The Ultimatum (2009): Season 1, Episode 14 - Episode #1.14 - full transcript

Just when Songqiao is at her wits' end, Interpol officer He Chaoqun shows an interest in the case.

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-I hope I didn't scare you.
-You again?

Do you recognize me?

Who exactly are you, Mr. He?

Why did you follow me?

Please believe me when I say
I mean you no harm.

Also, I wasn't tailing you.

Ms. Fang.

Do you think you'll still be able
to find any clue here?

The deceased, Wen-qiang Zhong,
also known as Big Head B,

was allegedly killed here
and his body was dumped in the wild.

The police conducted a search here
and found Jie Sun's fingerprints.

Therefore, they suspect
he killed Big Head B.

Are you a cop?

I just want you to know
that our motive is the same.

It is to find out the truth.

What evidence have you got so far?

Let's deduce how the crime happened.

Big Head B was on his way out
when he ran into Jie Sun.

He probably said something provocative
so Jie Sun decided

to dump him.

The body was later discarded in the wild.

Jie Sun admitted in his statement that
the thought of killing did cross his mind.

But he managed to stop himself.

Do you believe him?

There's a possibility that after he left,

the murderer came along
and killed Big Head B.

According to a witness,

gunshots were heard
on the day of the crime

at 1:15 p.m.

This person usually knocks off
at one o'clock

and passes by this place at 1:15 p.m.

On the day of the crime, he passed by
at 1:15 p.m. and heard gunshots.

There's another witness
who ran into Jie Sun

at 1:30 p.m. near the warehouse.

Is that so? It's 4 p.m.
Let's start timing it.

It's exactly 15 minutes
from the scene of crime to here.

Indeed, the second witness

ran into Jie Sun here at 1:30 p.m.
on the day of the crime.

But that's no proof that
Jie Sun was the murderer.

The timing was right,

and his fingerprints were found
at the scene.

He also admitted having seen Big Head B

and harboring the thought of killing him.

If you still can't find
substantial evidence,

you'll have to stop believing
he is innocent.

Everything is to his disadvantage.

I'll find evidence.

-Why do you trust him so much?
-We're friends.

Just friends?

On top of that,
he's also a client of mine now.

I'm obliged to free him.

How much do you know about him then?

You're asking too many questions, Mr. He.

A lawyer who's unable to separate work
from her personal life

is likely to make the wrong judgment.

A cop who draws a conclusion
on an acquaintance's character

is likely to be subjective too.

I guess he's found the right lawyer
for himself.

But based on all the evidence,
it's quite likely he was the murderer.

How will you help him?

As you said, it's quite likely.
It isn't a fact yet.

Very well, keep up the effort.

Mr. He!

If you're keen to help, I'll welcome it.

But if you doubt my professionalism,
please stop coming to me.


Did you find any clues?

I found a witness, but the time was wrong,
so I made a trip to the factory.

But still, it was fruitless.


I'm talking to you. Are you listening?


What did I say then?

You said...

Admit it if you weren't listening.
I don't like people lying to me.

Never mind.

Sit down!

Come clean with me.

If a person keeps coming to your mind,

what could be the problem?

Are you in love?


Don't try to deny it.
Your eyes have given you away.

I was so afraid you might only
be interested in baking all your life.

Thank goodness my worry was uncalled for.

What kind of girl is she?


if I tell you I like a man,

what will you think?

No wonder you haven't been
in a relationship all this while.

It's because...

I was just kidding.

I'm heterosexual.

No way would I like a man.

I only wanted to see how you would react.

Whether it is a man or a girl you like,

you must face up to your feelings.

I really was joking, Song-qiao.

If I have a girlfriend,

I will...

I'll get back to work.


Is there any progress?

I went to the scene of crime,
but couldn't find any crucial evidence.

There's no evidence?

What will happen to my brother then?
The punishment for murder is death!

I'm not going to give up.
I'll find evidence to free him.

He didn't commit murder!
Why must the police arrest him?

They haven't pressed charges against him.

