The Ultimatum (2009): Season 1, Episode 13 - Episode #1.13 - full transcript

Sun Jie learns Bighead B has been killed. An eyewitness saw Sun Jie at the crime scene and his fingerprints were found there as well.

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Do you recognize this person?

I don't recognize him.

We found a corpse
in the suburbs two days ago.

Examinations identify the deceased
as Wen-qiang Zhong,

nicknamed Big Head B.

I have told you
I don't know any Big Head B.

Stop pretending.

A friend of his said you asked him
about Big Head B three weeks ago.

Subsequently, Big Head B went missing
until his corpse was found.

So what?

Someone saw you at the crime scene.

It matched the time
the deceased was murdered.

I didn't know him,

but I never said I never saw him before.

You have finally confessed.

Didn't you confront Big Head B
and kill him subsequently?

I merely said I saw him before.

Your fingerprints were at the crime scene.

You have no place to run.

I am not running.

Am I not helping with the investigation?

Very well, tell me what happened then.

I met him only once.

We got into a little of an argument
at the warehouse he lived in.

So it's not surprising
to find my fingerprints there.

But I didn't kill him.

Why did you see him then?

I didn't kill anyone.
Go investigate if you don't believe me.

What was the feud between you
and Big Head B about?

I want to see my lawyer.

I won't answer any questions right now.


I am Chao-qun He.


Aren't you going to introduce yourself?

What do you want?

Are you waiting for someone?

Is it your boyfriend?

Pardon me.

What's your name again?

Chao-qun He.

Mr. He, you chose the wrong place
to pick up a girl.

You have me wrong.

I am not trying to pick you up.

Ms. Fang.

Who are you?

Am I supposed to know you?

Haven't we just got to know each other?



Dad, Song-qiao is the girl
I have mentioned to you.

-How do you do, Mr. Ye?
-What's going on with Jie Sun?

The police has found a corpse
and suspect Jie Sun is the murderer.

-What does the corpse have to do with him?
-I am not sure either.

But I hope to be his defense lawyer.

How is that possible
when you don't have the facts?

I don't believe he is the murderer.

Why did you look Big Head B up?

-Why did you get into a spat with him?
-I didn't kill anyone.

The police believe in evidence.

They have a witness and proof
and plan to charge you in court.

I didn't kill anyone.

They can't charge me with anything.

Do you know everything
is working against you?

Why won't you tell your reason
for visiting Big Head B?

If you won't tell me the truth,
I don't know how to help you.

There are things I don't wish to say.

But I don't wish to lie to you either.

Ms. Fang.

Please leave us alone to talk for a while.

What exactly happened?

I didn't kill him.

Did Big Head B admit
to kidnapping Ren-zhong?

Did he tell you who the mastermind was?

He wouldn't tell.
That was how we got into an argument.

I nearly killed him.

I didn't expect him to get
killed off by someone else.

Sorry, Uncle Song-nian.

You have tried your best.

One of Ren-zhong's kidnappers
died a violent death.

Another one was sentenced to death.

It's retribution.

When the judge sentenced Nan-hai to death,

he insisted he was innocent.

He said someone else masterminded it.

But after so many years of investigation,

not even a clue has surfaced.

With that hindsight,

maybe Nan-hai was just
trying to get off the hook.

Maybe there was no confidence
to his words.

He and Big Head B were probably
the ones who kidnapped Ren-zhong.

Big Head B deserved to death.

Since you didn't kill him,
why wouldn't you tell Ms. Fang?

Big Head B and I clashed
verbally and physically.

The police found my fingerprints
at the scene and they have a witness.

Song-qiao can't help me either
unless there is new evidence.

But you don't need to hide
the truth from her.

What I did to Big Head B

was not exactly real.

Song-qiao would find it appalling.

You care so much
about what she thinks of you.

Are you dating?

What a girl.

She has both you
and Ren-yi falling all over her.

Why do you let her be
my defense lawyer, Uncle Song-nian?

That's because she believes you.


My brother is not a murderer!

I also believe he is not a murderer.

You will help my brother
clear his name, won't you?

I will help him,

but he has to help himself as well.

Are you saying my brother
won't let you defend him?

