! You're a bad daughter!

You're my biological daughter!
I'm your mom!

You're not Song-nian's daughter!

-Doctor, how is my mom?

She has trauma injuries to her organs

and massive internal bleeding.

We've done our best.




how did you fall from the rooftop?

What happened?



I'm sorry...




Subtitle translation by Ayesya Johan