That shows they lack substantial evidence.

Since we believe he's innocent,

we must have faith
that we'll be able to save him.

I'm really scared that
he might end up like my dad.

That won't happen. Trust me.

Your brother wouldn't commit murder.
We'll find out the truth.


Why is this book with you?

Did my brother give it to you?

He bought it at a secondhand book stall.


He had this book
ever since he was a child.

It wasn't from a secondhand book stall.

Did you say it had been
in his possession since childhood?


He cherished it like a treasure.

Even I wasn't allowed to touch it.

Thank you.


My purpose in bringing you here today
is to give you a chance to relax.

Until Jie Sun's case is settled,
I'll never be able to relax.

You're under too much stress
because of the case.

I've never seen you so troubled.

This proves you regard the matter
as your own.

Indeed, I'm rather stressed,
but it's not that bad.

I'm just a little impatient
as things have come to a dead end.

No point getting impatient.
If he's innocent, he won't be convicted.

He knows all the evidence is against him.

But because of your trust,
he's certain he'll win the case.

That's why you must never
lose confidence in yourself.

You know him better than I do.

Don't forget he and I grew up together.

By the way,
what made Mr. Ye adopt Jie Sun?

I'm not sure.

All I remember is, my dad grieved
for my brother after he was killed.

Then one day,
he came home with a little boy

and said he had adopted the boy
as his son.

That was Jie Sun.

For the first time
after my brother's death,

I saw my dad smiled.

Jie Sun was a bright and thoughtful boy.

My dad was rather cold towards us
at one time because of my brother.

Jie Sun knew how we felt.
He often comforted me.

That's why I was close to him.

I bet he was rather proud too
when he was little.

That's where you're wrong.

You have something in common though.

What is it?

Ren-de and Ren-yi were once
bullied in school.

Five or six students surrounded them
and beat them.

Ren-de was practically in tears.

Jie Sun stood up for them.

He was a small thin boy

and was certainly no match
for the bigger boys.

But he still stepped forward bravely.

He showed a tough spirit

and a sense of righteousness
even as a child.

That's just like you, isn't that?

Why didn't you become an item
since you think so highly of him?

I was waiting for Feng Zhang,
while he was waiting for...

Why are you looking at me like that?

You know what I mean.

Have you ever doubted his innocence?


Like I said, he knows very well
whom he should love and hate.

Why should he kill Big Head B
when there was no hatred between them?

What if he had a feud with him?

Had he really committed murder,

he wouldn't have stayed behind
and waited to be caught.

From what I can see,

the murderer was unprofessional
and careless.

It was so unlike Jie Sun.

What would he have done?

Had he really killed Big Head B,

the police would have
never found the body,

much less captured him.

You're making him out
to be an expert killer.

Isn't that the Jie Sun you know?

Trying to be the mediator again?

He shouldn't have hidden the truth,
but he did what he did to please you.

Please give him a chance
to apologize to you in person

so that he'll feel better.

Have a chat.

I didn't mean to keep from you the fact

that it was Jie Sun who saved you.

I know I should've told you
when you got the wrong idea.

But I was scared.

I was afraid if you learned
about the truth,

you would leave me for Jie Sun.

That was why I was quite about it.

I understand.

Can we start afresh then?

Ren-yi, I already...

I know.

Since I was a kid,

my father has been my role model.

My goal is to become CEO of Fenghuang.

I want to make further achievements

so that everyone will recognize my ability

and praise me for outdoing my father.

I know you're ambitious.
I admire you for that, but...

I'm willing to give all that up
for your sake.

Don't be like this.

I really like you a lot, Song-qiao!

Give me another chance
to compete with Jie Sun!

We aren't in a relationship
in the first place.

Would you have rejected me
if Jie Sun hadn't existed?

That's not the issue.

Yes, it is! I know he is the reason.

You left with him every time
he appeared and pulled you away.

It shows he means a lot to you.

When you heard the song
he dedicated to you,

you couldn't wait to see him.

At that time, I knew he had won.

But I persisted.