Have you heard your brother
mention Big Head B before?



Do you have any idea
about the feud between them?

Why did your brother visit Big Head B?

I have no idea.

My brother won't say a word, right?

I feel as if he was hiding something.

He wouldn't tell Mr. Ye a thing either.

Was Mr. Ye there as well?

No wonder.

Do you know something?

I don't.

I know nothing.

Min Sun.

Don't you want to help your brother?

I only know my brother is not a murderer.

No use telling me that.
We have to convince the police.

I will have you meet Jie Sun
and get him to tell the truth.

It won't work.

No one can get my brother
into revealing anything.

The police has a witness
and sufficient evidence against him.

Tell me whatever you know if you don't
want him to be charged with murder.

Do you know you are not
helping him by doing this?


I really want to help Jie Sun.

But you won't tell a thing.

No one can help him if he won't
help himself and you won't help him.


I will tell you!

I will tell you!

Big Head B was responsible
for my dad's death.

Big Head B and some gangsters
abducted a rich boy years ago.

They wanted my dad to pick up the ransom.

They were merely using
my dad as a scapegoat.

My dad had no clue it was a kidnap case.

Upon hearing there was money to be split,
he did as told by Big Head B out of greed.

The police were informed
when he picked up the ransom.

My dad was caught on the spot.

He was sentenced to death.

My dad kept saying he was innocent.

He was angry about being framed.

So he wanted my brother to dig up
the truth for him to avenge his death.

It's been so many years.

Why did your brother confront
Big Head B only recently?

My brother told me Big Head B
fled overseas after what happened.

My brother only discovered he had
returned to Singapore recently.

Hence, he confronted Big Head B

to exact revenge for your dad.


My brother is not a murderer.

He just wanted to find out

who plotted the abduction.

Is that why your brother is keeping quiet?

My brother is keeping quiet
because of Mr. Ye.

Because of Song-nian?

Mr. Ye was killed by Big Head B

after he was kidnapped.


Mr. Ye is unaware that my dad
was one of the kidnappers.

He despises my dad and Big Head B.

If he realizes that my dad is Nan-hai,

the consequences will be unthinkable.

Your dad was set up.

Mr. Ye should understand that.

My brother wanted Big Head B

to disclose who was behind the abduction.

To free my dad
and unveil the truth to Mr. Ye.

But Big Head B is dead now.

My brother is stuck.

-Ms. Zheng.

What a coincidence!

-Are you shopping for clothes?
-What a coincidence.

I am shopping for Song-qing.

But I am in two minds about what to buy.


Can you help me see
what kind of clothes suits him?

Young people prefer chic and casual wear.

That's right. I am sure he will like
the clothes you pick out for him.

-Let me help you look around.
-I am counting on you.

How about this shirt, Ms. Zheng?

It's great. Thank you.

No problem.

Are you buying clothes for your boyfriend?


Is it the man whom you left
the birthday party with?

Your boyfriend looks so honest.

He must treat you really well.

Have you known each other for a long time?

Is he also working at Fenghuang?

He must be extremely capable.

It's important for a woman
to find a good man as a husband

Do you need further help
with your shopping, Ms. Zheng?

No, I shouldn't trouble you.
I will look around on my own.

Thank you.

Ms. Ye.

Ms. Ye.

Do you have time?

What is it?

There is a café here
that sells great coffee.

Let's have coffee together.

-I won't take up much of your time.

What do you say?


Ms. Ye.

Can I call you Yu-chen?

No? I had better stick with Ms. Ye then.

No worries, Ms. Zheng.
You can call me Yu-chen.


I will call you that from now on.


Ms. Ye.

Can I meet you for coffee again?



You are so gracious.

You must be very caring
towards your parents.

I am always busy with work and
don't spend much time with my mom.

But she is very understanding.

I see.

Your mom must love you a lot.

I used to be in and out of the hospital.

My parents watched over me
like guardian angels.

I am really grateful to them for that.

What's wrong, Ms. Zheng?

All parents are the same.

All parents long to stay
by their children's side

to look after them, protect them,

watch them grow up healthily
and marry well.

All parents are indeed the same.

That's right.

That's right.

