The Ultimatum (2009): Season 1, Episode 16 - Episode #1.16 - full transcript

When the conmen call to threaten Zhida again, he is forced to ask Yuchen to let his two friends gamble with him on the casino ship.

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I'm sorry.

I have been lying to you all this while.

What have you lied to me about?

The truth is, I...

Excuse me while I take the call.


Have you done what I told you to?

I'm trying right now.

Give me more time.

If you don't get it done by tomorrow,

your wife and son shall die.

No, please don't do anything rash!

I'll arrange it as quickly as possibly.

Take it easy.


Who was that?

It was Bao-ying's teacher.

It's nothing important.

What did you lie to me about?


Speak your mind.

Don't be hesitant.

It's like this.

Two friends of mine

asked me to take them to the casino ship

and I agreed.

But I didn't know
how to tell you about it.

I was worried you would say no.

So, I agreed to take
wedding photos with you

in order to please you.

Is that all?

Yes, that's all.

I thought something had happened.

So, can I take my friends to the ship?

I don't want you to hide anything from me

from now on.

Is that clear?



Can we have our photos taken now?


We've gotten the money. Let them go.



-Are you all right?

He has had a frightening few days.

They starved us

and beat us.

Bao-ying was terrified

and would alternate

between crying and sleeping.

We thought we would never see you again.

This is all my fault.

If I hadn't got carried away

and wanted to be the God of Gamblers,

this wouldn't have happened.

Thank goodness you're not hurt.

If anything had happened to both of you,

my life would be over.

Things have already happened.

Let's put it behind us.

Don't you hold it against me?

Doesn't what happened
between Yu-chen and me

bother you at all?

I know you got carried away

in the heat of the moment.

You actually care a lot

about me and Bao-ying,

or you wouldn't have tried
to avoid Yu-chen.

My dear.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

I have let you down.

Come in.

Why didn't you tell me you were coming?

I'm hungry.

Will you have lunch with me?

I want to talk to you.

I have something to tell you too.

Let's talk over lunch.

Can we settle everything here?

What is it, Feng Zhang?

I lied to you that I was Feng Zhang

because I wanted to enjoy

the life of a high roller

and to cheat your money.

That's why I pretended to be Feng Zhang.

You have been

really good and kind to me.


I can't keep lying to you anymore,

neither can I abandon

my wife and son.

Haven't you already left Bao?

I lied to you.

A group of conmen

had kidnapped Bao and Bao-ying.

They demanded me to help them win money

on the casino ship.

To save Bao and Bao-ying,

I had no choice but to agree.

I wanted to tell you about it
the day we had our wedding photos taken,

but they called to threaten me again.

-I know what I did was very selfish...

You are Feng Zhang.

Feng Zhang,

you have merely lost your memory.

You'll feel differently

once you have your memory back.

Don't give up so easily, all right?

I'm not Feng Zhang.

If I keep on deceiving you,

I will hurt you

as well as a lot of other people.

I'm not going to see you again.

One more thing.

I have lost a lot of money
on the casino ship.

I'm sorry.

I'm very sorry.

Feng Zhang.

Feng Zhang!

Did you come to see Yu-chen?

Why are you leaving so soon? Wait!

I'm sorry.

Why should you apologize to me?

There is something
that has been bothering me.

I thought you had posed

as Feng Zhang in order to be near Yu-chen.

It made me wary of you
to the point I took you as an enemy.

I hope you're not offended.

I thought you were supercilious
and unapproachable.

I'm surprised you would apologize to me.

I know people often make
wrong assumptions about me.

I never bother to explain.

But you're Yu-chen's fiancé.

I don't want any misunderstanding
between us.

I'm not Feng Zhang, the God of Gamblers.

I'm just a useless and jobless man.

I became friendly with Yu-chen

so that I could live like a high roller.

I wanted to be the king of gamblers.

Of course you are Feng Zhang.

You have lost your memory.

That's why you have forgotten your title

and gambling skills.


I'm not Feng Zhang.

My name is Zhi-da Zhou.

Does Yu-chen know you think this way?