I was hoping you would be aware
of my sincerity if I persevered,

and miracles would happen.

There's no norm in a relationship.

You're an eligible man,
but I like Jie Sun.

So I can only regard you as a good friend.

Can I only be a good friend?

A good friend for life.

Thank you for the lift.



Let me hold you tightly in my arms
just this once.

After today, I'll do everything
the way you want it.


Why do you always ignore my orders?

I've told you he and I are just friends.

I see no reason why I can't befriend him.

You're not to see him again
and that's that!

But why?

Don't I even have the freedom
to make friends?

You're free to make friends
with anybody except Ye Ren-yi!

You're just prejudiced!

Why are you so friendly to Yu-chen
but so disapproving towards Ren-yi?

Because he's your...

My what?

He's Song-nian's son.
That makes him your enemy!

Ye Yu-chen is Song-nian's daughter too.

-She's different.
-In what way?

She's just different!

Since I was little,
you've never let me have anything I like!

Why? Why must you always pick on me?

Are you complaining?

I just hope you'll be fairer to me.

Go be someone else's daughter then!

I'll take it that I don't have you
for a daughter!

May I sit?

You again.

A cop has no right
to follow others as he pleases.

Are you the only person who can come here?

Of all places, you chose to sit here.

I have every reason to doubt your motive.

Don't you think you're being rather curt
by turning me away?

So are you by gatecrashing.

If there's nothing else,
I'll continue with my work.

Are you waiting for me to buy you coffee?

Your way of handling lawsuits
is quite interesting.

The abused wife had wanted
to drop the charges

and accept the compensation
the husband offered.

But you were against it.
She lost a sum of money as a result.

You disregard your clients' interests.
I doubt business is good at your law firm.

Did you check on me?

Why do you always do things the hard way?

Is it just to uphold justice?

Did you get to know Jie Sun
before the case?

Many thefts have been reported
around the world over the years.

The stolen items include antiques,
famous paintings and expensive exhibits.

Why are you telling me all this?

Have a look.

Somebody appears in all the photos.

Do you suspect Jie Sun was the thief?

Why did he always appear at the places
at the time the theft took place?

It was purely coincidental.

Aren't these photos
supposed to be confidential?

Before we started our conversation,

I had no intention of telling you
about this case.

But now I know you're an upright person.

Even though you and Jie Sun
aren't just friends,

you wouldn't side with him.


You'll need more substantial evidence

to make me believe
Jie Sun is a great thief.

I can make him talk.

So this is your real purpose in coming.

Do you plan on using me
to check on Jie Sun?

I won't force you to do it.

But don't you want to find out
the truth in person?

What's the matter?

I have a few things to ask you.

Go ahead. Don't be so formal.

Where were you on May 8th, 2005,
and what did you do?

How could I possibly remember?

Where were you on March 19th, 2007 then?

I don't remember.

Were you in Italy?

I think so.

Sorry, I really can't remember.
Why are you asking me all this?

Precious items were reported lost
at the places you appeared

What happened?

Who told you?

Answer me first.
What were you doing at the scenes?

How should I know?

What proof does the person

who told you about this have
that I was at those places?

He has some photos.
You were being tracked down.

Who is he?

I should think he is one
of the rivals of Fenghuang.

Don't try to find out from me
who's trying to get you yet.

What was your purpose
every time you traveled?

I was on business.

I always took the opportunity
to tour around.

Maybe that was how my pictures were taken.

If it happened only once,
we could call it a coincidence.

But you were snapped on a few occasions.
It was too much of a coincidence.

Don't you trust me?

I'm not sure whether I should.

Surely the Interpol won't suspect you
for no good reason?

It was the same case
with The Little Princess.

The boss told me the book was stolen.

I don't wish to repeat
what I have explained.

There's nothing I can do
if you choose not to believe me.


Since you no longer trust me,
quit defending me then.

It's because I don't believe
you're a thief that I'm here today.

Why must you react in this manner?
Have you got a guilty conscience?

I don't like to be interrogated by you!

I expect implicit trust!