If a mother had a choice,

she would not let her child leave her side

and she will miss her
every minute of the day.

Pine for her

and yearn to see her.

Yet when they meet,

it's impossible for the mother
to pour out her anguish and dilemma.

Weren't Song-qiao and
Song-qing raised by you?


I am just thinking...

some parents are forced
to part with their children.

They must yearn for their
children's understanding.

If you were the child,
would you understand?

Of course, if there was a reason for it.

As I said, you are such
an understanding child.

Song-qiao is also very understanding.
She must be very loyal towards you.

Why do you have to
bring her up all of sudden?

Has Song-qiao upset you, Ms. Zheng?

I couldn't care to get upset with her.

Song-qiao is rather frank and stubborn.

-Can we stop talking about her?

Let's talk about your childhood.

My childhood?


You must have been adorable as a child.

Do you like...

Excuse me.

-Yu-chen, it's me, Song-qiao.

Are you free now? I need to talk to you.

Sure, I will be right over.

How did my mom end up
having coffee with you?

We bumped into each other in a boutique.
She insisted on buying me coffee.

What's wrong?

What did she talk to you about?

She showed me a lot of concern
and kept asking about my family.

My mom tends to speak freely.

I hope you won't take offense
in anything she says.

Relax, we got along fine.

Can I ask you something?

You don't seem to get along with your mom.

Why do you say that?

Maybe I am overly sensitive.

She wasn't keen to talk about you
when I raised the subject.

You are right.

My mom suffered from post-natal
depression after I was born.

My grandpa also died
unexpectedly at that time.

So she has never liked me.

She has always been cold towards me.

I am used to it.

Have you ever thought of
improving your relationship?

I have tried.

But it was useless.

Would you believe it if I say
I suspect I am not her flesh and blood?

I have thought of taking a DNA test.

Isn't that funny?

I would think the same way if I were you.

Enough about me.

-I got you out to ask you something.
-What is it?

It's regarding your brother
who was kidnapped 20 years ago.

Why the sudden interest?

It's because of Jie Sun.

What does it have to do with Jie Sun?

Is it because of his lawsuit?

The murder victim Big Head B
was one of your brother's abductors.


Did Jie Sun tell you that?

He wouldn't say a thing.
I found out about it.

I believe Jie Sun wanted Big Head B
to tell him about the kidnap case.

Can you remember what happened?

I don't have the exact details.

I can only recall the kidnappers
warning my dad not to call the cops.

Aunt Ruo-lin convinced my mom
to call the police.

When my dad went to pay the ransom,

the cops arrested the kidnapper
who was there to collect the money.

The kidnapper's name was Nan-hai.

Subsequently, my brother was killed.

My dad has blamed my mom
for what happened for 20 years.

Your dad must hate Nan-hai to the core.

Of course.

Although Nan-hai was sentenced to death,

it will never bring
my brother's precious life back.

I hear that Nan-hai
was just the scapegoat.

He insisted he was innocent
even before the sentencing.

Every criminal will claim he is innocent.

As a lawyer for so many years,
that shouldn't surprise you.

A pity Big Head B is dead.

Otherwise, he could tell us the truth.

My dad has been searching
for the kidnappers all these years.

Maybe Jie Sun knew Big Head B
was one of the kidnappers

and hoped to get the truth out of him.

But he got implicated
in a murder case instead.


Do you have the confidence
to clear Jie Sun's name?

I can't make anything out of it.

All the evidence works against Jie Sun.

Do you believe in Jie Sun?

If I didn't believe in him,
I wouldn't have accepted the case.


Is anything troubling you?


Are you sure?

Just get it off your chest.
You will feel much better.

I may not be of any help,
but I can lend an ear.

The police suspect
my brother killed someone.

My brother is still being held
by the police.

Did he kill someone? That's serious.

My brother is no murderer.

Song-qiao also believes he is no murderer.

My sister has been racking her brains
over a tricky case.

I suppose it has to do with your brother.

She says the witness and evidence
will all work against my brother.

I am so scared we may not find
any evidence to prove his innocence.

He may...

Stop being so negative.

I can't help it!

My brother has always loved me.

He always gives me what I want
and never scolds me.