I have just told her.

Do you know

how broken her heart must be?

She adores you. She couldn't have
made a mistake about you.

You are Feng Zhang.

No, I'm not.

I know how you feel.

It's painful to have lost your own memory.

But if you try hard enough,

you will recover it one day.

For your sake and Yu-chen's,

you mustn't give up.

Say no more. I have heard enough.

That fool had the guts to confess

that he deceived Yu-chen.

He cheated Fenghuang.

I would have bashed him up
if I was there just now.

Bash him up for what?

We should be nice to him.

Have you forgotten what I said?

Yu-chen's weakness is Feng Zhang.

He is someone we can make use of.

Once Yu-chen finds out
that he is an imposter,

he will be of no use to us.

Don't you know Yu-chen?

She has her share of suitors.

Why hasn't she accepted any of them?

It's because she can't
get over Feng Zhang.

After so many years,

she has finally found someone
who resembles him.

Do you think

she will give him up so easily?

If she didn't love him,

would she have allowed him

to cheat her money many times?

How did you know that?

I got a few thugs to kidnap

Zhi-da's wife and son.

He helped them in exchange
for their release,

and I easily made $400,000.


do you really need money

that you had to resort to this?

I thought you were smarter than this.

I was testing Yu-chen.

I'm surprised

by the depth of her love for him.

He lost so much money,

but she didn't even utter
a word of reproach.

She is deeply in love with him.

That is why

we must do all we can
to keep him by her side.

Only he can cause her to lose her head

and make mistakes.

That's easier said than done.

There must be a way.

He is a pawn that we must fully exploit.

Give it back to me.


My purse.

When did I take your purse?

Ask yourself.

I didn't take it.

Stop playing games with me.

It's not funny.

I honestly didn't take your purse.

Think carefully.
Where did you go just now?

I waited for you by the river.

I'll see if you dropped it there.


Is this your purse?

Yes, it is.

Where did you find it?

A guest found it and handed it over to us.

Thank you.

You're welcome.

Don't worry, I will find it.

What makes you so sure you can?

Because I'm Jie Sun.

I waited a long time

at the spot where we arranged to meet.

I may have dropped the purse there.

I'll go check there.

Wait here for me.

I'm sorry I have failed you.

Let's make a police report.

Don't bother.

Here's the purse.

Why didn't you tell me you had found it?

Because you were really confident.

Now, do you believe I didn't steal it?

Like I said,

I would only steal
your most valuable possession.


Yu-chen, where are you?

Song-qiao, what's up?


I haven't talked to you in a while.

How are things with you and Feng Zhang?

Has he recovered his memory
with your help?

I've tried everything I could,

but to no avail.

I just can't seem

to get close to him.

Have you thought

of proving his identity
the scientific way?

What do you mean?

The most direct way
to confirm his identity

is through DNA tests.

But that's only

if the hospital has
Feng Zhang's DNA record.

Is his DNA on file at any hospital?

He had an appendectomy

at a hospital in Macau.

Your problem is solved then.

But I don't know

if he's willing to be tested.

I'm sure he wants to know
his real identity.

Get it done quickly

or you'll just keep worrying about it.

It's better for both of you
if you know it sooner.

Song-qiao, thank you.

You're welcome. Bye.

What is it, Tina?

Ms. Ye, Mr. Ye is coming
for an inspection tour.

Are you coming back?

I'll be there right away.

The Xiya Group has gone
into financial difficulty.

Even though we have
a close relationship with them,

but business is business.

You must carefully handle

their request for a loan.

Keep me informed of your decision.

Yes, Dad.

I will work out a financing plan.

This is not an easy matter to handle.

You have to balance friendship
and company interests.

Don't worry,

I will take care of it.

Be careful, Dad.



Ms. Zheng, what are you doing here?

I went to a bank near here
and happened to pass by.


Yu-chen, I need your help.

It won't take up too much of your time.

Will you help me?

All right.

Ms. Zheng, what do you want me
to help you with?

A bank officer suggested

I put my money in an investment deposit,

saying it provides good returns.

