The Ultimatum (2009): Season 1, Episode 15 - Episode #1.15 - full transcript

With help from Sun Jie, Yuchen manages to find out where Changrong is staying.

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Mr. Wang, it's your birthday today.

I've invited Mr. Lin and Mr. Li
to celebrate your birthday.

All of you have worked for Fenghuang
for more than two decades.

Your hard work has not gone unnoticed.

My dad let someone take over the company

for the last two to three years.

As his sons, it's only right
that we reward the old-timers.

Allow me to make a toast
on my dad's behalf.

With the two of you at the helm,
Mr. Ye may enjoy his retirement.

Ren-yi has been managing
the floating casino.

Are you happy working there?

All of you are veterans in the company.

Feel free to share your views.

I know you're holding back your views.

I also know that Ren-yi retrenched

20% of headcount to cut costs
when he assumed office,

resulting in all of you
clocking 16 hours a day.

Exactly. Such long working hours.

We're not made of steel.

The long working hours are exhausting.

No wonder I hear the croupiers
have been making mistakes,

be it card distribution or chip payment,

leaving the customers disgruntled.

I hear Ren-yi
has also cut overtime allowances by half.

Is that true?

That's right. He's also tweaked
many of the regulations.

If this carries on,
it'll only affect staff's morale.

Since there is so much unhappiness,
why don't you talk to Ren-yi?

Manpower is the most important
resource in a casino.

Without experienced floor managers
and croupiers like you,

the floating casino can't go on.

So long as you are on the same side

and voice out your unhappiness,

Ren-yi will have to take action.

That's right.

We should make known our unhappiness.

I'm Yu-chen.

He's my younger brother, Ren-yi.

He's the Deputy CEO of Fenghuang.

How did you know you would find me here?

I called you at the hotel,
but I was told you had gone out.

So, I decided to try my luck here.

You even know
which hotel I'm putting up at?

It took me some time
to find out you're staying there.

Mr. Xie.

Our company has arranged
accommodation for you.

We have also lined up
a series of programs for you.

We have been expecting you.

Have we fallen short in the arrangements?

I enjoy my freedom.

I don't like to be restricted
by itineraries.

In that case,
I shouldn't impose it on you.

With regards to the casino rights,
I would like to know your decision.

I'm still deliberating over it.

What are our group's chances?

I'm looking
at two possible partners this time.

Guangming Group is equal
to Fenghuang's in financial power.

They have comparable software,
hardware and infrastructure.

In certain aspects,
they surpass Fenghuang.

But we have more experience
in running a casino.

That's the only advantage
you wield over them.

But that's not my only consideration.

I need to give it further thought.

Regardless of your final decision,

I want to thank you on behalf of Fenghuang

for considering us a possible partner.

This is...

It's a small token from Fenghuang.

Even if we don't work together this time,

I look forward to future collaborations.

Please accept it.

Calm down.

Calm down, everyone.

Mr. Wang, we can talk things over.
Why go on strike?

Until our demands are met,
we won't start work.


Give me a moment.

Hey, don't go away.

They're taking a firm stand.
They refuse to quit.

I would put it down to your incompetence.

Speak for yourself.

You're their target.

Is this a revolution?
Why did you all quit your jobs?

The company suffers heavy losses
when all of you go on strike.

Unless you increase our manpower

and reinstate our overtime allowances,

we're not working today!

That's right!

-That's right!
-That's right!

We have put down all our requests.

Until you agree to them,
we're not going to resume work.

We're not going to resume work.

Mr. Wang and Mr. Li,
let's not turn things ugly.

-We want an answer today.
-That's right.

You expect me to get back to you
with your long list of requests by today.

It's mission impossible.

Give us a few days

to consolidate your requests.

Sorry, but we expect a reply by today.

That's right!

That's right!

The situation is getting out of hand.
Do something quickly.

Tell me something new.

Appease them first before things get ugly.

Give me some time.
I'll work something out.

How much time do you need?

Half a day.

No! We'll give you one hour!

-Don't push your luck!
-All right. An hour will do.

Mr. Wang, help us here.