He always tries his best
to fulfill my requests.

An elder brother will always
love on the younger one.

You don't understand.

You will never get it.

I hate myself!

Why didn't I cherish my brother
when he was with me?

I always upset him and argued with him.

I am so afraid my brother will
get locked up and can't come out.

What should I do?

Don't worry, your brother will be fine.

I won't bicker or quarrel
with him anymore!

I just want him to be safe.

I will do anything for him.

He will be fine.

Don't worry,
your brother will be all right.

-My brother will be all right.

My brother will be all right.

How come I feel something for him?

He is a boy!

How can I have feelings for him?

Don't tell me I am...



No way!

I am not!

Chang-rong Xie doesn't know
we are here to pick him up.

Look out for him.

Got it.

Mr. Xie has told us not to pick him up
or make any arrangement for him.

We will make him angry by doing this.

He says one thing but means another
to see if we know what to do.

As long as he likes our arrangements,

it will be much easier to negotiate
for the management rights.

That's true.

He can't possibly ignore our arrangements.

Chang-rong Xie is no fool.

From what I know, he is not
someone who follows protocol.

Better respect his wishes
since he doesn't want us

to make any arrangement for him.

You have never met him.
How would you what he is like?

I have checked his background.

He is second in command
in Qing Feng Group.

Even the most senior director
has to listen to him.

We will have no problem

securing the casino management rights
once we win his trust.

I have heard he can be very aggressive.

It's all rumors.

We should be able to judge for ourselves.

Once he is here, just follow
the schedule we have drawn up for him.

What's going on? Where is Chang-rong Xie?

Have you got the time wrong?

That's not possible.
I have the confirmation.

Check at the counter
whether Mr. Xie boarded the ferry.

Mr. Xie must have escaped from you.

Stop gloating.

You will also get it from Dad if we fail
to secure the management rights.

We merely miss him. It's no big deal.

Why are you so anxious?

Don't forget you are part
of the management team.

You will unsettle your subordinates
if you crack under pressure.

I don't need your advice.

Dad wants me to secure the management
rights because he trusts my ability.

I know you can take the pressure
and wish to be in management.

You will have to wait for Dad
to approve on that.

Trust me, it's only a matter of time
before Dad gives the approval.

Stop arguing.

Did you find out Mr. Xie's
arrival time way earlier?

I know nothing.

He says he is fully in charge
of the management rights.

He told me to be here.

Are you that obedient
as to follow my instructions?

I could predict what would happen.

I knew you would miss Mr. Xie.

I am here to see you embarrass yourself.

Does such an answer satisfy you?

You haven't changed after
all these years, Chang-rong.

Same with you.

You have become the second in command
at Qing Feng Group in such a short time.

I have to pay my dues,
whereas you are born on a silver platter.

I pale in comparison to you.

You used to be the naughtiest student.

But you are now heading up
an international group.

Our lecturer will never believe his eyes.

The fact that I managed to graduate
was enough to stump him.

Instead of hitting the books,
I was always wreaking havoc.

I recall him saying
I would be his worst student.

To be frank, I didn't expect you
to be the representative

for the management rights negotiation.

No sign of him at all.

Could he have canceled his trip?

I don't think so.

What makes you so sure?

Chang-rong Xie is a man of honor.

He won't stand us up for no reason
since he has agreed to meet us.

He has said he didn't
want to inconvenience us.

He may have given us the slip
to try to size us up on the quiet.

Why didn't you say so earlier?

-I did say so.
-Did you?

Several conglomerates wrangled
for management rights a few years ago.

Chang-rong Xie
was also the representative.

Many parties were involved.

The stronger ones tried to impress him.

But he awarded the management
rights to the weakest group.

His decision was proven to be correct.

What does it prove?

Do we stand a chance at all?

Chang-rong Xie has
a unique sense of judgment.

As long as Fenghuang
has got what it takes,

I am sure Chang-rong Xie
will make a smart choice.

I must meet him no matter what

to make sure we secure
the management rights.

My dear friend, this brother
of mine is way capable.

He has got the brightest
future in Fenghuang.

I always have to consult him at work.

So young and capable.
You will have a great future.

You are embarrassing me
in front of Mr. Xie.