I won't argue with you.


Another question.

Fire away.

Min Sun told me

The Little Princess you gave me
had been in your possession all along.

You stole it years back, didn't you?

I was in the wrong.


We met again later.

You knew The Little Princess
meant a lot to me.

Why didn't you return it to me then?

Because it was the only thing
that linked the two of us.

The link would be gone once I returned it.

I couldn't bear to do that.

Excuse me.

Are you sure you didn't hear
any gunshot on the day of the crime?

No! I've told you many times!
How many times must you ask me?

Please think carefully.

Did anything strange happen
on the day of the murder?

No matter how trivial it was,
it may be crucial to the case.

A life is at stake.
Please think carefully.

Get off our backs. We have work to do.

What are you doing here again?

I told you not to come
and disturb us anymore.

Please leave!

I only want to ask them a few questions.
It won't take up too much of their time.

We already told you everything we knew.
Please leave.

Sir! One last question!

Are all your workers here?

Yes. Nobody is on leave.

Are you sure?


Did anybody quit
or meet with an accident then?


But there was one who got sacked.

Was he on duty on the day of the crime?

Yes, he was fixing the light.

-Do you have his address?
-Give me a minute.

Is anybody in?

Is anybody in?

We meet again.

What are you doing here?

I'm looking for David Teo.

Did you go to the factory too?

I've told you.

I'll find out the truth.

Tell me.

Do you really think
Jie Sun was responsible for the thefts?

He's the prime suspect.

Did you ask him?

What did he say?

I believe he wasn't the culprit.
Your evidence isn't substantial.

Indeed, the photos
couldn't prove anything.

You seem rather certain
he's the man you're after.

You can put it that way.

What's your purpose in coming here then?

Are you trying to free him
or to convict him?


Since you think he's the thief,

why not take this opportunity
to convict him?

This is a different matter altogether.

Even if he was the thief,

it doesn't necessarily mean
he was the one who killed Big Head B.

Besides, I'm confident that

if he really stole those items,
I'll get him sooner or later.

I won't malign him
if he wasn't responsible for the murder.

I see that you choose to do things
the hard way too.

That's why I haven't cracked the case yet.

He deserves it, doesn't he?

Since our objective is the same,
we should work together.


David Teo.



You win. Don't give chase anymore.

Why did you run away?

What do you want? I'm not in debt!

I just want to ask you about the light.


I'm innocent.

I ran off because
I thought you were loan sharks.

Were you working at a factory
in Jurong before this?


But I was sacked.

Did you fix the light before you left?


When was that?

On the 27th of last month.

What time did you finish fixing it?

At 1:15 p.m.

Are you sure?

What makes you so sure?

I was supposed
to meet my girlfriend at 1:30 p.m.,

but I couldn't fix the light.

What happened after that?

I was in a hurry to go,
so I took it out on the light.

It actually lit after I gave it a kick.

Also, you looked at your watch
which was 1:15 p.m. Am I right?

Are you sure it was 1:15 p.m.?


That shows it was 1:15 p.m.
when Jie Sun ran into the second witness.

It was someone else who killed Big Head B.

New evidence shows that

the accused had left the scene of crime
before the murder took place.

Mr. Jie Sun is there not guilty of murder.
He shall be released on the spot.

Terrific! It's over at last!

I told you I would be fine.

Sure. I was worried sick
when you were arrested.

So now you know how much I mean to you.

I just felt visiting you every day
was too much hassle.

Come on, you just couldn't bear
to be separated from me.

You ought to thank Song-qiao.

Had she not found the evidence
to capture the real murderer,

you wouldn't have been acquitted.

I owed it to the Interpol
for providing me with the necessary info.

Big Head B had many enemies.
Even foreign triads were after him.

The police overlooked that
as they were sure you were the murderer.

I've already informed Dad.
He congratulated you.

I'm surprised that you're actually
Nan-hai's son.

Why did you keep it from us?

I'll explain everything
to Uncle Song-nian.

I'm going back to my office, Min Sun.
Let me give you a lift.