Break up this assembly in the meantime.

We'll revert as soon as possible.


Yu-chen, you have landed me
in a bad situation

Why did you promise
to revert within an hour?

What can we accomplish in an hour?

It was a chaotic situation.

think of the damage to the company's image

If they carried on making a scene

and if the reporters show up.

What solution can we come up
within an hour?

Not when you're all flustered.

In any case, the floating casino
has to resume operations.

Never mind.
Those operations have been halted.

What matters is the company's image
in losing investments.

I know that too.

Have you come up with a solution?

Anxiety is written all over his face.

Would he have any solution?

Let's inform your dad about this.

Mr. Wang and Mr. Li worked
for your dad for many years.

They'll take their cue from him.

Aunt Ruo-lin, let's not inform Dad yet.

The situation has become grave enough
for us to call him.

You can't call him!

You just can't wait to inform Dad
and get me into trouble, right?

I have no personal vendetta.

If you can end this strike,

I won't breathe a word about it.

But it looks like you're at a loss.

Shouldn't I inform your dad?

I'll certainly settle this matter.


I'll give you half an hour to settle it.

If you fail to do so,

I'm sorry, I'll have to call him.

Let me talk to them.

I said I'll work out something.

I know, but let me appease them.

Meanwhile, you'll work out something.


Is the company going to meet our demands?

Mr. Ye is still studying your demands.

You must be feeling thirsty and hungry.

So, we have prepared some snacks
and beverages for you.

Mr. Wang,

this is your favorite streaky pork bun.

You remember it's my favorite?

Of course.

I used to watch Dad and you
drink coffee on the deck.

You loved having lemon tea
to go with streaky pork bun.

Those were days of hardship.


your son should be turning five this year.

Is he in kindergarten now?

Ms. Ye interviewed you for the post
of croupier five years ago.

You told Ms. Ye
your wife had just given birth.

You needed the job badly, remember?

Ms. Ye, do you still remember
what I told you?

Your words moved me to recruit you

despite your lack of relevant experience.

Having worked with you all these years,

I still remember every word you told me.

Mr. Li.

You told my dad you would be
his comrade in arms.

You said you would be around
so long as the floating casino exists.

Yes, I said that.

I understand

that Ren-yi may have overlooked many areas

and caused much unhappiness among you.

He's doing his best to rectify them.

But this isn't something that can be
resolved in just an hour or two.

I hope you'll give him more time

and return to your posts meanwhile.

I promise.

We'll give you a satisfactory reply
as soon as possible.

Even if you doubt Mr. Ye,
you should trust Ms. Ye.

Mr. Wang, you'll make the decision.

Wang, what do you say?

We're doing this for Ms. Ye.

Let's get back to work.

Thank you. Thank you, everyone.

Thank you, everyone.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Yu-chen, where are they going?

They're going back to work.

You should be thankful to Yu-chen.

It's because of her
that they resumed work.


they are giving you more time
to consider their demands.


Mr. Xie.

Why didn't you tell us
you would be coming?

If I don't make a surprise trip here,

I wouldn't have known
your company's internal problems.

Mr. Xie, I'm sorry

that you had to witness the ugly scene.

The root of the problem lies

in our leadership.

A change of leadership

will take care of all the problems.


I'm not interested in knowing the details.

Mr. Xie, would you let me explain?

Don't bother.

Mr. Xie.

Don't worry, Dad.

Ren-yi managed to appease the workers.

They have returned to their posts.

The workers going on strike is one thing.

But it's even terrible that Chang-rong
witnessed the episode.

You should have seen
the look on Chang-rong's face.

He looked disgusted.

I doubt we'll win the casino rights.

You can't even handle
a small matter like that.

As of today,

you're no longer the Deputy CEO!


Uncle Song-nian.

Ren-yi's policy was executed
with the company's interests at heart.

The misunderstanding arose
due to a lack of proper communication.

Jie Sun made a good point.

Ren-yi shouldn't take the full blame.

He didn't know the workers
would go on strike.

Neither did he know

Chang-rong would make
a surprise trip to Fenghuang.