Not at all. I am always
taken with smart people.

You rarely visit Singapore.
We will guarantee you a good time.

Just tell us what you need.

Thank you.

But I like to go everywhere on my own.

Besides, I am here to assess Fenghuang.

and make an accurate evaluation.

I am not here for the entertainment.



What is this?

It's just a token for you.

You must accept it.

What do you take your old classmate for?

You deserve it.

As old classmates, we should
look out for each other, right?

It's true that old classmates should
help and look out for each other.

To mutual help!

For our mutual gains!


Your house is huge!



So many expensive cars!

-Come on.

Let's go.


A swimming pool as well!

Let me introduce you, Aunt Ruo-lin.

Aunt Ruo-lin and her son, Ren-de.

My second brother, Ren-xiao.
This is Feng Zhang.

-We finally get to meet you.

I thought the God of Gamblers

was a three-headed
and six-legged creature!

Wouldn't that make him a monster?

-Dare to gamble with me?

Stop it. He is our guest.

-Don't you dare to take me on?
-Of course, I dare.

-What do you want to gamble?

So that's how the God of Gamblers
shuffles the cards.

I know that too!

Now, what game shall we play?

Three card poker or blackjack?

I will make it simple.
Just draw four aces.


Draw four aces?

I will believe you are
the God of Gamblers if you pull that off.

Otherwise, get lost!
Stop trying to bluff us!

Stop putting Feng Zhang on the spot.

I am helping you to verify his identity.

What now? Can't pull it off?

Okay, I will do it.


Be alert!





Okay. Four aces here. You lose!


Do you take me for a fool?

I drew the four aces.
Don't be a sore loser.

You didn't specify how I should draw them.

They should have been facing down!

I will never gamble with you.

I was just teasing you.
Don't take it so seriously.

Let's go in. My parents are waiting.

God of Gamblers. Nonsense!

I can't believe Yu-chen fell for him.
She is asking to be cheated!

Mom, Feng Zhang is here.

-Hello, Mr. Zhang.
-Hello, Aunt Su-zhen.

That's my brother, Ren-yi.

I know. We met at your birthday party.


Is that so? I don't remember at all.

Please make yourself at home. Have a seat.

-Let's sit down.

Yu-chen says you have lost your memory.

-Mr. Zhang.

Can't you recall a thing?

I have tried but nothing comes back.

Who knows if you really can't remember.

Don't be rude, Ren-yi.

Just ask him if he is for real.

Ask what?





This is Feng Zhang.

Hello, Mr. Zhang.

Tell the cook we will start dinner later.

Got it.

Please sit.

Are you Feng Zhang?

I don't know.

Don't know?

You are either him or not at all!

Stop interrupting, Ren-de.

Your dad is talking.

Feng Zhang fell seriously ill
after he was wounded.

He couldn't recall a thing.

He realized he was Feng Zhang
only when I met him.

Is that so?


Yu-chen told me I was the God of Gamblers.

I thought she was nuts at first.

How can you be sure you are
the God of Gamblers then?


Bao told me she saved
Feng Zhang years ago.

How have you been fending for yourself?

-Dad, he...
-I am talking to Mr. Zhang.

Don't tell me you can't even
remember recent events?

I remember. Of course, I do.

I have been gambling
everywhere on everything.

When I lose, I will take up odd jobs.

I will carry on gambling
when I earn some money.

What else can you do apart from gambling?

I know nothing apart from gambling.

What are your strengths?

I am a man of my words.

Especially in gambling,
I will keep up my end of the bargain.

Once, we had a deal that
the loser had to run around naked.

In the end, I lost and ran naked.
I kept my promise!

Do you bet on everything?


I will feel restless
if I don't gamble even for a day!

When I am broke,
I will use something else as a wager

or I will feel agitated all day!

I have a question for you.

Be honest with me.

Just shoot.
I will give you a straight answer.

What's your motive
for getting close to Yu-chen?

She is the one who is trying
to get close to me.

That's right, Dad.

I recognized him and approached him.

She is my only daughter.

I don't want her to get hurt.

If you play with her feelings,

I won't let you off.

He won't betray me, Dad.

One last question.