No need.

Come on! Don't be a third-wheeler.

See you, Jie Sun!
Have a chat with Ms. Fang.

Yu-chen was right.
I shouldn't have kept it from you.

I'll explain it to Uncle Song-nian.

I won't complain if he wants to
break all his ties with me.

When did you become so pessimistic?

No use worrying now.

Let's go.

Were you at the hearing too?

I wanted to know the verdict.


on your acquittal, Mr. Sun.

Let me introduce you. This is Chao-qun.

You owed your acquittal to him.

Thank you.

What made you two come together
to look for evidence?

Are you a cop?

In any case, thank you.

My purpose was to find out the truth,
not to help you.

It was Song-qiao you should thank.

You're right.

Thank you for your faith in me.

I was just doing my part
as your defense lawyer.

Rest assured I'll charge you
for the legal fees.

Mr. Sun.

The fact that you are free
shows that the law is fair.

So long as you're innocent,
you won't be convicted.

Do you just want me to agree with you,
or are you trying to tell me something?

I said too much.

I have to go.


What's the matter? You look unhappy.

Is this how you should react
towards your acquittal?

How did you get to know Chao-qun?

He took the initiative to approach me.

He's the cop who suspects you.

Did he show you those photos?

I think he's trying to find out
about me through you.

You may put it that way.

In other words, you chose to believe him.

I did not,
that was why I verified it with you.

Do you believe me now then?

What do you think?

You just got to know him,

but you seem to get along well with him.

I only feel our thinking is quite close.

What do you mean?

He's spent a lot of time checking on you,
and he was sure you were the culprit.

But when you were arrested for murder,

he was willing to help me
look for evidence.

It goes to show he's an upright man.

And like me, he's persistent
towards the execution of justice.

He's quite successful.

What are you implying?

Not only did he use you
to find out about me,

he has also impressed you.

I was only locked up for a few days,
yet I've got a rival in love.

Come on, you read too much into it.

Isn't that so?

Between a thief and a cop,
who would you choose?

Enough of this nonsense
or I'm not going to talk to you.

I'm serious.

I said if I were to steal,
it would be your heart I want.

Have I got it yet?

It's not so easy to steal my heart.

We met when we were kids.

That shows there's a bond between us.

There's no guarantee childhood friends
will grow up to become couples.

We didn't grow up together.
We were separated for some time.

In other words, the bond between us
isn't that strong.

That explains the separation.

Had we not been separated,

would we have started
our relationship much earlier?


What about now?

Have I succeeded
in confessing my feelings to you?

It's not that easy.

I'm sincere about my confession.

There can be many reasons
why a person is attracted to me.

Give me 100 of them

and I'll consider accepting you.

I'm fond of you.

-I'm fond of you...

Why do you keep repeating that?
You're supposed to give me reasons.

My reason for being attracted to you
is because I'm fond of you.

If I say it 100 times, that's 100 reasons.

I'm fond of you.

That's enough! I've got it!

No, I must give you 100 reasons.

I'm fond of you.

I'm really fond of you.

I'm really fond of you.

I'm really fond of you.

Here we are.

Aren't you going to invite me in?

I'm thirsty after
saying I'm fond of you 100 times.

At least give me something to drink.

I was going to do that,

but after what you said,

I've changed my mind.

But why?

No reason.

-I'll meet you for lunch tomorrow.
-We'll see.

Why did you shadow us?

I just want to ask you to enjoy
your freedom while you can.

But don't slack, for from today on,
I'll be watching you closely,

until you reveal your true self
as a thief.

A thief again.
Don't you find it ridiculous?

I knew you wouldn't admit it.

But I still brought up the issue
to see if you have a guilty conscience.

This is like a competition between us.

Whoever can't hold out is the loser.

If you don't strike again,
I'll never be able to capture you.

But if you do,
make sure you don't blunder.

Even if I were a thief,

I wouldn't be so stupid as to steal
and give you a chance to capture me.

Stop dreaming, Inspector He.

A dog will never quit eating poop.