Dad, I spoke to the workers.

I promise the same thing
won't happen again.

Stop speaking up for him.

Since he became the Deputy CEO,

it has been one incident after another.

Tell me. Did he resolve any one of them?

Dad, you're being so unfair.

Shut up!

Unless you win the casino rights,

you have no right
to voice your opinion again!

Song-nian, you're not feeling well.

Don't get so worked up.

Dad, Ren-de and I

will do our best to turn
the situation around.

Are you two able to deliver the goods?

We have to give it a try.


Make sure you do a good job.


Mr. Xie,

I didn't expect you
to accept our invitation

after the incident.

Ren-xiao asked to meet up personally.

I have to give him some face.

You're a worthy friend indeed.

So, what brought you to Fenghuang?

You know I have been observing
Fenghuang secretly.

So, you staged the strike.

How could I miss

such a climatic and exciting show?

I do my homework.

In Fenghuang's 30 years of history,

the workers didn't go on strike even once.

But it happened on my trip here.

I can't put that down
to coincidence, can I?

Nothing escapes from you.

Ren-yi did commit
many management blunders.


the workers wouldn't have
been easily swayed by us.

I share your view.

If you refuse to work with Ren-yi,

I understand.

I'll be honest with you.

My dad has stripped Ren-yi of his post.

Other than Ren-yi,

Fenghuang has other capable men.

You may partner us without a worry.

Mr. Xie,

what do you say?

The way you put it, it'll be my loss

if I don't work with you.

We were college mates

as well as longtime friends.

I foresee a happy partnership.

Has Chang-rong agreed to work with us?

Why the sudden change of mind?

It only took him a split second
to change his mind.

But we had to expend much effort

to make him sit down with us.

After learning about Fenghuang's
operations and know-how,

Chang-rong was also moved
by our sincerity.

That led to a willingness

to discuss a possible partnership.


Chang-rong Xie and Ren-xiao
were college mates.

If Ren-xiao disclosed
their friendship sooner,

it would have prevented
the misunderstandings.

No wonder I failed to receive
Chang-rong at the airport.

You kept your friendship
from us on purpose.

You had every intention to sabotage me!

Dad, I didn't do that on purpose.

I know Chang-rong.

He dislikes it when people use influence.

But I find this odd.

The strike happened so suddenly.

What's more, Chang-rong
turned up at the scene.


I shouldn't take full blame.

Someone was out to sabotage me.

Don't blame others

for your incompetence!

You'll stay out of the casino management.


give Ren-yi another chance.

I have made up my mind.

You've changed seats in just a few days.

That seat is not made for everyone.

You're only a benchwarmer

before I took the post.

I don't even know if you have got piles.

What if you pass it to me?

Don't push your luck!


-Let me go!

Do you want to hit me? Be my guest.

That's enough!

It's likely that Chang-rong
called for this meeting

to discuss the partnership.

Must you complicate matters
right at this moment?

Mr. Xie, please take a seat.

Mr. Xie has agreed to work with us.

I'll leave Ren-de to work out the details.

Yes, Dad.

Mr. Ye, I'll work with you,

but it comes with a condition.

Name it.

I want Ms. Ye to be in charge
of this casino project.

It was Ren-de who struck
the partnership deal with you.

That makes him the ideal person.

I'm sorry.

We may be friends,
but I have to be impartial.

The casino has to be managed
by a competent person.

Ren-de may have little experience,

but he is a keen learner.

With Ren-xiao assisting him,
he should be up to the task.

Ren-de and Ren-yi are experts

at offering bribes.

That's about the only strength
I see in them.

So, what are her strengths?

I have to thank you

for making me witness the strike.

I admire Ms. Ye's personal touch
in her management style.

I noticed she could relate to the workers.

She even had a junior worker's background

at her fingertips.

Not everyone can do that.

Employees are the key resource
in a casino.

I find her

the ideal candidate to manage the casino.

Mr. Ye, do you share my view?

I do.


Since you agree to my term,

I'll have the proposal drawn up soon.

We'll discuss in detail again.

No problem.