As you know,

such deposits are very risky these days.

I can't read the prospectus,

and today is the last day
of the promotion.

Could you take a look at it for me?


Thank you.

Do you enjoy drinking coffee?

My dad used to take me with him

when he and his friends met for coffee.

That's how I developed love

for coffee.

Your dad has quite a big influence on you.

Do you get along well with him?


What kind of dad is he?

My dad is not a loving dad.

He will punish us severely

when we make a mistake.

But when we do something praiseworthy,

he will just remark on it casually.

You're just a child.

How can he be so hard on you?

I'm sorry.

Ms. Zheng, the return rate
on this investment deposit is good.

It is backed by a French national bank.

Does your dad care about you?

My dad cares a lot about us.

It's just that he's not
very demonstrative.

Is he good to you?

I'm sorry, Ms. Zheng.
I have to get back to work.

This investment deposit...

He's unkind to you, isn't he?

No, my dad treats me very well.

I used to think he was unaware
of my hard work and dedication.

When he made me the Vice CEO,

I realized

that he had been quietly
observing the effort

I had made over the years.

That's why I must do all I can

to keep our business growing

and live up to his expectations of me.

Ms. Zheng, is something the matter?

I'm fine.

Thank you for your help.

Drink your coffee.

It's my fault.

It's all my fault.

I'm to blame.

I must have been out of my mind
all those years ago.

I didn't know what I was doing.

I gave up my own daughter
to that scoundrel, allowing her

to acknowledge her enemy as her dad.


you must watch over us.

Bless your daughter

so that she will know
that scoundrel for what he is,

and will come to realize

who her real dad is.

All right?

Please watch over us.

Watch over us, Guo-wei.

Watch over us.

Watch over us.



Heartless woman.

You gave my daughter away.

She and I will never get
to see each other now.

How could you

do this to both of us?

What I did was wrong.

I'm sorry!

I'm sorry!

I regret what I did.

I regret it.

I feel even worse than you!






Mom, what is it?

Your dad came to see me.

It was just a dream, Mom.

Go away!

I don't want to see you!

You're a devil.

All of you are devils!

Mom, why do you scold
Song-qiao for no reason?

Guo-wei, I'm sorry.

It's all my fault.

Please forgive me.

Forgive me!

-Forgive me!

-Forgive me!

-Mom, don't be like this.

Everything is fine.

Go back to sleep, Mom. It's all right.

I will make it up to you.

Don't worry.

I will reveal the truth to her.

Don't be angry.


-Hey, Ms. Zheng.

I have something important
to tell you. Come with me.

Ms. Zheng!

What is it you want to tell me?

I want you to know

that you're actually...

You're actually...

What are you trying to say?

Forget it. You won't believe me anyway!

Ms. Zheng!



Why didn't you tell my daughter the truth?

Are you determined to keep us apart?

No, it's not what you think.

I don't know how to tell her.


I don't have the courage
to tell her the truth.


You're a heartless woman.

Why do you keep my daughter away from me?

What do you hope to gain from it?

Please don't be angry.

Listen to me.

You're a wicked woman.




I'll call you back.

Ms. Zheng.

Yu-chen, you have to save me!

What's wrong, Ms. Zheng?

Guo-wei is out to kill me.

He's after my life.

Who is Guo-wei?

Guo-wei is your...



He is my dead husband.

He's coming after me. What should I do?

Take it easy, Ms. Zheng.

You're mistaken.
There's just you and me here.

Don't worry, I'm right here.

No one is going to hurt you.

Don't be afraid.

How is she, doctor?

She has some cuts and bruises.

They are nothing serious.

I will prescribe her some lotion

and anti-inflammation pills.

She should be fine.

She appears agitated

and mentally unstable.

I've given her a shot of sedative

to calm her down.

She should see a psychiatrist
as soon as possible.

Are you devastated by something?

You can talk to Song-qiao or Song-qing

if something is bothering you.

Don't keep everything inside you,


You're so kind to me.



Are you all right?

Don't worry.

She only suffered
some superficial injuries.