Stealing is a kind of mental illness.
It's not so easy to get out of it.

You're welcome to carry on
with your investigation.

You'll realize that I'm innocent.

Your purpose in getting close
to Song-qiao is to use her

to find out more about me, right?

That idea did cross my mind.
She was aware of it too.

Don't you think you're rather despicable?

Not when my intentions are good.

She and I hit it off quite well.
We might become close friends.

Though you're her boyfriend, you won't
be able to stop that from happening.

Let me warn you.

If Song-qiao gets hurts because of you,

I won't let you off!

Uncle Song-nian.

You're back.

Are you tired?

Do you want to take a few days off
so you can have a good rest?

Uncle Song-nian.

I'm sorry.

You haven't done anything.

I shouldn't have kept from you
the fact that I'm Nan-hai's son.

When I first learned that my father
was connected to Ren-zhong's kidnapping,

I was shocked.

There were a few occasions
I wanted to reveal my identity to you.

But when I saw how you regarded my father
as a kidnapper and hated him to the core,

I couldn't bring myself to do it.

I don't know how to put it.

It was greed that drove my father

to collect the ransom
on Big Head B's behalf.

He wasn't involved
in the kidnapping at all.

How do you know that?

He had no reason to lie to me
before he was hanged.

I had been trying to look
for Big Head B for you all these years.

My aim was to find out who the mastermind
was, and to prove my father's innocence.

When Big Head B breathed his last,

he told me my father knew nothing
about the kidnap.

He merely followed instructions
to collect the ransom,

and ended up being the scapegoat.

I can't believe

I actually adopted Nan-hai's son
as my son.

Sorry, Uncle Song-nian.

I know I've disappointed you.

I can never repay your kindness
for bringing me up.

I'll disappear before you from today on.


You said you're indebted to me.

So is this how you should repay me?

Nan-hai was my father.

No matter what I say,
you'll think I'm taking sides with him.

My staying on will only upset you.

You're right.

I'm upset!

I'm upset because you didn't
tell me the truth sooner.

Am I a person who can't tell
right from wrong?

Of course not!

You said Nan-hai wasn't
one of the kidnappers.


I'll take you at your word
since it comes from you.

Thank you, Uncle Song-nian!

Thank you for your trust in me!

No matter whose son you are,
you'll always be my adopted son.

Smells great!

I'm going to ask a few questions.

Whoever gets them right
may put up a request.


Here I go.

What are the ingredients
for the cake I baked today?

-Let me answer!
-I know!

You tell me.

It's a cream cheese cake you made.
The ingredients are

egg yolk, egg white,
sugar, coconut powder,

cream and cheese.

Perfect! What's your request?

I would like to give you a kiss!

What's the matter with you today?
Why do you keep being difficult with me?

The sight of you irks me, okay?

Then take it out on me.
Why do you have to pour tea on Gigi?

What you did was utterly unreasonable!

I want you to apologize to Gigi.

Apologize to her.

Shouldn't you do that
since you were in the wrong?

No, I wasn't in the wrong!

Come on, you splashed tea on her!

Why do you keep picking on her?

I'm jealous, okay?

I said I'm jealous!

I hate her for hanging around you
all the time!

I hate her
for behaving intimately with you!

I hate it when you smile at her!

I hate it!

-Did it get into your eye?
-Leave me alone!

Let me have a look.

Don't pretend to be so kind!

Why do I feel so sad when he cries?

Min Sun!

I need a word with you.

Are you here to mock me?

Just what do I see in you?

You're driving me crazy.

Forget it! I'm not going to bother about
how other people look at me anymore!

So long as I have you by my side,
nothing else matters to me!

It's going to be a difficult path,
but we'll just try to go as far as we can.

Mom! Song-qiao!

You're back. Didn't you say
you would bring your girlfriend home?

Where is she?

My girlfriend, Min Sun.

Hello, Ms. Zheng.

What! It's a man? I disapprove of him!

No! I must never fall for him!
Never, ever!

Subtitle translation by Sarmeet