I'll take my leave.

As of today,


you'll be the Deputy CEO.

From now on, you'll report to me directly.


Chang-rong only wants her
to manage the casino.

Why did you still make her the Deputy CEO?


you may still observe Ren-de
and Ren-yi in the meantime.

Song-nian, have you
considered it carefully?


what made you come to this decision?

That's because a lot has happened

in the office lately.

But I can see

that you're able to handle the situation.

You also have
the company's welfare at heart.

You should be made the Deputy CEO.


Deputy CEO?



I really don't know how Dad
came to this decision.

You should be extremely happy.
Why do you look so down?

Drop the act.

Ren-yi, how could you even say that?


I've had enough of your lies!



Dad's decision came about so suddenly.

He made the right call.

To be honest,

only you have what it takes

to run the company.

But Ren-yi got so upset.

It makes me feel terrible.

You ought to know how much Ren-yi can do.

He's not capable of managing Fenghuang.

Ren-de and Ren-xiao are even worse.

If you don't want Uncle Song-nian's
hard work to be ruined at their hands,

take over the mantle.

You really think I can do the job?

Of course.

I have absolute faith in you.

Calm down.

It's not worth falling sick over it.

You told me that woman is no threat.

Look what has happened!

I also realized it too late.

She's been quietly doing a good job.

We're too slow in covering it up.

We overlooked Yu-chen
even as we saw Ren-yi as a threat.

What do we do now?

Do we just let it go?

Thank goodness your dad agreed
to let me share equal power with her.

She's in his favor now,

so let's watch our steps.

Let her get the attention for a while.

We can't let her have it so easy.

We must get rid of her.

Don't worry about it.

No matter how capable she is,

one fatal flaw will do her in.

What's her fatal flaw?

Feng Zhang.


Does Fenghuang own all of this?


It's huge!

-Good morning, Ms. Ye.
-Good morning.


This place is so pretty.


-Come with me.

This office is bigger than my three-room
Housing and Development Board flat!

Look at this.

I get to see half of Singapore from here!

What a lovely view.

It's as good as being on a holiday.

How nice.



Are you okay?

I never thought

I would occupy this seat one day.

It feels surreal.

You are the Deputy CEO now.

Go on, sit down.

Have a taste

of what it's like to be the Deputy CEO.


Aren't you happy?

This hasn't come easy.

After I finished university,

I started working here.

All these years,

I have felt smaller than a screw.

Dad never noticed my presence.

Does your dad favor boys over girls?

That's probably
because I have three brothers.

It's natural

that one of them is made

the heir of Fenghuang.

I never thought I'd make my mark one day.

I did my best to assist Ren-yi

so that he would gain Dad's trust.

But deep in my heart,

I yearned for my dad's
recognition even more.

That day has finally arrived.

That's true.

My years of hard work have finally

won me my dad's trust.

You're so capable.

It's a matter of time

before Fenghuang becomes yours.

Do you really think so?

You're the most capable

among my friends.

Thank you.

This is a happy day.

Doesn't this call for a celebration?



Will you dance with me?


I can't dance.

It's okay.


Why was I so easily tempted?

Why did I do something like that?

I'll be damned!

Why didn't you wake me up?

You were sleeping soundly,

so, I didn't want to wake you up.

You seem afraid of me.

Don't feel bad
over what happened last night.

You are Feng Zhang, not Zhi-da.

We've not let anyone down,


A lion trapped in a donkey's body

will never be happy.

You have to accept you're God of Gamblers

and start a new life.


I don't remember a thing
about God of Gamblers.

Actually, I...

What if I...

No more questions.

You are Feng Zhang, the God of Gamblers.

That is a fact.

Stop straddling between
being Zhi-da and Feng Zhang.

Revert to being Feng Zhang.

Leave Bao, won't you?

Get changed. Get ready for school.

You didn't come home.
Where did you spend the night?


I went drinking with Gou and the gang.

I got drunk and fell asleep at the pub.

Is that the truth?

Of course, it is.

Ask Gou if you don't believe me.


I would like to move out.

How did this idea come to you?