How did she?


Mom, I'll go collect your medication.

I'm her daughter.

Have a look.

Your mom may have some mental problems.

She came to my office saying

she had something important to tell me.

But in the end,

she said nothing and left in a fluster.

I don't know how she fell.

She said your dad wanted to kill her.

My dad passed away years ago.

I know.

She appears emotionally unstable

and mentally disturbed.

The doctor thinks
she should see a psychiatrist.

Mom, Song-qing, dinner is ready!


Mom, come and have dinner.

Let's eat, Mom.

Mom, let's eat.

It's my off day tomorrow, Mom.

Shall I take you out for lunch?


I'll take you to see a doctor
after lunch, all right?

See a doctor?

What for?

I just saw one today.

Mom, you haven't been well lately.

The doctor suggested you should see

a psychiatrist.

Are you saying I'm mentally ill?

No, of course not.

You have been having sleepless nights.

You should let a doctor examine you.

Why would you suggest I see a psychiatrist

unless you think I'm mentally ill?

Mom, seeing a psychiatrist doesn't mean

you have a mental problem.

Shut up!


You can't wait for me
to become mentally ill.

You can't wait for me to die!


how could you say that about Song-qiao?

She's not your sister. She's a slut!

Mom, where are you going?

I'm going to die!

You didn't keep your promise.

I'm sorry. Please don't be angry.

How long must I wait?


I will tell her tomorrow

that you're her biological dad.

I will tell her to offer you incense

and acknowledge you as her dad.

Are you lying to me?

No, I'm not lying to you.

I will keep my word.

Mr. Cai,

thank you for giving us this opportunity
to work with your company.

Once the contract is ready,

I'll be at your office to sign it.

Good. I'll see you then.

See you.

Yu-chen, come with me.

Where to?

Just come with me.

He's waiting for you. Let's hurry.

Wait. Let me call Song-qiao first.

No, don't call that slut!

If you call her,

I'll dash out onto the road
and let a car run over me!

Ms. Zheng, take it easy!

I won't call her.

Good. Come with me.

Ms. Zheng, where are you taking me to?

Guo-wei, I've brought Yu-chen to see you.

Ms. Zheng, shall I take you home?

Yu-chen, let me tell you a story.

There was a woman who worked

as a clerk in a company.

Her boss raped her.

He was a devil.

She was pregnant at the time,
but that didn't stop him.

She hated him
with every fiber of her being.

Months later,

when she gave birth to her daughter,

her rapist's daughter was also born.


in her desire to give her daughter

a better life,

she swapped her daughter with his.

How could any mom give up
her child to someone else?

Every word I'm telling you is true.

Have you been watching
too many dramas on television?

They are fiction.


This is not fiction.

It is a true story.

I don't believe it.

You have to believe me...

Because that woman is me.

I must have been out of my mind

or been put under a spell

to have done such an irrational thing.

All these years,

I have regretted my foolish action

which has separated me
from my own daughter.

Yu-chen, you have to believe me.

I'm telling you the truth.

Won't you believe me?

Why are you so anxious
for me to believe you?

It doesn't concern me.

No. It does concern you.

It does concern you.

How so?



Because you're my daughter.

Mom, Yu-chen.

Why are you here?

I asked her to come, Ms. Zheng.

Mom, what's wrong?

I came to pray for your dad.

I'm sorry.

That's okay.

Her condition is worsening.

You would better take her to a doctor.

I know, but she refuses to go.

-I'll be going.

Guo-wei, she's here.

I'll get her to pay her respects to you.


-She has left.

Why did you let her go?





Mom, what is it that you want?

I know you hate Song-nian,

but Yu-chen has nothing to do with it.

She has everything to do with me.

Mom, will you come to your senses?

Do you think I'm crazy?

Even if I were,

I would still know
who my real daughter is.

You're not my daughter.

Do you understand?


Why do you keep denying I'm your daughter?

Am I really not your flesh and blood?


Who told you to come in?

I've brought you some ginseng tea.

Mom, who's that little girl?

Who on earth is she, Mom?