If you regain your memory,

how will you deal with your wife and son?

Beats me.

Bad answer.

But it's an honest answer.

I don't know if you are Feng Zhang.

But I believe you are an honest person.

A person like you is unlikely
to hurt my daughter.

Time for dinner.

Why are you so quiet?

I was thinking what if I wasn't
the God of Gamblers?

You are Feng Zhang
even if you have no recollection.

But I don't feel I am.

You have been living
as Zhi-da all these years.

I can imagine how hard it is for you
to believe you are the God of Gamblers.

But I believe you will regain your memory.

You will remember you are Feng Zhang.

Don't give up.

It's not that I am giving up.

I just want you to know
I am not the God of Gamblers.

-Let's drop the subject.

Feng Zhang.

it doesn't matter even
if you don't recover your memory.

I just want you by my side.

Why do you want to defend Jie Sun?

How can you help him without any proof?

-We will just have to gather the proof.
-How well do you know him?

How do you know he is not the murderer?

Why are you gripping
when I have a case to work on?

-Ms. Fang.
-Ms. Fang.

-We have patched things up.

He visited me and showed me
his medical report.

He hit our child and me

because a brain tumor
caused him to lose control.

I want to apologize
for holding you hostage the last time.

I acted rashly
and almost made a huge mistake.

It's water under the bridge.

I am glad you are back together.
Join me in my office.

Xiao-shen, get us some tea.


Has your condition stabilized?

He is undergoing treatment.

He has to take medication regularly
to stabilize his condition.

If I had taken my medication regularly,
I wouldn't have held you hostage.

Fortunately, Mr. Sun arrived in time

to stop me from hurting you
and killing myself.

Mr. Sun?

That's right.

If not for him,

I would have jumped off the building

and wouldn't have had the courage
to face Hazel or patch things up.

Pardon me.

Were you referring to Jie Sun
when you mentioned Mr. Sun?

Yes, I have been hoping
to thank him personally.

But I can't get in touch with him.


I have bought lunch for you.
Your favorite food.

What is it?

I have to go.


Where are you going?
Are you going to see Jie Sun?


Why are you still helping him?

The police have evidence
that he is the murderer.

Why do you still believe him?
He can't be trusted.

Should I believe you rather than him?

I used to believe in you.

I thought you were assertive but sincere.

I was so wrong.

What did I do?

There's nothing shameful
about being a coward.

But lying is unforgivable.

What exactly have I done wrong?

You didn't save me, but Jie Sun did.

Did Jie Sun tell you that?

He told you the truth to get
into your good books, didn't he?

I am so disappointed in you.

Sorry, Song-qiao.

I admit I was being selfish,
but I was afraid to lose you.

Whatever it is, I don't trust you anymore.


Won't you tell me what happened at all?

I can't help you if you
won't tell me how it all started.

Is it worth it?

-I have my reasons.
-What reasons?

Is someone the reason?

Do you always bottle your problems up?

That depends.

Why wouldn't you tell me
you were the one who rescued me?

You were peeved with Ren-yi for taking
the credit and pulled tricks on him.

Was that a thrill for you?

How did you find out about it?

Kevin and Hazel came to see me.

They wanted to thank you.

But they couldn't get in touch with you.

How are they?

They are back together.

That's great.

Are you impressed with me now?

Are you holding back on your reason
for meeting Big head B because of Mr. Ye?

What else do you know?

The kidnapper who was caught
while collecting the ransom

and eventually sentenced to death
was your father, Nan-hai.


My father was not involved
in the kidnapping.

He was framed and a scapegoat.

So you wanted Big Head B to disclose
who the other kidnappers were.

But you got into a heated
exchange and you left.

I intended to kill him.

But I couldn't do it.

Why won't you speak the truth then?

Tell the police what happened

and I will get them
to reinitiate the investigation.

The police will think I killed Big Head B
if I tell them why I visited him.

You tell me. How else can I help you?

I don't expect you to help me.

Why are you so stubborn?

That's the way I am.
You can just walk away.

Besides, we are just friends.
You have done your best.

I don't want you to go to jail.

I will do my best
to defend you no matter what.

Subtitle translation by Sarmeet