Do you plan to live with Yu-chen?


I want to move away

so that she won't be able to find me.

I don't wish to see her again.

I want to cut all ties with her.

I want to get away from her.

You finally woke up.

Will you no longer play God of Gamblers?

I'm going crazy. God of Gamblers
is the last thing on my mind.

What do you mean? What happened?


-You're not even looking at me in the eye.

-You're hiding something.

-There is something.


-What are you doing?
-Did you spend the night with her?

Tell me!

I smell perfume on you!

Where were you last night?

-Okay, I'll tell you.
-Say it.

She had been made the Deputy CEO

and wanted to celebrate it with me.

Where did you go?

The yacht.

After that?

We started drinking wine.

We drank until...

Until you ended up in bed?

It wasn't like that!
I didn't mean for it to happen!

Were you really go to bed with her?

We agreed you would play God of Gamblers.

But you went all the way!

-Heartless man!


I'm going to kill you!

Get a hold of yourself!

What will you do
if I sleep with another man?

I'll hack that man to death.

Shouldn't I hack you then?

Yes, it's all my fault! You're the saint!

If you didn't approve me
playing God of Gamblers,

I wouldn't be in with bed her!

You pleaded me to agree to the idea!

Yes, I pleaded you.

You could have said no.

You coveted the $1,000,000 too.


Is something wrong?

I want to talk to you about Zhi-da.

What happened to Feng Zhang?

Ms. Ye, you're mistaken.

Zhi-da is not the God of Gamblers.

He's Zhi-da, a hopeless gambler.

He's not some gambling king.

But you told me he is the God of Gamblers.

That was a lie.

I wanted Zhi-da

to make some money out of you.

You've told me two different versions.
I don't know which one to believe.

This is the truth.

-So, why are you only saying it now?
-That's because...

-You're afraid of losing him, right?

Why are you doing this to yourself?

In order to keep Feng Zhang by your side,

you're making up this lie.

Zhi-da is the God of Gamblers.

It's only right
that he returns to my side.

Ms. Ye.

What should I say to make you believe me?

Zhi-da is not the God of Gamblers!

I know you feel awful,

but learning to let go
is a form of happiness.

Let him go.

Ms. Ye.

That's all I have to say.

Think about it.

I'm sorry.

I have to go.

Ms. Ye.

Ms. Ye!

Ms. Ye!

Master, you're early.

Where is Bao?

She's not coming in.

Come on.

She has been mad at me for one whole day.

Did you have a quarrel with her again?

Don't ask. I'm feeling annoyed enough.


When will you show me
the gambling techniques?

Shall I show you how to hang oneself?

For as long as you don't impart
your skills to me,

I can't make my identity known.

It's torture.

What's that about identity being unknown?

Don't you have an identification card?

You won't understand.

Master, start gambling.

You can regain your memory
only by gambling.

That's right.

I should go gambling.

If I don't gamble,

it'll kill me.

Come, let's go to the gambling den.

No way!

In your situation now, you can't go there.

We should go to the VIP room at a casino.

I'm too embarrassed to go there.

Go there!

Master, I only get to see
a casino in the movies.

Give me a chance to be there.

You're already used to placing stakes
worth a few grand.

Gambling dens can't give you the kick.


I shall make it my last time.

Let me have a look.

This one.

Thank you.

I'm betting on the player.


Are you crazy?

This isn't a toy!
You've placed such a high stake.

That's what I call a high roller!



Give me K, J, 9!

God of Fortune. K, J, 9!

Give me two corners.

Come on.

Face card.

-Three sides.
-Three sides. Eight!

Three sides!

Both cards are face cards too.

-It's okay. I still stand a chance.
-You still stand a chance.


Even the third card is the face card.

Stretch out your hand.

What for?

Stretch out your hand!

Master, that was painful.

So, you know that hurts!

My heart is hurting even more.

That was money!

You gambled away my $300,000!

Was it $300,000? That much?

How much did you think it was? $300?

I really want to strangle you now.

You have yourself to blame.

You don't recall a thing despite spending
so much time with Yu-chen.