It's none of your business. Get out.

Can I ask you something about myself?

Why do you keep saying
I'm not your daughter?

You have always treated me harshly,

even when I was little.

Dad said it was because

Grandpa passed away when I was born,

and you felt I was to blame.

But that happened

so long ago.

Why do you still dislike me so much?

Am I really not your daughter?

Think what you like.

I know I shouldn't think this way.

Dad loved me so much.

How can I possibly not be your daughter?


I'm not trying to find out the truth.

I just want you to know

that I won't complain

no matter how you treat me.

I have heard enough of your nonsense.

Will you promise

not to bother Yu-chen again?

Why can't I go and see Yu-chen?

Do I need to have your permission?

-Get out!

Get out, do you hear me? Get out!

There is a lot that I wanted to tell you
but I could not do so. Happy birthday.

You need to know that I have no choice
but to do so. Please forgive me.

Happy birthday.

You are a year elder again.
My yearn for you is deeper.

I'm going to tell Yu-chen

that she's our daughter.

That devil is not her dad.

He's not.

Who are you?


You're a filthy beast in human clothing!

You raped me

and conveniently forgot all about it!

Crazy woman. Don't try
to make a scene here.

I'm crazy?

I should have turned crazy

all those years ago

and killed you!

You raped me and killed my dad.

I should have killed you!

Go away before I call the police!

Don't you dare call the police!

I'll kill you!

-Let go!
-Ms. Zheng!

Take it easy, Ms. Zheng!

I'll kill you, devil!

Go home.

Should I send for Song-qiao?


Don't send for that slut.

I'll leave.

I will come and see you some other day.

He's a devil. A monster.

I'll leave.




Speak your mind.


do you know that woman?

No, I don't.

Why? Do you know her?

She's Song-qiao's mom.

Song-qiao's mom?


could she be a former employee of yours?

You really don't know her?


So, why did she say those things to you?

I'm just as puzzled.

Maybe she's crazy.

She's not crazy.

She's just mentally disturbed.

What's the difference?


she made unfounded allegations
against you. I'm afraid.

Forget it.

She's not in her right mind.

She's also Song-qiao's mom.

Let it go at that.

Is Song-qiao

dating Jie Sun?


How is Ren-yi taking it?

He's been rejected by Song-qiao

and is a failure at work.

He's taking it very hard.

He hasn't been to work
for several days now.

If he can't even handle
a few minor setbacks,

how can he hope to achieve success?

I will have a good talk with him, Dad.

I'm going to bed.

Good night, Dad.

Mr. Yang,

do you know this woman?

No, I don't.

That's all right.

Do you remember we had an employee

named Wen-yu 30 years ago?

Are you referring to Wen-yu?

Back then,

the company wasn't as big as it is now.

There were only 20 odd workers.

Most of them were male.

There were only three female employees.

One of them was called Wen-yu.

Are you referring to her?

I think so.

Mr. Yang.

Is it true

that my dad raped her?

So, it's true?

Rest assured.

Our conversation will remain confidential.

Wen-yu was really pitiful.

She did not only get raped,

but her dad also died as a result.


What you brings here?

Is it because

you believe I'm your mom?

I'm here

to find out what really happened
all those years ago.

Did Song-nian really rape you?

That devil.

I begged and begged him to let me go.

But he wouldn't.

You said

you swapped your daughter with his
soon after she was born.

What was that about?

When I gave birth to you,

his daughter was also born.

I swapped the two of you

in a moment of foolishness.

Why did you do that?

Because the doctor said

you had a hole in your heart.

You would need

the best medical treatment
in order to survive.

Our family couldn't afford

the hefty expenses involved.

That's why I left you with that devil

and let him take care of you.

It's true.

You are my biological daughter.

You have to believe me, Yu-chen.

I sympathize with you,

but I can't possibly be your daughter.

You really are my daughter.

You're not that devil's child.

Can you prove it?

Yes, I can.

My daughter has a red birthmark
on the sole of her right foot.

It's true!

Subtitle translation by Alyaa Zakariah