All is gone.

I have lost everything!

You're so lousy.

You must be so carried away
with dating Yu-chen

that you forgot everything.

You're a disappointment.

How dare you put the blame on me!

Master, please.

Be more proactive.

In order to learn from you,

I have made a lot of sacrifices.

What have you sacrificed?

I have sacrificed my...

Say it! Just what have you sacrificed?

I'm sacrificing my time at school

and youth on you.

That's very funny!

Master, don't be angry anymore.


I'm going to the toilet.

Wait for me. I'm going too.

Move aside! I need to pee urgently.

Aren't you going to clean your shirt?

Why don't you remove your top?

I'll do it myself.

Are you done? You're taking so long.


Shall I go in and give you a hand?

What's wrong?

Hey, what's wrong?


So you are a girl.

No wonder I have been unlucky
since I met you.

Why are you posing as a boy?

Is something wrong with you?

Are you a pervert?

I'm doing this because of you.

It's all your fault!

It's my fault again.

What did I do wrong now?

Since I was a kid, Swordsman of Gamblers,
the prawn seller at the market

has been telling me God of Gamblers
only takes in male disciples.

Why does God of Gamblers
only take in male disciples? Silly.

You've just asked yourself that question.

I remember nothing from the past.

Not only I learned nothing from you,

you even peeped me.

I'm at the losing end.

All right!

I'll take you as my disciple.

Will you be my master?

But you're a lousy gambler.

I promise.

I'll impart my skills to you
when I regain my memory.

Will this do?

Don't you go back on your word

and claim you only accept male disciples.


Don't tell anyone
about the incident in the toilet,

especially Pale Face.

Okay, I won't.

No matter how mad you are,

you'll drool at the sight

of the roast goose drumstick.

That should appease you.

Are you God of Gamblers?

No! I'm not God of Gamblers!

I heard he has made a comeback!

That's only a rumor.

I'm not God of Gamblers!

Let me off.

So long as you work with us,
we'll let you off.

-How do you want me to work with you?
-Have a game with us.

How am I going to do that?
I don't have a cent with me!

You're broke, but Yu-chen is loaded.

I want you to lose

$400,000 to us!

For $400,000? That's impossible!

It's not even your money!

If you want the money,

you should go have a game on your own.

I won't do something like that.

Are you with us?



An absolute no!


Thank you!

Don't thank us yet.

Check this out first.


-Zhi-da! Save us!

Bao! Bao-ying!

This has nothing to do with them.

Let them go.

We'll let them go
once we have the $400,000.

If you refuse to work with us,

this will be the last time
you're seeing them.



I'll work with you.



Got it.

I'll call you again. Bye.

What brings you here?

Do you have good news for me?


Bao is...

Have you spoken to Bao about it?

Bao is a great woman.

All these years,

I have never given her a good life.

You won't understand
what it's like to be poor.

I've always been a vagrant

and a hopeless gambler.

Even when Bao was ill,

I would be engrossed

at the gambling table.

Bao has never despised me.

What I'm doing now,

I feel that I'm letting her down.


you have not made things clear to Bao yet.

If you refuse to work with us,

this will be the last time
you're seeing them.

I have.

I have made things clear to her.

That's good.

She should know

she can never stop you
from being Feng Zhang again.

You'll still return to my side eventually.

But Bao and Bao-ying...

Give them some time.

Time will fade all memories.

Time is running out.

Time is running out for them.

Feng Zhang.

Will you do something with me?

What is it?

Take bridal photos with me.


As you wish.

Feng Zhang.

I'm ready for the photo shoot.

What's wrong? Are you unhappy?


Why should I be unhappy
about doing a bridal shoot with you?

Let's go.


What's wrong? Are you unwell?

I'm fine.

I'm fine.

Let's call it a day if you're unwell.

We can do the photo shoot another day.

I'm okay.

I'm okay.

Come with me.

What's wrong? You're acting strangely.

I have something to tell you.

I'm listening.

Why have you gone quiet?

I'm sorry.

I have been lying to you all this time!

Subtitle translation by Alyaa Zakariah